this was quicker than expected

my aesthetic is the way Maya stares at Riley as if she’s the only girl left in the world, as if she did everything but profess her undying love for her, as if she hung the stars in the sky just for her and in that moment it’s almost as if you can hear Maya’s heart palpitating but then you realize it’s yours because you’re so ready for them to kiss but they never do and then you just kind of sit there and cry until it happens all over.


((It’s a really slow shift, and Lionel’s bored.. He spots his musical device and does a patrol, listening to some tunes and singing along..

Which thinking about it probably isn’t allowed and he’s like yelling down empty corridors.. Oh well

The song I had in mind was ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry, ‘cause I think it actually says a lot about him (and it’s a song I personally can’t resist belting out).. I was gonna write the lyrics in too but it got way too cluttered, so just imagine it! Or go put it on! Or imagine a different song idk))

An Uncovered Truth Pt. 4

           One of the worst weeks of Taylor’s life flew by quicker than she expected. Unsurprisingly, the tabloids had gotten word about her pregnancy, and she feared even leaving her house for more than five minutes. When the paparazzi were ruder and nosier than usual one day, Taylor remembered running upstairs and jumping into bed to cry her eyes out. She was used to smiling and giving them what they wanted because she knew they would eventually leave her alone; now, they still had another few months to intrude into her personal life. 

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Wow. That happened quicker than I expected.

Since it’s the big one-zero-zero-zero, I’m gonna hold off on our epic orgy and do something else. In the spirit the Pokemon Go! craze, I’m going to tell you your future, based off of your Pokemon Go! team choice: Instinct, Mystic, or Valor.

I gotta say, most of your futures seem bleak…Click on your team.

Team Instinct, I see a wedding in your future…!

Team Mystic, I see you becoming the very best…!

Team Valor, I see all that fiery temper being put into use…!

Music Monday #3

I can’t believe it’s over already…it went by a lot quicker than I expected, then again I’ve been at my computer most of the day, off in my own little worlds…anyways, enough of my ramblings! Thank you to everyone who made a request, seriously, I couldn’t do this without you. Links will be provided below for anyone who missed an imagine today, or for the convenience of having them all in one place. 

For those whose imagines I didn’t get to today, don’t worry, they are first up in my queue for next Monday. 

As always, my box is always open for Music Monday requests, or just general requests, thoughts, questing, or random wonderings….

Much Love & Squishy Hugs,


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Week #3 Story List

Chasing Fire-A Juice Ortiz Imagine

I Win-A Happy Lowman Imagine

Everything-A Jax Teller Imagine

Ride-A Herman Kozik Imagine

Seeing the streets of Nice filled with mangled corpses strewn about at odd angles has filled me with more legitimate fear than any terrorist attack since 9/11. Maybe (((things))) are happening quicker than I expected. 

Enjoy my poorly made hype picture. Kappa

The Usual Long Before Run  Blog Update

Yo what’s going on guys! Man July flew by quicker than expected did it? Not to mention I’ve got a bit of explaining to do, on both here & the subreddit, on where I’ve been. (sorta) So I really don’t feel like making this post TOO GIGANTIC as usuallay do, so lets just jump right into it!

The Newest Twitch Plays Pokemon Run

So we finally the dawn of the final 10 days, as TwitchPlaysPokemon will be back with the Randomized Platinum Run, on July 31st! For those who didn’t keep up after Brown run, Revo stated during May (?) that he didn’t want us to go a summer without a run. Which in my opinion, YES at most. Personal preference, I do have things to do yeah, but I’m not really a PBR player anymore. So all I can mostly think about are the runs. So another randomized run, since Randomized Alpha Sapphire would be a great hole fill till Prism! Not to mention again RANDOMIZED! where if Fire Red,  Heart Gold, and Alpha Sapphire taught us, it’s that the lore literally writes itself. THERE’S NO WAY I’M MISSING THIS RUN THIS TIME! It maybe the very thing  that’ll kick me out of this TPP Drift I’ve been having, which I’ll get to in a minute.

If you ask me, I’m kinda excited for this, cause Platinum run will forever be one of my all time favorite runs here on TPP. It was the run that revived my hype participating, and I’m hoping this run will do the same. If you was around for Platinum, I don’t need to tell you guys that this will HIGHLY be a FULL ANARCHY RUN. Something we haven’t had in a while (Colosseum but still). In my opinion, I don’t care for the Anarchy/Democracy debates, but this is something I GOTTA see again….. The full anarchy thing, not the debate stuff. In short: people been speculating if Platinum will have Democracy. Once you think about it, we cleared the game in full anarchy, touch screen mode is easy when you know how to use it, and streamer only adds democracy when it’s needed at a certain part. (Even though it’s been a tad different for last few runs) Since we beat it all in Anarchy, I’d doubt he don’t feel the need to add the voting system to play. I’d think it’ll be funny.

We HAVE BEEN spoiling ourselves a little too much with Democracy.
(Best way to put it than the generic “DEMOCRACY IS CHEATING!)
 It’d be nice to slow down, and rough it out in an adventure like this. Not to mention accidentally screw everything up like we did in that run. (So who’s gonna be the shipping we’re gonna try to destroy this time? Kappa) So I think it’ll be refreshing, out of the easy going times we had in both modes.

Where I’ve Been In General TPP/ATP  Art

So I was gonna make a video on this topic, but I haven’t really had interest to make it, nor feel the need to yet. So I don’t know how to put this other then “my time’s starting to pass" here on TPP. I’ve stop betting in PBR, runs haven’t been giving me the same kick as it use to, and I haven’t felt happy chilling in the community/chat/subreddit. At least I still have fun messing around in the comments. I’ll go in depth with this someday, when needed,  but for now without getting lit on fire, it’s best to say I’m starting to get bored of it. More at that, tired of doing TPP related things since middle of Brown Run. Even with an extensive break, it made me feel more meh about it than anything. (Both in a good and bad way cause I really needed that break. Just my interest in TPP started to dial lower than usual) Maybe the new run will fix that? I’m always hype for anew run, regardless of what it is. Anyway, this mostly explains why the Ask-TwitchPKMN series wasn’t updated this entire intermission.  

Regardless, I’m gonna try to go back to ask series hopefully after the new randomize run.  As for Randomized Platinum, I kinda don’t wanna make comics this time around, unless hopefully it inspires me to. I will draw characters, pictures, and lore concepts here and there. that’s about it though, and I’ll still give some updates on our progress as always.

So with that, that’s everything ya need to know on what’s going down on TPP, and my usual plans (if I can even call it that) for the upcoming Randomize run. Mark these 2 down on your books, so you’ll be prepared!

Randomize Platinum Run- July 31st
Pokmemon Prism Run (FULL GAME) - September

By The Way

Before anyone takes out of context, just cause I’m getting bored of TPP, doesn’t mean I’m gonna quit it. I swore I said I was gonna stop at some point, so many times, that we can make it a meme out of it at this point. The day I stop hanging around TPP, it’ll be unannounced. You’ll know when I stop being around, if you followed me for so long. For now, I’m just not feeling that much of a TPP spirit, and haven’t been for quite a small while. Nothing new, or to worry about. Like other runs, I gives my hopes this one will give me that kick I need to keep my eyeballs glued to the screen. 

Until then, hope you’re having a lovely day,
and hope to see you there when the run about to drops!
(or intermission games)

Pioxys Out~

Starter Call

(( Got through most of my other stuff far quicker than I expected, so I’m going to post this now. I’m not putting a cap on it even though I probably should.

Like or reblog this post for a starter! Starters will be of varying length and if you have anything specific in mind, please feel free to ask! ))

Who is Marina Joyce? Meet the British YouTube vlogger fans want to 'save'

Marina Joyce may be an unfamiliar name to the older generation, but the vlogger has a legion of devoted fans in the online world. The YouTuber found herself the subject of headlines worldwide after many of those fans started the #SaveMarinaJoyce campaign following concerns for her well-being. Who is this young woman and why are people are trying to ‘save’ her?

Part of a new generation of YouTube stars, Joyce, 19, has forged a career for herself as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator. Since launching her channel in August 2010, Joyce has notched up 35 million views and more than 700,000 subscribers. With the latest “kidnapping” controversy, Joyce is likely to hit the 1 million mark quicker than expected.

Appealing to a young audience, Joyce offers advice on all aspects of teenage life, from bullying to sex and self-confidence. Recent titles have included “Lets Talk About Sex,” “How To Lose Weight” and Responding To Hate Comments". The motto of Joyce’s channel focuses on spreading positivity – “Love and happiness, peace and joy.”

The Londoner has been vocal about her dietary choices and posted a video in June explaining why she has chosen a vegan lifestyle. Joyce told her viewers: “Being vegan is very healthy for you and I recommend beans. I don’t think it’s okay to eat meat because it has so much negative energy in it and all that negative energy gets put into your body.”

Who is Marina Joyce?

Location: London

Birthday: 1 February

Age: 19

Profession: YouTube vlogger

She adds: “I love animals and the horror that I’ve seen out there, what they do to the animals is so sad and disgusting to see… I feel really depressed after drinking milk and I will never eat meat again.”

Joyce has also opened up to subscribers about her relationship with a musician named Ed. The couple answered questions about how they began dating in the “Boyfriend Tag” video, posted in December 2015. In the clip, Joyce gushes: “I feel so much excitement and happiness in my heart. You know when you love someone so much… He comforts me so nicely and he’s so there for me and he listens to me.”

In May 2016, Joyce hinted that she may have suffered from depression, explaining in a Q&A video: “Once in my life I felt like life wasn’t worth living and it was heartbreaking for me but I would let you know that life is so worth living because there are so many beautiful things in life. I would say nature saved me in my heart and in my soul.”

The police have stated that Joyce is “safe and well” after fans worried she was at risk of being kidnapped. The vlogger has promoted a meet-up event in Bethnal Green, but fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes has urged subscribers not to attend over safety concerns.

Watch Marina Joyce’s Q&A video:

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i always thought you were supposed to be in my life

i had a feeling we were going to be pals till the end

and how we’d be old grannies reminiscing on how we met on here, 60 years from now

unfortunately, the final end came a lot quicker than i expected, and i wasn’t prepared for it. i’m not sure if i’ll ever be prepared, whether it’s 2 years from now, or 20

because i know i lost someone who was worth it, and i’ll never get them back

Forgive me!! TT_TT

{I owe you all a massive apology for disappearing from here! I did not mean to vanish without a word. Just, days passed quicker than I expected, and before I knew it months had gone by without me doing anything here. I’m very sorry :( I want to do what I can to get Regal and my other muses here up and running again.}

tmblrvision change of plan; I have enough songs to start the dutch nf much quicker than I expected with 10 songs (5 in Dutch, 5 in English), so if anyone sends anymore suggestions this weekend I may consider them but they wont necessarily be shortlisted as I want to keep the balance of 50% Dutch and 50% English, details of voting will still be posted on Monday


Even before the bullet had fully taken down the B. L. U. the sniper was on the move, slipping down from his hiding spot like a shadow. Moving from one rafter to another before landing almost silently onto the planks below, ready to be on the move for his next target. His veil and anger shrouding his younger face, leaving only his dark forest green eyes visible as he hurried out of the room. If anyone one was paying attention they would be able to eventual pin point where the bullet that had taken down their team mate, came from and he didn’t want to be here when they came looking. Coming around the corner the R. E. D. sniper nearly skidded into a blu suit that made his heart lodge it’s self into his throat. His darker eyes widening as he took several frightened steps back, trying to shake off the shock to register the pyro he was seeing. It seemed death had come for him a lot quicker than he had expected. Back pedaling slowly, James turned on his booted heels and tore it in the other direction.


I’m Missing You | Stydia

Basic was hell. That’s one thing Stiles had to say about it. Of course they have literally gone through a hell of a lot of other things to where this should be cake to him but still, he missed everyone. He’s all the way in Georgia, across the freaking country and all he can do is mostly write to everyone. He was glad that they all sent him pictures so he wouldn’t go too crazy. He was in his fourth week and they were working on training him in marksmanship and teaching him all about the weapons they all use, he was actually doing pretty good, and wasn’t yelled at nearly as much as others. One thing he did hate was the fact that his hair was cut short again when he arrived but thankfully it’s actually been growing back a little quicker than he expected, he figured by the end of the ten weeks it would probably be nearly back to normal. They only had an hour of personal time and this was the first time he was actually able to call people since they were given the opportunity to call home. He had already talked to his dad and left a message for Scott, figuring he was busy studying or out since school had started, so in his last attempt, he decided to call Lydia since he actually missed her quite a bit more than everyone else even if they have been writing each other quite a bit, just a little bit above Scott even. He waited impatiently for her to answer as the line kept ringing. “Come on, pick up..” He breathed out as he leaned against the wall with the phone in his hand. “You don’t know the number but pick up…”

wooooooo those slots filled up quicker than I expected!!!  got up today to a buuuuunch of emails, thank you all so much!!!