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Renew Blindspot - Help Us Trend March 29th

We’ll keep trending now that the show is back, don’t give up Blindspotters, please! We can do this together! Join us for Renew Blindspot but more importantly TWEET LIVE with the episode!

First of all, we trend Wednesday, March 29th, one full hour before the Blindspot time slot.

Check your time zones.

General rules and guidelines to remember:

1- START YOUR TWEET with our slogan “Renew Blindspot” in EVERY tweet. It’s important that you capitalize first letters of our slogan and NEVER hashtag it.

2- Add a brief message to your tweets along with a graphic or gif too

3- Add the #Blindspot hashtag too, if you like.

4- Create NEW TWEETS as they count more toward trending than RT or QTs.

5-  Tweet @nbc directly and keep sending them messages requesting they Renew Blindspot. (Either during the trend or whenever you feel like it). Remember, let’s keep it with a good and positive vibe. It’s all about how much we love the show. 

6- DO interact with other trend tweets. Even if it’s just to say, “I love how badass Patterson is” or “That’s my favorite Jeller moment ever”. Seems to help Twitter detect trends. So if you see another fan tweet something you like?  RT it & reply to it.

7- We will be tweeting the full hour before the show time slot. We need to get Renew Blindspot into Twitter’s Top 10 Trending Topics. When, if, happens we have to continue trending to maximum exposure, and in as many countries as possible.

8- If the time does not work for you, please know that there are apps that allow you to prepare tweets and schedule them before hand to air during the hour we are trending. So please, even if you cannot actually be there, at least set up some tweets to go out and it will definitely help in the trend (I personally use tweetdeck but there are others I believe).

9- Don’t forget to also watch live and tweet during the episode (along with the crew/cast/creator/writers) to get the #Blindspot hashtag trending in the top ten (like we do every week!)

Let’s make this happen and get @nbcblindspot renewed!

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