this was probably the worst part of the entire episode


To me the core of the show is the Swan Mills Charming family, and that’s why the first picture is one of my favorite scenes of the entire show. And that’s why, to me, the worst part of the episode was the diner scene. When Regina came in with Robin and Roland and didn’t sit with Snow, David and Henry - the second picture.

I hate this shot, her not being with her family. This probably doesn’t mean anything, but I hate seeing it anyway. Especially after such a great episode for her relationship with the Charmings. Maybe I’m supposed to feel like this? Probably I’m just reading too much into it…

What I loved about this episode was the Evil Charming and Snow Queen scenes. David teaching her to dance was really cute. And Snow worried about her! Loved that! :) And of course I loved seeing them helping her in the ending.

About the Swan Queen scenes… I really liked the tower scene. I didn’t like that Regina used the dagger at first, but I understand why she did it and Emma was ok with that, so I’m cool too. And I loved that they talked. I love it when characters on this show just talk about stuff. But I really didn’t like that Regina asked Emma to use her magic. I love when she said she didn’t want Emma to use dark magic, and then, on the same episode she asks her to use it. I understand she didn’t have much of a choice, but I didn’t like it anyway… Loved their conflict in Storybrooke.

About the sacrifice scene, I’ve seen discussions about this already, and I agree this is in character with Regina, she’s done this before. She doesn’t value herself very much, so she doesn’t realize how important she is to Henry. She probably thinks he’ll be ok without her. And that’s just sad and not true.

This episode reminded how much I don’t care about Robin. Seriously. He’s really boring. And I hate seeing him kissing Regina.

My first impulse after this episode was to stay awake until 3am doing a manip of Regina and Emma dancing… Guess I really needed to see it. Not very hopeful right now, but I think I’ll just read some dumb positivity posts to feel better! :)