this was probably posted a loooong time ago

I sketched this a loooong time ago and kept going back and forth on how I felt about it. Considering the title, I guess it can be considered a companion art to that “desperate hug” one I posted awhile back. Lol. Even though I drew this one first.

Not sure when or where this takes place but I’ll happily accept headcanons for it. My only thought is that Ash and Misty clearly look relieved and comfortable holding each other so it probably happens after the climactic event of their latest adventure, and maybe there’s already an established ~something~ between them, even if they’re not officially dating.

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different anon here, do you think you could do something w the scene where spock and kirk are on earth and kirk is like "my friend here uuh is chinese he... had his ears caught in a.... automated rice picker" and spock gives kirk The Look ffhhf basically that w blackmadhi lmao

LKJALSKJDLKJF I LOVE THAT SCENE I LOVE THAT EPISODE. Anon, I screamed with laughter this is good bless you. That episode is so damn good and Gay, like Kirk and Spock have a nice lil apartment together while they search for crazy ass McCoy. I love it.

Also somewhere a loooong time ago, I saw a post that was saying they’d love to see a Star Trek episode where it’s a different alien race with ears similar to Spock so that EVERYONE ELSE has to wear little hats and make up stories to explain away the difference.

idk what alien Nahyuta would look like, though. Probably have more markings on his face like his sister and mother and maybe something subtly different about his face but I’m not sure what else.

Thank you endlessly for the suggestion/reminder of that amazing scene!