this was probably one of my favorite moments actually

Alright, it was pretty cute.

My Top 10 Favorite Caps Moments of the Season Thus Far

As it is a Thursday, there’s no game today, and I am deliberately procrastinating, I have decided to make a countdown post of my top 10 favorite Caps moments of the season up until this point.

Disclaimer: these moments probably won’t be the actual best moments of the season, as I’ve forgotten a lot of important ones and have a bias towards things that have happened more recently. But I’m doing this for enjoyment and I hope that you enjoy it too.

I will be including a countdown of the moments, including a link to the video (I can’t embed the video cause I’m not that tech savvy) and a screencap. Now here we go.

10. Marcus Johansson’s overtime gamewinner in Chicago (11/11/16 at CHI)

In the first half Mojo enjoyed the sweet taste of the overtime goal. This one was made especially sweet by it being against the Hawks, and for TJ Oshie inexplicably tripping over his own skates and subsequently tripping a Chicago player, allowing Mojo to bang the winner home.

9. All of the times Andre Burakovsky scored the first goal of the game (1/15/17 vs PHI, 1/16/17 at PIT, 1/19/17 at STL, 1/21/17 at DAL)

I love my boy so much. In the recent weeks my boy got into a stretch where he really wanted to be the first one to score a goal. So much so that he was the first goal scorer in four straight games. I’m so proud of him look at him go. Go look at all his goals they’re all so beautiful.

8. TJ Oshie’s shootout goal that wasn’t actually in the shootout (2/1/17 vs BOS)

Oh my LAWD. TJ Oshie, the master of the shootout, got a nice pass from Backstrom and a breakaway and forgot that it was regulation time and not the shootout. He made Tuukka Rask look absolutely silly and I cried ‘cause it was beautiful.

7. Philipp Grubauer’s ridiculous save against Tyler Seguin (1/21/17 at DAL)

Holy frickin cow Grubauer absolutely robbed Tyler Seguin in arguably the best save of the entire year. My jaw dropped so hard, Grubi saved my life with this save.

6. Alex Ovechkin’s hat trick against the Blues (11/23/16 vs STL)

I love Ovi and I love hat tricks. What’s better than an Ovi hat trick? All three of these goals were beautiful and they should all be watched many times.

5. Tom Wilson’s fight against Brett Ritchie in Dallas (1/21/17 at DAL)

The Caps haven’t done much fighting this year, but Tom Wilson had himself a nice fight in Dallas. Actually, it wasn’t anywhere near Willy’s best right, but he still bloodied up this guy’s entire face and it was amazing.

4. Evgeny Kuznetsov’s ridiculous goal in Montreal (1/9/17 at MTL)

I do not exaggerate when I say that Kuzy saved my life with this goal. When I was watching this game I was having a crap day, and he scored to put the Caps up. What a beautiful classic Kuzy goal.

3. The Dmitry Orlov hit on Matt Duchene (10/18/16 vs COL)

I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS HIT. I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS HIT. This is the best damn hit I have ever seen. Matt Duchene was fuckin launched into orbit. Matt Duchene is yet to have landed. Everytime I think about this hit I can’t stop smiling because it is THAT GOOD.

2. Nicklas Backstrom’s 500th assist (1/7/17 at OTT)

I have lots of love for Nicklas Backstrom. He got his 500th career assist, the most in Caps history (and also the first Cap to ever do that of course). He doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for what he does, but on this night he did. You can just see the glee on Ovi’s face. You go, Nick Backstrom. Let the NHL know why we love you so much.

1. Alex Ovechkin’s 1000th point (1/11/17 vs PIT)

Really, how could this not be number 1? I almost cried when I saw it was in the stars for Ovi to get his 1000th point at home against the Penguins. And he did it in under a minute. Holy cow I love Alex Ovechkin and it’s an honor to be watching a legend.

Honorable mentions: Any OT winner, any TJ Oshie shootout goal, any Andre Burakovsky goal, any shorthanded goal, that Karl Alzner slapshot (feat. Justin Williams breakaway)(1/1/17 vs OTT), the Orlov to Kuzy goal (11/23/16 vs STL), the Orlov goal against Pittsburgh (11/16/16 vs PIT), any shutout, the sweet Jay Beagle goal (11/18/16 vs DET), the fantastic Ovi-Oshie-Nicky passing sequence (1/13/17 vs CHI), Ovi’s fake-slapshot to give Nisky the easiest goal ever (1/15/17 vs PHI), breaking the streak (1/5/17 vs CBJ)

(Also let me know if any of the links don’t work)

(I spent so much time on this omg)

That finale was surprisingly pretty good. It addressed so many issues with the overall volume. I’m really impressed.

  • The Nuck fight scene was pretty cool albeit a tad short
  • No semblance reveal for Jaune but his upgrade is actually pretty cool and he manages to be rather useful. Other than helping Qrow he’s actually pretty lowkey during the finale. So Stop believing stupid thumbnails
  • RENORA IS CANON(And Ren is lowkey a perv)
  • Haven is really pretty
  • Everyone is alive and moderately happy
  • JNR have a nice quiet bonding moment that’s probably one of my favorite scenes yet.
  • Oscar arrives to Haven and has finally met up with Qrow!
  • WBY on their way to fuck shit up
  • Leo is kinda a  traitor apparently?
  • Ending Song is badass.

Overall, this volume has been pretty rocky but I think the finale wrapped up most things pretty nicely and it looks like V5 is when shit will really start to hit the fan again.



Screenshots from SHADOWY FIGURES | Night In The Woods Part 6! :D

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

OH MY GOD SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! :D I’m not gonna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet but all I’m gonna say is that I’m REALLY looking forward to the next video on this series. ^_^

I seriously love this game and this series guys. There’s so much of this game that I relate to in my own life and I honestly wish that I could buy it but unfortunately I’ll have to wait until I actually have money to buy it on steam. 
My favorite character is Mae because she’s probably the one that I relate to the most in this game. I mean I don’t think I’m exactly like Mae, I’m definitely not as destructive as she is but a lot of the thoughts she has about her life I seriously relate to and there’s those funny moments in this game where I’ll have the exact same though process she does it’s weird. Like I said in one of my other posts about these videos I feel like Mae has a fear to try for some reason and I liked that Seán mentioned that he thinks that she has depression and I agree with that and maybe that’s one of the reasons why she has that fear of trying that I have been speculating. There are moments with Mae in this game that hit me extremely hard emotion because of how much I relate to it in my own life and honestly it makes me happy that this game exists and exploring how a lot of young adults feel while they’re transitioning between being a teenager and adult and how some people grow up and mature faster then others. 
In this video these were the lines I related to the most from Mae and that hit me the hardest emotionally. 

^ These seriously have been my constant thoughts about my life these last few years after I graduated high school in 2013. Except my parents weren’t as supportive and caring as Mae’s are when she starts venting to them. But that’s why I love this game so much because I relate to it and it’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because the world captures the feeling of small town extremely well and it’s making think more about my life too and I think that’s why this game has been really sticking to me and impacting me as much as it has. Like I said before I’m happy that this game exists. 

I love watching Seán play this game too as I keep saying this is my favorite game he’s uploading at the moment because I have so much fun watching him play it and I have fun experiencing this game for the first time with him too. I love the feel of this series because it just feels like you’re sitting down and just going on a small adventure in life and making memories with a friend and they’re the kind of memories that make you think but also make you smile at the exact same time. Plus experiencing this game with him has made me love this game more because Seán will point out things that I wouldn’t notice and say these thoughts that seriously make think. This is the kind of series that brings out a lot of his insightful side and I love seeing that side of him because I seriously love hearing the thoughts he has during these kind of games because I genuinely think he has great, interesting and smart thoughts over things in games like this. I think he’s a lot more insightful then he realizes and I love the way Seán looks at the world and he always helps me look at something in these games in a brand new perspective that I probably wouldn’t think of and it makes me appreciate whatever game he’s playing and video games in general so much more. That’s why series like this are memorable experiences for me. :) 
I love the voices he gives all the characters too and I loved the improv he was kind of doing with Mae’s voice in this video. :) But since I’m talking about his voices I’ll admit I don’t really like the voice he gives Bea. Not because I don’t think she’d be like Raven from teen titans she definitely would be but the problem for me is that because the voice he gives her is so monotone he doesn’t make her sound like she’s expressing emotions and I get that’s maybe the idea. But personally for me I don’t think that fits her because looking at the way Bea’s lines are written in the game I think she’s a lot more emotional and angry at the world and at her circumstances because she has a lot of moments where she gets annoyed at people super easily and has shouting angry outbursts. He kind of does the same thing with Angus’ voice too but I feel like it fits him and his character and with his voice for Bea I don’t think it fits her. But that’s just personal preference from me, if any of you like the voice that he does for Bea then that’s fine. :) I loved that he took the time to try to hang out with Angus more in this video too because we finally got to know him a little more and holy shit do I want to give him a giant hug after hearing about his childhood! Plus even with just that one line he said about Gregg finding him in the pantry showed me how much he means to him. Gregg is probably the one who understands Angus the most out of everyone and brings out his positive side more and he gets him to do stuff that he can’t or wouldn’t do on his own and I honestly I think everyone needs someone like that in their lives. Not even romantic relationship wise but in general from any kind of relationship romantic, friendship or family. We all need people in our lives that listen to us, inspire us and help us become better people as we go through life. We all need a Gregg in our lives. ^_^ 

But now I feel like I’m rambling and talking too much, sorry about that! This video and this part of the game just gave me a lot of thoughts and I was trying to get them together as best as I could in this post. I love this game and this series and I can’t wait for the next video that Seán uploads of it! :D

you know, probably one of my favorite moments was when i was idly drifting off one night and thinking “if kira decided to have aspirations other than deliberately underachieving and killing people, he’d actually make a good doctor” and then i remembered yo2hikage and went “ah”

Pokeani 25 Day Challenge, day 8: favorite movie

The Power of One

The reason why I picked this movie is, I’m gonna have to admit, probably because I grew up with it (it is without a doubt the Pokemon movie I’ve seen the most often). As a child I didn’t like it that much, but now at an older age I appreciate the funny moments, the exciting moments and - wait for it - the Pokeshipping in this movie much more, not to mention some visually stimulating scenes and the hauntingly beautiful music. (One thing that still bugs me though, is that the only consequence of trying to capture the legendary Pokemon and nearly destroying the world for the Pokemon collector Lawrence III was losing his aircraft.)


Idk this isnt exactly a moodboard and probably wasn’t what @thespireghost had in mind when she asked for a Danger Days moodboard, but i was rewatching Na na na and I decided to just capture a few of my favorite moments.

I’m going to put together one for Sing as well in the near future! 

I just really love the Killjoys and Danger Days and i actually spent a lot of time trying to figure out what i wanted to do with this, if I wanted to make it based off certain characters or videos or off the comics themselves. 

Tbh the killjoys will always be one of my favorite narratives and Na Na Na and Sing are some of my favorite music videos.


anonymous asked:
Alright so there’s this peerrrfect brallon moment that happened during panic!’s cover of careless whisper at summerfest 2011. And it’s the video where dallon kisses Brendon’s forehead (it’s actually your header thing haha) and I can’t find a good video of it. I was wondering if you know of one :)

Dearest anon! This is hands down my favorite Brallon moment of all time. Unfortunately, this is the best video I can find of it, and you’ve probably already seen it. I’ll keep searching to see if I can find one hidden somewhere in the YouTubes, but for now at least there’s this.

redhotmuse12  asked:

You watch Akatsuki no Yona??? It's such a beautiful anime ;-; who's your favorite of the dragons?

Yeah! AkaYona is actually one of my favorite series even though I don’t talk about it too much on here (I think the fandom is kinda small and quiet on tumblr). I absolutely love its balance of light hearted, uplifting, goofy comedy moments with heart wrenching drama and tradgety. It strikes the balance so well. If any yall havent checked out this series DO SO PLS

as for fav dragon, probably Jaeha but they’re all so perfect its hard to pick x’(

jeannettegray  asked:

for the meme, Jason Todd.

I’mma mix and match canons a bit here, and also decide There Can Only Be One for each category. You don’t mind, do you?

  • Favorite writer: Mike W. Barr almost made the cut, but then I remembered Danielle Dwyer supplied this little fella…
  • Favorite artist: Alan Davis. No contest.
  • Favorite outfit: I’m… not sure I have one, actually. Jason is one of those characters I think about mainly from a writing perspective, not a visual one.
  • Favorite moment: Hrm… for sheer memorability, “Oh my goodness gracious I’VE BEEN BAMBOOZLED!” - and the subsequent asskicking - probably take the crown.
  • Pitch for a future story: Elseworlds where the Joker found him before Bruce could. Elseworlds where he and Bruce successfully kicked the Joker’s ass in Ethiopia and made it out with zero casualties. Iranian ambassadorship optional.

So I clearly couldn’t tear my eyes away from this game last night long enough to make any posts, but here I am for a… sort of status update. Mostly for myself to look back on.

Right now I have everyone but Jaal. I get the feeling we’re going after him soon. Surprisingly, Peebee is probably my most loved companion based on the tiny, tiny bit of info I have at the moment. I really have love and appreciation for all of them though. Suvi is adorable and I love her take on religion/science. Gil seems like a really relateable character for me, which is great because my Ryder is gonna kiss him. I love Kallo too, he’s probably one of my favorites right now.

I adore Kesh, really, really don’t care for Tann thus far. Addison and Kandros are all right so far.

The lore and experience have been pretty fucking exciting. Actually for once I’m almost more eager to go out and experience these planets and find new things and explore than I am to just sit at home and talk to my squadmates. Almost.

I love the vaults and the remnant tech, structures. It’s all honestly just so damn pretty and interesting. They seem like good guys who were trying to do a good thing. It sucks that I have to keep killing them, or their robots.

Also I love SAM. I ship ryder/SAM. Haha. Okay bye for now.

bane-magnus  asked:

1,5,8,19, 20? - cosyjimin (this is my main ugh)

1) what was first intriguing about bangtan?

their music. i started listening to dark & wild before i even really saw a music video. i probably listened to that album for days. i still go back and listed to it, its one of my favorite albums ever.

5) top 5 ’nOOOO STOP IT B YE’ moments

any time theyre being rude with their choreo. when they do hip thrust, i cry.
also, jins puns.

8) favourite eatjin moment and why

that time jin and jungkook where fake crying and namjoon came to actually check up on them to see what was happening. and jin and jk playing it cool like nothing happened.

19) if you’re a content maker, what made you decide to dedicate your work to them?

i got that itch in my finger and the thought that wouldnt leave me ‘i need to gif that’. i love giffing and bts give such great content that its always fun to edit.

20) the first moment where you felt ‘wow… the boys actually do love and cherish us’

mama 2016 when they wouldnt stop screaming ARMY bc they were so overwhelmed with their emotions and so happy to receive their daesang. and honestly every time they post smth laaaate in the night just bc they want to share smth with us. every time they thank us in their speeches, in all different languages so that int fans also feel spoken to. every little gesture tells how much they care.

I finally made my mind to share this one… I really, really like it, but I hadn’t the will to explain who the girl is and why x’’)

The man is my actual favorite character, it’s Gilgamesh from the Fate series. I wanted to illustrated that even if he is the kind to be very confident, arrogant and somewhat narcissistic, he has those moments of questionning and hesitations, those moments of insecurities like anybody have. He would probably never show them to anyone (except Enkidu) since he is too proud and want to be unshakable and confident (aka never doubting himself) in front of others (and with himself as well). A personnality like his is totally the kind to look too full of themmself, but hating themself as much deep down (and that’s in fact canon! I read it somewhere x) ).

For the girl, well… It’s my way to say to those desiring to be unshakable, powerful and invulnerable that those moments are in fact not a proof of weakness, but of strength. I wanted to make her look like she is there, but not there at the same time. She is with him, but in spirit. It’s like if she was a silent wish of mind peace for him, so he could rest about how it affects his power and confidence.

So, that’s how I portray it in summary. I’m sure I could deblaterate much more about it (and especially about Gil), but I will have plenty of opportunities to say more x)

Hope you like it~~ :)

peggycarterdeservesbetter  asked:

For the Get To Know You ask thing- 11, 15, and 55! :)

11: How many pairs of shoes do you own? I think around 10.

15: Favorite song? Well it changes all the time but right now I have been on a Waitress kick and I really like When He Sees Me.

55: Most used phrased? My sister and I quote movies/tv shows/musicals a lot so probably “I WILL NOT YIELD” “Fuck you Wilbur” and “I’M INVESTED” are the ones we use most often and we normally use them at random times as well as moments when they would actually make sense. 

get to know me

sunburntkeith  asked:

Cotton Candy, rocky road and mint chocolate:D

Cotton Candy-  three places you want to travel to?

I love japan and I would love to travel there again cause I loved it last time. And since forever I wanted to go to Greece cause of the greek mythology and temples. and I would probably want to go England or something lol

Rocky Road-  favorite songs at the moment?

Creep- Radiohead 

The lost one weeping - Rin Kagamine 

nightmare - set it off 

Mint Chocolate-  indoors or outdoors? (You said mint chocolate bat there was none so I just did mint choco chip)

I actually don’t know about this cause I love sports but I hate being outside. But since all my sports are indoors I’m just gonna say indoors.


Favorite Bias(es) Tag ❤︎ 
Rules: post 9 pictures of my bias
-I was tagged by the lovely @dayeemah
Since I did my last one with Jaebum, I knew it would only be right to do the tag this time with Tae Tae. 😍
Tagging anyone who want’s to do this. 💛

Pardon the Interruption...

But I have to take a moment to spread some “Mary is a special, talented snowflake” love.

You guys know how much I simply adore Mary McDonnell. She’s my precious snowflake for so many reasons, but her immense talent is what I respect about her the most. It’s just such a gift. If anyone doubts her abilities, then they need look no further than her role as Laura Roslin on BSG. It’s probably my favorite performance by any actor ever. It actually moves me, and not just because of the story and what her character endures throughout, but her actual performance strikes an emotional cord with me because it’s just so beautiful. I could devote an entire blog to various moments (big and small) that illustrate this point, but I just wanted to mention one that has been on my mind lately (I blame all the Roslin/Adama on my dash).

There is a very understated moment at the end of “Blood on the Scales” (4x14) where Laura returns to the Galactica and sees Bill for the first time after being told that he was dead. If memory serves, she had already known by this point that he was alive, but there’s just something about seeing that for yourself. She climbs down the ladder and turns to see him standing across the way unharmed. As much as I love a good “run and hug your man” and all the passion and romance that goes along with that, this moment was so much more powerful. She makes this intake of breath that devolves into a sob, and it’s just absolutely beautiful and gut-wrenchingly real. I just don’t think anyone else could have pulled off all the emotion of that scene with a single sob the way Mary does. That one little sob moment/scene is one of my favorite acting moments of all time.

So...much as I love and miss you Jellal....

I actually neither think that nor want for Jellal to appear just to “rescue Erza because she’s losing to Ajeel”.

One of my favorite Jerza moments was during Tartaros, when this

was going on. I wasn’t yet part of the fandom while these chapters were being released, but I can imagine a lot of people were expecting/hoping  Jellal would come and rescue her. While I think that would have been really sweet, I absolutely loved that that didn’t happen. I loved Erza as a character long before Jerza was even a thing, And this moment showed why:

Erza is don’t need no man to come rescue her because she is the mothereffing queen and can do it herself.

But then why is this my favorite jerza moment? Because this is exactly why I love this couple so much:

They are strong independently, but the support of the other is invaluable to both. They see and love the other for who they are but being together changes them for the better

I was really proud of Mashima for keeping these two such a great couple - showing that you can trust and support each other without making each other too codependent. 

So I actually like that Erza can get crap done herself and trusts Jellal to take care of himself, and that Jellal can get crap done himself and trusts Erza to take care of herself. 

And I also just love how cute these two are together too. I MISS YOU JELLAL


2003 was the last hurrah of the venerable Neo Geo system. After 14 years in active, well-supported service (which I think may be a record among consoles and certainly arcade hardware), its time was drawing to an end. But not without some great send-offs. And the system’s final entry in the King of Fighters series, The King of Fighters 2003, is one of those moments.

The King of Fighters 2003 is probably my favorite game in the series that I don’t actually like playing. It looks great, and even more importantly, it feels great to play. It’s just too fast for me. The game takes a lot of cues from where Capcom was going with its “vs.” style games, and the accelerated pace of combat is just one of them: You now have an actual tag-in-tag-out system for your team of three fighters–a first in the series, I believe–and the action is smooth and slick. Dashes, rolls, knockdown recoveries, acrobatic evasions… These characters aren’t just going to beat each other up, they’re going to look great doing it. 

Individually, especially in still screenshots, the characters don’t look any better than what we’re used to seeing (and are actually not as nice looking as in some other King of Fighters installments) but when the action is going on, you don’t even notice. All you know is that you’re watching characters leap and glide around so smoothly that you wonder how we ever got here from those old Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury games. One thing that holds up even in still screenshots are the backgrounds, which range from good to gorgeous. From the top of a Japanese city at nighttime to eerily-lit city streets, these are among some of my favorite backdrops in the series.

With a hefty roster (including the return of King), a true tag-team system and all the fast, fluid combat of a Capcom fighter without nearly as much epilepsy-inducing flash, this was a great way to end the franchise’s run on the Neo Geo and sound the horn for the system’s final days. Next year’s installment would appear on the Atomiswave arcade hardware, where it would receive, among other things, significant graphic updates. But to me, the Neo Geo will always be the home of King of Fighters.