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fangirl challenge: [6/10] female characters   Penelope Álvarez

There are persecuted people all around the world who would love the opportunity to come here, but they can’t. Because the rules are different for different people. So some of them break the law and they do what they have to do to fight for better lives for themselves and their families.
And you know what? I get it.


“Not so long ago I was on a mission that meant certain death–my death”

Sherlock was prepared to die. He probably planned to overdose on the plane. So when he received an unexpected reprieve from death, he dove straight into cases–working on so many at a time that John tries to rein him in (“you can’t go on spinning plates like this”). Understandable, really, because Sherlock sacrificed his life for John by murdering Magnussen, entered solitary confinement and accepted a suicide mission. Sherlock thought he would never have this again.

He worked as if on borrowed time, throwing himself eagerly into situations where he faces death. 

  • He tells John he’s “having fun, while I can." 
  • When he encounters what he thought was Moriarty’s puzzle, he not only says it’s designed to "tease” and “beguile” him, it’s a “noose” for him to willingly put his neck in. 
  • He faces Ajay without back-up, knowing this man has already killed in his pursuit of the Thatcher statues. 
  • When snipers attack the house in Morocco, Sherlock leaps into the center of the room to cover John while Mary dove for cover. 
  • Perhaps most telling of all, when Mrs. Norbury shoots, he appears to be accepting his fate.

Sherlock thought he was the Merchant of Samarra; he didn’t expect to survive, and anticipated dying throughout The Six Thatchers. He thought these cases were his last. 


Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.


Waltzing (s1/s3)

I know this has probably been done many times before, but honestly, I just couldn’t resist. Just look at the difference in the way they act towards each other. In first season. Carmilla is trying to impress Laura, because she’s already head over heels for her. And Laura is trying not to show just how big her crush on Carmilla actually is. They’re both skirting around each other, testing the waters. Then there’s third season. They think one or both of them might die tomorrow. And all they have for each other is love. They just want to be close to each other.

Whew! Finally finished this little animation I’ve been working on of Sans vs Chara! :) I pretty much have no experience in animating things…. So this was really hard…. And it’s really sketchy, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


The Beginner’s Guide is probably my all-time favorite video Jack has ever uploaded. There are so many parts that resonated with me, that made me think about things…I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve watched it.

This part right here probably impacted me the most because whenever I found something I loved doing, something or someone would make it so I couldn’t do or even dream about it. I’m still looking for that one thing that makes me feel inspired but I know when I do, I’ll be able to go after it.

Everyone deserves to find that thing that makes being busy something they look forward to.

It was uploaded a while back but still, thank you for playing it. The video means so much to me.


“He’s 19, I’m 35, so I guess he was seven years old when I played my first game here. He’s going to be here for a long time. Everyone around Detroit here is going to enjoy him for many, many years. I’m going to call him for tickets down the road. It’s special playing with him his first year, that’s something that I’ll probably always remember and probably tell my kids when I get older” - Henrik Zetterberg



► 20. Paige Michalchuk & Ellie Nash

“I can’t believe I won’t hear your daily fashion tips anymore.” “And I can’t believe we lived with each other for a year without murder.” “There’s still time.”


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“What the hell do you mean, you were leading them with your bike?!” 

You knew your voice was probably carrying over to the houses next to you, but you didn’t care. It had taken a long time for Daryl to get home, and when he told you what happened, you were furious. You had been against that part of the plan to begin with, and the thought of him being so close to so many walkers, on the bike or not, scared you half to death. But it came out in anger as you crossed your arms and stared him down, watching as he shifted uncomfortably and looked away, refusing to meet your eyes. 

“Hadta do it, okay? They’re gone, ain’t gotta worry ‘bout it again.” 

Your mouth dropped open in shock. “Don’t have to worry?! Daryl, you could’ve died!”


You huff and took a step closer to him which forced him to look down into your eyes. You made your anger fade into the desperate fear that you felt deep underneath, and put your hand on his arm. “This time,” you whisper. “But what about next time? You got damn lucky, Daryl. You just…you can’t do that to me again. Ever. Okay?”

You saw his eyes soften a little and he silently nodded, wrapping you up in his arms tightly so you could lay your head on his chest. You sighed softly and squeezed him tight, not wanting to think about what would’ve happened if he never came home.

Seventeen reaction to their girlfriend flying back to her home country after she caught him cheating

Thanks for requesting! ^^ I hope you like this and if not, tell me please~

i had a hard time with this request since i didn’t really know how (?) to do this but i tried my best so i hope this isn’t terrible~ 

NCT & SMRookies version

Requested by @pinkamaryllis46 ♥

First of all, I would like to say that let’s just think that the cheating he did didn’t include anything worse than maybe kissing. Also, let’s think that he didn’t figure out it was because she caught him cheating until he asked her.

Second, I think all of them would probably feel really bad about the situation no matter what. I’m sorry if the reactions seem too similar to each other but there’s just so many members that I had a hard time trying to make every single one different >< The reactions will be better quality if they are about only one unit per request~

Third, it’s really hard to find gifs of these thirteen being serious so… yeah… not that i mind, i love the fact that they are such a happy bunch ;u;


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  • Calls you immediately (even though it might cost a lot), would be really worried since you left without a word, I feel like he would just be really shocked when he found out the reason you left, would apologize a billion times and would also probably tear up because he let you down
  • “I am so sorry _____…”


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  • Would call you and be a little mad about you not telling him you were leaving but would turn from angry to apologetic really fast after you told him why you left, would keep telling you that it was just a misunderstanding
  • “It really didn’t mean anything. I’m so sorry it happened…”


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  • Texts you and if you don’t reply, he’ll call you. Would have a long conversation with you about what happened, endless apologizing
  • *wouldn’t know what to say besides apologizing*


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  • Would probably text you, asking where you were. Would really regret what he did and would make sure to tell you that, apologizes 
  • “I really shouldn’t have done it… I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking…”


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  • I feel like he would be extremely worried about you and would call you immediately, asking if you were okay. When you tell him why you left, he would probably be quiet for a while, would then apologize and would probably tear up or start crying
  • *apologizes with a broken voice*


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  • Texts you and tries to explain to you why he did it, apologizes’
  • “It didn’t mean anything to me, okay? I really didn’t mean it.”


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  • Calls you, would probably be a lot like Jun
  • “I’m so sorry ____, I don’t know why I did it…”


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  • Calls/texts you, confused. Wouldn’t know what to say when he finds out, would probably feel like he doesn’t have the right to talk to you after hurting you so badly
  • “I’m sorry _____…”


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  • Texts you, would probably be a lot like Jeonghan
  • “She really doesn’t mean anything to me. It was a mistake, I’m sorry you had to see it.”


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  • Texts you, doesn’t stop apologizing until you tell him to stop, doesn’t even try to explain himself because it was a stupid mistake
  • “I understand if you don’t want to talk to me…”


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  • Calls you, worried. Cries after he hears your hurt voice tell him why you left
  • *says ‘I’m sorry repeatedly’ while crying*


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  • Texts you, after you tell him why you left, he would text you a simple “I’m so sorry” and just sit quietly on his bed, regretting what he did
  • *thinks about how badly he hurt you and tears up*


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  • I feel like he would be a lot like Vernon. Would be angry at himself for cheating on you
  • “I understand if you can’t forgive me…”

#look at this #look at their facial expressions #it tells so much about them and the life they have been living #lucy is so so upset #she hates seeing peter like this #she sees him suffering physically and probably mentally #but there is nothing she can do #not in this world #she can’t join in these fights #she can’t seem to get through to him #so she watches him struggle in pain #susan is fed up #she’s annoyed at how many times this has happened #she’s sick of this #she’s probably thinks he’s not acting like a king #he’s acting like a child #and we are not children #in either world #she doesn’t comprehend that he can’t let go like she can #and edmund #I can’t even describe what that is on his face #worry #love #pain #he just knows he has to help #that’s his brother #and he HAS to help him #it doesn’t matter how many times this has happened #it doesn’t matter that he’s going to get beat up #it doesn’t matter that they’ll get in trouble for it #all that matters to edmund is that he helps peter

I have an idea.

After seeing the brilliant response from Team Thranduil to @parisiankiss2007‘s request for edits based around one of her favourite quotes, I’m thinking perhaps we should have a weekly edit (or art) theme or something, based on suggestions from the fandom.

Let’s face it, a lot of us are probably running a little low on inspiration these days, since there isn’t a huge amount of stuff to work with, due to Thrandy’s limited screen time & that we haven’t had any new material since the BOTFA EE.

Maybe it could help encourage artists, editors & gif makers back to the fandom, as so many have been driven away by the actions of unscrupulous individuals, who think good manners & common decency do not apply to them. Why let people like that win?

What do you think, @sweetfairy1, @bellevox, @moonofmorrigan, @djladyextasy, @lasimo74allmyworld, @floranocturna, @quelleeleneath, @tinnuriel, @noclevernamelbr@themirkyking​ & anyone else I’ve forgotten about who regularly posts (their own) Thranduil art, edits, gifs etc?