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“Be a man and decide that by Janken!”Words to live by, according to 嵐.
(inspired by this post and its tags, also this one and this one)

Bonus: Self-Janken!


Song taken from: “I don’t wanna go to school”- Bill Wurtz  

Turns out he’s already too smart to even go to school 

I looked through some Zootopia storyboards last week and made this random… piece of animatic with my lil headcanon of Young Nick and Skye (most probably their early teens) playing something dumb, I know Judy won’t approve (she might be that girl that made him stay in school)  :P 

This animatics was all done last week and I was contemplating so hard wether to post it or not, but you know what… whatever xD Didn’t do the whole song because I can’t think of anymore scenes, sorry. 

Disclaimer:  this is not discourage for you to not go to school… school is good, but the system may not be 

@ofreconditeemotions @theariannaredza !

After seeing @fuckrockerduck524‘s really cute Rockerduck sprite for the ducktales nes game I was inspired to try and design a possible ducktales remastered version of that sprite, and two variants! I made his hair as a single block because I thought that this probably was more animator friendly than the individual black hairs. It was cute at first, but the more I experimented with it in my style the more it looked like it was too much XD In the end drawing his hair as a wild mess of black lines somehow looks better, who would have thought! I’m also tagging @partapotso because I know they’re a Rockerduck fan as well, I just followed you but I see you’re already a pretty cool person! :D

zambienie  asked:

You've probably already got this but your Thorki/ Thor Ragnorok art is amazing! It's so good! Plus your art in genral is amazing and look up to you xD I hope you have a good day :)

Woah thank you so much!! I love drawing these dumb gods so much, so I’m glad you like how it turns out too. Also, because I was late to watch the marvel movies this is the first time I’m drawing Thor-related things while a Thor-movie is in the cinema, which makes it a ton lmao
This message made me super happy and it’s been keeping me happy while I haven’t had time to respond, thank you for being so sweet! ❤️ I hope you’re having a wonderful day! :D

And here we got Brother Blood as Howlite.

I know Bloodstone would probably suit his actual villain name more, but I’ve already made Robin a Bloodstone & then I’d be giving the two an unnecessary connection, however small. His beef was with Cyborg & I’d like to keep it that way in this AU too. :)

Suggested by osmostrix, Howlite is a Kindergarten worker (I can’t call him a ‘Kindergartener’ like Peridot is without thinking it’s hilarious, I’m sorry. XD), overseeing newly made gems. Of course, he’ll have been using some sort of secret method of his own to make some of the gems more obedient to him than others.

He plans to eventually overthrow the Diamonds with this method (still workin’ on the details atm), & take over Homeworld. But for the time being, he functions under Yellow Diamond’s command.

Kinds of FANGIRL in every CONCERT
  1. the confused type (got no clue what was going on.. XD)

     2. the rich ones  (those who are sooo excited & got no worries)

     3. the emotional (had no money or maybe too much happiness)

     4. the shocked  (omfg suga is soooo adorable XD)

     5. the violent type (boils their blood from anger & envy)

     6. the calm one (probably had the plans & solution to attend the concert/ maybe pretending coz’ she just already give up & faced the truth. XD)

     7. lastly.. the panicking kind  (wherein she will torment herself in her own made problems inside of her, struggling to make herself okay & start to contradict herself too.. lol, namjoonie. XD)  MY KIND. LOL.

goodnight chingus! tomorrow again.. mooch! :*

marieexoinette-deactivated20141  asked:

Can I request a scenario in which I am an alien that wants to abduct EXO?

OMG THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH XD!! you are actually requesting this right? it’s not a joke?XD  omg this is so much fun!!

Xiumin “…so it has already started…”


Kris: “I knew my intelligence and handsomeness were too much for my own good”

External image

Suho: “Don’t hurt me i’ll pay you,i’ll pay you good!!”

Yixing: “Please heelp,nooo!!” cause probably you will use his weakness to make it easier for you to abduct him XD

External image

Baekhyun: uhmmm…why would you want baekhyun?XD

Jongdae: “Kim Jongdae?Who’s that guy you speak of…no i have no idea cause i happen to be harry…Harry Potter…pleased to meet you misses alien”

Kyungsoo ver:  Obviously kyunggie is popular amongst aliens and they’ve tried to abduct him in the past…

External image

Pureevil ver: Yushh precious alien allies have finally come to propose a partnership on world domination

Chanyeol: “Hi alien,how does it feel to be an alien,wanna be friends alien let’stake some phoos together alien…OMG you’re an alien!!HAHAHAHAHAH

External image

Tao: Suho dama will pay you wellfor me 

Kai:”oh Gooooood!’

“Hell no i aint coming with you”

Sehun: “FYI we are aliens as well peasant…”

External image

*whispers* sehun it was just a concept…

External image


I love all of our boys XD hope you enjoyed :)


Hello everyone!  (*^▽^)/
I hope all my precious followers are doing fine and survived their hard month full of exams! So, a few days ago I reached 1k which is still unbelievable for me!! I actually never thought that so many people would follow me. I wanna thank these beautiful blogs for making my dash beautiful every day with their posts/graphics etc. Please stay awesome and continue making my dash so great . ◡‿◡ 
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xiumimasen  asked:

Uhmm... Do you have creepy gifs/pics of other members too? :3

Hey mini-mallows, so I was supposed to answer this earlier, but I suddenly decided to go to see my parents in my hometown, so I didn’t get the chance to answer earlier, sorry!

I don’t think I have creepy faces for everyone, let’s see what I got!

No creepy Baekhyun /le sad

Chanyeol enjoying an intimate moment with Chen (who was looking for his wallet)

Or Chanyeol wanting to do bad things with you.

No creepy Chen because he either looks gorgeous as fuck or cute to death

Creepy Kyungsoo? OFC

Hai thurr

What SatanSoo sees

SatanSoo likes

And he likes

a lot of things

Look at him enjoying someone else’s scream, don’t you hear his satanic laughter?

This one might seem harmless, but all I see is a cold hearted sociopath serial killer about to make you suffer the pain of 1000 births all at once (and enjoying your pain ofc)

And here he’s probably smiling after a dirty joke

Your blood will be the kimchi in his spaghetti

Did you just say cunnilingus?

“what do you mean I’m creepy?”

Moving on to Kai xD well I think I only have one, he looks like he’s going to rip your clothes of wildly before eating you (and you know what I mean here) until you beg for more

No creepy Kris :( he’s simply smokin’ hot or a fuckin’ babo

Lay is too high to creep

Luhan… well I made a whole post already xD

Does the Sehun creeps? Sort of! In a more discreet way x)

Casually checkin’ da booty while having very inappropriate thoughts

Conspiring against hyung behind his back

Showing off his tongue skills and an eventual deep throating move

*hands you bubble tea* Wanna suck my straw?

I don’t have creepy Suho T__T

No creepy Tao

And no creepy Xiumin :(

But I hope you liked the small amount of creep I gave you x)

:D CHAPTER 741 MADE MY DAY!!! I might have been dissapointed by how Usopp was acting in 740 but I knew he was going to go back to fight for the Tontatta. <3 And the fact that he only told the absolute truth when he returned, and he used his OWN NAME (no sogeking, no Usoland, etc.) made me so gosh darn happy!! <3

Now, onto this drawing. :3 (I just HAD to draw something in honor of Usopp’s bravery! I just had too!) So I have a couple theories. They probably won’t actually happen but I’ll share anyway XD. I believe that in his fight against Trebol, Usopp is either going to gain haki or show that he already has it. After all, Trebol is a Logia Devil Fruit user and I doubt Usopp has a full sea-stone arsenal at his disposal to fight with.

Now I believe that Usopp ALREADY has haki because of a few times that he has heard things that others don’t (Monet, Merry at first, Heracles fighting back on Sabondy, etc.) and also because of the headphones he has worn since the start of the Timeskip. I really think they are currently serving a purpose, maybe to suppress Usopp’s haki if it is currently uncontrollable like Coby’s was in Marine Ford, because Oda has intentionally had him wearing them ever since he returned from Greenstone… I just don’t see Oda-sama drawing them in just as an accessory. SO with that being said I think at some point during the Usopp vs Trebol fight Robin is going to be put in mortal danger/ she will try to protect Usopp and our favorite sniper will have to take some serious action to save her. If he breaks out some haki to avoid attacks and land some of his own I think that would just make it that much more of a wildly awesome fight. <3 

So I drew Usopp protecting Robin here while Robin recognizes her sniper’s haki after his headphones have been removed. :D This drawing was so fun. <3 AND I AM SO DARN PROUD OF USOPP!! I CAN’T GET OVER IT!!

Well, I hope you all like this drawing and now I’ll wait as patiently as I can for chapter 742….. Oh my gosh things are going to get CRAZY!