this was probably already made too. xd

moutonhexapode  asked:

If you don't have too many requests yet, how about Dirk in B7 :-) ? I can't wait to see your art!

Hey there!

Sorry for the wait, but here you go! You were actually the first one to make a request, so decided to give you something a bit more than the usual rough sketch/outline that I typically do.

Hope you enjoy, fam! ^^-

And here we got Brother Blood as Howlite.

I know Bloodstone would probably suit his actual villain name more, but I’ve already made Robin a Bloodstone & then I’d be giving the two an unnecessary connection, however small. His beef was with Cyborg & I’d like to keep it that way in this AU too. :)

Suggested by osmostrix, Howlite is a Kindergarten worker (I can’t call him a ‘Kindergartener’ like Peridot is without thinking it’s hilarious, I’m sorry. XD), overseeing newly made gems. Of course, he’ll have been using some sort of secret method of his own to make some of the gems more obedient to him than others.

He plans to eventually overthrow the Diamonds with this method (still workin’ on the details atm), & take over Homeworld. But for the time being, he functions under Yellow Diamond’s command.