this was probably a huge waste of time

i think ive mentioned this before but wasteland food is so boring lmao. where are the recipes for brahmin tongue? or deathclaw feet? you could just probably cook it like chicken feet, yknow - just clean it and boil it for a long-ass time, maybe marinade in sunset sarsaparilla, fry with some jalapeño peppers… and considering how huge deathclaw feet are, you could feed a whole group with just one. yum

Internet people (and they wonder why I stop responding)
  • Them: Hey
  • Me: Hey there! What are you up to with your day?
  • Them: Chillin
  • **Next Day**
  • Them: Hey
  • Me: Hey you! How's your weekend going? Doing anything fun? Seen the inside of a jail cell?
  • Them: Nope
  • **Three Days Later**
  • Them: What's up?
  • Me: I've been sitting here watching a marathon of BSG because I'm a huge scifi nerd. Later on I'll probably go to dinner with my friend and then maybe drink. Okay for sure drink haha. What you up to?
  • Them: Relaxing
13 hours and counting.

This is my submission for @winchesterprincessbride‘s 800 followers celebration challenge. I really enjoyed this challenge although it was difficult for me.

Prompt: The song- If I die young by The Band Perry. Plus the specific lyric of The sharp knife of a short life.

Summary: The reader made a deal with a demon to save her father, Bobby Singer, this is her final hours.

Warnings: Angst, Character death, Sadness.

Word count: 1571

Tags below the cut, If I have tagged you and you want me to remove you just say so and I will do, I have just tried to go off the tag list on SPN Fanfic Pond.

13 hours. That’s all you had left as you went speeding down the highway, praying you’d make it in time. You just had to see him one last time, even if he didn’t want to see you. You knew that this was probably a huge waste of time but he was your father and you needed to have one last chance to say goodbye, maybe then you could face this bravely.

10 hours. Your phone would not stop ringing, you knew it was Dean who was calling but you just couldn’t answer your phone. You didn’t know what to say to him you didn’t know if you could make him understand why you had left instead of being with him and fighting this. You knew that this couldn’t be fought and even if it could, the price you would have to pay would be too much for your heart to take. Just a little further now and you will be there and a little closer to your fate.

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anonymous asked:

So, I did what you said and told my nemesis that I was dating someone, and do you know what his exact words were to me? He said, and I quote, "Someone must be real desperate not to die alone if they're willing to waste their time with an ugly freak of nature like you.". HE SAID THAT RIGHT TO MY FACE!!! WITHOUT EVEN SKIPPING A BEAT!!!! Is there a way I can erase my emotions so I don't have to feel anymore heartbreak?

“That’s awful!!! I’d probably slap him in the face while crying. Bottling up your emotions isn’t very good. In fact, try using your negative feelings as motives for evil schemes! Also, please, please punch your nemesis. Really hard. He kinda seems like a huge asshole.”

Tomorrow’s encore stream will be at 2pm (US central time). I believe that time will be 7pm in London. (Please correct me if I’m wrong) So for those who are from that part of the world will have an earlier stream than normal. If this doesn’t turn out of be a waste of time and enough people show for the early Saturday stream, then all encore streams will remain at this new time to accommodate those in that part of the world.

Also with the earlier stream, I will not be about to do a proper countdown. I’ll probably be able to make one it two countdown posts before the stream link is posted. Please keep in mind that I am working this early stream around my life and I’ve had to change things to make time for this. It isn’t a huge issue or an inconvenience to say the least, I just wanted everyone to be aware. Also, I won’t be able to participate in the chat, but I will look in from time to time. Please remember to be respectful and used common sense in the chats. I don’t mind colorful language and friendly bantering, but offensive behavior is what I won’t tolerate. I really don’t want to stop doing streams because one person or a few wanted to be assholes because I’m not there to monitor.

how many times on their world tour does hog have to stop and remind himself that jamies never seen some of this stuff before, and probably didn’t even consider that it could exist. like… flower shops.

‘youre tellin me theyve got so much land and clean water out here they can just waste it on flowers? just to cut up and throw away? you pick em wild sometimes, sure, but what kind of rich– oh my god hog look at these theyre huge, there are so many colors, what’s– roadie, smell these. can we get a couple hundred?’

If I was ever lucky enough to meet Dan Howell or Phil Lester, I would spend the little time I had with them thanking them for having such a huge impact on my life, giving them huge hugs, and telling them how important and special they are to me. You know why? Because I respect them and I want them to know how much I care about them. I would never, NEVER, ask them about phan. That is such a waste when you’ll probably only meet them once in your whole life.

#216 Pewdiepie/Markiplier

Dan: Pewdiepie was actually what bonded you two when you were dating long distance. You would come home and either watch it separately or together, depending on what time it was. Even though it was a really small thing, watching Felix made you feel like you weren’t so far apart from each other. In fact, when you both met Felix for the first time, Dan, being the huge dork he is, thanked Felix for all he’d done for your relationship and told him how you watched him together.

Phil: Watching Markiplier was something you usually did while you were laying in bed late at night or early in the morning. You’d watch him on YouTube through the tv and end up wasting sometimes hours. But you didn’t mind- it was a way for you to spend time together. When you met Mark, you fangirled more than you probably should’ve. “We watch you in bed!” You remember blurting out and feeling immediately embarrassed. Mark thought that was hilarious and hasn’t let it go since.


Hey guys. As you probably heard or saw, Drake is really close to reach no. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, which is a huge accomplishment.
In order to help him achieve this goal, I want to gift “Hotline Bling” to a few people, if they haven’t bought it already.

•Reblog (however many times to increase your chances)
•Must be following

Please don’t waste my time if you have the song bought on iTunes or if you’re capable of buying the song or if you don’t live in the U.S.
I haven’t decided how many people yet but around 3-5. I will choose randomly and I will contact the winners via tumblr ask and ask to send your primary email address. If you don’t reply within 15-30 minutes, I will pick someone else. Thank you.
Ends tonight: 11:00 PM EST.
(since it was short notice and Billboard Sales are from Friday to Thursday so the more sales today the better)

Once we finally grew tired of giggling at our toddlers’ attempts to operate Zippos and finally listened to what Russell Crowe was trying to tell us in The Insider, gum-chewing surpassed smoking as America’s No. 1 pastime. In fact, there’s a damned good chance you’re chewing gum as you read this, in which case we have some disturbing news – you’re generating more landfill waste than the tire industry.

Don’t feel too bad, though, because you’re not alone: The world chews around 560,000 tons of gum every year. As a point of comparison, Americans burn through about 3 million tons of car tires each year. Big deal, right? Gum is candy; tires are part of a huge manufacturing industry. Now, here’s the more important statistic: Thanks to recycling, only 10 percent of those tires – or 300,000 tons – end up in landfills. When’s the last time you spat your gum into a recycling bin?

Probably never, because there’s no such thing as gum recycling. All that gum goes straight into the trash, then into a landfill, or spat onto the sidewalk where it costs cities more than $2 per wad to clean up.

Tiny Things You Do Every Day That Are Ruining The Planet


Gralu purikura c:! I’m a huge Nalu fan but tbh Gralu is super cute too…(even though Gruvia is also cute zzz I can’t help but ship everyone with everyone ok, they’re all amazing :x) 

Anyway, in this scenario, probably Lucy dragged Gray to take pictures (he probably thought it was a waste of time but oh well, not to Lucy. She had to force him to smile when he didn’t want to!). Everything went well until Lucy took the pen and started doodling away on the picture :D.