this was pretty quick

okay so i’ve always headcanoned sana’s dad as a doctor, and i’ve always headcanoned isak as a future med student, so i would picture their first meeting to go something like this: 

  • sana and isak have this big important test to study for, and they end up studying for hours and hours and it’s almost time for diner, but they’re obviously not done yet 
  • so isak stays over for diner 
  • and isak is a very polite guest. always saying thank you. and he actually doesn’t decline sana’s mom offer of a second portion, and thanks her again when she fills his plate 
  • and you know, sana’s dad is the one who asks them “how is the studying going?” and they both mumble “it’s going okay”, and her dad says “i’m sure you’ll do well. isak, sana always mentions you, her very smart friend who always gets sixes”. and isak almost raises his eyebrows at sana and tries to conceal his smile, and sana wants to roll her eyes. and isak smiles a polite smile at her dad, says “i try” 
  • and then it finally comes, that “do you know what you’d like to do after high school?” and isak is pretty quick to answer that he wants to study medicine. 
  • and her dad! he gets so excited when he hears that, his eyes literally light up. and he starts asking all these questions, like “do you know what specialty yet? would you like to do some shadowing this summer at the hospital? i could arrange that for you! sana did it last summer, and she loved it!” and sana is like “dad”, because she doesn’t want him to overwhelm isak with all these questions, but isak just has this big smile on his face, and he tells her dad that he’s not sure what his specialty will be yet, and he thanks him for the offer, and tells him that he’d love to
  • so yes, sana’s dad is really really fond of isak. and the nice thing about this is that…isak has never really had that, a paternal figure who gets so excited about his studies, about his future. he never felt like his own dad really cared, he certainly didn’t get all excited when isak first told him he wanted to study medicine. but sana’s dad really seems to care, and is so eager to help and answer his questions 
  • and most importantly, this reminds isak and sana that they’re so glad to have found each other, this other caring friend always challenging them and helping them grow, this friend they share this very important common interest with. they’re so glad to have each other when they apply to the same university, when they both get in, when they both meet up on the first day of school, when they both sit next to each other in class, ready to face this new adventure together 
  • and sana’s dad, aaaah, he’s there to cheer them throughout this entire journey!

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) *smooches!*

*swoons again* you are my favourites! Here goes five more:

1. I have eaten dirt on a dare and I stared the guy down the whole time. Quick money, endless pride.
2. I have pretty eyes that kinda change colour?!
3. I am surprisingly good at falling asleep without having my book or phone smack me in the face.
4. Have I told you that I can fit atleast 15 grapes in my mouth at any time?? Well, I can fit like 500 raisins too.
5. I can do the macarena at ¼ speed and still look good doing it


The guinea hen just sounded the alarm, which is something I haven’t heard since her boyfriend passed away… I stepped out into the yard just to make eye contact with a FOX right before he ran back into the woods.  He was standing out past the coop… everybody seems to be accounted for, but oh goodness.  Hopefully he took seeing me as a warning!!  I walked back where he was and into the woods where he would have gone to spread my scent over there, but oh my.  What a spooky visitor to have.

Anybody have some quick solutions to keep the pretty fella from coming back??

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am i a bad person for still not liking noora even though she’s concerned about sana? honestly i think she just feels guilty that she got mad at sana at the karaoke clip(so hypocritical)and that’s why she’s doin this. also still kinda pissed at her for kissing yousef and everyone is all “yeah but she didn’t know sana likes him” but damn it was pretty obvious sana liked him so for her not to even get the SLIGHTEST idea sana was even remotely interested in yousef is pretty hard to believe?uh no,,,,

hmm yeah….i just wonder if they talked the past week or something bc noora seemed to forget she was upset with sana pretty quick?….idk


new haircut and an alya pep talk <3

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honestly fam u gotta draw gston and stanley saying bye to lefou and the second lefou is out of earshot they lowkey start to fite.

please don’t take this too seriously, I can assure you they’re gonna be good pals and talk about how wonderful LeFou is