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Criminals AU starring

  • pre-serum Steve Rogers as a talented forger with strong, Robin-Hood-inspired morals
  • James Barnes as a dangerous hitman with more warrants on his head than tattoos on his skin
  • and T’Challa as a brilliant cat burglar with a borderline obsessively sweet tooth

The three of them have exactly four things in common: their criminal records, their impressive reputation, their mark (a sleazy CEO named Obadiah Stane) and their shared interest in Tony Stark, a brilliant but under-payed young engineer at Stane Industries. The comic books weren’t kidding when they said leading a double life is hard, but staying on right side of the law when the most genuine person you’ve ever met keeps getting hurt because of it is damn near impossible.

@labmoth a Min Suga for you <3

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So! Would you say there were any benefits to eating an entire raw zucchini?

i guess it’s pretty filling so if ur looking for a quick easy meal, just eat a whole raw zucchini. also makes a great story. really impressive to prospective love interests.

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Hi there! On average, how many ppl and how long does it take (starting from the scanning step) to completely scanlate a 50-pg chapter ? Just pure curiosity :)) *P/s: Love you guys !!!

Woooow that’s reallllly hard to answer o.O
50 pages are a lot, luckily it’s not avarage xD

I scanned 50 pages before though and I think it took my like 2 hours. But my scanner is super ancient ^^

The cleaning depends on the person working on it and on the manga itself. On how much there is to redraw, how many different screentones (pattern foils) there are, if it has to be leveled and dusted… 
For leveling, dusting and cleaning Konna nichijou I take like 1-2 hours per page. But I’m super anal.
I once cleaned and uncensored a simple 30 pages long Dj without many screentones and it took me about 24 hours. 8 hours on one day, 16 on the next day. I was pretty quick, but it was not that hard ^^
My cleaner kaNd said: “Totally depends on how much we have to redraw…A single bubble with several blurry tones may take longer than a full page with a lot of text on plain white or black bg. For complex ones like pendulum, 4, maybe 5 pages a good day.”
So you see, that totally depends on the person AND the manga.

Translating depends on the person too. My translator-chan Jien is super quick. They did the new Hidoku chapter in 4 hours. But that pace was only because I asked them to do it asap *ehem* ^^ But they’re usually pretty fast.
I am not xD translating is taking me forever. ^^

Proofreading (in our case) is taking a lot of time, because my proofy NQS for example is increeeeedibly thorough. She’s working hard to make everything sound good, because many japanese things just don’t work in english. Sometimes it’s taking her a week, sometimes longer. But Sometimes I pull out my whip and she’s super fast xD (I’m gonna do that for Hidoku xDD)
But sometimes it’s taking only 3 days… depends on the manga and the difficulty of japanese that’s been used ^^

Typesetting is taking me forever xD
An hour per page mostly. Often even more, because… well, I’m super anal (with picking the different fonts that should look a little like the original but also like the word itself. So a CLUNK must look like a CLUNK xD). And I’m not only typesetting. Sometimes in the translating and proofreading process things get lost. When something sounds off I’m like “wait, he wouldn’t say it like that” for example. Especially in Nekota Yonezou’s works, because I know my babies and I know what they would and wouldn’t say hehe
And seeing the dialogues on the pages is different from seeing them only on a blank page like in the scripts. I have to finde the lost connections sometimes ^^
Then I check the text in the raws, check back with my translator and my proofy, and I always check the sound effects, because although Jien is good at translating them, sometimes they’re off and they’re super important to me for some reason xD

The Quality Check is taking some time too. 
My QC’s check the grammar and stuff, but also cleaning errors, sometimes things still have to be rephrased, while trying to stay as close to the original as possible of course. 

After the Quality check I correct my mistakes, edit the credit pages, upload, make the post on tumblr, etc. I check everything again and again (still sometimes shit happens tho ^^). The finishing is taking me 2-3 hours. 
Sometimes we have another QC after I made the corrections.

I know that this might look like we’re overdoing it and we could be a little faster if we wouldn’t be that anal, but we really want the best possible outcome we’re able to give you. We don’t half-ass things. 


Okay, I’m gonna go back to typesetting now ^^
Thank you for your message! It let me procrastinate a while hehehe


Edit: How many people: 

1 Cleaner
1 Proofreader
1 Translator
1 Typesetter
2 Quality checkers
1 Leader to do the things that are left ^^ (like tumblr, uploads, facebook, in our case I do the scanning too, and so on ^^)

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More on Human!Coran's relationship with Lance??

They start off pretty antagonistic at first. Lance gives no fucks about history, Coran gives no fucks about egotistical little shits. But Coran’s also one of the overseers of the pilot training program, and he’s quick to notice that Lance is actually a pretty exceptional pilot when he’s not showing off. And once he picks up on that, he starts noticing other things. Like how fake the showboating is. So he starts trying to cut through the bullshit, but isn’t making much progress…

Until The Incident. Lance and Keith have kinda set themselves up as rivals, Lance because he wants to knock the Garrison Golden Boy down a few pegs, and Keith just because he’s tired of this loudmouth and wants to shut him up for good. A fight breaks out during a training simulation, and Lance, because of his shit record and low class scores, is blamed for the whole thing and about to be kicked out period. 

But Coran’s literally the only instructor to go to bat for him, pointing out that he has pulled scores even to or better than Keith’s in the simulator at times, and that just barely squeaks him by. He’s not off the hook, he gets stuck with the scut work for the entire summer off-months as punishment, but at least he’s still in the program. And Coran still gives him a chewing out of his own, pointing out that his attempts at being the hotshot cost him badly. He’s even got the scores to prove what a difference the attitude made.

And it rattles Lance. Rattles him good. One of the best living pilots in history saved his ass when he didn’t have to and read him like a book. He spends those hours scrubbing the kitchens doing a lot of thinking.

And when the next semester of classes starts, he signs up for Coran’s advanced history of modern warfare, ready to bust his ass for the best grade.

Soulmates AU - Jeffmads

AU where the last words your soulmate will say to you are written on your wrist. When they say the words you feel a pain shoot through you.


James and Thomas rarely ever fight. They’re a good couple, always calmly settling any issue between them (Even if sometimes Thomas can get a bit much)

They’ve only ever had a huge fight twice. One was earlier on in their relationship when things were new and they were still confused. It ended pretty quick when they both ended up crying.

The second big fight was worse. And it was also the last fight they ever had.

They’d both fucked up and done something shitty and they were both screaming at each other, angry looks on their faces and fists balled up at their sides. They’d never hit each other though.

It wasn’t until James yelled “I hate you!” and stormed out that Thomas felt the sharp pain run up his wrist. He looked down to see the words written in red across his arm and that’s when he panicked. He was angry, yes. He was upset, yes. But that didn’t mean he wanted to lose James.

He’d ran out to go find James, only to find a crowd of people around a car and someone else. He ran over and felt something break inside of him when he saw James on the floor, head bleeding and wrist clearly broken.

Thomas knew it was too late though. Obviously. He looked back down to his wrist again and just broke.

He’s not been the same since.

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teen wolf

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: ALLISON ARGENT
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: maybe derek? he wasn’t my fave early season one but he grew on me pretty quick
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: parrish I guess like I liked him fine but then why did he have to be romantic with a high school girl tho
  • a character I’m indifferent about: I feel like I have such strong opinions about every single character haha
  • a character who deserved better: ERICA AND BOYD never forget also allison also kira also malia also everyone I’m sad now thinking about all the characters who were wasted lmao
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: I was never into any of the parent ships at all like allison’s dad and scott’s mom and stiles’s dad
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: SCALLISON
  • a cute, low-key ship: allydia is always in the background being so good and pure tbh
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: what counts as unpopular in the tw fandom idk like every scott or malia ship?
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: it didn’t happen thanfully but every single p*ter h*le ship sos save me
  • my favourite storyline/moment: season two!!!!!!!! does that count as a storyline idk
  • a storyline that never should have been written: bringing in the 12 white boys all at once who looked the same and I couldn’t tell apart was a rough move really
  • my first thoughts on the show: it was just such a goofy and fun show tbh and it made my life really happy back in the day
  • my thoughts now: I’m sad that it’s ending but also like it got so far from what my Ideal was that I’m not so invested in it anymore