this was pretty good but i did expect better

DEH 10.5.17


  • So there was the obc except for larry/michael park who was understudied by Asa Somers
  • Mike looks at individuals in the audience, he speaks to them specifically
  • i think Will uses this technique where you look at the back of the heads of people/back of the theatre, its used for speaking to the whole theatre 
  • and can i just say, will does NOT get enough credit for his entire performance, while yes his comedic timing and stuff are AMAZING, he cries while on stage and brings a lot of emotion that i did NOT expect but it was so good
  • Ben kinda does both, god his voice is so good, its so much better irl if thats even possible
  • connor has a braided leather bracelet
  • If mike says that he’s not a strong singer 1 more time im gonna cut a bitch
    • his voice is so clear and he hits every note perfectly
  • dude. the sets are so pretty ughgugh
  • Mike Faist is a beautiful human like. pictures dont do him justice man, he looks good in them but irl hes like. !!! wtf hes so pretty
  • bens outfit changes are so quick how does he even do that wtf

-act 1-

  • after connor says fuck you to zoe ,, mike gives laura a teeny tiny smile right before he puts his head down 
  • oh my god speaking of smiles the are you high smile is SO FUNNY
  • the part in waving through a window where theres the break and then the 
    “ON THE OUTSIDE ALWAYS LOOKING IN”? that is so powerful irl like. dude the sound vibrates through you and its so good
  • connor tries waving to evan during waving through a window but evan didn’t see, im fine this is fine
  • I started crying during waving through a window and I didnt stop till after the end of the show
  • Evan starts crying during writing the letter and he also doesnt stop
  • sincerly me has so many pretty harmonies
  • KiNkY
  • Zoe bounces her leg and bites her nails
  • Evan bites his nails, fiddles with his shirt, scratches at his palm, and picks at his fingers
  • the actors bring so much to the characters its so good!! its so good omg
  • all you gotta DO
  • i could see the cellist from where i was sitting and she was rocking out to sincerly me and mouthing along it was great
  • right before requiem zoe like, rushes over to the letters after holding back and pushing cynthia away, its so deperate and powerful oh lord
  • okay so Asa brings so much to the role of larry, from what ive heard Michael is very stoic all the time but Asa like, is just really tired of life more than anything. 
  • Asa’s Larry for sure isnt a good guy but hes not the bad guy either. He fucks up as a parent for sure, and what he did to connor was not okay but like… man he does care even if he tries not to show it
  • during you will be found larry breaks down, he starts crying oof it broke my heart
  • Ben Platt is so good, his emotions are so raw, fuck, 

-act 2-

  • so, you and zoe,, ?? 
  • to break in a glove is so funny and sad at the same time
  • larrys voice breaks on “or if you’re tryna do whats best”
  • and he yells the next part, hes like on the brink of tears
  • Sincerly me reprise is a fucking bop and connor looks mildly uncomfortable about how many kids end up sucking dick for meth
  • we all know it but WILLS LAUGH IS A BLESSING
  • nYehHEHHeHEHhE
  • its so funny holy shit
  • a part of the saucy friendship we had ;)
  • i like the choreography for the reprise too its kinda different from sincerly me ??
  • larry drinks bourbon and some expensive looking wine
  • jared invites evan to his party with lots of alcohol like. he makes a big fucking deal out of the alcohol
  • ok so after the scene where jared accuses evan of having connors death be the best thing thats ever happened to him, jared storms off and evan kinda lingers after him on stage for a solid 30 seconds before being pulled away by zoe
  • evan starts dressing more and more like connor till theyre in almost the same outfit
  • evan has funyuns stashed away in his little headrest storage thing
  • after only us zoe kisses his and they lay down and wowie some things are heavily implied there
  • oh god so when heidi is at the murphys house and evan finds out he shrinks into himself so much 
  • will screams FUCK YOU EVAN, ASSHOLE with so much emotion in his voice you could feel everyone react
  • jared like, stomps his foot and screams silently during good for you, he starts crying and you wont see it if you dont look for it but man. that fucked me up.
  • heidi crys so much
  • okay so during the did you fall or did you let go connor yells at him almost as if he’s angry

  • during the finale ben seems like hes talking to everyone who’s ever wanted to kill themselves and it. Made me CRY
  • this is such a lifechanging show holy shit

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 

Allure Korea July 2017 | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost/erros in the translation. Also, there are sentences that got paraphrased. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: You’re about to leave. Did your visit to Maldives meet your expectations?
Everything is nice. It was nice to see turtles when snorkeling. Following manta ray and scuba diving were fun. Lastly, taking seabob was pretty fun too. As expected, it was good to have mojito in Maldives. When I did the photoshoot, the weather was pretty good that I got drawn by the atmosphere when doing it. Everything is just a good memory. It’s unforgettable.

Q: Originally, your nickname was flaming charisma, right? I wanted to call you flaming stamina. Your tanned skin is visible after doing water activities.
I actually wanted to get tanned. I should’ve gotten more tanned, so it’s too bad I wasn’t able to. I think my stamina is certainly better than others. When I’m with other people, they all are tired although I don’t really feel tired. It may be because we do performances many times that our stamina naturally becomes better?

Q: You came here with Onew. How was the other members’ reactions?
We both talk a lot, and it was great that we both came here together. I asked him to come here again next time. I didn’t show off to them, but they must be jealous inside. Haha!

Q: You’re in the middle of concert tour now, is everything going smoothly?
It’s a very long tour, but it’s nice to meet fans from concerts. I gain strength when I perform, so I’m always thankful to my fans.

Q: Do you see your fans’ face and expression from the stage?
I can see them very clearly and we make eye contact too. I put on in-ears, so I can’t hear what they say well. I take off my in-ears during performance when I really can’t hear or when I want to hear my fans voice. There are a lot of times when I want to hear my fans cheer louder so I take off my in-ears.

Q: It’s been 9 years since you debuted together. Isn’t it amazing?
We didn’t really think that it’s amazing, but the people around us said that it’s a big thing. There are words that idol’s life-span is 5 years or 7 years. Without troubles and worries, we have passed that phase safely. If you ask what are the tips, honestly there is nothing to say. We know what we are good at and what we don’t like, so we understand  each other and are considerate of each other.

Q: Your 9th year anniversary happened on the day when you’re here, right?
Ah, I was very touched by the cake. May 25 is a very special number to me. It’s like a day I was born again? I always think of it as my 2nd birthday. My debut day is unforgettable.

Q: What did you say to the members?
Before we came here, I asked them to go for a drink together and we all had the same thought. We said something like, ‘Although it’s hard and it can be exhausting, let’s work hard’. We don’t really do cheesy talk. We already understand without needing to say it to each other.

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anonymous asked:

Not a Jonsa shipper but I find myself scrolling through your fandom's blogs more and more often, while avoiding the other side. The way all of you write metas and discuss the story is really something. You actually take into consideration numerous possibilities, some of them those you wouldn't even want to see, and you manage to stay objective and in character. Really impressive considering what the rest of the fandom, well most of it at least, has turned into. One thing made me open my eyes-

(2) -to the real possibility of what all of you were saying. While scrolling through some other blog I came across a J&D meta. It had a line from the books about how a moon light cast its shadow on Jon, and made it seem as though he was taller, grander. According to them, Dany is associated with the moon, through her silver hair and her and Khal’s nicknames for each other, so this means Dany (the moon) will lift Jon up with her love and he will become a bigger (better) man. This was widely- 

(3) -accepted by the majority as foreshadowing. Going by the similar imagery, Sansa has a whole chapter about rebuilding Winterfell with her own hands using snow, snow that she can taste on her lips like a lover’s kiss, and this was, also widely, discarded as nonsense. That was a red flag for me. If you take one into consideration you have to take the other as well, otherwise you are-wait for it-delusional! So although shipping in ASOIAF isn’t for me and I don’t know who’s right or wrong,-  

(4) -I have to say that the way Jonsa shippers approach the subject is way more logical and unbiased, and although I’ve read a few metas that had my eyes rolling around here as well, I just wanted to let you know that, even outside your fandom, there are ppl who can see what you see, and you’re not crazy and certainly not delusional. And if one ship has to win, I pray that it will be yours, for the sake of this beautiful story that would go down in flames with Targaryan restoration. Good luck!            

Dear nonny, how can I even find words, that make clear how very happy I am about your post! Your words are a balm to me, certainly! And I’m sure that other Jonsas will be happy about it as well.

You know, I’m pretty confident that GRRM did not give his last book in the series the title “A time for wolves” originally because it will all be about a Targ restoration.I was Anti Targ restoration way before I shipped Jonsa, and I’m all for a good story. I know, that for ASOIAF to be a good story, I probably will have some heartbreaks as well, but that does not mean that the story is ruined. LOTR is a much better story for the Scouring of the Shire and the Grey Havens. So, I fully expect to cry at some aspects of the ending, but ‘not all tears are of evil’ and I expect a bittersweet ending that will be worth every tear I will shed.

I’m also convinced, that Jonsa has a good chance of being endgame and the Jonsa fam is so supportive that the constant insults - which are not very original tbh, could they please find something else than delusional - do not grate me usually. But to get some validation from outside our meta-loving corner of the fandom is really great. I recently convinced a colleague of mine, that Jonsa might be a thing, and she’s in for a reread now and tells me she is more and more convinced.

And honestly, that’s all what we usually say: There is book evidence for Jonsa, and in general we love the books, we love discussing possible outcomes, even if it means discussing things we do not necessarily like or want. And I’m glad you find most of our metas well worth a read. I also think that only a small percentage is really reaching, but I am biased.

Also thank you for pointing out that if you accept the foreshadowing for Jon€rys (which we do not deny, we just don’t think that it points towards endgame romance) that you should in all honesty be ready to accept that some of the Jonsa foreshadowing might also be valid. You could always say that it is a red herring, but to flat out deny it’s existence is shutting your eyes, placing your hands on your ears and sing ‘la,la,la, delulula’. 

And just because it is such a fitting gif: Actual footage of brains of the General audience once Jonsa becomes canon.

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The One That Got Away [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of The One That Got Away

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Your heart dropped to your stomach as nausea crept over you. How did you not know he was seeing someone else? Your job was to promote them. You definitely would have known if he had a girlfriend.

And furthermore… why did JYP send you all those signals to reach back out and make up for lost time if Jaebum HAD A GIRLFRIEND? Why didn’t Jinyoung tell you before you foolishly traipsed over here, hoping that you’d see him and sparks would fly?

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voyageboots  asked:

(Yay! TY!) Could I please request a 100 AU low budget documentary fic like the Long Way Round series? (LWR was one third UNICEF charity awareness, one third let's ride fun motorcycles all the way around the world, final third let us see the world up close, much handheld cameras). Motorcycles/documentary focus at your discretion?

Clarke’s bike breaks down spectacularly about sixty miles from anything in the middle of Mexico, which is around when Bellamy was expecting their first major crisis.

They’ve dealt with malfunctions before; it’s part of why they have Raven on the team. They’ve made it, so far, from Alaska to Mexico without any serious problems. All of the regular annoyances of long-range motorcycle travel are within Raven’s abilities to handle, and she’s gotten them through punctures, fuel malfunctions, and unexplained phenomena without much incident. A few times, the issue has required welding, but in the past they’ve gotten it patched up enough to make it to a town where they can get the work done.

This time, Raven just scowls. “What the fuck did you do, Griffin?”

“What percentage of your dialogue is going to be bleeped when this airs?” Monty asks. “Like, ballpark estimate. What do you think?”

“It would be a lot less if you assholes didn’t keep breaking your fucking bikes.”

“Hey,” Clarke protests, without her usual spark. She looks and sounds exhausted, worn out like he’s never seen her. The trip is wearing on all of them, but Bellamy’s not surprised it’s hitting her worse right now. She’s never happy when she feels like she screwed up, and breaking her bike beyond Raven’s ability to fix it is a lot of screwing up. “This is the first real break we’ve had.”

“Yeah,” Bellamy agrees. “You just like swearing. Don’t put this on us. Are you okay?” he adds, to Clarke. The crash wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, but there’s not really such a thing as a good motorcycle crash. It’s still a lot to deal with.

Her smile is tight. “Yeah. Just a little rattled.”

The admission is a lot, coming from her. He’d sort of assumed that if she lost a limb, she’d still respond to questions about her well-being with I’m fine.

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30 Best Mellow Frames (Part 3)



Sorry for the delay, here are the top ten Mellow Frames: 

10. Steven Universe Characters React to Edgy Theories 3:

Remember the Steven Universe Edgy Theory Generator? It was an online generator that came up with absurd theories for Steven Universe. It was popular with the fandom awhile ago. I made three comics that were about if these theories were true. These comics were fun to make because I didn’t have to waste time on set up or anything like that, I could get to the jokes quicker. The most popular seems to be the third one. The joke at end seems to be the popular favorite, which surprised me because I was very unsure about making the joke. However people did find it funny so I guess it did work. Raven Molisee, a writer and story boarder for Steven Universe, liked this post so I guess this is Crewniverse approved. Neat.

9. Just a Few Questions:

This is easily my most popular Mellow Frames as well as the most controversial. I do admit that I do have a few questions that could’ve been reworded ( “Where are my Limb Enhancers” should be “ Am I ever going to get my limb enhancers back”, “ Did Rose have any humans before Greg” should be “ Who were the humans that Rose had before Greg and what happened to them”) Also there were some questions I should have asked like “ Will Greg ever move on”, “ what did Peridot ‘mean by Harvest me’”, “Who owns the Big Donut”, and “ where are the cops in Beach City?”. 

With that said I do think some of the complaints are funny. I literally said it was a metaphor, but so many people took it literally. I’ve seen a few post complaining about this comic specifically saying this is how ridiculous SU Crits are. That makes me a little proud. Many believe that this comic is anti filler, but really my intention was to point out that there is a lot of possibilities for interesting stories, but season 4 wasn’t taking advantage of that. Though not all the questions were like that.

Honestly most of the people did like this comic and I’m proud of it. It’s just not higher because I prefer the ones where I am telling more of a story.

8. Fuse, Marry, Kill:

Here’s an oldie, but a goodie. It’s just about the gems playing fuse, marry, kill (though in hindsight it should have been fuse, marry, shatter or fuse, marry, bubble), but Pearl is giving eyebrow raising answers. This is pretty much the birth of the character we call Problematic Pearl. Problematic Pearl is pretty much Pearl, but is blatantly unapologetic and her flaws have been ramped up. This comic did become a slight meme as I’ve seen people on Tumblr and Reddit reference it. I believe this one is all right.

7. Problematic Pearl: Pokémon Go:

For those who don’t know, I have a secondary account called Ask Problematic Pearl. It’s an account where I have people ask questions towards Problematic Pearl, which is the Mellow Frames version of Pearl. This is easily my most popular post on that account and I understand why.  I feel like this one isn’t cheating to put on here since it’s done in a Mellow Frames sort of format. The ask I got for this came months before I answered. I waited so long to finally make this comic because I wanted to play the game for awhile so I can get the references right. I feel like it paid off. Also this is the only Pokémon Go meme I found that isn’t either condescending to players or about team stereotypes.

6. Are You the People I’m Suppose to Kidnap:

I’m a little surprised that this one is as popular as it is, I guess people like Garnet drawing boobs. In hindsight it is pretty funny and the boobs did look better than I expected (I can’t draw, but I know how to use Illustrator). Here’s a fun fact about what seems to be everyone favorite line “I hope not”, It was originally going to be said by Lars. I was thinking about doing a Mellow Frames on the Good Lars, where Sadie and Steven decide to get baked instead of helping Lars bake. While they’re high in the basement, Aquamarine and Topaz come in and kidnap Lars. Aquamarine asked Lars “ Are you my dad?” to which Lars replied with “ I hope not.” I ended up scrapping the idea because of time restraint ( and it not being that funny) so I gave the line to Connie. In hindsight, having Connie say it is a lot funnier.

5. The Lust Boat:

Well this one certainly has an erotic title, though it still accurately describes this comic. Not only is Jasper thirsty, but we have an added subplot about Pearl sailing out to hit on Jasper. I had quite a few people tell me that they hated this episode, but this comic made them feel a lot better. That makes feel a lot better.

4. Aether Foundation is Suspicious as Fuck:

I can’t believe how right this comic was. Not only was I right, the game didn’t even hide it. For a while this was actually the Mellow Frames with the most views, which is surprising because usually only the SU stuff gets notes (aside: I really need to start making Pokémon comics again since Ultra Sun/Moon are coming out). There was even a well-made dub of this comic made by Ravens Dub. They did a pretty good job on it.

3. Miss Problematic Pearl:

Mr. Greg was for me the episode that saved Pearl’s character, however that’s not very funny. What is funny is to put Problematic Pearl in the episode. So this comic is pretty much the episode except with Problematic Pearl and no musical numbers. This is probably one of the few Mellow Frames where I was laughing while making it.

2. Do You Mind, I’m Full of Education:

My best comics happen to be the ones on the episodes I like (people would think it would be the other way around). Mindful Education is one of my favorite episodes so Do You Mind I’m Full of Education is one of my favorite Mellow Frames. Despite the episode being so good, I still have a lot material especially with bitter misused Garnet. It seems people’s favorite part is when Garnet asked Stevonnie the uncomfortable question. I was very worried about that moment since Garnet used an arguably offensive (some people told me the word wasn’t as much offensive as it was archaic. With that said, I never use the word unless in relation to a famous trope), but nobody got offended. Fun fact: that scene has also inspired an original film that I’m currently writing. This one is just one I love reading and I hope you do too.

1.     Peridot’s Hidden Escape Pods:

And here’s #1, it was #1 the last list and it’s #1 her too. This one asks an important question, what if Peridot planted escape pods throughout the ship. It really doesn’t work out. People love seeing villains fail, and it’s usually funny to see it done by their own volition. What makes this comic the best one is that it works even if you haven’t seen what it’s parodying. I showed this comic to my little sister who hasn’t even seen Steven Universe, and she laughed hard. I also liked the interactions between Japer and Peridot, which wasn’t really that different from the show. Until “Aether Foundation is Suspicious as Fuck” and “Just a Few Questions” this was the Mellow Frames with the most notes, and it really deserves it. Like the Aether Foundation comic this too has a dub that you should check out (I’m linking to my reblog because the dubber deactivated their account). Honestly this one is still the funniest in my opinion.

And that was my top 30 Mellow Frames. I would like to thank you all for following my Mellow Frames and supporting them too. Making these have been a lot of fun despite the lack of financial returns. Now I’m going to tell you all a little secret. So many people have asked me to do an abridged series of these frames, and I’ve usually said no. Now I’m going to tell you that I actually really want to, and I probably will eventually. Right now I’m trying to get financially independent, but after I accomplish that I’m thinking about making the SU comics into videos. I just need to learn how to edit an abridge series (though it’s not exactly an abridge series) and get voice actors since I can’t voice act (though I know a few people would be perfect voices). So it probably won’t happen this year, but eventually I would like these Mellow Frames to not just be comics anymore. 

“Holy crap,” I said. While staring off at Rose and Dimitri, a brilliant flash had caught my eye—a flash on Rose’s finger.
“What’s that?” I exclaimed. “Did you rob Lissa’s crown jewels?”
Rose, in what was a rare look for her, actually appeared flustered. “Maybe it’s too much.”
Dimitri brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the top of it. “No, it’s perfect.”
Jill clapped her hands in delight. “An engagement ring!”
“Hold up,” I ordered. “Show the goods.”
With Dimitri grinning, Rose complied, holding out her left hand for the rest of the table to see. It was a remarkable piece of work. A large, perfectly cut round diamond was set into a lacy square of platinum filigree that was edged in tiny blue opals. It was a statement ring if ever there was one, and a wholly unexpected choice.
“Did you pick that out?” I asked Dimitri. Honestly, I would have expected him to bend a piece of steel with his bare hands and present her with that.
“He did,” said Rose, her normal good humor returning. “He kept telling me that once I turned twenty, it was just a matter of time before he proposed. I told him if he did, he better make it a rock star ring—nothing subtle.”
“That’s pretty rock star,” said Eddie. “How long ago did this happen?”
“About a month,” said Dimitri. “I got her to wear it but can’t get her to set a date.”
She grinned. “All in good time, comrade.”

bts reacts: coffee shop ballads

requested :  can you make bts reaction to their crush performing a ballad song (coincidentally is their fav song) at the cafe their crush works at? :)

a/n- i’m sorry this is cheesy and awful i could have done so much better i haTe mYsElF

yoongi: initially, his plan had been to visit the cafe for the coffee and the peace- maybe he had also given a seconds thought to who worked there; but only a second, he would insist that you didn’t think anything otherwise- partly to wake himself up, and partly because whoever lived in the flat next door had decided it would be a wonderful idea to start drilling together new furniture.

he’d casually be sat by the window, watching the rain spit against the glass and disturb the remaining condensation as he stirred his coffee- it was probably a good idea that he had decided to drink it slowly, considering the fact that they were there? on a soapbox? being all cute? he couldn’t handle it? little questions, like ‘i never knew they could sing?’ and ‘they listen to this artist too? blessed’ and i just- soft whipped yoongi is a thing and it is thriving, and you can be sure as hell that he’s glad that his neighbors decided on today of all days to refurbish.

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hoseok: it had been three years, he had decided, since he had last heard that song. the song itself, he loved. the person he associated with it, however- that was a different story. the person he had associated this song with for three years, the song that had been their song, didn’t give it any positive connotations at all, made him not be able to stand the soft tune at all. 

so, how was it that now the song belonged to another’s voice, albeit muffled amongst the sound of hushed conversation and porcelain on porcelain, could make it sound as lovely as it once did? maybe, he decided once again, that three years was too long to stick with the stigma. maybe, he thought, that this was what he needed.

“you don’t know me- or i mean, i don’t think you do, at least- but i just wanted to tell you that i love the song that you did today.” funny, he never saw himself as a nervous person until now.

“you know the song?”

“yeah- it’s one of my favorites, actually…” funny, he never saw himself as an awkward person until now.

“i’m glad- me too.” with a small nod they were off, out the door, only turning around for a small smile and addition of, “thank you- i hope you have a lovely rest of your day.” funny, he never saw himself as someone who could grow fond of someone that quickly.

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namjoon: the usual?

“do i really come here that often?” he said it as if it was a surprise to him, the amount of time he spent at that coffee shop.

“i can expect you at 6pm on weekdays and 10am on saturdays. blows my mind how you can be so consistently punctual.” you handed him the coffee, which he took gladly - he hid the fond smile that he had when he saw how you’d scrawled his name across the cup. “it’s also baffling how you can order the same drink six times a week and not be either broke, or bored of it yet.”

the other baffling thing that had not been mentioned was the fact that he could turn up at the hour of the acoustic set every week, listening to the same song every week, and it still had the same effect on him as it did the first time. just like teh coffee, he just couldn’t grow bored of it.

“anyway, enjoy your drink!”

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seokjin: the song; it was one that he knew, and one that he knew extremely well. even without the proper acoustics and minimal percussion that would usually ascend into a crescendo at the end of every bridge, he could recognize it from the acapella. he would eye the void where another person usually stood- starting an inner turmoil between staying sat where he was and watching from afar as he would usually do, and wanting to fill the empty space, where a partner was vacant. in the end, he just listened along, unconsciously smiling and swaying side to side dozily.

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jungkook: if there’s one thing to say, it’s that he’s better at portraying nonchalance than taehyung is. slightly. he’s better at hiding admiration, and also a lot better at disguising the pining too. not that he would pine necessarily, he’s just pretty enthralled, to be honest; get’s teased about it a lot, bless him.

it’s probably a good job that’s he’s got the shook™ face nailed because whatever he was expecting when he went to grab a morning coffee, it hadn’ been that. needless to say, it made his day week, month, year, decade, century he feels blessed™ - and it also gave him a reason to get out of bed and get coffee in the morning.

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jimin: “did i do okay?”

“of course you did! i don’t even know why you’re asking, you know you did!” cutie would be full of words of praise and reassurance, repeating almost like a mantra until it became a back and forth of “you did great”s and “thank you”s. he would be smiling, smiling brightly- but there was one thing that made the smile drop from his face like a hot stone.

“do you think they noticed? do you think they liked it?” he knew, he knew all along that song wasn’t meant for him, it would have been foolish for him to think in such a way, but it still hurt watching you look at another person who was sat across the room, sipping coffee with an uninterested expression. he flicked between your hopeful face, to the deadpan ‘they’ in question, and sighed. unrequited feelings, he decided- especially when they’re for your best friend- suck.

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taehyung: subtlety? he doesn’t know her. it didn’t matter the number of times that he would go to watch and listen, no many times that it would happen and catch him off guard, no matter the amount of times he heard that one same set, he would still have not mastered the art that is nonchalance. it would be as if he didn’t have it in him to suppress anything, and wore his emotions on his sleeve and on his face, through dreamy eyes and infamous blanks, and made it blatantly obvious that he was as enamored with the person singing the song as he was with the song itself.

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This is the first of a pair of stories for the dialogue only @xfficchallenges It is also for the conversation about learning about sex through fanfic between an anon and @storybycorey and @2moms-0fucks. Sex is not generally as glamorous as we write, is it? So it got me thinking about the realities of Mulder and Scully getting down and dirty.

Set in season 7… not too NSFW.

“Mulder, do you want me to help you in the bathroom?”

“I’ve been holding it with one hand for a few years now, Scully.”

“I meant with your bandage, your wound care.”

“I can manage.”

“I’ll be right outside.”

“There’s beer in the fridge. We didn’t get to celebrate the New Year properly.”

“I don’t know, Mulder. That kiss was a nice way to ring it in.”

“I can do better. If you’re willing to do some more ringing.”

“Mulder, you’ve had a big night. It’s probably not the best time to…”

“To what? I just want to kiss you again.”

“I’ll get the beer. You do what you need to do in the bathroom, Mulder.”

“I’ll be right out.”

“I always did wonder what your bottom lip would feel like against my mouth, Mulder.”

“Better than you expected or better than you hoped?”

“It’s right up there with the smell of freshly baked bread, the unfurling of a new leaf, a new book by your favourite author, the cry of your newborn.”

“That’s a pretty good list of amazing things, Scully. I’m humbled. Can I be honest with you? I always did wonder what your breasts would feel like against my mouth.”


“I’m sorry. It’s the beer. No, actually. I’m not sorry. It’s the drugs. Can I say something else? I’m going to anyway. Your breasts are perfect. No, I mean it. They’re not too full, they sit just so, your nipples are neat and the most delicate shade of coral and I want to kiss them and suck them and…can I? Can I kiss them?”

“This is getting uncomfortable here, Mulder. My neck against the arm of the couch. It’s…can we go to your bedroom?”

“Can I check it first?”

“For what? Zombies?”

“Well, if you consider that I haven’t done my washing for a few weeks, there might well be some inanimate objects now able to walk by themselves.”

“If you need to find where you’ve thrown your undies and socks, then by all means, I’ll wait out here.”

“I’ll be real quick. Promise.”

“Mulder, do you feel okay?”

“Just a bit light-headed. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

“This is probably not a good idea.”

“Scully, this is the best idea we’ve ever had.”

“Mulder, you’ve been attacked by…unknown assailants, you’ve got a nasty shoulder injury, you’ve been given some pretty heavy medication, you’ve been awake for more than 24 hours…”

“And I’m incredibly turned on and I don’t want to stop and I love you, Scully and don’t roll your eyes and ‘oh brother’ me again, Scully. Don’t. Just let me love you and let me make love to you and ouch!”

“I’m sorry, I caught my nail on your…Mulder, are you okay? You’re pale. You’re clammy.”

“I’m fine. Here…let me lie back and you get on top. You like it on top, don’t you? I mean, I can see all of you and I can help you get…there…if you can’t…I mean if you have trouble…do you have trouble with that, Scully? I’ve never asked you. I mean I know some women…”

“Shut up, Mulder. I can get there just fine most times. With or without help. But with your constant jabbering I can’t concentrate and I need to focus. It’s…”

“It’s what, Scully? It’s good? It’s good for me, I…ow!”

“What? Did I hurt you?”

“I moved too quick. My shoulder…I just want to touch you…oh god, Scully. You feel so…”

“Mulder? Mulder?”


“Mulder, are you okay? Can you open your eyes?”

“M’fine…are you? What are you doing here, Scully?”
“I came back from the hospital with you, remember? To make sure you could manage…to help you…”

“I feel good. Really good. Do you feel good?”

“I feel fine, Mulder. Go back to sleep.”

“Happy New Year, Scully. Did I say that to you yet?”

“Yes, Mulder. You did.”

“I don’t remember.”

“You need to rest. Just go to sleep. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


“Yes, Mulder?”

“I love you.”

“Oh, brother.”

When SEVENTEEN meets Joshua’s little sister for the first time

Thank you for the fun request! I hope this is just as enjoyable as the reaction and I’m super sorry about how long I took to do this T-T I’m embarrassed about how long it took me ><

[Seventeen reaction to meeting Joshua’s younger sister who’s similar to Seungkwan]

i did this a little differently than normally because i feel like it was easier for me to write it like this for some reason… i hope y’all don’t mind! ><

Words: 1393

i have no clue what to call this, it’s not fluff and not really comedy either… i guess… the only way to describe would probably be Slightly comedic idk that sounds weird, DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP THO

Requested by anon ♥

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Joshua glanced over his shoulder to look at the young girl who was sitting on the backseat of the empty-looking van. She was looking out of the window next to her and he smiled at how excited she looked. It was his younger sister. He had picked her up from the airport with his manager.

“Are we there yet?” she asked.

“Five more minutes,” he answered with a grin. “Are you really that excited?”

“I’ve been curious about them for a long time already,” she said. If she hadn’t had the seatbelt on, she probably would have been all over the place.

About five minutes later the manager who was driving stopped the car. “We’re here,” he announced.

Before Joshua could react, his sister had already exited the car. He chuckled and got out too.

“You live here?” she asked her brother while pointing at the building in front of them.

“Yup,” Joshua said and walked to the door. “Let’s go.”

Trying to keep his laughter in, Joshua introduced his sister to his members who all looked a little nervous or were smiling at how adorable his sister was.

“Nice to meet you,” she bowed to the guys who did the same.

“Should we greet her with our group greeting?” S.Coups asked the others and everyone nodded a little hesitantly. It was a bit awkward to do the greeting to a member’s family member. Still, they still did it despite it being painfully awkward. Joshua joined the greeting too.

“Wow,” his sister clapped excitedly while smiling widely after they had done the greeting.

The guys introduced themselves quickly which wasn’t necessary since she had already learned their names beforehand. She had memorized them during the flight since she had been too excited to sleep.

“Want to see the rest of the dorm?” Joshua asked after everyone was done introducing themselves and she nodded, excited.

“Did you guys clean here because I was coming?” she asked before anyone could move, catching the members off-guard.

“Of course we did,” Jeonghan stated. “If we hadn’t, you wouldn’t be able to walk here. That’s how messy it is usually.”

“Oh, then I guess I made the right choice when I decided not to surprise you guys,” she chuckled. “I would have loved to see you guys’ faces though. It would have been hilarious to see you all trying to clean up the mess as fast as possible.”

“Yeah, it’s good you decided to tell us beforehand,” Joshua put his hand on her shoulder. “I would have told you to go back home if you did that.”

“Really?” she asked.

“No, but don’t ever even consider doing it, please,” he said with a serious tone, making the others chuckle.

Hoshi was the one to lead the group in to the first one of the bedrooms. Joshua looked at how his sister looked at the pictures the guys had attached to the wall. Most of them were there just for memories, some were gifts from fans and some were just meant to be there for the visual.

“Is this from a fan?” she asked when she saw a picture of Dino hung on the wall. It looked like the picture had been taken during a concert or an event of the kind.

“Yeah,” Dino answered the question.

There was a silence for a few seconds during which she observed the photo. “Ah, it’s this dance, right?” she asked and started doing the Pretty U chorus dance.

Joshua laughed while the others looked at her with surprised smiles.

“Wow, you’re good!” Hoshi held his thumbs up when she stopped the somewhat weird dancing.

“Oh, please,” she laughed. “I literally watched the performance like once.”

“Maybe but you did a lot better than I would have ever expected,” the performance unit leader said, still looking surprised.

The guys gave the girl a tour of the whole dorm, showing her every room they had and saying the same thing every time they opened a new door:

“Normally this room looks disgusting.”

They were maybe overly dramatic about it: their dorm was never really that dirty. The word messy would be a better way to describe the dorm in its usual form.

“Are you tired from the flight?” The8 asked after the short tour was over.

“Not really,” she answered. “Or could be that I’m just too excited to notice it,” she grinned.

“Hungry?” Jeonghan asked.

She nodded. “A little.”

That was enough for him to take her to the kitchen - the others followed behind. After making her sit down on one of the chairs in the kitchen, a few of the guys started to look for something to eat.

“We didn’t have time to go grocery shopping,” Joshua explained to her. “We’ve had a pretty packed schedule for a while.”

“It’s okay, I’m fine with anything,” she smiled. “As long as it’s not something that has been in that fridge for like a year or something. I don’t intend to get sick.”

“Aw, dang it,” S.Coups said after hearing her comment. “That’s exactly what we were planning on making you eat,” he joked, earning some chuckling and a few nudges from the others.

“How about we order something?” Wonwoo suggested. “Would you be fine with that?” he asked her who nodded immediately.

There wasn’t an actual dining area in the dorm so everyone just ate wherever they wanted. Most stayed in the kitchen, Joshua, his sister and a couple of other members ate in the living room.

“Seungkwan you are unusually quiet,” Joshua pointed out, a tiny bit amused by how weirdly shy - or maybe awkward would be a better way to describe him at that moment - the boy looked.  

“It’s not like I’ve had a chance to say anything since everyone has been so loud from the beginning,” Seungkwan mumbled, leaving everyone amused.

“No one’s talking right now,” Vernon pointed out.

“Food is more important than talking,” Seungkwan stated and the girl sitting opposite him started laughing. That made him feel a lot better immediately, it was almost like he gained some self-confidence after hearing her chuckle.

“You are the entertainer of the group, right?” she asked.

“Well, you could say that,” he said, feeling a little proud.

“He’s also in charge of being one of the loudest members along with a few others,” Woozi - who had just entered the room after finishing his meal - said. “He never shuts up,” he said in a joking way.

“But it’s not just him, we are all quite noisy, especially when we’re together,” Joshua chuckled.

“True,” Woozi agreed with a grin.

After eating everyone kind of just gathered in the living room. Seungkwan and Joshua’s sister started talking and soon the conversation became a “show”. The two had the others laughing so hard they were having trouble breathing. They were a perfect match in terms of humor: their jokes matched perfectly and their bright personalities made sure that the mood didn’t go down even for a second. There wasn’t even one quiet moment and everyone was loving the mood.

The others took part in telling jokes and making witty comments. DK was probably the most active one out of everyone since he was pretty much the third person who was leading the “show”.

“She is adorable,” Jeonghan said to Joshua who smiled in response. He had sat down next to Joshua who had been sitting on a couch while listening to his sister and Seungkwan.

“I wish I had a sister like her,” Hoshi - who was sitting on Joshua’s other side - said, chuckling at a joke. Joshua felt proud hearing that.

Meanwhile in the corner of the room, Jun and Wonwoo had sat down on some pillows and were watching the “show”. They both laughed, though Jun was laughing only a little. After a while, Jun and Wonwoo welcomed Dino - who had been chatting with Hoshi about something - in to their small gang. Now there were two people in the corner that pretty much kept laughing all the time while Jun just sat there, letting out occasional chuckles.

“Isn’t she hilarious?” Wonwoo nudged the youngest one and Dino nodded immediately.

The room was filled with laughing. Jun rolled his eyes a little. I mean, she is fun and all but she isn’t THAT funny guys…


miss movin’ on: Idk why they’re still doing this song but go off I guess lol. Camila’s opening solo is relatively easy to sing and Normani sounded great on it!

Sledgehammer: Dinah sounds good on another one of camila’s easy solos.her adlibs are better than camila’s but she still needs to tone it down a notch. I however really liked how she sang the bridge. she nailed the belt note (Some said it was a little shouty but I didn’t feel like it was)

reflection: Tens all around! The solo should have been Dinah’s from the jump. It isnt in the video but ally cover’s camila’s second solo and its satisfactory.

This is how we roll: Lauren covers camila’s first solo,its fine,I mean its sing talk you can’t really fuck it up lol. To think of the injustice of giving camila a belt note she couldn’t reach in her fucking dreams,when ally can effortless reach it and go even higher…tsk tsk! Safe to say the solo should have been hers!

scared of happy: camila’s first solo is a duplicate of normani’s so its no surprise she did it well. Lauren surprised me! She did camila’s part of the bridge pretty well and made it better (no screeching). Her range may be deteriorating,but atleast its not non existent yet…and hopefully never will be!

write on me: If the bullshit story they fed us about them auditioning for solos is true then how the fucking fuck did the pre-chorous not go to Dinah? She did it miles better than camila ever did! The bridge however,Normani was flat and while camila screeched it,dinah was alittle shouty too. I did like ally’s and lauren’s part though but honestly that bridge is a mess. both when they did it and when camila did it!

I Lied: Ally did well on the chorus. Its really high pitched and I can imagine it’s difficult to sing it if you don’t have an Alvin and the chipmunks ass voice,but I enjoyed her rendition of it and she actually managed to make it sound a little mature. No one can really do camila’s runs (that’s…not a complement) so the change in camila’s solo was expected,ally did alright.

no way: Not much to say,Normani did good,but it was pretty hard to fuck up as it follows the same melody as her own solo.

we know: I’ve always thought camila should have been left out of this song because her voice doesn’t suit it at all and I stand by that! Ally’s version of her solo is better!

dope: Easy solo,Dinah does it well(fucks up the lyrics though haha).

squeeze: camila’s solo on the album is good (sounds like she’s doing an Ellie Goulding impression but I’ll stay mute) but for some reason she adds that embellishment that makes it sound weird live (story of camila’s life)! I love Normani’s voice on squeeze and she does camila’s solo better live.

big bad wolf: The one thing I genuinely liked about camila’s voice is how she did the howl on BBW and ally kinda struggled at it. I however liked how she sang camila’s solo.

BO$$: Again,sing talk,not really that challenging. Satisfactory rendition. 

Not that kind of girl: Dinah simply sounded superior on Camila’s solo. point blank and the period!

flex: Apart from work from home,this is arguably the worst camila sounds on the whole album.Ally does a decent job at covering up camila’s really bad embellishments. It hits the ear better.

Brave Honest Beautiful: I am a big hater of BHB,Largely because the lyrics are trash (thanks Meghan Trainor) but also because the chorus is SHRILL! Dinah’s version,where she breaks into falsetto softens the harshness that camila brought to that chorus and its bearable! Lauren’s raspy voice honestly fits the pre-chorus better and she should have gotten that solo instead of nothing!And by far the WORST think on BHB is camila’s solo on the second verse,especially the way she sings the word ‘star’. how a producer in good conscience put that tragedy on the finished song will always be beyond me! I like what ally and the girls did with it way better! They make this Disney ass song mature (well as mature as you can make a song with the line ‘you deserve a Hollywood star’ in it)

gonna get better : Another case of duplicate verses (no more of this in the new era please) so obviously Normani nails it!

worth it : YAS YAS YAS YAS! that was meant to be Lauren’s solo and I am mad that she got nothing when she sounds 100 times better than camila on that particular solo (more proof that the ‘the producers pick the solos’ retort is total bullshit)! She sounds sexy AS HELL and I kinda wish she did the original line but hey,its raunchy and I don’t blame her for not wanting to! 10s across the board!

work from home: Every single moment of the new arrangement is perfection. End of story!

verdict: *Sings Missy Elliot’s ‘I’m better’*

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I only recently got back into South Park and it's weirdly refreshing how much representation there is and how good they treat most of these characters. You don't see that often and I definitely did not expect it from South Park at first

ikr? this show has its shit moments but as a whole it’s doing pretty well, arguably better than most shows on some fronts

An Angelic Christmas

Characters: Balthazar, Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,546

Warnings: slight angst and Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this cute fic I wrote up! I like putting all four of them together. I just love them all so much! You can request stuff <3 The Christmas Drabble list is HERE. <3

You woke up, jumping out from under your sheets.  It was finally Christmas.  Sure, you were in the bunker, but you had Sam and Dean.  Throughout the years Christmas had been rough for the three of you.  

You slipped on a pair of slippers making your way to the kitchen.  When you made it to the kitchen, Dean and Sam were nowhere to be found.  You checked the rest of the bunker; still no Dean or Sam.  You slumped down in a library chair looking around.  You saw a note on the table across from you.  You padded up to the table, plucking the note from the wooden surface.

Hey [Y/N],

    We’re sorry we had to leave so suddenly.  Dean and I got a call from Jody, and we had to leave.  Don’t worry.  We’ll all celebrate when we get back.  Dean didn’t want to take the case, but there’s a kid involved.  We knew you would want us to help that kid.  We’ll be in touch


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やまゆと 身長について
YamaYuto - On the topic of height

On the Topic of Height (AKA Ryosuke’s short temper) sorry

I finally finished it, I don’t have any way to sub for enjoy this transcript! Let me know if you find any mistakes, not a native speaker~

Ryosuke: Oh I got it
Yuto: You got it?
Ryosuke: Everyone calls me chibi but that’s not the case for you, Yuto.
Yuto: That’s right. That’s nonnegotiable!!
Ryosuke: Like “When you’re next to Yuto you’re so small” THAT’S OBVIOUS!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!! (TN: He mad, he throwin’ out some intense Japanese)
Yuto: I guess so!
Ryosuke: I can’t give up.
Yuto: That’s normal!
Ryosuke: For your information I’m 164cm (TN: 5’ 4.5" for us non-metric users)
Yuto: …
Ryosuke: …
Ryosuke: Well it’s subtle
Yuto: [Yuto laugh] @#?/+&!%=
Ryosuke: Certainly I’m average? If anything I think I’m below average. My height.
Yuto: Right, you’re below average.
Ryosuke: That’s not the case
Yuto: It’s not?
Ryosuke: It’s not. I don’t want you to agree. Certainly it’s Yuto that’s giant. That’s great!
Yuto: Um… oh crap
Ryosuke: That’s sure great!
Yuto: In elementary school I was normal but then in middle school BAM I grew tall. Now—
Ryosuke: QUIET! SHUT UP! (TN: This is in Kansai-ben geez Yamada)
Yuto: I’m- I’m sorry…
Ryosuke: I hit my hit my growth spurt in high school
Yuto: Ok ok! Calm down!
Ryosuke: I ONLY GREW 2 MM
Yuto: Uh calm down! Calm down!
Ryosuke: 2 MILLIMETERS, 2 mm, why 2 mm….
Yuto: Ah Yamada…sorry sorry…

If you’ve gotten this far thanks! Ryosuke’s hotblooded Japanese trips me up sometimes but hopefully I did a good job translating this. I was not expecting this guy to throw in Kansai-ben like geez he got so heated. If anyone’s wondering about that “fucking” I threw in there, fuzakenna is some pretty harsh Japanese, I still don’t really understand Japan’s views on foul language but I got many laughs from this

(if you share this put in a good word for me★)

(If someone knows how to listen to their show pls let me know, I just spend my time watching these clips on YT, its probs better for reading but I love watching some raw ItaJans and LL! niconamas)

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What really gets me about this annulled and remarried thing is that even if that's what he did we have no proof that Lyanna willingly went along with it. She was like 14 and we was almost ten years older than her. Plus on what grounds could an annulment happen? Clearly he consummated his marriage to Elia????

Rhaegar was 6-7 years older than Lyanna (she died at 17 and he died at 24 and they died the same year), but it’s still just ugh.  People have gotten so caught up in the fantasy of R + L = J that they can’t think about anything else.  It’s honestly disgusting to me how people glamorize his actions and glorify the fact that he left his family to be with Lyanna.

You’re also exactly right that we have no idea what Lyanna felt about this situation, this whole time all people care about is what Rhaegar thought but nothing about Lyanna or Elia.  But beautiful, noble Prince Rhaegar did what he did, so it MUST be okay, he MUST have been right.  Just…..UGH.

I also hate how dismissive people are of the reveal about the annulment, but maybe they just think it’s the same as a divorce, when it’s NOT.  A divorce is the end of a marriage, an annulment is saying the marriage never really happened, so any children born would be bastards, Even though it’s said people in Dorne don’t look down on bastards as harshly as elsewhere in Westeros (a claim I personally think is a lie, since if that were really true they would not have the surname Sand but would take the surname of their parents), they still can’t inherit like trueborn children can.  I’m also not buying it that the Dornish are all totally okay with cheating and open relationships and all the other bullshit people keep saying to justify a married man with two children leaving his family for a teenager.

Plus people forget that there was a WAR going on, that the Targaryens NEEDED DORNE, this just makes NO kind of sense in any way.

You’re also right that there’s no legal or social grounds for an annulment.  It wasn’t a secret marriage between Rhaegar and Elia, they clearly had sex, they had children, there’s not even the slightest hint of infidelity, this is just the show deciding to erase Elia and her children as much as possible to justify and glamorize Rhaegar’s actions and make this fuckery with Lyanna seem more romantic and okay because ‘true love’.  Which is insulting in another way because Rhaegar and Elia actually had a HAPPY marriage and liked each other and got along well, Elia LOVED him and did everything she was expected to do as a wife, like jfc does none of that matter compared to the fandom’s idea of a passionate love affair?  Plus, it’s not like Rhaegar was king, I don’t think he could even really get an annulment on his own, pretty sure someone higher up would have to give the say so, and obviously almost no one in Westeros even knows about it except that Maester who wrote about it, Gilly who was reading about it, and Sam who was only half paying attention.

Elia deserved better.  She was a good woman who did nothing wrong.  Her children Rhaenys and Aegon deserved better.  They were innocent.  Lyanna deserved better.  She ran away from Robert because she didn’t want a man who would cheat on her but now she’s just a some selfish hypocritical homewrecker, and this shits on her as a Stark, since she cared as much about honor as Ned.  Hell, even fuckboy Rhaegar deserved better (but not by much).  Now he’s just some pretty boy who only thought with his dick.  The books will probably reveal a whole lot more and gives us the full story, the tv show went with the simplified and poorly written route.

cause and effect thoughts

Last night’s episode was so good the best in a while. I’m so happy my Sav!Barry time remnant theory was pretty much spot on but the show kind of did a bad job at explaining it so I’ll probably link my theory. I was expecting a little bit more reactions from the team especially Iris but the whole point of the episode was to show how much she loves him and how he’s realizing his dark side is a part of him and it makes him a better hero and person. It made my heart hurt when Barry was willing to kill himself right then there in the beginning he’s willing take his own life if it meant that it would save her. Grant’s acting was so good he played 3 different Barrys and he made them so believable I love that he’s able to act off himself so well. Him playing Savitar and Our Barry reacting to him realizing what he could become without Iris and the team. There was a clear difference in the way Grant plays amnesia Barry and Our Barry. Our Barry is clearly emotionally damaged by his past and this stressful present you can see it in his eyes and his voice but amnesia Barry was so happy like a lost excited puppy in love, he was just so energetic and his tone of voice was higher because he was happy no wonder Iris wanted him to stay that way.

Candice did a fantastic job this episode she carried it so well and she was in it for 26 minutes which I don’t think that has happened in a long ass time. Barry had no memories Iris took charge and we got to see things from her perspective especially Barry. We’ve always known how Barry feels about Iris and of course she loves him too but it was from his perspective like he said he had everything he ever wanted because they’re finally together. This episode was pretty much the first time we’ve seen her side of her love for him and it was amazing to watch. They were falling in love all over again, it was so heartwarming to see them smiling and laughing as she was telling him their history it’s a side of them we haven’t seen in a while. This bitch had no memories and he was still waxing poetic to her and making my heart melt. My heart broke for her this episode because she just wants him to be happy he hasn’t been this happy since before his mom died and she was willing to sacrifice their history to keep him that happy. The look on her face when amnesia Barry was asking her if they started planning the wedding yet was heartbreaking because they haven’t even talked about it because they’re trying to save her but he doesn’t know that.

In conclusion, this episode continues the golden 21st episode of the season trend. It was needed in light of everything that’s going on. It showcased Grant’s acting skills, highlighted Grant and Candice’s incredible chemistry. Confirmed yet again that Iris is Barry’s lightning rod because she activated his speed and memories (again). It’s now canon that Iris and Barry have been in love for nearly 17 years (when will your OTP ever?).  More importantly this episode showed us that Barry and Iris deserve nothing but happiness. I really hope next season follows the trend of this episode and is a lighthearted season like season one because The Flash is supposed the more lighthearted one and it hasn’t felt like that in a while.

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Biadore smut! Please please please? B coming across biadore smut fiction with A and getting embarrassed by how turned on he gets... in the end true feelings are revealed which leads to smut, If this could be written I would love you forever 😘

NSFW!! SMUT! Enjoy! I also had a similar prompt in my ask box about them coming across ff together so I hope this covers that as well!

It had been a long weekend of drag appearances and shows in West Hollywood. It was DragCon weekend, Adore had just got home from her final appearance and was expecting Roy to walk in any second now.

She started de-dragging, and when Adore became Danny again the loud knock on the door that he had been waiting for finally came.

“Hey, what took you so long?” Danny asked, opening the door.

“Sorry, my flight was delayed and my Lyft driver was a complete idiot.” Roy paused, taking off his sunglasses. “Didn’t know there was a difference between West Hollywood and Los Angeles.”

“Must be new here.” Danny mumbled.

“So what do you wanna do?” Roy asked, dropping his things on the counter.

“Ugh, let’s just put on the tv for background noise right now. I just got back from Drag Con.”


After a few glasses of wine, and many horror stories about Drag Con later; Danny and Roy were hopelessly buzzed and enjoying themselves far too much.

“I’m gonna ask Twitter what we should do, I wonder what they’ll say!” Danny squealed, still laughing at Roy’s story about his wig coming off in the middle of one of his shows.

“Read the replies out loud, I wanna hear!” Roy exclaimed, moving closer to Danny on the couch.

“Fist him, Fuck him, Read Biadore fanfiction…"Danny trailed off.

“Is that our ship name? How cute!” Roy laughed. He was playing dumb, he had seen quite a few people use that term on twitter. Sometimes he would even stalk the tag to see what the fans thought about them being together.

“Dude some of these fans are fucking talented, I’ve read some stories before and they weren’t bad. We should read some!” Danny said. He then sent out another tweet asking for the best Biadore fanfictions, it was only a few seconds before he had a response.

“Okay this one seems to be the most popular.” Danny clicked on the story and then looked over at Roy. “Do you want me to send it to you and we can read it together?”

“I can just read it with you on your phone.” Roy suggested.

The two men huddled up together even closer, sharing Danny’s phone screen as they read the story together. The story had started out sweet, mainly talking about their friendship building on their season of drag race but then it eventually took a turn towards the romantics. Roy shifted in his seat as they got to their first kiss in the story and then coughed once it turned into something more.

“Why do they think I’d call you Daddy if we had sex? Like, I’m pretty sure I’d dominate you.” Danny questioned.

“I think we both know that’s a damn lie.” Roy muttered, crossing his legs.

“Are you okay?” Danny asked, looking down at Roy’s legs.

“Never been better, why?”

“You seem really tense for someone who’s basically reading porn.” Danny laughed. When Roy didn’t laugh with him, his smile faded.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea-”

“It’s not that.”

“What is it then?” Danny asked.

“I-I just didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did.” Roy stammered uncomfortably. He uncrossed his legs, revealing a large boner. Danny turned red at the sight, feeling the butterflies re-enter his stomach. Danny had always wondered what it would be like to fuck Roy, especially with all of the sexual tension the two of them shared when they were on the BOTS tour.

“Do you want to finish reading?” Danny asked, trying to break up the weird energy that was now in the room.

“No.” Roy said, looking at his lower lip. He took his hand and pulled him on top of him. “I want to bring that story to life.”

Danny gasped, seeing Roy’s caramel eyes up close for the first time. Eye’s were the windows to the soul but yet…Danny still didn’t know what exactly he was thinking. Before he could object, Roy pressed his lips to his and they entered their own little world from there. Tongues swirling around each others mouths, legs intertwined.

Danny was really light on top of him now, Roy observed. He had noticed the weight loss before, but had never realized how much weight was gone until now. The kissing was turning into something much more now though, Danny was thrusting himself against him and grabbing onto his hair. Roy moved his lips to his neck and felt Danny slide his hand into his pants to wrap around his length. He groaned in surprise, bucking his hips up as he pumped up and down.

“Why are we still wearing clothes?” Roy complained, gripping the sides of the couch.

Danny pulled him up by his shirt, then removing it swiftly. He tore his tank top off quickly and then unbuttoned Roy’s black jeans, tearing down the boxers with them revealing a bronzed body. Roy was gorgeous, and definitley did not look his age.

Roy gently unbuttoned Danny’s pants, sliding them down and kissing his legs softly as he removed them. He was met with a healthy sized cock, perfectly hardened, which he would admire another time.

“Where’s your lube?” Roy asked anxiously, looking around the apartment.

“Under the kitchen sink.” Danny motioned.

“You keep your lube under the kitchen sink?” Roy asked incredulously.

“You never know where you’re going to get fucked, I keep a bottle in every room!” Danny whined. Roy cackled and shook his head, walking towards the sink to grab the lube. He slid the silky liquid up and down his length and then soaked his fingers with it. Slapping Danny’s ass with his dry hand, he snuck his soaking wet fingers inside of him eliciting a gasp.

“You’re going to need all the prepping you can get.” Roy warned. Danny moaned and Roy slapped his ass again, startling his senses in a good way.

“Bend over.” Roy ordered.

Danny submitted fairly easily, Roy noted as he did what he was told. Roy positioned himself and pushed the tip inside him very slowly. Danny gasped when he first entered him, but then his legs began to shake as he tried to hold himself up.

“Stand as long as you can.”

Danny bit his lip as Roy thrusted deeper and deeper inside of him. He had never been this turned on his life, usually he was the top in all of his sexual endeavors. This was out of character for him.

Roy began pumping faster, shaking Danny out of any logical thought process as he began to feel his legs lose feeling. He had to lay down, and as he tried to collapse on the couch in front of them Roy dug his nails into his thigh. Danny yelped and turned his head to look back at him.

“I’m gonna fall.” Danny moaned, feeling his legs shake violently from the orgasms.

“You need permission from me to lay down.” Roy breathed, as he slapped his ass again.

Danny’s lip quivered and he pretended to look down at the couch in shame as he gripped onto it.

“Please.” Danny whimpered.

Roy pushed him onto the couch, his cock exiting him for just a moment. Once Danny was face down, he shoved himself back into him. Danny yelped in pain and Roy slowed down again, easing his way back inside of him. He bucked his hips and thrust into him with all of his force. Danny screamed, feeling his legs quiver one long final time as he climaxed. He felt himself release, and felt Roy’s hot liquid enter his body. He quivered as he collapsed on top of him, hot, sweaty and breathing heavily.

After a few minutes of them laying on each other, Roy pulled himself off of him and went into the bathroom. Danny was nervous, wondering if Roy had regretted what had just happened until he came back out with a fresh bath towel. He cleaned himself off and then began cleaning Danny up as well. Once he was satisfied, he folded the towel neatly and sat it on the floor.

Danny sat up just then, looking at all of their clothes all over the floor.

“Do you regret what just happened?” Danny asked, not making eye contact with Roy.

“Why would I regret it?”

“I don’t know, because I’m younger then you or whatever.”

“You’re sexy, I’ve always had a thing for you. I could never regret it.” Roy said smiling.

“You think I’m sexy?” Danny asked.

“Of course I do. You’re beautiful, sexy, intelligent. You’re so much more then you realize.” Roy murmurred. “I can’t believe I got that turned on by a fanfiction.”

Danny laughed leaning into him, looking at his living room that was littered with clothes, their cellphones, and wine glasses.

“I can’t complain.” Danny smiled, reaching for his hand.

“Of course you can’t, you just got fucked by a big top.” Roy retorted.

“Well it’s about to be your turn to get fucked by a big top, but first I need to rejuvenate. So it’s going to be a minute.” Danny winked.

Roy shook his head as Danny ran to the bathroom to pee. It was stupid, but at least he finally got what he had been wanting for so long even if he didn’t necessarily do it in the most romantic way.

They could be stupidly happy together after all.