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The One That Got Away [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of The One That Got Away

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Series Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut

Your heart dropped to your stomach as nausea crept over you. How did you not know he was seeing someone else? Your job was to promote them. You definitely would have known if he had a girlfriend.

And furthermore… why did JYP send you all those signals to reach back out and make up for lost time if Jaebum HAD A GIRLFRIEND? Why didn’t Jinyoung tell you before you foolishly traipsed over here, hoping that you’d see him and sparks would fly?

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This is the first of a pair of stories for the dialogue only @xfficchallenges It is also for the conversation about learning about sex through fanfic between an anon and @storybycorey and @2moms-0fucks. Sex is not generally as glamorous as we write, is it? So it got me thinking about the realities of Mulder and Scully getting down and dirty.

Set in season 7… not too NSFW.

“Mulder, do you want me to help you in the bathroom?”

“I’ve been holding it with one hand for a few years now, Scully.”

“I meant with your bandage, your wound care.”

“I can manage.”

“I’ll be right outside.”

“There’s beer in the fridge. We didn’t get to celebrate the New Year properly.”

“I don’t know, Mulder. That kiss was a nice way to ring it in.”

“I can do better. If you’re willing to do some more ringing.”

“Mulder, you’ve had a big night. It’s probably not the best time to…”

“To what? I just want to kiss you again.”

“I’ll get the beer. You do what you need to do in the bathroom, Mulder.”

“I’ll be right out.”

“I always did wonder what your bottom lip would feel like against my mouth, Mulder.”

“Better than you expected or better than you hoped?”

“It’s right up there with the smell of freshly baked bread, the unfurling of a new leaf, a new book by your favourite author, the cry of your newborn.”

“That’s a pretty good list of amazing things, Scully. I’m humbled. Can I be honest with you? I always did wonder what your breasts would feel like against my mouth.”


“I’m sorry. It’s the beer. No, actually. I’m not sorry. It’s the drugs. Can I say something else? I’m going to anyway. Your breasts are perfect. No, I mean it. They’re not too full, they sit just so, your nipples are neat and the most delicate shade of coral and I want to kiss them and suck them and…can I? Can I kiss them?”

“This is getting uncomfortable here, Mulder. My neck against the arm of the couch. It’s…can we go to your bedroom?”

“Can I check it first?”

“For what? Zombies?”

“Well, if you consider that I haven’t done my washing for a few weeks, there might well be some inanimate objects now able to walk by themselves.”

“If you need to find where you’ve thrown your undies and socks, then by all means, I’ll wait out here.”

“I’ll be real quick. Promise.”

“Mulder, do you feel okay?”

“Just a bit light-headed. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

“This is probably not a good idea.”

“Scully, this is the best idea we’ve ever had.”

“Mulder, you’ve been attacked by…unknown assailants, you’ve got a nasty shoulder injury, you’ve been given some pretty heavy medication, you’ve been awake for more than 24 hours…”

“And I’m incredibly turned on and I don’t want to stop and I love you, Scully and don’t roll your eyes and ‘oh brother’ me again, Scully. Don’t. Just let me love you and let me make love to you and ouch!”

“I’m sorry, I caught my nail on your…Mulder, are you okay? You’re pale. You’re clammy.”

“I’m fine. Here…let me lie back and you get on top. You like it on top, don’t you? I mean, I can see all of you and I can help you get…there…if you can’t…I mean if you have trouble…do you have trouble with that, Scully? I’ve never asked you. I mean I know some women…”

“Shut up, Mulder. I can get there just fine most times. With or without help. But with your constant jabbering I can’t concentrate and I need to focus. It’s…”

“It’s what, Scully? It’s good? It’s good for me, I…ow!”

“What? Did I hurt you?”

“I moved too quick. My shoulder…I just want to touch you…oh god, Scully. You feel so…”

“Mulder? Mulder?”


“Mulder, are you okay? Can you open your eyes?”

“M’fine…are you? What are you doing here, Scully?”
“I came back from the hospital with you, remember? To make sure you could manage…to help you…”

“I feel good. Really good. Do you feel good?”

“I feel fine, Mulder. Go back to sleep.”

“Happy New Year, Scully. Did I say that to you yet?”

“Yes, Mulder. You did.”

“I don’t remember.”

“You need to rest. Just go to sleep. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


“Yes, Mulder?”

“I love you.”

“Oh, brother.”


miss movin’ on: Idk why they’re still doing this song but go off I guess lol. Camila’s opening solo is relatively easy to sing and Normani sounded great on it!

Sledgehammer: Dinah sounds good on another one of camila’s easy solos.her adlibs are better than camila’s but she still needs to tone it down a notch. I however really liked how she sang the bridge. she nailed the belt note (Some said it was a little shouty but I didn’t feel like it was)

reflection: Tens all around! The solo should have been Dinah’s from the jump. It isnt in the video but ally cover’s camila’s second solo and its satisfactory.

This is how we roll: Lauren covers camila’s first solo,its fine,I mean its sing talk you can’t really fuck it up lol. To think of the injustice of giving camila a belt note she couldn’t reach in her fucking dreams,when ally can effortless reach it and go even higher…tsk tsk! Safe to say the solo should have been hers!

scared of happy: camila’s first solo is a duplicate of normani’s so its no surprise she did it well. Lauren surprised me! She did camila’s part of the bridge pretty well and made it better (no screeching). Her range may be deteriorating,but atleast its not non existent yet…and hopefully never will be!

write on me: If the bullshit story they fed us about them auditioning for solos is true then how the fucking fuck did the pre-chorous not go to Dinah? She did it miles better than camila ever did! The bridge however,Normani was flat and while camila screeched it,dinah was alittle shouty too. I did like ally’s and lauren’s part though but honestly that bridge is a mess. both when they did it and when camila did it!

I Lied: Ally did well on the chorus. Its really high pitched and I can imagine it’s difficult to sing it if you don’t have an Alvin and the chipmunks ass voice,but I enjoyed her rendition of it and she actually managed to make it sound a little mature. No one can really do camila’s runs (that’s…not a complement) so the change in camila’s solo was expected,ally did alright.

no way: Not much to say,Normani did good,but it was pretty hard to fuck up as it follows the same melody as her own solo.

we know: I’ve always thought camila should have been left out of this song because her voice doesn’t suit it at all and I stand by that! Ally’s version of her solo is better!

dope: Easy solo,Dinah does it well(fucks up the lyrics though haha).

squeeze: camila’s solo on the album is good (sounds like she’s doing an Ellie Goulding impression but I’ll stay mute) but for some reason she adds that embellishment that makes it sound weird live (story of camila’s life)! I love Normani’s voice on squeeze and she does camila’s solo better live.

big bad wolf: The one thing I genuinely liked about camila’s voice is how she did the howl on BBW and ally kinda struggled at it. I however liked how she sang camila’s solo.

BO$$: Again,sing talk,not really that challenging. Satisfactory rendition. 

Not that kind of girl: Dinah simply sounded superior on Camila’s solo. point blank and the period!

flex: Apart from work from home,this is arguably the worst camila sounds on the whole album.Ally does a decent job at covering up camila’s really bad embellishments. It hits the ear better.

Brave Honest Beautiful: I am a big hater of BHB,Largely because the lyrics are trash (thanks Meghan Trainor) but also because the chorus is SHRILL! Dinah’s version,where she breaks into falsetto softens the harshness that camila brought to that chorus and its bearable! Lauren’s raspy voice honestly fits the pre-chorus better and she should have gotten that solo instead of nothing!And by far the WORST think on BHB is camila’s solo on the second verse,especially the way she sings the word ‘star’. how a producer in good conscience put that tragedy on the finished song will always be beyond me! I like what ally and the girls did with it way better! They make this Disney ass song mature (well as mature as you can make a song with the line ‘you deserve a Hollywood star’ in it)

gonna get better : Another case of duplicate verses (no more of this in the new era please) so obviously Normani nails it!

worth it : YAS YAS YAS YAS! that was meant to be Lauren’s solo and I am mad that she got nothing when she sounds 100 times better than camila on that particular solo (more proof that the ‘the producers pick the solos’ retort is total bullshit)! She sounds sexy AS HELL and I kinda wish she did the original line but hey,its raunchy and I don’t blame her for not wanting to! 10s across the board!

work from home: Every single moment of the new arrangement is perfection. End of story!

verdict: *Sings Missy Elliot’s ‘I’m better’*

Charles Xavier- Beach Party

Request:  can you write a imagine with charles xavier x student reader? She is only 5 years younger than charles and a teleporter. she is always travelling around world in her spare time with bff jean? One day charles asks her to throw a party for jeans birthday in some place exotic and at the beach party charles admits the reader he loves her? It is so detailed Im sorry :( please write I love your writings so much!

So this one turned out to be longer than I thought it would but man I hope it is still good. I tried really hard… but I don’t know about it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it and if you’ve sent in requests they are on their way I’ve just been lazy, Tab has been genuinely busy but I’m just lazy.

~Much love, Ive

You’d just gotten back from a trip to Sweden with Jean. The two of you were best friends and were always travelling the world together making use of your teleportation power. You teleported back into your room, so you weren’t caught as you’d been told not to go away this weekend by Charles who needed you to prepare for a class or something, you weren’t really sure you were somewhat jet lagged (if you could call it jet lag since you didn’t use a plane) when he spoke to you and his face is a little distracting. Why was he so pretty? You and Jean appeared in your room, giggling. As you slumped onto your bed the door opened.

“Do you guys think I’m stupid?” Charles spoke as he entered the room, “I know you’ve been gone all weekend,” He sighed.

“Sorry, we just got carried away, it was only supposed to be a day trip,” You said through a couple of giggles. You couldn’t help that you’d just been having so much fun.

“Jean can you leave the room please, I need to speak with Y/N,” His voice became harsh and all the giggles suddenly silenced. Jean shot you an apologetic look and crept out the room, gently closing the door behind her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would be this much of a big deal,” You desperately started to apologise.

“Y/N, it’s okay just calm down. I needed Jean out of the room and I figured this would be the best way to do it.”

“What? So I’m not in trouble?” You asked feeling very confused.

“Well, I’m not happy but I have other things I want to discuss with you right now.” Charles sat on the bed next to you, “As you probably know, Jean’s birthday is coming up next Saturday and since she’s been having a pretty hard time this year I thought it’d be nice if we threw her a bit of a surprise party.”

“Oh, that’d be amazing. She’d love that,” You said smiling. Charles was so kind hearted, you hadn’t even thought of that and she was your best friend. Although you loved this idea you felt a little guilty that you hadn’t come up with it yourself.

“Can you meet up with me tomorrow to discuss the details?” He asked. You happily agreed and with that he left.

After your discussion with Charles about Jean’s birthday the day was finally arriving. You’d spent hours planning the perfect place to go and the food you’d eat and you were pretty proud of what you and Charles had come up with. You’d found the perfect little beach in Rio that was completely free of tourists and could only be reached by boat or your teleportation powers. You’d spent the morning teleporting the rest of the x-men so they could all be there to surprise Jean later on as well as set everything else up while you worked on getting her there. The plan was foolproof and you were so excited.

When Jean came into the kitchen that afternoon you greeted her, pretending to forget it was her birthday.

“So I was thinking, we should go to Rio today. You know snow one weekend and sun the next. What do you think?” You asked, trying to keep it casual.

“Um, yeah. Sounds good but you won’t get in trouble again will you?”

“Charles and a few of the others have gone out for some training, everyone else is busy with classes and stuff like that so they won’t even know we’ve gone.” You smiled trying not to show you were lying, “Now, go grab your swimsuit.”

You teleported Jean to the beach and the second you appeared everyone yelled ‘happy birthday’. Jean jumped at the crowd of people there as she was clearly not expecting it but she quickly turned to you with a huge smile on her face.

“You did all this for me?” She asked, pulling you into a big hug.

“Well it wasn’t all me,” You said gesturing to Charles who was sipping a drink.

“Thank you so much Y/N,” She said giving you one last squeeze before releasing you to go and thank the others. You wandered over to the table while Jean was busy with the crowd of people wishing her a happy birthday. The speakers was playing one of your favourite songs as you grabbed a huge slice of watermelon.

“This party is even better than I’d expected,” You heard Charles say from beside you.

“It was all you,” You said tilting your head towards him in thanks.

“All I did was come up with the idea, you did pretty much everything else,” Charles threw his hands up, refusing to take credit. You scoffed but didn’t want to argue with him. “You know, I think we make a pretty good team,” Charles said as he looked deeply into your eyes. Suddenly your insides felt all funny and all you could do was blink at him trying to think of words to say. Everyone was dancing around you but the only person you could concentrate on was Charles.

“I think so too,” Was all you could say after a long period of silence.

“You know, Y/N…” Charles let out a nervous laugh, “I… I uh…” He stammered.

“What?” You panicked slightly, thinking you’d forgotten something and he was trying his best to politely tell you that you ruined the whole party.

“I’m in love with you,” He spoke calmly but the words seemed rushed and you could tell he was nervous to tell you but you were so glad he had.

“I love you too.” You smiled up at him.

“Really? Oh thank god, I was so worried I’d screw everything up with you-“

“Charles, I really do.” You said cutting him off and reaching for his hand. He squeezed your hand as he held it in his. He leaned in towards you and you followed his lead, leaning in for a kiss when you were suddenly interrupted by Jean who slung her arms over both of your shoulders.

“Thank you both so much,” She said with a huge smile on her face, “You guys have to come and dance with me!” She started pulling both of you towards the dance floor and all you could do was look at Charles and know that you’d have all the time in the world to kiss him later.

An Angelic Christmas

Characters: Balthazar, Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Y/N (no pairing)

Word Count: 1,546

Warnings: slight angst and Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this cute fic I wrote up! I like putting all four of them together. I just love them all so much! You can request stuff <3 The Christmas Drabble list is HERE. <3

You woke up, jumping out from under your sheets.  It was finally Christmas.  Sure, you were in the bunker, but you had Sam and Dean.  Throughout the years Christmas had been rough for the three of you.  

You slipped on a pair of slippers making your way to the kitchen.  When you made it to the kitchen, Dean and Sam were nowhere to be found.  You checked the rest of the bunker; still no Dean or Sam.  You slumped down in a library chair looking around.  You saw a note on the table across from you.  You padded up to the table, plucking the note from the wooden surface.

Hey [Y/N],

    We’re sorry we had to leave so suddenly.  Dean and I got a call from Jody, and we had to leave.  Don’t worry.  We’ll all celebrate when we get back.  Dean didn’t want to take the case, but there’s a kid involved.  We knew you would want us to help that kid.  We’ll be in touch


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“Holy crap,” I said. While staring off at Rose and Dimitri, a brilliant flash had caught my eye—a flash on Rose’s finger.
“What’s that?” I exclaimed. “Did you rob Lissa’s crown jewels?”
Rose, in what was a rare look for her, actually appeared flustered. “Maybe it’s too much.”
Dimitri brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the top of it. “No, it’s perfect.”
Jill clapped her hands in delight. “An engagement ring!”
“Hold up,” I ordered. “Show the goods.”
With Dimitri grinning, Rose complied, holding out her left hand for the rest of the table to see. It was a remarkable piece of work. A large, perfectly cut round diamond was set into a lacy square of platinum filigree that was edged in tiny blue opals. It was a statement ring if ever there was one, and a wholly unexpected choice.
“Did you pick that out?” I asked Dimitri. Honestly, I would have expected him to bend a piece of steel with his bare hands and present her with that.
“He did,” said Rose, her normal good humor returning. “He kept telling me that once I turned twenty, it was just a matter of time before he proposed. I told him if he did, he better make it a rock star ring—nothing subtle.”
“That’s pretty rock star,” said Eddie. “How long ago did this happen?”
“About a month,” said Dimitri. “I got her to wear it but can’t get her to set a date.”
She grinned. “All in good time, comrade.”



Roxie and Edwin got close after he moved out to live with Delilah - absence and not sharing a bathroom makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Jonah and Edwin will never be each other’s favorite people, but they’re each resigned to the other being the price of Roxie.

There’s no question of marriage here, but so far there’s none of breaking up, either. Roxie is a drama queen and Jonah has a short fuse, but there’s an equilibrium here that nothing upsets for long.


NEWS na Futari SP 2016.12.29/2017.01.13 

There were two separate filmings for this one so I’ll write about them by themes rather than by dates. Both topics were very important and I want to talk about them even if this gets subbed later. 

The first topics was discrimination against mixed Japanese. Some heavy themes ahead!

All of the guest were “halves” which is to say only one of their parent was Japanese, including Zawachin famous for her “eye make-up” impersonating celebrities and Ariana Miyamoto, Miss Universe Japan 2015 . 

The complaints were many: that people expect them all to be cute and pretty, and good at English. Basically, they are often treated like foreigners even though most of them grew up in Japan. Shige joked “It’s like we are expected to be able to do a back-flip just because we’re Johnny’s.” And Koyama said “That’s a great example to understand!”

I love how Shige often acted as an interpreter, giving additional explanations from the guests to better explain their position and add facts. Unlike the male panelists who did nothing but make rude and stupid jokes. I understand the show has to have some entertaining value but comments like “they only bullied you because you have a bad temper!” were very unnecessary.

Another issue was that while being half-European is viewed as cool, being half-Asian is seen as inferior. They especially talked about Filipino women since two of the guests’s mothers were Filipino. A lot of them came to Japan looking for work and often worked as hostesses and dancers so they became viewed as inferior. Shige went to a Filipino district to investigate. He first talked with a woman who came to Japan to work as a dancer to help supper her 10 siblings and now owns her own bar. The saddest thing was that not only was she harassed by the Japanese, she was also harassed by Filipino for going to Japan. However, she said that things are much better now and she is hopeful about the future. He also talked to a 23-year old girl whose mother is Filipino.

Zawachin and Raburi also shared their stories of being bullied. They were mostly bullied for their skin colour and called “fry pan” and “cockroach” and also in case of Zawachin for her bad Japanese. The children’s mothers sometimes would not let their kids play with her just because of her mother. Shige said the kids are not the ones to blame for their bullying, but their parents and teachers, they’re the ones who need to stop this.

After that came the story of Ariana Miyamoto growing up in Japan. She said kids at school often kept their distance. They wouldn’t touch her hands and got away from her in the pool saying that her skin colour will stain them. A lot of it came from the parents who wouldn’t let her in the house and whisper behind her back. At 15 she went to US and her problem dissolved because everyone just treated her normally. While working as a bartender she met Steve, also mixed. He grew up in Japan and had similar experience so they became close friends. However, Steve was a very troubled guy, he didn’t know English and was confused about who he was. A year after they met she learned that he committed suicide. During their last talk he said he wanted to do something to help people such as himself and she said she would help. So that was the reason why she applied for the Miss Universe contest. Such an amazing woman.

Shige said he was hoping by watching this show people would not just think mixed Japanese people are good-looking but also very strong because a lot of them endured a lot of hardships in the past and see that as their true appeal. He also hoped people would learn from them and it would resonate with those who had a similar experience. Such an amazing man.

Shige also went to a monthly “Hafu” meeting. Not all the people there were of mixed race, some were foreigners and the only rule for joining was that you should know English. There Shige heard more stories of hardships. While all the studio guests were girls, boys shared some specific boy problems such as other guys trying to peek on them in the bathroom and sauna to check out their peen. Shige said it was a Japanese complex.

All in all, most people said in recent years and with the help of celebrities the situation is getting better.

I Dare You

Imagine: Your friends dare you to kiss, or do something, to a patched member at a party. So you do and he can’t get you out of his head.

Contains: Fluff, somewhat implied smut I think

Word count: 1954

A/N: This plot was suggested by @adaughterofanarchy  Thank you so much for this idea! If I made any mistakes with words or such, please let me know. Also, should I write like ‘you said’ or ‘I said’? Besides that, enjoy this imagine.


You walked towards the clubhouse. A few months back your friends had dragged you to one of Samcro’s parties. And you enjoyed it so much you’ve been attending all of them since then. And tonight was another night. The guys just got out of jail and they were having a party which promised to be amazing.

As you walked inside you saw your friends already sitting at the bar. You took a seat and ordered a beer. Looking around you noticed everyone was already pretty wasted, including your friends. Amy, your best friend, was the first to notice you.

“Hey, Y/N!” she said, “We’re playing truth or dare, play with us!” 

“Sure,” you responded, taking a sip from your beer, “I choose dare.”

Amy grinned and turned around to your friends to discuss what the dare would be. Meanwhile you looked around. You saw members being busy with croweaters, drinking heavily or playing pool. Your eyes met Tig’s. He was over at the pool table while some croweater was hanging around him. You looked away. You’ve always had a thing for Tig but you guys never went any further than just a few flirty comments before he would go to his dorm with just another croweater. Even though you wish it didn’t bother you, it did. A lot actually. But you didn’t want to say anything about it. He probably wasn’t interested in you. You were younger than him, and besides, everybody knew about his reputation. He wasn’t the kind of guy that would settle down for just one girl. You took a few sips of your beer, trying to get Tig off of your mind.

Amy tapped on your shoulder and you turned around to look at her. The huge smile on her face looked very suspicious. “Oh no..” you said, “What is my dare?”

Amy’s smile grew even bigger, if that was even possible. “I dare you…” she started, “to kiss a patched member.”

Your eyes grew wide. “Are you kidding me right now?”

She shook her head. “You said dare, and this is your dare. Go for it.”

As you sighed, you placed your almost empty beer bottle on the bar. You shook off your nerves and walked straight towards Tig

“Hey doll.” He said, as soon as you got to him.

“Hey Tiggy.” You responded. You smiled and decided to just go for it, just like Amy told you. You grabbed his face, pulled it towards yours and pressed your lips against his. At first he didn’t kiss you back and you wanted to pull away. But as soon as you did that, he pulled you closer, kissing you back very passionate. You felt the butterflies in your stomach go wild. His lips tasted like whiskey and cigarettes and you could just get lost in that taste. Then you heard the whistles, bringing you back to reality. You pulled away from Tig, giving him a tiny smirk before walking away. Deciding you’ve had enough excitement for one night, you walked towards the exit. Amy smirked at you as you walked past her. You rolled your eyes at her, flipping her off. She was full of bad ideas, you should’ve known that by now.

As soon as you got home, you went straight to your bedroom. Laying in bed you constantly replayed tonight’s events in your head. You were overthinking, being afraid you might ruined the friendship you had with Tig. As you kept on worrying you slowly fell asleep.

Tig’s POV

Tig woke up at someone knocking and shouting at the door from his dorm. “We’ve got a run in 50 minutes, hurry up!” he heard Ratboy yell. He sighed and looked beside him. A croweater was laying next to him. His thoughts went to last night. Y/N just went up to him and kissed him. And damn, how he enjoyed that. Deep down he had some feelings for her but he never let her know that. He knew she would never be his Old Lady. First of all, she was a few years younger than him. She was also too good for him, and everybody told him he was not the type to settle down. He deeply regrets the croweater, that is still sleeping next to him. But he just had to do something to get Y/N off his mind. He gets up and started to put on his clothes. After this run he should talk to her. Ask her why she even kissed him in the first place.

1 week later


You looked through your closet, trying to find something to wear tonight. The boys got back from a run and were throwing another party. You decide to wear your favorite lace crop top and some black high waisted jeans. You sigh and look at your shoes. You didn’t want to wear your everyday boots or sneakers, but the only other pair of other shoes you had, were some high pumps. You shrug and just put them on. Tig would be there and you just can’t help but wanting to look good for him.

As you parked your car at TM, you could already hear the noise coming from inside the clubhouse. You smiled. That sounded promising. You get out of your car and walk towards the clubhouse. As soon as you walk inside you already smell the booze and smoke. But before you noticed, you were pushed up against the wall. You blinked your eyes. It was Tig, who was standing very close. You blushed and tried to push yourself against the wall so close a possible, making the distance between you and Tig a little bit bigger. “Y/N..” He sighed, “I just need to know.. Why did you kiss me last week?”

“Uh..” You started, trying to find the right words, “Me, Amy and some other friends were playing truth or dare. Very childish, I know..” Your voice trailed off.

Tig took a step back. “Oh.” Was all he said. You frowned and he looked at you. “You look great by the way.” And with that he walked away, towards the bar.

Feeling confused you walked further inside the clubhouse. Seeing Amy wave at you, you walk to her. “You know,” she starts, “Ever since I got here tonight, Tig has been asking me constantly if you were coming too. I think he liked your kiss.”

You blushed. “Oh shut up.” You say as you slightly push her shoulder. She just laughs at you. You look around and see Tig staring at you. Quickly you look away and start talking to Amy about your day.

Tig’s POV

Tig feels a hand on his shoulder. It’s Jax. “What’s the matter, Jax?”

“I could ask you the same thing, Tig.” He says. Tig frowns at Jax’ words and looks back at Y/N. She just looks so mesmerizing tonight.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He responds. Jax laughs.

“Come on man. “ Jax says, “I saw her kissing you last week. And during the run you didn’t even touched any girl, and that is so not like you.”

Tig shrugs. “Just didn’t feel like it. Happens sometimes.”

Jax shakes his head. “You can’t fool me. Just admit it man. You like her. A lot. But you’re just afraid to settle down.”

Tig looks back at Jax. “That’s not true. Y/N is just a friend. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Jax lifts his eyebrows. “Sure. You keep telling yourself that while she’s getting attention from other men.” He pointed in her direction.

Tig looked at her, seeing a man standing next to her. She’s smiling that gorgeous smile of her while he touches her arm every once in a while. Tig feels himself getting jealous and angry.

Jax notices Tig’s reaction and smiles. “Grab your change, before it’s too late.” With that he walks away, leaving Tig alone with his doubts.

Tig looks at Y/N for a while. Maybe she could be the one that would get him to settle down. Maybe she was the right one for him. He made up his mind. He just had to take his change. He started walk towards her.


You were talking to this random guy for a while. He seemed very nice and slightly interested in me. He could even be a great distraction from Tig. Amy was gone off to somewhere with some other guy she picked up. With not really anything better to do you started to flirt somewhat with the guy. And suddenly you felt an arm around your shoulders. It was Tig. You could see in his eyes that he was pissed off. “Why are you talking to my girl?” He asked.

The guy defensively held up his hand. “I didn’t know she was your girl, I’m sorry dude”

You frowned. “Uhm Tig, I’m not your..”

Before you could finish your sentence, he cut you off. “You better be sorry.” He said, “Now get outta here before I get even more pissed off and will have to punch you.”

The guy gave you one last glance before he walked away. You pushed Tig’s arm off your shoulders. “What the hell was that all about?!” you asked.

Tig said nothing, grabbed your arm and dragged you towards his dorm, ignoring your protest. He pushed you inside the dorm, closing the door behind him.

“You better have a good explanation for what you just did.” you said, “I was getting along pretty well with that guy, why did you have to ruin it?”

Tig sat down on the edge of his bed. He put his head in hands. “I..” He started. “I think I like you. You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. Especially since that kiss and I just can’t stand seeing you with another man.”

You were surprised. You never expected this from him. To just tell about his feelings. And what he said was exactly what you thought you’d never hear him say. “Tig…” You said.

“Don’t.” he says. He looks at you. “I know it was just a game for you. That kiss.”

You shake your head. “No Tig. It’s not like that. Yes, they dared me to kiss a patched member. So I chose you. I’ve liked you for a while now, but I know you’re not the type that wants to settle down, so I will never force that upon you.”

Tig stood up and cupped your cheeks. His blue eyes locked into your Y/E/C eyes. “I want to settle down. With you. We’ve been friends for a while now and you make me want to be a better man. Y/N, you’re all I need. Will you be my Old Lady?”

Tears welled up in your eyes. “Yes Tig, I will be your Old Lady.”

Tig pressed his lips against yours and you melt in his arms.

The next morning you woke up. You notice an arm around your waist. Around your naked body. Tig is laying beside you, also naked and still asleep. You smile as you think about last night. Probably one of the best nights of your life. You hear Tig waking up and you look at him.

“Good morning baby.” You whisper to him.

He looks at you and cups your cheek. “Morning doll.” He responds and then chuckles

You frown. “What’s the matter?”

He lets his hand slide towards your neck, to your shoulder, down to you chest. You look down. You’re covered in hickeys. “Dammit Trager.”

He laughs. “Now everybody knows you belong to me.”

You roll your eyes. “You’re lucky I love you.”

He pulls you close. “I know I am lucky.” He says. “I love you too.”


Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe, May 9th, Part 1!!! Part 2  | Part 3

Whew, now that I’ve finally got a bit of time to document my Japan Trip experiences, first off, day one Ikkebukuro Yu-Gi-Oh Cafe~!

Oh man, it was super neat and super lucky.  In order to attend the YGO cafe you need to either enter an online lottery (Japanese residents only) or line up in the morning before it opens and play a card drawing game.  If you win, you get a set of seats (1-3) during a time slot for that day.

Sadly, while @tachishini, @magicinflames, and I arrived early, the final spots were won before we got to the front of the line TTvTT YGO is majorly popular in Japan.  However, not to be deterred, tachi and magic lead me to the YGO floor of the arcade (that the cafe is in), full of UFO machines with YGO prizes, and they realized that the cafe sign said there was one time slot with a vacancy.  After talking with the staff, we learned there was ONE spot left for ONE person.  Thank you so much, tachi and magic TTvTT

Cue five hours later, non-Japanese-speaking Beaky is by herself in the YGO cafe on the first day of her trip @v@ Ahhh!  I was so nervous, but fortunately tachi and magic both coached me on what to do.

More details on the cafe and food, under cut~!

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Love to Hate - 6

Summary: Is it possible? Are you actually falling for Sam Winchester? The more time you spend together, the more you like him. At this point, there seems to be nothing he can do to make you hate him.

[Part One] [Part Two] [Part Three] [Part Four] [Part Five]

Tags: wonderless-screwup, thoughtfullyhauntedmiracle,  ibelongtodeanwinchester, jencharlan, busybee612, sassysupernaturalsweetheart, teamfreewilllovesyou, stellalunag, spazzstiel, flipflop1120, missthang2734, sunshinenxall, thesalsafic,gabavaldman, obsessedwithmisha, kittycat-cas, wrapbuckyinablanket,curliesallovertheplace,awesomeaddiewhovian, iamflanneltrash, okay-okay18

Warning: Bit of angst.

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Back To Hogwarts //Part 2//

~ Part two of Back To Hogwarts ~

Part 1

Plot: Harry tries to make a move on the new teacher who used to attend Hogwarts.

Warnings: None

A/n: So far Draco has been winning but I will count votes on this imagine too so feel free to leave a comment of who you want the reader to end up with. If you’ve already voted please don’t vote again. Thanks!

@princeofsassgard here’s a tag/shoutout for you :)

Enjoy :)

The next day your class went a little better than it did the previous day. You expected Harry and Draco to be there so you weren’t as nervous and as the class went on, they began to feel like regular students. By Friday’s class, you barely paid any mind to them.

“Alright so I finally got everyone’s quizzes examined so I know where you all stand now,” You began as you held a large stack of papers in your hands and displayed them to the class before dropping them back onto your desk. “They look pretty good and it seems like you all remember a lot from last year which is a good thing for me. There are two students who are a little behind that I would like to meet with, but I’ll tell them privately. Now everyone can open up their textbooks to page 212 and continue the packets we were working on yesterday. We’ll regroup in about ten minutes to discuss the section.” you smiled and the room filled with the sounds of thumping books, whispering voices and flipping pages. You went behind my desk and wrote two notes for the students that you needed to talk too. You stood up a moment later and began walking around the room, the notes in your hand, looking at student’s work as you passed. As you made it back to the first row, you dropped one note on Harry’s desk and another on Draco’s.

They both looked at you with wide eyes before looking at each other. You ignored them as you went back to the front of the room and grabbed a piece of chalk.

“Alright let’s come back together now,” You smiled and student’s looked back up at you. “I just want to let you all know that I hate textbooks as much as you do but sadly, I cannot demonstrate defensive spells against werewolves in the school so reading is the only way to fully educate you. But I can verbally teach it to you as well. So does anyone have any questions about the reading?”

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anonymous asked:

thoughts on Syd's first game back?

She did pretty good. I think she did better than I expected. Her one touch was pretty amazing for being gone so long. I think you could still tell that she hasn’t played in months, but she’s been working so hard to put herself back at the level of play she was at and she’s definitely on her way there.

ohkai-sims  asked:

35, 40, and 53

35. Did you have a dream last night?

No, actually, I go through phases of no dreams and then dreams every single night. Usually if I do dream though there is some sort of zombies involved.

40. Did you have a good day yesterday?

Uhhh I think so? I don’t really remember, but I’m pretty sure it was just boring which is better than busy.

53. Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?

I don’t know if this is platonic or romantic but platonic yes- I didn’t expect to like my current RL friend (are we still friends?? who knows). We hated eachother in 6th grade and most of middle school.

Romantically, and like attracted to? Sorta, I do that a lot but mostly with ‘celebrity’ crushes. Damn those good personalities man.

Episode 63 UGH I forgot about Haga

Things start out pretty cute.

Mai and Jou greet each other with a high five cause of course they do! 

Yugi is literally half Mai’s height today, good times.

They compare how many Locator/Puzzle cards they each have; Jou has two, Yugi has three and Mai…


Meanwhile, Anzu and Honda drop by the Game Shop hoping to pick up Yugi but he already left (rude) so they end up picking up Grandpa instead. 

Speaking of picking people up, Honda’s still being inappropriate towards Shizuka and says he phoned her again…


Anzu is on Team Ugh.

You tell him, Anzu. For the record: weird older boys constantly calling you when you’re currently blind and in hospital and also like 13 years old is, yes, the opposite of comfortable. It’s uncomfortable. UNCOMFORTABLE, HONDA.

Anyway the three duelists have split up and Jounouchi is immediately approached by this weird kid who asks for his autograph, which strokes Jounouchi’s “did everyone hear how well I did in that tournament?!?” ego until…

Turns out the kid is just playing the odds. 

(It immediately becomes clear that this kid is lying, and later becomes clear that there are multiple layers of lyingness going on with this kid, so you’d wonder why he came up with this as a lie, seems like it’d be easier to just agree with Jounouchi’s assumptions, but okay.)

(a) What’s up with him calling him “big brother”, like, they literally just met and it seems really presumptuous? Is this a thing in Japan, calling random strangers by family bonds? Cause I don’t remember it ever coming up before…


oh who are we kidding we all know he’s going to–


And ~fanservice~? Well, that is some hot forearm-baring action right there…

Having literally just handed it over, turned away and closed his eyes (?!?!?!), Jounouchi makes it clear just how terrible an idea that was.

I mean, I’d complain, but he’s actually done things with his actual life that are more careless than handing it to a random stranger…


Luckily, ACTION HONDA is here to save the day and catch the little thief. (Oh yeah the kid ran off with the Duel Disk, that seemed so obvious that I didn’t even bother to screencap it…)

And Honda presumably breaks both his legs, I mean holy shit!

So they interrogate the kid and the kid tells them he stole the Duel Disk cause he super wanted to play in Battle City but you need a rare card to stake to enter and someone stole his. It was at this point that the horrible realisation struck me…

Ugh. No. Seriously, there are worse people in YGO, like, people who should get longer jail time, but I actually think Haga is my least favourite person.

So he describes him and Jou, Honda and Anzu come up with a picture as he’s describing him, like, piece by piece, that looks like this:

And they’re all like “inSeCtOr HAgA?!” but he describes him as having a beetle-shaped head, bug-eyes, short, and a stupid laugh. You’d never get this picture from that description. You need a description like, “bowl cut seafoam hair, Harry Potter glasses, sleepy eyes, smug grin”.

So Jounouchi obviously immediately runs off to challenge Haga to a duel. Thereby falling RIGHT INTO HIS TRAP. Sigh.

Because indeed yes…

Omg Haga thinks he’s cool. No amount of hiding in the atmospheric shadows of sketchy alleyways is going to make you cool, fucker.

Case in point.

(Instead of giving the kid the rare card he promised him, he gives him a common card, then when the kid complains, he pulls his INSECT GUN and … squirts him with… I dunno man, insect goo of some description? Sigh.)

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Shizuka is making a friend…

“How the fuck would I know, lady, I’m blind.”

In fairness, she does know; she can hear the runaway patient breathing in the room which would be TERRIFYING except it turns out it’s just a little kid who doesn’t think he should have to go to school if he’s sick enough to be in hospital which frankly seems eminently reasonable. Shizuka doesn’t even lie to the nurse, she just asks questions that lead the nurse to believe she doesn’t know where the kid is. The school-skipping child is grateful enough to immediately adopt her into his immediately family.


So back in the city, the Nerd Herd finds Haga and they - only now, when they have found him - disagree on the approach to take!

Anzu thinks they shouldn’t engage with him cause he’s a cheater and a bad person and they should just report him. (Yes!)

Honda thinks they should just beat him up. (Okay!)

Jounouchi thinks he should DUEL HIM. (Pls no.)

Obviously Jou wins because it’s fucking Yu-Gi-Oh! and it wouldn’t be Yu-Gi-Oh! if people weren’t trying to solve problems with card games that should almost certainly be solved via other means. But I really think they should have had this conversation BEFORE they arrived.

By the way it’s not at all plot-important and I have no joke to go with it but I had to share with you Anzu’s “ew Haga” face

I feel you, girl.

Now importantly, the writers know that Jounouchi doesn’t have magic plot powers to win every duel, unlike Yugi/Yami, so Jounouchi duels can actually be suspenseful, because he might actually lose! And that’s why they had to go out of their way to remove that suspense in case the thrill of actual uncertainty meant you missed the minutiae of the card games.

Yes, Haga insists Jou bets both his Locator cards and you can only be in the tournament if you have at least one, so if he loses, he’s out, and it’s his second duel so we all know he can’t be disqualified this early, so good job, writers, suspense thoroughly neutralised! 

Shizuka gets her new friend to help her follow the duel action, getting him to look Jounouchi up in the KaibaCorp Duel System!!

… Okay that’s pretty cool although I expected a blue and white theme rather than the always stylish purple and yellow. But okay! That’s a better website than some present day non-fictional ones have…

Well I guess that confirms that the Rare Hunter only changed Jounouchi’s status on his own computer and not on the network. That or he did change it on the network and Kaiba noticed and changed it back… which I would also not rule out except Kaiba would be spitting fire if he figured out that the Rare Hunters were hacking into his system like that.

Obviously it would be too much to ask Haga to have come up with a strategy that isn’t “irritating disgusting insect shit” so we’re back to this:

“I’m pointing at the gross cocoon thing just in case you didn’t recognise it from EVERY FUCKING TIME I DUEL ANYONE.”

But now with added levels of cheatery!

with uncomfortably hentai-esque imagery, and turn their left arms into insectoid growths. Apparently.

…. Why would these cards exist? The parasite card and the parasite-triggering card. Is there a use for these cards that does not rely on pre-duel duplicitous shenanigans? 

Because indeed yes, although Honda is appalled at Jounouchi’s apparent idiocy in deck-building…


Also I’m feeling a great kinship with Anzu generally this episode. Likes: Yugi, friendship. Dislikes: straight boys creepin on younger girls, parasitic insects, cheating.


The kid stole the Duel Disk to slip the parasite card in.

Haga’s super pleased with himself because he’s fundamentally misunderstood the idea of preparation. 

By PRACTICING, asshole.

His defense is “if you didn’t want that card in your deck, you should have gone through your deck before you started the duel” which is … actually not a bad point since the deck was briefly stolen. Sure, you don’t expect someone to add a card to your deck but that kid could easily have also taken one.

So Jounouchi declares an attack on the big awful cocoon and Haga’s all hehehe and Jou is all TaKe A CLOSER loOK and Haga’s like

(it has 0 ATK and 2000 DEF) 

and I’m like, pls be over, and then Haga’s like lol jk

… and he has an insect-type barrier because of course he does.

And fuckin Grandpa has the gall to be impressed with this dickery!


Anyway thankfully they skip pretty sharpish through Haga increasing his own lifepoints (above 4000 too!) and decreasing Jounouchi’s until:

Butterfree I choose you!

Plan of Action (yamahina)

Title: Plan of Action (AO3)

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairing: Yamaguchi/Hinata

HQ!! Rarepair Week Day 1: Beginnings

Status: Complete

Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words. On the other hand, most things are easier said than done. It’s a dilemma Tadashi has never quite been able to escape, and it makes itself especially apparent starting from the day Hinata confesses his affections for him.

On the evening of the day Kageyama and Hinata become official members of the Karasuno volleyball team, Tsukishima goes over to Tadashi’s house to play video games.

“What did you think of them?” says Tadashi as he watches Tsukishima channel his not-so-subtle frustration into a jab at the power button on Tadashi’s PlayStation.

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NHL Bachelorette- Cocktail Hour: Night 1

Part 1 

*If you don’t watch the show this is just a clarifying note how the first night works- one person gets a first impression rose (i’m using pucks though lol) and like the bachelorette mingles with everyone but at the end of the night 6 guys get sent home right off the bat*

26 hot guys all waiting inside for me, and somehow I have to send home 6 right off the bat?? And so many made a good first impression I’m really going to have to spend extra  time with them to see who should really get the first impression puck.

Entering I see a large majority of them sitting on the couches making conversation and the rest of them are already getting into the food, not surprising. As soon as I walk in I am whisked away by Taylor Hall.

He leads me outside to a small deck outside the house and we have a lovely conversation. I ask him about Edmonton and he asks me about where I’m from and it’s a really lovely conversation until we’re broken up to a loud bang inside the house. Probably a sign it’s time I get back in there- I had a nice time with Taylor though I think he’s gonna be safe.

Inside I learn the bang was from Chewbacca- still unknown who is under the mask- and Michael Raffl goofing off. I want a guy who is here and ready to be in a relationship, not someone childish- yikes.

Guys are already drinking quite a bit and the night is still so young, so I can only imagine where this is headed. Drink in hand, smirk on full blast, a pretty Tyler Seguin pulls me aside to chat.

He looks good and he even sounds good, he’s very much so a romantic. Not what I expected from him to be quite honest, and he’s confident. Confident enough to lean in and kiss me, it felt good too, better than the awkward kiss I got from Brendan earlier.

I meet several more guys- Charlie Coyle, Matt Duchene, and Cam Fowler, none of them really stand out yet.

I swear every time I go into the house Alex and Brendan are basically glued at the hip- did they come to the house for me or to hangout with each other? While I’m busy watching them their teammate PK sneaks up on me and pulls me aside.

Charming is not even a good enough word to describe what this guy is, he is a great conversationalist and a very dynamic guy. I’m enjoying our conversation so much I don’t even realize how long we’ve been out there until some of the other guys start getting really antsy to talk. Parting ways with PK I meet up with Trevor.

“I’ve won a ring so I know a thing or two about putting a ring on it” he says making me really laugh, I haven’t really laughed yet tonight- and that’s important. I think Trevor is gonna be sticking around a little bit.

Awkward meetings with Alexander Ovechkin and Michael Raffl have me dying to really talk to someone good. My prayers must’ve been answered because on cue Andre appears.

He’s shy but a lowkey confident, his smile gives me butterflies and he is a charmer. I didn’t plan to kiss anyone tonight but first Tyler and now with Andre it just feels right so c’est la vie. When in the bachelorette house do as the bachelorette does right?

Beau Bennett is a very pretty boy, but beings as all he could talk about was the Penguins and himself- it’s not looking so good on his part. Another very pretty boy, Jake Virtanen, though has a way with words and I have a feeling that’s gonna lead him to getting a puck tonight.

Noah Hanifin is quick to slide in after Jake leaves and pick up our conversation right where it left off- he’s very chatty and I feel myself smiling the whole time I am with him, always a positive. Same goes with Johnny Gaudreau- he’s giving me the most butterflies out of anyone tonight.

Back to back I talk to Sean Monahan and Tom Wilson- they still look pretty alike to me, but their personalities are very different. Sean is much more shy than Tom, not that that is ever a bad thing but you know. Trying to make an impression so.

Dylan Larkin and Brayden Schenn are also both more on the quiet side, but they’re both extremely sweet guys, something that could really work to their advatange.

The opposite of quiet is Michael Del Zotto and he is who is calling upon me next. He thinks he is God’s gift to Earth basically and that’s just not my style- along with the fact he’s completely drunk and has taken to jumping in the pool with Ovi and Raff in their suits. YIKES.

Someone who seems to not be drinking at all is Mitch Marner, and talking with him is lovely he’s very sweet, but he seems very young. Is he really ready for this?

Jonathan Tavares and Alexander Wennberg both seem very ready for this, but they’re very safe with their words and it seems almost scripted. Not genuine, that would need to change if they’re trying to stick around.

My last guy to meet before it’s time for the puck ceremony is Connor Sheary. On top of being ridiculously cute he is very good with his words and makes a good impression and I wouldn’t mind getting to know him more as our time progresses.

                                            Puck Ceremony

The first impression puck goes to……… Johnny Gaudreau

The first 6 sent packing………. Beau Bennett, Brent Burns, Michael Raffl, Ovi, Charlie Coyle, and Michael Del Zotto

  • Beau because cannot have two Pens on one show and Connor won out more over Beau
  • Brent because he never took off the Chewbacca mask
  • Raff and Ovi because they were awkward and did not seem to be #bachelor material
  • Charlie Coyle- I like him I do, but someone had to go
  • MDZ- #fuckboy 

Stay Tuned NHL Bachelor Nation, update to come.