this was pretty cool to watch in person too

AU where rich playboy Viktor accidentally knocks up a girl when he’s 16.

The girl, whose family isn’t nearly as well-off as Viktor’s is, doesn’t want the baby and is about to have an abortion, when Viktor’s parents make a deal with her. She has the baby, and in return they’ll raise the child, and even give her a six figure cheque as compensation.

She accepts, because she knows the baby will be well taken care of by the Nikiforov family and also, she plans to become a doctor in the future, and the money would really help in paying for her education.

Now Viktor, on the other hand, doesn’t get off nearly so easily.

His parents are sick and tired of their son’s irresponsible attitude, and so they give him an ultimatum. He is to give up his “hobby” of figure skating and start properly preparing to take over the family business, or else he will be disowned.

Viktor, who has just won gold in the Junior Grand Prix Finals, who is expected to go on to make history in the figure skating world, chooses to leave home. He is taken in by his coach, Yakov Feltsman, who is more of a parental figure to him than his own parents ever were.

The only thing Viktor regrets is that he had to leave his son, Yuri, behind. But at 16, with not even a high school degree to his name or any stable source of income, no court on Earth is going to choose him over his parents in a custody battle.

So time goes on, and Viktor becomes a living legend in the figure skating world, while Yuri is left to be raised by his grandparents.

They’re distant, and mercilessly strict with Yuri - they refuse to make the same mistake with him as they did with their son. Yuri attends a private school and has a whole army of private tutors and has ballet lessons and piano lessons and is learning two foreign languages.

He barely has time to breathe, let alone have a social life, so it’s no wonder he grows up as socially awkward and emotionally stunted as he does.

At age 12, Yuri Nikiforov is an incredibly angry child, and his classmates and teachers alike are all terrified of him. And when he gets into one too many fistfights with his upperclassmen, his headmaster wastes no time in expelling him.

Yuri isn’t too broken up about it - he’d never really liked that school in the first place. If anything, he’s relieved to be out of there.

His grandparents scramble to find another private school that will accept him, but apparently Yuri’s reputation has travelled far, and while they’re starting to consider maybe sending him to a public school, Yuri gets an email one day.

From his father.

To date, the only contact Yuri has ever had with his father is little notes sent with his birthday and Christmas presents every year. He’s never even met the man before.

And now, apparently, that same man is offering Yuri to come and live with him. In Japan of all places.

Yuri doesn’t hesitate to accept.

And it’s not because he wants to get to know the shitty father who had abandoned him as an infant either, he keeps telling himself.

(It is several years before he is able to admit to himself that that was exactly the reason he had accepted the offer.)

No. The reason he accepts the offer, Yuri tells himself, is because he is sick and tired of his grandparents’ overbearing attitude, and the idea of moving to another country where he’ll be far away from them and everyone else he hates with a burning passion is appealing to say the least.

The little Japanese town his father lives in is quiet and picturesque, and Yuri expects to be bored out of his skull.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually apparently some kind of huge celebrity in the figure skating world.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually fucking engaged to some Japanese figure skater who has the same name as Yuri.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually a figure skating coach to his fiancé and two other skaters (a Japanese guy named Minami, and a guy from Kazakhstan named Otabek).

And he most certainly doesn’t expect to fit in with this strange little mismatched group as if he were a missing piece of their puzzle.

Otabek turns out to be kinda cool and Minami’s bubbly personality is really fucking annoying, but he’s endlessly friendly and he doesn’t stop being nice to Yuri even when he continuously pushes the older boy away with barbed insults and angry scowls (and Yuri doesn’t admit how happy that actually makes him).

Even the Japanese Yuuri, despite being annoyingly timid and apologizing way too often, turns out not to be too bad. He’s really pretty talented in ballet, which is an immediate plus in Yuri’s books.

The first time Yuri gives in and tags along to the ice rink to watch Yuuri and the others practice, he’s breathtaken.

He watches them glide across the ice with grace he hadn’t ever thought possible, watches their skates cut spirals in the air as they make heartstopping jumps.

He steps onto the ice for the first time, and it’s like coming home.

Three’s a Crowd (Part 10)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10.

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Happy Birthday Mikasa!

Today is our girl Mikasa Ackerman’s birthday, and as is my tradition, here are some headcanons for our girl! 

  • Mikasa is the mom of the squad. It started off as just looking out for Eren and Armin, and then, as she got to know the others, she started to ‘mother’ them too. She gives great advice, is always an open and attentive ear for venting sessions, is a dependable DD 9/10 times, and is the one who makes sure that no one makes bad choices on her watch. Mama Mikasa’s got her squad’s backs no matter what. 
  • She’s actually pretty shy. While a lot of people don’t know how to approach her because she seems so cool and unattainable, she’s actually just a quiet, reserved person who would love to be a part of any conversation you bring up to her. 
  • She loves chocolate. 

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Underfell!Grillby x Reader Fanfic

A short piece based on @ask-grillby‘s wonderful Underfell!Grillby concept and design. Please go check out the mun’s work!! This piece is safe for work, no warnings apply, but prepare to be flustered.

Admittedly, your first impression of of the violet flame monster had been pretty favourable.

The first glimpse you’d gotten of the mysterious owner of the Undergrounds most exclusive bar had been of a tall, extremely well dressed monster, who was leaning back casually against an expensive black granite counter top. He was glancing around the busy club with a cocky smirk on his face, radiating an aura of power and confidence, the undisputed king of all he surveyed. His free hand was wrapped around an elegant crystal tumbler, filled with some sort of amber liquid which he swirled around in a disinterested manner. You must have been staring, because when his gaze swept the room and he noticed you, a new face in his bar, (because of course he knew all his patrons, knew where all the money came from) he grinned and lifted the glass towards you in a cheeky salute. Once he was sure he’d gotten your attention he made a show of exhaling softly over his drink, a tongue of blue flame snaking out of his mouth and igniting the alcohol in the glass, which he raised to you once again.

You had to admit, you were impressed, and more then a little flustered by this suave monster.

Of course, that perfect first impression was ruined when he sauntered over, opened his mouth…and revealed himself to be a self-centred, narcissistic, power hungry ass.

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anonymous asked:

I read the thing as GLaDOS and was not disappointed. I friggin love that murder bot.

I do too, she’s one of my favorite video game characters of all time

so goshdarn cool and also a dick

Anonymous said: Just got done watching the boss fight from Portal 1- I’m pretty sure that voice change made me blush a little… Maybe a lot. Whoever voiced her did a **** good job mate.

oh yeah, that’s Ellen McLain! She’s a completely formidable actress, I admire her a ton. v v cool person. also fun fact, she’s married to the guy who voices Sniper from Team Fortress 2. Valve got a 2-for-1 deal of awesome voice talent with ‘em.

Happy NurseyDex Week! This is for the prompt: Mutual Pining/Bed Sharing

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Dex has been quietly freaking out ever since they got back from summer break. Not that it’s surprising. Well. The “quietly” might be a little surprising. The “freaking out,” not so much.

It’s the beginning of their junior year, and the first year that they’ll be sharing living space in the attic of the Haus. Some part of Nursey knew, the moment they got Ransom and Holster’s dibs last Spring, that this was going to end in disaster.

Except it turns out that it’s not the kind of disaster that Nursey would have predicted.

Sure, he and Dex don’t fight as much as they used to, but their favorite past time is still a good argument. Chowder seems to have accepted that this is just their default mode when around each other, but Bitty worries that one of them will eventually get caught up in the heat of the moment, say something he doesn’t mean, and then their whole careful balancing act will all come crashing down on their heads.

Bitty’s probably not wrong.

But, so far, the arguing hasn’t been the problem. Hell, Nursey would kill for some yelling and screaming at this point, instead of the silent, internal battle he can see being waged in Dex’s eyes every time Nursey gets within a few feet of him.

The thing is, even at their worst, he and Dex have always had each other’s backs. No matter what. And after two years on the same line, sitting together on the bus for every away game, chirping each other at every given opportunity while throwing threatening glances at anyone else who so much as looks at the other the wrong way… they’ve become friends.

Or so Nursey thought.

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Answers about Red Moon

Thanks for all your interest !
Here are more infos on Doriann and Lua.
I hope i didnt forgot anything, if you have more questions I’ll add them here.
(Sorry if its hard to read or if i made mistakes writting, its pretty late here x_x" )

I also noted down a few requests for them, maybe I’ll get to do them sometimes ^^

First of all,
What is Red Moon ?
>Red Moon is a personnal comic project. It just came to my mind with the intention to draw whatever situations i liked i a very shojoesque way. Just my guilty pleasure lol.
It’s not a project done with big ambitions or whatever. I even think it would be pretty light and cliché, but at least assumed.
So if i end up doing it one day don’t expect it to be the new great hit, really. xD
It’s just a story for fun with no pression.

Where did the inspiration for this story came from ?
>It came from the many shoujos I’ve read combined with my love of vampires which got really mangled this last years with too much exposition and not liking too much how they depicted them (twilight and compagny )

How did you came up with their names ?
>Doriann is just one of my favorites male names of all times, and for Lua i wanted something related to the moon.

What’s the main story ?
>Story takes place nowadays on lively cities such as New York. Lua is a “bloody bride” she attracts vampires, and they do want her. She is supposed to bring hella lot of powers to the one who will take her.
Doriann has been affected to protect her, but he does it his way, actually using her as bait to hunt down more vampires.

How did they met ?
>They met right after Lua’s father death, near his grave. He was there to pick her up.

More about Lua
>So as i said, she is a bloody bride. She’s born during various very unlucky events, her mother died giving birth. His father has always known “what” she was and has always make her live a pretty secluded life where she was the less possible a target. He’s been a loving dad, but he just didnt let her go out and have fun a lot.
Lua has been missing a part of a normal childhood, thus that can explain that part of her a bit too naive or innocent. (yes pretty typical stupid shojo girl here, but they are fun to work with xD  )
She used to read and watch tv a lot to stay occupied. She is well aware of her condition, but after reading and watching all those awesome series/films/whatever with vampires she kind of convinced herself that there MUST be a vampire destined to her. And that she’ll have wonderful adventures with him (or not ).
Anyway, that is the main reason she is oblivious to Doriann.

Bits of Lua’s personnality
> She’s a cheerful and curious girl but she can also be very stubborn especially concerning her fantasies. She can easily end up daydreaming too. A perfect match to bring trouble to herself.
She’s always up to go to some new places and try things. she also loves shoppings and she switches to trendy fashion and gothic lolita fashion.

More about Doriann
> He is an orphan. His parents got killed by a vampire. That’s why Lua’s father chose him to teach him and train him to protect Lua for the day he won’t be here anymore. Visiting him regularly at the orphanage.
It’s his thurst for revenge that draws him to use Lua as bait.
Lua and him did not acquaintanced as childs, but he liked her very quickly from the moment he took care of her. Afterall, he has been trained for this all this time and he his the only person he has to take care of and she has only him (even if she f*cking doesnt pay attention è_é )

Bits of Doriann’s personnality
> He is more of a loner. He doesnt like to be out too much and prefers to enjoy time at home, specially watching series. He likes to act cocky and is pretty collected in general but will easily looses his cool regarding Lua. she makes him act like an idiot.
He actually enjoys shopping too. He is fucking jealous and possessiv but he just has to suck it off as she’s not his girl.

What is their relationship and what they like about each other ?
> It looks like a sister and big brother from Lua’s point of view. She has lots of affection for him. They both take care of each other but they also bicker a lot about stupid stuff. she doesnt really understand him all the time. Still she always finds him cute somehow even when he is being all sulky because of something she might have done or said. Except when they are arguing about vampires, her clothes choices.. Ugh, who is he to tell her what to wear or like he knows everything about every vampire on earth ? she doesnt really understand why he goes “that far” into protecting her.
She enjoys when they have a break junkfood/tv together, usually he is less rough to her, she can even manage some big brother hug at that moment.
Doriann obsviously fell for her very quickly. He can’t even really tell why exactly but he loves everything about her, how lively she is, how stubborn she can be, her weird tastes in clothing sometimes… But he knows he is friendzoned and has lot of trouble dealing with his feelings. Living with her and protecting her H24 is daily torture, especially when she acts sometime so ambiguous. As a matter of fact he gets easily irrtated and gets in fights with her way more often than he would like to. He also acts rougher to her than he would like too. He feals weak around her and doesnt like that. All of this doesnt stop him from trying a move from time to time, which fails.  

Their favorite food & drink
> Doriann loves junk food, especially hot dogs. But whatever he can eat in front of tv will be fine. hell no veggies. Drink cola, lots of it, and coffee.
Lua likes to eat and taste all things she can. She likes chinese.
She’s got a sweet tooth also but she’ll still try to eat more or less healthy, anyway, she’s more reasonnable than Doriann in this matter. ( Maybe the only one actually.) she doesnt like fizzy drinks, she prefers ice tea or plain water.

Has Doriann already been in love ?
>No. He surely had fun with some girls, but no love involved.

Are there other characters in the story ?
>Yep, i could add easily 4 other characters there. *supens~~*

Will Red Moon be included in My candy love or Eldarya ? Or will it even began a game on its own ?
> No no no >n<;;
As i stated on the very first lines, those are really my characters for my pleasure. Not work.
I love my job, the games and Beemoov but what i produce for Beemoov becomes their property and they can do whatever they please with them. And i dont want to share Doriann and Lua >w<
Hope you’ll understand that :3
(nb : their names are mentionned in an eldarya episode, but the reference stops there ^^ )


Rules: Always post rules. Answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. Tag 11 people to answer your question, as well as the person who tagged you.

tagged by @saddermachine (for the record i think you’re pretty cool too, send me your fave nct group pic if you wanna be friends)

1. Fave Tv show atm?

the get down (i am very possibly in love with ezekiel figuero,, just watch the show you won’t regret it)

2. A talent you wish you had?

being able to compose good music, not the crappy concoctions i cook up in music class

3. Any bad habits?

overthinking things. watch me quadruple-check if i have enough money for a euro candy bar when i have a five note

4. With which (kpop) people would you start a band with?

baekhyun and donghyuck. or kyungsoo and taeil. or all of them i don’t care i just need to hear them singing together. i’ll be the personal hype man and occasional piano player

5. What would the band be called?

the penis mightier (if you know where this is from consider us married)

6. A school subject you hate/ed the most?

maths, man. maths…

7. First bias?

baekhyun. if i prevailed his mama eyeliner and wolf poodle hair i can damn well take anything nct’s stylists decide to throw at us

8. Film that you watched way too young and has now scarred you for life?

spirited away. my mom just sat my five yo as s in front of the tv and let me get traumatised for the rest of eternity

9. Guilty pleasure song?

monks by frank ocean

10. Fave western artist?

i’ll have to go with nao (and sampha!! go check them out)

11. Ship you’d go down with?

um have a look at my blog and see if it’s even worth asking (markhyuck and chanbaek and seuldy - also does hunhan count cause i literally went down with that ship)

my questions:

1. if you were a vegetable which one would you be? explain.

2. last three songs you’ve listened to?

3. favourite season?

4. favourite book?

5. is there a language you would like to learn? if yes, which one?

6. last movie you saw?

7. do you collect something? if yes, what?

8. what do you get praised for? (talent, looks, humour…)

9. if you could have a superpower what would it be?

10. bias wrecker?

11. favourite poem?

i tag: @markhyuc, @emo-pancakeee, @abnormalpi, @taewinnies, @tadechan, @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @markhyuck, @haenyan, @beautaeilful, @trademarklee and @marksvocals (i know like -2 people on this site i’m so sorry if this came out of nowhere)

Wonwoo As Your Boyfriend

A/N: This might be kinda short, sorry i’m rusty, forgive

  • Rocker couple
  • You literally look so cool walking around with sunglasses and leather jackets and black skinnies
  • You have to compete with Wonwoo’s 185cm tall wife
  • Rap battles
  • He’s about to crush you in one of them but then you rap something really cute and he forgets what his own name is
  • You’d feed him a lot
  • Probably a lot of skinship
  • Back rubs
  • If you’re on your computer, he’ll come up behind you for a hug
  • He’s tired though so he hides his face in the crook of your neck
  • Jaw kisses
  • Lazy hugs where he just drapes his arms around you and leans on your body
  • You’re the first person who gets to listen to his raps
  • Him being overjoyed when you tell him how talented he is
  • Not a lot of nicknames except ‘babe’ and occasionally ‘princess’
  • “Do you only have black clothes or something, you’re such an emo.”
  • “Y/N, you’re literally wearing all black too, you’re just as emo as I.”
  • Very awful sleeping schedules
  • “I can’t sleep.”
  • “Me neither.”
  • “Should we watch a movie?”
  • You don’t watch the movie and end up making out instead
  • “How is your performance team so talented?”
  • “The hip hop line is pretty cool too, right?”
  • “Naaah.”
  • Him pulling you close when it’s cold to share body heat
  • Lots of naps on the couch
  • He would get super proud whenever you accomplish something
  • “Yes, my angel is the best!”
  • Some days you go several hours without speaking to each other without it feeling weird
  • Other days he just won’t stop rambling
  • I stg you’d mingle with his mother if she came over
  • Lunch dates because you want to make sure he eats well
  • If you’re sad, he holds you close and let’s you cry out or talk about things
  • Because no matter how ‘emo’ you guys’ image is, you both just want each other to be super happy at all times

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youtube au. sort of.

alright so we all know that bitty has a youtube channel, hence the whole premise of the comic, but what if the rest of the group had youtube channels as well?

  • jack starts a youtube channel after the overdose. he found himself intrigued when he had too much time on his hands and he delved into youtube to discover hey these people are kind of cool, what if i made a channel?
    • at first it’s just simple things. he gives tips on how to work out and not push yourself too much. describes different hockey plays and the pros and cons of each. he has a segment where he talks about history, some of his favorite stories and cool little tidbits he thinks people should know
    • most people originally start following him because damn his face and also you know he’s pretty well known as a hockey player in certain circles and it’s interesting to see the person behind that
    • after watching two or five or twenty of his videos, however, people realize that wow he’s actually really interesting? like his history stuff is all about the underappreciated looked over part of history and all the stories are really interesting and his hockey tips are actually really helpful to people who play and, okay, the workout videos maybe aren’t incredibly interesting but when you’re watching jack zimmermann do squats in tiny compression shorts you really don’t have any complaints
    • he gains a decent following, a huge mix of people from all different areas. there are his hockey fans, his history buffs, the people just there to look at his pretty face and call him their “son” (jack doesn’t really get it but it’s way better than the ones who call him daddy so he isn’t gonna question it)
    • it goes on for about a year, jack sharing history and hockey and little things about his life with his Zimbos (that’s what they call themselves? he isn’t really clear on the name. it sounds like bimbos which is mean, isn’t it?) when the first Video comes out.
      • it’s titled Anxiety.
      • it’s just jack sitting at a desk with his room in the background. he explains the basics of anxiety and how it can be diagnosed and treated. it’s clinical, really, nothing too personal at all, but it’s the expression jack wears as he speaks that hits the Zimbos where they live. he looks like a scared child, frightened and lonely.
      • it’s the first in a series of mental health videos that jack posts.
    • he continues with his history-hockey-work out aesthetic, but every once in a while it’ll be just him, in his room, talking about mental health. he ends each video with a reminder to his viewers to take care of themselves, not to push themselves too hard, and to be a little selfish when it comes to self-care. it’s always softer, more intimate, despite the clinical way in which jack talks.
    • he never explains his story, the overdose and the draft and rehab, but no one really asks. only outsider assholes that have no idea what the channel is about ever mention it. sometimes they post idiotic questions about coke, but if they do, they’re drowned out by the rest of the Zimbos who, instead of fighting the original dickface, flood the comments with love for jack, making the original shitty thing dissapear in the rest of the comments. they never get to see the small smiles that jack wears when he sees this, but it still means the world when he replies with a simple, “thanks” and no context.

after the cut for the rest of the crew because damn this got long

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Thanks @pj-gingernuts for tagging me! My kid influences a lot of my recent media absorption, too….!

last movie you saw: I’ll go with theater movie, as those a pretty rare. I saw Howl’s Moving Castle on a special 1-day showing with my 5yo and it was epic. (Before that was Pete’s Dragon and I CRIED)

last song you listened to:  Currently listening to Delta Notch’s 8 hr trance mix which is my faaaaaaavorite.

last show you watched: Max Steel, with said 5yo. Pretty cool, actually.

last book you read: The Totoro movie book, which was half for my kid and half for me.

last thing you ate: garlic-ginger roasted tofu (in bed)

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: It’s rare enough to be right here. In my quiet house, with everyone sleeping and the music in my headphones and 3 hours ahead to just write.

where would you time travel to: About 80 years into the future to see what my kid’s potential offspring turn out like as adults and what that not-so-distant future is like for them… since I’m at least partly responsible for their existence.

first thing you would do with lottery money: pay off my family’s debts so they could aim for the kind of awesome, but poorly-paying, jobs they want (me, too)

fictional character you would hang out with for a day: The Storyteller from Jim Henson’s Storyteller, as long as he was telling stories.

time right now:10:47pm

tag: @ineedhugz

  • person: so do you like any sports?
  • me: well, i really love basketball and volleyball. seirin is the best basketball team and karasuno is the best volleyball team!!!
  • person: oh um i've nev-
  • me: oh yeah and swimming is cool too! those iwatobi guys are pretty good in water!!
  • person: *checks imaginary watch on their wrist* oH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE TIME, I GOTTA JET!!!

the-ravenpuff  asked:

[br] Congrats on 3k! I was wondering what your favourite thing to do in the holidays is because I'm on school holidays right now :)

hi, thank you!! aah that’s great, there are so many things you can do!! :D well personally for me i usually just binge watch shows HAHA but on other days i like to watch youtube videos and pick up a new hobby/skill like improving on my lettering etc. otherwise i think baking/cooking would be rly cool too!!

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okay so i was talking to the trash fam about the foxes reading fanfiction about themselves and we really got into it so here we go

  • nicky is the expert when it comes to ffs obviously
  • he reads them, he writes them, he asks authors to update frequently
  • he especially loves the ones where he’s the main character and has one of the foxes as his love interest
  • the first time he finds one where he is shipped w/ matt he starts jumping up and down until he reaches matt’s room
  • they read it together
  • aloud
  • totally cool until they see dan staring at them
  • matt: “you’re still my number 1 dan”
  • nicky writes erik a ff for his bday and it’s 50% fluff 50% smut
  • he asks the others to beta it but they’re too afraid
  • “i guess none of you is good enough for my version of the notebook kiss under the rain bye”
  • kevin is a very cool person so when he writes ff about himself and jeremy he does it under a fake name
  • nobody can find out bc it gets pretty explicit
  • kevin’s got this
  • shit is that neil watching kevin’s screen from behind his back
  • neil just stares @him like “you say we’re the weird ones”
  • before andreil becomes known to the public there are so many ffs about andrew/kevin and neil gets a lil jealous
  • my smol son just wants ppl to see that he loves andrew more
  • so he comments those fic with stuff like “but are you SURE this couple is the right one” “wouldn’t you rather pair andrew with somebody else” “no not matt” “not renee no” “really?? no one else comes to mind??”
  • but when ppl start picking up on THE REAL DEAL he reads all the andreil ffs
  • he not so secretly loves them
  • neil @andrew: “so i was reading this… article… can we try this…”
  • “that’s a fanfiction”
  • “it’s very informative”
  • andrew stares at him like no
  • (but they totally try it)
  • the next day neil tweets “thank you for the ideas”
  • he’s v happy with fanfiction after that until he finds out one of them was written by nicky
  • allison keeps count of how many ffs are about her
  • there are so many about her and renee that they might just get convinced to try it out too
  • you know… once or twice… who knows really
  • (dan totally knows)
  • but when allison finds a ff about her and seth she cries herself to sleep because it sounds so much like what she used to fantasize about
  • hardcore exy fans write kevin/riko ff
  • the foxes are shocked
  • they all report the ffs and get them taken down and never talk about it ever again
  • once some of the foxes ((nicky and allison)) get drunk and decide to write a ff together
  • it’s about wymack and abby
  • it doesn’t even get to the smut parts it’s mostly stuff like “they longingly stared into each other eyes and THEY THOUGHT WE WOULDN’T NOTICE”
  • they’re so drunk they even go to their place and slip it under the door
  • the next morning wymack makes them run for 12 hours
  • #worthit
  • bonus: even the vixens write ffs and they all ask katelyn to correct the grammar bc she’s super smart
  • it becomes a game between them of who writes the best ones
  • and then they start paring up each other
  • bonus 2: jean and jeremy totally spend their nights reading ffs about the foxes (while cuddling in bed together)
  • jeremy: “what a… peculiar team right”
  • jean *frowning* “i’m pretty sure kevin wrote this one about you and him…”
  • “oh”
  • “can’t blame him tho”

Guardy’s Hornblower Screencaps - one screenshot per episode edition.

In other news, July 4th is everybody’s favorite fictional seafaring dork’s* birthday and I wanted to do something neat for that, like, y’know, a gifset or tHAT ANALYSIS (who even remembers that? because yes, I’m *still* working on it) but alas, it’s exam season for me, so that wasn’t going to happen.
Anyway, have some pretty pictures.

*unless you’re more of a Aubrey-Maturin kinda person, I guess. That’s cool, too.

How Would Exo Spend the Day in the Arcade with Their Girlfriend

So I had one of those days where I was out cold for like 15 hours again. Sorry. -___-


Baekhyun would be an excited child, running from game to game, hardly figuring out how to play and then losing because of it. Before the end of the day he’d drag her to the photobooth to get pictures done. 


Chanyeol would be the person to take over mid game because his girlfriend “wasn’t playing it right” and then win. When he won, he would look at her and smirk, hanging her the tickets he won, before finding another game to play. 


His girlfriend would intentionally drag him on the DDR games and he’d go along with it, probably purposefully doing awful just to make her laugh. 


Kai would follow his girlfriend around holding the prizes she had won, just enjoying himself watching her play. He would join her in any two-player games. 


At first he would be pretty disinterested, because he is too cool for school. However, as soon as his girlfriend challenged him to see who could win the most tickets, he would become overly confident and skip around from game to game smirking at her whenever he passed her. 


He would be the person to follow his girlfriend around and just watch what she is doing with a smile. He wouldn’t play unless she asked him to, but he would hold the tickets she won and her drink as they went from game to game. 


He wouldn’t understand how half the games worked or what the goal was, but he’d play them anyway because he had fun with his girlfriend trying to figure it out. He would also let her pick the prize she wanted with their combined pool of tickets. 


She’s bring out his childish side and get him to play all the games with her, pushing each other playfully and trying to see who could win the most tickets by the end of the day. Even though he had turned the day into a competition, he’d give her his tickets and let her pick a prize with all of them before they left. 


Sehun would get pouty if he lost and it would turn into more of a his girlfriend took him the arcade and carried his stuff for him while he played kind of date. At the end of the day she’d probably give him any tickets she did win so he could get a better prize for himself. However, he would surprise her by picking something out for her with the tickets he won and giving it to her with a shrug after, trying not to let her read too much into it. 


He would go from game to game with her, only playing if she asked and watching the rest of the time. At the end of the day he give her all the tickets she won and help her pick out something. 


He’d be right there with her, playing every game with her and having fun. He wouldn’t turn it into a competition despite his nature, but he would insist they play all the multiplayer games together. 


He’d let himself be childish despite his mature nature and play all the games with her, but most the time he’d end up chasing her around, trying to steal her tickets, and tackling her with hugs and kisses. 

kawapel  asked:

Aight🌚 How would Kuroo, Bokuto, and Oikawa react to finding out their S/O is an equestrian? Like their S/O comes over to visit them smelling like horse or they still have on some riding equipment or their S/O takes them to the barn to watch them ride? ☺️

God this took me back. I did them as very short reactions, I hope you don’t mind!

~Admin Emma


“Does that mean I get to see you in that cute outfit I always see?”

He would be pretty low-key fascinated about the whole thing. He’s always noticed your legs and abdominals are strong and tight, so he’s always known you did something. He’d probably have a bunch of questions about it–European or Western style? Rodeo? Dressage? Show jumping? Eventing? Can you play horseback sports? Do you race or trail ride? I also think he’d be the most successful if you took him riding. He’s a pretty chill person overall, and horses can sort of sense that about a guy. He’s an actual titan, so he’s not so worried about the height. Even if he doesn’t ride, he likes watching you ride, because you always look so controlled and free.


“____! That’s so cool! Can I ride too?”

This sunshine child just so desperately wants to look as cool as you do. Nerd probably has a whole fantasy scenario in his head. You’re likely a little nervous to bring him to the stable, especially when he runs right up to the most spirited stallion at the whole place. You’re about to write a little obituary for Bokuto’s right hand–RIP your boyfriend’s volleyball career, cause of death: asshole horse–but it turns out he’s a natural. He finds the smell of horse and straw super comforting, so he tries to accompany you as much as possible. I can imagine he’d love going trail riding with you once in a great while, but he loves watching you practice and your events.


“That’s great… I don’t have to ride them, do I?”

So the first time Oikawa got on a horse, he was at a summer camp, he was nine years old, and it took off at a dead sprint. So now he’s terrified of horses. At first, he’s super cagey about your chosen sport, but he sees how cute you look in your gear, and he hears you talk about it and he notices how passionate you are. So he asks to come riding with you on one of your free ride days. The smell of horse is familiar, and he sees how comfortable and sweet you are with the animals, and after a while he warms to the idea. After some sweet talking, you convince him to come trail riding with you. You bring out the sweetest, nicest horse in the stable–like they use her to train the little kids–and Oikawa falls in love with her. By the end of the day, he would have a hard time saying goodbye.

Why I Love...
  • The Fire Signs: Though some might be kinder than others, they are all super fun and energetic people who I just happen to love. Aries is fun and sassy, Leo is super chill and pretty much the person you would want as your older sibling, and Sagittarius is goofy and super funny! They are all not afraid to feel and express emotions too, so they are people you can cry with while watching the Notebook. They are not as pessimistic as some other signs, so they are quite outgoing! Overall, I just love the Fire Signs because they are super fun and would make loyal and super cool best friends!!
  • The Earth Signs: The perfect best friend. They give you advice,they are helpful, smart, and even though they might be practical, they can be hilarious and can instantly brighten your day. They are really reliable people and I love how calm they can get. They can be either really quiet or really loud or strong spoken people. They make really good role models and I appreciate them for always supporting me and keeping me from doing stupid shiz.
  • The Air Signs: What is not to love?! They are so fun and energetic! They are not as emotional, so it is unlikely that they will ruin the mood. I love how they can come up with really creative and weird ideas! They are friendly too, so it isn't hard to meet one! I always nearly leap with joy when I find out one of my friends has a Air Sun or Moon. They are really talkative, so it is easy to make conversation with them (even though for me, people talking too much can get on my nerves). I just love air signs, and I want to become friends with each of them (Sadly, I have not become friends with a Gemini yet).
  • The Water Signs: In my opinion, the cinnamon rolls of the Zodiacs (YES. Including Scorpio.). They are all so nice and, super caring. They are artistic and sensitive to others feelings as well. In my opinion, they are the nicest of the zodiacs! They are also really emotional, so you have yet another partner to cry over tragic animal stories with! They are also super cute~! They are more introverted, so it might be a tiny bit tricky to really get to know them, but once you have earned their trust, they become the best of friends! They are also really smart to, so they can give good advice! Overall, I adore water signs...they are just so precious!
Afternoon games

Strange Magic Highland Games AU

PART I: Competition

The day was bright and beautiful. A perfect day for the annual highland games, except that Marianne was in no mood to be here. She had just experienced the worst week of her life, but Dawn had convinced her to go out.  Sunny, Dawn’s boyfriend, was suppose to go, but he ended up getting the chance to work an extra shift. Dawn and Sunny were saving up for their wedding, so Dawn wasn’t upset (much) not when her newly single sister was available!

The park where it was being held was packed. They were walking toward the area where all the different events were being held. Some of the men walking around wearing kilts were muscular men; a little too muscular for her taste. But there was definitely a lot of swaggering going on. Roland would fit in perfectly, plus he would love the chance to prance around without a shirt on. Dawn grabbed her hand. “Come on, the wrestling is about to start!”

Marianne let herself be dragged along until they were mixed with the rest of the crowd. A wrestling match, or as they heard someone call it, the Scottish back hold, was just finishing up and another one was about ready to begin. Dawn was clapping, hopping in place, all excited as a very big man, bald and overly muscled, walked out onto the field wearing a kilt and nothing else.

 His opponent came onto the field, a very tall, thin man, also wearing nothing but a kilt in deep blue, with hints of dark greens and reds. His arms were heavily tattooed, short dark hair that the sunlight gave an auburn sheen too. His features were sharp with a long nose and even from here, she could see that his eyes were blue.  Marianne snorted.

“That skinny guy is going to wrestle that boulder?”
Dawn grinned. “You would be surprised! I’ve seen him wrestle before, he is really good. His name is Bog, I think. I’ve seen him do all the events the last two years—he always wins!”

Marianne looked doubtful, but he definitely had a presence about him and a very cocky grin.  The two men didn’t waste time, as the bigger man grabbed Bog around the waist, lifting him off the ground.   Just as the big man was about to slam him back down, the wiry man twisted, planting a long leg on the ground and threw the bigger man over his shoulder, then drove him down to the grass, kilts flying in a swirl with just a hint of bare asses. Marianne yelped in surprise and then elbowed her sister.

“They aren’t wearing anything under those!!”
Dawn tittered. “Yeah, I know.”
Dawn blushed and giggled. “Pay attention!”

The two men struggled for a while, the round a total of five falls. Each time Bog won, the kilts coming dangerously high up their thighs at times, and then Bog pinned the other man winning the match.

“You want to see his next event?”

Dawn pulled on her sister and Marianne found herself being dragged to an event they called the caber toss. Again, as this Bog character stepped onto the field, she was pretty sure this would be the one that slim Bog guy could not possibly win, let alone lift the spruce log. But she watched with amazement as he crouched down and with both hands lifted up the large log. The muscles in his lean arms stood and  out as he adjusted it to his shoulder then started his run. When he threw it, the crowd let out a roar as he managed to send it end over end. Dawn smacked her sister in the shoulder.

“See!! I told you!!”

Dawn continued to drag her sister through the crowded event. There was going to be a wait before the tug of war, so Dawn decided they needed to eat.  Marianne had gotten a soda and some shortbread while her sister was in line getting them each a sandwich of pulled pork or something.  She wasn’t sure  what it was, but the smell was wonderful. She was waiting at one of the benches when she saw Bog walk by. He was still shirtless, wearing his kilt, soft leather knee boots, and was wiping a damp rag over his chest  and head making his hair stick up. A few people congratulated him or smacked him on the shoulder as he went by. He made a face and gave a reluctant smile, nodding his head in greeting.

He walked over to the line with the beer putting his hands on his hips as he waited.  She watched him as he stood in line. Now that she was closer and he was not flinging persons or things about, she could see that the tattoos covering his arms were thorns and primroses, laced with some other kinds of plants. It was pretty cool, really.  She was trying not to stare at his back, but at some point he must have sensed it as he turned around and glared.

She was startled when those bright blue eyes looked right at her. Man, he had a presence! But she didn’t look away. She had let Roland browbeat her too much, made her feel like less of a person and she would be damned if anyone was going to do that to her again. But then that damn man in a skirt smiled at her, it was a sarcastic smile, but a smile nonetheless before he turned away.

Marianne narrowed her eyes at his slim form. But then Dawn came over, holding two huge pork sandwiches plopping down next to her sister. Dawn started to open her mouth, but then noticed where her sister was looking to see the back of Bog.

“OOOO!!! I should go get his autograph!”

Marianne lightly smacked her sister.

“Don’t you dare! Geez, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this side of my little sister.”

Dawn laughed taking a big bite of her sandwich when her eyes became huge as she stared behind Marianne. Marianne turned to see Bog walking toward them with a drink.  He sat down next to Marianne.

“Ye ladies mind?”

Dawn tried to say something, but her mouth was full of pork and bread. Marianne glanced sideways at him.

“Sure, I suppose.”

Bog grinned. “The name’s Bog.”

“Marianne. This is my sister who can’t speak, Dawn. She is a fan of yours.”

Bog suddenly looked very embarrassed at Dawn who nodded her head vigorously.

 Bog looked at Marianne again. “I gather by your tone, ye’re not a fan?”

“Oh, I don’t know, you are pretty impressive. This is my first time coming to these games. “

Marianne was surprised that he blushed again! For a guy walking around in a kilt, no shirt and killing it at all the games, he blushed a lot.

“I hope you donna mind me sitting, here but ya seemed to be staring a hole in me back and I was wondering if I knew ye?”

Marianne looked slightly embarrassed herself now.

“No, I just, well I recognized you from the events and well, your tattoos are interesting.”

She nodded her head at his arms. Bog looked down at his arms for a moment like he forgot they were there.

“Ah, yeah.” He blushed and cleared his throat.

“So, ye ladies coming to the Scottish hammer event?”

Dawn was eating, staring and saying nothing, (which was suspicious) but Marianne was intrigued by the real Scotsman, judging by his slight accent.

“So, what is a Scottish hammer?”

Bog laughed, showing a hint of sharp crooked teeth that she hadn’t noticed  before.

“Basically we are just throwing really big rocks. It’s another test of strength.”

Marianne picked at her sandwich.

“So, you good at it?”

He shrugged.

“I’m fair, I suppose.”

That was when Dawn spoke up.

“He took first place last year!”

Marianne glanced over at Bog. His cheeks had flushed pink, which made its way in a very interesting path down his neck becoming lost in his heavily tattooed arms.

“Aye, but there wasn’t much real competition last year.”

Dawn then jumped up and down in her seat.

“Are you going to enter the knee contest??”

Marianne looked confused. “Knee contest?”

Bog looked a bit thrown. “Ye mean the Bonnie Knees contest?”

Dawn nodded vigorously and Marianne still looked confused.

“What is a Bonnie Knees contest.”

Dawn grinned. “A bunch of men go on stage and some women are picked to judge. They are blind-folded and have to pick the best guy based only on his knees!” Dawn smacked the table in front of Marianne. “You could be a judge!!!”

Both of them stared at Dawn who was grinning brightly. The next half hour was a blur as Dawn suddenly took control, both of them defenseless against her. Neither Marianne or her new acquaintance

Bog, knew quite what happened except Bog was signed up for the Bonnie Knees contest for the first time ever and Dawn had somehow gotten Marianne put on as a judge.

The Bonnie Knees contest was later in the day, so Marianne and Dawn ended up tagging along with Bog watching him compete. He won two of the next three games, winning the Scottish Hammer and the stone put then came in second on the sheaf toss. Before he knew it, he was being forced on stage with a half dozen other men.

Bog found it difficult not to be embarrassed. Feats of strength, the hideous, tall Scotsman out there throwing shit, okay, that he could do, but this…how did he let that little blonde lass talk him into it? Then there was her sister! He still couldn’t believe he had managed to talk himself into going over there and sitting with them. His stomach had been rolling the whole time, but he had been running high on adrenaline and a “what the fuck” attitude and now here he was on stage being gawked at by the crowds.

He took a deep breath. He could do this—it was fine, but that was when he saw Marianne. Damn it all, she was the most beautiful woman and everything from the moment he sat his sorry ass down had been stupid and gone wrong and this was going to be the peak of embarrassment, this poor woman having touch him!
He was the only man not smiling when the judges came up.

Marianne glanced at him, her cheeks very pink as she gave him an unsure smile. But then she was blind-folded, the men were mixed around and the next thing Marianne knew, she was being led over to touch a bunch of guys’ knees. It was odd, as the crowd yelled things and hooted, but she just knew when she got to Bog.  Unlike the other men, he jerked when she touched him and while she would never admit it, she had been looking at his legs, as well as his chest, stomach and arms all day. 

His knees where slightly knobby, but not in a bad way.  She ran her fingers along his knees, then up a little bit, feeling his thigh, then down again, over his knee to the very top of his sock. She moved the tips of her fingers up again. His legs felt nice, all lean wiry muscles. And then she felt him tremble. He was trembling??  She pushed her blindfold down just a little to look up at him.

Bog was looking down at her, the other women having moved on. His eyes were very blue in his scruffy face and he looked embarrassed, and perhaps even a little scared. She looked down and realized just how far up his kilt her fingers were when she looked back up at him, both of them just stared at each other.
She quickly yanked her blind-fold back down and went to the next guy just doing a quick touch and moved on again.

Marianne stood with the other judges casting votes while her stomach was doing all sorts of flip-flops. The winner was announced. Marianne couldn’t help herself from being disappointed; she voted for Bog but another guy won.

As the contest and audience were breaking up, Bog hurriedly tried to get away. He wasn’t sure who he thought he was getting away from, but he couldn’t get the feel of her hands on his legs out of his mind! Then the way she had looked up at him with those soft brown eyes he could have just sunk into her eyes and been happy to do so. God damn it all to fucking hell!! What had happened?

He was walking swiftly. Alright, if he was honest with himself he was running, when suddenly his arm was grabbed from behind. He twisted around with a snarl on his face only to come face to face with Marianne. She dropped her hand as soon as he turned, her cheeks and ears with bright red. She looked completely unsure about what she was doing as she waved.

“Ah, hi!”

Now that she caught up to him Marianne wasn’t sure what the hell she was doing. Damn it. He was standing there, shirtless, kilted, tattooed, embarrassed and well…fuck.

“Sorry you didn’t win.”

Bog looked a bit startled and then murmured. “Didna expect to, ye see what I look like and my knees are knobby. The rest of me isn’t that great either.  I just did it to please yer sister.”

Marianne grinned, chewing on her bottom lip. “Dawn has a way of getting everyone to do what she wants. But still, it was sweet, especially since you don’t know her. But you’re wrong.”

She could feel the blush creeping along her cheeks probably making her look splotchy,  but she was already in—might as well go the rest of the way. Be brave Marianne, she told herself.

“The rest of you is really nice to look at, not just your knees and legs.”

Bog stared at her for a minute as if he didn’t understand a word she had just said. He shook himself a little and shrugged, embarrassed again.

“She seems a sweet lass.”

But then his eyes narrowed as after a couple of beats, he suddenly registered the rest of what she had said.  “What?”

Marianne looked at him, her cheeks flushed. “What?”

“What did you just say?” Bog put his hands on his waist, which only made everything she was feeling worse as she tried not to stare at him.

Marianne pressed her lips together making all the color drain away. “Ah, you’re nice looking?”

Bog blinked. “Yeah that…you been drinking?”

“No! Geez, can’t take a compliment can you?” Marianne put her own hands on her hips as they stared at each other.

Bog glanced back over his shoulder. “Look, ah, I need to meet up with my group. We have the tug of war next. Would uh…would ye like to come?”

Marianne grinned. “Yeah. I would, Bog.”

He blushed and smiled a bit. “Alright then.”

Bog waited while she ran to tell Dawn where she was going.  Soon both young women were walking, one on either side of him.
They arrived at his clan’s tent. The others inside were getting ready, which for a few of them, was drinking ale before the match. As soon as Bog walked up, a short older woman with wild red hair and wearing a plaid skirt in the colors of Bog’s kilt, came out yelling at Bog.

“Bog, where have you been?”

“Mamm! Please, we have a couple of guests.”

As the woman looked at Dawn and Marianne, her eyes practically lit up.
“Oh, two young ladies! Hello! I’m Bog’s mom, Griselda! Now how does my Bog know the two of you?”

Dawn was all a-giggle.  “Oh! I have seen Bog at these games the last couple of years! This is my sister’s first time, but she got to judge Bog’s knees!!”

Both Bog and Marianne looked ready to dive under the nearest rock.
Griselda turned her eyes on Bog, the look on her face one of complete surprise.
“Bonnie Knees? You did?”

The smile that spread across her face was both happy and calculating and a bit of something neither could put a finger on.

  “You girls come on into the tent, the lads…” There was grunt as a heavy set woman shot a look their way. “And lass, are getting ready for the tug of war. It’s our clan against those English twats over there pretending they know a thing about strength.”

Bog groaned at his mother’s colorful language. “Mother!!!”

“What?!” She threw her hands up, glaring at her son. Marianne and Dawn chuckled.

Bog ran a long fingered hand down his face in frustration, but took a deep breath to calm himself. He introduced Marianne and Dawn to the other members of their group: Brutus, a giant boulder of a man, bald, his chest covered in tattoos; the one woman in the group, Stephanie, who preferred to be called by her nickname, Stuff; Thang, or Theo, a tiny man who exhibited a great deal of enthusiasm.  Dawn was speaking excitedly with Thang and Stuff about the events while Brutus sat down out of the way, lifting what looked to be a large rock.

Bog stepped out of the tent with Marianne beside him.

“Sorry about her,” Bog muttered.

Marianne smiled. “Don’t be. Parents are always difficult. My Dad is always either embarrassing me or upset with me.”

Bog frowned with a slight confused look. “Upset with you?”

She shrugged. “He just doesn’t always understand the decisions I make.”

Bog nodded. “Aye, yeah my Mamm can be the same way. Her main goal right now is to get me married off.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Bog’s eyes turned wide and he looked more embarrassed. “Ah, yeah…”

Marianne chuckled softly. “My Dad would like nothing better than if I got married. I was engaged once, but the guy turned out to be a total ass.”

They were quiet for  a moment and Bog was working up the nerve to ask her if that meant she was single when a whistle sounded.

“That would be the first call for the tug of war event.” Bog turned at the sound, looking out in the direction of the field.

Marianne looked up at him when he turned. He really had an impressive profile. Standing there in that kilt, bare-chested, flushed cheeks—yeah she could honestly say, in these few hours that she had been in Bog’s presence, she had it bad.

Bog turned back. “Well, we best be off to the field.”

Marianne smiled. “Yeah.”

He started to turn away, but she grabbed his arm. He turned around just as Marianne stood on her toes and kissed him. She stepped back with a smile.

“For luck.”

Bog looked like a deer in highlights. His blue eyes were so wide she would have laughed if she didn’t think it would upset him.  He swallowed visibly, rubbing the back of his neck and nodded in silence just as his mother came out of the tent.

“Come on guys, let’s get going!”

Marianne and Dawn followed the clan as they walked to the field. They also managed to find a great location to watch the tug of war, thanks to Bog’s mom.
After they were away from Bog’s group, Dawn elbowed her sister.

“I saw that kiss.”

Marianne made a face. “It was for luck.”

Dawn grinned. “Of course it was.”

Marianne didn’t get to respond before the announcer called out the clans. Marianne’s attention was immediately on Bog.  He walked out barefoot, wearing his kilt and nothing else. Damn it all to hell if that didn’t just make him sexier. She could not believe she had the hots for a man she had only known an afternoon, but there it was…

He glanced over and saw her, a tentative smile creasing his face. She grinned, biting her bottom lip. She couldn’t seem to stop herself as she waved at him. He blushed and she could see the red on his cheeks and up his ears from here, but he waved back at her.

The two teams took positions, picking up the rope. She could hear bagpipes a little distance off playing.

Her eyes were glued to Bog. She could hear her sister saying something to her, but she wasn’t’ really listening until Dawn whacked her hard on the arm. Marianne finally glanced at her sister, who was now  pointing frantically, looking upset at the other team. Marianne glanced that way not really interested when, to her utter surprise she saw Roland! He was strutting onto the field with the opposing clan wearing a green kilt and shirtless looking just like a fucking peacock!

Marianne was flabbergasted! Why was God punishing her?
Roland! What the hell was he…what….her mind could not form coherent thought for a moment as her vision turned red. Karma, you fucking, vengeful bitch! Marianne thought as she glared at the field.

It took a few minutes to realize something was going on between the teams and the referee. There was some argument going on, something about the team Roland was on having an additional player.  They would have to drop someone to make it fair.

Bog was snarling at the captain of the other team, his accent getting thicker by the moment. He poked a long finger into the chest of the other man he was pretty much glowering over.

“What the fuck are you trying to pull, Mort! This is bullshit and you know it! Who the hell is he anyway?!” Bog’s impressive glare moved to Roland, who held up his hands. “I was invited by my cousin.”

Marianne snarled to herself, listening to the growing argument. It wouldn’t be long before tug-of-war became another wrestling match. She ducked under the rope, marching across the field. Bog and Roland both turned, seeing her at the same time. Roland’s face lit up. He plastered on that stupid, fucking smile of his, but Marianne walked over to Bog.

“You need an extra team mate. I’m it.”

Bog looked startled and uncertain, but she leaned in close, forcing Bog to bend down to her as in a very loud whisper, she said, “That blonde ass over there is my ex and I want to beat him.”

Bog glanced over to the man she pointed out who was trying to look hurt.
Bog snorted. “That guy is your ex?”

She nodded. “Yes. I can’t believe he is even here! What are the odds?!

Apparently I pissed off some higher power. I want his ass in the dirt.”

Bog shrugged, grinning crookedly. “So yer unattached?”

Marianne glanced up at Bog, her cheeks turned rosy. “Ah, yeah. I’m single.”

Bog snagged her arm, pulling her close and gave her a kiss. Not a passionate one, just a simple press of lips as she had done earlier. When he let her go, she stumbled in shock, catching herself, but he grinned a bit embarrassed.

“Fer luck. I promise: his face will end up in the dirt.”

Roland saw all of this, his features turning dark as the two teams resumed their places.

They picked up the rope. Marianne was in front of Bog, she could feel him behind her, heat coming from him and something else.  Either that or she was just hyper aware of this tall, lanky man who could probably beat the shit out of Roland without breaking a sweat. She grinned, flashing her teeth in a vicious grin.

The referee stood at the middle of the rope. Roland was in front for his team, facing Marianne.

He grinned. “Hey Buttercup. Didn’t know you would be here, but I’m glad to see you.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Yeah, right Roland. Get ready to kiss dirt!”

Roland looked a bit taken aback by Marianne’s venom, like he just couldn’t see what he had done. But Marianne looked as if she wanted to drop the rope and hit him. Bog touched her shoulder briefly, leaning in.

“You got this, tough girl.” Her smiled brightened even more at him calling her tough girl. She was tough and Roland had not broken her!

The ref yelled. “GO!”

Marianne leaned back pulling with all her might. Bog spread his legs getting a good grip and pulled. She go the impression of the others pulling, but Bog was right behind her. She could feel the strength in him as he held on and pulled back. Roland had set his teeth and was pulling back for all he was worth, his teammates were leaning hard and managed to pull the rope a little toward them. She heard Bog snarl a curse, then yell at the others.

“Come on, put yer backs into it!!”

Marianne snarled and put all her weight into leaning back until her back was up against Bog. Bog moved his arms around her. He grabbed the rope in front of her since his arms were so long, the two of them forming one unit together. They pulled as one, Bog leaning dangerously backwards, planting his legs wide.  She could see and feel the muscles in his arms and chest as he yanked back with her, his breath hot on the top of her head.

Bog snarled through clenched teeth, “We got this, tough girl.”

They both grinned at the same time and hauled back with all their might. It was the last pull they needed, because suddenly their group were all tumbling backwards as Roland and his group went over the line, Roland going nose first into the dirt.

Marianne fell back against Bog.

Bog let go of the rope when they fell  back with a triumphant laugh, wrapping his arms around Marianne. They were both sweaty, but she didn’t care. Marianne was grinning viciously when Bog’s arms tightened around her, his mouth near her ear, warm breath, that accent as he murmured,

“As promised, his face is in the dirt.”

Then he softly kissed her ear.

(I decided to follow the movie formula of having them fall for one another in an afternoon but this is only the first part)