this was pretty cool to watch in person too

An important thing about Roy Mustang:

Roy’s really good at acting. Roy’s also decided that the general mask he wants to put on around people is “cool, stoic, composed, selfish leader” so they don’t go assuming too many things about his real ideations. Since he’s a good actor, he’s real good at putting on this front.

Off to incinerate Maria Ross? Cooler than ice. Facing confrontation about his role in her murder? Ruthlessly chill. Associating with (well anyone really) when other military personnel might be watching? Thermometer’s reading absolute zero.

But of course the keyword to all this is acting. He’s really talented at acting cool, not to be confused with “He is actually cool”. Because whenever he’s not putting on a performance for someone, his whole personality is pretty well summed up as “high-pitched indignant yelling”

In summation: He’s a loser

AU where rich playboy Viktor accidentally knocks up a girl when he’s 16.

The girl, whose family isn’t nearly as well-off as Viktor’s is, doesn’t want the baby and is about to have an abortion, when Viktor’s parents make a deal with her. She has the baby, and in return they’ll raise the child, and even give her a six figure cheque as compensation.

She accepts, because she knows the baby will be well taken care of by the Nikiforov family and also, she plans to become a doctor in the future, and the money would really help in paying for her education.

Now Viktor, on the other hand, doesn’t get off nearly so easily.

His parents are sick and tired of their son’s irresponsible attitude, and so they give him an ultimatum. He is to give up his “hobby” of figure skating and start properly preparing to take over the family business, or else he will be disowned.

Viktor, who has just won gold in the Junior Grand Prix Finals, who is expected to go on to make history in the figure skating world, chooses to leave home. He is taken in by his coach, Yakov Feltsman, who is more of a parental figure to him than his own parents ever were.

The only thing Viktor regrets is that he had to leave his son, Yuri, behind. But at 16, with not even a high school degree to his name or any stable source of income, no court on Earth is going to choose him over his parents in a custody battle.

So time goes on, and Viktor becomes a living legend in the figure skating world, while Yuri is left to be raised by his grandparents.

They’re distant, and mercilessly strict with Yuri - they refuse to make the same mistake with him as they did with their son. Yuri attends a private school and has a whole army of private tutors and has ballet lessons and piano lessons and is learning two foreign languages.

He barely has time to breathe, let alone have a social life, so it’s no wonder he grows up as socially awkward and emotionally stunted as he does.

At age 12, Yuri Nikiforov is an incredibly angry child, and his classmates and teachers alike are all terrified of him. And when he gets into one too many fistfights with his upperclassmen, his headmaster wastes no time in expelling him.

Yuri isn’t too broken up about it - he’d never really liked that school in the first place. If anything, he’s relieved to be out of there.

His grandparents scramble to find another private school that will accept him, but apparently Yuri’s reputation has travelled far, and while they’re starting to consider maybe sending him to a public school, Yuri gets an email one day.

From his father.

To date, the only contact Yuri has ever had with his father is little notes sent with his birthday and Christmas presents every year. He’s never even met the man before.

And now, apparently, that same man is offering Yuri to come and live with him. In Japan of all places.

Yuri doesn’t hesitate to accept.

And it’s not because he wants to get to know the shitty father who had abandoned him as an infant either, he keeps telling himself.

(It is several years before he is able to admit to himself that that was exactly the reason he had accepted the offer.)

No. The reason he accepts the offer, Yuri tells himself, is because he is sick and tired of his grandparents’ overbearing attitude, and the idea of moving to another country where he’ll be far away from them and everyone else he hates with a burning passion is appealing to say the least.

The little Japanese town his father lives in is quiet and picturesque, and Yuri expects to be bored out of his skull.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually apparently some kind of huge celebrity in the figure skating world.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually fucking engaged to some Japanese figure skater who has the same name as Yuri.

He doesn’t expect to find out that his father is actually a figure skating coach to his fiancé and two other skaters (a Japanese guy named Minami, and a guy from Kazakhstan named Otabek).

And he most certainly doesn’t expect to fit in with this strange little mismatched group as if he were a missing piece of their puzzle.

Otabek turns out to be kinda cool and Minami’s bubbly personality is really fucking annoying, but he’s endlessly friendly and he doesn’t stop being nice to Yuri even when he continuously pushes the older boy away with barbed insults and angry scowls (and Yuri doesn’t admit how happy that actually makes him).

Even the Japanese Yuuri, despite being annoyingly timid and apologizing way too often, turns out not to be too bad. He’s really pretty talented in ballet, which is an immediate plus in Yuri’s books.

The first time Yuri gives in and tags along to the ice rink to watch Yuuri and the others practice, he’s breathtaken.

He watches them glide across the ice with grace he hadn’t ever thought possible, watches their skates cut spirals in the air as they make heartstopping jumps.

He steps onto the ice for the first time, and it’s like coming home.

How to not be a dick while sending in requests -
A guide for everyone

1. Greeting:
Authors aren’t machines or anything, we’re real people. And what do you do with people? That’s right! You greet them! Especially if you ask for something.
You can pick out of the following phrases:
Hallo, Hey (there), Good dawning to thee, How dost thou?, G’day mate
And there are more! The possibilities are endless!

2. Pay attention to what is asked:
Author asks for headcanons? Better send them your idea for a super long imagine, right? No. Not right. Please don’t. Abort mission.
Your request might be good, but it will just get lost if the person you’re sending it to doesn’t have a use for it, which is kinda not cool for both of you.

3. Actually talk:
The person you’re sending your request to might spend a good amount of time writing this, so it sometimes feels kinda weird if you consider yourself too good to even write a full sentence. Just two or three words may be a popular stylistic device, since everyone loves a pretty ellipsis here and there.
But if you’re asking for someone to invest a lot of time in something that is important to you, you might wanna invest the time to at least address the person with a full sentence.

4. Watch your mouth young man/lady:
Don’t be rude. We’re here and taking requests because we want to interact with you and we want to entertain you. Don’t be demanding or rude. The purpose of our existence is not to write whatever you throw at us, so please don’t treat us like it was.

We love talkig to you and we love writing. But we are just people and we do this for free and for your entertainment, please don’t be a dick.

Every Author

Zach Werenski #3

Anonymous said: Hi! Can you do a Zach werenski imagine where auston sets you guys up and it’s awkward at first and then it’s works itself out? Love your writing💞

A/N: my babes in one imagine, coming right up!!! lowkey not sure how much i like this or not, sorry if it sucked haha 

Word Count: 1,641

This was so like him. Auston has been trying to set you up with his buddies for a couple years now, and most times it never really worked out. They’re busy about-to-be NHL players, and you were busy trying-to-be a doctor. But it never stopped Auston from introducing you to his hockey friends. It was just flat out embarrassing now. 

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The Boy Next Door Pt. 3

WARNINGS: Strong langueage but not really??

Ethan woke up the next morning, eager to film their next video. He brushed his teeth and lightly combed through his hair before deciding to wake Grayson. He knocked on the guest bedroom (which had become Graysons room when he moved in) door quietly. “Gray?” He knocked again before turning the knob and pushing open the door. Graysons bed was empty, his phone plugged into the charger, sitting neatly on his bedside table. Ethan furrowed his eyebrows, closing the door and starting toward the living room. He grinned when he saw Graysons arms wrapped around your body, your face resting on his chest.

He cleared his throat loudly, trying to wake the two of you. Grayson only groaned and rolled to his side. You opened one of your eyes, squeezing the other shut; the blinding sun shining through the windows, making it hard for you to see. “I tried to get you to go out with me for months after we met, he’s been here for a week and you’re already sleeping with him?” You rolled your eyes as Ethan chuckled at his lame joke, Grayson still sound asleep.

“I bet you’re glad I rejected you all of those times, huh, Brother Ethan?” You joked, untangling yourself from his twin.

He scoffed, sitting down on the floor in front of you, “You rejected me? Funny. I stopped asking once I got to know the real you.” Your jaw dropped as you smiled, playfully slapping his shoulder. “So, uh, what happened here?” He wiggled his eyebrows, smirking at you. You sat up, stretching your arms and legs in front of you.

“We talked, he told me some crazy embarrassing stories from when you were younger. Speaking of, I wanna hear some of those songs you wrote.” He groaned, throwing his head back. You laughed loudly. Teasing Ethan had become part of your daily routine. You’d see him so often and as close as you had become, you had the right to tease him like he was your brother.

Grayson groaned, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Ethan smirked at you as you watched the sleeping boy, your heart fluttering. “He hasn’t stopped talking about you, Y/n. He thinks you’re the coolest person ever. Can’t see why he thinks that, though.” He playfully nudged your shoulder, drawing your attention back to him.

You smiled at Ethan, sighing softly. “He’s pretty cool, too. I wish I’d met him sooner. I guess I’ve got you to blame for that, huh?” You smirked. “Trying to keep me all to yourself, right? Y/n can’t be friends with anyone else.” You mocked, trying to sound like Ethan.

His loud laughter filled the room, quieting after you shushed him. The two of you sat quietly for a moment, the only noise coming from Graysons soft snores. “Go out with him, Y/n. He needs a girl like you.” Your head dropped into your hands, frowning. “I think he really likes you. It’s good, he’s getting over Satan Sadie because of you.” You chuckled at his nickname for the girl who broke Graysons heart.

You looked up at Ethan, biting your lip. “I’ve got a date tonight, Ethan. We’ve been talking for a few months and he just asked me out. I like him.” His face scrunched as he stared at you.

“I must’ve misheard you. Cause you don’t go on dates. I’ve known you for a year and you’ve never been on a date. You didn’t say date, did you? My ears are playing tricks on me.” He rambled on. Rolling your eyes, you nodded. It was true. In the year you lived next to him, you hadn’t been on a date. It wasn’t because you couldn’t get a date, you just chose not to.

“His name is Noah. He’s really sweet. I think you’ll like him.” You grinned at him as his jaw dropped. Trying your hardest to suppress a giggle, you gently pushed his mouth shut. “You’re gonna catch some flies leaving that thing open like that.”

He glared at you, pushing your hand away from his face. “I’m happy for you, Y/n. Just be careful; guys are assholes.” You scoffed at his statement, looking back to his sleeping twin.

“You were literally just trying to get me to go out with your brother. Who I’ve only really known for a night.” You liked Grayson, but not the way Ethan wanted you to. You hadn’t known him long enough to like like him.

He sighed and his lips formed into a straight line, “Touché, Y/n, touché.” Standing from the couch, you ruffled your hands through his dark curls, earning a groan from him. “Damnit, Peaches!”

“Ethan! Stop calling me that!” You giggled loudly. Ethan had given you that nickname when you first moved in with Jason, saying your ass looked like the Peach Emoji. You had gotten used to it and you didn’t really mind it anymore.

He grinned up at you, attempting to fix his hair with his fingers, “You know you like it.” Rolling your eyes, you strolled to the kitchen, grabbing a granola bar from their pantry. You picked up your overnight bag from beside the couch and made your way to the bathroom to change. You changed into a pair of jeans and a cute t-shirt. After tying your hair into a messy bun, you exited the bathroom. “Where are you going?” Ethan questioned, looking up from his phone.

“Shopping for my date.” You shrugged. “Mind if I leave my bag here? Might be back tonight.” He nodded and you bid him goodbye.


You pulled into your driveway hours later, multiple shopping bags sitting in the backseat of your car. You pulled your key from the ignition and pushed open your door. Your ears were immediately greeted with a combination of a lawn mower and Time For That by Kevin Gates. You turned your head, eyes landing on a shirtless, sweaty Grayson. Pulling your lip bottom lip between your teeth, you stared at him through your sunglasses.

“Y/n, hey!” He smiled at you. You snapped out of your trance when he started walking towards you. The faint sound of his music echoing throughout your ears.

Slamming your front door closed, you smiled at him. “Hi, Grayson. Ethans got you mowing the lawn?” He let out a low chuckle, nodding his head. “I’ve never once seen him out here mowing the yar. I’ve lived here a year!” He grinned, eyeing you up and down. You would usually feel self-conscious when someone stared at you, but when Grayson did it, you felt euphoric.

He cleared his throat moments later, a slight blush residing upon his cheeks. Why was he blushing? Had your no so secret stare embarrassed him? “So, uh, do you need help with your bags?” He asked as his eyes landed on the mountain of bags sitting in your car.

“Do you mind?” Smiling, he shook his head.

“Of course not.”

You grinned, opening the backseat door, taking as many bags as you could. Stepping out of the way, Grayson grabbed the rest of them and followed you to the front door of your house. Turning the knob, the door swung open. You tossed your keys onto the coffee table and headed toward your room, Grayson following quietly. Setting the bags down on your bed, you turned to him. “Thank you.”

He beamed at you, his smile illuminating the room. “Anytime. I’ve gotta go finish the yard, but I’ll see you later, yea?” You nodded as he turned around and walked out of your room. You heard the front door shut seconds later.

Digging through the bags, you decided on an outfit for your date. You treated yourself to a nice hot bubble bath before getting ready.


Slamming the front door of your car for the second time that day, you raced to the front door of Ethan and Graysons house, loudly banging on it. Grayson pulled the door open slowly, his eyes droopy; you suspected from sleeping. “Y/n? What the hell, are you okay? Why are you banging on the door at,” He looked at the clock hanging on the wall. “Ten-thirty?” You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to calm the anger searing through your veins.

“I’m not okay, I need to talk to Ethan now!” Your face was red from irritation, your heels hanging from your hands. “My date was terrible!” Grayson pushed the door open a bit more, granting you entrance. You stomped towards Ethans room, barging in. “Ethan I need to talk.” His eyes widened as he saw you, and you thanked God he wasn’t asleep already. He plucked his earbuds from his ears and opened his arms. You placed your heels and purse on his desk before climbing into bed with him. He wrapped his arms around you as Grayson sat on the end of the bed.

“What happened?” Grayson asked, scooting closer to you.

“My date was a fucking flop. He was such an asshole!”

Ethan sat up straighter, his eyebrows furrowing. He and Grayson exchanged a knowing look before looking back to you, “What’s his address? I just wanna talk.”

You rolled your eyes, “Not to me, just to everyone else! He was nice to me. He treated the waiter like garbage and the movie usher- ugh don’t even get me started! How can he be like that? God, I liked him so much. This is why I don’t go on dates!”

Ethan gave you an ‘I-told-you-so’ look. “Sorry, Peaches.” He mumbled, rubbing small circles onto your back.

“Oh fuck! I don’t have a boyfriend!” The twins gave you a confused glance, before looking at each other, the same confused expression on their faces.

“Explain?” Grayson enquired, slowly looking back to you.

“My parents are visiting this weekend! I told mom I was seeing someone so she would stop pestering me about my love life. I’m so fucked.” You buried your hands in your face, a frustrated groan escaping your lips.

You sat in silence for multiple minutes before Ethan spoke up, “I could pretend to be your boyfriend.” He shrugged and you shook your head.

“They know you, Ethan. They know how close we are. I always say you’re like my brother. They won’t believe it.” Your eyes widened and your jaw fell open slightly as you looked up from your hands. “Grayson! Grayson, please be my pretend boyfriend? Please, please, please?!”

His eyes were the size of saucers as you stared into them, “I, uh, me? Wh-what, um.” He stuttered.

You pulled your best puppy dog eyes and pouty lip, “Please, Grayson?” He let out a deep breath, slowly nodding his head. “AHHH! Thank you so much!” You threw yourself at him, tackling him onto the bed. “You’re the best!”

“Oh, god. What have I done?” You playfully slapped his arm and thanked him again. “Yea, yea. Whatever, don’t make it into a big deal.” But to him, it was a big deal.




Underfell!Grillby x Reader Fanfic

A short piece based on @ask-grillby‘s wonderful Underfell!Grillby concept and design. Please go check out the mun’s work!! This piece is safe for work, no warnings apply, but prepare to be flustered.

Admittedly, your first impression of of the violet flame monster had been pretty favourable.

The first glimpse you’d gotten of the mysterious owner of the Undergrounds most exclusive bar had been of a tall, extremely well dressed monster, who was leaning back casually against an expensive black granite counter top. He was glancing around the busy club with a cocky smirk on his face, radiating an aura of power and confidence, the undisputed king of all he surveyed. His free hand was wrapped around an elegant crystal tumbler, filled with some sort of amber liquid which he swirled around in a disinterested manner. You must have been staring, because when his gaze swept the room and he noticed you, a new face in his bar, (because of course he knew all his patrons, knew where all the money came from) he grinned and lifted the glass towards you in a cheeky salute. Once he was sure he’d gotten your attention he made a show of exhaling softly over his drink, a tongue of blue flame snaking out of his mouth and igniting the alcohol in the glass, which he raised to you once again.

You had to admit, you were impressed, and more then a little flustered by this suave monster.

Of course, that perfect first impression was ruined when he sauntered over, opened his mouth…and revealed himself to be a self-centred, narcissistic, power hungry ass.

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Soul Mark Series (Part 2) Jason Todd x Reader

Y/N- your name

Warnings: Fire, food

J- Hey, sorry I’m replying now but I’d like to talk to you today. Where do you want to meet?

Jason had sent you that at 6:02AM but you didn’t see it until you woke up at 10:08AM. What if Jason had thought that you were ignoring him? What if he thought you didn’t want him as your soulmate? You decided to text him as soon as you read the text.

Y/N- I’m sorry!! I’m only seeing this now. I hope you understand, my shift was really hectic last night. We can meet anywhere you’d like but I’m feeling hungry.

You sent the text to Jason and set your phone down and got out of bed went to see if you at least had a snack in your refrigerator. You took your phone with you and set it down on the countertop next to the machine. When you opened the door and bent down to search your refrigerator, your phone vibrated.

J- I could make you some food if you like, I hear I’m not too shabby in the kitchen ;^)

You rolled your eyes and smiled. You responded:

Y/N- Neither am I. But my fridge is kinda empty, can we go to the grocery store? (lol lame ,’:) )

You hoped Jason would not think that your first date should be at a grocery store. Wait, was this even a first date? You closed the fridge as your phone vibrated once more.

J- lol It’s not lame, hell I need to go too. What time?

Y/N- Around 12? Which store should I meet you at?

J- I can pick you up, we can go to Sharpman Shoppers, they’re having a sale.

Y/N- Sounds good, here’s my address:
302A Boggshead Apartments, GC

J- It’s a date, I’ll see you soon.

You then showered without washing your hair and dressed in jeans, slides (with socks), and a sweatshirt. You revised your hair by brushing it, putting dry shampoo into it then putting it into a ponytail. Your makeup was minimalistic. When finished with your look, you grabbed many of your reusable grocery bags when you received a buzz on your intercom.

You walked over to the speaker and pressed the response button and said, “This is Y/N, who is this?”

“It’s Jason, I’m outside. Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” Jason was early but you were ready.

You then left your apartment. Your budget for this trip was your tips and whatever could fit in the bags you brought. Nothing too special but the thought of just finally getting to know your soulmate after a decade made you have butterflies. Well, it was either that or the sight of Jason leaning against his car with a smile on his face that have you butterflies. Jason wore jeans, a white v-neck, and a black leather jacket. He was even more handsome than when you first met, if that was possible. Turns out you were right, Whitey was attractive in certain light.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hi.” You replied, going into a hug that Jason initiated.

“You look great, I love the bags.” He motioned towards the bundle of bags on your arm.

“What can I say, I’m an avid shopper.” You shrugged and got into the passenger seat of Jason’s car and drove to Sharpman Shoppers. The car ride was moderately quiet until Jason spoke up.

“Would you like me to cook dinner for you? You never answered my question.” He said, not taking his eyes off of the road.

“That depends, can you?” You asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hell yeah I can,” He said with mock shock on his face. “If you don’t believe me, we can have dinner at my place Sunday night.”

“That sounds nice, what’ll you make?” You asked, leaning closer to Jason so that you were comfortable in your seat. You could see feint scars along his sharp jawline, every other one criss-crossing another. Jason had many that you could see. You sneeked a look at his collarbone and was greated with more scars ranging from circles to star-like ones. He had so many, you barely had any. Seeing them, you wondered how he got them and the pain he had to go through to get them.

“See something interesting?” Jason swallowed nervously. You realized how close you were to him and that the car was parked in Sharpman Shoppers and you were diving into Jason’s neck. You backed away embarrassed and apologizing with Jason saying it’s fine.

“Uh, you just have a lot of scars. Like, a shit ton.” You blushed and laughed.

“A lot of stories too. I’ll tell you a few one day.” He patted your shoulder and opened his car door. You did the same and met him at the grocery cart station that he had parked next to. You got a cart but Jason didn’t, he reached for a basket once inside.

“So what do you need you to buy?” Jason asked as you took off with your cart. Your soulmate was strolling next to you with the basket hooked on his arm and hands in the pockets of his leather jacket.

“Almost everything,” You joked. “I don’t think I’ve had milk within the last 2 weeks.”

Coincidentally, you walked past the dairy aisle as you said that. You then grabbed a gallon of milk and placed it in the cart. Jason grabbed a half gallon. You two kept strolling around the store, having mini conversations everytime you put something in your cart. You were at the cereal section when Jason got a phone call.

“Oh, it’s Dick. Do you mind?” He asked, showing you the caller ID.

“No, go ahead. Tell him I said hi.” You smiled as Jason walked to the end of the aisle while you remained in the middle. You had chosen three boxes of cereal, figuring it should last you the rest of the month. You turned to check on Jason who was approaching you with a clenched jaw.

“Y/N, I am so sorry but Dick told me that there’s a family emergency going on and I have to go home.” Jason put his hands on your shoulder and looked you dead in the eyes, concern filling his own. You could tell he was being sincere and you wanted to build your inevitable relationship on trust so you agreed.

“Oh my god, yeah, it’s fine. Go, I’ll text you later. But what about your stuff?” You asked pointing to his basket.

“Can I trust you to hold on to it?”

“Jason, I’m not buying your groceries.” You stated with a matter of fact. You were only paid enough to cover yourself. No way could you buy someone else’s food AND your own.

“I know, I know. I wasn’t asking you to. But…” He handed you the basket and took out his phone. Jason then promptly took a picture of his basket.

“I will just come back later. Again, I’m sorry Y/N, but I will make this up to you.” Jason kissed your cheek and ran off behind you. You didn’t turn back to watch him bolt from your first date. You then realized that he was your ride home too.

You continued shopping for products and before you checked out, you put Jason’s items back with courtesy. You paid for your groceries and went home on the bus to put them away. While doing so, you turned on the television for background noise. The news is what appeared on the screen, a building consumed by flames. Citizens inside waving whatever they could find to get rescuers attention. It was a horrible sight, but you felt some relief when you saw Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Red Robin, and Red Hood help rescue people from the inferno behind them.

The footage was doing a 360° view of the building, all you could see was flames and smoke emitting from anywhere it could. You stared at one side each time the helicopter broadcasted it, you could see something feint within the flames. It took you a few rotations until you finally saw the symbol that way hidden away amongst the roaring flames.

A question mark.

You had heard of The Riddler, every citizen in Gotham had. You knew of his wicked ways and bold attacks on business moguls and innocent citizens alike. You thought of Jason, you hoped that The Riddler wouldn’t attack him at random. He was an innocent citizen after all.

Jason texted you as you were about to sleep.

J- Are you okay?

Y/N- Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

J- I’m just making sure. The emergency with my brother made me worry about people I care about.

Jason cared about you, not that you didn’t already care about him. But only after a day and half, you were glad he felt the same.

Y/N- Thank you, but I’m fine. Are you okay? How is your brother?

J- He’s fine nothing major. He’s been through worse and made it.

You thought of the question mark in the flames and The Riddler’s wickedness and your worry towards Jason.

Y/N- Did you hear about that big fire today?

J- Yeah, it looked pretty bad.

Y/N- Did you watch the news? I saw Batman and his crew saving some people, it was kinda scary

J- Yeah, I saw. Who’s your favorite of his gang? ’,:^)

Y/N- Red Hood and Red Robin. It’s cool to watch their fighting styles.

J- What about out of those two? Me, personally, I’m a fan of Red Hood. I mean, have you seen his legs? ’,:^)

Y/N- Lmao he’s definitely my favorite. His legs aren’t too shabby.

J- Do you want to go out again today? I need to make up for leaving.

Y/N- I’m not sure, I’m still a little tired from yesterday’s shift. But I will definitely come over for dinner tomorrow.

J- Me too, I’ll let you go so you can relax. Have a nice day Y/N.

Y/N- You too, Jason :)

Dinner with Jason was amazing. He had made lamb chops with asparagus and red wine sauce. Not only that, but the two of you could not stop smiling and laughing the whole night. Jason loved your sense of humor and you loved his. You had brought an old bottle of red wine to his place and you both had more than a few drinks while talking after dinner.

“No way, Tim really did that?” You asked.

“Yup, at the ripe old age of 13. We never let him live it down” Jason laughed while setting down his half empty wine glass.

“Ah, well, I should be heading home soon. I’ve got a shift from noon to midnight again and I’d like to get a good night’s rest.” You said after downing the last of the wine in your glass. You walked over to Jason and titled your head to the side while leaning on his countertop. For a while, you and Jason just took each other in, drinking the sight of your soulmate, swallowing every drop of them. Jason walked towards you with sultry and drunken eyes that drew you in. He put his hands to your face slowly, caressing it gently. You stood straighter than you were and looked up at him. You saw him looking at your mouth. You blushed red and almost put your arm around him, almost dipping into a kiss that could have led to more.

But you stepped back. You stepped back and regretted it immediately. You saw a miniscule shred of fear, sadness, and disappointment in Jason’s blue eyes. You wanted to kiss him, honestly and truly you did, but it felt too soon to do something like that two days after meeting him.

“Ok, I’ll let you go.” He swallowed. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I’m sor–” Jason began before you interrupted him.

“It’s not that I’m uncomfortable, it’s just that I want us to take our time. I know we’re meant to be together but I want to get to know you first.” You says sincerely, placing your hands on his face, making him look you in the eye. You could feel his face soften and without a second thought, you drew him into a warm embrace that you felt he needed. Maybe it was the scars you saw, maybe it was the issue Jason had with his family yesterday. Whatever it was, Jason needed a hug. And you knew, that you would always be there to give him one.

Happy Birthday Mikasa!

Today is our girl Mikasa Ackerman’s birthday, and as is my tradition, here are some headcanons for our girl! 

  • Mikasa is the mom of the squad. It started off as just looking out for Eren and Armin, and then, as she got to know the others, she started to ‘mother’ them too. She gives great advice, is always an open and attentive ear for venting sessions, is a dependable DD 9/10 times, and is the one who makes sure that no one makes bad choices on her watch. Mama Mikasa’s got her squad’s backs no matter what. 
  • She’s actually pretty shy. While a lot of people don’t know how to approach her because she seems so cool and unattainable, she’s actually just a quiet, reserved person who would love to be a part of any conversation you bring up to her. 
  • She loves chocolate. 

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ID #44567

Name: Ali
Age: 17
Country: United States

Hi everyone, I’m Ali. I’m a 17 year old girl from the United States (on the internet people often think I’m a Middle Eastern male because of how my first name is spelled but it’s short for Alison). My biggest interests are probably science and politics, and discussing ideas from those areas and others outside of that.

So about me: I’m kind of super lame. My mom thinks I’m cool (okay even she doesn’t really…) Some of my hobbies include dancing, writing, knitting, reading, watching too much Netflix, and learning new things. (I’m really pretty nerdy.) Parks and Rec is probably my favorite show. In terms of books I read a lot; some favorites are All the Light We Cannot See, Brave New World, The Great Gatsby, The Night Circus, also anything Malcolm Gladwell has touched. I’m not all that picky. :) In terms of music, I mostly listen to alternative (despite having no clue what that means). Some of my recent faves are Bastille and the Lumineers.

I want a pen pal because I think it would be really cool to get to know a person through writing; it seems like a fun way to meet someone. We can talk about anything: who we are as people, things that happen to us, things we like, opinions, etc. I’m really open-minded, so I’m fine with and would actually be interested in discussing big issues or questions just to get a new perspective (thoughts on religion, politics, favorite color, etc.) We can start with emailing it that makes you feel more comfortable, but eventually I’d love to move into sending snail mail and even small packages/gifts (if you ever need a scarf, for example, I’m super good at knitting long rectangles)

Preferences: -Someone my age, 16-19. Gender doesn’t matter
-Preferably English-speaking, I know some Spanish but want a pen pal for talking to, not language learning.
-It would be nice if we had some interests in common, particularly if you’re a big reader/learner.

fetronic  asked:

What's your favorite bird? You have a lot of bird drawings and I'm genuinely curious.

I mean, I really like mourning doves. Eagles are also awesome. So are burrowing owls. And yellow shouldered blackbirds are cool too. Idk, any bird is pretty great in my opinion. I tend to enjoy them even more after seeing them in person. They’re gorgeous to just watch. 

On another note, I didn’t consider that I had that many bird drawings. *shrug* I just like watching them chill and live their lives but I am no bird expert. 

youtube au. sort of.

alright so we all know that bitty has a youtube channel, hence the whole premise of the comic, but what if the rest of the group had youtube channels as well?

  • jack starts a youtube channel after the overdose. he found himself intrigued when he had too much time on his hands and he delved into youtube to discover hey these people are kind of cool, what if i made a channel?
    • at first it’s just simple things. he gives tips on how to work out and not push yourself too much. describes different hockey plays and the pros and cons of each. he has a segment where he talks about history, some of his favorite stories and cool little tidbits he thinks people should know
    • most people originally start following him because damn his face and also you know he’s pretty well known as a hockey player in certain circles and it’s interesting to see the person behind that
    • after watching two or five or twenty of his videos, however, people realize that wow he’s actually really interesting? like his history stuff is all about the underappreciated looked over part of history and all the stories are really interesting and his hockey tips are actually really helpful to people who play and, okay, the workout videos maybe aren’t incredibly interesting but when you’re watching jack zimmermann do squats in tiny compression shorts you really don’t have any complaints
    • he gains a decent following, a huge mix of people from all different areas. there are his hockey fans, his history buffs, the people just there to look at his pretty face and call him their “son” (jack doesn’t really get it but it’s way better than the ones who call him daddy so he isn’t gonna question it)
    • it goes on for about a year, jack sharing history and hockey and little things about his life with his Zimbos (that’s what they call themselves? he isn’t really clear on the name. it sounds like bimbos which is mean, isn’t it?) when the first Video comes out.
      • it’s titled Anxiety.
      • it’s just jack sitting at a desk with his room in the background. he explains the basics of anxiety and how it can be diagnosed and treated. it’s clinical, really, nothing too personal at all, but it’s the expression jack wears as he speaks that hits the Zimbos where they live. he looks like a scared child, frightened and lonely.
      • it’s the first in a series of mental health videos that jack posts.
    • he continues with his history-hockey-work out aesthetic, but every once in a while it’ll be just him, in his room, talking about mental health. he ends each video with a reminder to his viewers to take care of themselves, not to push themselves too hard, and to be a little selfish when it comes to self-care. it’s always softer, more intimate, despite the clinical way in which jack talks.
    • he never explains his story, the overdose and the draft and rehab, but no one really asks. only outsider assholes that have no idea what the channel is about ever mention it. sometimes they post idiotic questions about coke, but if they do, they’re drowned out by the rest of the Zimbos who, instead of fighting the original dickface, flood the comments with love for jack, making the original shitty thing dissapear in the rest of the comments. they never get to see the small smiles that jack wears when he sees this, but it still means the world when he replies with a simple, “thanks” and no context.

after the cut for the rest of the crew because damn this got long

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Answers about Red Moon

Thanks for all your interest !
Here are more infos on Doriann and Lua.
I hope i didnt forgot anything, if you have more questions I’ll add them here.
(Sorry if its hard to read or if i made mistakes writting, its pretty late here x_x" )

I also noted down a few requests for them, maybe I’ll get to do them sometimes ^^

First of all,
What is Red Moon ?
>Red Moon is a personnal comic project. It just came to my mind with the intention to draw whatever situations i liked i a very shojoesque way. Just my guilty pleasure lol.
It’s not a project done with big ambitions or whatever. I even think it would be pretty light and cliché, but at least assumed.
So if i end up doing it one day don’t expect it to be the new great hit, really. xD
It’s just a story for fun with no pression.

Where did the inspiration for this story came from ?
>It came from the many shoujos I’ve read combined with my love of vampires which got really mangled this last years with too much exposition and not liking too much how they depicted them (twilight and compagny )

How did you came up with their names ?
>Doriann is just one of my favorites male names of all times, and for Lua i wanted something related to the moon.

What’s the main story ?
>Story takes place nowadays on lively cities such as New York. Lua is a “bloody bride” she attracts vampires, and they do want her. She is supposed to bring hella lot of powers to the one who will take her.
Doriann has been affected to protect her, but he does it his way, actually using her as bait to hunt down more vampires.

How did they met ?
>They met right after Lua’s father death, near his grave. He was there to pick her up.

More about Lua
>So as i said, she is a bloody bride. She’s born during various very unlucky events, her mother died giving birth. His father has always known “what” she was and has always make her live a pretty secluded life where she was the less possible a target. He’s been a loving dad, but he just didnt let her go out and have fun a lot.
Lua has been missing a part of a normal childhood, thus that can explain that part of her a bit too naive or innocent. (yes pretty typical stupid shojo girl here, but they are fun to work with xD  )
She used to read and watch tv a lot to stay occupied. She is well aware of her condition, but after reading and watching all those awesome series/films/whatever with vampires she kind of convinced herself that there MUST be a vampire destined to her. And that she’ll have wonderful adventures with him (or not ).
Anyway, that is the main reason she is oblivious to Doriann.

Bits of Lua’s personnality
> She’s a cheerful and curious girl but she can also be very stubborn especially concerning her fantasies. She can easily end up daydreaming too. A perfect match to bring trouble to herself.
She’s always up to go to some new places and try things. she also loves shoppings and she switches to trendy fashion and gothic lolita fashion.

More about Doriann
> He is an orphan. His parents got killed by a vampire. That’s why Lua’s father chose him to teach him and train him to protect Lua for the day he won’t be here anymore. Visiting him regularly at the orphanage.
It’s his thurst for revenge that draws him to use Lua as bait.
Lua and him did not acquaintanced as childs, but he liked her very quickly from the moment he took care of her. Afterall, he has been trained for this all this time and he his the only person he has to take care of and she has only him (even if she f*cking doesnt pay attention è_é )

Bits of Doriann’s personnality
> He is more of a loner. He doesnt like to be out too much and prefers to enjoy time at home, specially watching series. He likes to act cocky and is pretty collected in general but will easily looses his cool regarding Lua. she makes him act like an idiot.
He actually enjoys shopping too. He is fucking jealous and possessiv but he just has to suck it off as she’s not his girl.

What is their relationship and what they like about each other ?
> It looks like a sister and big brother from Lua’s point of view. She has lots of affection for him. They both take care of each other but they also bicker a lot about stupid stuff. she doesnt really understand him all the time. Still she always finds him cute somehow even when he is being all sulky because of something she might have done or said. Except when they are arguing about vampires, her clothes choices.. Ugh, who is he to tell her what to wear or like he knows everything about every vampire on earth ? she doesnt really understand why he goes “that far” into protecting her.
She enjoys when they have a break junkfood/tv together, usually he is less rough to her, she can even manage some big brother hug at that moment.
Doriann obsviously fell for her very quickly. He can’t even really tell why exactly but he loves everything about her, how lively she is, how stubborn she can be, her weird tastes in clothing sometimes… But he knows he is friendzoned and has lot of trouble dealing with his feelings. Living with her and protecting her H24 is daily torture, especially when she acts sometime so ambiguous. As a matter of fact he gets easily irrtated and gets in fights with her way more often than he would like to. He also acts rougher to her than he would like too. He feals weak around her and doesnt like that. All of this doesnt stop him from trying a move from time to time, which fails.  

Their favorite food & drink
> Doriann loves junk food, especially hot dogs. But whatever he can eat in front of tv will be fine. hell no veggies. Drink cola, lots of it, and coffee.
Lua likes to eat and taste all things she can. She likes chinese.
She’s got a sweet tooth also but she’ll still try to eat more or less healthy, anyway, she’s more reasonnable than Doriann in this matter. ( Maybe the only one actually.) she doesnt like fizzy drinks, she prefers ice tea or plain water.

Has Doriann already been in love ?
>No. He surely had fun with some girls, but no love involved.

Are there other characters in the story ?
>Yep, i could add easily 4 other characters there. *supens~~*

Will Red Moon be included in My candy love or Eldarya ? Or will it even began a game on its own ?
> No no no >n<;;
As i stated on the very first lines, those are really my characters for my pleasure. Not work.
I love my job, the games and Beemoov but what i produce for Beemoov becomes their property and they can do whatever they please with them. And i dont want to share Doriann and Lua >w<
Hope you’ll understand that :3
(nb : their names are mentionned in an eldarya episode, but the reference stops there ^^ )

Happy NurseyDex Week! This is for the prompt: Mutual Pining/Bed Sharing

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Dex has been quietly freaking out ever since they got back from summer break. Not that it’s surprising. Well. The “quietly” might be a little surprising. The “freaking out,” not so much.

It’s the beginning of their junior year, and the first year that they’ll be sharing living space in the attic of the Haus. Some part of Nursey knew, the moment they got Ransom and Holster’s dibs last Spring, that this was going to end in disaster.

Except it turns out that it’s not the kind of disaster that Nursey would have predicted.

Sure, he and Dex don’t fight as much as they used to, but their favorite past time is still a good argument. Chowder seems to have accepted that this is just their default mode when around each other, but Bitty worries that one of them will eventually get caught up in the heat of the moment, say something he doesn’t mean, and then their whole careful balancing act will all come crashing down on their heads.

Bitty’s probably not wrong.

But, so far, the arguing hasn’t been the problem. Hell, Nursey would kill for some yelling and screaming at this point, instead of the silent, internal battle he can see being waged in Dex’s eyes every time Nursey gets within a few feet of him.

The thing is, even at their worst, he and Dex have always had each other’s backs. No matter what. And after two years on the same line, sitting together on the bus for every away game, chirping each other at every given opportunity while throwing threatening glances at anyone else who so much as looks at the other the wrong way… they’ve become friends.

Or so Nursey thought.

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ID #30028

Name: Yasmin
Age: 19
Country: US

Hi, my name is yasmin. I just finished my first of college, and it was pretty awesome. I like going on walks in nature and even though I’m not much of a sporty person, I like to jog when I’m stressed. I don’t have a favorite show but some of the things I watch include Scandal, Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds. basically anything with intense plot twists or slightly educational. I’m currently getting ready for Ramadan as I’m Muslim.

Writing long letters to each other sounds really cool but I’m also down to do online communication too (we can even send each other memes!). I want a pen pal so I could get a feel for what’s it like to know someone I might’ve never met if it weren’t for the internet. I like to say I’m pretty good at giving advice so I’m okay with someone sharing their life dilemmas with me. I prefer people around my age 18-21.

Preferences: 18-21

Ask Negan Anything Q&A Special Responses

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Hello everyone! So for my 500 Followers special a few months back l decided to take your questions and let you guys ask Negan any question you wanted. The answers are finally done, and I hope you all enjoy seeing what Negan had to say to you guys! Thank you for those of you that participated and I’m sorry it took so long to get Negan’s butt in gear to answer them <3

The list is split into 11 SFW and 4 NSFW questions, with the NSFW ones at the bottom so you can skip them if you wish.

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Wonwoo As Your Boyfriend

A/N: This might be kinda short, sorry i’m rusty, forgive

  • Rocker couple
  • You literally look so cool walking around with sunglasses and leather jackets and black skinnies
  • You have to compete with Wonwoo’s 185cm tall wife
  • Rap battles
  • He’s about to crush you in one of them but then you rap something really cute and he forgets what his own name is
  • You’d feed him a lot
  • Probably a lot of skinship
  • Back rubs
  • If you’re on your computer, he’ll come up behind you for a hug
  • He’s tired though so he hides his face in the crook of your neck
  • Jaw kisses
  • Lazy hugs where he just drapes his arms around you and leans on your body
  • You’re the first person who gets to listen to his raps
  • Him being overjoyed when you tell him how talented he is
  • Not a lot of nicknames except ‘babe’ and occasionally ‘princess’
  • “Do you only have black clothes or something, you’re such an emo.”
  • “Y/N, you’re literally wearing all black too, you’re just as emo as I.”
  • Very awful sleeping schedules
  • “I can’t sleep.”
  • “Me neither.”
  • “Should we watch a movie?”
  • You don’t watch the movie and end up making out instead
  • “How is your performance team so talented?”
  • “The hip hop line is pretty cool too, right?”
  • “Naaah.”
  • Him pulling you close when it’s cold to share body heat
  • Lots of naps on the couch
  • He would get super proud whenever you accomplish something
  • “Yes, my angel is the best!”
  • Some days you go several hours without speaking to each other without it feeling weird
  • Other days he just won’t stop rambling
  • I stg you’d mingle with his mother if she came over
  • Lunch dates because you want to make sure he eats well
  • If you’re sad, he holds you close and let’s you cry out or talk about things
  • Because no matter how ‘emo’ you guys’ image is, you both just want each other to be super happy at all times

Originally posted by 1yx

anonymous asked:

Watching Vinny's Fantastic Game playthrough made me think you were a foreign game dev who tried too hard and then actually managed to put out a game through sheer force of meme will. Now that I've visited your blog, you seem like a pretty cool person who, contrary to popular belief, doesn't talk in broken english all the time. Nice. You seem like a cool person.

Hey, thanks.

I stopped the broken english thing because it came off as, in a way, kind of racist to me when I really thought about it - and also the ‘jig was up’ at a certain point anyway, at a certain point nobody believed I really talked like that anymore.

I’m working on a new game. I can’t claim it’ll be any good, but I’m tired of being paralyzed. I just basically froze for a while on making anything new. Nothing felt right. Things still don’t feel ‘right’ - but maybe they never did. Maybe you just have to go out on a limb and work through that sometimes.

Why I Love...
  • The Fire Signs: Though some might be kinder than others, they are all super fun and energetic people who I just happen to love. Aries is fun and sassy, Leo is super chill and pretty much the person you would want as your older sibling, and Sagittarius is goofy and super funny! They are all not afraid to feel and express emotions too, so they are people you can cry with while watching the Notebook. They are not as pessimistic as some other signs, so they are quite outgoing! Overall, I just love the Fire Signs because they are super fun and would make loyal and super cool best friends!!
  • The Earth Signs: The perfect best friend. They give you advice,they are helpful, smart, and even though they might be practical, they can be hilarious and can instantly brighten your day. They are really reliable people and I love how calm they can get. They can be either really quiet or really loud or strong spoken people. They make really good role models and I appreciate them for always supporting me and keeping me from doing stupid shiz.
  • The Air Signs: What is not to love?! They are so fun and energetic! They are not as emotional, so it is unlikely that they will ruin the mood. I love how they can come up with really creative and weird ideas! They are friendly too, so it isn't hard to meet one! I always nearly leap with joy when I find out one of my friends has a Air Sun or Moon. They are really talkative, so it is easy to make conversation with them (even though for me, people talking too much can get on my nerves). I just love air signs, and I want to become friends with each of them (Sadly, I have not become friends with a Gemini yet).
  • The Water Signs: In my opinion, the cinnamon rolls of the Zodiacs (YES. Including Scorpio.). They are all so nice and, super caring. They are artistic and sensitive to others feelings as well. In my opinion, they are the nicest of the zodiacs! They are also really emotional, so you have yet another partner to cry over tragic animal stories with! They are also super cute~! They are more introverted, so it might be a tiny bit tricky to really get to know them, but once you have earned their trust, they become the best of friends! They are also really smart to, so they can give good advice! Overall, I adore water signs...they are just so precious!