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Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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Writing is Hard, Pt. 2: Description

Summary: Dean wants to write a second story.

Read Part 1

Warning: Smut, dirty talk, use of a vibrator, all kinds of fan fiction clichés

Word Count: 4000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Your laptop is screaming at you from its spot on the motel table.

You ignore it.

It’s not like you’ve been waiting all day to check it. It’s not like you were impatiently stomping around as you folded clothes with Sam and Dean in the laundromat, as they took their sweet time at the grocery, as Dean dragged you to some fucking hardware store because he needed a specific type of wrench (the six identical wrenches he already owns just aren’t enough).

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nude wars — preview

pt1 | pt2 preview

pairings: yoongi x reader x jungkook

genre: smut, touches of fluff / frat!yoonkook

description: Okay sure, maybe having a threesome with two best friends from the same frat wasn’t the smartest thing you’d ever done. But hey, when the result was them vying for your attention in the form of scandalous snaps, breathy audio messages, and unspeakable texts, well then the decision definitely wasn’t that bad.

— Or alternatively, your phone getting caught in the middle of Yoongi and Jungkook constantly trying to one-up each other in a war of sexting (and just maybe romantics).

note: so I know pt2 was supposed to come out today, but I’ve been sick for the past week and a half and I actually ended up having to go to the hospital yesterday bc I guess I wasn’t taking it seriously enough. but yeah, I thought I could at least post a tiny snippet ;;

It took all of five minutes into your shift for the post-sexting depression to kick in. The only word you could use to describe today’s atmosphere at work being completely dead. There were barely any customers to keep you occupied, leaving you to watch the time tick by as your only form of entertainment, second by unbearably miserable second burying you deeper into a realm of inescapable boredom.

And this continued on… For five miserable hours, until you finally managed to gain some relief. Your good friend and co-worker, Jimin, finally coming in to start his shift.

“Someone looks like they had a long night. Let me guess, another late night on greek row?” He snickered, making his way behind the counter to join you.

“Haha, very funny, but… Yeah,” You ended up admitting, causing chuckles to fall from both of you.

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tiny angel cake for a tiny angelcake

Posting now because Nico’s birthday is in a few days and mine was yesterday so yeah 
p.s. thank you for all the nice birthday wishes!! They were super sweet and I love you all so much

Sweet Cake Sweeter Kisses| Sam Holland

A/N: So I just finished writing a one-shot. Pretty shit. Haha, yeah. I decided to move out of my comfort zone and write an actual one-shot instead of a headcanon. I was inspired by Sam’s Instagram story that he posted yesterday of a Spider-Man cake and the fact that the Holland brothers are very competitive against each other. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Light swearing

          It is February 13, and you are mentally preparing yourself for what may or may not be a traumatizing experience. You see, every year your boyfriend, Sam, and his twin, Harry, have a competition on their birthday. Who has made the better birthday cake for their brother? It is a vicious and yearly battle between the 2 boys, and as of right now, Harry is in the lead by 1 point.

        The entire Holland family (including Harrison because he is an honorary Holland) decided that Harry’s cake was better than Sam’s camera design. So yes, Sam is super bitter. You had not been able to cast in a vote because you are incredibly biased towards your boyfriend of 3 years. And no one better tell Sam this, but you are kind of glad that you were not allowed to because you would have chosen Harry’s as well. Shhh!

        But this year Sam decided to bring out the big guns- you. With your super-mega-awesome baking skills (Sam said it, not you) and your literally-oh-so- amazingly-amazing artistic talent (you can quote Sam on that too), you were going to help Sam win this thing.

        It had taken a lot of groveling on his part before you finally crumbled. Honestly what really sealed the deal was when he was pressing gentle kisses up and down your neck. He should not be allowed to do that because he knows how that turns your brain to mush! The nerve…

        But here you are now, tying an apron over one of Sam’s shirts that you had stolen some time ago. You really hoped that you could help him win this year. The reason that you had been so reluctant to agree in aiding Sam was because you didn’t want him to be disappointed in you if you couldn’t help him succeed. Of course logically you knew that he would never be because Sam is the most loving boyfriend of all time but still.

        As Sam strides into the kitchen with his long-ass legs, he dons his own apron. It was going to get messy in there. “Harry is at Tom’s flat right now making my cake so he won’t be bothering us for the rest of the day (mind you it is currently 9:35 am).

        “Great!” You swiftly pull Sam down by his neck to kiss him square on the mouth. When you pull away just as quickly, Sam whines slightly as his lips chase your retreating ones. “Nuh uh, mon ange. We need to start baking.”

        With a small pout, Sam’s freckled face settles into a concentrated one. He is skimming the old recipe book that is laying on the counter top. Your partner had asked you to bring it because you would be making the chocolate ganache cake that you had once made for Sam when he was having a series of bad days. He had been instantly enamored with it, and he was sure that it would score some major points with the Holland judges.

        “While you start baking the cake, I prepare the icing, fondant, the piece that we had backed yesterday, and the tools we need to decorate this,” Sam informs you authorially. You roll your eyes because even though your babe is a total sweetheart, he practically becomes a different person when it comes to making these cakes. His competitiveness with his brother is extreme.

        After 30 minutes of combining ingredients and getting every measurement just right, you finally place the 10x12 pan in the oven to bake. You sigh as you lean against the counter to rest for a second. Sam had been very no-nonsense for the last half an hour, and it was quite tiring. You knew that he just wanted to beat his younger twin, but you had been kind of hoping that this could be a fun coupley activity. But then again, you had also been expecting to be traumatized.

        Speak of the Devil, and it shall appear. Sam seems to materialize out of thin air, and you jump a bit as he comes behind you and wraps his long arms around your waist. He places a smooch onto your shoulder blade before resting his head on yours. “I’m so sorry, love.”

        You frown in confusion. “What are you talking about, darling?”

        “I know that you aren’t having a lot of fun, and I also am aware that I’m being a bit of an ass.”

        You quickly turn in his arms and bury your face into his chest. “It’s ok,” you mumble.

        “No it’s not, sweetheart.” He takes ahold of your chin to tilt your head up. “I’ll chill out.” He then proceeds to press kisses all over your face. Cheeks, nose, eyelids, chin, forehead, lips. No part of your face goes un-kissed as he smothers you.

        You giggle in delight and smush his face against your hand as you push him away. The oven timer then goes off. Perfect timing! Quickly grabbing the oven mitts, you bend over to collect the freshly baked cake. From behind you, you hear your lover groan.

        “If you weren’t bending over a hot oven, I would totally smack that ass.”

        “Sam Anthony Holland, you get your ass to the table so we can decorate this cake! What a little shit…” you finish mumbling.

        You carefully walk over to the table where Sam had set up everything you need to decorate the cake while you had been making it. As you two chatter quietly to yourselves, you cut the cake into different shapes and attach them together with icing while looking at the reference picture as your boyfriend starts almost water coloring the fondant that covers the base of the cake. You two had made that piece yesterday, as it would have been impossible to complete the entire cake in one day.

        When you finish constructing the object, you begin to carefully write the dainty words onto it…

        5 hours, 1 flour, and 3 ½ icing wars later, you have completed your masterpiece. Good God you are exhausted! You better freaking win because if not, you are going to take this beautiful piece of art and shove it in everyone’s’ faces.

        You lean on Sam heavily as he drapes his arm around your shoulder. He’s kind of hanging onto you because he is just as tired. Who knew decorating a cake could wear you so much? You situate the cake in the middle of the platter that the Holland family had gotten the boys a long time ago specifically for these cakes. With the help of Sammy boy you cover it with the lid. Tomorrow you will find out the results.


      You are startled awake when Paddy jumps on you and Sam. Both you and your boyfriend groan in pain.

      “It’s time! It’s time! We are going to vote now,” Paddy rushes to speak before sprinting out of the room. A few seconds later you both hear his footsteps scampering back, “Oh, and happy birthday, Sam!”

      You just look at each other in amusement and start to shuffle out of bed. “Happy birthday, mon ange,” you whisper to him as you kiss him sweetly. You then proceed to bend down to grab the oddly shaped present that you had hidden under the bed.

      Sam stares in aw, but refuses to take it. “No, love. You already helped me make Harry’s cake. Plus, just being with you is present enough.”

      You wrinkle your nose at him and grin. “As sweet as that is, babe, just accept it.”

      He sighs in defeat. “Fineee,” he says dramatically before quickly tearing it open.  He gasps in excitement. “It’s us! In a book!” he cutely exclaims.

    “Haha, yes my love. It’s a photo album.”

     Sam takes you by surprise when he lunges at you. You two fall onto the bed because of the momentum. As he starts kissing you, Paddy arrives again.

     “Ew, guys! I told you to come on already,” he whines before leaving once more.

     Both of you giggle together as Sam aides you in standing back up. “Let’s get this show on the road then,” you egg Sam on as you walk together down the hallway into the dining room.

      In said room, every Holland is looking a little bit fatigued but very excited nonetheless. It looks like Christmas day all over again.

      In the center of the table lies both cakes covered with their dish covers to not ruin the surprise. You don’t know about Harry’s cake, but you sure are glad that the Holland parents had gotten these boys such ginormous platters because damn, the one that Sam and you had made was extremely large.

      Paddy is practically buzzing with excitement as he waits for Sam and Harry to stand behind the cake that the other twin made for them.

      The moment the cakes are unveiled, it seems like all of the air in the room is sucked out. Everyone except for you and Sam had gasped in amazement as they gazed at your cake.

      Their eyes are glued to the realistic looking camera and suitcase. Attached to the beige bag is a blue passport, and there are special printed edible pictures adhered onto it with frosting. And perching on top of the case was the camera that you had baked the day before. It is quite the sight if you may say so.

      Paddy breaks the unnerving silence. “Welp I choose Sam’s. Harry’s is cute and all with that La La Land themed, but it’s got nothing on Sam’s! How did you even do that?”

      Everyone murmurs in agreement. “Y/N helped me,” your boyfriend boasts. “Try it! It’ll be the best you’ve ever tasted,” he continues to brag while you try to shut him up.

      You’re blushing when you say, “It’s just an old recipe that I have. It’s really nothing.”

      Tom, who had come home for a small break in his hectic filming schedule, starts moaning then. “Dis is da befst frukn thig eber,” he states. When your boyfriend’s family all agree, you blush.

      “Okay everyone! I think it’s time to vote,” Sam rushes.

      In one minute all the votes are cast, and Paddy finally makes the announcement. “We, the Holland family, have pronounce that the winner of this year’s Sam/Harry Twin Cake Duel-Off is… Sammy “Mon Ange” (at least according to Y/N. I still don’t know that it means) Holland with a 4 to 1 vote! Just saying, Harry, it was mum, and I’m pretty sure that she only did it out of pity.”

      You all laugh at the end, and the whole lot congratulates Sam and you. Sam simply won’t shut up about you! The bragging is never ending with that boy, is it?

      You turn to observe Harry and notice that he looks slightly glum. When you walk over you say, “Aw, Harry. Don’t feel bad about losing! It’s beautiful.”

      Harry nods. “Yeah. I’m honestly not really mad or disappointed about it. Yours is really amazing. Thank you for the cake. I hope Dad took a picture before it was cut into.” Harry gives you a sweet hug

      “Of course, dude! You’re like my brother! I’m glad you liked it. And I’m pretty sure he did. If not, Sam and I took quite a lot yesterday.”

      Sam strides over to you and leans some of his weight on your side as he slips his arms around you. “Let’s try some of that scrumptious cake that you made.”

      You snicker at him. “Scrumptious? Who says that? But yes, let’s. I’m also definitely trying Harry’s though too.”

      Your partner nods his slightly red head. “Yeah! Thanks for the cake, man. It looks really nice.” His arm leaves your body when he wraps his arms around his twin. Sigh. How cute!

      When they untangle from each other, Sam seizes your hand to pull you to the two baked goods. While he cuts a piece of the cake that you had baked together you collect a slice of Harry’s. It really is pretty.

      You and your lover proceed to sit down at the table with the rest of the loving Hollands, but you too are in your own little world. God. You love him so damn much. And helping him out wasn’t so bad. You too had such a pleasurable time doing it together in the end.

      In the enchanting bubble you and Sam had made with the love and affection for each other you and your loving boyfriend feed one another pieces of delectable cake. Sam blushes and giggles as you try to wipe the frosting that he had accidentally smeared on you. When you can’t seem to find it, Sam leans in and kisses the frosting away (that was apparently on the corner of your mouth) before moving to your lips. It is sweeter than any cake you have ever eaten and decide right then and there that there is nothing lovelier than the tender kiss of your soul mate.

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I don’t know how old I was, not very old, 7 or 8 or something. And I remember, if I got sweaty hands, I could push against the frame of a door, like in the doorway, and climb up it. I remember thinking: “I might actually be Spider-Man. I’m not sure.” It turns out, I wasn’t. I didn’t know, you know. It was touch and go for a while there.Charlie Cox
Long Road to North - Chapter 78 - Urponator - Super Dangan Ronpa 2 [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Guess who’s posting chapters at 8am… >.>

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p14)

This is a translation of Mitsurou Kubo’s detailed commentary on episodes 1-6 (plus some about ep.8) that appeared on the Dec. 2016 Pash! issue. I wish I could’ve posted it yesterday, but I was too tired to double-check it… It’s very interesting and there’s lots of “behind-the-scenes”, so have fun reading while we wait for episode 9 (can’t wait already)!

Some notes:
In the magazine, some parts of the commentary are written in bold font and some in even bolder font. I recreated it with italic for the first and bold for the latter. (So yeah those are not highlighted by me, I’m just recreating how the actual article is.) The episode titles are left in Japanese because I’m not watching any sub/dub so not sure what to use as an “official” translation. As for character lines, for the same reason I’m not using the translations appeared in the sub/dub so they might be worded differently than what you are used to hear.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Mitsurou Kubo complete commentary!
Mitsurou Kubo-san is in charge of creating the original plan for the screenplay, in the form of a manga storyboard. We have asked her to comment on the story so far!

Episode 1 “Nan no Pirozhki!! Namida no Grand Prix Final”

-Looking back, this episode doesn’t have many gag parts compared to the others. We see Yuuri’s past, and since it was getting gloomy we tried lots of ways not to make it go too much into that direction.

-I completed the storyboard for this episode last year and it’s been quite some time since it left my side, so I was able to watch it forgetting that I’m the one who created it. That’s one of the reasons when people watch episode 1 and tell me “”YOI” is interesting” I reply “I think the same”, even though it sounds like self-praise. But indeed, I think I’m the only one that can draw this kind of story…

-The “pirozhki” in the title actually doesn’t appear in the episode (LOL), but it will come up later on.

-In the recording test for the scene where Yuuri gives his glasses to Yuuko and tells her “please watch”, Toyonaga-san played him really cool and made my heart throb (LOL). However, in the actual episode we used a version that sounds weaker. It’s no good if Yuuri starts being cool from the first episode (LOL), so I asked Toyonaga-san to make it something gradual. As the story progresses, Yuuri also becomes stronger!

-The recording of this episode is the only one I’ve been able to go to so far. I didn’t think about the voice actors at all when writing the storyboard, which resulted in Phichit’s voice actor Kenshou (Ono)-san coming to the recording even though his only line was “hahaha!”. This happened shortly after I went to see the “KuroBas” musical (where Ono-san is also starring), so I felt especially sorry for him… (LOL)

-One of the things I was going to do no matter what is to show asses in the hot springs (LOL). Though in fact, until that point I had never really drawn a guy’s ass in my manga. When I saw the finished footage I was like “this is so direct…!!” (LOL). But seriously, skaters have such a wonderful body!

Episode 2 “Futari no Yuri!? Yutopia no Ran”

-Some people realized from the preview at the end of episode 1 that Victor was going to become a coach, and I also spotted comments like “I don’t want him to quit competing!”, but that’s a hasty judgment (LOL). It was never said that he’s retiring!

-For weekly serialized manga the reader poll* is very important, and I remember one of the things I was told by my editor is that “manga whose 2nd chapter receives more praise in the poll than the 1st one tend to continue longer and become more popular”. So my hope for this episode 2 was that it would receive more praise than episode 1. And I think this actually happened.
[*translator note: Usually magazines come with a postcard where readers can choose which manga they liked the most and write comments. This actually influences the order in which manga appear in the magazine and can lead less popular ones to be canceled]

-When I wrote this episode I was still drawing freely, without thinking too much about the “30 minutes time slot” of an anime. I was told that “cutting a long story is easier than trying to expand a short story”, but when I found that just reading all lines aloud would take longer than 20 minutes, I realized that I needed to think more about the time too. Still, until episode 4 I wasn’t able to calculate time correctly.

-I’m careful not to make it look like Victor is completely guiding Yuuri with his advices, and that it shows that Yuuri is actually a person that can think about what he wants to do, that wants to create a new image for himself, and that he can come up with ideas that go slightly ahead of what Victor is thinking. As the story progresses, it should become more and more clear why Yuuri needs to be the protagonist.

-What I needed to do first of all is make it so that viewers will want to cheer for these three, and that they will never get tired of watching them talk together. Therefore, to write this episode I gathered all the skills and experience I have gained so far as an author and did my very best.

Episode 3 “Boku ga Eros de Eros ga Boku de!? Kessen! Onsen on ICE”

-The episode where eros is compared to katsudon. The original idea came to me when I heard that the choreographer Kenji (Miyamoto)-sensei, when he teaches young children how to do sensual movements, tells them to imagine “having honey on your hands”. I thought that in that case, if you absolutely cannot come up with an image for eros, you could just try to substitute it with food. Plus I also heard that foreigners like katsudon. And there’s a “katsu” in “Yuuri Katsuki” as well. I also thought it would be cool if someone felt like eating katsudon the next day, influenced by the anime… However, I actually never asked Kenji-sensei to base the choreography on katsudon (LOL). I just tried to associate katsudon to the finished choreography myself.

-Yuuri is actually quite cold-hearted. He’s someone that doesn’t really try to get into other people’s hearts, but in this episode, through the confrontation with Yurio, he became aware of a side of himself he had never experienced before.

-Figure skaters, even if they’re rivals on the ice, can be quite friendly with each other off the ice. I wanted viewers to remember “Hasetsu” as a place where Yuuri and Yurio could spend some carefree time. I added this match because it would have been sad not to see them confront each other until the GP series.

Episode 4 “Jibun wo Suki ni Natte… Kansei!! Free Program”

-I came up with this part because I didn’t want Yuuri to just dance on a FS prepared by Victor, I wanted the two of them to create it together. I wanted to show that Yuuri is not someone that just waits for others to give him everything, he becomes more active and does something creative on his own too. It’s something to which I can relate too because it’s also what I feel when creating my works, so it was easy to put my feelings into it. This is also the last episode where they are training in Hasetsu, and I wanted to make this one of the precious days Yuuri spent with Victor.

-Regarding the “hair whorl” scene, in a manga it’s something that would be explained with words, but since this is an anime I wanted to draw something that cannot be explained with words, a moment when the wall between the two falls. As sometimes Yuuri acts rudely even toward the person he admires, can’t completely open up his heart, tends to get a bit hesitant about creating something new etc, I wanted to show this somewhat irrational side of him. Wouldn’t anybody want to poke Victor’s hair!? I had the feeling that if you poked it something would change. It’s like Victor “came down to the human world”.

-We made Yuuri’s theme “love”, but actually in the beginning the concept of “skating for love” was never in my or director Yamamoto’s mind (LOL). Then we heard actual figure skaters say that “they can work hard for love”. If we hadn’t heard that we probably wouldn’t have done it because it would have looked like something forced by the creators, but if the show wasn’t about figure skating I’m sure we would never have discussed seriously about love or portrayed it anyway, and with the director we just got all hyped up about love and decided to make it the theme. The portrayal of love is a key point in this anime, and I’m glad that we could convey it clearly in this episode.

-It seems to happen especially with young Russian athletes that some of them go well when they’re young but then suddenly start getting worse results above 16-17 years old, so considering this too Yurio probably feels the flow of time in a completely different way than Yuuri.

-I like the scene where Yuuri writes “YURI ON ICE” on the CD and it connects to the title of the series. It’s actually true that you have to bring a CD to the tournaments. Kenji-sensei also used to write titles on the CDs, so I took inspiration from that. I really like episode 4.

Episode 5 “Kao Makka!! Shosen Da yo! Chuu-shikoku-kyuushuu Senshuken Taikai”

-It’s a stupid title, isn’t it (LOL). I originally put “kao makka” (bright red face) in the title referring to Yuuri feeling embarrassed when he skates Eros for the first time, but in the end he collides with a wall and his face physically becomes red, so it sounds like it refers to that.

-This is the only tournament that takes place in Japan. I wanted to show how, like Yuuri admires Victor, there are also Japanese athletes who admire Yuuri, and this is where Minami-kun shows up. But seriously, Yuuri Katsuki mostly has a cold attitude toward athletes who admire him (LOL). He doesn’t really behave like someone who is the target of admiration, and that’s why Victor scolds him. After that he finally learns to encourage his junior. This is something where Yuuri needs to grow.

-Meanwhile Victor also grows when he needs to decide how to deal with a pupil that isn’t as good as he had pictured… I’m surprised we could fit all this in one episode.

-For the first time Yuuri skates in a public tournament in front of an audience, and I had to decide from who’s point of view to write the monologues. Since in the real world you cannot hear what athletes think when skating, I thought it would be interesting to have the monologues come from Yuuri, so I chose him for the first point of view. The second part is from Victor’s point of view.

-At the time I wrote this episode I wanted to draw the storyboard properly, so I did my best to ink it as neatly as possible. I really really wanted for the production staff to see, to understand that Yuuri Katsuki is strong.

-We actually went to the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Regional Tournament to collect data. It’s possible to watch the tournament from right behind where athletes enter the rink and also very close to the rink, so we pricked up our ears to listen to what people actually say. We saw an athlete coming back from the rink saying “I’m sorry, I know! I know!”. I believe they wanted to show their coach that they understood what they did wrong before the coach themselves said it. There were also athletes who pulled up their zippers with shocking speed. Some of the things we saw and heard there were actually included in the anime.

Episode 6 “Grand Prix Series Kaimaku! Yacchaina Chuugoku Taikai!”

-All the athletes participating in the China tournament show up. This is the episode I was most scared it wouldn’t fit within the allowed time slot.

-One of the things I absolutely wanted to draw is the characters eating “Shanghai mitten crab” (LOL). I’m sure we and everyone else would want to eat it, and I know that athletes sometimes eat it too after the matches, so yeah. I’m glad that we included that scene, because it was an entertaining way to show that the characters have gone abroad from the start of the episode, in a part that is not directly related to the tournament. Beside that, when we went there to collect data, outside the hotel there was a food stall selling something like Taiwanese senbei (rice crackers), and we spotted the Chinese skater Yan Han eating them, so we based the scene with Guang-Hong on that.

-The players that participate in the China Tournament are all sociable, so there’s lots of chatting. Many of the songs are also catchy. On the contrary, the Russia Tournament is suddently savage (LOL). I didn’t want viewers to find the tournament scenes boring or to be unable to understand the characters, so I did my best to make it so that you could grasp a character’s personality through their skating.

-Regarding the scene where Yuuri licks his lips, in the world of figure skating athletes actually do need to show a provocative attitude toward judges. The director and I always discuss about “what would be the most unusual erotic thing Yuuri Katsuki would do?”, and that’s how I decided to draw him licking his lips.

-I created Popovich as a very artistic character, but he’s amusing (LOL). It’s also common for Russian athletes to use very loud songs or songs with sound effects.

-In my storyboard, Giacometti is skating fully naked. The director told me that the recording for this episode was awesome (LOL).

-I was very straightforward when I wrote Yuuri’s line “I’m the only one who knows Victor’s love”… (LOL). But I think that using more lukewarm expressions would just not be good for the story, so I’m determined to go all-out.

Episode 7~
-In episode 8 J.J. is shocking (LOL). We’re not planning to create chara songs for this anime, but his SP is basically like a chara song (LOL). Of course it’s not sung by (Mamoru) Miyano-san, but he skates to a song that he requested to write for himself, and the lyrics are just the best (LOL). There are also some visual expressions that normally would be impossible to see, however it’s J.J. so it’s possible… I wanted to make him the most thoroughly strong rival character. I was the one who thought his final pose, and I hope it trends after the episode is aired… Another big highlight is Yurio’s serious agape after he becomes more refined. We had a female skater perform Yurio’s program, her hair was the same length as his and she brushed it up while skating. It would be amazing to see the same in the anime too. Another point to look forward to is the song used by Seung-Gil, who’s already popular in Korea!!

[Translator’s note: She actually doesn’t mention episode 7 at all, she just skips right to episode 8. I guess she didn’t want to make any spoiler and everything she wanted to say about it is spoiler? Well I can kind of understand… I am sure we will get comments on episode 7 too in magazines issued at a later time]


Hi guys! Holy God, it’s been such a long time… Last time I signed in (before I became inactive), I had like, 700 followers or so, but now I have 1,400+! I’ve never thought I’d have such a big amount of support, especially since this account died. Thank you very much!!! I’m really, really surprised. If you don’t want to kill me with an axe for the inactivity yet, I have more to say:

There are some reasons why I’ve been completely inactive…

1. I focused on school and lost the motivation to draw (my dA account has been quite inactive as well)

2. I forgot the e-mail address and the password I used for this account. Yeah, both of them, hahah (how did I remember them? I didn’t, actually. Yesterday when I was cleaning the shitloads of folders in my laptop, I randomly found a text document with e-mails and passwords. Damn, it wasn’t even named correctly, it was something like “hfhflf”, haha. That’s how I was able to sign in now)

So… What I’m trying to say is that I started drawing seriously again. Or at least I’m trying to! :) Would you be interested to see more of ask-theackermans? I can’t bring myself to delete this blog. Like this post or send me a message if you want, I’ll be on here to check them out. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!

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Stoner Sunday!!

I actually got all this yesterday, but I saved the post for today. Hooray for dispensary day and a very happy Stoner Sunday to you all!

Here’s the total haul:
- 1/2oz Chocolope
- 1/2oz Lavender
- 1/2g Blockhead Shatter (CO2 extraction)
- 1/2g Timewreck Shatter (CO2 extraction)
- 2 600mg HarleTsu oil cartridges at 2:1 CBD:THC
- Durban Poison oil cartridge
- Jilly Bean oil cartridge
- 4g White Dream (FREE SAMPLES!)

Usually I include the THC percentages on my concentrates, but (typical stoner) I can’t remember what they said it was now… Only that they said both were over 90%. So yeah… I’m a happy girl!

ultranos ha respondido a tu publicación “I watched the episode yesterday and I really liked it! Though one…”

Actually, this was a really good illustration for a classic warning sign for severe clinical depression and someone catching it and handling it actually fairly well.

Yeah, this list of “reasons you should seek medical attention for depression” ended up on the cutting room floor for the other post:

You will note that Alex literally used this expression in the scene where she comes to Kara’s apartment after James calls her to say that Kara quit her job.

Behind The Scenes 3 (12/???)

Author’s note: This week I am going out of town. I wont post the next part till next week. I think from now on I will only be updating this once a week because of school and because I still have writing and editing to do for the rest of BTS 3. Once I completely finish BTS 3, I plan on posting more frequently. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst, drama (Suga, Jungkook)

Word count: 3466

City: Fukuoka (Day 3)

Summary: The rest of BTS learn about Y/n’s little outburst.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made this based off of this scenario series.

After the expected beating from Rap monster, Jungkook had gathered the strength to call Minho to come over.

Minho came, concluded it was nothing more than severe bruising would occur and then left the two of you with ice packs, pain killers and sleeping pills.

You awoke in a rather uncomfortable state. You were alone, the bed was drenched with cool water and warm ice packs were scattered everywhere. Your first attempts to move reminded you of how bad things were the night before. Almost every part of your core hurt like hell, sore from every punch the monster gave you.

After many tries you finally got yourself to sit up and drag yourself out of bed. You walked over to the vanity mirror to get a good look at yourself. Like after all the other beatings, you were scared to by your own reflection. There was a huge blotch of dark purple over your right eye. The bruise was so big you felt it took over half of your face, not to mention it was very swollen. “Fuck” was all you could say about your appearance. Next came the hard part, you had to find out the damage done to your body. You didn’t know what to expect, you just knew it was going to be bad.

You let out a small yelp as you slowly lifted your damp shirt to reveal your body. Your entire midsection was covered with large purple blotches. “Shit” you whimpered, quickly covering them up again.

You were horrified at how you looked. Never did you think that you’d see yourself in such a condition. The image of your bruised body made you feel sorry for yourself. As a way to stop thinking about it all, you decided to take a nice long sit in the bath tub. “Some hot water should help, right? Yeah! I deserve to relax bit anyway” you thought to yourself as you turned on the hot water. You took your clothes off and avoided the mirrors as much as possible.

Once the tub was full you slowly placed yourself in and let the warmth engulf you.

Things were peaceful until you heard Jungkook calling out for you. “Y/n?” It sounded like he was in the bedroom now.

“Yeah?!?” you practically shouted.

The door knob turned and soon Jungkook was in the room. He froze when he saw you in the tub.

“Jungkook! Get out!” you shrieked as you covered yourself in the bubbles and dug yourself deeper into the tub.

“Oh shit! Sorry!” He quickly covered his eyes and put his head down. He tried to leave the room, but accidentally walked into the wall. His hand soon found the door knob and he let himself out.

You sat up straight and alert. You decided to just get dressed now that the whole vibe was ruined.

“Huh? He acted really different just now…” you thought to yourself as you dried off. You remembered the first time Jungkook walked in on you, back when you were getting ready for your first fake date with him. He was such an asshole, practically body shaming you and not giving a damn about your privacy. This time it was the exact opposite. “… Actually, he has been really different lately…not even an asshole anymore… Yesterday- Oh shit! We fucking kissed!” you remembered. Most of your memory was taken up by the beating to have remembered the kiss. “Why did we do that?… Ok ok he was drunk and sad… but he looked so innocent! And his kiss felt so… nice. Nothing like when we pretend… and the alcohol on his breath reminded me of Yoongi… maybe he forgot. Yeah! He was pretty drunk, right? Yeah! I just won’t bring it up…” you thought.

You wrapped the towel tightly around you and poked your head out to the bedroom. Thankfully, the room was empty and you quickly changed into something comfortable.

You hesitated a bit as you grabbed to doorknob to go to the living room. “Just don’t make a big deal out of anything.” You reminded yourself.

You walked out of the room and found Jungkook at the table with his head down. The room smelled of coffee and there were two steaming cups sitting in front of him.

“You were calling me?” you asked in a normal tone. You walked towards him, fixing your hair into a bun in an attempt to come off as normal as possible.

Jungkook quickly sat up, exposing the light purple bruise on his left eye. Apparently Rap monster is always smart, even when he is in the middle of a rampage.

His gaze on you was strong as you walked up to him. He was probably taking a great notice of your swollen black eye. “Um, yeah, I was just gonna say that I made coffee” He mumbled. He slid one of the cups to the empty seat next to him.

“Oh, thanks…” you went around and sat down next to him. You took a sip of coffee, not really knowing what to say.

He stared at you before he finally said something again. “H-how do you feel?” he stuttered.

“How do I feel about what?” you asked quickly as you took another sip. Your heart raced, hoping that he wasn’t talking about the kiss.

“We both seem to have black eyes… Did the ice packs help? Were you able to sleep? Do you have any other bruises? Do you feel okay?”

You tried to keep your words short. “The pills helped, my body hurts and I have tons of bruises.”

“Same here. Plus, I’m super hungover.”

You nodded and another sip of coffee. “You should probably take something for that too then…” There was an elephant in the room and you both knew it.

You could feel him throwing side glances at you. There was a feeling that he wanted to say something, but was holding himself back.

“This is good coffee…” You said softly into the mug as you took another sip

“Yeah.” He looked down at his phone and then back at you. “Um… uh…”


“We- I mean- I- uh… There is a lot of stuff on the internet over what happened yesterday.”


“Yeah, we gotta figure out what to do to make it go away.”

“How bad it is?”

“Rumors of abuse, cheating and us breaking up…”

“Shit.” You hid your face on your hands. “I’m sorry. All this shit is because of me.”

“Hey, we’ll figure it out… We can fix this.”

You let out a long sigh. “But how?”

“Um…  Maybe we can write an explanation as to what happened and then we can just post that on twitter and all that. We can lie and talk about what “actually” went down.” He suggested.

“Yeah, that seems like a good idea” you huffed. You closed your eyes and tried to calm yourself down.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of you. The only sounds in the room were of the two of you each taking sips of your own coffee..

“Y/n… I can’t take this anymore. We should probably talk about last night…”

“We got our asses beat, what else do we have to take about?”

“Well, I meant before Namjoon showed up…”

Heat flooded into your face. There was only one thing he could be talking about. “No no, he’s not talking about the kiss.” You thought. “He’s probably gonna ask why you broke down.” you looked back at him and crossed your arms. “Look, when you dragged you out of here, I told Jimin the whole reason why I acted the way I did. I don’t feel like saying it all again, so if you want to know, you can just go ask Jimin about it.”

He frowned a bit. “Oh, good to know… I think… But that wasn’t what I was talking about…”

“Then what were you talking about?” you asked calmly. “Fucking shit! He better not bring up the kiss!” You screamed internally.

“… It’s about the kiss… I, uh, I-“ in that second, there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” you jumped up and practically ran to the door.

Just when you thought salvation from an awkward situation arrived, it only delivered a new one. You opened the door to find Suga standing there and he didn’t look too happy. The moment his eyes landed on you, his face morphed into shock.

“What the fuck happened?” He asked, making his way inside. He came up to you, carefully grabbing your face and hovering his fingers over your black eye. “Y/n, tell me what happened!” He demanded.

“Get off me!” was all you said, trying to push him off.

He didn’t listen, he was too busy freaking out. “The whole fucking internet is going crazy. What happened? Did that fuck do something to you? Tell me what happened!”

“Bro! She said get off her!” Jungkook appeared and pulled Suga off you.

Suga turned on Jungkook. “What the fuck did you do to her?!?” he snapped, aggressively pushing the tall maknae.

Jungkook kept his cool and stood his ground. “What makes you think I did anything to her?”

“There is a fucking video of her yelling at you to leave her alone and it looked like she was trying to run away from you! Now, I come here and find half her face bruised! I-“

“You actually fucking think I did that to her?!? I’m not a fucking psychopath like Jin or Namjoon! Don’t you see this damn bruise on me too?” He asked, taking a step to Suga.

Suga glared up at him, moving forward to close the space between them. “I don’t trust a fuck like you with her.” He growled.

You could see them both get pissed. One more word and they were going to start fighting. “That’s it!” you yelled. You squeezed your way in between them and pushed them apart. “Suga just leave.”

In an instant Suga’s anger disappeared and was replace by confusion. “Why are you calling me Suga?!?”

You didn’t answer him.

“Y/n, please talk to me! Tell me what’s going on! Let me try to fix it!”

“You fucking heard her, just leave!” Jungkook ordered from behind you.

“I’m trying to see what’s wrong with my friend!” He snapped.

“Well, if she was really your friend, she would have told you already!”

Suga looked at you for some type of reassurance, some reaction to prove Jungkook’s words wrong. “…Y/n…”

You could feel yourself insides flipping. Almost every part of you wanted to say something, all except one tiny part. It was that part of you the still didn’t trust him, that didn’t know how genuine he was. It was the part that kept you from even looking him in the eye.

Again, there was a knock at the door, a very soft and shy knock.

Immediately, you went for the door to avoid the situation.

Suga grabbed your wrist, a last attempt to get you to say something, but you pulled away and retreated to the door. You were smarter this time and checked through the peephole first. “Fuck!” you said under your breath.

“What is it?” Jungkook asked.

“It’s Aiko.” You whispered.

Jungkook turned to Suga. “Get her out of here. If she sees us, she’ll start asking questions.”

“No shit!” Suga grumbled. “You honestly think I’m stupid?!? You-“

“Just get her away from here!” you hissed. “We got enough shit to deal with.”

Suga looked over to you, a hint of pain in his expression. “Only if you tell me what’s going on.”

“Please!” you begged. “I don’t want things to get worse.” You whimpered.

“…Fine… But we are talking later.” He said as he walked past you.


He walked past y/n and opened the door just enough to squeezed his body out of the room.

Aiko was surprised to see him of all people coming out. “Yoongi bear?”

“What are you doing here?” He asked calmly. “I thought you were still asleep.”

“Well, when I woke up, I found a bunch of stuff about Jungkook and y/n all over the internet! I came to check on y/n and see how she was taking it all…”

“Y/n is fine! Why would she not be fine? She’s fine! Right now the two of them are coming up with a game plan on how to clear this whole thing.” He said optimistically. Despite his cheerful tone. Aiko still had a frown on her face. “Now why that face?” He smiled, pinching her cheeks

All she did was frown more. “Yoongi bear… I don’t think y/n is okay…”

“What? Why? What gives you that idea?” He gulped.

She motioned him closer and pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear. “I- I think that what people are saying might be true…” She quickly backed away and covered her mouth, guilty of saying what she said.

“… You actually believe those rumors?” If she was thinking this, maybe his own assumptions weren’t wrong.

“I know I shouldn’t believe them Yoongi, but yesterday when we ran into them, she didn’t look happy, not a tiny bit… Something really bad must have happened for her to act that way. I just wanted to check on her. You talk about her a lot and she seems like a really nice person. I just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

He went to her and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Aiko, everything between them is fine.” He lied. “We are in the middle of the tour and we are all pretty stressed right now, that’s all. They told me that things just got a bit out of hand and people took it out of context…” He slid his hands down to her waist. “Remember, this is her first time on tour, she has a lot on her plate right now. There are a lot of things to take into consideration.”

She looked up at him doubtfully. “I don’t know Yoongi bear… but maybe you are right.”

“Of course I’m right! I’m Min Yoongi! I’m always right!”

She giggled at him.

“C’mon, why don’t we go get something to eat?” He suggested, pulling her down the hall.


You spied out the peephole until you saw Suga and Aiko walking away hand in hand. Your heart hurt, but you pushed the pain to the back of your mind. “…Ok… They are gone…” you huffed.

You hoped this whole thing made Jungkook forget what you were talking about. Your attempt to go to the bedroom failed when Jungkook pulled you back in front of him. “We still need to talk.” he said

You groaned. “Jungkook I know what you are going to say. It was just a kiss, right? Didn’t mean anything? We were both just emotional? Yeah, I got it! I’m on the same page.”

You tried to leave again, but he went and moved in front of you. “Wait! Is that what you think?”

“No, it’s what I know. I know you Jungkook. It obviously didn’t mean anything to you and it didn’t mean anything to me. Let’s leave it at that.”

“So it didn’t mean anything to you?” He asked softly.

“Nope, you got nothing to worry about.”

He looked confused. “But- I-“ For a third time there was  a knock at the door to interrupt the conversation. “You gotta be fucking kidding me!” he shouted. He stomped over to the door, mumbling under his breath.

V and Jimin were standing anxiously on the other side.

“What the fuck do you guys want? I’m trying to-“ They both disregarded Jungkook and pushed their way in.

They both ran up to you and were both surprised and upset by how you looked. They also bombarded you with questions and you only gave small answers to brush them off. Jimin guided you to the couch and for some reason kept saying he was sorry. “Y/n I’m sorry, I didn’t think he was going to do this to you.”

The more he apologized the worse you felt. “I told you this was going to happen.” You whimpered.

As Jimin spoke to you, V turned and whispered to Jungkook. “Hey, I need to talk to you.” and they went off into the bedroom.

Jimin went on for a hug but touched a bruise you didn’t know you had on your back. “Ouch!” you cried. It hurt so bad, your eyes started to water.

“Ah! I’m sorry! What did I do?” He panicked.

“It’s the bruises.” You whimpered.

“More bruises? How bad are they?”

You lifted your shirt and showed him the damage.

“Y/n, I can’t believe it was that bad.” He said soft hush. He slowly pulled you into a hug.

“I was so scared.” You sniffled.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Let it all out.”

“I thought he was going to kill me. He was so mad Jimin and- and- and- Jungkook was too drunk to do anything. I was so scared.”


“What did you need to tell me?” Jungkook groaned.

V lashed out on him on the spot. “What did I fucking tell you?!? I told you not to take her out! And what did you do? You fucking took her out!”

“You only suggested I don’t take her out! And how the fuck was I supposed to know that she would do that?!? I was just trying to help her!”

“I don’t care what you were trying to do! Things could have ended up much worse! You remember Tomo?”

“The only competent fuck that Namjoon has here? Yeah, why?”

“He’s dead! Namjoon busted his head open last night. Fucking Tomo tried to be a big shot and started a shoot out right when Namjoon was about to seal the deal! You have no fucking idea how lucky you are that he didn’t kill y/n, that he didn’t kill you either!”

Jungkook stayed quiet. He knew V was right.

V looked at him disappointedly. “Just don’t do shit unless your told to. You know that already.” He lectured.

“Yeah, I got it!”

It wasn’t until they both got quiet they could hear crying from the other room.

“Y/n!” they both said.

They opened the door and found Y/n sobbing in Jimin’s arms.

V Immediately went over to her and tried to cheer her up. “Awww, y/n don’t cry.” He proceeded to make and playfully fight Jimin to get her to laugh. It got to the point where he was doing just about anything stupid enough to try and get a laugh out of her.

It was within V’s whole cheering up process that Jungkook whispered to Jimin that he needed to talk to him. They both headed back to the bedroom to talk.

“What’s up?” Jimin asked.

“Y/n told me that she told you why she has been acting so weird.”

Jimin let out a long sigh. “Yeah, she’s been keeping a lot of shit locked in for a while.”

“Like what?”

“She didn’t tell you?”


“Then what did you guys talk about last night?”

Jungkook felt his face blush a bit. “Um well-“

“I know that face. It was about Yoona wasn’t it?” Jimin asked, his expression full of pity.

“Yeah, you could say that…”

Jimin nodded understandably. He didn’t say anything else, he knew it was best not to bring up Yoona.

Jungkook broke the silence. “So why is she upset then?”

“Um, well, she’s mad at Yoongi and Hoseok. She’s very hurt and creeped out and confused by them. She sees them lying to Meihui and Aiko… She is scared that they could possibly be fake with her as they are with the girls, that they are only telling her things she wants to hear until Namjoon is done with her…”

“Oh shit…”

“Yeah, on top of that she thinks she has feelings for Yoongi?”

“What? She likes him?”

“Yeah, she likes him a lot… They kissed once, but that’s cuz he was drunk and thought she was Aiko. She’s very confused with Yoongi over all this though. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore.”


“Yeah, so that’s why she hasn’t been talking to them. Not the best way to handle the whole thing, but then again, who am I to say anything.”

“Hm… So, she doesn’t like Yoongi then, right?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow at him. “…Well it’s not exactly a yes or no if she doesn’t know herself… Why do you ask?”

“Oh nothing… just you know… if he tries to talk to her again, I would, uh, know whether to let him or not… you know for y/n’s sake.”

Jimin looked back at him suspiciously. “Hm, well, you should let them talk. That would give y/n a chance to get some closure.” He could have sworn he saw Jungkook frown the slightest bit.

“Yeah, good idea.”

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anonymous asked:

didn't see it mentioned so wanted to point out that the fan pic w/ d on sat night was at hell'a tight, which is a dance party/drag show in sf. definitely a lgbtq space + d was happy to let fans know he was there, as usual. i'm also amused bc i don't think d was seen at all on sunday, right? almost like he's making a point that he chose 1 day @ the fest over brazil. and that this week the people/events that are *actually* important to him were in sf & la

Hi Anon!! Thanks for your note, You are correct- we should have pointed this out but we had to do a little research first (thanks to @souly who found the photo yesterday and made the observation about the hash tag). After the Festival, Darren spent Saturday evening at Hell’a Tight.  This is the one photo that was posted with a fan,

Hell’a tight appears to be a monthly party held in San Fran at Underground SF. Described on its FB page as (X):

Remember High School? Yeah, so do I… and this is how I made it through. This party’s gonna make you dance and sing like you never got to walking down the halls with your Discman. A day when Britney wanted to be Hit One More Time and ‘N Sync was Tearin’ Up My Heart… It’s time for Hell'a Tight! A night of Bubblegum Pop Jams, Bubble Gum Shots, and Visuals to take to back.

I love how Darren continues to do things that show who he really is. It speaks volumes. Again, as we have discussed many times, it would be easy for him to go places and not be seen. But yet, he chooses time and time again to hang out where he can be seen at places that are known LGBT+ establishments. 

And I could not agree more, I love that he went out of his way to spend Saturday in San Fran, making sure that everyone knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with. And emphasizing that he had no interest in a trip to Brazil for her friend’s wedding and that it was clearly not a priority. If he wanted to be there, I am sure he could have arranged to take a few days off. Not like he would not have known about it months prior to it happening.

But he preferred spending time listening to music with friends and I assume spending a quiet Sunday back in LA relaxing at home with Cooper and Brian (though it does look like he went to some event later in the day). And if my assumption is right about where and with whom Chris spent the weekend, perhaps spending some time with the in-laws as well:)

anonymous asked:

Soulmate au with the matching tattoo where quiet!reader doesn't believe in true love because her parents didn't have a good relationship and finally divorce (to readers relief) even though they are soulmates. And she slowly falls in love with iwaizumi (her best friends since they were child) who found his soulmate, but he's in love with reader and oikawa is readers soulmate but she doesn't know because he's hiding the tattoo and knows iwaizumis and readers feeling each other, ignoring his feels.

Damn this sounds angsty. I’m not the best with angst, so bear with me here, okay? I should be studying right now, but I have no motivation. I had a date yesterday with this girl from tinder…it didn’t work out-we’re not seeing each other again. So, yeah, no motivation.

I kinda want to continue this and make a poly Iwa + Oi + Reader…

I’m posting all my works to Ao3 from now on in addition to here. Username: pirateship

~~Admin Keiji


You were supposed to be paying attention to the lecture, you were supposed to take notes on how the unit circle is actually magical (according to your over enthused teacher), and you were supposed to fall in love. What kind of misconceived notion is that, you thought bitterly as you glared down at you wrist, eyeing the roughly chopped heptagon.

Everyone was born with a soulmate, you were taught in primary school. The tattoo on your wrist was half a polygon, and the number of sides was what age you were when you met them, whether it was a formal introduction or bumping shoulders with them in the street; the two halves fit together perfectly; when you kissed for the first time, you’d then have a full polygon. You had half a heptagon, meaning you were seven when you met Mr. Perfect.

What a load of bullshit it all was, though. Soulmates are supposed to be perfect together, supposed to your other half, so why, why did your so-called-perfect-parents fight all the frickin time? Why did they seem to hate each other? Why? Why? Why?

Soulmates were bullshit, and you hoped you never found yours. That wasn’t a secret to anyone, either. All the girls ostracized you because of your unique views, and you quickly got labeled as the quiet girl. Well screw them. You didn’t need soulmates to find love.

Or did you? Iwaizumi Hajime was your best friend, and you loved him–you were in love with him, but he had his soulmate, had his completed tetradecagon. Still, you tortured yourself over it, vented to Oikawa about it, secretly wished his soulmate and he would fall out of love, but yet you still wished the best for him.

Oikawa was another mystery to you. Most people proudly showed off their wrists, hoping someone will shout “You’re my other half!” But not Oikawa. If he wasn’t wearing long sleeves, he had a sweatband on, covering the mark. Because of that and his good looks, he constantly had girls hanging off of him, hoping to convince him to show his tattoo, hoping they’d match with him. When you questioned him about it, he simply responded that he didn’t want a mark to determine love.

You thought there was deeper reason, but you weren’t going to press it. He was one of your best friends after all.


Oikawa sighed as he undid his tie that evening. It was getting harder and harder to keep his tattoo hidden, especially in practice. There were two people he was hiding it from, you and Iwa-chan, and he was almost always around one of the two.

He changed into more comfortable clothes and took his sweatband off to rub the skin on his wrist, looking wearily down at the roughly chopped heptagon. His mom said he was doing something good by not forcing some idea on you, but everyday it got harder to put that smile on his face.

In simple words, Oikawa was in love with you. Not because you were his soulmate, but because you were radiant. He was hoping that one day you’d feel the same, but he couldn’t show you his tattoo without ruining all chances.

From his room, he heard the front door of his house open and heard Iwaizumi announce his presence, so he slipped the wristband on before heading downstairs to greet his best friend.

“Iwa-chan!” He yelled, startling Iwaizumi who did not realize Oikawa was so close, “to what do I owe the pleasure of your brilliance?”

“Shut up, Shittykawa,” he mumbled, but it didn’t have the usual amount of grumbliness that Iwa-chan usually gave. Taking a closer look, Oikawa could see that his friend looked deeply distressed.

Oikawa headed to the kitchen to make some tea before making Iwaizumi spill his guts. It started something like this (in Oikawa’s mind, a few liberties were taken), “Oh magnificent King Oikawa, I don’t know what to do. Humble me with your advice. I love, _____.”

“I know, Hajime,” a soft response came from Oikawa’s lips, startling Iwaizumi.

“You know?”

“It’s actually pretty obvious. I think Mari-chan even knows; that’s why she’s always glowering at _____-chan.”

Iwaizumi had to think that over a bit. If Mariko knew, that explained a lot actually. It explained why she always had to go to the restroom whenever _____ got close. It explained why she never seemed to want to go to lunch with Oikawa and _____. It explained why Mariko had been looking depressed whenever she and Iwaizumi went on dates. How could he have been so dense until now? Well, she was his soulmate. Of course he’d think she’s the one.

But was she? No. She wasn’t.

“What should I do, Oikawa?” The look Iwaizumi had in his eyes pained him. It hurt more than the fact that his best friend was in love with his soul mate. It even hurt more than the fact that his soul mate was in love with his best friend.

“Tell Mari-chan. Then tell _____-chan. I think you’ll get a favorable response,” Oikawa smiled at him.


“Yeah. Now go, before Mari-chan goes to sleep.”

“Thanks, Oikawa,” Iwaizumi yelled back to his friend as he ran through the front door.

“No problem, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa said to the closed door and tears streamed down his face.


Oikawa didn’t go to school the next day, or the day after that. He couldn’t handle the thought of seeing Iwaizumi and _____ hold hands, smile, and, god forbid, kiss. He was happy for them, he truly was. But it hurt. A lot.

It was a mistake to not go in, it seemed. Iwazumi and _____ got worried about their friend, and they also wanted to share some good news with him. So after school on that Friday, you and Iwaizumi–no, Hajime–make your way over to Oikawa’s home.

As per usual, you two let yourself in. Mrs. Oikawa has told you to do so on multiple occasions. Oikawa wasn’t on the first floor, so you head up to his room and hear video games being played from outside the door.

Upon letting yourself in, your eyes are drawn to a certain place. Oikawa seems frightened as your eyes focus on his wrist and he tries to cover it. But he wasn’t fast enough.

He’s your soulmate.

Tears stream down your face as you apologize over and over, Iwaizumi looking dazed next to you.

“Why?” Iwaizumi asked, almost angrily. “Why did you prioritize us? Why did you hide this, Tooru?”

“I wanted you to be happy, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa gives a wide smile, though it wobbles as tears fill his eyes as well. “I’m happy for you two. I just need some time, okay?”

No one moves. No one knows what to do. That is, until Oikawa pipes up once more, “You guys wanna play Smash with me?”

Have a Kevin of the Day - Day Four

 The Day Kevin brought Caesar along

Day 4

Kevin: I’ll be there in 10!
Neil: okay

Neil tied his running shoes and grabbed his keys. “Andrew, I’m going for a run!” From his boyfriend came only a short, noncommittal reply. He had been busy with a new video game recently. This morning however, they both had read a post about Kevin that had gone viral on social media. ‘Kevin Day found his rebound!’ — Awfully soon after he had just broken up with Thea two weeks ago. Last night someone from his team had tweeted that single line and people went crazy about it. Kevin himself had not commented on it yet and Neil was more than a little curious. He went outside to wait for his friend.

Kevin, as usual, showed up on time for their run. What caught Neil’s eye though was the new furry companion at his side. Black and white with blue eyes, a husky stayed close on Kevin’s heels.

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