this was perfect om g

This isn’t a text from last night, but last night I went to an emo night at a bar and immediately lost my phone. All I could think about was how many tabs of Roadrat fic I had open on there. When I found my phone the next day, I had left myself a THREE MINUTE VOICEMAIL describing gay outback sex and threatening to bother whomever had found my phone with more of the same unless they returned it (my region is not known for being particularly in favor of free love). The whole thing was done in an Australian accent. I also kept trying to do Junkrat’s lounge emote whenever I had something important to say that night. Your blog is now thanks for your service <3 <3

I….amazing. Perfect. Beautiful.

      My first photoshop edit // or my attempt at one anyway o(^・x・^)o


        Okay but yay ~ !  I hit the second big milestone only after a week of having this dork as a muse, even my most popular blog didn’t gain followers this fast. So hey, maybe that’s a good sign that I’m not as terrible at this as I feel. So, as a thanks, have this list of people who have made this one week worth staying around for, without them, I most certainly would not have stuck around.

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