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Benji Sick Headcanons

Requested by @littlemissanglerfish: headcanons for when benji is sick/just not feeling very well? i love that people are finally being open about their love for this boy :’) 💕he deserves the world

A/N: Benji deserves fucking everything pure and sweet in this world!!

-you and Benji would have a date planned for that day but the poor boy calls you that morning

-and he sounds so :(( terrible :((

-his voice is all husky and not in the sensual way, but in the ‘I’ve been coughing my lungs out for hours’ way

-and he speaks like it hurts and you’re so concerned

-the boy apologizes a lot for having to cancel

-“I’m so so sorry for having to cancel but *cough* I think I came down with something”

-you immediately rush to his place, bringing medicine, cough drops, and lemon water

-he rarely gets sick, but when he does… let’s just say Jesse is glad Benji has you to take care of him now

-Jesse opens the door and is like “thank god you can take over” and you’re like “??? Why does Jesse sound so traumatized??”

-he leaves so it’s just you and Benj


-he demands cuddles and refuses to take the medicine

-so you have to bargain with him, saying you’ll only cuddle him if he takes the medicine

-it’s a huge ordeal, he’s stubborn and so are you

-eventually he gives in because you pout and tell him you’re only doing this because you care about him

-and even while sick, the boy can’t say no to your pouty face

-once he’s taken the meds he’s A LOT easier to handle

-he gets really sleepy and he gets clingly and cuddly when he’s sleepy (those are hc’s for another time ;)))

-he falls asleep with his arms and legs wrapped around you like a koala (not that you mind)

-he usually likes to be held when you cuddle, but this time he wanted to be as close to you as possible

-he has a surprisingly good immune system??

-so when he wakes up the next morning he’s already better??

-overall Benji is lowkey hard to deal with when he’s sick, but he’s cute anyways and you love him

How the Beca Stole Christmas

A/N: Meaghan has been bugging me for more fic, so here I am. I’m whipped, I know. Thought of this lil diddy while walking through a christmas store the other day. I know it’s not much, but I figured i’d give y’all a little somethin somethin. Also because @ssbechloe was begging for it & i’m weak. okay bye.

ps - yes duh i realize it’s july. But like Christmas in July is probably a hallmark holiday somewhere so shush.

It was their first Christmas in their new house together. After three years of dating Beca finally grew a pair and threw a key at Chloe over coffee. Chloe simply grabbed it, smiled, walked over and kissed Beca on the cheek and that was that.

Fast forward two months. They’re blasting Michael Buble’s Christmas album, against Beca’s will of course, and Chloe is dancing while throwing tinsel at Beca who is refusing to cooperate as far as decorating goes. 

“Chlo, I’m sick of decorating. I wanna be drunk on eggnog and watch the OG Grinch like you promised.” Beca walked in to their living room with two fresh glasses of cocoa. Obviously she hated almost every movie, but she couldn’t even try to hate such a film as the original The Grinch. She was weak, and she knew it.

“Becs we just have to finish the tree and then we can watch the Grinch.” 

“Ugh fine.”

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So I was shopping today, and found a candle that smells exactly how I imagine Hiddles would smell 😂😍😍🔥

I wish we had smell-o-vision because “oakmoss, musk, and fresh fir” just doesn’t cut it for me. It smells like cologne and woods and manly sexiness.


I’m finally back on track with 1-2 days of posts in the queue so I’m not freaking out on the daily! 😂😂 sadly my brother has left and life has returned to normal. I hope my imagines weren’t too boring or lame 👀 I’m always here if anyone has any constructive criticisms for me!

Does anyone have that elusive Chris Evans lumberjack Yankee Candle? 😍💖


Miss Lemon is a fan or Raffles, the “gentleman thief”