this was our pact


“look kelso, i’ve never felt this way about a girl before, and that pretty much beats our third grade pact. i’m sorry i want to be with her”

↳ anon asked: jackie/hyde or jackie/kelso 

Eizen: A true name is not something a Malak just casually divulges to others. They carry a special meaning to us. Speaking it to anyone other than our pact keeper carries a special meaning. Between comrades, it means we trust them with our lives. In other cases, it’s– 

Magilou: Practically a confession of love! 

I wonder who that reminds me of…

I think it’s very important to look the way you want. It’s one of the most tangible components of how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. The fact that most individuals in our society (myself included) must conform to a mandatory appearance pact to bring home a paycheck is kind of a sad reality to me. It’s like you have to dull down who you are everyday so that others can feel comfortable. I’m happiest when I look like me. #reasonsiwanttoliveinthewoods

A Love Without End

Catullus 109

You propose to me, my life, that this
Our love will always give delight between us
And have no end.  Great gods, I pray,
Make it that she promise truly
And say this sincerely, from the heart,
So that it may be permitted to us
To keep this pact of holy affection
Never-ending through all our lives.

Iucundum, mea vita, mihi proponis amorem
    hunc nostrum inter nos perpetuumque fore.
di magni, facite ut vere promittere possit,
    atque id sincere dicat et ex animo,
ut liceat nobis tota perducere vita
    aeternum hoc sanctae foedus amicitiae.

The Venetian Lovers, Paris Bordone, between 1525 and 1530

Chanyeol Imagine: Hide

A Chanyeol Imagine I had stored in my Laptop from a long time ago that I thought I would share :) I hope you like it -Admin Aylee

You’d always had a hard time when Chanyeol left for tour, even when you first got together. He would phone you twice a week at least but every time that phone call had to end and the line had gone dead you would break down and cry a little. It may seem as if you were just an over attached girlfriend who was convinced that she needed him but you really did.

You and Chanyeol had been childhood friends who grew up together and shared everything, there were no secrets in our relationship, you had even made a pact against it that had no exceptions. You had met in your preschool days, you were a very shy little kid with long curly hair that made you feel a little self conscious, you kept to yourself and only interacted when you had to. That was until a tall slightly chubby little boy decided to try and make friends with you, he was the loudest and funniest person in your class, school even. You had, and still have, no idea why he wanted to talk to you of all people but you were grateful. You were confused when he told you that you “were going to be best friends” and you even tried to avoid him but for some reason he was convinced he wanted to talk to you, so he followed until the point where you had to give in to his pleas. 

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seven minutes in heaven (septiplier)

because every fandom needs a fic about guys being shoved into a closet until they make out. and I wrote this just now and have nothing else to post. also I swear I don’t mean to write so many drunk/tipsy fics, idek where that comes from, why is it becoming such a pattern for me?? D:?

No, nope, I’m out.” Mark makes to stand but Felix grips his knee hard to keep him sat where he is. It’s stupid that they’re still playing though, considering half the people in the circle have already wandered away to the patio or to the kitchen for more pizza and booze.

“We made an oath,” he says, using Mark’s shoulders to keep from tipping sideways. “A sacred pact, Mark, you insensitive fuck.”

“We sealed it with our jizz!” Ken chimes in from the bathroom down the hall, then promptly continues to hurl.

Felix bunches Mark’s shirt in his fists and shakes him. “We sealed it with our jizz,” he says solemnly, or at least as solemn as a shit-faced swedish person can be.

The whole thing is stupid of course, but that was kind of the point - when Mary suggested Spin the Bottle everyone jumped at the idea of living out shitty teen party cliches, even though most of them are in their twenties.

“Would ya stop talkin’ about jizz and get Mark in the fuckin’ closet, already!” Jack sounds muffled through the closet door, giggling as he starts kicking at it from the inside.

“We’re trying to get him out of it, though,” Felix says, even though it’s only him that hoists Mark up and pushes him towards the closet by the kitchen entryway, while Ethan rolls around on the floor cackling at them and Wade has his palms covering his eyes as Molly rubs his back consolingly.

Eventually, Mark finds himself pushed into the small space, the door banging closed at his back and the quiet snik of a lock being turned.

“Seven minutes!” Felix yells, “And if either of you leaves cum on my rain boots I will delete both your channels!” He smacks the door, mumbles something about being a goddamn youtube hero and wanders off.

Mark sighs, his head tipping back against the door as Jack crowds in closer, snickering as his fingers dance at Mark’s waist. “Hey buuuddy!”

“You’re trashed, aren’t you.” It’s more of a statement than a question, and Jack’s muffled giggle is answer enough. “I’m not making out with you drunk, man.”

“Fine,” Jack huffs, close enough that Mark can feel his breath on his collarbone. Even in the darkness, he can tell Jack is grinning as he says, “I’ll make out wit’ you.”

And just as Mark’s about to reply there are lips on his, or really, Jack’s lips on his bottom lip and chin. It… could be worse.

Mark lets it go on for a bit, stays tight-lipped and still as he tolerates Jack’s tongue dipping clumsily at the corner of his mouth for a few moments too long, until finally finally it’s just too much.

“Stop, stop,” he says quietly, leaning back, and Jack does immediately though he’s still got his hands curled around Mark’s waist.

Mark sighs, totally put-upon, grasps Jack’s chin and catches his mouth properly against his. And yeah, it’s way better.

“We felt like, together, we were a force of nature. And we made a pact, probably in our first rehearsal, that we would never accept being treated as second-class citizens in the music business. That when we walked into a room we would be so fantastic and so strong and so smart that none of the uber-rockstar group of men would look through us. And they never did.”

When Flowers Bloom

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Description: Their aspirations and dreams might have led them away from each other, however, Yoongi is determined to relive their love once again as he writes a letter to the woman he holds dearest in his heart.

To my dearest,

Do you remember?

That day, when the pinky fingers of two five-year-olds intertwined; vowing to be best friends forever.

I went home and watched as the stars came out that night. I searched the entire night sky for the grandest star till I found it. A shimmering star that stood out amongst all others, it was so splendid. But even the brightest of stars never shone as beautifully in my eyes as you did.

No star could ever shine as bright as my own.

Do you remember?

That day during our high school years when our pact was broken.

Through the years you had grown into a remarkable young woman and I longed for the rays of light you emitted from the very depths of your beauty. I yearned for the light of your love that tainted my heart with dire temptation.

It was during our high school years when our pact was broken. Rational clouded by raging teenage hormones. Temptation had never tasted as sweet as the day I stole your first kiss.

The next day, we were officially a couple.

However, we were young and far too naive back then.

As time passed by, our dreams and ambitions became the oceans and mountains which separated us. They became the obstruction between two hopeless souls in love, caught in the hands of a fate that would deny them any chance at happiness. My dream was, and had always been to become a musician, yours was set on a path far different from mine. The course of our dreams and the hunger to reach them put a strain on our relationship and ultimately became the demise of our love.

Do you remember?

We stood on the rooftop garden of our apartment building the last time we saw each other.

My heart became the whispers of an empty wish I casted upon the grandest star. Perhaps the wind blew too loudly because you never heard it.

Instead, you cradled a flower in your hands as you cried and told me our love was like a flower. And just like a flower, our love withered and cracked until all that remained was nothing but dust and the forgotten fragments of a love that once blossomed.

Do you remember?

When I shouted after your retreating figure: 

“If our love is like a flower time will inevitably allow it to bloom once again.”

Forever yours,

Min Yoongi

building empires [teaser]

“Marriage,” Prince Auguste bursts out and everyone stares.

“A marriage between our royal families,” he clarifies, visibly clearing his throat and his head before he continues, “To symbolize the pact between our kingdoms, for generations to come. Not foes, not friends, but family.”

[Laurent/Damianos arranged marriage AU]

Notes: I kinda devoured all of The Captive Prince over the past weekend and since I am a little shit who cannot stick to one project at a time, I had to sit my ass down and write something beause there is a distinct lack of Arranged Marriage AUs in this fandom, it seems. I’m not sure whether I will actually finish writing this ‘verse so this is actually mostly meant as a teaser for @makariaartsabout. But depending on what feedback I get I might be inspired to write more, other responsibilities be damned.

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Humans make no sense.
We’re supposedly social creatures who need and crave social interaction. We form pacts and go about our lives needing social connection.
That is what scientists have been telling us for decades.
So why is that studies show that humans are incredibly less happy being around people? Densely populated areas are reported to have a substantially larger amount of unhappiness, where as places that are far more isolated are much happier.
Not only this, but studies also report that the higher an intelligence level, the less happy a human is around other humans.

So are we social creatures..? Or have scientists just assumed we were because humans are consistently forced to live within society?


lwd and skop challenge day 2 | moodboard: girl power

friendships between women are often the deepest and most profound love stories.

“I declare this sworn pact between Calloway’s sisters and our honorary sister, Willow Hale. We’re here today to make a promise. We promise to always be there for one another, to support each other’s choices, to be the tides that wash away negativity and foes. However long we live, however hard life becomes, we’ll never lose sight of this sisterhood.”


My super power is the thought, Eve should be in my arms
when she’s afraid, and there she is, safe, full of bones
and blood and going nowhere if I have anything
to say about it. Vice versa applies when I’m afraid,
this is our pact, that we’ll hold each other
before we hold a door or gun, feather or piece
of a star, if we’re ever lucky enough to be walking along
and trip over a discarded chunk of heaven.
I can also make anything below eight thousand pounds
levitate, but in comparison, that power is whimsical
and irrelevant to my emotional makeup, I can take or leave
making things float and fly, but I can’t leave Eve.
My whole life has been an argument with the saying,
You’re born alone and you die alone, as I suspect
my mother was there, otherwise, why has she taken credit
for the melding of my spirit and flesh, if we go
with the old-school notion of human beings
as a combo pack of soul and guts. You’re born
into a relay race of affection if you’re lucky, handed
from cherishing to cherishing and likewise
carry others as far as you can, until they ask
to be set down or you get tired, and then,
after a long struggle or just a few seconds
of looking at a donkey in a field eating alfalfa,
you die. There are other sequences, of course—
I’m exhausted, not exhaustive—but I’m pretty sure
I’ve made my point or at least acted convincingly
like I have one, though I’m not sure of much.
Does this sound familiar: one day, I found myself
looking in a mirror and thinking, Well I guess I’m you,
after which I went at the list someone put in my hand,
crossing items off only to have them appear again,
suggesting that the people who say It’s a process
aren’t just annoying but smug and we should ask them
to leave the pool. With thrashing this deeply
at the core of the endeavor, clinging
and being clung to aren’t just romantic,
they’re what static has been telling us to do,
and I refuse to ignore the physical laws of the universe,
especially the one about the Conversation
of Matter—that everything is speaking to us
all the time, we’re just too busy to listen.
You don’t remember that one from school?
Maybe you were absent or absent minded that day,
or it was wrongly presented as the Conservation
of Matter, that misguided notion that energy
is neither created or destroyed. I’ve created
a shit-ton of energy with Eve, that’s a British measure
equal to 2,300 pounds, and plan to keep on
making this stuff up as we go, the going
being the most important part of any journey
or think piece or life, this thing I find myself
in or of, needing or kneading or both, be it desire
or bread I’m after, the love of a good woman
or bad star, as long as there’s light,
I’m going to stand here clinging to the feet
of my shadow, and in the dark, hold its place,
as I would for any stranger in any line.


portaltowhateverland  asked:

(1) Sire, would you give me some advice? I'm playing a CG freedom paladin of Volkar and during last sesion our child rogue confessed to me his alignement has changed from TN to NE because he had to pact with a devil to save one of our party members. We have a nearly father-son relationship and I know he really didn't what to do it, he just had to save our shugenja. I don't know if I'm being too soft on him but I want him to redeem from his sins yet I'm not sure how to do so.

As a joke, I said off-role about making him a catechism notebook yet I’m actaully considering how to help him out. He’s just a child and I think he deserves this chance. How would you assist him on this harsh path that lays before him? Thank you very much. I trully admire you.

Thank you. As for your conundrum, I’m curious to know what the child has to offer the devil in return, and whether it was truly a proper alignment shift, since True neutrals are willing to give any action proper consideration so long as it helps them set their tasks in order. Making a faustian bargain to save a life doesn’t sound like it necessitates a true shift to me, or at least not yet.

As for what you can do, watch him closely, support him where you can, and live by example.


Mily: Hogwarts AU

She is from Gryffindor! -Raphael shouted- You are fraternizicing with the enemy!

The enemy? -Lily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She had put so much effort on taking that stupid “evil” stereotype out of Slytherin after the II wizarding war, and there he was, enforcing it with his snobish attitudes.- the whole point of this pact is to establish the peace between our houses. To make friends! 

I think she’s got a bit more than friendship on her mind.

maryarkham  asked:

“ i remember our first kiss. ”

❝ You… remember?  At that exact moment,
   I promised myself to you beyond our pact.  You named me your
   Sun and your Stars. ❞ Fingers reached tentatively to caress the
   skin of her cheeks, maybe finding contact this time.  ❝ You were
   the light in my darkness, the Moon of My Life. ❞ 

( @maryarkham | kissy sentence starters )

ok but like

ALL of these kids cartoons are dealing with end of the world situations at this very moment???

Like, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil has got this going on

We have Steven Universe with the possible threat of a gigantic monster destroying the Earth from the core and out

And now!!! We have this!!!! To look forward too!!!! In Gravity Falls!!!

Is this real?? Aren’t all of these supposed to be kid’s shows?? Did Daron Nefcy, Rebecca Sugar and Alex Hirsch all make a blood pact to make great shows and then RIP OUR FUCKING HEARTS OUT AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME