this was our pact

And the Heavens Wept

Gather around my children and you shall hear of the most terrible, most implacable, most improbable friends ever met by our people. They came from the third planet of a tiny system, surrounded by desolate space. Not one sentient species for hundreds of lightyears, and they managed to propel themselves into space.

We watched from afar as they developed slowly. We watched as they warred among themselves, brutal and savage. We watched as they rendered regions of their planet uninhabitable to themselves, a hardy species able to adapt to even the most hostile of environments. We watched as suddenly and without warning they united under four banners, the rest falling by the wayside. We watched as they expanded into what we had begun to use as a buffer zone, to allow these humans to burn themselves out in.

But they did not burn themselves out. Despite their warring among themselves. Harsh people. Humankind is a race of warriors, do not be fooled by the eloquence of their diplomats. In their own words, “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means”. Their greatest artists and philosophers were born from blood and conflict. I had the privilege once to view a painting by one Pablo Picasso, entitled Guernica. It was a savage piece, with not a drop of color. It showed the horrors of war, and the irony of it all was that the painting hung in the office of one of humankind’s generals.

It was sudden, when they burst from the containment zone. When they realized they were not alone. And we, with heavy hearts, prepared to fight them bitterly and to the last. Imagine then, our surprise when humanity embraced us among the stars as long lost brothers. They were overjoyed to discover they were not alone in the darkness. Despite their brutal and warlike culture, despite their glorification of death and violence, their people do not seek out combat. An ancient general of theirs once put it thusly “Although a soldier by profession, I have never felt any sort of fondness for war, and I have never advocated it, except as a means of peace”.

For centuries humanity worked to better itself. They unified under a single Interstellar Empire, the Empire of Man, the Human Empire, however you called it. They enjoyed art and music. They became leisurely at home, exploratory in the field. Their weapons of war were long gone, beaten into plowshares as they say. Humanity was finally at peace. There was no conflict among them, a few border skirmishes for certain, and they kept a small standing military, but nothing more than that. We considered them domesticated.

At first we were surprised at their transformation, then overjoyed. We welcomed them into the fold of the cosmos, embraced them as they would embrace us. We thought we knew humanity then, that we had seen them at their best and their worst. We were wrong, so very wrong. We did not truly understand humanity until the Texar-Hakara came into the void between the stars.

Seemingly more brutal, more bloodthirsty than even the humans, they swept into our region of space like conquerors. They smashed whatever feeble resistance the Yungling managed to put up, took their planets, enslaved the survivors, and pressed on. The Junti were next, utterly destroyed. The four great races left, ourselves, the Itaxa, the Kukrama, and the Illnaa, banded together to try and stop them. In our arrogance, we did not include the humans in our pact. Too few in number, too weak in frame, too backwards in technology we thought.

The Texar-Hakara hit our borders like the great wave that sweeps life from the beach. We hardened our hearts and prepared for the worst. Seeming without pause they crushed our border defenses. They obliterated the first fleets we sent to them. The Itaxa fell to the Texar-Hakara, enslaved, killed, scattered to the corners of the galaxy. Then the humans sent us an offer, a request really. They asked to fight alongside us.

Bemused, we accepted. What else could we do? Deny them the right to fight with us for their very survival? We thought to assign them as rearguards, to ferry our people to safety after our fleets fell. We thought wrong.

Humanity swept into the stars with a fury unmatched by any other. Their fleets were not the heaviest. Their guns not the most accurate. Their soldiers however. Their sailors. Their warriors were unmatched by any others in the cosmos. I remember the first battle in which the humans fought the Texar-Hakara like it was but a single solar cycle ago. Our forces were on the brink of breaking and fleeing. Our ships were gutted ruins. Our fighters exhausted and out of missiles. Then humanity fell upon the flank of the enemy, and the full force of the Human Empire was unleashed in a single moment of utter fury. Landing craft spat across the distance in an instant, slamming into enemy hulls and disgorging humanity’s greatest weapon, their Marines. In close combat humanity is unstoppable, and so they took the vast distances of space combat out of the equation.

Their ships belched fire and plasma. Lasers crossed the vast distances in the blink of an eye. Half the Texar-Hakaran fleet was obliterated in minutes. The other half turned to face this new enemy, only to be wracked by internal explosions as the Marines did their work. Their greatest ships turned on the rest of the fleet, a handful of humans holding the bridge against waves of enemy attackers to turn the tide of battle.

The Interstellar War came to a screeching turnaround. The advance of the Texar-Hakara halted, like it had hit an immovable wall. In many ways that is what humanity is, an immovable, implacable wall. Then, with the ferocity humanity is alone capable of, they routed the Texar-Hakara. Not from that lone battle. They pushed them out of Itaxa space, liberating the slaves. The space of the Junti and the Yungling was swept clear of invaders. Then the Texar-Hakara committed the gravest of sins in humanity’s eyes. They warped a fleet to Earth, jewel of humanity’s empire. They burned that blue and green world. They destroyed it, and the trillion people it housed.

Humanity is a forgiving race my children. Even their most terrible of wars have resulted in lasting friendships between nations. When they left millions dead and broken on the muddly fields of their world, they rebuilt the aggressors. They raised them from the mud, dusted them off, and welcomed them back into the fold. But there is one thing that humanity cannot, will not, tolerate. It is abhorrent to them my children. To strike at their home, to strike where they raise their young ones. Where they leave their mates and non combatants. To strike there is to raise the ire of the human race, truly.

Humanity raged. Their attempts at obtaining the surrender of the Texar-Hakara halted. The war turned from a righteous war of liberation to a furious and hateful war of retribution. We begged the humans to stop, to leave what few planets the Texar-Hakara had alone. Our pleas went unanswered for months, until a single human ambassador came to us. His face was cold and emotionless. He told us, in no uncertain terms, that the Texar-Hakara had doomed themselves and that any trying to aid them would suffer the same fate. Quietly we watched then, as humanity wiped the Texar-Hakara from the stars. The Texar-Hakara pleaded for mercy. They offered their unconditional surrender. They came to us and begged on bent knee for us to reign in the mad dogs we had unwittingly unleashed into the universe. Humanity had for so long repressed their warrior culture. Tried to become better. Then we had given them back into the fires of war, and humanity had awakened it’s warrior past.

The Texar-Hakara ambassadors were taken from our halls by grim human Marines and thrust out airlocks. Finally there was but one planet left, and we came to the humans, we pointed to our own losses, our own dead friends some of whom had lived for longer than humanity had been among the stars, and we begged the humans not to take the last of the Texar-Hakara’s lives.

I watched, children, I watched as the Texar-Hakara’s world burned. As humanity left but one of their planets alive, a simple backwater colony of no more than ten million. Ten million, out of the trillions. Then the leader of the human military turned to me, and with no emotion in his voice, told me that humanity accepted the unconditional surrender of the Texar-Hakara, and walked off the bridge of my ship.

My children, the lesson here is that a warrior past is never truly gone. Only buried, mayhaps even wiped from living memory. But gone? Never. Humanity showed us that.


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #27. Jackie Burkhart & Steven Hyde 

“Look Kelso, I’ve never felt this way about a girl before, and that pretty much beats our third grade pact. I’m sorry but I want to be with her.”

Damen/Laurent Rec List

Because @playingfetchwithdinosaurs was finally seduced into reading this amazing series and then she came to me because she needed more. Also, coincidentally, @notagoodplace4gods finished yesterday CP, but told me only today that she was freaking out over their love and she needed more so here I am giving more to them ;)

💖: my absolutely favorite stories about those Kings

Canon AU

In the Gardens by JustDrinkTea 2,101

“I doubt your disappearance would go unnoticed,” Laurent countered, head tilting slightly. He was teasing. Damen couldn’t get enough of it.

“Is that an excuse to not go?”

“It’s a challenge.”

💖 Sent Away by Josselin [Part 1 of Sent Away] 2,504

A series of vignettes of young Laurent’s life when he is sent to be fostered in the Akielon court.

Courtship by songofthe52hertzwhale 5,425

Damen just wants to court Laurent. Nobody in Vere makes it easy for him, least of all the man he hopes to marry.

💖 Dear Aledosia, by wendlaa 12,368

“Oh,” Laurent finds himself saying. Damianos has excused himself from his conversation, and has begun to make his way through the crowd. Here stand the Princes of Vere, after all. The ethereal Veretian Prince brothers. Laurent lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, arching his brows. “Heavens,” he says, voice tight.

Auguste chuckles. “You have a minute head start.”

Laurent ducks away.

Keep reading

Captive Prince Fic Rec

Love of the Second Star by SteeleStingray - This is the top of my list because if you haven’t read this fic you need to stop what you are doing right now and go read it. Akielos and Vere have an agreement that the princes spend several months in the other kingdom every other year so Laurent, Auguste, and Damen all grow up together and it is SO GOOD (COMPLETED)

One the Other by Ruby_Wednesday - This is a long fic (38 chapters) where Laurent is taken as a ward of Akielos at Marlas and he grows up with Damen. It is also absolutely fantastic (COMPLETED)

Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you by ambrotterswriting (Ambros) - This is an Olympics AU that is so cute and great I highly recommend it (COMPLETED)

Trust Falls by ChristyCorr - I’ll just leave the summary here: Damen’s made some questionable life decisions before, but subbing for the co-worker he hates the most might just take the cake. Damn, Nikandros is going to kill him. It’s a BDSM fic that’s really more about the relationship between the two of them than the porn. I would read a whole novel about this world, but sadly it’s a one-shot. (COMPLETED)

A Perfect Commotion  by Ruby_Wednesday - In this fic, Laurent is a lawyer who desperately needs this job because he had to take time off for (so far vaguely mentioned) mental health issues and he lies! and says he took time off to take of his kid! that he doesn’t have! ENTER DAMEN who has a blonde kid and we can all see where this is going. (WIP)

building empires by dawnstruck - Summary: “Marriage,” Prince Auguste bursts out and everyone stares.
“A marriage between our royal families,” he clarifies, visibly clearing his throat and his head before he continues, “To symbolize the pact between our kingdoms, for generations to come. Not foes, not friends, but family.”
Arranged Marriage AU that’s a bit more complicated than that and features poetry! (WIP)

The Veretian Flytrap by Just_Another_Day - THIS FIC! Honestly, this fic and Love of the Second Star made me want to write this list. It’s A/B/O and the slowest fucking burn, enemies to friends to lovers, like this fic is LIT (WIP)

Okay, that’s all I got right now, obviously this is by no means a comprehensive list, but it includes some of my favorites and the two fics I think everyone should read (one if you really hate A/B/O). Let me know what you think!

The Fair Folk 1/2

(More Oviposition, but please NO tentacles or snakes. Maybe somethin with magical orbs or similar to the sharkboy story?)

Your family had a secret, one hidden under threat of lock and key. At a tender young age, your parents told you something both wonderful and terrifying;

“Long ago, our village was under siege by a band of Fair Folk. They ravaged our homes, destroyed our crops, and violated the townsfolk in a hedonistic orgy of gluttony. This went on for several horrible years until a young girl made a bargain with the leader of the Fair Folk - they were to leave our village alone, and in exchange they could have their choice of sacrifices every ten years.”

“The Fair Folk assented. They withdrew, and we were allowed to rebuild ourselves and heal from the slaughter. But we had to keep our end of the bargain for the protection of all. One day, a boy gained a mysterious scar across his face in the shape of a rune, seemingly out of nowhere. The girl knew that this boy had been chosen as the Fair Folk’s sacrifice, so the villagers led him into the forest where he was never found again.”

“And this trend continued for at least a century. Until one day, modern people from the city came and brought their religion with them. And through their careful influence, the threat of the Fair Folk were lost amongst all but a few of the village, even if it still rang true. The few who still remembered tried to convince the others about the danger of the Fair Folk, and our debt to them, but they were never again taken seriously, sometimes prosecuted for claiming otherwise.”

“Our family is the only family to retain the pact. And it is our solemn duty to see it through, every ten years. We keep an eye out for anybody with a scar in the shape of a rune, and we lead them into the forest to be taken by the Fair Folk. That is what you’ll need to do, when you become of age.”

Ever since your parents told you of the bloody secret of the village, you kept a close eye out for any scarred faces amongst your neighbors and peers. According to your father, the time has not yet come. But a part of you secretly wished to experience these mysterious Fair Folk, and witness their supernatural presence.

Before too long, the time finally came for a sacrifice to be chosen. It was a few days after your 20th birthday, and you were having a celebratory picnic with your friends when you noticed Gweneth had a large, arrow-shaped branding that stretched from her jaw to near her nose.
“How’d you get that, Gwen?”

“Oh, this?” Gweneth scratched at the rawness absent-mindedly. “I woke up this morning with it. I must have scratched myself in my sleep.” And you made nothing more of the matter.

That evening, you told your parents about Gweneth’s fate, and they presented you with a bottle of a creamy, light-purple substance.

“A powerful drug,” your mother explained. “You’re Gweneth’s closest friend, so it’d be easiest for you to slip this into her food. After she’s unconscious, take her into the far glen, near the mushroom ring, and leave her.”

And so you did; the next day, you met Gweneth for a cup of tea, and when she was preoccupied, slipped a dallop of the drug into her cup. Within seconds, her eyes grew half-lidded and her speech was slurred.

You prodded her reaction. “Are you alright, Gwen?”

Gweneth gazed blankly at the middle of your chest, staring at nothing. She gave a small smile. “Alright? I’m perfect. I feel perfect.”

And with a gusty sigh, she threw her head back and slumped, suddenly asleep.

It was a minor struggle to cart her over to the edge of town without drawing suspicion, but you managed to follow through and lay her slumbering form within the confines of the mushroom ring. You also tied her hands to a nearby log for greater measure.

Your job done, you left, knowing that the village had been saved for the next ten years.

Even if a part of you dearly wished to stay, and witness the Fairies take your friend away forever.

But that night, you awoke to violent banging upon the front door. Running downstairs, you saw your father throw it open, but everyone fell silent at the empty doorstep. Suddenly, all the iron pots and clay flatware of the kitchen burst from the cupboards and smashed onto the floor with a mighty ruckus, the living room dining table floated inches above the floor and into the nearby wall, and the hallway grandfather clock clanged supernaturally loudly.

At the twelfth clang of the clock, an inky black shadow sprouted from the ground, right outside the door, reaching perhaps twelve feet in height and towering over your father. He gasped in horror, and fell upon his backside while your mother screamed. The shadow morphed into a dazzling figure with pale skin and black hair that pooled at its feet. Its face looked both divine and unholy, like an elf from legend turned goblin, or imp.

It was a Fair Folk. A Little People. A source of terrible evil and mischief.

And it was here, in the village. Where it should not be.

You instantly realized that something was terribly wrong. But for all you knew, the sacrifice had gone according to plan - you had left Gweneth in the right place, tied her up nicely, done all the usual things as your parents had taught you. But it obviously wasn’t enough.

The Fairy raised one unnaturally-long arm and pointed directly at you. Its voice rang throughout the house like from the bottom of a well, “You’ve made a mistake.”

Clearly you have, but you didn’t know what.

Upon your mother’s gasp, however, you began to realize - she was looking right at you, and her gaze spoke of a horror beyond the terrifying figure on your doorstep. On instinct, you raised a hand to where she directed her gaze, and felt the unfamiliar texture of raised skin upon your cheek that certainly wasn’t there before.

It was a rune. You were the one that was chosen, not Gweneth.

Gweneth’s scar must have been an honest one, you realized. And thinking back, it was clear that the scar was too long and imperfect to look like the runes in your father’s sketchbook. Your scar, however, you could feel it carved with purpose and a steady hand. From the shape, it was something like a spiky ‘B’, and you knew it was a letter that could be taken to symbolize ‘purity’.

You knew what you needed to do. With shaking steps, you approached the Fairy.

“NO!” Your father cried.

“The pact has been recognized by your brood, and if honored, we will not swoop upon the people tonight. Unless you wish to withdraw your hand?” The Fairy asked your father, and you couldn’t help but shiver at its oily tone.
Both of your parents fell silent. There was no choice, if you refused, everyone would suffer. You had to go with the Fairy.

As soon as you stepped outside the door, the Fairy gave a sharp grin, showing perfect, white teeth. One iron-strong hand grabbed at your shoulder, while another clamped itself over your mouth. You didn’t even get a chance to struggle before darkness took over and you fell unconscious.

When you awoke, it was to a strange pale light above you, and a flowery scent in the air. You shifted and groaned, an unnatural sleepiness still clouding your brain. You sat up to relieve it faster, and to gain your bearings.
Around you was darkness, and you lay in a circle of light that streamed in through a hole in the ceiling. The surface underneath was soft and springy, and a blanket had been placed over you while you slept. The walls appeared to be wood, and built in a circular rotunda.

You were inside of a hollowed tree trunk, you realized. The softness underneath you was in fact moss, and the blanket that covered you was a sweet-smelling pink thing that must be a flower petal. Whether this meant you had shrunken, or were currently in a world with giant flowers and trees, you didn’t know.

There were no openings in the trunk other than the hole several feet above you. And nobody else apart from you. You could hear the chirpings of birds, and the rustle of leaves echo from the opening above, but no voices, or footsteps around.

You sat up, and realized with a start that your clothes had been removed, leaving you bare skinned. You quickly grabbed the large pink flower petal, and wrapped it best you could around your torso.

You called to the opening above. “Hello?”

There was no answer for a few seconds, but a pointed face eventually revealed itself over the edge.

“Hello!” It shouted back.

It wasn’t the same figure that kidnapped you from your home. This one had shorter hair, and bigger eyes, but it supported a similar, sharp smile, lined with pointed fangs.

You shouted again to the Fairy, “Where am I? And what do you plan to do with me?”

“What do you plan to do?” The Fairy shouted in response, still smiling.
You fell silent. Would this Fairy only repeat your own words? It’d make things a lot less convenient.

Fairies are strange creatures, you decided.

The echoing Fairy jumped down the hole with a graceful leap, and landed noiselessly upon the soft moss. It was nude, and featureless, with a flat chest and nothing between its long legs but a strange lip-like nub, like something had been tucked away within it. It had no bellybutton or nipples, only that soft nub in the middle of its pelvis.

You backed up, wary and nervous. No one has ever returned from the Fair Folk, so you can only imagine what they had in mind for you. Going by what your parents had said of the horrors inflicted upon the original villagers of centuries before, there was no ending of possibilities for a painful future, and a painful end.

The Fairy certainly looked capable of force, if it was driven to. Although it was a slim figure, it stood several inches taller and had long, spindly fingers that looked brittle, like metal hooks. Perhaps it was hungry, and was preparing to make you its next meal.

It turned its predatory gaze upon you, and started to inch closer, its posture stooped and menacing.

“Stay away.” You managed to say.

The Fairy only grinned wider. From a wrapped satchel on its back, it retrieved a handful of something soft; light purple flowers, with a color similar to the cream you had been given to drug Gweneth. Seems like years ago, now. The Fairy crushed the flowers within its palm, making them crinkled and slightly moist.

With a quick pounce like a spider, it grabbed the back of your head and slammed its hand into your face, and the momentum forced the flowers within your mouth. You cried out and tried to pull away, but the Fairy was too fast. Before you could properly grasp the situation, the flowers were sitting upon your tongue, tasting strangely warm and sweet.

The Fairy immediately forced your chin back and used its other hand to press hard upon your throat with a thumb, and the pressure made you gulp on reflex. All but a few metals remained in your mouth, and when the Fairy finally released you, you wrenched yourself away and spat them out violently.
You hoped with all your might that they weren’t poisonous. The Fairy simply continued to stare at you with its vicious grin as you wretched and coughed. As you moved, the petal wrapped around your bare body slipped and fell from your grip.

You eventually began to settle down, and as you were catching your breath, you noticed that the Fairy was still staring at you, as if waiting for something. You tried to cover yourself with your hands and shield yourself from its gaze. But it wasn’t looking at your nudity, and instead at your face.

Suddenly, a bubble of warmth blossomed from within your lower stomach, quickly traveling throughout your chest and extremities, up your cheeks, and into your brain, fogging any complex thought. Following the warmth was an intense wave of happiness, the likes of which you’ve never felt before, like pure unadulterated joy and contentment spreading across your mind and body. Your eyes grew misty and weak, and you felt your body relax muscle by muscle as you slowly sunk back to the ground. You couldn’t help but allow a small, contented smile grace your lips.

There you knelt, riding out the waves of happiness that washed over you like warm sun rays. You no longer cared about the Fairy watching you. You didn’t seem to care about anything, anymore. All your existence was rendered so unimportant and simple compared to the contentment that bathed you.
Through the haze, you realized that the purple flowers must have this effect upon the victim. The drug you gave Gweneth were probably a constructed form of this very effect, distilled from the flowers themselves.

Gweneth probably experienced this same ecstasy before passing out. As you recall, she had worn a similar smile of pleasure even after she was unconscious.

But unlike Gweneth, you didn’t fall asleep. Instead, you remained awake, still lost in the joy and uncaring about the Fairy who simply turned back and clambered up the tree trunk and through the opening once more. And there you were left.

It might have been many hours since you next saw company, but you were much too drugged to be sure. The echoing Fairy was back, followed by a large group of other Fair Folk who all leapt down to meet you upon the moss. By that point, you were lying on your back and sighing periodically in happiness, still smiling and eyes half-lidded.

They conversed amongst themselves in a high-pitched, syllabic language that sounded like music. It was beautiful to your ears.

Everything seemed beautiful and perfect, now. Simply the moss against your bare skin made you let out loud moans from the novel sensation.

One Fairy reached down to peel apart your eyelids and examine your pupils closely. It continued to reach down and squeeze a nipple, massage your stomach, and eventually made its way to your groin, where it pried apart your opening and looked inside with interest.

Its attention made you grin unabashedly, and you could feel yourself get warmer from its long, cool fingers. It continued to gently examine and prod you, awakening a drive; you weren’t capable of complex lines of thought anymore, but you still instinctively craved for one of those long fingers to explore deeper within your hole.

More chattering, and you watched as two Fairies crowded around another and began to gently stroke upon the lip-like nud of a third one using their hands. The attention seemed to stimulate the Fairy, who began to tremble upon their feet and let out strange keening noises, its mouth open and showing its sharp maw. Some other Fairies were busy rummaging through cloth satchels, while the rest continued to examine your nude body.

The Fairy being patted eventually revealed a slimy, puckered protrusion from the tucked lip, perhaps a couple inches in length, like an oversized nipple. The Fairy swatted the others away and held its own two fingers around the loose skin of the nub, while the other hand fished a finger within the hole near the tip. The intrusion made it moan, but it poked and dug earnestly, the nipple-like appendage dripping more clear slime.

You continued to watch with clouded interest. The Fairies nearby were currently stretching your inner walls with what felt like sticks, holding them open for a few seconds before re-arranging the sticks to stretch the adjacent sides. The Fairy busy prodding itself eventually let out a string of high-pitched shrieks and began to buck its pelvis forward as it removed what seemed to be a single, small pearl from within the appendage. It panted slightly as it raised the pearl to its eye, turning it this way and that, examining it closely.

Within seconds, the small pearl began to smoke, and it quickly dissolved into white dust. But the Fairy didn’t seem discouraged, and instead turned to talk with the ones currently stretching you. A few words were exchanged, and apparently a consensus was reached - leaving the sticks still within you, the group of Fair Folk surrounded you with purpose.

Groups were formed amongst them, while one crouched down and remained between your legs. The other Fairies all began either stimulating themselves, or others, each gently petting at the tucked lips upon the groin. Some were touching themselves, their hands in a flurry while they squat and bucked uncontrollably, while others were exchanging strokes with the Fairy next to them in a train of hands.

The sensation of repeated pressure upon their nubs seemed to be very intense, whether in pleasure or pain, or a mixture of both, you couldn’t tell. One after another, they all revealed the nipple-like appendage that slipped from the skin, dripping with mucus. The hollowed tree trunk was filled with high-pitched, animal-like cries and shrieks as the Fairies began to puncture themselves in search of more those strange, small pearl-like things that were hidden deep within.

You lay there, barely lucid from the drugged flowers, surrounded by a wall of shaking legs and dripping groins. Eventually, one managed a pearl, and immediately handed it to the Fairy between your thighs who wasted no time in reaching deep within your opening and placing it there, making sure the pearl didn’t smoke and dissolve away. The pearl was small and wet enough to rest on the tip of its finger, which dove upwards into your body and stuck the pearl firmly upon your inner walls, where it sat.

“Ohh!!” The sudden penetration of the Fairy’s finger was surprisingly intense to your drugged body. Again, another Fairy produced a pearl, and again the finger dove within to plant it. More and more pearls followed, each inserted within your flesh like stickers upon a wall, the applicating Fairy creating rows and rows of pearls as if it were sewing a delicate embroidery.

The repeated friction of the Fairy’s finger, along with the supernatural orgy surrounding you and the drugged happiness still rolling in waves throughout your body eventually took you over the edge. You let out a joyous cry that mingled with the Fairy’s chittering as the pleasure in your body increased to truly impressive levels, lighting the surface of your skin with divine glow.

The Fairies continued to plant rows upon rows of pearls within you, until eventually they reached the opening and couldn’t fit anymore pearls. You could feel them, if you clenched gently, the layer of pearls dotting all throughout your inner walls like jewels. The surrounding Fairies seemed exhausted from their effort to produce the pearls, panting with open mouths like dogs.

But they seemed satisfied. They eventually turned to leave, and the Fairy between your thighs removed the sticks and allowed your pelvis to rest. You could feel the clink of the pearls as your muscles were allowed to relax.
Before the last Fairy left, it pried open your lips and inserted more purple flowers into your mouth, which you chewed and swallowed without hesitation. And with that, it left with the others, and you were alone once again.

You were tired yourself, from the whole ordeal, and closed your eyes to sleep.

When you awoke once more, the drugs still held their effects. As you shifted yourself, you could feel that the pearls had grown in size, from small rhinestones to larger bulbs. You sat up, and immediately moaned when the fullness of the grown pearls stretched and rubbed upon the walls within you.

In your half-conscious state, every physical sensation was multiplied in intensity. You felt so filled and stretched by the pearls, and every shift of your hips seemed to rub them deliciously together in a decadent sensation. You writhed, crying out in pleasure, legs kicking and your head tossing from side to side.

Within minutes, the pleasure plateaued, and you arched your back as you moaned loudly, and you could feel yourself squirt slightly involuntarily. The repeated clenching of your pussy as you came clinked the pearls together in quiet, metallic rings.

As you rode out the pleasure, you felt the inner pearls travel from your slick pussy into your relaxed cervix from the momentum of your climax. As every wave came and went, more and more pearls slipped deeper within your body, and you knew that they came to rest within your uterus.

When you finally came down, still many pearls were attached to the inner walls, and you began to rock yourself again to stimulate further. Through this process, you came several times in succession, and eventually all the pearls came to penetrate you.

The adventure in pleasure was too much for your body, and you slipped into unconsciousness once more.

(To be continued)

7AM Coffee

Sebastian Stan x Fan fiction

☕️Tagged for permanent updates☕️

*A/N: Hello! Ok so this was just something I wrote that’s short. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. I hope you all are having a great day/night:)–Noelle

When I woke up the world felt pure. Engulfed in my own private bubble of euphoria. The memories of last night made a wicked smile unfold across my face. Tussling my bare legs underneath the heavy duvet, I stretched my legs feeling it brush against Sebastian. He peacefully laid tucked underneath with only a sheet vaguely covering his lower abdomen.

I sat upward stretching my arms upright, yawning as I looked over to see the morning sun painting a rich and neon sky. Though my eyes couldn’t stay on the bit of scenery for long, because I had a much better muse to be transfixed by.

I watched as Sebastian slept, looking every bit of serene. His dark brown eyebrows furrowed in his sleep and his lips rested apart as he inhaled softly. I pushed away at his uncombed hair, smoothing it back in an almost rhythmic stroke. He shifted himself slightly, like he was instinctively reacting to my touch. Pulling back my hand because I was afraid to wake him up just yet. The current events that just took place would cause any functioning human the desired need to recharge.

Still in bed with Sebastian I reached for my silky pale pink robe that was wrapped across the ottoman in front of the bed. Slipping my arms through and tightly securing the belt around my waist I finally got out of bed. The time difference didn’t effect me as much as I believed it would have. Not too long ago, two weeks to be exact. Sebastian and I were sitting on a bench in Bowling Green park when the wildest of thoughts floated in our minds. We were both seeking an adventure, a get away that we both wanted to coax us with sin.

So we flipped a coin. Heads for a place where nothing but the sky and endless amount of water connected or tales for a place that was artistic, culturally infused with history and a place that would most importantly be unforgettable. I already had the perfect location in mind but I didn’t tell him. I waited till he tossed the coin in the air and catching it in his hand. Sebastian looked at the back of his hand where he kept the coin placed on top. He looked at me and I could see flickers of his soul through his smile. And then I knew we were off to Paris.

The days spent here were like no other. Getting lost in the streets, even though we had modern technology to help navigate us. We made a pact to see new places with our eyes instead of looking through a screen. So we left phones and cameras behind. The people we met so far invited us in with open arms. Introducing us to new sights, sounds, and sensations. Sebastian and I never stayed in one area for no longer than two days. Dining with outspoken intellects, dancing to music that you could feel in your veins, and making love was our pastime request. Well, that and a cup of coffee.

Someone once told me that being in love was like drinking coffee. Whether you loved it or hated it. It was something most desired. Despite it either being hot or cold, bitter or sweet. It was a risk you take and you couldn’t help but yearn for it constantly. Not ever wanting your cup to run empty.

I looked at the clock on the wall and it was five minutes till seven. I rushed over to the side of the bed where Sebastian was. I leaned down closer to his face and called out his name in a hushed tone. He wouldn’t budge, so I began to gently shake his shoulder. Eventually he started to wake up.

“Good Morning,” I rested my chin on his chest as I watched him blink rapidly, causing his eyelashes to flutter.

“What time is it?” Sebastian groaned.

“It’s almost seven.” I told him. I leaned back getting ready to stand until I felt a slight tug on the wrist. Sebastian turned on his stomach, squinting his eyes from the sunlight.

“Are we going to talk about what happened last night?” Sebastian asked me.

“You are not letting this go are you?” I pulled up the fabric of my robe by my collar trying to conceal my face.

Swinging his legs around the bed so that his feet would touch the ground and so he could he sit upward. “Not until you say you will marry me.”

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Superman|Isaac Laheyxplus size!reader

This was requested by the lovely @artfuck
Thank you again for requesting.
(Feedbacks are welcome)
Send in request guys!!
Warnings: bullying

Originally posted by itsmsletsp

Being a shy teenager isn’t easy and if the shy teenager is even plus size, it becomes a nightmare.
You are one of the most reserved people in the school, you never talk to anybody or do anything outside the normality just because you aren’t brave enough to do it.

As you walk in the school you sink into your jacket even more trying not to draw the attention on the seniors in the hallaway.
You breath slowly almost arriving at your locker when you suddenly froze as you hear a top familiar voice.
“Hey, Y/N!” says the guy behind you.
“Hi Aaron” you answer looking at the ground, trying to control your heartbeat.
“Did you do my homework?” he takes a lock of your tugging it lightly.
“N-no” you answer, shutting your eyes.
“And why not?” he throws a punch near your face making you jump.
“I-I fell asleep”.
“You know what is gonna happen,right?”.
You start shaking as your eyes are filled with tears.
“This was our pact” he says smashing you against the locker.

You check your mascara again as you enter in your next class, searching for signs of your crying.
You close your little mirror entering in the class, sitting at the bottom and grabbing your notebook.
“Okay, guys, today I’m choosing the seats because the school rules say that you have to socialize”.
You sigh exasperatedly and bury your face in your hands.
“Y/N with Isaac”.
You stand up and walk towards his desk.
“Hi” he waves at you smiling sweetly.
“I’m Isaac”.
“I’m Y-”
“I know who you are, you are the girl with cute glasses that always sits in the back of the class and writes on her notebook”
He smiles politely at you as you feel your cheeks heat up.
“Okay class, even if I want to sleep during this lesson I have to teach you something so let’s begin”.

You laugh as you read Isaac’s message.
You two became really good friends, he always made you laugh and kept you happy.
You hit someone and you fall on the ground, apologizing.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry” you say, mumbling.
“You fat bitch, how dare you?”
“Hey baby, is she bothering you?”
‘No, not now. Not today’
“Yes baby” says the blonde in front of you.
“Oh, my little Y/N, you are in so much trouble”.
Aaron hits you and your sight becomes to blur.

“Hey Y- Woah,what happened?” Isaac lookes at you with worry, taking your face in his hands.
“I just slipped today and my face hit the ground, you know I’m really clumsy” you mumble trying to cover the giant livid on your cheek.
“You’re lying, and don’t tell me that you’re not. Who did this to you?” says him angrily.
“Isaac no please” your voice cracks and tears starts to form in your eyes.
“No, what? Tell me, I’ll be the hell out of them and they won’t bother you anymore”
“No Isaac, stop”.
You move your chair far away from him and open your notebook.

“You shouldn’t have sent your friend, Y/N”
Aaron slaps you, leaving a red print.
“What are you talking about?” you say trying to run away.
“Don’t lie you little bitch” He slaps you again, grinning.
You see Isaac behind them. His eyes are full of anger and his fists are closed tightly.
“What if I say no, Superman?” Aaron laughs, cocking his eyebrows.
“I said, leave her”.
When Isaac lifts his head from the ground his eyes are yellow, fangs appear from his mouth and claws sink his fists.
He roars making Aaron and his friends run, yelling in fear.
You start walking away from him but you fall on the ground, looking at him with wide eyes.
“Y/N, I can explain I swear”.

“…and this is it” he finishes his story looking at the ground.
“So you are a werewolf”
“Okay” you says scrolling your shoulders.
“Okay?!? You don’t care?”
“Isaac, I don’t care if you are a werewolf, you saved me from my worst nightmare, and speaking of that…”
You lift his head and put your lips on his softly and pull away right after, him smiling at you.
“Thank you for that”

Eizen: A true name is not something a Malak just casually divulges to others. They carry a special meaning to us. Speaking it to anyone other than our pact keeper carries a special meaning. Between comrades, it means we trust them with our lives. In other cases, it’s– 

Magilou: Practically a confession of love! 

I wonder who that reminds me of…

We Can’t Have A Story

Author: @dylanobsessed
Prompt/request: request from @fillthevoid-stilinski ) –  Just wanted to say I love your writing, you’re fab! I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and Stiles are at a party drinking with the gang and the reader gets very drunk and admits their feelings for Stiles, but Stiles pushes it aside pretending he didn’t hear it but the reader remembers it the next morning and confronts him about it and it turns out he doesn’t feel the same… i need to read sad stiles fics at the minute lol thank you so much <3
Warning: party, alcohol use, angst, & i think that’s it !!
Pairing: stiles x reader
Notes: yo !! you are such a gem for the compliment and let me tell ya, you were the first person to follow me on here so like i basically screamed when i saw you sent this request in and i loved the prompt idea so much. so much thanks to you and i hope you enjoy it !!
Words: 2,241

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What are friends for (2/2)

Request: Hey could you do an imagine where y/n has just gone through a break up and Natasha (her best friend) helps her through it by being her fuck buddy?

AO3 comment: I wish you’d write more, maybe a friends with benifits to lovers sort of idea, maybe y/n falls in love and is scared to admit it.

A/n ok so this has been sitting on my file for MONTHS ! ! ! I finally decided to finish it for you guys (nsfw gifs)

Originally posted by dailymarvelheroes

Ever since you became friends with benefits seven months ago your life has been perfect. You were no longer thinking about what’s his name and you’ve been having amazing sex with my best friend. The only problem was that you were starting to fall in love with her.

“Hey you” Natasha whispered into my ear as I was changing in the locker room. “Do you want to meet up later?”

“Meet up as in dinner as friends or meet up as I make you cum multiple times in one night?” You asked as you buttoned up your pants.

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High School Band AU: Chapter 6

Hope you like this! ^^

“Hey, bro, come here! MC was about to tell me about her first kiss!”

“What… what?”

“What the hell?” Saeran asks, joining you and Saeyoung at the cafeteria table.

“He’s not… he’s not talking serious right now…” you say, trying to avoid both twin’s gaze.

“So you’ve kissed before?” Saeran asks, and it doesn’t look like he’s teasing.

“What? I… this doesn’t have anything to do what I was trying to tell your brother! I was trying to talk about something really weird that happened at Yoosung’s place that night after fisrt rehearsal.”

“Something weird?”

“Yeah, I… no, forget it.”

“What? Noooo, don’t be shy just because Saeran is here, he can make part of our little pact too…”

“What the hell are you talking about, Saeyoung?” you notice as Saeran widens his eyes and gets flustered, just like you did when he came up with this “pact” thing.

“Oh, haven’t you heard, bro? My relationship with MC has evolved enough for us to do a ‘No questions asked’ pact.”

“Relationship?” you ask

“Friendship, whatever. The only thing important here is that something happened at Yoosung’s place, MC needed someone to talk to and came to me, but… she doesn’t want me to ask much, though. So she agreed on a ‘no questions asked’ deal.”

“Of course you did, since you’re stupid enough to do whatever this fool wants!”

“Yeah, for the first time I guess you’re right, this was stupid. It’s just… I didn’t know who to talk to, and this thing has been bothering me a lot, so… desperation got the best of me.”

“Oh, why didn’t you talk to your precious Zenny about it?” Saeran scoffs, and you roll your eyes.

“Because… of something you told me about Rika, Zen and Jumin.”

“I don’t remember doing that.”

“What do you mean? That day in Yoosung’s house when you helped me getting out of that dress.” Saeyoung widens his eyes and looks at his brother.

“Oh my… so many revelations today, what is that about, by the way?”

“No-nothing! I just helped her unzipping that hideous dress you put her on, idiot!” you notice a pale shade of crimson across Saeran’s cheeks. “And you! You… realize you’re not making any sense right now, don’t you?” you groan in annoyance and glare at him.

“Okay, let me make myself clear so this slow brain of yours can follow. You told me Zen and Jumin fighting has something to do with Rika, which was why I thought it wasn’t a good idea talking about it with Zen.”

“Because…?” Saeyoung aks.

“Because… I met Rika at Yoosung’s house and… she was… kinda… weird.”

“Why?” both twins ask at the same time.

“I…” you look at Saeran, embarrassed. Talking with Saeyoung felt right because, despite him being odd, he seems like someone who would listen and try to give you an unbiased opinion, unlike his twin, who had picked on you from the moment you showed up.

“I told you before I’ll always be honest with you because unlike these softies, I won’t spare your stupid little feelings, didn’t I?” Wow, great way to make someone feel comfortable… “So spit it out! You know if the bitch did something to harm you, you have to let us know, right?”

“Oh my god… did she hurt you?” Saeyoung asks with widen eyes.

“No! No, she didn’t… she was… really nice… too nice, actually.”

Time for what? A flashback!

You excuse yourself to try calling your father. As much as Yoosung’s family is adorable and welcoming, just like him, you really need to go home. It’s getting late and you have class tomorrow! How come your dad forgot about this? It’s not like you would like him to be all over you 24/7 like he was a little after your mom left him, but… right now, he’s just a hypocrite calling you out for being irresponsible, when he is the real irresponsible one here! And… your phone not getting any signal is not really making things easy right now!

“I always tell Yoosung this house is kinda like a giant elevator. There’s always no signal here!” she shows up in the hallway and comes towards you. “Let’s get upstairs and I’ll show you the tricks to get some bars there.”

She grabs your hand and drags you upstairs, her blonde waves brushing against your face lightly. Hum… she feels really different from what you remember of that day in the record store… and why is he here? Wasn’t she on tour with Taylor Swift or… Carrie Underwood? Or… ugh… how were those rumors again?

“Here, it always works best here! Try now!” right she was! The signal bars increase in the screen phone.

“Thanks, Rika.”

“You’re welcome, honey!” so so different…

Oh! So your father answered your texts! Last one was a few minutes ago, telling he was coming to get you. Hum… maybe he wasn’t that irresponsible… but he is still pretty hypocrite.

“Who is that? Your bf?”

“Uhm, no. My father.”

“Why isn’t your bf coming to pick you up?”

“Because I don’t have one?”

“Oh… no boyfriend? Hum… that’s too bad…” she pouts and giggles. Okay… “So you must be enjoying a lot this attention from all these guys in the band. Of course, you could enjoy that even having a boyfriend, but… being single you can do it with no guilty, right?”

“I… wouldn’t know. And I don’t get attention, I mean… probably not in the way you’re talking about.” Another giggle.

“You’re really adorable! No wonder V kept talking how perfect you were to be a good understudy for me!” Oh yeah… V…are they still dating even with him in college? Wait, why are you even thinking about this? “He was so impressed with your knowledge on music, your voice, your charisma… and Yoosung looks really impressed too, doesn’t he?”

“You… should ask him that. I wouldn’t know.” you two hear the noise of a horn downstairs. “Oh, it’s my father! I should get going. Bye, Rika.” You try to go, but she blocks your way with one of her arms.

“What would you know, then?” she asks, smirking, then playing with a lock of your hair in her fingers. “I think you know much more than you look. I’m sure there’s a really clever mind behind this cuteness, oh… and this is trouble, isn’t it? Smart, cute and talented, how can those poor guys resist? How can anyone resist?” what… what is happening? Why is she so close?

“MC?” you jump when you hear Yoosung’s voice. “Rika? What are you two doing?”

“Oh, we were just talking about hair. MC said she was thinking about dying her hair to blonde just like mine. What do you think, Yoosungie?” what the hell?

“It would look really great, MC! Rika’s hair color is really beautiful! You would look even cuter!

“Yes, that’s exactly what I told her. Even cuter…” she smirks and takes her arm out of your way. You say a quick goodbye to Yoosung and his family before your father decides to stop horning and starts yelling.

“Wait! What about the kiss?”

“Ugh… I told you there was no kiss, Saeyoung!”

“Ah yeah, usually there isn’t a kiss after the classic tsundere move of blocking the girl’s way with the arm and doing some flirty threats… but let’s have the tsundere himself share his thoughts. What do you think, bro?”

“What are you even talking about, you weirdo? Don’t encourage this crazyhead here with your anime bullshit!”

“Crazyhead?” you glare at him, your voice is louder than you would like.

“Paranoid, narcissistic, you name it. You just have this big complex on thinking everything is about you. There are always guys fighting for you, a girl wanting to kiss you…”

“Which girl wants to kiss you, MC?” the three of you spot Jaehee and Yoosung coming with their trays. You immediately freeze when you see Yoosung.

“There is no girl! She’s just imagining things like she did before when she thought Jumin and Zen were fighting for her.” Saeran scoffs “Like someone was going to be stupid enough to fight for you… or kiss you.”

“You know there’s a big difference between being honest and being an asshole, right?” you say and get off the table, your voice finally reaching the right tone to deal with this jerk.

“That was really mean and unnecessary, Saeran.” Jaehee says coldly.

“Yeah, bro! Too much tsuntsun and too little deredere…” he says, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

“Shut up, Saeyoung.” Jaehee and Saeran say at the same time.

“I’m gonna see if she’s okay, guys.” Yoosung goes after you.

He finds you angrily flipping through your books in your locker room. You look quickly at him and goes back to the books.

“Hey…” he says almost in a whisper. “MC?”

“Yes, Yoosung?” you look at him, he looks almost scared and… worried.

“MC, I… think you should not take things too personal when it comes to Saeran. He… doesn’t think much before talking, but… I don’t think he meant what he said.”

“That’s because you’re too nice and tend to see the best in everybody, Yoosung. With Saeran or…” you were going to say Rika, but why? You’re not even sure if she was flirting or threatening you, like Saeyoung said. “Saeran is a jerk, okay?”

“Well, he’s one of my closest friends and I don’t think he’s as mean as he tries to come across next to you, but… I… I do disagree on him, if you want to know… I-I… think there’s nothing crazy about wanting to fight you… or-or… k-kiss you…” both of you blush with his sudden boldness. “I mean… I think you’re great! And you should think the same about yourself! So don’t mind Saeran too much, okay?” you laugh softly at the way he rubs the back of his head, embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll try. But just because you’re asking and because you really killed with our little Vanessa Carlton duet. Why don’t you sing more often?”

“Oh, you know… it’s just… we have Zen to steal the spotlight, and I… feel comfortable in the background with the keyboards, the spotlight is for people like… Zen and you…” wow, you’re being compared to Zen now, it’s a really long way after being offended by Saeran in such a little time…

“Tsk, too bad. I think we work really great on a duet. Maybe we would be even better with a song from this decade, you know?” he laughs.

“Oh, we could sing Little Mix one day! That one with Jason Derulo, or… or… Oops with Charlie Puth!”

“Well, you would have to do the whistle part, since I don’t know how…” you look away.

“You don’t know how to whistle?” his bright eyes widen in amusement.

“I don’t!” you pout, and he laughs. “Hey, don’t laugh!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you! Just… just wet your lips and pucker them.”


“To whistle! You just have to wet your lips and blow some air, with your tongue relaxed, like this.” The sound comes from his mouth effortlessly, which doesn’t happen to you, making you both chuckle “That’s… that’s so cute, MC.”

“There’s nothing cute about being such a dork!” you say dramatically.

“Well, Rika says I’m a cute dork… what do you think?” Oh yeah… Rika… what would it happen if you told him what happened between you two? Would he call you crazy too? Well, considering how much he seems to idolize her, probably… Yoosung is probably the last person you would like to upset with your… craziness?

“I… I wouldn’t know…” you shrug, and he smiles softly, almost like he was waiting for this answer.

“Alright. See you in rehearsal later, MC.” Oh no… did you upset him?

The bell rings and the hallway gets crowded with students running to get to class in time. Well, maybe Saeran is right, you’re crazy. But nobody can convince you that Rika isn’t a little crazy too, not even Yoosung.

Chapter 5

Little Monster part 5


Pairing: Professor!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Foul language, mentions of sex but without explicit content. If this isn’t your cup of tea, please skip!

Word count: 2.303

Summary: Wanda’s loyalties are tested and Steve has a change of heart.

A/N: I’ve been suffering from serious writer’s block. All I can seem to get on the page is crap. This is my attempt at restoring the balance and getting myself out there again. Hope you like it.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Disclaimer: I don’t own these images.

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anonymous asked:

Reactions of Cor/Ravis/Ardyn to their astral-related s/o sacrificed herself to bring them back from death's grip

Scream crying, Cry screaming! I’m so happy/sad, someone is making me angst someone other than the Chocobros!  (I’m such a monster, for even thinking that) ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚



For as long as Cor could remember, you were with him, his charm, the one that made him feel immortal. Many only knew of the man in himself, yet few knew of the wife that pushed through each heartache, victory and each death that surrounded the man in his years.

Cor remembered watching you battle along side him with each king he serviced, in a gaurd separate his own, he watched as the world you both lived in became black, he watched you push himself and the other hunters forward each day. Often while pushing yourself to the limit only to stop when your husband demanded it so.

Cor was just outside Insomnia’s ruins, as the final battle took place, you loyally at his side as you always were. Yet maybe it was old age, maybe it was carelessness about finally feeling hope after 10 years of the thought of seeing a sunrise with you again. Yet be as it might, the man was one moment short, before a deamon struck him from behind, you had quickly destroyed it, calling out to your husband in a fear he had never heard fall from your lips.

You cradled him in your lap, as you both watched the Citadel glow a bright blue, only as the light faded did he hear you screaming to the heavens. A loud cry of help, of assistance, in a forgotten language, only for the city of Insomnia to quickly be struck in a blinding light.

As the light faded, Cor, found your roles reversed, now he held you in his lap, looking around the desolate castle, surrounded by Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis and Noctis! All alive, the man turned to you in his arms, only to see the young woman he had fallen in love with so many years ago, who was too weak to even move.

Cor responded to your request to carry you to your favorite spot within the citadel, all while listening of how you were truly an immortal who had assist the man she had fallen in love with and earned his love in return.

An Astral’s creation send down to him.

Yet you had pleaded with the gods to not kill all that you had learn to love and cherish, the gods took pity on you, only to take you back as a bargain, which you quickly accepted. Now you were slowly leaving this world, and wanted nothing more than to go back to the garden where you had first met.

Cor honored your request, as he stood in the garden, that once held so many memories for the both of you. The older man, held you tight as he stood under the old dead tree where he would often meet you for brief moments, before duty called again.

Cor held you close, as the sun begun to rise for the first time, in so many years of darkness. Cor felt a smile tug on his lips as you looked toward the rising sun, before turning to him. Moving a hand to rest against his cheek, as you smiled so brightly to him.

He watched through your eyes, the countless battles you fought side by side, the love and respect you held for each other, the trials you faced together. Cor watch your lives through your eyes, smiling down to the beauty that was his wife, Cor watched as those lips curved into a soft smile, a single tear falling down your cheek, as those eyes closed to the world.

His best friend, his partner, his will, his wife, his everything. left this world happy in the arms of the man she loved.

Cor held you close, his shoulders shaking as he watched the sun rise for the first time in 10 years. His first of many without you by his side.



“Father please! Don’t hurt him too! He’s already lost so much!”

Ravus groaned, that voice, it sounded so familiar, so very familiar, only to gasp as he saw you arguing with a large glowing man, Bahamut? The man moved to stand only to groan in pain as he was forced back to the ground, the bile Ardyn’s magic provided still on him. His body felt so heavy, so weak.

“You plead for this human’s life?”

“I do!” You cry.

Ravus gasped as Bahamut turned toward him, the god seeming to be judging him over, before turning back to you.

“Little one, should you save this man’s life you will never be with him again.”

“If I don’t save this man’s life, I’ll never be with him again, Father.” You plead, only for a gasping smile to appear on your face as your Father waved it okay, in doing so you turned to Ravus not far from you, the dark disgusting magic on his body falling off, revealing his human arm regrown.

“Let us go child.” Bahamut called, only to stop when he realized that you weren’t following. “Why do you hesitate, child?”

You fidget looking up to your Astral Father, “Father, may I please say my goodbyes?”

“Make it quick.”

“Thank you, Father.” You bowed before quickly running over to the blonde man, throwing yourself in his arms on the ground. “Ravus, my dear Ravus.”

Ravus hesitated before wrapping his arms around you, hugging you close to his chest, “Y/n, my treasure what have you done?”

“My dear, Ravus, I’m so sorry, I could not protect you, please understand that I love you with every fiber of my being, and that I shall never be away from you.”

“There must be away.” He whispered above your head, pulling your head to his neck, able to feel your for the first time with both arms.

“My Ravus, please, I would sacrifice myself again and again to see you happy.” You cooed, tears falling from your eyes. “I will never love anyone other than you, we will be together again some day, I promise.”

“Young one!”

You turned over your shoulder, “Coming Father!” You called, before turning to those beautiful dual colored eyes before you, unable to stop the tears that began to fall faster. “Do not forget me, My Ravus, my heart.”

“My treasure, I look forward to the day we will be together again.” Ravus replied, before pulling you into a kiss. Feeling you slowly disappearing from his embrace, before finding himself back on the dark landing where he had met his demise to Noctis, no Ardyn! Looking to his left, as he saw a sword, in the colors of gold and white, his hand ghosting over it, before pulling it to his lap.

“I shall never be away from you.” Your voice called, as the man closed his eyes, almost seeing your smiling face.

“Do wait for me, my treasure.” Ravus whispered, pushing his lips to the hilt, before standing as he rushed to go assist Noctis and his friends.



Ardyn remembered a pain, that little runt Noctis did it, yet his soul could not rest easy, somehow the little Prince, no, King had managed to escape death with the assistance of his little friends. Hundred of decades gone, his vengeance against the Lucian bloodline was all for naught.

“Ardyn, my beloved.”

Ardyn turned, that familiar voice it couldn’t be, you weren’t within the throne room when the battle took place. Turning his head, the man tried finding you, where could you have gone? Did you too perish in this foolish battle forever stuck within limbo, as he now was.

The gods truly were cruel.

“My beloved, Ardyn, you must be so tired. You have been fighting for so very long, please rest easy now.”

The man turned, as he saw you standing there in limbo, your long robes flowing around you, “My Queen,” He chuckled, as you approached him in this inky darkness that surrounded him. “I would believe that you deserve someone other.”

You gave a soft chuckle, reaching your hands out as the man immediately took them, “My beloved, there is no one else I would love to spend another eternity with, yet our time has ended so soon. I thought I alone could help you, stop this madness but even I could not.”

“My Queen, what are you going on about?” Ardyn inquired, as he held your delicate fingers in his hands.

“My Belove, I was able to be with you time and time again, as I am demi-god, one of the Astral’s children. We are far and in between, I have pleaded with the gods, time and time again to allow you to rest from this burden they themselves casted on you, and then so cruelly cast you aside. Only to toy with you again and again, as so with Noctis’ survival.” You explained, caressing the face before you, only to watch as Ardyn tensed, as you drew the deamons from him. “A weaker man would have fallen long ago, yet you did not, My strong King.”

Ardyn stared at the dark orb in your hand, than to you again, “Y/n, how are you able to,”

“I am only able now due to my pact with the gods, this is our good bye my beloved, my Ardyn.” You smiled weakly, placing the orb against your chest. A gasp escaping you, as it fused within you, your robes now turning as inky and black as the night sky.

Ardyn quickly grabbed your biceps, a panicked look in those amber eyes, “You don’t mean as to leave me.”

“I am sick of the gods toying around with the man I love so dear, I shall now become the night, the darkness, the insanity that is within the world. I will take this burden for you, as I had wish to have done so many hundreds of years ago.”

Ardyn pulled you close, “I shall not allow you to do this!”

You giggled, removing his hat, as you pulled his forehead to rest against your own, “Ardyn, you no longer have to be strong. We both know that the gods are so fickle, perhaps one day we shall meet again.”

Ardyn pulled you into a passionate kiss, his hands cradling your face, pulling back as he looked into those eyes that shed tears for him, “I will never stop loving you, until the end of days and more.”

“And I you, my beloved, my King, my Ardyn.” You smiled, as you stepped from his hold, placing his hat to your head, as you slowly watched the man become at peace.

“The gods could be so cruel,” You whispered, feeling the darkness start to creep in your vision. “Is this the pain you felt, My King? I’m sorry you had to burden this for so long.”

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 2 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Summary: Hartfeld University Coffee Shop. It’s been 6 years since the last time you saw your senior boyfriend. 6 years since you broke up. But when he walks into the coffee shop, all the memories of the past come back to life, leaving you wondering about what could’ve been and what could still be.

Author’s note: Part 2 of 2. ;) Read Part 1 here.

That Could’ve Been Us - Part 2 (Zig x MC Fanfic)

Hartfeld University. 6 years ago. Her Graduation Day.

She woke up to the shrill beeping of her alarm, her head throbbing as it got louder. “I’m up, I’m up!,” she groaned, hitting the snooze button and slipping the phone back under her pillow. Letting out another yawn, she rolled over and snuggled closer to him, wrapping her legs around his.

He felt her body press to his and he instinctively wrapped his arms around her. “Mmmm…. Is it morning already?”

“Yeah,” she answered, loving the feel of his naked skin against hers. Then it dawned on her. “Oh no.” She grabbed her phone. It was 8.30 a.m. “Oh no no no no no…” She bolted free from his embrace, and ran to her closet for her graduation gown.

Zig opened his eyes and watched her slide on a pair of panties — pink lacy ones, one of his favorites — and a matching bra. He looked at her appreciatively as he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. “Are we late?”

“YES!!!,” she replied in a clipped voice. She put on her graduation gown quickly, then ran to the mirror to brush her hair. “I can’t believe we overslept.”

“Well, it’s not like we had much sleep…,” Zig grinned lazily. She turned around and gave him a you’re-not-helping-look, nudging him to get up from bed and get dressed.

After putting on mascara, a dab of blush and a coat of red lipstick, she turned to Zig and grumbled. “I look like hell!”

Zipping up his pants, he slowly walked over to her and caressed her cheek. “You’re beautiful,” he assured her. She smiled as he patted her hair down, a habit of his when her hair was having a life of its own. “There, that’s better. You also have that afterglow—“ he teased.

“We’re gonna be late!,” she laughed, grabbing her heels as she hurried out the door.  

He chuckled and put on his shirt, wistfully looking around the room as he did so. They had broken up the night before, and it still felt surreal to him. Are we really doing this?, he thought to himself. He slipped on his socks and shoes, ignoring the heaviness he felt in his chest. This is just wrong, he thought to himself. But they both needed it. Didn’t they?

“Zig!,” she exclaimed, poking her head back in the room. “Let’s go!”

He looked at her standing in the doorway, dressed in her graduation gown and heels. Her hair was wild from the night, but it suited her. She was so  sensuous without her knowing that it drove him crazy.  

“Yep, let’s go,” he echoed, taking her hand as they both ran down the hall laughing, up the quad, unable to keep their eyes off each other.


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The Most Beautiful Thing on the Planet

Alec and Magnus travel to the Maldives Islands for some much needed rest and relaxation. Their alone time gets interrupted by something unexpected. Alec is full of sass and Magnus is his usual magnificent self. Basically, just these two lovebirds in paradise.

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It was amazing how everything was better on vacation, even the coffee tasted better in paradise. Alec stood in the doorway to the deck of their overwater villa. They had been keeping the large sliding glass door opened all the way, so that the indoor and outdoor spaces merged into one. Even at night, there was no need for privacy, the only thing as far as the eye could see were the crystal turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. They were but a few steps away from water so clear you could see all the marine life below, as your feet settled into soft white sand. It was a stunning sight, but even the idyllic scenery had nothing on the sight that was currently capturing Alec’s attention.

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anonymous asked:

Then that such a fanfic where Star, Tom and Marco are in Mewnie visiting the Castle of Star the two already are couple but, arrives the father of Tom of visit and then it is with the 3, he does not know of the relation of its son and Marco, he still thinks he's a princess boyfriend he wanted them to be together and that's why Tom was never able to tell that they broke up, so they start making comments about the two that may make them uncomfortable To Marco and Star, Tom is afraid

Okay! This was a lot of fun to write! I hope I read this right! I told you guys I’m not a good reader haha so I hope this is what you wanted! Enjoy! I hope you love it! I love you guys! And I like soap because it smells nice


“It’s a pleasure to see you again, Queen Moon.” Tom’s father greeted the queen. Despite her confusion for the visit, she showed hospitality to her guest. The underworld and Mewni had a non-aggression pact. But that did not make the allies, they didn’t like each other, so it made their arrangement fragile. Star grabbed Tom’s arm and pulled him aside.

“Tom! What is your father doing here?” Star demanded. Marco pulled her aside.

“Don’t yell at him, this type of thing makes him nervous.” Marco told her. He took Tom’s hand. “Is everything okay, Tom?” Marco asked. Tom turned to face his friends and rubbed the back of his head. He looked guilty.

“I may have been lying to my dad about… some things for a while now.” Tom admitted. Marco leaned forward.

“Like what?” He asked. Tom gulped.

“I-I… he seemed so impressed when I told him I was dating Star all that time ago and um… he seemed to think it was acceptable, and I didn’t want to get him mad! I meant to tell him but I thought he would be upset with me…” Tom played with his thumbs. He felt awful about what he did. “I should have said something.” He muttered.

“You never told your dad that me and you broke up?” Star asked, amazed. Tom shook his head.

“Tom, it’s okay.” Marco assured. Star nodded and tried to offer her friend some comfort.

“Yeah, we’re not angry. I get it, telling your parents stuff you think they’ll be mad at you for can be really scary.” She agreed. “You don’t have to feel guilty, we’ve all been there.” She assured. Tom smiled a tiny bit and looked up at his friends.

“Thanks guys.” He whispered.

“We can keep your secret, I don’t want to make your dad angry with you. A little lie never hurt anyone.” Star assured. Marco made a face but nodded.

“I can see this backfiring… but I don’t think getting your dad mad is a good idea either.” Marco agreed. The kids spun around when Moon and the king of Hell reentered the room. They were talking lively.

“And I think as long as they have been together, it’s the likely next step.” The king finished. Moon seemed concerned, and nervous, but willing to listen.

“Mom? What’s happening?” Star asked. Moon tried to smile.

“Star, dear. I was just politely disagreeing with the ruler of the underworld, as he thinks you and Tom have been dating for so long… that marriage is in order. But Lucifer I do think they are a bit young.” Moon told him. Tom and Star gasped and they both jumped back, exchanging looks. Star then shook her head.

“No, no, no, no, no- Sir.” She corrected. “Tom and I are fifteen! We can’t get married!” She cried. “That’s waaaay too young to get married, right?” She asked. Star then realized she wanted to keep their cover for Tom’s safety. “I love Tom! I do, he’s just…. Dating me is what we are.” She tried. “But I don’t think that um…” Star trailed off and Tom facepalmed.

“A consenting marriage at your age is in order. Moon, I expected more of you to say the least.” Lucifer said in a low tone.

“Lucifer, I cannot wed my daughter at the age of fifteen despite her unwillingness. I agree as a queen or princess there are things you must do, even if you don’t want to, but this is too much! She is– Tom is– a child!” Moon continued.

“Tom is a child who has fallen out of line, and I believe your daughter can fix that. She is a lovely well-rounded girl.” He added. Despite the seriousness of the situation all three of the kids stifled laughs.

“Well-rounded.” Marco giggled.

“No.” Moon insisted. Lucifer looked her in the eye and opened his mouth to say something more, but Tom interrupted.

“Dad! Star and I aren’t dating!” Tom cried. “Stop pressuring Moon, she doesn’t need to do this for me.” Tom told him.

“Excuse me?” Lucifer demanded.

“I… Star and I broke up a long time ago… she dumped me, I was scared you’d be mad… I-I tried t get her back so you’d be proud of me but I had to respect her choice and I… I’m dating Marco now.” Tom whispered this last part and an angry aura filled Lucifer. He looked down at his son with fury.

“You LIED TO ME!?!! You lied to me and disobeyed me! As well as an act of treason by becoming involved with a human!” His father screamed.

“I-I-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“ENOUGH!” Lucifer screamed and cut Tom off. The poor demon jumped and fell to the floor. Lucifer raised his fist and swung it down. Tom gasped and covered his face, but when no impact came he opened his eyes and saw Moon had stopped his father’s fist with her hand. She was very small compared to him, but it seemed to take no effort in overpowering him.

“You dare hurt a child in my kingdom? My domain?” She insisted. “Think about what you’re doing Lucifer, endangering your child, my child, and an innocent human in an outworld dimension. With our non-aggression pact as fragile as it is now, I suggest you not do that in front of my whole army.” She threatened.

Lucifer backed away and looked at his son, then the queen. He growled and looked away. He was about to leave through a portal before looking back at Tom. “I hope you know what you’ve done.” He warned, and left.

Marco helped Tom up and the demon didn’t waste any time. He dashed into Marco’s arms and he hugged the demon close. “I messed this all up! I made him angry, I made him yell at Queen Moon and I-” Tom pulled away and looked at Moon. “Queen Moon! I am so sorry! This is all my fault! He yelled at you and caused tension all because I couldn’t tell him the truth!” Tom cried. Moon hushed him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright Tom.” She assured. “You were unsure, it’s okay.” Moon promised. She then gave him a little push back over to Marco and Tom ran into the human’s arms again. Marco smiled and held the demon, he looked over at the two Butterflys’ standing across from him and Marco smiled at them.

“Thank you both.”