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Tumblr just recommended me a Tavros post where the punch line was chicken nuggets and honestly I have no memory of where the origin of that fanon meme came from only the vaguest echo of my past self’s unending irritation at it so a part of me feels like it’s been set free.

Whatever you were, Tavros chicken nugget joke, you cannot hurt me any more.

A Rating Of Rose Style Variants In Homestuck

0-10, 0 being a good Rose, and 10 being an Amazing Rose, who I undoubtedly have saved to my phone. This is not a complete collection, as it is long enough.

The original- not great, but acceptable for the task at hand. I want to pretend I have some respect for the original, but when Rose was dying and they switched back to sprites, I said No out loud. The replacement looks better, and can be taken more seriously.  3/10

The replacement- good. Similar style, but more expressive. Look at this face. Sprite Rose made faces sometimes, but she was less colorful and less aesthetically pleasing. 8/10

Kanaya’s fantasy- very good. Not a fan of species swaps myself, but Kanaya was being very gay here, so it’s a nice Rose. 7/10

Rorb Lalorb- :) 10/10

One of the early attempts at varying from sprite style- very pretty, looks good. Probably took too long. 7/10

Grimdark Rose- looks fed up but is crying on the inside. Sad, bottles her pain. All Roses are good Roses, but this one needs a hug and a good cry. 6/10

Video Game Rose- good for walking around. Could not lead this Rose into a friend’s arms for a hug, so it could do with some improvement. 6/10

Act 7 Rose- Stands under trees. Leaves less to the imagination, and just not my favorite Rose. 2/10

A very detailed Rose- soft, innocent, a good change of style to portray the emotions that this closed off teen is feeling upon facing her death. A good Rose. 9/10

Injured Rose- Fighting, strong. Looks even more like a lesbian somehow. Is holding Kan’s hand out of frame. 8/10

Round- happy, smiling, nice shading. 6/10

Determined- small, fierce, simple. Gets the point across. 8/10

Talksprite- makes good expressions and looks very nice. Portrays her personality pretty well. 9/10

Embarrassed- has a good thicker look to her. Needs a hug. 10/10

Married, happy, SMILING, thank you homestuck and papers for my life. You get Kan, too. 20/10

Allura: I don’t get it, you guys call him your father as a joke all the time?
Keith: That’s what I said!

when I get a hand in it, every pairing is the shitpost couple. Alien confusion over those dumb earth-things is 👌 (THIS IS VERY MUCH ALMOST COPIED FROM A HOMESTUCK COMIC I SAW YEARS AGO but I can not track down the original tumblr post? If someone got a link so I can credit that would be great)

my headcanon for the post-game homestuck kids is that they’re all kind of lowkey “together” in a queerplatonic, moirail-like, non-incest kind of way. some of them, like dave/karkat, rose/kanaya, dirk/jake, roxy/calliope/jane, are “officially together”, but they all have special bonds with every other kid as well. they’re all best friends in the purest sense. no one is left out. 

all of their houses are close together and they hang out at each others places so regularly they sometimes forget which one was originally theirs. it’s not unusual for one of them to visit another’s house, and find four kids already piled on the couch snuggling and watching a movie while three more are tangled together cuddling in a giant beanbag chair having a feelings jam. (if davekat, rosemary, etc want “couples privacy”, or if anyone just needs some alone time, all they have to do is put a sign on the door and everyone knows not to disturb them.) 

one morning they might wake up at john’s house and all make pancakes for breakfast, then later they might find themselves in a cuddle pile over at dirk’s place, then later that night have a dance party at roxy’s house, and then head over to dave and karkat’s to chill and unwind and end up all falling asleep on the floor in a massive pile of pillows and blankets. and they all share each other’s toothbrushes and clothes and accessories, and although some of them might complain, it’s halfhearted and everyone knows they don’t actually mind.

their lives are beautiful and peaceful and happy and lazy, and filled with constant hugs and cuddles and hair playing and massage trains and every platonic expression of love you can think of. these brave, heroic kids don’t have to be heroes anymore. so many of these kids have been starved for affection for so many years, and now they finally have all the love they could ever want. it’s nothing short of heaven. they can just be a bunch of kids happy and in love. no one is ever lonely again. they’re together at last. they can finally rest. 

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john teaches vriska the phrase “later, gator!” so of course she starts constantly telling the others “L8r, g8rs!!!!!!!!”

and then she actually finds out what an alligator is and what it looks like, and she gets a picture of the toothiest grinning gator ever and sends it to terezi saying “it u!!!!!!!!” and terezi is like “1T M3″ and they both become obsessed with alligators

and then one day john goes up to their upstairs bathroom and the tub has three baby alligators swimming around in it

Yes, that’s right. Our invites are currently OPEN for the Homestuck Art Discord Server! 

We’re accepting people into our amazing community to have fun and draw! We have fun activities everyday, and it’s different every 2 weeks! Activities include Character Draw/Artpiles, which look something like this:

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Or other things like Panel Redrawing, Traditional Art day, Movie night, Game night, Collabs, and more! For a full list of our current activites, click here!

Make sure you check out the RULES and FAQ before asking to join. This is an invite only server! Once you are done, just send an ask! Easy as that. Make sure your art tag/blog is obvious, and if they aren’t just tell us what it is! 

We take artists of ALL skill levels, traditional or digital. 95% of our activities are digital AND traditional-friendly, so don’t worry, you aren’t left out!! We accept all ages 13+

See you on the flip side!