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The One with the Blackout - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 5367

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst where I said there would be none. I’m sorry. 

A/N: Written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess Hubba Bubba Birthday Challenge. Sorry it’s like a week late. Life happened. This also wasn’t what I was originally gonna write but again…life happened. Sorry. 

Constructive feedback always appreciated!

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“So this is pretty nice.” Dean chuckled, grabbing your hand across the diner table. Sam and Eileen volunteered to spend the night watching JoJo to give Dean and you the night to yourselves and you’d spent it eating greasy diner food at an old dive bar. It was very much your style. “Not that I don’t miss my little girl but adult time is fun too.”

“You know she’s probably sprawled across our bed, right?” Dean snorted a laugh and nodded, knowing you were right. She always did that when you were both gone unless she passed out on the couch with Sam or in Sam’s bed.

“Well, this is a treat.” A voice sneered from behind you as the diner suddenly went dark and silent. High heels got closer and you turned, staring at a face you recognized quite well. “Never thought I’d run into you two again. Where’s that precious little girl of yours?” The tall blonde staring down Dean and you was a witch you both failed to kill several years ago, Gretchen, but you managed to kill her entire coven and family. You thought you ran her off, never to be seen again, but you were apparently wrong. “Come on…what’s her name again? Joanna Celeste Winchester?”

You gritted your teeth, unsure of how she knew about your daughter. “Who?” You decided to play stupid and Dean followed along.

“You must have us confused with other hunters. We don’t have a kid.”

“What dumbass would bring a kid into this life?” You scoffed, reaching for the gun tucked away in your holster.

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Bucky Barnes:

-Dirty Laundry:
A flirtation war begins between Reader and Bucky Barnes, but both of them have real feelings for each otherPart 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5

-Blast From The Past:
Bucky comes home from Wakanda to meet the newest Avenger. Little do they know, they already know each, from their Hydra years; BFTP Masterlist

-Can You Spot Me? (ModernAU):
Reader spots an absolutely drop dead gorgeous man while working out at her gym. She decides to approach him for some help with her squats; Part 1, Part 2 

-From Another Realm:
Thor returns from Asgard with Reader, and Bucky is instantly infatuated with her; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Part 5

-Study Partner:
Reader’s life is pretty ordinary; Until she discovers her cousin is Spiderman and he introduces her to The Avengers; SP Masterlist

-I’m In:
A requested fic ~ Reader’s life changes beyond recognition after she drunkenly hacks Stark Tower; Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3

-Weapon XX:
Reader has nowhere else to turn except the mysterious Weapon X program. Things take a turn for the worse when she finds out who she’s enslaved to; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9 & Part 10

Reader and Bucky have been friends for years, and a night of drinking changes their relationship, but they aren’t on the same page
; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 & Part 7

A requested fic ~ Bucky returns from a check up in Wakanda to find that there’s a new addition to the team. She startles him when they first meet; Part 1 & Part 2

Reader is a rookie police detective who unexpectedly stumbles upon too many secrets for her own good; Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

-An Unusual Sight:
A requested fic ~ Reader has a crush on the infamous Bucky Barnes, and he gets nervous asking her on a date; Oneshot

-My Only Chance:
A requested fic ~ Reader meets Bucky, and they share a night together. But she gets something she didn’t count on; Oneshot

-I Don’t Want To Hear It:
A requested fic ~ Bucky cheats on Reader, she’s moved on, and happy, but he isn’t; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader and Bucky are in love. She can’t remember her life before the Avengers, but a person from her elusive past shows up and flips her life upside down. Now she has to choose between her old life, and her current one; Oneshot

-It’s Obvious:
A requested fic ~ Reader and Bucky are best friends, bonding instantly from the moment they met. Everyone else in Stark Tower are convinced that they are meant to be together; Oneshot

-Someone’s Gonna Get Hurt:
A requested fic ~ Reader is fighting on Team Cap, and she ends up fighting against Black Panther to protect Bucky; Oneshot

-Bucky Bear:
A requested fic ~ At an Avenger’s outing to a carnival, Reader tries to convince Bucky to steal her a plush toy after she, repeatedly, fails to win one for herself; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Sam discovers that his sister, Reader, and Bucky are having sex; Oneshot

-Exit Ramp:
A requested fic ~ Bucky’s jealous might ruin everything he and Reader have waited for; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Bucky always makes fun of Reader for speaking Spanish and forgetting English words. All jokes are on him when she finds him trying to learn her first languageOneshot

A requested fic ~ Natasha and Wanda ask the Reader for makeup tips, while Bucky is fascinated with her hijab
; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader sneaks away from the Avengers to go visit her parents, and Bucky decides to tag along; Oneshot

-You’re Not A Monster:
A requested fic ~ Reader finds out that she can’t have kids. She thinks she’s fine with it, but seeing Bucky playing with Clint’s kids tells her otherwise; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Bucky has a special present for Reader’s 19th birthday; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader finds out that she can’t go on the roller coaster at a theme park, so Bucky decides to make their own fun with the carnival stalls instead; Oneshot

-3 Weeks Late:
A requested fic ~ Reader thinks that she’s pregnant, but Bucky tell her that Hydra made sure he could never father children; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader is a Robin Hood style vigilante who is forced to work at S.H.I.E.L.D. to avoid jail, but she can’t stop hitting the streets at night; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader is really excited about going on her first official mission, but can’t go when she comes down with a cold. Bucky decides to stay behind to look after her; Oneshot

-When You Say It:
A requested fic ~ Bucky hates being called James, but Reader can’t stop herself from calling him his birth name; Oneshot

-Just Hold Me:
A requested fic ~ Reader is upset from receiving bad news. Bucky holds her and tries to comfort for; Oneshot

-Beauty And The Buck:
A requested fic ~ Reader and Bucky bond over a Disney marathon; Oneshot

-Like Lightening:
A requested fic ~ Based off ‘Powerful’ by Major Lazer feat. Ellie Golding; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader can’t hide her jealousy any longer; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Based off of the prompt: “Maybe you didn’t love me after all”; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Based off of the prompts: “Breathe, okay? Just breathe.” and “Don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader has to teach Bucky about periods for the first time; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Bucky tries to help Reader when she has bad cramps and PMS; Oneshot

-Little Notes:
A requested fic ~ Bucky expects to find Reader’s little drawings on his arm when he wakes, but instead he finds something more; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader braids Bucky’s hair; Oneshot

-Among The Stars:
A requested fic ~ Bucky sets up a date at a planetarium; Oneshot

-It’ll Be Fine:
A requested fic ~ Bucky is nervous about meeting Reader’s parents and extended family; Oneshot

-Second Chances (AU):
Written for bionic-buckyb’s 5k followers AU writing challenge ~ Based off of the prompt: “Breaking up was the right thing to do… Right?”; Oneshot

-Field Trip:
A requested fic ~ Reader is a teacher’s assistant and gets to tag along on a trip to Stark Tower; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Reader discovers that The Winter Soldier killed her parents; Oneshot

Steve Rogers:

-The Man For You (ModernAU):
Reader is torn between two men that couldn’t be more opposite; Part 1, Part 2

-Splitting Image:
Steve meets Claire, an assassin. She looks just like someone from his past; can he hold onto this familiar face?; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Based off ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran; Oneshot

-A Long Day:
A requested fic ~ Steve makes Reader feel better after a hard day of work; Oneshot

-Where were you?!:
A requested fic ~ Based off of the prompt “All I needed was you. And you weren’t there”; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Tony catches Reader and Steve kissing, threatening to expose their secret relationship to the team; Oneshot

Peter Parker:

A requested fic ~ Peter Parker’s grades have been steadily dropping, and his principle thinks it’d be a good idea for him to get Reader to tutor him; Oneshot

-It Gets Better:
A requested fic ~ Reader struggles with depression, but she’s recovering. Until Peter and her breakup; Oneshot

-What Was It This Time?:
A requested fic ~ Based off of the prompts “Don’t flatter yourself. I’m always this awkward.” and “I can’t explain it right now, but I need you to trust me on this.”; Part 1 & Part 2

-The Bronx:
A requested fic ~ Reader is an elemental who fights on Team Cap, and fights against Spiderman; Part 1, Part 2

Wanda Maximoff:

-Star (Spangled) Crossed Lovers:
A requested fic ~ Wanda is torn between two super soldiers, Bucky and Steve; Part 1 & Prequel


-Subconscious Movements:
Reader has a secret ability, telekinesis, and is recruited into the Avengers. She doesn’t intend to tell them about her power, but a mission going bad forces her hand; Part 1 & Part 2

-I’m Ready:
A requested fic ~ Reader has powers. She ushers souls from the physical world over to the Eternal. She’s confronted with a familiar face; Oneshot

-Need A Hand?:
Reader is a psychologist sent to help Bucky recover after he comes out of cyro in Wakanda, but he has a little trouble with only one arm; Oneshot

-You’ll Pass:
A requested fic ~ Reader helps Wanda with studying to pass a test to make her a U.S. citizen and remain in the Avengers; Oneshot

-Put A Ring On It:
A requested fic ~ Bucky and Steve catch Reader dancing to Beyonce, and she decides to teach them some moves; Oneshot

A requested fic ~ Sam and Reader decide to crash a fancy dinner Tony is throwing, and liven it up with some dance moves; Oneshot
Did Dan Stevens Really Sing? What Worried Emma Watson While Waltzing? Beauty and the Beast’s Secrets Revealed!
Ten burning Beauty and the Beast questions asked and answered — with important insider facts about the hit new film

How many people, animals and props were involved in making the opening musical number, “Belle?”

According to Disney, there were more than 150 cast members and extras involved, along with 28 wagons and carts, hundreds of live animals (horses, cows, mules, ducks, geese and hens) and countless props and set decorations. The set itself was also the production’s largest, measuring 28,787 square feet.

Bonus fact: The town is named Villeneuve, a fictional French village that was built on the backlot at Shepperton Studios outside London.  The town’s name is an homage to Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the author of the original Beauty and the Beast story.

How many horses played Belle and Maurice (Kevin Kline)’s trusty steed, Philippe?


“Belle and Maurice’s horse Philippe was played by three different horses, two of which had to be painted on a daily basis,” says a rep for the studio.

How did they pull off the waltz scene between Belle (Emma Watson) and the Beast?

Carefully! Watson and Stevens first had to learn the choreography, and then Stevens had to master it on stilts. The British star tells PEOPLE practice makes perfect when it came time to learn how to walk and dance in the steel contraptions.

“You’ve just got to get in ’em, start moving around!” Stevens says with a laugh. “Fortunately we had about three months of pre-production for rehearsals, learning the songs, the dances. Initially with the waltz I learned the steps on the ground and graduated to the stilts, which was slightly terrifying for me but probably more for Emma. I think she was very worried that I was going to tread on her toes in steel stilts, which could’ve ruined the movie, but I didn’t, so I’m very proud of that.”

Is that Dan Stevens’ real singing voice?

Yes! And it was a welcome challenge for the actor.

“Singing was a relatively new thing to me,” Stevens, 34, says of re-training his singing voice. “I’d sung at school and when I was younger, but in my 20s I [hadn’t] sung as extensively so reengaging my voice, retraining the voice was a big challenge.”

Did they use Dan Stevens’ actual face for the Beast?

Yes, although the finished product is a computer-animated and significantly hairier version.

Stevens wore a 40-lb. “muscle suit” and performed the role on stilts — first so that the size and movements of the character were captured on set during filming, and then again for the visual-effects teams so that his face was captured and later computer-animated with the Beast’s hair and fangs.

“Every couple of weeks I would go into a special booth and my face would be sprayed with about 10,000 UV dots and I would sit in what I used to call the Tron cage,” Stevens says. “Anything I’d been doing in the previous two weeks in the scenes, whether it was eating, sleeping, roaring, waltzing, I did it again with my face, with Emma [Watson] sitting on the other side of the cage, and we would capture the Beast’s face.”

What’s with Dan Stevens’ hair in that Prince reveal?

It’s a wig. A stringy, scraggly one.

“The hair at the end, was it extensions? I think it was a wig,” Stevens says, trying hard to remember the hair accessory he wore two years ago during filming. “It was quite awhile ago. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that was a wig,” he adds with a smile. “And what a wig!”

Which costume was the most challenging to create?

Belle’s red “montage” outfit, aka the one she wears outdoors for her snowball fight with Beast. Why? Because costume designer Jacqueline Durran used all eco-friendly materials in its design.

“Because Emma is so interested in sustainability and fair trade, eco fabrics and eco fashion, we applied those criteria to making a costume from head to toe,” Durran tells PEOPLE. “That [red] costume was made entirely from sustainable fabrics. We dyed it in vegetable dyes in our workroom, we had shoes made with eco leather, and we did the whole thing from top to bottom to be as thorough as we could. People learned different skills in the work rooms to be able to do it, so the dyers learned to dye with strange vegetable dye. Sometimes it took two weeks to dye something because you’d have to leave it in there for that long to get a rich color. It really was a learning curve for all of us, I’d certainly never done that before.”

How did the filmmakers decide on which songs to feature from the animated film and Broadway musical?

The answer is by hiring and deferring to the animated film’s composer, Alan Menken, who also co-wrote the music for the new film.

“It was challenging,” Menken told EW. “[The] Broadway show had songs that I would have loved to use for the movie, but the form for a film and the form for a Broadway show are different, so the song we wrote for the Broadway show was not going to work. Consequently, we wrote a brand-new song. The challenge is just to maintain the balance of what we originally had for the score and what we had for the show, and at the same time allow this film to have its own character.”

How many new songs are in the film?


Menken and lyricist Tim Rice (The Lion King) wrote three new ballads for the film. They are: “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” performed by Belle and her father (and sung by Celine Dion over the end credits), “Evermore,” which Beast sings for Belle when he releases her (and is sung by Josh Groban over the end credits), and “Days in the Sun,” which is sung by the objects in the castle and Belle when they are going to sleep.

What was left on the cutting room floor?

A lot — including a clever Frozen reference. Please allow LeFou (Josh Gad) and Gaston (Luke Evans) to explain:

“I mean, Gaston dies. Is that a spoiler?” Gad says with a laugh, when PEOPLE asked him and Evans during a recent sit-down if there are any Easter eggs fans should look out for. “The Easter egg I fought for [director] Bill Condon to put in but we never did, there’s a moment in the original where a bunch of snow falls on LeFou and he becomes a snowman and I thought, this could kill. It’s a little meta but it could be great [For those who may have forgotten, Gad played Olaf, the snowman in Frozen].”

Evans says his favorite scene that didn’t make the movie is one filmed during the castle battle, in which Gad’s LeFou has a fight with a bathroom appliance.

“What I miss, which we shot and is not in the film, is you having a fight with the toilet,” Evans says to Gad.

Adds Gad: “Played by Stephen Merchant (from Hello Ladies and the original Office)!”

“Yeah, it didn’t make the final cut,” Evans says with mock sadness.

Both actors joke that they have no idea what might end up on the DVD/Blu-ray because no one tells them anything.

“Nobody guarantees us anything,” says Gad. “We’re not even guaranteed that we’re going to be in the movie. It’s all based on our interview performances.

Adds Evans: “Which so far have been terrible.”

Family Foam Fight.

This is my entry for @babypieandwhiskey‘s 200 writing challenge. My prompt was “You can;t use a fart as a weapon.” Tags are below the cut, I have used the lists provided by @mrswhozeewhatsis and the SPN Fanfic Pond. If you have been wrongly tagged please let me know and I will remove you asap. My beta for this fic was the lovely @dat-targaryen-tho. Thank you so much for beta-ing this :) Plus tiny bit of a movie reference in here but not sure if people will spot it :)

Summary: Reader is having a fun fight with her family and is surprised by her son.

Pairing: Sam X Reader.

Word count: 796.

Warnings: Fluff.

Originally posted by yaelstiel

“Ready?!” Sam’s voice echoed through the bunker, a giggle erupting a few doors down from your hiding place.

“Yes Daddy.” Kaylum shouted from his own hiding space. You silently giggled at the sound of your son’s voice so wonderfully full of glee.

“Ready Sam.” You called through the halls, signalling the beginning of the game. Everywhere suddenly became silent, a sense of pride filling you at Kaylum’s ability to remain quiet despite his normally never ending chatter. You checked your supplies before peeking around the slightly open door, checking for signs of life in either direction. As you started to tiptoe out of the room, the door to Kaylum’s room creaked open, revealing the tall figure of your husband.

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Engagement- Prince Adam

Originally posted by until-the-last-petal-falls

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Characters: Prince Adam, Plumette, Mrs Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, Lumiere

Warnings: There are no warnings but I would like to thank @neverlands-little-lost-girl for translating the dialogue into French for me. Thank you so much x 

Request: N/A

Word Count: 912

Author: Charlotte

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Congratulations everyone! It’s been a month since the last episode, and we’re all still here - and better news yet, week 5 marks the half way point of our #shaumondays schedule, and half way to season 2B of Shadowhunters! This week, we’re going back into the unknown, and we can’t wait to see you take on the challenge of:


There’s a lot of opportunities in this one, and remember, there’s no rules on settings or what we expect as long as it fits the theme. Maybe someone takes a trip to Disney World? Maybe someone runs a Disney Movie Marathon? Do our gang end up tangling with characters we know so well? Or maybe it’s time to do a full crossover AU? You decide!

The usual reminders apply: make sure you tag your work as #shaumondays in the first five tags and tag any triggers your work might contain. If you can tag any otps and brotps, that would also help us out with sorting!  Don’t forget if something goes missing, you can @ tag us, or just drop us an ask and let us know! 

We accept all types of fanworks, but please remember all works should be created originally by you! We love seeing what you guys create and watching this blog fill up each week, so please keep your enthusiasm going! We’re nearly there! If you’re in need of some ideas, don’t forget to check under the cut!

If you have questions, just drop us an ask here and remember we have an ao3 collection for all your fics if you want to add them or just take a look at previous creations. Don’t forgot to whistle while you work!

Love, the SHAUMondays squad

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 05.02.17 | Hello!! I recently hit 200+ followers, and am officially on summer break, and have wanted to do something to celebrate! (I wanted to do something for 100 followers, but school got in the way T o T) So I have decided to do blog compliments and bujo doodle requests!

Being an art student, I want to offer up something I can do for you guys! And what better than doodles? Plus I want to check out more blogs!

For the rules and more details, please read below the cut!

This won’t happen if this post gets bellow 10 notes.

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Stop telling your "story", ending the game.

Shuddering with pain, yet still looking for the light. This is the human struggle. It’s why I got into acting. It has made me who I am. Living in the present moment is key. Why do I feel this… Undertow of emotion so strong inside me? Always pulling me back as I try to swim forward. People can’t understand it if they do not struggle with sentimentality. I have lived inside fantasies to survive all my life. At this point, one reaches an existential crisis. The sharp stab of horror that we are alone, with no excuses.

Watching a documentary on the making of the little mermaid… Had me realizing just how much we act out our favorite stories from childhood. Seemingly unconscious. Ariel (or the mermaid from the original story), feels she does not fit in where she is from. There is a feeling deep inside her that she does not belong. She searches to find meaning in her life. The day she first sets eyes upon the prince, she knew she was in trouble. After she rescued him, she watches sadly from the beach, knowing they inhabit different worlds. That they can never be together.

The purity of her love and the intensity of her devotion, lead her to sacrifice the most beautiful gift she possessed (her voice) just to be with him. Abandoning her family, her kingdom, the only home she ever knew for a single grain of hope. There were no guarantees that he would return her feelings, she sacrificed all she had for the mere chance of being with him.

It is hard not to be endeared by the mermaid. She is sweet, with an otherworldly beauty. Tenderly she follows him like a lovable puppy. Yet, she is silent, and the prince decides she cannot be his dream girl because she lacks the beautiful voice he heard the day he was rescued from shipwreck. He decides she is lacking, and though he has warm feelings of love towards her, she is not enough for him, in the end the prince chooses another girl (in the Hans Christian Andersen story).

Broken hearted, knowing she will die with the sunrise, the little mermaid sweetly carries the train at their wedding, and smiles gently when he kisses her forehead. In the 1968 Russian film version (Rusalochka), i was always struck by her silent tears at the end. Quaking with emotion, yet still she smiles and dances with the sun rise, because she was happy just to have had the chance to be with him. That part always has me in tears. It’s so pure, the unconditional love. There is no jealousy, or self pity, an uncontrolled response of sadness, yet overriding that… A glowing love.

I have only ever seen that love once in real life. The boys I looked after for seven years… When their mother was on hospice care… The little one sat by her bed, the cancer had completely overtaken her brain, so she could no longer remember who any of us were. Yet when he sat by her, she recognized him. I’ll never forget it… she beamed this beautiful glowing love. It was unlike anything I have ever seen, so beautiful and sad.

In the Disney version, Ariel gets her happy ending. I find the relationship between Ariel and King Triton to be exactly like my relationship with my own father:

Ariel: “–but if you would just listen!”
Triton: “NOT ANOTHER WORD! And I am never to hear of you going to the surface again! Is that clear?”

How he immediately feels badly after he yells at her, and how hard it is for him to realize she has grown up, and that he must let her go. At the end, he makes her a human, and I always cry when they hug goodbye and she whispers: “I love you daddy.”

These themes of love with sacrifice and loss has pervaded my life for 28 years. My challenge now is to change the tape on my head. There is no desire in me to tell my past to others when I meet them anymore. It is tiresome.

Musing on life in the sultry afternoons in my grandmothers garden, I can to realize a poignant truth. We all grow so attached to our story. When you tell your story, it pulls on others energy. You are sucking them into the “game” we all unconsciously play. The game where we are a victim of our past, looking for a savior to make it alright.

There are three roles in this game, as my grandmother outlined to me, the first being the savior. The savior goes around trying to fix everyone else to mask the emptiness they feel inside. They compensate for their own lack of source energy, by giving up for others in order to receive validation.

The second position is perpetrator, this person feels that the only way they can compensate for their lack of source energy, is by forcibly taking it from others. They bully, demean, gaslight, and intimidate others into giving them their energy. They are takers, and their main concern is power and control.

The third is the victim, and the victim is the one who wields all the power in actuality. They have the power to make you the perpetrator or the savior depending upon how you interact with them, enable their behaviors, or meet their needs. If you stop saving them the way they like to be saved–you become the perpetrator in their story.

We slide to all positions in our life. Different dynamics with different people will have us sliding from one role into the other. The fact of the matter, is this is a game. It is a web. The attachment to our story (how we were hurt and what we lost), keeps us from being able to be in the present moment.

The goal for any enlightened or content being, is to step out of the game, and into the circle of the champion. To speak your truth in a harmless way, to be your own savior. This does not mean self sacrifice, this does not mean send deprecation or isolation, it does not mean being unkind to take back personal power. It means standing tall and strong inside who you are. Knowing what you will and will not allow. Having healthy boundaries, and above all–valuing yourself. If your self concept is not determined by another’s actions, then and only then are you being a champion in your own life.

OTP Prompt List

These are just some OTP ideas that I came up with on my own. Although some are specifically for femslash pairings, many of these prompts can be used for general pairings, as well.

  • Person A runs one of the most popular Tumblr blogs for their fandom. Person B has made it their mission to find out Person A’s true identity. What happens when Person B discovers that Person A might actually be one of the celebrities the fandom is centered around?
  • Person A and B are on a reality TV show and are told by the producers that many people want them to kiss and that they’d each receive a big check if they did so. The problem is, Person B isn’t out of the closet.
  • Person A and B are forced to wait next to each other for hours in line to get their favorite celebrity’s autograph at a con. What happens when they discover that their favorite OTPs are rivals?
  • Person A goes to request something from Person B. Before Person A can get the words out, Person B blurts out ‘Yes’, thinking they were going to ask them out on a date. Turns out, Person A was requesting they’d babysit for them while they go on a date with someone else.
  • Person A has a summer job working at a country club where Person B frequents. After an accidental clumsy mistake on Person A’s part, Person B has made it their life’s mission to make Person A’s summer a living hell.
  • What happens when Person A and B are mistakenly assigned the same seat number on a sold out plane flight?
  • Person A and B were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Turns out, they went to high school together and were voted ‘most likely to get married’ by their senior class.
  • Person A has a strongly-held belief that it doesn’t take more than putting on a short dress and some skates to become a good figure skater. When someone challenges Person A to put their theory to the test, Person A encounters Person B—someone who has dedicated their life toward winning the most prestigious figure skating title—and they quickly realize that maybe there’s more to the sport than they originally thought.
  • Person A works at Disney World as a well-known costumed character. One day, the company decides to rotate character escorts and Person A is assigned to work alongside Person B—someone who they cannot stand to be in the same room as, let alone standing outside in the heat for hours.
  • Person A and B do not get along but are forced to sit next to one another on the bus during a school field trip.
  • Person A is an employee for a cruise line. When they meet Person B, someone who has never been on a cruise before, they make it their goal that Person B’s experience is an unforgettable one.
  • Person A gets irritated one day after Person B brings home the wrong groceries. When Person A wishes that Person B would ‘just listen to them for once’, what happens when their wish comes true and Person B becomes magically forced into doing whatever Person A desires for the entire day?

Word Count: 1209

Pairing: Dean x Reader kind of sort of 

Warnings: Underage drinking, language maybe, self loathing, death

A/N: Part 6 to the backstory! Reader and Sam are 16. Dean is 20. You can find the rest of them here . Worked perfectly with day 2 of @deanwinchester-af ‘s  One Week Writer’s Challenge: “I just want to dance, get drunk, and forget.”

This will be the last one before the events of the pilot, so if you need to know what happened or catch up or whatever that can be found here. There will still be backstories! Just between the deaths in the pilot and meeting up with the boys again. 

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You dragged your aching body into your house completely exhausted from the last hunt. It had taken you, your parents, John, Dean, and Sam to kill what ended up being several shapeshifters. Originally it had just been you and your parents, but once your father realized it was more than one shifter he called in John as reinforcement. This hunt had gone horribly wrong, especially for you. A little boy no older than 10 died in your arms, all because you didn’t load your gun with silver bullets.

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Yo - witches! Really basic plagiarism and copyright info

All right witchy ones, listen up. Lately I’ve been seeing an increasing number of “someone stole my post/picture/art” posts in the witchy community. I’ve even received a message because I’d unknowingly reblogged some artwork that had been taken from the original blog and reposted rather than reblogging. And I’ve seen the “well, I gave the original person credit” responses. All of which made me think “witches really struggle to grasp copyright law.”

Now a disclaimer. I am not a lawyer, I am a writer. Also, I live in the US. Laws in other areas may vary somewhat but I’m going to keep this basic enough that it should work in most places. Also, I’m going to include a couple of personal stories so you can see - this is personal.

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and passing it off as your own. So if you write an informational post about witchcraft (or really if you write anything) and someone else reproduces that content in a way that does not significantly differ from your content, they could be considered to be plagiarizing your work. Now what comprises “significantly different” can be a matter for court battles, but if you have any doubts about whether something you are writing is really original writing or plagiarizing another writer, just don’t do it! For informational stuff, it helps to understand how to conduct and cite original research. 

Story: For years I was in a writing group with some friends and we would read each other’s work. I read the first few chapters of one particular story and told the writer “this reads a lot like Harry Potter fanfiction. If you want to sell it as original fiction, you must make sure this is your own work.”  She placed the work with a publisher. The book went up on Amazon, and the plagiarism accusations were immediate. Now, writing Harry Potter fanfiction is NOT plagiarism. Unfortunately, when a significant plotline in the novel is actually someone else’s work lifted from a fanfic site, that is plagiarism. She crashed and burned her writing career with that one bad decision. 

Essentially, when you create something, you have the right to decide how it is used and, well, copied. You do not have to register it or even place a copyright symbol on it. It is your work and you hold the copyright. When I sell my writing, I sell publishing rights, not the copyright. That I retain for life and 50 years after. (75 for corporate rights and Disney always wants to extend it because, well, Walt is dead.)

“But if I credit you…” Still violating copyright law unless I explicitly gave permission for you to use the work. 

“But I’m not doing it for profit.” Still violating copyright law. You are interfering with my potential profit from my work. 

There are exceptions in place to protect the ability to do research and make library copies of works and the ability to use correctly cited material in things like academic papers and reviews. And even those can be challenged. For example, the music industry says you need permission to use even one line of a song in a book. I’ve had publishers ask me to rewrite when I’ve had a character singing so that I don’t use lyrics. 

And let’s tackle:
“But I only provide free versions of copyright free work on my website.”  How dead is the author? Because that’s who holds the copyright to the actual work, not the publisher. Unless that author is deader than Walt Disney, they or their heirs likely still hold the copyright.

“But that can’t all be right.” Well, you can dispute it, that can have lawyers after you.

Story: When I was younger, I worked in communications at Disney. As part of our job, we were always supposed to be vigilant in protecting the company’s assets, including copyrights. One day in the late 90s, someone emailed me “hey have you seen this website” with a link to a website that had scripts for all the Disney rides. No, I hadn’t seen it and didn’t really want to see it because that meant I now had to report the site because there it was - sitting in my company email. The result was a visit and interview with the legal department. The owner of the website was sent a take down notice. Even though he had credited Disney and was making no profit.

And one last one
“But what if my work is stolen?”  It will be. Unfortunately in today’s world, it’s nearly impossible to prevent. I’m a writer. The moment one of my books is published, it’ll show up on someone’s free download site. Because people think they aren’t hurting anyone when they do that. I’m fortunate enough to have a career that covers my bills so I don’t have to depend on royalties, but we’re losing authors because they can’t afford to write anymore. 

Now, if you want to posting yelling at me about any of the above, feel free. But I’ll probably ignore you because I’m old and tired. Old enough to have a friend crash a writing career through plagiarism. Old enough to have to had to explain websites to lawyers. Old enough to have seen my own books go from print to ebooks to “oh, look, anyone can download my work here without paying me.” (I’d insert Orlando Bloom saying “Old as balls” but that would be a copyright violation.)

Peter Pan Imagine #15

Peter Pan #15

Prompt:“I wish I never met you”

Sorry guys this is a long one! Thank you for requesting! Let me know what you think!


Originally coming to Neverland was a dream come true. Y/N had loved it from the start and she fit in perfectly. The lost boys had given her a hard time at the beginning, they had never dealt with a female coming with the shadow before, especially one with Y/N’s peculiar case. There had been whispers among the boys that their leader had a particular interest in the girl, he had watched her in her world on multiple occasions and no one could really figure out why. When the shadow had dropped her off on Neverland it had been quite unexpected. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was different, she was a challenge and she would not be pushed around. She had been the first to ever escape on their first night and she had survived. She had not given anyone the time to speak before she disappeared into the forest. If Y/N was anything she was fierce and she didn’t take anyone’s shit. She knew she was on an island where she had no knowledge of her surroundings, but she was willing to take her chances, rather than spend her night with a bunch of boys who looked like they wanted to ear her for dinner. She didn’t trust them, she didn’t trust anyone. Neverland was one of the most beautiful and mysterious places she had ever been. It wasn’t hard for her to pick up on the little things that made it easy for her to survive, like avoid the dreamshade. She had even went as far as to follow the music she heard at night, only to realize where it came from, the pipe played by the boy with the emerald green eyes. She had never seen eyes so green and they seemed to glow in the light of the fire. Despite the urge to go over and dance with the boys, she quietly turned around and left. She couldn’t let herself do it, no matter how tempting it was and it was really tempting. Y/N was many things, but she wasn’t a coward. She just needed to learn before she made her move. She liked to know things, she wanted everything to come out in her favour. She had figured out many secrets about the island and the leader of the lost boys. Tink taught her everything she knew and that included everything she knew about Peter Pan.

` Y/N could fight, if there was one thing you could label her it would be a fighter. She was someone who believed that you should never give up and it was a motto she lived by. It was what kept her alive both in the normal world and the worlds she had stumbled upon. You have to be tough going from foster home to foster home, feeling completely unloved and useless. She had seen things no eighteen year old should, she had been through things. These were things she could never forget. It was her first time alone in weeks because Tink had become quite protective of her, with reason of course. Pan was not happy that is new lost girl had not been found. He was not a patient person, but he did love the game. He could tell she was going to be a challenge, after all she had adapted to his world quite quickly. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. Though he knew one thing, she was interesting. He had never had someone put up such a fight or be completely untraceable on the island. He had always been able to sense the inhabitants of the island, but she was one person he could not. He couldn’t help but be curious exactly what made her so special. It wasn’t until he found her picking berries off of a bush near his thinking tree that he was able to study her for the first time. Her (Y/H/C) hair was hanging around her shoulders as her hands greedily picked the berries off of the bush and put them in a basket. “Hello Lost girl.” His voice echoed throughout the area and she became still. He was surprised she just not jump or make any sudden movements. When she still did not speak he decided to move forward and continue, “I must say you ave us quite a run. No one has been able to get away this long.” “I am not most people, Pan.” Her voice came out cold and uninterested, but he loved the sound. “Of course you are not, love.” He couldn’t help, but smirk in her direction as she turned to face him. She took this moment to study him up close, she had only seen him from a distance as she was wary of his existence. He could see her eyes studying his body and he took it as a sign of attraction or approval, instead of just studying him to figure him out. “Like what you see, love?” He had a cocky tone in his voice that she did not like. “Not really. I don’t see what is so impressive about what everyone is saying is the mighty Peter Pan. You aren’t what I was expecting.” He raised an eyebrow at her comment. What exactly had she been expecting? “Really? How so?” She quirked her eyebrow and gave him a Cheshire grin something she had mastered while in Wonderland. “You know the boy in tights and a little brown hat.  All rainbows and unicorns. The Disney thing they all have going on for you.” she shrugs carelessly as she pops a few berries in her mouth. Pan’s eye twitched as the movie about him is brought up, but other than that he has no reaction besides slowly walking up to her until they were inches apart. “You should know better than anyone lost girl that not everything is as it seems or how your other world pictures it. I mean, you have been to Wonderland haven’t you? That is where I originally saw you, you know?” She closed the emotions off her face in order to avoid him knowing how nervous she felt as his comment. How long had he been watching her? She didn’t trust him. Any person who had that much knowledge was someone she should not trust. She knew knowledge was power and right now he had a little more power than her. He had an advantage and she didn’t like that. She was competitive by nature and secretive.  Without warning she summons a sword and attacks Pan. He didn’t even have time to react before she had him pinned against a tree. “Why did you bring me here, demon boy.” She was running on pure hatred and adrenaline. She didn’t trust this boy. She knew there was more to him than what he appeared. Everyone was, especially in these magical lands that she had been stumbling upon for years. For some reason she seemed to gravitate towards them. Oz, Wonderland, and now Neverland. It seemed as though she never stayed in the human world very long. She figured it was because of who she was, who her parents were. Pan was surprised at her skills. She hadn’t even given him a chance to fight her back.  She had given no warning of her next move and it bothered him. He was used to being able to manipulate people and see right through them. They had always been a game to him, but this girl was different. He knew who she was, but that shouldn’t be able to change a thing. He knew where she came from, he knew she didn’t trust much and he knew she was attracted to the magical places. He just didn’t know her, he couldn’t get a read on who she was as a person. Her essence, her flaws, fears and weaknesses. “You’ve got fire. I like fire” He whispers amused. He liked the challenge she represented. “You are right. I do” she smirks before raising her hand and letting fire caress her palm. Pan stared at her in slight surprise not knowing she had magic. Her eyes held a slightly twisted look, but they were haunted. She had seen things, she had heard things, and  done things . It finally hit him, she really was a lost girl, but she was also more than that, she was damaged. “You really are a damaged one aren’t you? That’s why you are my first lost girl.” A cocky smirk spread across his face as she spoke and Y/N hated it. She hated that stupid smirk. She hated that he could see something she didn’t want anyone to see, just how damaged she was. She refused to let this cocky boy win. “That’s the thing about damaged people isn’t it? They are dangerous, they know they can survive and you have every right to fear me right now because I can survive anything you throw at me Pan. I always survive.” In that moment there was a sliver of fear striking Peter Pan’s heart, something he had never felt before. Gazing into her (Y/E/C) eyes he could see the truth in her words. He could see the determination and hatred at the world that ran through her body. For the first time in all his life Peter Pan began to wonder if he was finally meeting his match. Maybe there was someone in the world he cannot win against. He felt the blade of the sword move slightly so it was no longer pressed to his throat. In that moment he thought she was done with her threat and he completely underestimated her. Without a second thought she smashed the hilt of the sword into his nose and turned around as his head smacked back into the tree. His hand flies to his nose as blood gushes out of it. “You are going to regret that little lost girl.” Pan snarled in anger. He did not like to be disrespected. There was a smirk on Y/N’s face as she put her sword in her sheath on her belt. There was no doubt in her mind that Pan would get his revenge, but she refused to be scared. She was fearless, she wanted to be fearless. “Hit me with your best shot, lost boy” She mocked him. He threw his arm in the air and she flew into a tree knocking her unconscious. Pan laughs softly as he picks her up. Oh, what a challenge you are going to be.“

Y/N walked around camp with Felix, Pan’s second in command. She had been on the island for years, she wasn’t exactly sure how many years, but she knew it had been a long time. Over the years she had grown quite fond of the lost boys and became a sister, possibly even a mother to them. She was fierce and she proved that she was better than them on multiple occasions. Y/N and Felix had a special bond, quite similar to siblings, which was convenient considering they were Pan’s left and right hand. It was something that made Pan quite jealous and speaking of Pan, things had changed quite a bit. Originally she had hated him, she had spent 5 years debating ways to kill him and doing the opposite of what he said just to piss him off. Eventually he somehow grew on her. Maybe it was how despite all her efforts she still didn’t hurt her or kill her. Maybe it was how she noticed his eyes soften when he looked at her, or how he tried so hard to get her alone and he spent so much time helping her. He tried to make her evolve as a person. He helped her with her archery, swordmanship and with her magic. They shared something that led to a kiss. It was a powerful kiss that set their whole world on fire. He knew that she was his true love and his one weakness. She accepted that she felt something for him, but she was hesitant. Though it led to a special relationship. He trusted her and she trusted him. Maybe that is where she went wrong. Ever since the new lost boy showed up on the Island she felt like Pan was hiding something from her and she didn’t like it. He wouldn’t let her spend any time with the new lost boy. He had always sent them to her, though he wanted to harden the lost boys up, he saw that they responded a little better to Y/N. He had their unlimited loyalty,  but Y/N had their trust, loyalty and their love. Which is why they were having trouble hiding the truth from her. Felix was the only one who didn’t try to avoid her. Maybe it was because he knew if he said he can’t answer her questions she would respect it out of love for him and trust of their friendship. She was getting sick of it. Pan was trying to confine her to certain areas of the camp. She didn’t like it. She had never been forced to stay in such a small area since she first was taken to camp. She was a free spirit, she was a lost girl. "Hello, Love.” Peter had snuck behind her and wrapped his arms around her neck before kissing her cheek. “Not now Peter.” She was angry and she was tired of the lack of answers. He ignored her and nuzzled his face into her neck, “What is wrong my lost girl.” She tried to ignore the feeling of his lips on her neck and the bubbles of excitement she received from his touch, but it was quite difficult. “What are you hiding from me?” Finding the strength to get out of his grip. “The dark one is on the island.” He says. He was telling the truth, he just wasn’t telling the full truth. “And why didn’t you tell me?” She was annoyed. No, she was beyond annoyed. How could Peter not tell her this? Yet, she could see in his eyes that there was more to the story. “I didn’t want you to get hurt love.” He pouts his lips slightly, but she was beyond annoyed. “I don’t care. You know I can take care of myself! I want to go with Felix” He could see in her eyes that even if he said no she would go anyway. He couldn’t help, but think this was a good idea. If she was focused on Rumple she wouldn’t know about the other visitors on the island. “Okay.” he nods. She says nothing, but walks away from his tent and towards Felix. “Peter said its you and me.” She smirks at him. She could see the silent conversation between Pan and his best friend, but she chose to ignore it. “Lets go.” Felix led her to the area where they saw the Dark one. She knew who he was, she could see the haunted look in Rumples eyes. Felix and her had decided that he would do the talking and she would throw the doll. Looking at it she could faintly understand why Pan planned to use it. She had a feeling it was something Rumple had been giving as a child. It would hit him hard and Y/N knew what that was like. She may not like the dark one, but she knew how it felt and she wasn’t sure if she was willing to hurt a person like that. When Felix signaled for Y/N to come out and she threw the straw doll to Rumplestiltskin’s feet and watched as he started to cry. “Isn’t it funny? The things we haven’t though about in years still have the ability to make us cry?” Her voice was hollow and distant. The dark one gazed at her for a second. It wasn’t until this moment that he could actually see the haunted look in her eyes. She knew. She wasn’t saying them in a cruel way, she was speaking with personal knowledge. As she was pulled away by Felix there was a sense of pity in her eyes as she gazed back at the dark one.

It didn’t take Y/N long to realize that Peter was using the Dark one as a distraction for her. She was being lied to and she hated lies. The only thing she had going for her was that Peter didn’t know that she had figured it out. As long as he thought she believed him and she was ignorant, then she would be able to investigate. it was hard for her to the anger she felt while she danced around the ire with the lost boys. Pan was watching her closely as he played his pipe, once and a while sparing a glance at the new lost boy. The most she had been able to get out of Felix about the boy was that his name was Henry. Peter stared at her as she danced, he could tell she was lost in thought and in the music. She was special, she was his lost girl. He watched as she spun around a couple of the younger boys, they were standing on her toes as she danced around the fire or she twirled them around as she danced. She had an elegance about her that Wendy didn’t. She didn’t whine, complain or try hard to get his attention. She was independent, sarcastic and stubborn. She was one of the boys, yet they all knew she was a girl. She had their respect, trust and love. Yet he could tell there was something on her mind. Though, her smile was bright, there was a dimness in her eyes. Unable to handle it any longer he stood up and handed the pipe to Felix, as he made his way to his dancing lost girl. She seemed slightly startled when he grabbed her hand and spun her around as he danced with her. When her eyes met his she gave him her signature smirk before letting him spin her around under his arm. It had been a while since they had danced together. It was something she had missed despite her anger towards him. A piece of her heart yearned for him, his bright green eyes, his attitude, his presence and just him in general. She still wanted to deny it after all this time, but she couldn’t. She was in love with him and they both knew it. And he loved her, she had never questioned it. His actions had always shown it, even when he didn’t say the words. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his as he pulled her in closer and rested his forehead against hers. It was moments like these when Neverland almost seemed alive. It fed off of Peter Pan’s magic, but since Y/N it was different. The island seemed to forge with her mood at times and it was at its brightest when she was happy with Peter. They were different together. Before her Neverland was different, the spirits of the lost screamed louder and it was darker. She changed Peter and the island for the better. She was the only one who could tease him, prank him and make it laugh. Every moment they had was special and she loved it. The dates on the beach, meeting the mermaids, the picnics at Skull rock where he showed her the hour glass. He was different with her. Peter leaned down and captured her lips with his. He had missed them, she had either been too annoyed to have contact with him or they did not have the time recently. The whole world seemed to stop, time seemed to stop. Not that time seems to exist in Neverland anyway. Y/N’s fingers tangled themselves into his hair as she pulled him closer.She loved the passion he had when he kissed her, yet he was gentle as though afraid he would break her. His kisses always seemed to hold the words he could never say because she hated them. His kiss told her how much he loved her. Peter pulls away breathing heavily as a familiar feeling crawls up his neck. They were coming. Without hesitation he raises his hand. He knew he couldn’t let her see who was hear.  Y/N felt the familiar feeling of Pa sleeping curse hit her. One of the few things she had never told Peter is that it did not work on her. Her survival instincts kicked in causing her to close her eyes and go limp, heading towards the ground. Peter catches her as he glances just in time to see Henry fall to the ground. “They are coming. Prepare yourselves.” His voice echoed for all the lost boys to hear as they rushed to get ready.

Y/N just listened. She could hear arguing and fighting. She could hear voices that sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn’t place them. She had to know, the knowledge of what Peter was keeping from her was worth his anger. She stood up, tired of pretending to sleep and followed the sound. She was right, the camp was a battle ground. She now understood why he kept moving the camp, they were under attack. She pulls her sword out and heads straight for the battle. It wasn’t until she made eye contact with the enemy that her heart dropped. “Y/N? How are you awake?” Peter’s voice calls out and for once he sounded like he was panicking. Y/N’s heart shattered in half knowing exactly what Peter was hiding from her this whole time. “Y/N?” Snow White’s voice was shocked as she stared at her daughter. The daughter that she had sent through a portal over 28 years ago and hadn’t seen since. Y/N could make out the faces of her father and what she could guess what her twin sister, along with a brunette and who she guessed was captain hook as she only had Peter’s description to go by. Y/N felt her anger exploding inside her as she sun around to look at the love of her life “This is what you’ve been hiding from me?” A bitter laugh escaped her lips before she continued, “MY BLOODY PARENTS ARE ON THE ISLAND AND YOU HID IT FROM ME?” Everyone was taken back as she yelled and threw a fire ball at him completely aware he would reflect it. She had never been that angry before and it caused everyone to stop fighting, including her lost boys. “Y/N, love I can explain.” Peter tried to sooth her as he flashes himself out of Henry’s clothes. “And the boy! Who is he? You were just wearing his clothes? Did you bloody kidnap him, Peter?” David was unable to take his eyes off his daughter, she was everything he imagined her to be and more. She was just like him, fierce, a fighter and she had a true heart. “He’s our grandson. He’s Emma’s son” Snow White spoke up. Y/N quickly analyzed her and the blonde that she assumed was Emma, her twin. “YOU KIDNAPPED MY BLOODY NEPHEW? HE IS THE TRUEST BELIEVER IS"T HE?” She was horrified that he could do sch a thing. Did he think that hiding it from her would make it okay? These people are her family! They tried to give her the best chance she had. She knew the prophecy and she knew that there was a chance they might never be reunited. She knew they loved her, but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t lost. “They gave you up, Y/N. They didn’t even fight for you! They don’t matter. They don’t love you like I do! Who has loved you and protected you all these years, I did!” “We looked for her! We never stopped looking for her!” It that moment Y/N could appreciate her mother’s lack of fear. Any normal person would not stand up to him/ “Y/N don’t tell me you are going with them. You said yourself that you didn’t know if you would ever completely forgive them for what they did.” He was right. She had said that. She had suffered years of abandonment because of what they did. A part of her hated them. She looks up at him, staring right into his emerald eyes that she fell so in love with. Never in all the years that she had known him had she hated him this much. “That may be true, but they aren’t worse then you. You, Peter Pan, are a bloody demon. I hate that I love you because you are a monster!” The look in Peter’s eyes at her words broke her heart. The first time she ever said she loved him was like this.  Her parents and company were staring at her in shock. They couldn’t understand how she fell in love with him. How could their innocent daughter fall in love with such a demon. “I can’t believe I actually thought I could change you! I wish it had never met you!” Her words echoed throughout the island and everything became significantly darker. As Peter and the lost boys disappeared, her heart broke. Little did she know as her father, David  embraced her in a hug for the first time since she was a baby, Peter was in the exact same position, with Felix holding him as he cried.


I’ve seen several International Women’s Day collages, and wanted to make one of my own, and include women who I haven’t seen on other people’s lists and aren’t all suffragettes or celebrities. 

In order from left to right, top down:

Hua Mulan - the original Mulan wasn’t quite like the Disney one.  She went to war instead of her father, and served 13 years without being discovered, and was a great and well-respected soldier. 

Queen Elizabeth I of England - this lady was last in line for the throne, behind her brother and older sister, and yet ended up being the most stable ruler of the three.  She protected England at all costs, became one of the most powerful women of the era, and ushered in a golden age.  In a time when marriage was often the only way for a woman to gain power, she never married. 

Maggie Cheung (as Flying Snow from “Hero”) - Maggie tends to portray very interesting female characters, who are often strong women that still have all the vulnerabilities of a human being.  Examples include Flying Snow (“Hero”), Su Lizhen (“In the Mood for Love”), Thief Catcher (“The Heroic Trio”), and Emily (“Clean”).

Kaede (“Tiger and Bunny”) - I really love all the women from T&B, but Kaede has a special place in my heart.  Kaede, when learning her dad is in trouble, runs away to Sternbild on her own to save him.  In the trailer for The Rising, she has this awesome quote where she asks her father “Are you doing what you want to do?  Are you doing everything you can do?”

Michelle Yeoh (as Wai-Lin from “Tomorrow Never Dies”) - Michelle is the #1 female action star in Asia and a former Bond girl.  The theme in her films is that she always, always kicks ass.  Examples include Wai Lin (“Tomorrow Never Dies”), Shulien (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), Mameha (“Memoirs of a Geisha”), and Aung San Suu Kyi (“The Lady”). 

Hatshepsut - she was actually not the only woman in ancient Egypt to have ruled, but her reign was the most famous due to its length and prosperity.  She ruled for 20 years, stabilizing the economy and using the resulting wealth to further architectural achievements.  Hatshepsut also decided not to take the usual role of regent, but ruled in her own right, and wore the traditional beard of the pharoah. 

Empress Elizabeth of Russia - most of the rulers of Russia from this period were pretty kickass, but Elizabeth is one of my favorites.  She was the daughter of Peter the Great, but her sister Anna ruled before her.  While banished from court, and knowing she would lose her titles if she married a commoner, Elizabeth started taking commoner lovers and never married even after becoming empress.   She took power in a bloodless coup, relying on the loyalty of the regiments (to whom she had always been very kind).  Her policies made Russia powerful and expanded its borders, and she never executed a single person during her reign.  She encouraged arts and architecture, and held the famous Metamorphoses balls, where everyone had to cross-dress. 

Mrs. Hudson (from BBC Sherlock) - Mrs. Hudson was formerly an exotic dancer who married the leader of a drug cartel.  She seems like your typical British old lady, but she puts up with Sherlock and John (and the ensuing chaos) with stunning aplomb. 

HOCC - a pop singer from Hong Kong, HOCC defies the typical mold of female Asian pop stars who are breathy and sweet and girly, and who sing the same sad songs about lost love.  HOCC is a woman who knows what she wants and where she’s going, and she never shies away from that, whether in her music or her life.  Her songs are often about the emotions in life, not necessarily romantic, and she’s unfraid to show her emotions loudly and directly.  She is also the first out lesbian pop singer in Hong Kong. 

Eowyn (from “The Lord of the Rings”) - Eowyn is kickass in multiple ways.  Not only has she dealt with her father figure’s decline and her brother’s exile, she can fight with the best of them and decides to go with her family when they go to likely death in Gondor.  She knows what she wants and tries to get those things by her own power.  She chases Aragorn, she decides on her own to put on armor and sneak into the army, and she kills the Witchking.  She ultimately marries a man who loves and respects her as she deserves. 

Mu Guiying - this lady is fierce.  There are actually a ton of similar women from Chinese history, but if i included them all this list would be way too long.  She learned martial arts as a child, ended up defeating and capturing young warrior Yang Zongbao, whom Mu then asked to marry her.  The story goes that when Yang’s father disagreed, she defeated him in combat as well.  Later on, she was known for breaking the Heavenly Gate Formation of the Khitan army, leading an all-female brigade, and commanding the Yang family troops at a ripe old age. 

Aibileen and Minny (from “The Help”) - these two women remind me of my mother.  They struggle and fight and ultimately have to wake up each morning and keep going.  Minny especially has this no-nonsense, “I do what I want” attitude that I associate with my own mother. 

Haifaa al-Mansour - when Haifaa made her film, she could have chosen a more explosive politically-charged topic, which would have most certainly gotten her in to trouble and created a ton of publicity.  Instead, she chose to make “Wadjda”, a film about a little girl and her love of life, and adhere to all of the requirements the government placed on her.  That’s why I love Haifaa al-Mansour–she is not ultimately about making a statement, but about taking joy out of life. 

Edith Piaf - she was a singer in France, the daughter of a street performer, who grew up with her brothel-owner grandmother.  Edith jumped from the street into international stardom, even though she wasn’t a great beauty.  Despite the various challenges and heartbreak she experienced, she continued living her life exactly as she wanted to, and always remained solely focused on her music. 

Sancha of Aragon - Sancha was basically that ho who slept with all the hot boys in high school, if by high school you meant “Renaissance Italy” and by hot boys you meant “all the pope’s sons”.  The really badass thing about her, though, is afterward, when everyone else around her self-destructed, Sancha kept on.  She was imprisoned in Castel Sant'Angelo, but later released, and raised both her nephew Rodrigo and the Roman Infant Giovanni as her own. 

Princess Wencheng - in her day, the Chinese court often made treaties with other nations and tribes, promising to send a Chinese princess to marry the other nation’s king.  Generally, palace maids or lesser concubines were officially upgraded to “princesses” and sent instead of women of actual royal blood.  Wencheng was one of those upgraded concubines, and ended up marrying Songtsan Gampo of Tibet, creating a period of diplomatic peace and Tibetan cultural expansion.  Wencheng and her co-wife Bhrikuti of Nepal are now worshiped as the White and Green Taras, respectively. 

Why I'm confident LUCAYA is ENDGAME

When I read the canadian description of the texas episodes I reslized they said that Riley was still feeling something for lucas. It made me sad. I still ship Lucaya. And I know it will become real. But it would be very sad to watch Riley broken harted while Lucas and Maya start dating.
Then the GMW writers say the quotes “why did you do that?” And “don’t do that” wich gives me the idea that Lucas kisses Maya but she will take a while to reciprocate even when is obvious she likes him, all because she doesn’t want to hurt Riley.
Lucas is not into Riley. He liked Maya since the first episode. He got confused but keept looking at her. He likes to tease her to get her attention, and so does Maya.
Riley does likes Lucas, he just doesn’t love her the same way. He likes her, who wouldn’t ( she’s nice, pretty and adorable like a disney princess) but he fell inlove with maya (she’s beautiful, a real challenge, he wants to contain her, wants to make her happy, worries when maya is upset)

Lucas didn’t go after Riley when she was upset after the ice cream incident and he knew she was upset. He stayed with Maya because he was concerned she was upset about Riley acting odd. He cares so much more about Maya.

Lucas is in love. And he’s just understanding it. Maya will take a little longer. And Riley, well… She’s not blind. She loves Maya as a sister, she’ll be confused, but she’s smart enough to know the difference between like and love. She will know when Maya falls in love with Lucas. Because the Uncle Boing thing is as real as Rucas, just an infatuation. It will pass.
And Riley will grow up and be matture enough to understand. She’ll even be supportive.

And by the way
That’s just my opinion

And for all the people who say that Rucas is andgame
And about Maya and Lucas being shitty about it
And about writters not listening to the fanbase
Just remember what happened in TVD
Where they changed the original couple Stelena for Delena because they had so much more chemestry. And it did wonders for the show.
And for the Peybrina fans, Nian was real.
So I have really high hopes for the Texas episodes, I’m realistic and know is not like they will become a couple, but at least there will be some aknowledgement of someone’s feelings.

By the way, if Im correct, that’s why Maya pours the milkshake on Lucas. She’s mad at him for kissing her because she’s in denial of her own feelings and doesn’t want to keep it from, or hurt Riley. And Lucas will want to know if she feels the same or will sugest they keep the kiss a secret until she sorts out her feelings. But she’ll try to tell Riley, and I think Riley is the one who will explain to Maya that she’s inlove with Lucas and that herself has realized she loves him as a brother (even if is not true).
Which will lead to Farkle knowing she’s lying, understanding and conforting her like he always do when she’s upset. Because he knows her better. Because he also loves someone who doesn’t loves him back, not yet at least. He loves Riley.
Eventually Riley will fall inlove with someone else. A new character she might meet later or Farkle. I root for Riarkle. But we’ll see what happens.

I’m exited because I want to see Maya’s face when she realizes Lucas is inlove with her.
I don’t care how many seasons they take to become a couple, I suspect at the end of the third or beggining of fourth, but they will get there. We can all see it coming. It’s pg delena all over again and I’m loving it.

And if the TVD is not enough, look what happened in Dawson’s creek, Joey was suposed to be Dawson’s girl, but then she fell in love with his best friend Pacey. (Who I may add saw her first, asked Dawson if he liked her wich he denied, and was about to ask her out before Dawson changed his mind and decided to date her instead) After a short relationship they broke up, she fell for Pacey, and even when it started all secret and all became caos when they got caught, they still were endgame.
Lesson 1
Not always the first couple is the real thing. Is mostly the one with the best chemestry. Because is the one we feel confortable watching.
And to be honest, Rucas doesn’t have chemestry, Lucaya has tons.
So, I’m pretty confident Lucaya is endgame.
Just wait and see it developing slowly. And enjoy.

OUAT Episode meta - S4.03 - Rocky Road

OUAT S4: Rocky Road 4.03

Episode meta

This episode we knew was going to be a bit of a mash-up of things. So I’m going to try to hit on all the points here, and I’m sorry if I miss some.

Throwing this 5k plus word analysis under a cut so as not to cloud up everyone’s dashboards.

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Bad Romance

In celebration of Valentine’s Day what could be more romantic than a series of relationships which end fantastically badly? I’ve previously written a piece on the dangers of unrequited love in antiquity, but here’s something a bit different.

Claudius & Messalina
The term ‘third time lucky’ was never better disproven. Messalina was Claudius’ third wife, marrying him at around 20 years of age (her DOB isn’t definite), he was 48. The age gap wasn’t the main issue as Messalina was quite interested in a more liberal view of marriage, even going so far as to marry another senator whilst still married to Claudius. This proved her undoing and the honeymoon was cut short by their trial and execution (although Messalina was kept away from Claudius in case she changed his mind).

“It said take a ticket and sit down until your number appears, but there aren’t any chairs left”

However, this wasn’t her claim to fame. According to Pliny she challenged a famous prostitute to see who could work the most business in 24 hours. Messalina won with 25 happy clients.

Plenty of lessons for Claudius to learn. Needless to say he didn’t heed one of them which led to..

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