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…How bad can a good girl get?

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Okay so this post got popular really quickly so I’m gonna expand on it now:

  • Neil has his own social media account, but he never goes on it 
    • It’s called Neil_Jostenn and it’s very original
    • (Someone took both NeilJosten and Neil_Josten like what??)
    • It has pictures of his sneakers (endorsements) and his teammates and blurry pictures of Kevin with no caption except for #queenday but mostly he doesn’t do anything with it
    • His bio is just his name, number, and the team he’s playing for
    • (It has #teamjosten for a bit too but not the point)
  • He does, however, have a cat account
  • No one besides his foxes knows he has it
  • It has more followers than his personal account does?? Somehow???
  • It’s called sir.n.king and it’s one of the cutest things
  • He posts almost daily and never shows his own face but it’s clear he’s an exy fan bc he dresses his cats up in jerseys
  • Most of the time he puts them in mini-versions of Kevin’s jersey with tiaras
  • His followers only know the names of his cats, that he has a bf, and a room entirely dedicated to his (I can’t decide if they’re rescue or therapy cats so probably one of each if that works)
  • He dresses Sir up as his bf a lot, complete with armbands and reading glasses
    • Caption: “He looks so much like his father”
    • (Via Nicky, who was making one of his impromptu visits
  • Speaking of Nicky
  • This kiddo is bitter about the popularity of Neil’s cat account
  • See, he runs dog accounts for each and every one of his and Erik’s pet
  • Most of them are rescues, but one of them is a therapy pet Nicky got back in palmetto to keep him happy when Erik wasn’t around and comfort him when he was close to breaking down
  • He was the one to suggest the cat accounts to Neil
  • And now Neil’s cats have more followers than all of his babies combined???
  • This is unacceptable 
  • He doesn’t even tell anyone he’s a famous exy player, they’re famous all on their own
  • Nicky wants to call bullshit but he has no proof that Neil used any “gain more followers!” cheats
  • Nicky and Neil get into fights over whose pets are better and Neil just pulls out the amount of followers his have as statistics
  • It’s very frustrating
  • During the Minyard-Josten rivalry, he dresses their cats up in both of their jerseys and posts multiple pictures of them cuddling and other interactions 
  • It’s very confusing for his followers, who are mostly not exy fans but they know that Minyard and Josten are supposed to be at each others throats
  • Then this happens 
  • The reporter is shocked to say the least
    • “Cats?”
    • “Yeah, my cats.”
  • He then just gushes about his cats and shows all of the reporters pictures and stuff from his cat account on Instagram and they’re so confused but it takes up all the time they have and Neil can go home without getting asked any more questions about Andrew Minyard so he counts it as a win
  • So now the whole world knows about Neil Josten and his precious cats
  • And with further investigation, his boyfriend???
  • Shit is happening
  • No one expected this kid to be so fucking cute with his bf and cats and domesticity like this???
  • When Andreil comes out, Neil posts a picture of Sir sitting on Andrew’s lap dresses up like him again 
  • Andrew is reading and petting Sir and it’s the picture that makes everyone realize he’s not a monster
  • That, and the ones that follow


  • King is girl, and no one really cared when naming her
  • But now it’s made sort of a problem bc oops she’s having babies guys
  • King does this to Neil and Neil cries 
  • He’s just so fucking overwhelmed okay it’s two am and his cat is giving him her babies and it’s too much
  • Andrew gets it on video 
    • Caption: “The hellspawn woke us up”
    • (Via Andrew, who pretends to hate the cats but loves them almost as much as Neil does)

This is important to me okay


The whole “Dave realizes his home life was abusive and works on dealing with it” thing is so important to me you have no idea and i want the Superfriends to have an Encounter
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and i want bro to have an encounter with a FIST HAIIIYAH


[cowgirl Cynthia and Butterfly Fairy Lucina showing off their cute lil costumes]

[Maribelle decided the theme here, obviously,]

[this is here so you can see lil Morgan in that cute bat costume]



I had costumes and nonsense planned for everyone and I’ll probably draw more eventually but here is what I did work on!!


fighter of the destiny: qijian’s outfit 💠


They do. Usually its just Bendy, Wally has things to do, but sometimes they both do.

((also i have no idea what the ship name is, does anyone know if there is one or do I have to make something up edit from the future - ship name is Samsie.))

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HI ITS ME IM OUT OF MY ART BLOCK here’s a big dump of shit i drew of my OC Gourdie who is some kind of demon/spirit thing who had her head cut off in the 60′s and puts a pumpkin there bc it looks cool.

her main verse is a mystery but she’s dating pax’s oc Abbie and has her name tattooed on her arm, otherwise i’m gonna fit her into Fables somehow

wanna one as your fanboys

requested by my fav woojin stan anon lol

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have a gif of your man btw lol

a reverse au where instead of them being your idols, you’re being their idols. 

a/n: i did some editing on minhyun’s bc this man ain’t quiet,,, he’s literally the loudest out of nu’est smh  

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my new OC, Carmen!

like Fours she’s some kind of Faerie, but she isn’t as fond of humans as he is. her favor can be won with offerings of sweets, especially cotton candy (which many people think her hair is made of. you can eat it, but you absolutely should Not), and fruit. if you get her to like you, she’ll bring you treasures–sometimes it’ll be money or jewels, sometimes it’ll be bottle caps she thought looked cool. always show your appreciation for her gifts, but never directly thank her. 

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I was gonna to make a photo set compiled of redraws of older art but thinking about it now tires me, especially since I don’t have the interest to redraw anything right now. 

So here’s just a small doodle of Adam and Seth, based off this old picture. Their heads only got bigger, that’s the difference lmao oops.


Je vous aime beaucoup

it took hours to get just this picture :)


lantern burning, flickering in my mind for only you 

  • why does the red skull sometimes have a british accent and then suddenly remember he’s german again
  • “a glorified trash can lid” excuse me tony stark that is made of vibranium and you know it
  • “i hope you like pushups, tony. i see a lot of them in your future.” steve r u suggesting ur a dirty bottom
  • steve is literally CREAMING tony what a shitbag i love it
  • “guard those pretty nosehairs”
    G U A R D  T H O S E  P R E T T Y  N O S E H A I R S
    who WRITES this shit????
  • “you’re my friend, tony. i wanna keep you alive.” SWEETIE BABE SUGAR PIE HONEY BUNCH JUST TELL HIM YOU LOVE HIM
  • this animation is so fuckING BAD
  • what is this weird HYDRA skype session i don’t have time for this
  • cap’s run is so aggressive he just CHARGES everywhere he goes like a raging bull
  • caption: "oh christ i’ve left the iron on"

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