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Could you do a companions(da:o) react to the warden sneaking up on them to give them a bear hug? Also I'm loving your in general, hope your doing well😄


Leliana (Unromanced):

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Leliana (Romanced):

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Morrigan (Unromanced):

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Morrigan (Romanced):

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Alistair (Unromanced):

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Alistair (Romanced):

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Zevran (Romanced):

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This Time Around AU

Character A is technically immortal, but each new regeneration has its own set of rules. Character A has to trade a part of themself to come back from the dead, and every time it changes – for example, in one regeneration Character A may be a paraplegic, in another regeneration they may have the use of their legs but be colorblind, in the next regeneration they may have 20/20 vision but incredible amounts of OCD and anxiety, etc.

In their current regeneration, Character A is trying to live a quiet, less adventurous life than their previous ones and has opted to work at a coffee shop in a quiet college community. Everything is going fairly well, until an ominous figure is reported to be stalking students around campus and Character A has the sinking suspicion that something – or someone – is coming after Character A.


Shiro: (softly, but with a lot of feeling) what the fuck? 

inspired by this post

alternatively titled: Keith just wants to watch conspiracy theory videos on Shiros laptop 

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hi!! so i was thinking about your fic of bruce going to walmart and getting baffled by how cheap things were and i wanted to know how he feels about dollar stores/if he even knows they exist!

I think that while he’s probably aware of things like the Futian market, and the ability of dollar stores to sell cheap products through wholesale purchasing of inferior goods or travel-sized versions of name brand products, he (like a lot of people) was probably less aware of things like Wal-Mart’s ability to decide on price points that they can then force suppliers to adhere to under the threat of not having their products available in Wal-Mart stores, such that any company that does business with Wal-Mart can be forced to completely alter the way they do business.

I also got some shit at the time from people who thought Bruce Wayne would be more than familiar with the horrors of at-will employment, etc, but the fact is that whenever I’ve seen someone discuss the shit they’ve gone through as a retail employee in an at-will right-to-work state, I’ve also seen anyone middle-class or higher express shock and horror that these kinds of things are legal, totally unaware that these things exist and what they really mean for workers. For someone like Bruce Wayne as I write him, as someone who has never been victimized by these laws but to whom it would also never occur to try and victimize anyone else under such laws, I think it’s a completely reasonable blind spot for him to have.


Actress Teri Garr, who began her career as a background go-go dancer in such 60s cinematic classics as Pajama Party and Clambake, got her big break with “Assignment: Earth.” However, she hesitates to discuss her time on Star Trek to this day. 

The reason: the skirt she wore. 

According to Herb Solow and Robert Justman’s Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, the costume designed by William Ware Theiss for Garr’s Roberta Lincoln was originally more modest. It was, after all, supposed to be our introduction to a character that would co-star in the Gary Seven spinoff.

However, Gene Roddenberry, perhaps fearing that the show wouldn’t come back for a third season, was more hands-on than usual with the production. One of the things he was focused on: Roberta’s skirt. The Star Trek creator was repeatedly insistent that the hemline be raised, and what began as a thoroughly modern miniskirt became what amounted to a micro. 

In her autobiography Speedbumps: Floor It Through Hollywood, the actress was circumspect about the whole situation, only writing the following about filming the role that got her career off the ground floor:

In Assignment: Earth Kirk and Spock travel back to Earth in the ‘60s in order to prevent World War III. I played Roberta Lincoln, a dippy secretary in a pink and orange costume in a very short skirt. Had the spin-off succeeded, I would have continued on as an earthling agent, working to preserve humanity. In a very short skirt. But it was not to be. 

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How do you think Dmian would react to finding he had a twin sister? Like Talia hid her as a back up plan incase Damian refused to go through with Talials original plans, being an heir to the league.

- Of course it would be a huge shock but at the same time he’s not all that surprised. 

- If she’s still with the League he’d probably try his hardest to convince her to leave and start a new life, a better life, in Gotham with their father. 

- She’s reluctant at first. She’d probably see Damian as her enemy for a while, thinking that he could easily usurp her claim to the League. 

- It’s not until their mother give her the order to take Damian out that she hesitates. Damian had never actually fought back against his sister and their mother’s willingness to encourage one child to kill another really gave the sister pause. 

- What’s to say that she won’t ever meet the same fate? How many spares does Mother have and what’s to stop her from replacing the sister if she were to make a mistake or step out of line?

- In the end the sister lays down her sword and refuses to kill her twin brother. 

- As you can imagine Talia isn’t too happy about this. Two of her children have now betrayed her and she is livid. 

- Bruce arrives in the knick of time after realizing that Damian had disappeared without warning. He was surprised to realize that he had a daughter but he pushed that aside for the moment so that he could get his kids home.

- It was odd for her to settle into the manor and give up all of her old ways but she eventually found her own place and happiness in Gotham with her true family.  

Met With A Zap, Chapter 6

TITLE: Met With A Zap


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Darcy and Loki meeting for the first time. They instantly dislike each other and are constantly at one another’s throats in arguments. Darcy even ends up using her taser on him at one point. Others around them get fed up of being stuck in the middle of their pranks and arguments. But eventually, Loki finds himself falling for her sassy mouth.


I clasped my hands together excitedly as I walked out of the bathroom. I had set up a prank to get Loki and it was going to be a whopper of a prank. Cling film over the toilet. You couldn’t beat it.

I heard someone coming so I acted normal. But to my horror it was Mr America and not Loki. I thought it was Loki’s break time, not Steve’s.

‘Hey, Darcy.’ He said with a smile as he walked right past me. 

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we all know that the jonas brothers best song is year 3000 sorry mami fact

i literally only came on here to give my details to people that want to stay in touch and the first thing i see is this disrespect???? Year 3000 is a damn cover song, it’s by British Pop Punk Icons of the 2000s, Busted. As was What I Go To School For. Love ur damn selves, listen to the originals. 

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How about a "7 Minutes in Heaven" prompt in a high school/college AU? >:3c I feel like having the boys play spin the bottle at a party would be hilarious! Imagine how mortified Killua would be when Gon is the person who is matched to be shoved in the closet with him?

It would be hysterical XDDDD I cracked up when I read this request. Okay lets do this!

We’re going to do a college au bc that’s so much more fun :3 I hope you it, thank you for waiting so long for me to get this out!

Killua had a bad feeling about this game before his so called ‘friends’ even explained the rules. And then, after they did explain the rules, he immediately wished he had left the party within the first ten minutes like he’d originally planned.

But then Killua looked up to meet brown-gold that glittered brightly with curiosity and interest, and he knew he had to stay.

Killua hadn’t spent time with Gon in a very, very long time, despite the undeniable fact that they were each other’s best friends. That was the problem with college- the second one class assigned work, the rest followed suit until Killua found himself awake at three in the morning trying not to pull his hair out in frustration. This was actually the first time he’d been able to see Gon in nearly two weeks.

So. He had to stay. For Gon.

But that moment of weakness turned out to be the biggest mistake of Killua’s entire life. Because with Killua’s shitty luck, it was only natural that the stupid coke bottle would land on him, then Gon.

Of freakin’ course.

“Ooooooo, Seven Minutes in Heaven for Gon and Killua!” Palm cooed and Killua grounded his teeth together hard enough for his jaw to ache. “Get going, you two!”

Gon’s brow was furrowed in confusion. “I don’t get it. What’s-”

“Shut up!” Killua forcefully pulled Gon off the floor and away from their circle of friends that whistled and clapped at their retreating backs. He was going to murder these people before the night was over for doing this to him. With Gon of all people. Damnit!

“But, Killua! I’ve never heard of Seven Minutes in Heaven before, I don’t know what we have to-”

“I said,” Killua hissed as he yanked Palm’s closet door open. “Shut up! Just- get  in the closet!”

Gon took one look at Killua’s face and visibly paled. He ducked into the closet without another word and Killua followed, slamming the door shut behind them.

It wasn’t a big closet which, admittedly, was the whole point of this insane game. Killua barely had enough room for his shoulders to fit and couldn’t see a single thing in the dark. But he could definitely hear the sound of Gon’s breathing less than a feet away from him and Killua knew without a doubt that if he tried to move his arm, they would touch.

Killua was not going to do that though, because he would sooner die or melt into a puddle than try to make a move on his best friend who just also happened to be his crush for the past three years. He almost wished he could melt into a puddle because then maybe he could slide out under the door crack and bolt-

“Killua?” Gon’s voice was very quiet but it filled the entire space.


“Um. What are we supposed to do in here?”

Warmth exploded across Killua’s cheeks. He didn’t need to see his face to know it had to be growing redder than a stop sign.

“N-Nothing,” he said and immediately cursed himself for stuttering.

“It didn’t sound like nothing, though.”

“Well, you heard wrong, then.”


Gon was pouting, he knew. And Killua could never resist Gon’s ridiculous pout even in the pitch black of a closet.

“Its….” God, what Killua would give to not be explaining this right now. “Its a game in which two people have to stay in a closet for seven minutes.”

“Like we are now.”


“But, what else? There has to be something else.”

Killua’s hands curled into claws. “I can’t believe you don’t know this. Remind me when we get out of here to sit your ass down and explain every single party game to ever exist-”

“Killua, you’re stalling!” Gon whined. There was a shuffling sound and Killua was suddenly hyper-aware of the fact that Gon had just moved even closer than they already were. “Just tell me what it is!”

His heartbeat was very loud and heavy in his chest. He could feel every thud all the way down to his toes. Somewhere in the mess of his spinning thoughts, Killua distantly wondered if Gon could hear it, too.


Killua jerked at the hot hand that brushed against his. How Gon knew where his hand was, he didn’t know. He didn’t get why Gon was lacing their fingers together, either, but his mind too jumbled at the moment to protest.

He took a shuddering breath to calm his racing heart. 

It didn’t help.

“While you’re in the closet, y-you’re supposed to. Um.”

Gon’s whisper washed over Killua’s burning skin. “You’re supposed to- what?” 

Killua shrunk back into the closet’s wall. Gon was way too close. He was cornering Killua, leaving no room to escape. 

Killua wasn’t sure if he could escape even if he wanted to, at this point; Gon was all around him, his scent his voice his body. Killua’s senses were being overwhelmed with Gon. He was drowning in it.

“I, I don’t-” Killua said weakly as his knees started to buckle.

“Killua,” Gon said again, voice shaking slightly with something that sounded suspiciously like suppressed laughter. His free hand slid around Killua’s waist, helping him to stand but also pressing their bodies together, and Killua just barely held back a shiver at the possessive touch. “Are you sure you know what this game is about?”

Killua squeezed his eyes shut. If he wasn’t so dizzy right now, he would’ve shrieked in frustration.

“You’re a fucking bastard,” he finally whispered and Gon’s laughter reverberated around them like bells.

“I know,” Gon said, a grin in the lilt of his voice, and kissed Killua on the mouth.

simsinspring replied to your photoset “No more blue shadows, and no more blue ambient light in Oasis Springs….”

TE AMO! Please tell me you will do San Myshuno as well ��

AW thank you! I’m glad you like these!

So the goal is to un-blue all the worlds, while still maintaining their original brightness, but with the darker shadows because i like how that looks haha.

I will eventually get to San Myshuno, but that world has unique lighting for every district so that means a separate mod for each area (same as windenburg mostly). It will take some time :(

If s4pe updates .wclr to be exported and imported into .xmls this will all go much faster, but until then i’m doing a little at a time.