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2 aphobic blogs: we made a NEW aro and ace pride flags for yall uwu cos the other ones used colors that were in other pride flags [??!!] uwu also these new ones are super eye-watering and ugly so enjoy that uuwuuu

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overwatchxreader  asked:

You wanna write something for Zarya? Could you do a first date with her and her s/o?

Thank you! I finally get to write for her :)

She wanted to go somewhere where she could show off her muscles. Seriously, it’d get you flustered and she always thought that was adorable.

But she wanted to go somewhere where you’d be able to talk. She wanted to know more about you and that’s when you suggested going for a walk.

(She might’ve said yes just because it was your idea)

It was a warm day and of course people were staring - I mean, a woman with muscles? But she didn’t care. She was here with you and no one else.

“But yeah, I train a lot” she smiled - and flexed to ‘prove it’. With a smile and a faint blush covering your cheeks you nodded, “I wish I could stick to a schedule like that…”. “Maybe ve can train together?” she suddenly suggested as the both of you came closer to the entrance of the park. (Have you really been walking that much?)

“Really? Are you sure?” you grinned, hoping this meant a second date. “Yes, why not?” Zarya shrugged, “Maybe next Saturday?”. “I’d like that” you smiled as you both stopped at the entrance.

“Well, I should head home now” you smiled, “It’s getting dark”. “Maybe I should valk vith you, it might be unsafe if you valk alone” she asked you which made you stifle a chuckle, “You’ll protect me?”. “Of course” she nodded as she now followed you (to make sure you’d be safe, of course)


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back with another redraw featuring amethyst!!! i love her

and yes its supposed to be fuzzy dont worry i fuzzed it up for ~aesthetic~



You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

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