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Things Felt But Unsaid

This is my little gift for @stoptryingtomakethingshappen for the Secret Santa event, hosted by @drarryexchange . It’s the first time I’ve written for the Drarry fandom and the first time I have written anything as fluffy as this, but I hope you’ll like it!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This warmth, those arms around his body, that messy dark hair tickling his neck.

Why, Potter? thought Draco as he watched with foggy, still tired eyes, the peaceful form laid in his bed.

Certain rays of sun were decorating their faces through the curtains, leaving small dots of light across pillow-patterned cheeks and closed eyelids.

The whole thing felt like some sort of dream to Draco. Too surreal, too good to be true after so many years of anger and self-destruction.

He turned his head a little to have a better look of the man still asleep behind him. Barely resisted the urge to extend his hand, to touch with pale fingers the warm skin pressed so beautifully against his.

Years before, every time the image of the familiar boy - now man - entered his field of vision, all he used to feel was rage and disappointment. And hatred, so much hatred… Sometimes he couldn’t even think because of it.

Things changed to such an extent that the past now seemed like an alternative existence, not part of the same life, full of anguish.

After all of that…How could you chose me?’

Harry’s breathing was caressing Draco’s neck while his chest moved with every puff that escaped past his parted lips. He’s always been a late sleeper and secretly, of course, Draco liked this. It gave him time to think, to appreciate better just how lucky he ended up.

After his sixth year, the only ending he visioned for himself was the cold, empty space of an Askaban cell. Or being Voldemort’s lap dog for the rest of eternity.

Not this. Not this closeness. Not so much forgiveness.

And especially not so much love.

Despite his earlier - better - judgement, Draco’s hand found itself buried in dark hair, too tangled for its own good and not soft enough. However, Draco felt a strange sort of affection every time his fingers moved across Harry’s unkempt locks, and the last thing he wanted was to stop.

“Malfoy” a morning voice echoed suddenly.

Draco stopped his movement, focusing his attention instead on green eyes, now open, gazing back at him.

“Morning, princess,” he said, his tone full of fondness. “Slept well?”

Harry blinked twice, trying process everything at once.

“Draco” he called out once again, a bit confused still. “Why are you up so early?”

Draco smiled.

“Not everybody can sleep until noon with no remorse like you, Potter,” he said, no bite in his words. “Most people have responsibilities, you know? We don’t have the luxury of taking a nap whenever we  want just because we defeated a wizard years ago.”

As usual, when confronted this way, Harry rolled his eyes.

“If I’m not wrong, Malfoy, you - as in, the responsible one out of the two of us, according to your words - are also still on bed. So, instead of throwing around baseless accusations, why don’t you keep messing with my hair since you like it and start telling me about what you seemed to be so conflicted about.”

Draco would’ve done anything to wipe the smirk out of his face. He should’ve known better than to bring up any sort of competition whenever it involved Harry. That bastard always had some sort of witty answer up his sleeve, no matter the time of the day of night.

“You know what, Potter?” he said. “I think I liked you better asleep. Why don’t you go back to it?”

Harry eyes sparkled at that. Draco didn’t apreciate that look.

“Neah,” said Harry in mocking laziness, perfectly aware of how much Draco hated when he did that. “I think getting on your nerves for a bit longer will be more entertaining.”

“Oh, shut it already,” said Draco, rolling over, having his back facing Harry once again.

Harry only laughed at how silly Draco was behaving.

“I see someone woke up quite cranky today,” he said.

“I’m not ‘cranky’. I’m just tired of you,” remarked Draco.

“Please, you’ll never get tired of me,” laughed Harry, poking Draco in the ribs to play around some more.

“Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to make me some breakfast. I can’t stand being hungry,” he said, rolling out of bed.

Harry raised his hand, gently touching Draco’s arm.

“You mean making us breakfast, right? he grinned, trying to make his voice sound sweet.

“As if you still deserve something after the trick you pulled last night. I won’t be able to sit for a whole week thanks to your lack of patience.” he mumbled hoping to come out as angry, but failing miserably. He couldn’t fool Harry so easily.

Of course, he still freed his arm and moved towards the door, his stepping as lazy as possible.

“Like you didn’t enjoy it,” Harry said, a bit frustrated by Draco’s pride and stubbornness.

The blond ignored him and left the room, leaving Harry behind without a care.

“Cranky indeed,” said Harry to himself, throwing the covers away from his body, with a trace of regret of abandoning the warmth of the bed. He searched in a hurry for a pair of trousers and a clean shirt before following Draco in the kitchen, a discreet smell already filling his senses.

Once entering the room, his eyes fell immediately on the shirtless form standing in front of the fridge, wand in hand, a frown painted on his features. It seemed like he was in the middle of warming up a piece of bread - “Again?” Harry noted, not knowing how to react anymore to Draco’s wierd antics. But no matter how hard he tried, Draco simply refused to touch anything that had to do with technology.

“I might hurt myself, Potter!” he shouted once, after a whole hour of washing the clothes - the muggle way. It had been a disaster, without any exaggerations. After ruining two perfect sweaters and a pair of boxers Harry gave up, leaving Draco to do things as he pleased.

Even if it wasn’t extremely practical.

“How much longer or you going to incendio that poor bread?” Harry asked, getting closer to the blond and observing his every move.

“Don’t disturb my concentration. I don’t want to burn it too much and deal with ashes.”

“Draco… That’s why we have the toaster,” sighed Harry.

“I’m not going to touch that machine. Ever. End of story,” said Draco, finally lowering his wand, deciding that it was enough. “Besides, it’s a good exercise of control.”

Harry decided not to comment. Instead, he positioned himself behind Draco and embraced him from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“You are out of hope, you know?” said Harry, leaving a small kiss on Draco’s naked skin.

“And you are sweaty and in desperate need of a shower. You stink. But do you see me complaining?” said Draco as he placed the now slightly burned slice of bread on a plate, not impressed by Harry’s antics.

The other boy flinched at the words of the blond.

“For real?” he asked ashamed, lowering his arms.

“Yes, Potter. Now go throw some water and soap on yourself and come back looking acceptable for once. I’ll also dress accordingly to a kitchen when you are done and then we’ll finally eat as two normal human beings.”

“Fine,” he accepted the first part without a second thought. “But, for the record, I don’t mind seeing you shirtless at all times”.

“Noted. Now go. I’ll finish with the rest of the toast and deal with the eggs while you’re in there.”

Harry did as told and, with one last look at Draco, he left the room, almost running all the way to the shower. He turned on the water and walked inside after leaving his clothes nest to the sink, and allowed the cold liquid to touch furiously his heated skin.

On the other side of the house, Draco was preparing everything just as he promised, but no matter what his hands were doing or what words left his mouth with every textbook incantation, his thoughts were far from those actions.

He was taking in the last words words exchanged, replaying them over and over again, as well as the feeling of having Harry’s front pressed to his back. The dialogue, no matter how embarrassing and awkward it had been, was just another proof of their closeness, of how much they have evolved over the years to finally reach the point of talking about anything without fearing a thing from the other. That domesticity brought a soft smile to Draco’s face.

They were far from perfect. Both made mistakes that couldn’t ever be erased, but they learned. They have grown up together, step by step, curse after curse and now, with each caress of the other’s skin.

The sound of the shower stopping could be heard even from where Draco was standing, but somehow, in the hurricane that had taken over his mind, it ended up being missed. He heard, however, Harry’s steps as he got back, hair still dump and clothes fitting him a bit awkwardly.

“Good, you’re done,” said Draco, turning around as soon as Harry came back. “You can start eating if you want, I’ll be back in a second.”

Five minutes later they were both seated on each side of the table, eating in silence. Harry was enjoying a glass of orange juice while Draco was more than pleased with his water, taking a mouthful every few bites.

It was peaceful. Calming. Familiar. Precious.

“Harry, could you please give me the salt from over there?”

“Sure, but don’t you think it’s salty enough?”

“It needs a little bit more.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It wasn’t what he expected, but it was better that everything Draco believed he deserved.

He might never be able to say out lout exactly what he felt. He might never leave his insecurities in the open so easily. But, with Harry, he wanted to at least try.

He was stubborn. Full of pride. A coward in every sense of the word.

It wasn’t like him to be so open.

One day, Harry, I will tell you everything I can’t say right now. I don’t know why you chose me, but I swear, on Merlin’s beard, that I’ll prove to you that giving me this wasn’t a mistake.

And it will never be.

@king-draws. Here is a thing.

[Cool art they did]

Seeing The Sea Bunnies

“What’s the necklace for? I’ve never seen such a strange creature…” Bryce tilted his head in confusion, spinning the coral pink decoration to have some better understanding. Ohm replied with a hum before tilting his head to see Bryce observing his accessory.

“Oh, I found that when I first came here. I think it was from a human, I heard stories ‘bout how there are deadly animals the upper lands are. I think this is one of them.” Pride filled his heart, hoping that he would somehow impress the seal with his vast knowledge of the upper lands. 

“They look like those sea bunnies that my parents take care of…” Bryce commented as he looked up to Ohm with an innocent smile, obviously causing Ohm to blush in the process.

“Sea… what?” 

“Sea bunnies. My parents work at this shop where they sell sea bunnies as pets. I used to have one too but.. it died.”

“I still don’t know what they are though…”

“Oh, my gosh Ohm! You’ve never seen sea bunnies before?! What in the seven oceans are we doing here? We gotta go now!”

“Whoa, whoa whoa! Bryce, we-”

“Too late! Gotta go now!”

Though Ohm loved Bryce for his quirky optimistic behaviour, he had the gut feeling that this was too out of control. It wasn’t like he had much of a choice in the first place anyways.

“See! Look Ohm! They’re so cute~” Bryce gave a small snuggle to a fellow sea bunny. He was laughing away, no care in the entire ocean. It was just him, the sea bunnies and his lovely Great White. However, it couldn’t shake the feeling that Ohm was burning holes in the back of his head as he continued to cuddle the adorable creatures. 

“I can be cuter…” Ohm muttered, jealousy burning in his mind as he continued to stare at Bryce who was clearly not paying attention to him and bearing his sharp teeth to any sea bunny that got within a 1-inch radius of him.  

“Common Ohm~ Just look at them! You can’t get jealous over a bunch of sea bunnies. See?” Bryce practically shoved one of the bunnies into his face. It squeaked around, shuffling slowly in his palms. Knowing that it would sooner or later warm up to him, Ohm gave out a long sigh and a gentle smile.

“Fine whatever, I guess they’re cute…”

Prompt #21 - Finn Bálor

Request: Hello! Can I please have 21 for Finn Balor? ❤ - @queenbalor

Prompt #21 - “I can see you taking my last name.”

A/N: Here yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *3 hours later* aaaaaaaa GO!

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“Finn, stop!” You squealed, the feeling of his fingertips gliding up and down your sides nearly driving you crazy. He was on top of you, not once letting you up. Tears formed at the corners of your eyes as you continued to try and shove his hands away from you. His laughter mixed in with yours - It was one of those things you adored hearing.

“Then admit it.” Finn stared at you. You shook your head, biting down on your bottom lip. “Admit I look better than Ryan Reynolds.” You busted out laughing even more, nodding. “You look better than Ryan Reynolds.” You giggled uncontrollably as Finn went back to tickling you.

Finally, you felt his hands leave your sides. He was out of breath himself as he laid his body beside yours, pulling you into his side. It all started when you two watched a movie with Ryan in it. You kept going on and on about how good he look - knowing that Finn caught onto it quickly. 

You smiled widely at him, your fingers intertwining. “I don’t think I can withstand being tickled like that again.” You pushed a sigh from between your lips. Finn smirked, placing his lips against your temple. “Then don’t say another guy looks better than me.” You could hear the playfulness in his voice.

When the silence started to grow, it was peaceful. Finn and you stared up at the ceiling of the house you shared, mesmerized with one another.

“I can see you taking my last name.” Finn said smoothly. Your heart raced at the words that fell off his lips. You turned your head to stare at him, seeing how happy he looked. “Really?” You smirked. “We’ve only been together six months and you’re talking about me taking your last name?”

“Say it,” Finn cleared his throat. “(Y/N) Devitt.” 

“(Y/N) Devitt.” You repeated after him, actually hearing the ring to it. You rolled onto your stomach so you could stare straight into Finn’s dazzling eyes. 

“Yeah, it does have a pretty nice ring.” You admitted softly. Finn nodded in agreement. “These last six months have felt like forever to me.” He sighed, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

You grinned, agreeing with him. Six months felt so much longer for you two. It had went by pretty fast. And once hearing the way your name sounded with his last name, you really hoped forever is what you two would spend with each other.

a love letter to community college

community college-
you’re so looked down on, but I think you’re amazing. when I went to my very first class, I was enchanted. my teacher was top notch– knew his stuff, was so kind, and really, genuinely cared that every one of his students had what they needed to succeed. and my classmates – every single one of them are so inspiring. the high schoolers, there to get a head start. those that were your “typical college kids” – 18 or 19 years old, and trying to figure out what their life was gonna look like. the mothers, that come into class after work but before going to volunteer at their kid’s school, who they’re working so hard to provide a better life for. the veterans who served our country for so long and have come home to now do something for themselves. those that had a couple of false starts, things that maybe didn’t go as planned, but they’re getting back on their feet. and so many stories in between. and what brings us all together?
the desire for an education. and opportunities. and to build our life into one we love.
going to community college isn’t something that people should look down on, because it’s about taking charge of your life. owning your education. sure, there aren’t a lot of frills, but who needs them when you’re trying to get a start to your future, on your own terms. get the life you want, and come out of it with a little less debt.

I started at community college my junior year of high school, and now, three years later, something amazing is happening – the culture is changing. where in years past, the “smart” kids went to universities, and the rest end up at community college as some sort of last resort. but not this year. this year I see so many of my friends on the campus of my college, because they get it. they get that you don’t have to spend $60,000 dollars a year to get the education you deserve. they get that you can stay where you’re from, and work to save up some money for the rest of your education. and that’s okay. in fact, it’s great. it’s smart.

because you don’t have to start your adult life in debt, just because that’s how it’s always been done.
and I want the rest of the world to see that, too.
because community college will always be there, for those who have a hunger for knowledge. a vision for a brighter future. and who are ready to make that happen, all on their own.

if you’re going to community college, go proudly. no more, “oh, I’m just at community college this year”. because you’re not just doing anything. you’re working just as hard as students at four-year schools, and that’s something to be proud of. you’ve worked hard, and the world is lucky to have someone like you – that’s smart, determined, and is learning not only from their teachers, but from the wonderfully diverse group of people that are right there beside you.

I could kiss you. I could fuck you. I could care about you. But love? I’m not able to do that. Not with you or anyone else. I could write about the color of your eyes and make stories about how I would touch your body but love? Its just a word to me. That is why I say you deserve better than me. Because you could love me with everything you’ve got and I still wouldn’t be able to whisper those three words to you. You could have the key, the combination to unlock the walls I put up and I would change the locks before you even get off the first number or get the key out of your pocket. I don’t get close to people. I won’t let myself do that. It’s not you or anyone else. Its really not. Its me. It’s one of my things. And I really don’t know how to stop. If you’re looking for love, I’m not the one. Why do you think I don’t have relationships anymore? This is a reason.
—  Oko Ninjah (looking for love? don’t look towards me)
Snow Angels

Or, “Mumen, You Are Too Good for This World”

Or, “Sonic is a Pissy Kitty”

It’s snowing! I’m cold! Have some fluff!

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“Look, I told you that now is not a good time, okay? Seriously.”

“My vengeance is not a thing of convenience, Hero Saitama!”

“Can’t we do this, like, next week sometime? If I don’t get to the supermarket right now, all the half-off instant noodles are going to be gone, because everybody is panicking over some stupid snow.”

“Exploding Shuriken!”

“My coupon… Sonic…I said that’s enough!”

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Oh he got his head stuck in the sink bc we were in chemistry and There were those industrial sink things, and he looked at it for a minute and frowned, and said, 'I bet I could fit my head in there'. And I mean, he kind of did, but then he slumped over and you could hear a little echoey 'oops'. He got out though, it's okay. I didn't leave him in the sink. Hahaha, I love you though, if we met irl you'd be that one really funny person I admired but was afraid to talk to. (Thank goodness for anon.)

Okay can I just say that Your crush is husband material. And I’m not saying that because his little experiment is something i would do… 😉 BUT I LIVE FOR DORKY BOYS/GIRLS??? THEY MAKE LIFE SO MUCH BETTER

Also trust me I am not that popular funny person. I’m more like the “I think I’m funny but I also only have a one person audience because I am too ‘temperamental’ for people to handle, so my one friend has to deal with my terrible jokes” person so honestly don’t be intimidated 😂

Lonely Fire

Marco tells Tom a deep, important secret about his childhood.

“Friendenemies” has been one of those things that you didn’t know you needed until they actually happen.
It was just so beautiful.
So, naturally, I had to ruin everything with a cheesy, edgy-ish one-shot.
I wrote this trash right after the premiere of the episode, so it’s a bit of a mess (more than usual at least).
It takes place right after the end of the episode and looked much better in my head than it does on “paper”.
Yes, even the title.

Hope you enjoy!

Also on

Marco was by far used to most of the supernatural accidents he was usually unfortunate enough to bump into.
But it’s not like he had any other choice: when your roommate is a magical princess from another dimension, it’s more about surviving than a routine.

However, seeing his once-dead hero, martial artist and movie star Mackie Hand, kicking some serious butt, was an unique sight even for him.
The boy was just sitting there on the sidewalk, enjoying some cereal, his eyes glued on his undead, zombified idol, as he literally threw his ribs as if they were shuriken, easily getting rid of a bunch of goofy security guards who were clearly not paid enough for that.

“This is so much better than the movie marathon!” Marco thought, enthusiastically.

Indeed, it was like watching one of his favorite karate movies, ironically just outside of the movie theater marathoning the undead warrior’s filmography he was supposed to attend to that night. He was staring in awe at Hand’s extremely well-coordinated moves and was so involved into the action that he almost forgot that we wasn’t witnessing that mistake of nature alone.

“Wow, you were right! This guy’s for real.”

Tom the demon was sitting next to Marco, eating cereal from his own bowl (a rather mundane food choice considering that he’s the Prince of the Underworld) with all three eyes devoted to the zombie movie star roundhouse kicking whoever tried to attack him.
He looked genuinely invested by the karate-brawl in front of them.

“Yeah! I told you!” Marco proudly stated, chewing the root-beer flavored corn.

As much as he was happy that the demon was into his favorite kind of movies, that didn’t really change his overall opinion on him, especially considering how they got there in the first place: because of Tom’s lies and manipulations. Marco honestly believed that the three-eyed boy wanted to spend some time with him, as a way of making up for the terrible behavior he had in their past encounters (both to him and, perhaps most importantly, Star), so he gave him the benefit of the doubt. Predictably, however, it was all just a ruse, a way to pass some kind of anger-management test set up by the Prince’s life-coach Brian, with Marco being necessary to said “anger exam” as he apparently was Tom’s “most hated person”.

And for Marco, friendship wasn’t something you could just lie about so easily.

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Nicknames: Britt, Crescent

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′4″

Time right now: 8:11AM

Last thing you googled: Not google. Bing. Because it’s not Google. Anywho, the return date for Humans. It’s Monday after Luthors. Cancel my meetings. Hold my calls. And go get that one bottle of wine I liked from that one place in Italy.

Fave music artist: Tie between Paramore, Emancipator, and Two Steps from Hell

Song stuck in my head: Part II - Paramore

Last movie I watched: Bad Moms or The Accountant…can’t remember

Last tv show I watched: On actual TV, Supergirl. Streaming, Frontier.

What I’m wearing right now: An old HS hoodie and boxers…yeah my legs are freezing af. I look cute though. That matters.

When I created this blog: Uh couple weeks ago? Yeah that.

The kind of stuff I post: Oh there’s a list: Katie McGrath, Katie McGrath, feminist and political discourse, Katie McGrath, Lena Luthor, Katie McGrath, SuperCorp, Katie McGrath, Sanvers, Katie McGrath, my attempts to be funny, Katie McGrath, Natalie Dormer, Overwatch, Katie McGrath. Good list……..

Katie McGrath

Do I get asks regularly?: When I ask for them I get a few. Sometimes, I get some fun questions in my inbox that allow me to prattle on about things that interest me. I like those.

Why did I choose my url: Just read it. Now imagine it. Imagine it. Imagine it in slow motion. Imagine it in black and white. Imagine it in intense vivid color. Imagine it close up. Imagine it in bed. I spread joy.You’re welcome.

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Gryffinclaw! Usually Gryffindor though.

Pokémon team: Oh man. Tbh the current Pokemon generation has left me far behind. I have no idea. My Gen I choice was Charmander, okay. Let me keep that. Things used to be so simple.

Favorite color: Blue. Any shade.

Average hours of sleep: 6-8

Lucky number: 4

Favorite characters: Morgana Pendragon (Merlin), Lucy Westenra (Dracula), Korra (LoK), Asami (LoK), Lexa (The 100), Raven (The 100), Octavia (The 100), Jamie Moriarty (Elementary), Joan Watson (Elementary), Daenerys Targaryen (GoT), Sansa Stark (GoT), Margaery Tyrell (GoT), Melisandre of Asshai (GoT), Lena Luthor (Supergirl), Kara Danvers (Supergirl), Alex Danvers (Supergirl), Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (Revenge), Yelena Liana Zaltana (Soulfinders…I read too), Manon Blackbeack (Throne of Glass), Lysandra (Throne of Glass).

Dream job: I always wanted to be a voice actor when I was a kid. Practicality got the best of me. I went to college. Now I am educated and jobless. Ummm professional slacker? No? Something that will keep my lights on. #settle No but honestly, something in IT. It’s what I worked so hard for after all.

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2-3

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Nicknames: Mostly just Clo but people on the internet often call me by possum-related nicknames and I love it <3
Star Sign:
 The cups of Revolution, babies! Or if you’re one of those boring person who don’t believe in cups, sagittarius. 
 About 5′8
Time right now:
Last thing I Googled:
“marilyn manson john waters reference” 
Favorite music artist:
Bauhaus, Rammstein, Lana del Rey, Bat for Lashes…So many, really. 
Song stuck in my head: Great Big White World (look, Marilyn Manson is even more of a problematic fave than Lana del Rey but the way he sing “I’m not attached to your world” makes me feel things. Also, I’m going through a phase, lol)
Last movie I watched: Hidden Figures at the movie theater and I rewatched Mad Max fury road earlier today
Last TV show I watched: I’m watching Star Trek tos atm. 
What am I wearing right now: Pajama pants, a very old t-shirt and a sweater.
When I created this blog: May 2016, when Tumblr decided to make me lose access to my old blog (that I had for litterally a quarter of my life -yes, this particular aspect of the thing really pissed me off)
The kind of stuff I post: Fandom things (star trek, John Waters and big wolf on campus things, mostly), social justice, personal posts and aesthetic. Oh, and possum and weed things, obviously
Why I chose my url: I used to be thesmokingpossum but tumblr decided to fuck me over and I lost access to this blog and since I didn’t wanted to alter my brand image I just took off a letter (yes, I’m still hella bitter about it)
Gender: I’m a girl
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 5ever
Pokémon team: I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Pokémon to answer
Favorite Color: All shades of purple, mostly lavender and violet
Average hours of sleep: When I do manage to fall asleep, maybe 8 or 9? But that’s a prerequisite I often fail to achieve…
Lucky number: 8 and 4, to a lesser extent
Favorite characters: Spock, Harley Quinn, Percy Weasley, every character Edith Massey played in any John Waters’ movie, Dorian Pavus, Theo from The Haunting of Hill House, Jim Kirk, Xenophilius Lovegood…I could keep going for a while, lol
Dream Job: Writer and full time medievalist
Number of blankets I sleep with: At least 3, sometimes more when it’s really cold outside (I live in Québec, I sleep in the basement and I hate cold so yeah)
Dream fictional character that you would want to be: Not a specific character but I would love to be a yeoman in Star Trek TOS. I have very little skills that would make me useful on a spaceship but making coffee and looking hot in one of their uniform? Yeah, I can do that.
One Interesting Fact About You: Talking about looking hot in a starfleet uniform…One time William Shatner told me I was beautiful and I’m entirely unwilling to let that go (btw it was actually 4 times but the same day). Also, I’m not trying to brag or anything but I do believe that I’m in the top 5 of people who know the most about Hugh le Despenser the younger in the world (let’s be real, i don’t have that much competition lol)

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I'm currently looking for a new show to start and I see you really love lucifer so like should I start? EVERYONE LOVES IT

[sharp inhale] listen…. listen when i say that lucifer is one of the best written, diverse, funny shows on tv right now i am not exaggerating okay. i have gotten so many ppl to watch it, and they all love it. it’s just one of those shows that starts out strong and has only gotten better. my fav thing about it is that this is show that honestly loves all of it’s characters. everyone is so well rounded and developed and you cannot help but love everyone on the show and they can’t help but love each other. they also have this knack for taking overused tropes and turning them on their head, and making it so much better. and i honestly laugh every week, it’s just such a fun show but also very much still manages to be equal parts comedy and drama, and doesn’t fuck either up. pls watch it!!! i promise you will not regret it.

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Nickname: Addie

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 5′4-5′5 somewhere around there

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I Forgot

Fluff for ur Nalu loving modern prom au adoring butts

Based off that “I forgot to ask you” post


The gowns, the elegant banquet halls, the ‘standing in front of rose bushes by your nearest park to take pictures for family’.

Junior Prom.

Lucy hated it with a passion.

She never liked those dances due to all the banquets and events she had to attend as a child, so you bet your ass she wouldn’t go as an adult.

But her inner stereotypical 17 year old girl was sadly dying to go.

But for better reasons.

She wanted to look stunning with her best friends and party on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow, then head to an insane after party where she would wake up with a headache and worry about her horrible decisions.

She craved that teenage dream.

And as much as her independent women despised it, she also wanted to be swept off her feet by a charming boy and finally get a Highschool sweetheart because dammit she deserved one. However, with only two weeks left of her Junior year, she feared the inevitable.

Lucy let out a loud yawn and shut her text book closed, feeling she had successfully done her share of studying.

Looking over to her clock, in big red numbers, 1:00. The usual time she went to bed ever since the beginning of May.

She jumped as her phone began buzzing in her pocket, moving to click on her ringer that she shut off during school hours.

Who the hell is it at this hour? The only other teen who was dumb enough to stay up this late would be-

Idiot-dragon-face-boy is calling….

Lucy giggled as the song “Hot in Herre” began emitting from her phone.

Natsu was pretty upset with his contact info, but what was she supposed to do after he lit the cafeteria on fire in middle school?

Also, ever since freshmen year, Natsu had grown up into the type of handsome young man that really made you want to take off all your clothes.

She even would go as far as to saying that she developed a crush on him.

“Hello~ Heartfilia residence. May I ask whom is calling?” Lucy said as she picked up the call.

“Yes, it is I, sir Natsu of the Dragneel family. I wish to speak to the princess Heartfilia about the arrangements of the upcoming ball.” He answered without skipping a beat.

Lucy let out a light laugh as he chuckled through the phone.

“What’s up?” She said, eyes wandering over the collage of photos that spread across her wall.

Pictures of the girls, all dressed in the cringiest fashion trends of their middle school years and rocking insane hairdos. Pictures of the boys, all standing to look bad and tough with hair spiked to a lethal extent with Axe Gel.

Then, there were the many many pictures of her and Natsu. Whether they were at each-other’s houses, movies, school, or the lake, they were always together and they were always smiling.

Her favorite one was the picture that Levy had taken during their freshman year. Her and Natsu weren’t paying attention as they had their backs faced to the camera, with both of them resting their feet in the lake water while watching the sun set. Her head was rested against his shoulder, and she remembered them falling asleep after that and Gajeel pushing them into the water.

Natsu wanted a copy immediately.

She smiled as she thought of those fond memories.

“What’s the color of your dress?” He asked, breaking her train of thought.

“What? My dress?” Lucy asked, looking at his contact picture with confusion.

“Yeah, I need to know so I can find a tie to match.” He said, sounding as if he pulled out some pen and paper.

“Match? We’re gonna match?” Lucy asked, swinging her feet back and forth on her swivel chair.

“Yeah, isn’t that what couples do? I thought you of all people would know this Luce.” He snorted.

“We’re a couple? Since when did we decide on going to prom together?” She said.

The phone was dead silent on his end, and Lucy had to choke back laughter at his next words.

“Shit…I forgot to ask you…” He mumbled.

She couldn’t contain herself as she burst into a fit of giggles, surely waking up her father.

“Its not funny! I had everything prepared and I got you all these flowers and stuff and it was gonna be so cute! People would’ve recorded it and put on twitter and done something like #goals or dumb things like that! Ughh stupid stupid stupid…” He groaned in frustration.

Lucy’s laughter died down as she let out a happy sigh. “Honestly, this was a perfect way to ask me.”

“So that’s a yes?” Natsu said with nervous glee.

“Duh. Its a shame you had to waste all that money on those flowers.” Lucy said, drinking some water as she began swiveling in her chair once more.

“I’ll just save it for when I ask you to be my girlfriend.” He mumbled nonchalantly.

Lucy felt her water come back up as she choked in surprise, feeling her face heat up.

“NATSU?!” She heaved.


When I  can’t get over how sucky my writing is, I can feel my dreams being crushed.

And it’s always all my fault.

Right now I’m editing/revising a story of mine, and it’s just the most grating process. If you’ve ever written something and then looked at it critically like a year later, it can be glaring just how not-where-you-want-it-to-be your writing is/was.

This is one of the worst things a creative person has to suffer through.

But, since we have to do it to get better, we really have to set some ground-rules, okay?

Rule #1 - Stay Calm … Relax: Again, don’t know about you, but I’ll scream in my head (or, alternatively, very much out-loud). I get genuinely angry at myself for trying and failing, when really, those two things are the best I could be doing! In fact, you’ll be a better critic if you’re relaxed and happy, I think (for reasons described a little later).

Rule #2 - No Comparisons: Other people have nothing to do with it, keep them out of this. The only person you have to beat is who you used to be.

Rule #3 - Effort = Growth, Remember That: No matter what, you tried. The fact that you have something to criticize is important and real. Always recognize the effort you put in, even if the result isn’t up to quality yet.

Rule #4 - Also Remember Now Doesn’t Mean Always Will Be: You’re going to improve. I swear to God, it’s the truth. You keep at it, it’s inevitable. Just because you don’t do something right now doesn’t mean you can’t learn. It doesn’t make you a bad writer.

… In fact:

Rule #5 - Don’t EVER Call Yourself a Bad Writer. Ever.: You’re not allowed. That’s just not constructive; if a reviewer left a comment saying you sucked, it’s not because they want you to get better. 

The point of self-criticism is to improve, not to punish.

Rule #5.5 - Remember that Beating Yourself Up Isn’t Productive: There’s no point. It doesn’t make you a better person or writer to constantly be down on yourself (really, it’d probably make you worse, because you’re not letting yourself be creative).

Rule #6 - Be Compassionate; Ask Why: If you’re being hard on yourself and you know it, stop, and make yourself figure out why you made that mistake that you’re tearing yourself apart over. Besides the gut reaction of I’M THE WORST OH GOD (which I just told you not do), if you keep going, it’ll usually be something simple. I was writing the first draft*. I didn’t know then what I know now. A series of little mistakes that on their own, don’t matter. Stuff like that.

Rule #7 - First Drafts are Supposed to Suck: They need to. You have to let yourself write without a filter to do anything really creative and awesome. If you really have to compare yourself to anyone else, remember you never see their first drafts, either. Everybody sucks at this, I kid you not.

Rule #8 - Have Fun: Relax. Enjoy learning new and awesome things! Also, having a sense of humour about yourself & your writing makes it easier to get through. You might naturally want to protect yourself when you feel failure incoming, which again, is natural and totally fine. Try to resist that. Don’t go overboard on the self-depreciating jokes, but don’t take it so seriously :)

Rule #9 - Failure Rocks, Anyway: Now you know how not to do it! Dude, that’s really really awesome! Ever hear that Thomas Edison quote?

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Rule #10 - You Aren’t Your Writing: Above all, please remember that the quality of something you’ve done has no impact on the quality of person you are. Simple, but it’s an important separation to make.

It’s seriously awesome of you to want to keep improving. Don’t crush your own dreams, keep going! 

  • me: [looks up at the night sky, watching the smoke from my cigarette make patterns against the darkness, sighing]
  • her: what are you thinking about?
  • me: ...
  • me: kevin day is literally one of the bravest kids in the world; he has gone through unimaginable suffering and hardship. he has lost everything he held dear and had a future he worked his whole life for destroyed in a mindless act of violence and yet he overcomes and overcomes and rebuilds a life for himself. all he ever wants is to better those around him until he can better himself. he faces his abusers with class and elegance like a real queen and takes so many knocks to both the head and the heart throughout the series but he carries on fighting despite the unfair anger that is thrown at him by his teammates for things that are beyond his control, and gains their respect and love, and is truly the embodiment of a Fox. is ready to face down his abusers when his abusers take to hurting his team!!! i love kevin day and anyone who calls him a coward can fight me.