this was one of the highlights of the finale basically

You know…pretty much every interview so far mentioned the Beast Titan as a season 2 highlight and important character, Araki even made sure he got his own theme and it ended up being used in the PV, and said PV even has him as the thumbnail. Of course the Beast Titan is without a doubt one of the most important players in the entire franchise, but his true significance only comes to light in season 3; whereas, after the battle for Utgard, he basically loses any significance to the plot and only cameos (probably) in the final episode. And he only has two real scenes in the clash arc sourcematerial. Makes me wonder if Isa and Araki possibly cooked up some additional footage for him, maybe an additional scene or whatever, just to further emphasize his importance. Idk, its just a thought, but we already know Isa approved and requested filler is on the way and just maybe we’ll get something about everyone’s favorite monkey. 

Misa & Wammy’s

She calls all the Wammy Boys and Girls by their ‘real names’

Mello and Misa are BFFs

    • Team Blonde, Bitchy, and Beautiful
    • Alternative Name: Blue-Eyed and Better Than You was scrapped when Misa admitted her eyes were actually brown

Misa is the only one allowed to braid Mello’s hair or dye Matt’s

    •  “I can finally see your face, Mihael.”
    • “Blue!? Honestly, Mail, what were you thinking? Red suits you so much better, and it highlights your cute freckles!

Real best friends judge others..together

    • However, it is a now unspoken agreement that Mello isn’t allowed to badmouth Light, and Misa isn’t allowed to say a word against L
      • just smile and nod if they come up in conversation
      • it’s especially difficult when Light’s being a prick
      • or when L is eating cake in front of them
      • so basically always

Sharing clothes and accessories with Mello

    • With the exception of Mello’s crucifix that Misa has had her eyes on since they met

Though clearly not a Wammy genius, the others are impressed by her sly emotional intelligence

    • Even though there’s a large blind spot in it named ‘Light’

Matt teaches Misa how to use a website he created that allows only her to moderate and interact with her fans 

    • He’s so patient with her because of her infectious enthusiasm
    • She learns the ins and outs rather quickly
      • Because her friend Mail is doing this just for her
      • Because she can be closer to her fans (she cares about them so much, okay)

Near gets attached to Misa in his own way

    • He whittles small dolls of her likeness that improve each time
      • Misa has a shelf of them in her dressing room
      • When Near perfected his technique, she gave him a lock of her real hair for when he made the last one

Misa steals most of the credit for MelloxMatt

    • She knows nothing motivates Mello more than jealousy
      • “I could seriously kill Roger right now for taking away my cigarettes. I had to prove my virus would work! And the only system I could test it on without creating a worldwide panic was our network! I can’t hold my controller without shaking, and I keep biting my lip because my mouth is unoccupied.”
      • “Misa has an idea!” *surprised glances* “If Misa kisses you, would that help Mail focus on something else and feel better?”
      • “Um…theoretically, but- mmmph! MELLO?”
      • “Sorry…uh…I just thought it’d be better if you…you know, were kissed by someone you knew longer.” *self-consciously rubs the back of his neck*
      • “Sure, yeah, that makes sense…”
      • *Misa giggles and internally high-fives herself*

Misa is is the fairy godmother to all these brilliant orphaned children and feels more loved at Wammy’s than anywhere else

    • They love her because of who she is as a person, not just for her looks, money, or fame
    • Basically Wammy’s is her surrogate family
    • A place as dreadful and cold as Wammy’s needs someone with Misa’s cheerful disposition
    • She reads fairytales in the evenings to the younger children; some of the tweens and teenagers even come to listen
    • Roger gives up on trying to run things and ends up begging Misa to resolve all inter-house conflicts and problems
    • Honestly don’t even badmouth Misa within hearing distance of Winchester or you’ll be dead in a week if they’re feeling kind

Misa is a queen


Since a few people were curious about how I go around doing stained glass, here’s the general (pretty simple) workflow!
I used the old picture of Meloetta as a starting point, basically phase one is streamlining your lines and simplifying shapes. Thick, bold lines for the outline/general body.
The facet glass lines/details also work great as an indicator of where or how to shade.
Have your highlight, midtones and dark shades and just play around with the color bars/facet lines.
Finally, throw on a glass texture, and we’re good to go!