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Musical Theatre Themed Ask

Some musical theatre related questions I often find mylsef thinking about:

1. What was the first musical you saw?

2. What musical got you really  into theatre?

3. Who was your first Broadway crush?

4. Name three of your current Broadway crushes.

5. Name four of your dream roles.

6. Favourite off-broadway show:

7. Favourite cast recording.

8. 2013 Tony opening number or 2016 Tony opening number?

9. Favourite show currently on Broadway.

10. A musical that closed and you’re still bitter about. Rant a bit.

11. Best stage to screen adaptation?

12. Worst  stage to screen adaptation?

13. Favourite #ham4ham?

14. A musical you would love to see produced by Deaf West?

15. If you could revive any musical, which one would it be and who would you cast in it?

16. If you could go to a concert at the 54 below, who’s would it be?

17. Do you watch vlogs? Which one is your favourite?

18. Make a broadway related confession.

19. What do musicals mean to you?

20. Express some love for understudies and swings!

21. Best Disney musical:

22. Which Disney movie should be made into a musical?

23. Which musical fandom has the funniest memes?

24. Name a character from a musical you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

25. Name a Broadway star you would sort into your Hogwarts house.

26. Best on stage chemistry?

27. A Broadway duo you love.

28. What book, tv show, movie, biography, video game, etc. should be turned into a musical?

29. If you could make a jukebox musical, what artist or genre would you pick?

30. Favourite role played by _________________?

31. What musical has made you cry the most?

32. What musical has made you laugh the most?

33. Current showtune stuck in you head:

34. A musical that has left you thinking about life for a long time or deeply inspired you.

35. If you could perform any ensemble number , which one would you pick?

36. Name a musical you didn’t like at first but ended up loving.

37. What are some customes you’d love to try on?

38. Favourite dance break.

39. Favourite Starkid musical:

40. What’s a musical more people should know about?

41. What are some lines from musicals you really like?

42. Name a Tony performance you rewatch and rewatch.

bethystyle  asked:

hello! i'm a huge fan of your stage shows and vlogs and i recently bought your book so i was wondering how you keep confident in the content you write about? i'm writing a book and hope to get it published one day and although i'm usually really excited every time i write and feel happy with what i create, i've recently been only thinking negatively 😬 don't get me wrong, i still love it (it's my own world i can escape to!) any advice? xx


You’ve caught me on the best day to ask this because a few hours ago I was sat at my writing desk crying and saying to Pete “what if this is terrible? what if everyone hates this?”. 

Ultimately, it comes to to: is this something you’d like to read? and are you writing this story for you? 

As soon as you start writing the story to appeal to other people it loses it’s charm a little. There were so many people who hated On The Other Side because the character names were “twee” or they didn’t like that it wasn’t set in a specific time period or it was too “out there” and they didn’t like the magical elements but…at the end of the day I wrote that story because it’s something I would have liked to read had I picked it off the shelf from another writer and I wrote the story for myself. It’s a story I wanted to tell. Those two things keep me going and keep on me track when I write. As soon as the answer to those questions is no, something’s gotta change! 


Cooking AU

Imagine if your celebrity idol appeared at your door, grabbed you, told you that you were their inspiration, and kissed you on the lips until you passed out.

Imagine if you weren’t actually imagine that.

Imagine that that was an actual scenario that happened in real life.

Yeah, that’s Yuuri’s life right now. Slowly blacking out as one of the best chefs in the world, Victor Nikiforov, basically sucked the life out of him through his mouth.

Let’s start at the beginning. Yuuri is a YouTuber. He’s been on YouTube for years, steadily growing a loyal following of subscribers with his vlogs, challenges, and recipe videos. He’s like Rosanna Pansino, but with cute and nerdy foods rather than desserts.

He’s not the biggest YouTuber, he’s got a little over a million subscribers, and a few hundred thousand people looking through his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. But he loves what he does. His fans send him honest feedback, give him ideas, and he’s met some of his best friends through the YouTube community. Plus he gets paid to bake and cook, who wouldn’t love that?

Phichit’s a daily vlogger. He travels the world and documents the sites, foods, and general fashion of the places he gets to go through his following. Phichit is probably the most famous YouTuber he knows, with ten million subscribers, but it’s well deserved. Phichit responds to almost every comment he gets, so open and honest, with a dazzling personality to match. Yuuri met him when Phichit was coming through Japan and they’d bonded over Yuuri’s favorite dish, katsudon.

Guang-Hong is young, new to YouTube, but his following started in China and has been spreading throughout the rest of the world as he teaches everyone how to make traditional and more modern Chinese dishes. He really had no plans to do it for a living, choosing to continue with his schooling, but he likes the people he meets and introducing new people to unique and delicious dishes. Yuuri met him through Phichit, since Phichit had kind of stalked Guang-Hong’s social media to China. They’re lucky Guang-Hong is so nice and easy going.

And then there’s Leo. Leo is Guang-Hong’s boyfriend from America, that Yuuri met by accidentally throwing shade over American food. And by throwing shade he might have insinuated that American food was under seasoned and bland. Leo had retaliated by correcting him, England was the under seasoned country, and he should come to Leo’s family restaurant to get some real food. There ended up being a YouTube reunion, with Yuuri, Phichit, Guang-Hong, and Leo all bonding in the kitchen and sharing recipes with one another.

There’s only so far you can go on YouTube, and Yuuri didn’t regret the decisions he’s made and the people he’s met. But, he wanted to become a chef one day, to join the ranks of competitive cooking and build up his skill repertoire. He wanted to be good enough to go on something like Iron Chef in America.

He wanted to be good enough to cook with the likes of Victor Nikiforov.

Victor Nikiforov was…amazing. He had eight individual Michelin stars individually, with a total of seventeen is you included all the restaurants that operated under his name. He had three cooking shows, one is Russia, one is America, and another in Japan. He had published cookbooks that appealed to people of any economic status, from budget to luxury prices.  His college student cookbook had gotten Yuuri through school.

Victor was charming, beautiful, and an amazing cook. And Yuuri wanted to be just like him. Or just be with him. He honestly wasn’t picky.

So imagine his surprise when Victor appeared on his doorstep.

As Yuuri was blacking out, he tried to think as to what would bring his idol to his home.

And then he remembered the last video he had uploaded.

“Welcome back to my channel,” he had said happily to the camera, “it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Fix My Recipe video, where you send me recipes that you can’t quite work out and I change them to get the results you want! Now this recipe is actually from Victor Nikiforov’s cookbook How to Learn to Cook in Ten Days. A few of you asked me to recreate the katsudon dish, as it is my favorite dish, so I’m going to go over it and make it how I prefer!”

Yuuri walks over to his kitchen island and waves his hand over the various cups and bowls that have ingredients to make katsudon.

“Now, Victor’s recipe requires: rice, eggs, chicken stock, sugar, soy sauce, sake, potato starch, vegetable oil, onion, tonkatsu, and scallion. A lot of you have told me that when you made it, it didn’t taste quite right to you.”

Yuuri holds up a measuring cup filled with a light brown liquid.

“A traditional katsudon will use dashi instead of chicken stock. This is a soup and cooking stock used commonly in Japanese cuisine. It’s a good base for any kind of noodle broth or miso soup. And also for dishes like katsudon and gyudon.”

He bends down and collects a few more dishes, bringing up a few extra ingredients.

“Ingredients I would keep from Victor’s recipe are the: eggs, sugar, soy sauce, vegetable oil, onion, and tonkatsu. However, instead of potato starch, I will use a combination of flour, egg, water, and panko. I will use Mirin in place of the sake. And instead of scallions, I would use the Japanese wild parsley.”

Yuuri portions out the things he needs, and then separates them into stages: tonkatsu prep, sauce, rice, and other.

“It’s not that Victor’s recipe is bad,” Yuuri explains, “it’s just lacking some of the more traditional flavors of the dish. But when you have the recipe repertoire he does, some things can get lost in translation or forgotten over time.”

Yuuri blushes, starting to chop up the onion and parsley that he’ll be using.

“He’s still an amazing chef and I probably have no place to criticize him. He’s just so talented, and full of passion, and I want to be like that one day, you know? That’s my dream. I think he’d be an amazing teacher. We don’t see enough of that on his shows. It’s less instruction and more entertainment. But I think, if he really tried, he could be an incredible teacher for the next generation of chefs.”

And then he’d made the recipe, with minimum gushing over Victor, and thanked his subscribers for watching. A few hours of editing and an upload later, and the next day he was opening his door to find Victor.

“Yuuri Katsuki,” Victor breathes, “I want to teach you.”

“Eh?” a sleepy Yuuri had mumbled, thinking it was a dream. Victor had beamed at him, cradled Yuuri’s face, and pressed his lips to his.

“EHHH?” Yuuri yelped as Victor pulled away.

“You’ll be a wonderful student,” is all Victor said before Yuuri fainted.

Just what was going on?!

Eating Açai bowls in Chiang Mai = dreams 🌈🌟 maybe one of the best ones I’ve ever had. And all in perfect timing because today celebrates one year of me being Vegan! Can’t believe it’s come so fast, and it’s the best thing I ever did 💚 Our journey and travels in Chiang Mai are nearly coming to a close but I’ve taken many videos and the vlogs will come as soon as I retrieve my laptop back from work 😅

all to myself (teaser&info)

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

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Hi everyone! So these past couple of weeks have been stressful, eventful and all round challenging. But a lot has happened so I thought I would update you guys :) 

1. I finally started my study youtube channel

2. Changed my URL and got my own domain!

3. Bought myself a new camera (possibly going to do some vlogging in the future?? :P ) 

4. So My birthday happened…yay?! I’m finally an adult hahaha responsibilities tho….urgh. I’m so grateful to have such amazing friends, who made my birthday so much fun and memorable. Also…can we appreciate their birthday presents?? Like those aren’t all of the things I got from them, but I wanted to show you guys how they literally fuel my addiction to cute stationery. One of my best friends is Japanese and her mom had bought all this cute stationery (and well my friend isn’t as obsessed as I am) and she told her mom that I LOVE Japanese stationery…lo and behold I GOT SUCH CUTE JAPANESE STATIONERY!!! What she didn’t know was that I had these things in my amazon shopping cart, only one click away from buying them myself :P So that was a lovely surprise. AND she also got me this adorable washi tape (I forgot to put it in the picture :/) and the print is of the Tokyo skyline and it’s soooo cute.

So yeah, that’s been the last few weeks of my life in a nutshell. I know that I haven’t been online too much and haven’t posted at all recently but I’ve had to deal with a lot of school stress and personal stuff and asdfghjkl I’m glad to be back!! 

  • They have a channel together
  • Their channel is so random
  • Seriously what
  • They play games, they make vlogs, you name it
  • Lucy is a sarcastic meme child that is a literal ray of sunshine
  • Juvia is also a literal ray of sunshine who makes terrible puns
  • Juvia is so clumsy though
  • She literally trips and falls over everything no matter what they’re doing
  • Their most popular video is called ‘Juvia Tripping: A Compilation’
  •  One time Juvia made such a bad joke Lucy almost cried and spent the rest of the vlog just staring at the ground and wall while whispering to herself
  • Whenever Lucy wakes Juvia up in vlogs, it’s always with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ or the John Cena theme
  • Always
  • Them playing horror games is rare but honestly the best thing
  • Lucy prays to Pepe and Doge and screams while Juvia screams and falls off the chair
  • One time she even knocked a drink on the monitor
  • Natsu once scared them while they were playing a scary game and Juvia got so scared she slapped him and poured water on him
  • Because of that, their subscribers call her ‘a water mage’
  • People are obsessed with their relationship
  • “they aRE SO CUTE H O W”
  • Lucy once feel down the stairs on camera
  • Juvia was vlogging something and talking and she was interrupted by a scream and Lucy falling
  • No matter what the video is about, there will always be one comment saying ‘Wow Lucy didn’t trip this time, impressive’
  • The have bloopers sometimes, and it’s literally Lucy screaming because she messed up her lines
Conor Maynard - Road Trip (ft. Joe Sugg)

Anon: Hello there :) Lately I’m kinda obsessed with Joe’s recent vlog about going to Portsmouth with Conor and I was wondering if you’d like to write an imagine where the reader goes on a road trip either with just Conor, or Conor and Joe? I literally can’t get that imagine out of my head, it’s been haunting me for days lol xD

A/N: OMG I’m really into this! That vlog was so good, I know what you mean. I’ll try my best. I didn’t really stick to the vlog, but just used it as a guideline.
P.s. only after I finished it did I realise you probably meant like a whole other road trip. Which would have made sense. If that’s what you were looking for just let me know, I might give it another shot some other time.

Word count: 1793

“(Y/N) let’s go! It’s literally just one night you don’t even need to pack anything oh my god!”, Conor was laughing with Joes as they waited for you. You and the two boys were going on a little road trip to Portsmouth. Conor had a gig at one of the University’s there and you along with the rest of the boys wanted to support him.

“You’ll wish you listened to me and at least brought a change of clothes”, you replied rather smugly.

“We’re men (Y/N). We can handle it all” Joe did a sumo squat and flexed his muscles at you. Both boys must have noticed your gaze lingering on Joe’s arms a little longer than necessary. Joe immediately bounced back into a normal position when Conor cleared his throat.

“Let’s get going then?” you were excited to go on a little adventure with the boys. On the plus side, you got to watch Conor perform which always made your day. You grabbed your small cross-body bag and the larger tote in which you packed a change of clothes in case of emergency, your make-up bag, and deodorant. Joe rolled his eyes at your tote and made fun of you for it as the three of you made your way to the car.

“SHOTGUN!” Joe shouted as he ran to the front seat of the car.

“Sorry (Y/N)”, Conor laughed as he got in the driver’s seat, and you in the back.

“Nah I’m good back here. I’ve got three seats all to myself, and I don’t have to help you if we get lost”, you positioned yourself comfortably in the backseat, already kicking of your shoes and getting comfy.

“ROAD TRIP!” Joe yelled as he got his vlogging camera out. You mostly stayed out of his vlog excluding the occasional interruptions. He and Conor did their thing while they vlogged, Joe ranting about how excited he was, Conor butting in with his jokes. You smiled as he ended the vlog, happy that you got to spend time with your mates.

“CONOR”, you suddenly shouted as realisation hit you.

He turned around frantically, “What? What happened?”

“Are you okay?” Joe chipped in.

“I am, but my tummy isn’t. Where are the snacks?”

“Good god (Y/N) you gave me a bloody heart attack!” Conor had his hand over his heart.

Joe was cackling in the front seat at his friends’ reaction. “Yeah mate, where are the snacks? You’re a horrible, what’d you call it, host, driver, thing”, he tried to explain himself. “Yeah well you just suck mate, you call this a road trip with no snacks?”

“What you don’t have any snacks in your Mary Poppins bag?”, Conor joked at your bag from before.

“HA HA. Can we just stop on the way and get some? Please?” you added, dragging your plea.

“We’ll stop and get more petrol, and you can go get the snacks, yeah?”

As soon as the car hit park at the petrol station, you jumped out and ran straight to the store, leaving the boys to deal with the petrol. You ran around the store, grabbing as much snacks, candy and drinks as you could. You knew you were going overboard, but you didn’t really care. You could always finish them another time. When you were done picking snacks, you went to the cashier where the Conor was waiting having just paid for the petrol. He burst out laughing the moment he saw you. “Sure you got enough there?”

“Laugh at me and you’re not getting any Maynard” you turned to pay for the snacks. Conor tried to but in and pay, but you pushed him away, trusting the bills to the cashier. “I got it, pop star. I can afford some snacks without a number one album”, you teased.

“Oh, but you love the perks that come with being friends with someone famous”, he pursed his lips, imitating the ‘I-want-to-be-famous’ meme.

Paying for the snacks, you and Conor made your way back to the car, where Joe was talking to his camera again. “Oh yeah now they come back. After 10 bloody years”, he spoke into his camera. “What took you so long anyway? Eh?”, he winked at you both, then back at the camera, “These two ahh-”

“Shut up Sugg!” Conor tried knocking his camera off his hands the same time you leaned around from the backseat to tackle Joe, “Joe! Don’t say shit like that!”

You didn’t want anyone, especially not the boys’ fans to find out you harboured a crush on the oldest Maynard. Joe cried out and raised his arms in attempt to shield himself as you attacked him. Conor started driving out of the petrol kiosk, causing you to fly back into the backseat. “God Conor!”

“Oops, sorry love”, he glanced back apologetically. You smiled back at him reassuringly out of instinct, hitting Joe’s head when you noticed him smirking at the two of you.

“Let’s get this party started!” you changed the subject, getting your phone out to DJ the rest of the journey.

“(Y/N) we’re actually heading to the party now. That’s why we’re in the car”, the boys laughed at you. You ignored them scrolled through your playlist to find a song.

“Aren’t you glad I got the snacks?” you asked, pulling them out as Joe complained about being hungry only a minutes after leaving the petrol station. You handed Joe a packet of crisps, while you opened another for yourself. You fed Conor from behind seeing as he couldn’t feed himself while driving. “Thanks babe”, he said unconsciously. Your face turned a furious shade of red and you hid behind the headrest, while Joe almost shat himself trying to conceal his laughter.

The three of you spent the journey jamming out to all your favourite songs. Sometime later, Conor stopped singing along, mostly trying to figure out your whereabouts. “At least now we can sing without feeling so shit about ourselves eh?” you joked.

“I’m sorry I only listen to Conor Maynard songs. Everything else is shit”, he proclaimed, pretending to be obnoxious.

The jokes continued from there, and by the time the three of you reached the University, you were all in hysterics, Conor was pretty much red from trying to control himself as he had to concentrate on the road, while you and Joe were close to shitting yourselves from laughing too much. He pulled the car into park, leaning back and turning around to stare at you incredulously, “You’re joking! There’s no way you would ever do that.”

In between hiccups, you managed to get a few words out, “I didn’t plan on it! It just happened!” Your face red from embarrassment and eyes teary from laughter.

“You’re bloody rank you know that” Joe looked to you in disgust.

“I was nervous okay? Besides I know for a fact you’ve both done worse”, you defended.

“Yeah but that’s me! I’m a disgusting old podger aren’t I?”

“I couldn’t control myself!”

“God (Y/N), I never thought there’d be a day when I found out you shat yourself in a pool party”, Conor’s face scrunched up as he laughed at that thought.

“Don’t you dare vlog it Joseph Graham Sugg!” you shouted, seeing Joe get his camera out.

Conor gave him a warning look, and he slid it back into his pocket, sulking. “Imagine the views (Y/N)”, he pouted.

You three finally got out after calming yourselves down, making your way to meet the rest. Upon reaching, Joe introduced you and Conor to his cousin, Keiran. You and Joe went off with Keiran to meet everyone else, while Conor left for a sound check. You hung out with the other boys, goofing around and having a few drinks. You met a couple of Keiran’s friends as well. You, Joe and the rest of the buttercreams present were pretty much the only ones who didn’t actually attend University at the little party in one of the dorm kitchens. A few minutes in and Mikey had managed to spill his drink everywhere, but everyone was really chilled about it. It could have also been because Mikey had convinced most of them he was Michael Buble’s son. You were surprised so many of them believed him. You suspected they were just having a laugh and letting Mikey have his fun.

A couple of hours in, the lot of you made your way to the hall where Conor was performing. It took a while to find Joe and Jack though. The two were in his cousin’s dorm, where Jack was blowing Joe. Well not quite in that sense actually. You later found that Joe had spilled a drink down his pants and Jack was helping him dry off with a hairdryer. That was a sight in itself.

The lot of you found yourself backstage with Conor, and a whole lot more drinks. you found it remarkable how Conor was so at ease before performing in front of such a huge crowd. It was one of the many things that attracted you to him. His easy-going presence and ability to calm you down always made you smile.

Conor had to leave to get ready for his performance soon enough, so you all left him. Making your way to the other side of the hall where you could watch him perform. You felt a wave of emotions hit you, rather gently though, as he came on stage. The sound of his voice caused goose bumps to appear on your arms. The high notes send tingles down your spine. You watched in awe as he sang with so much emotion, yet not making it an emotional gig. Somehow, while he was on stage, he managed to find you in the crowd above, sending you a cheeky little wink that you were sure did not go unnoticed by the boys. His gig ended, and the lot of you made your way backstage to find him.

“You were bloody amazing as usual”, you said, hugging him.

“Oh stop it. You’re making me blush (Y/N)”, he faked a giggle and blush. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder, all of you making your way to the cars you came in.

“Anyone fancy some McDonalds?” Mikey piped up.

“Yes”, he dragged out, “I’m starving oh my god!”

The night ended with all of you at the nearest McDonalds, pigging out and having a right laugh. Conor and Joe took it upon themselves to embarrass you and tell everyone the classic tale of how you shat yourself at a pool party.

“If it makes you feel any better, I literally shit myself all the time”, Conor whispered in your ear, his arm around you as he picked your fries, and you, his ice cream.


More Youtube-channels
  • Vakama: Vlogs about depression and tries to help depressed and suicidal people with their problems the best he can. (Despite being badly depressed and introvert himself)
  • Nokama: Make-up and positive chats with her viewers (Often collabs with her brothers and gives them cool make-ups)
  • Matau: Let's plays mostly horror-games and screams at them (because that's what people like, for some reason. LOTS of editing involved.)
  • Onewa: Prank-videos (Mostly calls and harmless fun towards his brothers, sometimes rants about bad pranksters that hurt other people)
  • Whenua: Unboxings and vlogs where he shows out all the collector's crap he has (Talks for hours about one miss-print stamp before moving on to the next one)
  • Nuju: One of those useless semi-science-channels (The 1000* knife- and Hydraulic Press-channel-kinds)


I’m selling my Canon G7X in pretty much perfect condition, no scuffs or marks only thing it is missing is the strap. Looking for £400 + PP if you can’t pick it up (I’m in London). 


They’re selling online for around £450. This camera is rated one of the best for vlogging as it has the flip screen and the picture quality is amazing as well as filming in 1080p, please tag anyone who may be interested!

Contact me on here @kinell
or message me on instagram: jdingers

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taehyung vlogger au?? where you watch his videos and suddenly meet him in real life. thank you, i love your blog!!!

Originally posted by hugtae

THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!! omg vlogger taehyung so cute???!?!?!?!?! @hyongtae, @unpretty-writer, @infireation, @jinhyong and @pyrocrastinate ily

Words: 2372

“Thank you for tuning in again this week! I’ll try my best to keep you updated with my trip. See you later, guys.” Taehyung placed his hand over the camera, and that’s when the vlog ended. You’d been watching his video’s nonstop for the past hour with nothing to do, despite seeing this week’s update at least 7 times.

It was just an accident, really. You had no intention of clicking the recommended video with “My Dog Ripped Apart My Underwear (Again…)” as the title. The thumbnail was just a young man smiling at a cute dog in his arms.

To put it simply, you were obsessed with him. All of his video’s were just his life, or maybe he’d spice it up and post some video -him singing, playing an instrument, showing his daily routine-. For some reason you couldn’t get enough of Taehyung. Him and his sweet dog, and sometimes his wild friends, were just what your tired caffeine induced brain needed.

He was insanely popular, too. People loved every minute of him, and that was enough to get over 6,000,000 subscribers in two years. You felt upset you didn’t know of Taehyung earlier, or you’d definitely have a brighter day knowing you were alive in the same universe as him…Even if he had no idea you walked the same planet as him.

You had things to do, though. Sadly, you still couldn’t revolve your entire life around Taehyung’s 15 minute vlogs he ran weekly. It was surprising, sometimes he’d post twice a week, and you loved it especially. The life you lived wasn’t as amazing as his, obviously, but you couldn’t just stop living it to watch his videos.

Even though you wanted to try…

It was past 7 AM by the time you decided to get dressed for the foggy Saturday morning ahead of you. All night you’d stayed up to write papers to stay caught up in your classes. You had the day off, but chores still screamed at you whenever you turned a corner in your small apartment.

“Fine…” You muttered to nothing in particular, rolling the sleeves of your crew neck to tie up your trash bag and hauling it into your arms. The stench had been circulating throughout the air for days now, but you didn’t notice much because you’d been spending so much time at the local library down the street, that was placed perfectly on your college campus. They kept that place open long hours into the night, knowing kids needed to stay up to finish reports and things due at 12 maximum.

You shuffled downstairs and outside, throwing the black bag into the dumpster. Nobody showed up at the back of your building, so you knew that your ripped up pajamas and gross bed hair wouldn’t be noticed.

After entering your apartment again, you showered and dressed, making yet another coffee to keep your fuel running. No time for sleeping. Not today.

Snatching up your bag, you left your apartment and began to walk towards the market down the street. You were running dry of vegetables, and your insides were beginning to rot, probably.

As you walked down the street, you pulled your phone from your bag and began to text various friends. They were probably all busy, but you were sure they still had some time to have small talk before you entered the store.

Once none of them replied, you discarded that idea and shoved your phone away, making sure it was off. Fine, if they weren’t going to reply…you weren’t going to wait for them too.

You were in sight of the market, and that was when someone began to intersect with you, walking from the other side of the street. You glanced over by habit, getting only half the sight of his face. He looked familiar, but you paid no mind to him. Probably just another tired looking kid from school.

He seemed to be making his way to the market as well, but it didn’t matter to you. Crossing the street, you were now walking about a foot in front of him, so you hurried a little and snaked through the sliding doors of the market. On the left side of the door were baskets, so you picked one up and headed straight for the vegetables.

As you threw foods your taste bud’s preferred into your basket, someone tapped your shoulder. Lazily, you turned your head to look at him, but you immediately perked up upon seeing his face.

“I really like your sweater, sorry, I just…thought I should tell you I really like your sweater. I said that twice, cool. Sorry.” He bit his lip at you, and you were stunned into silence. Wait…was that…Taehyung?

Oh my god, is this real? He was so much taller in person, and much better looking if you say so yourself. The sweater you were wearing was a worn out Star Wars one, that was missing the r in wars because of all the times you’d washed it-without looking at the tag to see that you were washing it wrong.- Still, for some reason he felt like complimenting you on this, and you couldn’t help the blush forming all over your face.

Do you tell him you watch his videos? Do you make a fool of yourself and act like a star struck fan? The two of you watched each other in silence for a moment, in the middle of the vegetable aisle of your supermarket.

“I watch your videos!” You whispered, and his awkward smile grew wider, no longer awkward.

“Mine?” He pointed to himself, and you nodded furiously. Great, no going back now.

“Yeah, you’re really interesting. Especially when with your friends.”

“Do you like my friends more than me?” He chuckled, and you shook your head.

“No, I like you the most.” You promised, feeling your cheeks heat up more at what you’d just said. You’d said that in the most humiliating way, you could see even Taehyung was blushing.

“I never imagined such a pretty girl to be saying that…” He pouted, and you were ready to melt. Taehyung was so much more incredibly beautiful in person, you had no idea how someone like him could even speak to you.

“You say that to every girl, don’t you?” You pressed, and he stuck both hands up in defeat as he laughed.

“Not exactly.”

“I just…think you’re really cool.” You mumbled sheepishly, swinging your basket around a little crazily. The grin he wore wasn’t something new to you, but you could tell he only made it when he was shy.

“You should’ve messaged me! You knew I was coming here, right?”

“Well, yeah but…You’re just so insanely popular you probably never would’ve even replied…”

“Not true.” He immediately interjected, placing a hand on your shoulder. It was a comforting squeeze Taehyung gave, but still nonetheless sent butterflies jumbling inside your tummy. Not the cute kind that made you want to kiss him. No, the kind where you felt as if you were ready to throw up right on his pretty, expensive shoes. “I just finished meeting with a few…uh…”

“Fans.” You finished for him, smiling. He looked down, snorting at the word.

“Yes, fans. Did you know they messaged me?” Taehyung looked up at you, a slight pout on his lips that would’ve made him look much younger if not for his height. Shrugging sheepishly, you didn’t meet his eyes despite the gaze Taehyung attempted to hold.

“What are you doing in here, when you’re on vacation?”

“Vacation? I’m visiting family and attending a funeral for my moms best friends daughter.”

You felt your stomach drop at the words, mouth agape as you tried to form words but couldn’t. This was a catastrophe, you had no idea it was something so terribly devastating. Taehyung seemed to be taken aback at himself, and he abruptly shook both hands in front of your face.

“Uh, sorry, that was like, totally personal. I’m not even close with them its just…common courtesy because I want to be there for my mom? I sound like a dick now, I’m so sorry I should really leave, its just, you’re so pretty.”  

You were stunned, to say the least. Never in a million years would you expect to run into Taehyung, the mastermind who worked his ass off to gain 6 million subscribers by posting weekly, sometimes daily videos that were absolutely breathtaking for the sole fact of knowing all the hard work he put into it.  You idolized Taehyung to the point of being unable to speak when he stuttered everyday compliments to you. He was breathtakingly perfect in every sort of aspect, from the birthmarks all over his face to the unevenness of his eyes. He never failed to wow you.

And here he was once again, wowing you into silence just by calling you pretty.

“Sorry, should I leave?”

“No! I… No… I’m sorry for your mother’s best friends loss. Did you used to live here?”

His smile had returned, and you sighed deeply. “Thank you, and no, I’ve never been here before. I got lost 3 times even after asking for directions.”

“Oh, shit. How about I walk you back to wherever your staying? Wait, that sounds stalkerish I totally did not intend for that.”

“You’re fine. I’d like that. What else do you need to buy? I’ll come with you. I should so vlog this… Do you mind?”

“No, go ahead. Wait, do you mean you’re going to show me?”

“Yes. Too late to say no I’m about to record!” He pulled free a small camera, black and shiny before flipping up a screen and turning it on. Taehyung smiled into the screen, now reflecting the both of you like a mirror.

“Hi guys! I’m in the supermarket with my new friend, um…”

“(Y/N),” you cut in, and Taehyung shot you a thankful look. He put his basket down to wrap an arm around your shoulder and pull you close. To the small amount of passerby’s just trying to do their weekend shopping this was probably quite the spectacle.

“Yes, (Y/N). She’s a new friend wearing this sick Star Wars shirt. Just ran into her looking for some radishes. I was vlogging about this earlier,but (Y/N) probably knows this place better than me and thankfully promised to help me back to the place I’m staying.”

And you did. You helped Taehyung back to the place he was staying, in deep conversation the whole time the two of you lugged grocery bags together up the street. It was strange, you expected him to be noticed more, but not once was he greeted by anyone on the sidewalk. Taehyung just seemed like an entirely different person to you, almost…. Almost normal.

As you stopped in front of the place he told you about, you bid Taehyung farewell before turning around to leave. You felt a tightness in your chest as you turned, knowing you’d probably never see Taehyung again besides on a computer screen. Even though he barely knew you, you felt as if you were friends with Taehyung long before this rare and amazing encounter. The internet was truly amazing thing.

“Thank you, (Y/N). How will we ever talk again?”

Huh? You couldn’t help but whirl around and stare at Taehyung, silent as your bags gently ruffled in the light breeze. He still stood in the same spot as before, except this time he held his phone out toward you.

“Can I get your number?”

“My number?” You furrowed your brows, reaching into your pocket to pull free your phone as well. Taehyung snatched it away from you once it was turned on, and handed you his phone. For a moment you watched as he typed digits into your number, a smile brushed across your face. You looked down at his phone, and pressed your number into it.

“I’ll text you when the vlog comes out, okay?” He gave you back your phone, pocketing his own as well. You nodded at Taehyung, unable to keep the smile off of your face no matter how hard you tried. Your smile seemed to be contagious, as his grew wider just by looking at you.

“Sounds great. See you, Taehyung.”

It was a few days before you woke up to your phone ringing loudly. You groaned, rolling over onto your stomach to pick up your phone and answer it. Your voice was rough from just waking up, but you didn’t really care.

“Mm, hello?”

“(Y/N)?” It was Taehyung. You could tell by the softness of his voice he’d been up for awhile. You shot up into a sitting position, unconsciously patting down your hair as if he could see it. He laughed nervously on the other line, and you wondered if he was fidgeting as well.

“I posted the video, and I’m about to get on the plane to go home.”

“You’re leaving?” You didn’t mean to sound so shocked, but you did. Of course Taehyung had to go home, and it was sweet of him to even tell you when he barely knew you.

“Sorry for calling so early, but I wanted to tell you. Can we keep in touch? We can text and call, I don’t know…”

“Yes, of course I’d really like that. Don’t worry about calling early, even if its the only day I have afternoon classes and get to sleep in.”

“Wait, really? I’m sorry!”

“I’m kidding, don’t worry at all. Thank you, for telling me.”

“Yeah,” he snorted, and you imagined him to be messing with his hair. Taehyung sighed on the other line, and you laid back down against your pillows. “Go back to sleep!”

“Right.” It was much too early to be blushing, but there you were smiling like an idiot with a phone pressed to your ear.

“I need to go now, but can I call you when I get off the plane?”

“Yes, do that. Only if you’re not busy, though.”

“I’m not that busy, (Y/N). Bye.”

“Okay, bye.” You hung up, throwing down your phone to go toward your computer. A morning call and new video? Today was your lucky day.

I had a dream last night where Dan got a girlfriend and she was really nice and super cute, but then she would always be in Dans videos and Dan would make vlogs about their vacations and dates and danandphilgames was still there but the channel slowly started posting less and less until Dan announced he was moving in with her, and Phil went on the gaming channel saying that they decided it was best to end that channel. And everyone slowly moved on from phan, began shipping Dan and his girlfriend and Phil posted less on amazingphil, and he never looked truly happy in his videos and he did the radio shows alone and then suddenly one day Phil just stopped posting videos and Dan did a q&a video with his girlfriend and someone asked him about Phil and Dan just laughed and moved on and it was v sad save my heart

anonymous asked:

Forgive me if these are silly questions. I was wondering where I can find good and trustworthy beta readers? I've been aiming to try (goodreads) but keep backing out from fear. Second Question. Being new to beta readers I do not know how they work. Do they listen to you if you need to explain why you wrote something a certain way? Can we come to a happy medium that best explains my writing?

I’ve got about three vlogs on beta readers that can answer all of your questions except for the last one.
As for your last question, I’m wondering if you’re misunderstanding the point of a beta reader? They’re not in charge of dictating your writing. They’re there to tell you their reactions and opinions to your writing. If you have to explain the choices you made, then you’ve got a big problem. You can’t sit next to every reader who buys your book and explain why you wrote this character a certain way or that scene a certain way. You can’t convince them all to see things the way you see them. The writing itself is supposed to do that for you. So if betas give negative opinions, and you begin debating them, you’ve missed the point. These are the opinions your readers have based on what you’ve written. It’s your job to decide if you should change the content accordingly or leave it as is knowing the reaction it will illicit.

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who would you say your top 5 blogs were?

ughhh this is a hard one but i will try !

@glowinghowell – i have been a fan of emily’s blog as long as i can remember. she makes the most amazing gifs and honestly like everything about her is just so great. she’s an actual angel, so kind and pretty. if you haven’t please go follow, she has a stunning blog.

@phanz – ann has an amazing blog okay? it’s so unique and i love the color coding so much, ever since the black and white one i have been stanning so hard and it inspired me to have some type of color scheme as well. (i’m also a huge fan of ann’s face like wow) 

@amazedphill – sara, what can i tell you about sara. first of all her art is ethereal af and she’s so talented wth. i love her blog and her vlogs are the best thing ever (i stan his brother honestly these two make me laugh so hard) sara is a sweetheart with a beautiful smile and stunning eyes.

@fuckinlester – where can i even start. sofía is so beautiful okay? her blog is so nice and i love her posts so much (also she’s so funny ??) her moodboards are always so pretty and i love the filters in her posts ahh. one of the kindest people you can find from this site. 

@pyrrhicphil – if i could i would reblog everything from this blog. blaise’s blog is full of quality content and aaaaa i seriously can’t get over how can a blog be so perfect. i always get so excited when i see blaise reblogging something from me it makes me feel so special.

and bc i’m an awkward child who’s too scared to tag some amazing ppl, here are some of my favourites who are not my mutuals/phan blogs but have beautiful blogs and i adore them so much
xx, x, x, x, x

Soooo I rediscovered one of Wade’s old vlogs which contains a very drunk Entoan, and I compiled the best parts. I hadn’t watched this video since it came out, and I laughed even harder than I did the first time lmfao

People Were Warned Not To Look Into The Eyes Of This Sculpture. They Chose To Ignore The Rules, So This Happened.

What’s the first thought you get when you see a sign that reads “Do not touch”?

If you’re like us, it’s probably something along the lines of “I absolutely, certainly, undoubtedly need to touch it. NOW!” We’re guessing the exact same curiosity is responsible for luring these unsuspecting gallery-goers into being pranked by an inanimate gallery object.

Back in 2011, a sculpture by Norwegian artist Erik Pirolt was exhibited at a local school in Kristiansand, Norway. The interactive piece, titled “No Eye Contact Allowed,” attracted a bunch of visitors. But none of them really knew what they were going in for by choosing to ignore the little plate that read: “Warning: Do not look into the eyes.”

Just look at this guy confidently marching over to the statue, totally oblivious of what was going to happen…

Then next thing you know, he’s rolling on the floor.


Joe Sugg imagine || Odds on? ||

Anonymous said:

Hello! :) can you write and imagine where the reader and Joe are more than best friends but not an official couple, and they’re daring each other with odds on (that game Joe and Oli always play in his vlogs). And joe dares the reader to kiss him!

- - -

Standing in the kitchen with Joe – who was definitely your best friend – perhaps a little bit more but you two often got mistaken for a couple, however that was not the case.

Today was a day you were both a nightmare to be around as you were both being very competitive and no one had time for you when you guys got like that. “Odds on?” Joe asked you as you turned around to see him holding a glass of milk in his hand.

“On?” You asked curiously. “Taking a sip of this milk that Caspars let sit on the counter since last night.” He started to laugh. “Oh fuck no!” You almost got sick at the thought, “One in … Ten?” You suggested not really wanting to lose that bet.

“Uh, weak.” Joe muttered. “One-Two-Three…” He counted down and at the same time you said; ‘6’ he said '8’ and you victory punched the air. “YES!” You then clapped excitedly as Joe muttered under his breath. “One in ten – such a wuss.” He shook his head, putting the glass down in the sink and you bit your lip;

“Odds on eating a bite of this?” You asked Joe, pulling what you both assumed was some kind of seafood pasta dish from the back of the fridge. “One in seven.” Joe nodded and you smirked. “Three-Two-One.” You said as you both came out with; “5.” at the same time. “EAT IT SUGG!” You exclaimed loudly seeing the horrified look on his face as he came to realise what he was going to have to do.

“I could get poisoned from that!” He exclaimed. “Awh – that is true…” You said sympathetically and he nodded, figuring you’d let him off the hook. “Lemme get you a fork so you can get food poisoning with class.” You snickered, opening a drawer and handing him a fork,

 “bitch.” He whispered and you giggled. “I know!” You watched watching as Joe opened the lid of the dish very carefully and the smell of cold – possibly gone off food filled the kitchen.

“Oh that is rank!” You pulled your shirt up to cover your mouth and your nose as Joe picked up a very small piece on the end of the fork and examined it, he gagged moving his head away, “I can’t do this!” He held the fork away from him and you snickered.

“Shouldn’t’ve picked five.” You snickered and he glared at you, “fuck off.” He muttered which made you laugh even more.

“What if I forfeit?” He asked and you shrugged in thought, “I get to pick something else out of this fridge for you to eat and as we both know … There could be something far worse in there… Caspar never clears out his leftovers.” You pointed out and Joe sighed, you felt like such a bitch – it was great.

“Yeah, you’re right – fine.” Joe plugged his nose and brought the fork passed his teeth, closing his mouth around it he took the piece of food off it and slowly chewed.

He gagged. “I CAN’T!” He yelled making another gag as he dropped the fork to the floor and rushed around the kitchen island, spitting the food into the sink and turned on the tap leaning over it, rinsing his mouth out quickly, using his hand to rub his tongue. “Oh fuck, the taste isn’t going away!” He groaned, lowly as you continued laughing at his agony.

“You’re such a wuss, Joe.” You managed to get out through your fit of laughter and he just flashed you the finger as he continued letting cold water run through his mouth.

“I need to brush my teeth, oh my god you’re going to suffer for that.” Joe said as he rushed downstairs.

“I can’t believe you guys do this stuff just for fun and not for a video.” Caspar had walked up the stairs after Joe rushed them down, with his hood up, holding his earbuds in his hand. “We don’t have lives… Or partners… What else are we suppose to do in life?” You pointed out, leaning against the counter, looking over him.

“Date each other like you both want to but don’t have the guts to admit it?” Caspar suggested while leaving the flat and you just stared at the closed door. “Weirdo.” You muttered to yourself, as you headed downstairs to see if Joe had finished brushing his teeth.

“Oh my god, that was fucking disgusting!” Joe looked up with the tooth brush in his mouth, he was watching you through your reflection in his washroom mirror. “I thought it was really funny.” You nodded and he rolled his eyes. “Of course you did – you’re sick.” He said before brushing his tongue. “I am.” You nodded to agree.

“But I’m being called sick from the guy who wanted me to drink left out in the warm milk.” You pointed out and he nodded, putting the tooth brush down. “This is true.” He added rinsing a pale pink toothbrush. “JOE!” You excited. “Is that my tooth brush!?” You watched as he turned back to look at you with a smirk.

“Well you didn’t think I was gonna use my own to get that shrimpy-nasty taste out did you?” He started to laugh as you stood in shock. “Ewww!” You watched him put it back in the little cup on his sink. “No… Just – no!” You repeated, grabbing it and throwing it into the trash can, “I’ll buy another one!” You assured, shuddering at the thought.

“Okay, so… Odds on.” Joe looked into your eyes. “Go on…” You said watching him feeling suddenly nervous. “Odds on you… Kissing me?” He asked carefully and you felt a burst of nervous-excitement in your chest. “Gross. One in a hundred?” You suggested trying to play it cool and he rolled his eyes. “No, don’t be a wuss this time.” He smirked.

“Fine.” You sighed dramatically. “One in … Four.” You smirked seeing risky and his eyes widened at you. “Are you sure?” He asked and you nodded. “I’m aways sure.” You pointed out. “Three-Two-One…” Joe said slowly and like usually as the same time you said '2.’ Joe said '2.’ and you both just stood there staring at each other, instead of the typical winner shouting victory and loser complaining.

“You could forfeit.” Joe whispered and you shook your head. “I don’t forfeit.” You whispered back and he nodded slowly; “So … Quit stalling.” He continued with the low tone of voice.

“I’m not stalling.” You said quickly as you both went back to staring at each other, before you stepped up to him and stood on your tip-toes just a bit, putting your hands on the sides of his face, you lent in and brought your lips to Joes kissing him for what must have only been a few seconds, before you pulled away and stepped back.

You both found each others eyes again and yourself, you felt lost for words – for once.

“Your turn…” Joe finally broke the silence and you nodded. “Odds on…” You felt like your mouth was dry, “you kissing me?” You asked him and a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

“I don’t need an odds on for that.” He admitted, before leaning in close, his lips coming to yours, kissing you, you felt him press you back against the cool wall, one of his hands brushing into your hair as you kissed him back…