this was one of my favourite parts

This was my favourite scene in last nights Supergirl.

•Fighting like a married couple
•Chris and Melissa actually shining through because she looks like she’s trying so hard to stay in character 😂
•Calling each other on their bullshit
•Mon El stopping mid rant
•"Hi Dana"
•The Daxamite part, “say it Kara, he’s a daxamite” 😂😂😂
•Also how no one is finding it strange that Kara and Mon El are having a yelling fit in the middle of the DEO. They’re just like “same old same old”

Made this as soon as I saw the post about the project, this is such an amazing community, I don’t want to see it being dragged down by negativity of any kind.

I first found the channel because of Undertale, I was watching the Dan and Phil playthrough of the game. Because of the slow updates (I don’t blame ‘em though) and my curiosity I decided to look for another full playthrough. I found Jack’s and immediately binged all 14 hours of it. Later, I didn’t really watch that much videos of him, but I did watch Mark. After seeing Jack in a prop hunt video, I revisited the channel and that’s how i became part of this green Sean bean community! :) 

My favourite memories must be the ones where I just scrolled through the comments on so many occasions and saw not a single hater, anywhere. Instead of the often spam filled comment sections and the endless hate of so many other communities and fandoms, this one was positive, filled to the brim with love. And of course, watching back the days before Billy and Evie, before the green hair, before Undertale and Happy Wheels and the Pewdiepie shoutout and seeing how damn far you’ve come Sean. Thanks to you there are so many goddamn people who are able to look at life with a smile on their face. And that’s why I love you <3 

And of course, to so many amazing people I met thanks to you @azure-the-princess, @iris-the-asparagus, @lostqueenambrose, @babbling-bibs, @thatonespiderloaf, @sophisticated-serial-killer, @neko-puff and others that I can’t remember cause I’m a forgetful arse. Love you all, love you Sean, HIGHFIVES ALL AROUND <3

For @sorethpid <3 my part in our art trade!! (finally ><”) here’s things getting a little intimate between late taotu Alex and his favourite prof Miles during a particular visit to his office X) the idea came from our discussion around her lovely fic, please check it out if you haven’t already I promise you’ll love it!! <3

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Super tough question what are your top 5 favourite moments from last nights episode and name 5 things you hope will happen in tonight's episode?? Happy Robron Wedding Day part 2 💙

Happy Wedding Day Part Two anon 💗


My five favourite moments from last night:

1. Robert giving Paddy a death stare when Harriet asks if anyone opposes the wedding. How beautiful.

2. Every Single Look that Robert and Aaron have one another jfc have you ever seen two people look so incredibly overwhelmed at and in love with one another?

3. Liv’s little speech to Aaron just before the wedding - she was so happy for him, wanted it to be the most perfect for him. The little soft voices all three of them were using in that scene.

4. Robert being so nervous about everything being perfect and Aaron seeing that and telling Robert that he would marry Robert “wherever, whenever”. Rip me.

5. Harriet not giving a shit about the rules of her job because she believes in love and basically she would literally fight anyone who tried to take the honour of marrying them away from her bc she’s a queen (and the little Ruby/Ali shout out bless)

As for the things I’m hoping for tonight… not to be a cop out, but I honestly and truly (despite what it probably looks like from the way that I blog lmao) don’t put expectations on to episodes. No matter what, I basically always go into everything basically expecting it to be terrible lmao. I’m just happy it’s happening and happy to see how it plays out. Who needs standards 😂 I gotta protect my heart! So yeah, I don’t have any specific things I need or expect. I’m just going to go in with a completely open mind and watch it, I guess.

A few things though - I hope I enjoy it and I hope everyone else enjoys it. I hope we get to see more of the boys looking completely in love (…we will)

(And ok honestly, I sort of want to see Robert rant a little about their ceremony getting interrupted lmaooo)

Lastly, I hope it spawns a lot of good wedding night fic. That would be ideal.

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24, 78, 109, and 150

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?

I don’t really have a routine. The gym is the only thing consistent and that’s one reason I value it so. 

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Phish Food

109. Is something irritating you right now?

My lack of routine now that I started thinking about that in the first question. I want a good routine of putting away my clothes and washing my face and reading and meditation. 

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

“progress is called by that particular name - karma-yogī, jñāna-yogī, dhyāna-yogī, rāja,-yogī, etc. - but if one is fortunate enough to come to the point of beat-yoga, Krsna consciousness, is to be understood that he surpasses all other yoga systems.”- The Perfection of Yoga by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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Jin is one of my favourite people honestly. Like even if he wasnt a part of the band and would just Live in their dorm for whatever reason id still stan him bye I agree with the nasal as his trademark thing My favourites in the band are honestly hobi joon and jin so im really REALLY fucking fed up with the "no talent" thing in so many ways Sorry this got out of hand😂


I feel like people tend to imagine achilles as being big and hairy and muscle-bound but I just want to remind y’all that he apparently spent quite a long time disguised as a girl and nobody could fucking tell?? including Odysseus, who had to trick him into revealing himself, but was apparently not smart enough to figure out which of the beautiful women in front of him was a man in a dress???

so like please consider: petite fine-boned achilles. achilles with killer cheekbones and big dark eyes w long eyelashes. ppl meeting achilles and being all “you’re the one who’s supposed to be a scary warrior?” and then later he he picks up trojans twice his size and flings them across the battlefield and they’re like ‘oh’. achilles being significantly shorter than hector and needing to tilt his head back to yell at him. patroclus being able to sling achilles over his shoulder. patroclus giving achilles piggyback rides. achilles needing patroclus to reach stuff down for him sometimes. achilles being the little spoon. tiny pretty achilles okay

Wishlist of a Fanfic Writer

Small, easy things you can do:

  • Like my post about my story.
  • Leave kudos on AO3.

Bigger things you can do, but still pretty easy:

  • Reblog my story link, so that people who aren’t following me will see it too. Maybe add a comment or tags about how much you enjoyed it.
  • Leave a short comment on AO3.

Biggish things you can do that will make an author very happy:

  • Make your own post reccing my story, and telling people what you enjoyed about it.
  • Leave a detailed comment on AO3, telling me what you liked about my story, what moved you, what made you laugh, what your favourite part was, and asking any questions you happen to have about it.

Huge, amazing, omg things you can do to make an author love you forever:

  • Draw art based on my story.
  • Ask to borrow one of my OCs for a story of your own.
  • Ask to translate one of my stories into your own language.

Not everyone is like you, not everyone is prepared to pick up a book with a damaged spine and torn out pages and still try to make sense of it anyway. You are not one of those who don’t bother to get past the introduction. You’re not one of those who picks their favourite part and re-reads it again and again, you don’t ever skip to the ending in haste.

You feel the paper, no matter how tattered, beneath your fingertips and you hang on every word and for maybe just a moment, you’ll feel as though you’re a part of the story too.

But my love, people aren’t books and you can’t be the heroine of their story, you can’t rewrite their sadness or predict their endings. Do not open their covers if you know you’ll get cut on their sharp edges, stuck on their unfinished sentences and forever wishing for the words they’ll never write.


best of hong jisoo ♡
happy birthday dearest josh!
thank you for bringing the memes to seventeen and for always making us laugh. one of my favourite things about you is how you’re such a gentle presence in the team, and I think a lot of us appreciate that about you. thank you for being a part of seventeen, and for always working hard for us, your carats. we love you, our favourite meme ♡


RWBY V4 Finale Chart

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I’mma take a bow real quick.

It’s been fun. This volume we got a few good jokes in, didn’t we? Did you have a favourite? Personally I’m fucking blown away at how big Rensexual has become. I can’t wait to see what V5 will bring us. Thanks for being an amazing community once again. I never imagined my content basically becoming one of the largest parts of the RWBY community.

…and now I get to take a long fucking rest until October. 



  • lestat: oh my god louis you're so whiny. you're a vampire now !! just deal with it and stop setting our house on fire !! i can't believe you're so WHINY
  • also lestat: pay attention to me !! why aren't you paying attention to me ?? oh my god i'm just going to launch myself into the sun and DIE