this was one of my favorite shorts

one of my favorite things about the junkertown short is like… all the tiny elements that clue you in on junkrat, roadhog, and their relationship

junkrat understanding roadie without words

roadhog being patient with junkrat and waiting for him to finish rambling before correcting his plan

roadhog going along with junkrat blaming him for their massive fuck up

how junkrat is constantly all over roadhog

junkrat holding up 3 fingers when he says “theres TWO things that solve EVERY problem!!!” and roadhog just sits there listening to him

how roadhog only actually talks to call junkrat an idiot


junkrat’s singing

the way junkrat slides off the cart when they get to the gate

junkrat’s EYELINER

i just really love my trash boys okay

Where’s my super-suit?

AN: Okay so I was watching The Incredibles today, and one of my favorite parts is ‘ Where is my super-suit?’ So I wanted to write this, its a small drabble.

Bucky x reader

As Y/N was getting ready for the small party Tony had for whatever reason, when she got a call from Steve saying he needed her to go on a short mission with him to take down a villain who was causing trouble. After she wiped the make-up off she went to find her super suit.

When she checked in the usual place but she couldn’t find it, so she yelled out to Bucky who was waiting for her. “Honey?”


“Where’s my super-suit?”


“Where is my super-suit?”

“I, uh put it away.”


“Why do you need to know?!”

“I need it!”

“Uh-uh, do you think of running off and doing any daring do. We have been planning on going to this party for two months!”

“The public is in danger.”

“My evening is in danger!”

“You tell me where my super- suit is man, We are talking about the greater good!”

“Greater good? I am your husband, I am the greatest good you ever gonna get.”

With that Y/N hung her down in annoyance and continued to look for it.

Once she got to the jet she saw Steve, “Took you long enough.”

“Your best friend hid my suit.”

I think it's time..

I'mma go draw something up that I have had in mind for quite some time now. But sense I don’t know what the entire body would look like I’m going to draw one of the Jeffery’s from my AU in a Sonic Character style! I actually have a confession to make tho, I use to be a huge Sonic fan. No lie! I had a few GameCube games called Sonic Adventure 2 battle & Sonic Adventure DX directors cut. I had a few GBA and DS games of Sonic as well! I love the Chao garden, thos cuties 😍! My all time favorite Sonic Character was always Knuckles the echidna, i mean him and his short tempered self always made me laugh in the Sonic x series xD so I'mma go draw a headshot of what one of the Jeffery’s would look like in that style xD

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Hey Term, got any sweet sweet lore on the new items for Heretic in HND? I'm particularly interested in the Dead Man's Holster(because who isn't?) and the Dead Radio; those distant ghostly sounds of battle when you sit and listen to the gun spirits is super cool!

This is something I’d rather fill in if I do any further updates to the mod, slipping in bits of LORE one by one through the in-pk3 files. But I will say the Dead Radio is very much inspired by one of my favorite horror movies, R-Point.

If you haven’t seen it, or are generally interested in the premise of “military squadron meets spoopy ghosts”, I very much suggest giving it a watch.
This next part is a very early spoiler, but a spoiler nonetheless.

In R-Point, the mission is kickstarted by a radio that broadcasts out an SOS from a dead battalion of soldiers. Shortly after they arrive on the island, they’re accosted by gunfire and engage in a short skirmish with an unknown enemy force. They trade gunfire back and forth, providing a short battle before the captain takes a rocket launcher and blows up the enemy encampment.
They go and investigate and find that (surprise!) it was ghosts. There was of dead soldiers that have been dead for a long, long time, and their ghosts had picked up their weapons and started fighting again.

I thought this was awesome as hell.

So the Dead Radio works a little bit in the same way–it calls out SOS across the beyond and a small squadron from WWII that died during a skirmish comes out to provide backup.
The sounds of the battle that killed them still rings in their ear, but they continue to march on for the red, white, and blue. Even in another world against something they have no comprehension of, they fight to protect their homeland and the people who come from it.
Of course, it happens that Corzo isn’t too bad a fighter himself, but eh. Ghost logic.

Hey guys! So recently I bought and played around with some Visual Novel makers! (tyranobuilder and Novelty)…I’ve done some things with them and Im thinking of possibly opening commissions for interactive scenario dates for Haikyuu characters only! 

However, I’d really like to have a demo sample done first! The ones I’ve done so far are with my ocs and are a bit too personal for me to put up publicly//// And they’re also not HQ related so I feel like ti would be off-topic;;;

That being said, since I don’t feel I can charge money for this atm, Im going to open this a trade option for one of my followers!

 Basically, You can give me headcanons with me x Any of my favorite HQ characters (Oikawa, Kageyama, Hinata or Daichi) and in return, I will do a short personalized ‘visual novel’ type dating sim with you and a hq character of your choice in a scenario of your choice! 

Due to the fact my half with come with various things (Sprites of both you and the HQ character of your choice, etc.) I’m going to ask that the Headcanons you give to me be of medium-length;; sorry but I want to make this fair! 

That being said! Please REPLY HERE FIRST! Before sending anything in! The first person who comments here will be the one who gets this trade option and will be sending in the HCs for me! I don’t want to have a lot of people sending in stuff when I can only pick one ;v;

Get to know me tag

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Name: Ruqaya

Nickname: koko,roro and becky (inside joke)

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hogwart house: Ravenclaw

Height: around 5'3 i think ( im short but compared to everyone in my family im tall af 😂)
Sexual Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: Iraqian

Fave fruit: blueberries, cranberries, watermelon (ugh im hungry now)

Fave season: Spring

Fave book series: i dont have one 🤷🏻‍♀️

Fave fictional character: do I really have to? I will just write my choices favorite characters:


Fave scent: Food and gasoline also vanilla (not together though )

Fave colour: Maroon


Fave bands: Twenty one pilots, imagine dragons and panic at the disco

Coffee, tea or hot choco: Hot choco

Hours of sleep: 6 hours? I think

Number o blankets: 1

Dream trip: i would love to go on an adventure or just a trip with my friends

Last thing I have googled: Pretty little liars cast 😂

How many blogs I am following: 209
Number of followers: 257 ily all

What do I post: I mostly reblog cause i have no talent

Do I get asks regularly: Nope i wish i got some though. SEND ME ASKS EVEN IF ITS JUST AN EMOJI!

I tag: Im pretty sure everyone have been tagged 😂 so i tag anyone who havent done it! ( @mark–taun when u come back from your hell)

get some, son || davey jacobs

i love davey, he’s actually one of my favorite fictional characters!

i’m not saying that ya’ll should request some more davey

but i really love writing for davey (and specs and spot, they need love to!)

anyway, i hope you like this even though it’s really short and not my best,

(it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Davey Jacobs didn’t seem like the type who could get girls. Sure, he was cute, smart and kind, but he stumbled over his words whenever he found anyone attractive. He was too awkward to talk to a lady for more than 5 minutes. He even got flustered when he was out selling. 

        When he was with you on the other hand, he had no problems. You and Davey had an extremely close friendship. You lived right next door to him, and you both shared a fire escape. That was probably the closest thing to sneaking out Davey had ever done, going out on the fire escape after everyone else had gone to bed. One time, when Davey made you laugh too loudly, you’d woken up Les. But Les, being a nine year old boy and all, was easily persuaded to not spill the beans. Anyways, the point being that Davey could talk to you for hours. He could sit in silence with you for hours. He could just be with you for hours. He could be himself, without having to being smooth or cool. Maybe it was that factor that had him so madly in love with you. 

        Yet another trait you two had in common was that you both had huge crushes on each other, you had since you were ten. But neither of you would admit it. You always thought that Davey was too smart for you, who couldn’t even read, to keep up with and Davey thought that you were out of his league. 

        Davey hadn’t mentioned the fact that his dad had lost his job, or that he and Les had become Newsies to you. It wasn’t that you had ever said anything negative about the boys who sold you the paper (in fact, you hadn’t actually said anything about them at all), but every time Davey thought about bringing it up, he felt a wave of embarrassment. He didn’t know why, deep down he knew you wouldn’t judge him. But he also felt like you wouldn’t view him the same way. Like you might… pity him. And he didn’t want you to see him as poor, pitiful Davey, he wanted to be your Davey. The one you wanted to be around because you liked him, not because you felt that he needed the company of someone who didn’t smell like newsprint. So you would never know that he was a Newsie. When, so he thought. 

        You just so happened to be walking along the street where Davey, Les, and Jack were selling. Crutchie, Race, Specs, and Albert had finished selling and were hanging out on the other side of the street, waiting for the trio to finish. Jack was the first to notice you, flagging you down with a false headline. 

        “I-I don’t have any money, I’m sorry. Otherwise I would buy one, I prom- Davey?” Jack blinked and raised his eyebrows as you raced by him. He looked at the boys across the street to see if they were witnessing the same phenomenon that he was. Seeing looks of shock and wonder aimed in your direction, he assumed they were. 

        Don’t get him wrong, Davey was happy to see you, but he was also appalled that you had found out this way. However, you didn’t really care. You hardly ever talked about your work with him, why should he talk about his? You actually thought it was cool and that Davey looked very dashing in his cap. 

        Jack was in shock. Was this the same Davey he knew? Did someone steal his identity? Because here he was, having a lovely little chat with an even lovelier girl. He nearly gasped when he over heard his friend ask you over for dinner. And Les was just standing there? Not questioning whether this was the real David Jacobs or not? 

        “Yes, I’d love to.” You said sweetly. Davey grinned from ear to ear, and it was a smile that he didn’t realize he gave you. “If, it’s alright with your mother of course”

        “(y/n), she is always happy to have you over. She loves you! All of my family loves you, right Les?” The littlest Jacobs nodded vigorously at you, a goofy smile plastered all over his small face. He was probably your second biggest fan (after Davey). You couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be with Davey’s family. You were the middle child of 10 siblings and, call you self centered but it felt nice to be the center of attention sometimes. You also liked the quiet that came with Davey and his family. 

        “I guess I can’t say no, can I?” Les let out of cheer of excitement. “I’ll see you then, Dave.” You stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. As much as he liked you, he didn’t even blush when you kissed his cheek. You did so often, he’d be more surprised if you said goodbye without doing so. Then you ruffled Les’ hair and continued on your merry way. 

        As soon as you turned the street corner, the other Newsies rushed over and Jack began to slowly approach Davey with a gleam in his eye. Dozens of questions were being thrown at him. Who was she, how the hell did Davey get a girl like that, was she his girlfriend, could she get Race a friend? Jack shoved the other boys aside and took a good look at his pal. 

        “What de hell was dat?” He exclaimed, throwing one hand in the air. 

        “Well, her name is (y/n). She’s our neighbor and my friend.”

        “Our friend.” Les corrected with a pout. 

        “Yes, Les, our friend. But she likes me better.” Davey ignored his little brother’s eye roll. 

        “Do ya like her?” Crutchie asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Davey’s face suddenly went a very deep shade of red. The boys all cheered, casting aside his protests. Jack raised a hand to silence the excited screeches. Then he placed said hand on Davey’s shoulder, looking him straight in the eye as a proud father would do.

        “Get some, son." 

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Lesbian asks: 1, 18, 22, 34!

  • Femme or butch? 

im more butch tbh

  • Favorite lesbian movie?

al;kjdlkfjf the first one i ever watched was but im a cheerleader and it’s still my fave!!

  • What lesbian stereotypes do you fit into, if any?

hating men lmao, love camping, was a tomboy as a kid, short nails, dress like a dude, i probably fit into more but lfkjlkjf thats all i can think of rn

  • Ever fallen for your best-friend?

yep!! a few times!

rules: answer 20 questions then tag 20 people

tagged by: @malumdeluxe (lov u angela, thank u for tagging me 💞)

nickname: aujau (preferred), auji, nae nae

zodiac: sagittarius

height: 5′3″ or 5′4″ one of those i think

last thing i googled: supreme court (i was checking that it was under the judicial branch of government) (i was right, it is)

favorite music artist: 5sos, all time low, halsey, just from the top of my head

song stuck in my head right now: learn to let go - kesha

last movie i saw: in theaters - idek remember, i havent been to the movies in a WHILE. in general - big hero 6 (i LOV that movie)

what am i wearing right now: some exercise jacket looking thing nd black shorts

why did i choose this url: babe have u seen luke? also bc i thought it was a pretty good url nd it can trick ppl into thinking im actually a quality blog (im joking, i just like how it sounded.)

any other blogs?: i currently have thirty-four (34) saved urls, idk if that counts

what have you learned from your last relationship: COMMUNICATION ! IS ! KEY !!!!!!! TALK TO UR PARTNER ABOUT UR FEELINGS/ABOUT STUFF IN GENERAL !!!!!!! MAKE AN EFFORT ND MAKE THE RELATIONSHIP WORK !!!!!!! ONE-SIDED RELATIONSHIPS SUCK !!!!!!! (sorry about the yelling, i just got heated)

religious or spiritual: neither i think???

favorite color: red/black/rose gold

average hours of sleep: maybe 5-6? idk

lucky number: idk if i have any lucky numbers, but my favorite numbers r 12 nd 21 if that counts??

favorite character from books, movies, series: currently otis from back at the barnyard bc ive been rewatching that show on putlockers recently

dream job: something to do w psychology, most likely

since i dont want anyone to feel left out, i tag whomever hasnt done this nd wants to! seriously, just say that i tagged u nd ill give it a read

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7, 12, 13! :)

7. Inspiration, time, or motivation. Choose two.
-Well, I’ve had days where I seem to have nothing but time and I never get anything done. So I’ll have to pick inspiration and motivation. Because if you aren’t inspired and you aren’t motivated, writing seems more like a chore than a luxury.

12. A fic you wish you had written better, and why?
-Probably the short fic I wrote entitled “Just Like Her” where Reid is visited by a mystery girl who is revealed at the end to be Emily’s sister. It was one that I wrote rather quickly and I feel like I could have gone a bit farther with that. It seemed a little rushed when I went back and reread it.

13. Favorite fic from another author.
-At the moment, it totally has to be “Upheaval” by my bae @dontshootmespence because honestly, every time I read a new chapter of that story, I’m continuously blown away by how amazing it is.

Thank you for the questions, Rachel!! :)

One of my favorite stories was a short story in a sci-fi anthology book decades ago.

It too a story of a very basic tribal culture who were at the mercy of colossal giants. The hero of the tale sets off on a quest to try to reason with the leader of the giants. Or at least come to understand.

The giants always come to the village at the same time everyday. Some they take, others they leave. They test them. Sometimes there is pain. But they always return them, sometimes with rewards.

Anyway, on his journey the hero manages to slay an unsuspecting giant. Feeling braver and bolder, he makes his way to where they know all the giants come from. The same place the testing happens. But, all the giants are dead and the sky begins to pulsate red in some apocalyptic warning.

Only then do you realise:

1. They’re on a spaceship.

2. The giants are Humans, the villagers genetically super enhanced rodents.

3. By killing the researcher, the Captain activated a last resort failsafe to prevent infection should they return.

4. Suicide pills, collision course for the nearest star.

one of my favorite corgi facts - besides how they’re the breed where the term ‘sploot’ comes from bc of how they lay down - is that they’re one of the ONLY small dog breeds that are perfect for herding cattle bc they’re so fucking short that cattle hooves cant kick them while the corgis nip their heels to get them moving

like thats the reason why they’re good at herding cattle. bc they’re little sasuages that can evade hooves and go back to charging and leading the cows. they’re amazing look at them go


“We will be together for all of your lifetimes. And we will never give up.”

Here it is, folks! “Harmony”- the centerpiece and final entry of my triptych tribute to the amazing, forever-inspiring “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” series! It’s been a long time coming, but I hope you all enjoy! Together, “Peace,” “Harmony,” and “Balance” equate my love and affection for such a phenomenal project that achieved so much. Thank you Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino for your vision that has been nothing short of one of the greatest animated series I’ve ever known!


Day 5 - Are there any side characters you’re particularly fond of?: Arrille in Seyda Neen. Pretty sure he knows you’re selling him stolen crap but doesn’t really care (unless it’s his)

things people in my theatre class have said (part 2)

“and then emma is going to cross downstage—where’s emma” (everyone simultaneously looks up. emma is on the catwalk) “hey guys you look really short from up here”

(violent twirling of ribbons) “IM A WATERBENDER”

“so im going to write a musical called tree #3 the musical and the whole thing is just the tree standing onstage and singing this note:” (high-pitched screeching) “sounds groundbreaking”

“my favorite musical that we did was probably seussical” “isnt that the one where you face planted on the stage” “shhhh we don’t talk about that”

“wait i get to fake slap aidan” “yeah” “FINALLY”

“can you maybe chill?” “how bout maybe you chill?” “OH MY GOD YOU TOO?”

“there’s literally no music i can play right now. it’s all percussion. what the fuck.”

“one word summary of yourself” “gay”

“wow i can’t believe how good friends elphaba and glinda are” “harold…..” “wait what my name’s michael” “…harold….”


“actually, did you know that in 19th century russia—” (from across the stage) “WE WRITE LETTERS WE WRITE LETTERS”

“see we call the small max maxahundred cause hes the youngest. then the medium max is maxathousand. then the big max is maximillian.” “OH MY GOD”

“when you think about it….. everything is illuminati”

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hello! i love your art so much :) applejack is one of my favorite ponies. can you draw applejack as a pony with short mane? or can you draw fluttershy as a pony? thank you so much!

I always wanted to draw a short mane Applejack.