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home videos - part 1

Pairing: lee jeno x reader

Summary: “A daily dose of Lee Jeno’s home videos.”

Part: 1/?

“Uh, why are the older members in the Dreamies dorm?”

“Especially when it’s this early?” Jeno asks, yawning and checking the clock as the two of us come out from his room. The rest of the Dreamies look up at us, laying around and shrugging while the older members sit around the tv.

“They woke me up earlier to open the door, but didn’t explain why,” Mark mumbles, rubbing his eyes. I narrow my eyes at the older members, wondering what they’re up to. They look at me with innocent smiles, but there was a mischievous glint in their eyes.

“What is that you’re hiding?” I ask, taking a seat next to Jeno on the floor in front of Yuta and Winwin.

“Nothing, but!” Taeyong pauses with a grin.

“But?” Jeno raises an eyebrow.

“We got a gift from Jeno’s parents,” Doyoung says.

“Why did you get it instead of Jeno getting it?” I ask.

“Reasons that cannot be explained right now,” Johnny says and Ten nods.

“Let’s just appreciate this beautiful gift,” Yuta says, smirking.

“Why do I have a bad feeling that this isn’t going to be good?”

“Just trust us,” Taeil says.

“Last time I did, I got locked out of the dorm for two hours because you forgot where you put the key.”

“That was one time and it was Haechan who had the key last,” Yuta says.

“I did not! It was Mark!”

“I didn’t have it!”

“Can everyone be quiet? I’m tired,” Jisung whines.

“Everyone, settle down. Y/N, Jeno, you’re going to love this,” Taeyong says and I sigh before it registers in my mind.

“Wait, why me too?” I ask, my eyes widening and Doyoung raises a finger to his lips. I gulp, nervous as to what was going to be on the screen. The content of the video loads, making me grip Jeno’s hand for support. He rubs shapes onto my hand with his thumb to keep me calm.

It’s beginning.

“Time for bath time! Jeno, Y/N! Say hi to the camera!”

As those words come from our mothers’ lips, both Jeno and my jaw hang open. This isn’t possible.



“TAEYONG, GIVE ME THE REMOTE!” I exclaim as I lunge for him while Jeno sits, shocked at what was on the screen. Jaehyun holds me back from nearly strangling their leader.

“Ah, can’t do that.”


Jeno and I are placed down in the bathtub, squirming around. That was until we find entertainment in the toys floating around us.

“Aww, they’re so cute,” The older members coo as the younger ones giggle, smirking.

“We can use this as blackmail.”

Jeno and I splash each other with water, making us erupt in giggles. Our mothers coo at how cute we are, putting our hair up into mohawks. Jeno grips the side of the bathtub, trying to stand up and escape.


“Aw little Jeno’s trying to stand up,” Haechan taunts as we’re exposed to something. My eyes widen, making him cover them in a hurry.

“Come on!”

I follow after Jeno, holding onto the side to stand up. We turn to each other and grin. Stomping our feet at the same time, we attempt to put on a little dance.

“Ah, they’re so cute.”

“Maybe they’ll end up together one day.”

“I hope so,” Jeno’s mother says and ruffles my hair. “You already make my Jeno so happy and you’re barely two.”

“Mother, please,” I say, watching the video in horror.

“Did my mom just say-”

“Yes, yes she did,” Renjun says.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” I say, hiding my face in the crook of Jeno’s neck. I wrap my arms around his arm, giving it a squeeze.

“Why? You don’t have to be so embarrassed,” Doyoung coos, stifling a laugh. I turn to him and glare. He laughs.

“I bet you and Taeyong are probably enjoying it more than you should because you’re both such moms.”

“You two were so cute,” Taeyong hums.

“You were so chubby back then, how cute!” Ten grins.

Slightly moving towards Jeno, I hold onto his arm. Since he wasn’t stable himself, we fall back onto our butts and water splashes everywhere. We stare at each other before bursting into laughter.

Adding in a bottle of soap, the water starts to form bubbles around us. Jeno grins and grabs a handful, smearing it around my mouth. I copy him and put some on his chin, then his hair. We continue smearing soap onto each other until we’re completely covered. We stare blankly at the camera before grinning widely.

“Say bye bye!”

“Ahh!” We squeal and try to reach for the camera.

“Wow, you guys were really cute,” Winwin says, his mouth hanging open.

“Finally, it’s over.”

“You think this is the only one that was sent?” Yuta snorts.

“What-what do you mean?”

“There’s a whole stinking pile of them, baby.” Johnny says, revealing the huge pile in the corner. Jeno and I stare in disbelief, wondering why our parents would possibly do this to us.

“No, no. This is just a one time thing. This is not happening ever again.”

“Tomorrow will be another day to view these masterpieces,” Hansol says.

“Hansol!” I whine, pouting at him. He smiles.

“So this is going to be an everyday thing now?” Jeno asks and everyone nods.

“We need to see more videos of the both of you,” Jaemin laughs.

“I wonder what else they could’ve done that was embarrassing,” Chenle says.

“I heard Jeno and you had your own talk show,” Taeyong says, making everyone immediately sit up in excitement.

“Did you really?” Hachaen asks. Jeno and I sigh, nodding.

“We thought it would be fun, so we made one in his living room.”

“We have to watch that one tomorrow,” Kun says.

“You have practice tomorrow, you’re too busy to watch these.”

“We can make room, trust us,” Jaehyun says.

“Please don’t.”

“I just texted our manager to see if we could watch a little in the studio as well,” Johnny says, putting away his phone.

“I’m never coming to the studio or the dorms ever again. Friendship canceled.”

“Oh please, you love Jeno too much to leave him,” Yuta scoffs.

“I’m sorry, Jeno, but it looks like I may have to sacrifice our friendship.”

“Stop being so dramatic.” He chuckles and presses his cheek against my shoulder as he pulls me into a tight hug.

“I’m so going to love holding these against you and Jeno.”

“That’s it. We’re no longer friends either, Haechan.”

“It’s okay, I treasure these videos more than our friendship anyway.”


Tangled - the story continues

Some of you might already know, but earlier this year Disney created a TV series that continued Rapunzels story. Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies and I have been a strong advocate for a Tangled 2. I didn’t get into the animated TV series until recently though.

A first important note if you do decide to start watching Tangled The Series is that you MUST watch Tangled Before Ever After first! I learned this the hard way.

This is an hour long movie that explains how Rapunzel gets her long golden hair back. After you have finished this, then you can move onto the first episode of Tangled The Series, which picks up where Tangled Before Ever After left off.

Now I have only watched the first episode of the series, but I can tell you what I think so far. The animation is ok, I personally miss the original animation, but it’s understandable that we would get more of a cartoon-like style since it is a kids TV show. Another thing that takes some getting used to is that her parents have voices and names and it is WEIRD!! Listening to her parents, mostly her dad, speak makes me cringe a little because that is not at all how I imigined they would sound!

As for the story itself, I can tell most episodes will be centering around everyday problems, but there will be a bigger underlying plot that will emerge eventually. I suspect this because of the way Rapunzel got her hair back, the fact that here hair doesn’t have the same magical properties as it did before, and the simple reasoning of they haven’t answered any of these questions yet so they will eventually have to.

So how long should we expect Disney to continue Rapunzels story? Well they approved season 2 before season 1 even premiered, so at least that long! I can’t imigine the series will be dragged out a long time though because it is supposed to lead up to the short film Tangled Ever After, in which Rapunzel and Eugene get married.

As a huge Tangled fan, I hope Disney makes this continuation of Rapunzles story great!

Greg doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being a highly shrewd and creative kid. He’s maybe five years old, alone in the woods, hungry and disoriented, freezing his tiny face off, and he not only meets the Beast’s challenges (which, if you ask me, weren’t even intended to have answers) with clever solutions of his own devising, but manages to procure the necessary materials and bring them back.

I like to imagine that the Beast was secretly pretty frustrated by the end of it, because the idea was to set some classic Impossible Tasks and paralyze his victim with the enormity of the undertaking–a tactic he’s probably used before–and instead Mr. Never Give Up rose to the situation so dauntlessly that the only way to make him despair of his life was to just plain hang him out to dry and await results.

  • Gwenog Jones: [pointing out each of the Harpies to a new player] Ginny Weasley. She's got six older siblings, so she's always trying to prove that she's tough.
  • [Earlier]
  • Ginny: [puts a few drops of hot sauce on her sandwich]
  • Gwenog: Careful, that stuff's pretty hot.
  • Ginny: Oh is it? Hmm? [Pours entire hot sauce bottle on her sandwich]
Voyager: The Spacecraft

The twin Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft are exploring where nothing from Earth has flown before. Continuing their more-than-40-year journey since their 1977 launches, they each are much farther away from Earth and the Sun than Pluto.

The primary mission was the exploration of Jupiter and Saturn. After making a string of discoveries there – such as active volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io and intricacies of Saturn’s rings – the mission was extended. 

Voyager 2 went on to explore Uranus and Neptune, and is still the only spacecraft to have visited those outer planets. The adventurers’ current mission, the Voyager Interstellar Mission (VIM), will explore the outermost edge of the Sun’s domain. And beyond.

Spacecraft Instruments

‘BUS’ Housing Electronics

The basic structure of the spacecraft is called the “bus,” which carries the various engineering subsystems and scientific instruments. It is like a large ten-sided box. Each of the ten sides of the bus contains a compartment (a bay) that houses various electronic assemblies.

Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS)

The Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS) looks only for very energetic particles in plasma, and has the highest sensitivity of the three particle detectors on the spacecraft. Very energetic particles can often be found in the intense radiation fields surrounding some planets (like Jupiter). Particles with the highest-known energies come from other stars. The CRS looks for both.

High-Gain Antenna (HGA)

The High-Gain Antenna (HGA) transmits data to Earth on two frequency channels (the downlink). One at about 8.4 gigahertz, is the X-band channel and contains science and engineering data. For comparison, the FM radio band is centered around 100 megahertz.

Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)

The Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) is a modified version of the slow scan vidicon camera designed that were used in the earlier Mariner flights. The ISS consists of two television-type cameras, each with eight filters in a commandable Filter Wheel mounted in front of the vidicons. One has a low resolution 200 mm wide-angle lens, while the other uses a higher resolution 1500 mm narrow-angle lens.

Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer and Radiometer (IRIS)

The Infrared Interferometer Spectrometer and Radiometer (IRIS) actually acts as three separate instruments. First, it is a very sophisticated thermometer. It can determine the distribution of heat energy a body is emitting, allowing scientists to determine the temperature of that body or substance.

Second, the IRIS is a device that can determine when certain types of elements or compounds are present in an atmosphere or on a surface.

Third, it uses a separate radiometer to measure the total amount of sunlight reflected by a body at ultraviolet, visible and infrared frequencies.

Low-Energy Charged Particles (LECP)

The Low-Energy Charged Particles (LECP) looks for particles of higher energy than the Plasma Science instrument, and it overlaps with the Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS). It has the broadest energy range of the three sets of particle sensors. 

The LECP can be imagined as a piece of wood, with the particles of interest playing the role of the bullets. The faster a bullet moves, the deeper it will penetrate the wood. Thus, the depth of penetration measures the speed of the particles. The number of “bullet holes” over time indicates how many particles there are in various places in the solar wind, and at the various outer planets. The orientation of the wood indicates the direction from which the particles came.

Magnetometer (MAG)

Although the Magnetometer (MAG) can detect some of the effects of the solar wind on the outer planets and moons, its primary job is to measure changes in the Sun’s magnetic field with distance and time, to determine if each of the outer planets has a magnetic field, and how the moons and rings of the outer planets interact with those magnetic fields.

Optical Calibration Target
The target plate is a flat rectangle of known color and brightness, fixed to the spacecraft so the instruments on the movable scan platform (cameras, infrared instrument, etc.) can point to a predictable target for calibration purposes.

Photopolarimeter Subsystem (PPS)

The Photopolarimeter Subsystem (PPS) uses a 0.2 m telescope fitted with filters and polarization analyzers. The experiment is designed to determine the physical properties of particulate matter in the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn and the rings of Saturn by measuring the intensity and linear polarization of scattered sunlight at eight wavelengths. 

The experiment also provided information on the texture and probable composition of the surfaces of the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn.

Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) and Plasma Wave Subsystem (PWS)

Two separate experiments, The Plasma Wave Subsystem and the Planetary Radio Astronomy experiment, share the two long antennas which stretch at right-angles to one another, forming a “V”.

Plasma Science (PLS)

The Plasma Science (PLS) instrument looks for the lowest-energy particles in plasma. It also has the ability to look for particles moving at particular speeds and, to a limited extent, to determine the direction from which they come. 

The Plasma Subsystem studies the properties of very hot ionized gases that exist in interplanetary regions. One plasma detector points in the direction of the Earth and the other points at a right angle to the first.

Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTG)

Three RTG units, electrically parallel-connected, are the central power sources for the mission module. The RTGs are mounted in tandem (end-to-end) on a deployable boom. The heat source radioisotopic fuel is Plutonium-238 in the form of the oxide Pu02. In the isotopic decay process, alpha particles are released which bombard the inner surface of the container. The energy released is converted to heat and is the source of heat to the thermoelectric converter.

Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS)

The Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS) is a very specialized type of light meter that is sensitive to ultraviolet light. It determines when certain atoms or ions are present, or when certain physical processes are going on. 

The instrument looks for specific colors of ultraviolet light that certain elements and compounds are known to emit.

Learn more about the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft HERE.

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“Talk to my son like that again, and I will end you” - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Summary : Damian is the victim of racism, Batmom steps in to kick some asses.

Just something that popped into my mind one night, after a day of heated argument defending some of my “people of color” friends, like some things get me instantly mad…so I had to write about it and hum…hope you’ll like it

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You didn’t mean to say it on live TV like that…but…The nerves of those people ! 

It was common knowledge that you didn’t particularly held journalists in your heart. 

Some would say it was because any form of media in Gotham was OBSESSED with your family, and you hated the attention you all constantly got. 

If you cut your hair, it’d be in the paper, if your sons were spotted hanging out in town, it’d be in the paper, if you and Bruce did something, it’d be in the paper…with ridiculous titles too : “The heir of the Wayne fortune are turning into delinquents !” when all they did was skateboarding around town. “Bruce Wayne and (Y/N) Wayne about to divorce ?” just because Bruce arrived later than you at a gala…So stupid. 

Yes, some would say it was because they constantly tried to find a scandal about your family but others…like your husband, would say it was because he used to date a few of those journalists women. And yeah, it was true he did “date” some of those women but, this wasn’t why you disliked journalists. 

And Bruce knew it, he’d just tease you with it sometimes to try and relax you because some douchebag wrote lies in the papers about your family…

You knew by marrying Bruce that it would be like that, that you’d always be the center of attention and honestly, when it was just about you ? Or even Bruce ? It was alright. Both of you could handle it. 

But when it touched your children ? Oh no. No. And no. 

And so, tonight, as someone made a comment about your youngest kinda lost it. And you could already see the title of every articles and such that’ll come out the next day : 

“(Y/N) Wayne loses it on live TV”

But this was too much. Your boy already struggled with this at school, he didn’t need it everywhere else…How did they even hear about it anyway ? 

Uh…Who were you kidding ? They were journalists, of course they would have heard about your little outburst at Gotham Academy…

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Afterwords, I felt so guilty. If I’d gone in, she’d still be alive. She said she understood about mum, that she didn’t want to hurt anyone. That’s it. I mean, she was looking for something, you know? She sounded alright.

I promised I’ll make a post for the Retirement Home New Vegas AU so here it is: 

  • there is no new vegas, no post apocalypse, its just a retirement home in Nevada
  • Mister House, Caesar and Kimball (with general Oliver and others from the ncr) are just residents at the retirement home
  • hoover dam is the bathroom on their floor that they have to share 
  • the strip is actually the recreation room with few chess and monopoly boards, the board for the daily bingo, a cooler and a single tv
  • the issue is that whoever claims the bathroom first in the morning can go to the recreation room and claim the cooler and the tv, thus having the main resources in the retirement home
  • Mister House is the sole resident of room 38 and most of his interactions with the nurses are through the phone or his customized personal roomba which is just a regular roomba with a knife taped on it
  • Caesar is in the room down the hall and he is the only one who has no resources. Kimball and co are controlling the cooler and the tv, while House is controlling the chess boards and has the bingo rigged  
  • Caesar’s friend Joshua once came to try and reason with the nurses to give Caesar the bathroom, however upon failing Caesar threw coffee in his face and pushed him from the 2nd floor window
  • law is established by Nurse Ranger (courtesy to @ravel-puzzlewell) who occasionally has to take the remote control from Caesar and return it to Kimball and co. 
  • the courier is one of the nurses 
  • earlier the employee of the month was Benny however he was demoted when he “accidentally” gave the courier a concussion
  • Boone is the night guard and he may or may not have a lot of dinosaur stickers on his booth
  • Veronica is also one of the nurses and she is dating Christine who works at the Sierra Madre restaurant across the street and sees her girlfriend when she brings the staff take out cause food is a resource and the fight is for resources 
  • there is another roomba without a knife called Ede and everyone from the staff treats it as if its a sentient being 
  • a while ago the courier didn’t load the washing machines properly and flooded two entire wings of the retirement home. one of the doctors that worked there, Ulysses, has decided to reside in the flooded and uninhabited section of the retirement home until nurse courier faces what they’ve done even though everyone tells him that a mechanic will fix the plumbing and the two wings will be renovated and opened once again. he contacts the staff exclusively through the friendly roomba on which he tapes sticky notes with cryptic and vaguely threatening messages

most of this is courtesy to @fraenkysjunk and if anyone wants to add to this shitty au please feel free

Humans are weird/space orcs idea


Like. What the fuck would aliens think when they see two people who look identical, but act TOTALLY different from each other. Example.

Srotar: Ah! Human Max, I was looking for you. What did you say earlier about eggs?

Greg (twin 2): What? No, I’m Greg. You’re looking for my brother. He’s on level 4 watching Earth tv.

Srotar: What?? You’re exactly like Human Max! You have the Human brown hair follicles, the green binocular eyes. You even emit the same sound waves!

Max (from afar): Did I hear my name? Oh, hey Greg. Hey, Srotar.

Srotar (completely shocked): Wha…

Max: Yeah, I forgot to mention. This is my twin brother, Greg.

Srotar: Do all humans have identical copies?

Greg: Oh, don’t be ridiculous. The only thing identical about us is how we look and sound. We’re completely different!

Srotar: I do not comprehend?

Max: He likes the colour blue..

Greg: And he likes the colour red.

Srotar: Why was there no information in the Human Care Pamphlet??

And eventually the aliens learn to find subtle details that allows them to tell the twins apart, and with the introduction of new alien crew members, the Humans prank them by “teleporting” around the ship (twin 1 goes through the door on the left, then twin 2 comes out the door on the right, etc.) and fucking BLOWING the alien’s mind.

Sweet Gesture

Summary: Dean gets jealous when you go on a date and he tries to sabotage it.

Drabble Prompt: “Who the hell bought you flowers?”  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels

You’re half asleep, glaring at the clock as you shovel cinnamon oatmeal into your mouth. The grumpiness you’re feeling is still going strong, even though you’ve already consumed two cups of coffee.

The distant whistling from your roommate is getting closer as he pads down the hallway. Dean throws you a sleepy smile as he enters the kitchen and then pours himself a glass of OJ.

“Who the hell bought you flowers?” He gestures to the blue vase sitting on the kitchen counter, his cute face now contorted into a frown.

“Ryan.” You let out a disappointed sigh, instantly feeling shitty about it because he’s a nice guy. Unfortunately you hate the kind of flower that he picked but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

“He’s a dumb ass. You don’t even like those.” Dean scoffs back, fighting the urge to shove your flowers down into the garbage disposal.

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Puppy Sitting

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Puppy Theo x Reader / Puppy!Brett x Reader

Inspired by a chat with @joeynihil

“You want me to what?” You asked Scott who had a small wolf pup under each arm.

“To babysit Brett and Theo while I help Deaton figure out how to fix them.” Scott grinned as he held them out for you.

“Why… why are they puppies?” You asked as you took them both and Theo started wriggling to get into your house while Brett snuggled up in your arms with his head resting on your shoulder.

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s(t)imulation || part 1/2

This is my contribution to @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K follower AU writing challenge!
#57 - movie star / celebrity

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1179
warnings: AU, smut

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Come on,” Bucky moans. “Come for me, sweetheart.”

It’s in the script, printed there in black and white, but it’s still a shock to you anyway. His voice is pitched low and rough. His blue eyes are bright and sparkling as he looks down at you. His dick is rubbing against your clit, and even through two layers of fabric, you can feel him hot and hard and thick against you. So when he tells you to come, you do it, and you hope that everyone else thinks your acting is just that good.

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These are just random habits that I’ve learned over time that have improved my productivity/mental state/ life in general:

(Obviously I didn’t come up with them all myself, but I do use all of them pretty much daily)

Mornings -

- Use Alarmy - I have only just discovered this, (I’m sure I’m late to catch on), but for anyone else like me: The app won’t stop your alarm playing until you go and take a picture of a particular place in your house that you choose. This has improved my mornings so much because once you’re up and walking around you feel awake ready to start your day, where as I used to spend at least half an hour dozing and desperately trying to wake my brain up. Also you can set it to a place that is relevant to your morning routine e.g. I have to take a picture of the kitchen sink, which means I am also reminded to drink some water first thing after waking up

- When getting ready - organise your entire outfit (including underwear/socks) and take it to the shower/bathroom with you. When you are done showering, dry yourself immediately and don’t leave the room until you are dressed. This saves so much time that you would normally waste sitting around in your towel deciding what to wear, and also stops you from getting cold on winter mornings

- If you are bad at eating breakfast - make smoothie bags the night before (or on Sunday for the rest of the week) that just need to be thrown in the blender in the morning … 

- I also really like getting up one hour earlier than the time that I need to, and watching an episode of tv over breakfast, so I can actually do something I enjoy with my morning instead of rushing … but this probably won’t appeal to everyone

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Here is the complete Animedia interview with series producer Shuichi Taguchi. Translation by Dephender:

“Pokémon” celebrates 20 years on the air this year. It appears the show is heading in a new direction with the episodes airing this September. We’ve had producer Shuichi Taguchi tell us a bit about what the classic characters that will appear one after another in this story will be doing.

Q: Kasumi and Takeshi will be appearing for the first time in many years in the episodes airing September 14th and September 21st.
A: This is the 20th anniversary of the show, a year to remember, so we wanted to do something nice for all the fans that have been supporting us since day 1. Kasumi and Takeshi are also characters we’d like the children that learned about Pokémon more recently to be familiar with, so we had them appear in the show.

Q: “Sun & Moon” has a lot more comical depictions than the earlier TV series had.
A: Each of the series have a different art style to them, but it might be true that Sun & Moon’s style is overly different from all the others. Kasumi and Takeshi have appeared throughout the show all the way from the very first series, so we took great care in working out how to draw them without making them look out of place in this particular show. This purely relates to character design, though, personality-wise they’re the same as always: Takeshi loves beautiful ladies and Kasumi is a cute and lively tomboy.

Q: Since these episodes are set in the Kanto region, lots of nostalgic Pokémon are going to appear, but it seems it’ll be fun to compare them with the Pokémon from the Alola region as well.
A: We definitely want you to compare and contrast the Pokémon living in all the different regions. We think scenes like the one where Nassy gets shocked at the sight of the Alolan Nassy will let even children realize once again how these regions differ from each other. Of course, lots of other Pokémon will appear as well, so have fun comparing. This is the Sun & Moon episode with the most characters in it, so I’d like you to try counting how many Pokémon there are in it.

Q: What about Pokémon battles?
A: The Pokémon School students are getting a hands-on experience with gym matches at the Hanada Gym, and the super intense battles between Takeshi and Kasumi’s mega evolutions and Satoshi and the others’ Z-Moves are an absolute must see. During the battle, Takeshi might just turn into something you remember from the games…… Also, while it’s not exactly a battle, the expression of affection during the scene where Satoshi and Kentauros reunite with the Kentauros at the Okido Laboratories is just as intense as that gym match. These episodes have lots and lots of scenes that feel both nostalgic and fresh at the same time, and we’d be really happy if we manage to make you enjoy the elements of both Kanto and Alola at the same time.

Q: Now I’d like to expect other episodes crossing over with other regions or something along those lines in the future.
A: Well, they might go to all kinds of regions as part of extracurricular classes, and they might encounter and reunite with all kinds of characters… Who knows? Please continue to support the show.


Under the same stars, there’s some guy and he’s with his girl. He thinks he’s got all the time in the world and he’s right. And I hate him.