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Observations about the Rationals


-  not sensitive over normal things so seen as cold, but sensitive over abnormal things so also dubbed overly sensitive by others

-  may or may not see physical obstacles, walks into them anyway

-  combusts when overwhelmed with too many details


-  sits in the wrong classroom and doesn’t realise it until a different lecturer walks in; also loses their phone for an entire day and finds it in the car boot 

-  remembers details but remembers them incorrectly

-  won’t tell you about their vision unless absolutely necessary, unlike INTJs who won’t tell you about their plans unless absolutely necessary


 -  remembers something you said on a random day two years ago, tells you the same story over and over again for three days

-   even clumsier than INTJ (read: daily injuries and no recollection of how they got there)

-  really smart but somehow also lacks life skills


-  knew one ENTP two years back and not very well, but can confirm the surplus of puns and memes because they still inundate my FB feed today

-  I mean for God’s sake control yourself man

-  the world is not ready for that much wit at one time 

~ Mod Amal, INTJ

C: so there was this sailor I used to flirt with and happened to kiss at the bar once when I lived and worked on base… He was so fucking cute (white guy), but I always figured he was just a womanizer bc of how easily he flirted with me and other girls. Well anyways today I see on my fb news feed that he’s in a relationship with a brown skin girl and idk why but it made me really happy bc I know a lot of white girls wanted him, but here this beautiful brown girl got him. Idk I guess I just feel like proud when really attractive guys of any race see how beautiful black women are.

Day 10 of #SizeDoesntMatter is #Trikonasana (#TrianglePose). This pose requires a lot of focus from me. Because it’s so ubiquitous, I end up slouching my way through it- dumping into my midsection, not pressing into my feet properly, or various other alignment mishaps. My co-host @yoga_davina posted step by step instructions on her IG feed- check her out for alignment tips!

In the unbelievably heart warming and inspiring @kathrynbudig class I took on @yogaglo today, Kathryn reminded us to send positive vibrations to all of our body parts (I posted the class link on my FB page earlier today- Link is in my IG & Tumblr headers).

She suggested that our body parts have emotions, a notion I’ve never considered. She said that if you shower your “less than ideal” body parts with negativity, they will only ever give you negative responses. I think this a really important idea to consider as this month’s challenge continues- please resist the urge to talk shit about your body. You don’t want to be your own worst enemy.

To participate:
1. Follow me, @yoga_davina & our lovely sponsors (@yogiblissbox, @buddha_pants, & @invertyoselfclothing) on instagram.

2. Post a pic of yourself in the pose of the day- check @yoga_davina & I for daily pose updates. Tag us & hashtag #sizedoesntmatter.

3. At the end of the month we’ll select a few of you to receive goodies from our generous sponsors- don’t forget to tag all your pictures w/ #sizedoesntmatter!

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So today I was scrolling through my fb feed..

everything was going well,

i saw baekhyun and my heart died a little

i saw d.o.

lucious lips ok ok 


looks like a girl but you know, he cant help it

so like alright alright we cool we cool

tao just fab

but then,

i was like 

“oh what does it say on their shirt pockets”

oh it says tum. so what sm doesnt know english

i scrolled back to look at the other members and there it was






im so done with this

i cant. bye

Well, shit, internet. Look at you, being all “let’s apply some good ole goose and gander logic to this problem” today. I don’t take political stands out in (the internet) public, but this came scrolling across my feed and I gotta admit, I like it. (And not just because it’s a welcome break from the usual racist, shoot ‘em all rhetoric my former classmates tend to get up to posting.)

Nice job Facebook! This post appeared on my feed today - FB is actively promoting the celebration of Women’s Equality Day.

Hey Tumblr, take a hint! Follow FB’s lead on this one!

And Google, you’re celebrating “La Tomatina” today? What the actual f*ck?!? PRIORITIES, PEOPLE!

#WomensEqualityDay2015  #GenderEqualityForAll

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Today was a bad day. It was almost my last. I have hated my body for so long, I've felt like I don't have the power to fix it. I look in the mirror and it hurts like hell to know that the thing looking back is ME. Today was shit. I felt so done. I was on my FB typing out goodbye messages to my friends when your video came on my feed. It was like for the first time ever, I started to believe I could do it too. You saved my life today and honestly, I'm probably not the only one.... Thank you:

Holy shit. wow.

I’m so proud of you for not going through with it. I really am. I’m so glad you’re still here, and I’m so glad that I could do something that helped you at all. you’re beautiful, and you deserve to be here. Don’t ever let yourself feel ashamed of your body.

RE: Carrying a knife

I’m on a roll today with posts but I’ve had a day to process my FB feed and I wanted to respond to some common themes I have seen. I have seen countless people on facebook talking about ‘carrying a knife to feel safer’ and I feel that I need to clarify some key things about carrying a knife for people who might not know.

For anyone wondering, my cred is that for the past few years my kenjutsu sensei has been teaching me practical knife fighting for when “I go excavate in shady countries’ xoxo sensei.

But back to the serious matter.

1. Make sure it is legal to carry a knife in your country/state. This seems like a no brainer, but it is actually illegal in some places to carry a knife; concealed or otherwise. In some areas the penalty is a fine, in some areas it is jail. Don’t got o jail for carrying a knife please.

2. People who carry knives do not intend to fight with them. If you are carrying a knife you are using it as a means to ALLEVIATE a situation. For instance ‘gimme your money’ becomes way more convincing when you are holding a knife. On the reverse side, someone without a weapon threatens you and you pull out a knife? That is going to make that person back off veeeery quickly (except in some circumstances but you need to judge that). So let me recap, carrying a knife is a sign of ENDING A SITUATION. People who are trained in knife fighting DO NOT CARRY KNIVES unless it is for dissolving a situation.

3. Why don’t people who can use knives carry them? Because the first rule of knife fighting is to take the knife from your opponent and DISSOLVE THE SITUATION. The basic idea is that a knife is a weapon of opportunity.  You get angry at dinner and you grab the steak knife etc, etc. The first move is to remove the knife from the person who has it. Not to pull out your own knife and duke it out. but this works both ways. If you are unskilled and carrying a knife and the person you pull it out at takes it what do you do then? This is why it is not a good idea.

4. If you want to feel safer honestly I’d enrol in some self defense classes rather than carry a knife. Unless you are carrying it WITH THE IDEA IN MIND THAT YOU WILL DISSOLVE A SITUATION BY BRANDISHING IT it’s not worth it (but then even you gotta know a bit what you are doing). It really ISN’T. Also, no one wins in a knife fight. Trust me. There’s no winner and loser there’s just someone dead and someone in the hospital. Knife fighting is fucking brutal don’t do it.

5. If you ARE going to buy a knife be advised that shitty switchblades from fuck knows where aren’t going to cut it. If you are really serious about having the knife for protection at least get a good make that isn’t going to have a shitty blade. And then you can use it for actual useful things, like cutting shit.

This was not as well written out as it could have been but you get the idea. If you don’t know what you are doing carrying a knife is just as dangerous to you as any threats you might encounter. Think about what your purpose is and go from there.

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I woke up today to scroll through my FB feed and find someone posted a video of a little white girl outside unattended but three black kids surrounding her and hitting the child. And while, like, yeah, I don't condone that at all, the guy who posted it had the nerve to put #AllLivesMatter next to it. They say PoC make race about everything but white folks are sure reaching!