this was not okay bioware



  • Bioware Game: Okay, so you've got the option to flirt with-
  • Me: Yeah, do it.
  • Bioware Game: Well, but you could flirt wi-
  • Me: Yep, let's go.
  • Bioware Game: You can't really get a relationship with them, but you can flirt w-
  • Me: Yesssssss, get the flirting going.
  • Bioware Game: Okay, calm down, you can't get a relationship with everyone!
  • My polyamorous, bisexual ass: And whose goddamn fault is that, Bioware?

people have adopted this as the movement tag. PLEASE, i BEG every one of you, show your support by using it and telling Bioware it’s not fucking okay to promise us gay alien squadmate romances and then just cut it away at their leisure. not only does it look bad on them as a company, it also strips representation from a certain part of the LGBT+ fanbase.

be polite and reasonable, don’t harrass.

I really hope that all this shit talking Ryder’s crew mates did about Reyes Vidal romance and how he can’t be trusted wasn’t some messed up foreshadowing because if Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal™ happens I’m gonna lose my shit

Andromeda Thoughts

I spent some time playing the trial of Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m going to give some of my thoughts without getting too spoiler-y, though I know there are plenty of you fine folks out there that would still appreciate the tag so you can make your own judgments when the time comes. Right on, you spoiler-free champions, for your willpower is far greater than mine. :)

Also… this is one of the reasons I haven’t posted any new writing. Oops. I’m sorry!

  • The jet pack for jumping is super fun and looks way cool. 10/10 would jump all the things again.
  • They did, in fact, fix the wild Mako controls. I look much less like I’m having a stroke while driving. Fear not, though, dear nostalgia lovers, for you will still end up falling off the side of a mountain. Just like old times.
  • The face animations are a little odd on occasion, but I’ve seen the uproar that this has caused in the fandom and at BioWare staff in particular and I think people need to find a new hobby if this is the topic ruins your life. Seriously. Grow up.
  • So far I’ve rather liked the updated dialogue selections. My Ryder has been quite sarcastic. It hasn’t quite reached levels of “purple Hawke” of Dragon Age 2 fame, but she is very early in the story. There’s still plenty of time for her to get frustrated and bitter. Tee hee.
  • I’m digging the voice actors. Some of them enunciate a bit too much for my liking so it sounds a little less natural, but overall great choices. I really like Sis!Ryder and Cora in particular. Nice job, ladies.
  • The new vehicles are awesome. What I saw of the Tempest I really liked. The fact that it’s got windows that are actually showing what’s outside is pretty spectacular. Joker isn’t the only one who gets to see the cool stuff anymore!
  • Omni-gel. Yes.
  • I tried multiplayer also, and really appreciated that you can play male and female characters and can customize their armor so that you look a little different than the other 3 human female soldiers in your group if you’d like. The good thing about starting it up now is that you can flail along with all the other people who also don’t know what they’re doing. It makes me feel like much less of a failure. Hehe. I could see myself sinking a lot of time there if left to my own devices. The jet pack makes all the difference in the world and things were kicking my butt across the galaxy.In a good way, I assure you. Fun stuff.
  • I was worried about the exploration/colonization concept and getting into fights with native peoples on their homeworlds. That really bothered me. I haven’t gotten very far into the game, but so far, that has not been an issue. Whew.
  • Overall, I feel like they really tried hard to bring in notable, enjoyable elements of the original trilogy and introduce new concepts, characters, and technologies to set it apart and remind you that its a whole new ballgame. That’s no easy task. I may be speaking too early, but I think they did a pretty darn good job so far, and they don’t deserve the vile hate they’ve been getting for a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

Bottom line. Is it fun? Yes. Will it suck away my life? Probably. 

Okay so here we see that the angara celebrate marriage between the sons of two different families and the marriage actually JOINS the families and considers the bloodlines intertwined, so here’s fucking proof that in angaran society being gay and in love is something to celebrate and rejoice over so there is ZERO FUCKING EXCUSE for why Jaal can’t be bi.

  • Bioware: ok you can choose to side with the Templars or you can side with the rebel m-
  • Me: Mages
  • Bioware: okay but you know the Templars have a really interesting storyline and
  • Me: Mages
  • Bioware: You've started this game like six times and you've never even seen the Templar quest don't you want t-
  • Me: Mages
  • Bioware: ...
  • Me: M a g e s
To anyone bitching at Bioware for rolling out an "unfinished game"...

Don’t direct your anger at Bioware. While yes they did make the game they didn’t want to release the game unfinished just as much as you didn’t want an unfinished game. Direct your anger at EA. They are the ones who give these game developers ridiculous time constraints and force them to release the game on the deadline of their choosing. Bioware is releasing all of the patches and add ons that should’ve been including originally FOR FREE. Bioware knows it’s bullshit and they’re trying to fix it.

hahahaha you could not PAY me to watch it so this is just a suspicion on my part but if Bioware put more effort into Quinn getting killed by a vengeful SW than they did into his reunion with a SW who loves and forgave him I’m…gonna sit here consumed with rage for a while and then write about something nice happening to him, I guess.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Okay, I get that Bioware are doing badly with facial animations on Mass Effect Andromeda, but could we please just let people fucking enjoy it and get hyped for it?  I’m all for a joke, but there’s so many asshole posts and comments going around talking about how people are stupid to like it and want to play it, people shaming others for liking characters and telling people they’re idiots for wasting their money on it, etc. and it’s ridiculous. Tumblr is all about telling people to enjoy their hobbies and fandoms, to not let other people put them off something they love, fandom wise, but in the same breath we’ve got people being utter fuck trumpets over people wanting to play Andromeda.

Just let people enjoy something they like and have followed for a long time. Seriously, when did the Bioware fandom become so toxic?

Boycotting it wont do shit. There will be too many people buying it over boycotting it to make an impact. If you’re genuinely concerned, send a polite tweet to Michael Gamble, the Producer, Aaron Flynn  the General Manager or Creative Director Mac Walters and ask them. Mac has already said:

They are open to suggestion and critique. HOWEVER, not out right morons sending tweets like ‘Lol the animation suck’, ‘omfg wtf is with animation’ and so on. Act your age, send an appropriate tweet and you might get a response.

Things I managed to learn about the new Mass Effect from my friend who works at Bioware
  • Me: so what's The Jaal romance gonna be like?
  • Friend: people are gonna be happy and sad when they romance him.
  • Me: ugh. Is he gonna be like Solas then?
  • Friend: No. god no.
  • Me: okay...can you fuck the Krogan?
  • Friend: oh my god...maybe.