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I'm slowly going deeper and deeper into your blog, reading new posts to old ones. But I'm getting sick of scrolling to the post I'm up to after I close tumblr. Is there a faster way I can do this or might you have to resort to page numbers?

Ooh, great question! 

Infinite scroll is nice so everyone has to click less, but you’re right, it makes finding pages difficult… fortunately, there’s an easy workaround:

It’s as simple as that! Typing “/page/(number)” after a blog’s link allows you to go to individual pages, and still infinitely scroll.

There’s nothing special about page 47 that I used it in the example… 47 is just a nice number.

Aw, thanks! I’ve revealed my face, like, 10 times, but… ooh, wait, idea!

*10 minutes of gif-making later*

Voilà! Infinite face reveals.

Boom. The magic of television.

My timezone is EST being in Durham NC, and after experimenting have found posts seem to get seen by the most people between 9:45 and 11:30 PM, EST. 

That’s my general window, but there are always special exceptions!

Yes. Flesh goatee.

Sometimes, no flesh goatee.

Sometimes, very flesh goatee.

Very, very flesh goatee.

What I have been listening to this week and recommend songs for you :) (my first time doing this! I hope you like it <3)

  1. Zion.T - The Song
  2. K.A.R.D - Rumor
  3. SF9 - Easy Love
  4. Minzy -  Ninano
  5. Eric Nam X Somi - You, Who?
  6. Oh My Girl - Coloring Book
  7. CNBLUE - Between Us
  8. CNBLUE - When I was Young
  9. Ten - Dream In a Dream
  10. Pristin - Wee Woo
  11. Boyfriend - Bounce
  12. Pristin - Black Widow 
  13. Monsta X - Incomparable 
  14. SF9 - So Beautiful 
  15. Got7 - Q

Not Kpop

  1. State Champs - Slow Burn
  2. Nick Jonas - Bacon
  3. Halsey - Now or Never
  4. Hey Violet - Break My Heart
  5. MAX - 10 Victoria’s Secret Models
  6. MAX - Home
Challenge #1

Hello! For the dance we are issuing daily challenges. Easy tasks anyone can do at the dance in exchange for prizes! All you have to do is participate! Create a mini or an open and the prize is considered years, given to your muse at the end of the night. Monday’s prize is something simple because it is an easier challenge: full sized candy bars! Whatever type or flavor you want as long as you complete the challenge and put it in the #citta flower festival tag!

Now, your first challenge is to do a dance that is considered a staple at all dances. 


Little random thought/theory

So we know the shows gonna be going through some changes next season. One of those changes may be them getting rid of the flashback storytelling.

What if the reason why they split Regina and The Evil Queen, rather than remerged them like we all expected them to, was because they wanted to guarantee we wouldn’t lose the EQ completely if they changed their storytelling style?

I think if they knew Lana would be back next season, TEQ is a character they wouldn’t want to lose in addition to the others that are leaving. Especially a character as popular and marketable as the Evil Queen. If they took out the flashbacks, we would lose her in the process. Doing this keeps her present and usable without sacrificing Regina’s character and development. All they have to do is pop a realm over (which is all too easy now-a-days) for a visit.

On the topic of the wish realm, them duplicating the Enchanted Forest also serves a similar purpose as splitting Regina/EQ does. We lose the flashbacks but still have a fairytale setting that keeps the show true to form.

I don’t think S7 would take place fully in the wish realm but it would give them a secondary setting that doesn’t involve the past (which they’ll need now that cast members are leaving) and which only uses cast members that will probably still be available (Lana, Jared, Colin, Bex, etc).

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I don't know if this was asked before, but how long do you need to draw (and color) 1 page of your Mafia AU? I mean, each "chapter" has about 2 to 3 pages and it has to be so much work! Especially since all of it is colored! (I LOVE the coloration! It's just so beautiful and easy to look at. Somehow it makes me happy xD Idk why)

I’d say between 3 and 4 hours for each page?
The coloring is kinda sloppy, all on one layer instead of multiple and some colors bleed over the lines >_>
But, it’s good to hear that you like how it looks ;w;
But, yeah, each installment takes a lot of time really ^^;;
But, it definitely makes it all worth it when I hear ppl enjoy the work that I put out ;w;

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Dialogue or just prompts for a siren boy asking for advice about making a human boy fall for him? If that makes sense

● “Can’t you just use your siren seduction?”

“I want love not seduction.”

● “You’re a siren. Making him fall for you will be easy-peasy.”

“I want to earn it without the extra charm. As if I was a human like him.”

● “Why do you care so much for a human? Sirens are your own kind, not to mention vastly more attractive.”

“Sirens are also manipulative and relationship repellant. Humans are pure.”

“First of all, that’s alot of insults about what you are. Second of all, humans are most definitely not pure.”

● “Just be yourself.”

“I don’t think ‘being myself’ will be enough to get someone to cross the tabboo of sirens with humans.”

● “First of all calm down. You’re a siren: cool, alluring, in control. Act like it.”

● “You want advice on loving a human?! Here’s what I got: don’t.”

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Do you have any soup recipes? Especially tomato soup? It's hard to find good vegan soups at the store, and even when I do it just has so much sodium.

There should be a bunch here, I remember posting more than one tomato recipe. This is true! soups usually pretty easy to make though, try some of the recipes. I always crave tomato soup, if you find a tasty one lemme know. c:

“Do you know how hard it is to wash and wax my Baby while watching my baby?” Dean watched AJ toddle across the yard, the eighteen month old giggling his little head off.

“It’s not exactly easy to grill steaks and watch the baby,” Cas shot back.

Sam chuckled from his spot on a deck chair while his own daughters tore up Dean’s back yard. “Just put Mari on AJ duty. You know she loves that.”

Dean dropped his soapy sponge back in the bucket. “You know Mari isn’t exactly babysitting age, right?”

“I think you’re the one who needs a babysitter, ya idjit,” Bobby offered drily, causing everyone gathered on the deck to laugh.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dean muttered, but he couldn’t stop the grin from spreading over his face.

“Alrigh’ I got the garlic bread, where you want it?” Benny asked, as he led Andrea and the girls into the yard. “By the way, who throws a birthday party for a car?”

“I do. She’s fifty today, she deserves it! Besides,” Dean added with a wicked grin, “I’m not the one who convinced Duff Goldman to make a custom Impala-shaped birthday cake for her.”

Cas blushed. “That was more for you, you ingrate!”

Chuckling, Dean sprayed the rest of the soap off the car before joining his family on the deck. He wrapped his arms around Cas’s waist and kissed his neck. “And I love you for it, don’t worry.”

Later, when all the kids had been put to bed and everyone but Sam had headed home, Dean, Cas, and Sam cracked open a couple of beers.

“To Baby,” Dean said softly. “For keepin’ two kids safe for many years.”

Sam smiled. “To Baby - for surviving the fire that tried to kill her.”
Dean chuckled.

“To Baby,” Cas added, “and the man who wouldn’t let me buy her the first time we met. And now I own half of her. Funny how that worked out.”

All three men burst out laughing.

“It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it girl?” Dean grinned. “Happy birthday, Baby. I swear you get more gorgeous every year.”

Fake Chats #174
  • Taehyung: Jungkook.
  • Jungkook: what's up?
  • Taehyung: I have a serious question.
  • Jungkook: okay.
  • Taehyung: why do you love playing with Jin-hyung so much? This is said with the knowledge that you play with all of us, but you definitely pick on Jin-hyung more. Why?
  • Jungkook: his reactions are funny.
  • Taehyung: no.
  • Jungkook: like, his eyes get really big and and his mouth gapes open and he's just so outraged. Like, if I bite Namjoon-hyung, he kinda just thinks, "oh, that's Jungkookie," but Jin-hyung REACTS.
  • Taehyung: that's it? It's not because you have a hard time expressing your emotions and it's way easier to be silly and tease us than to tell us that you love us? It's not because you do secretly look up to Jin-hyung and granted, it's very easy to test his patience, but he still looks after you and you just don't really know how to say thank you?
  • Jungkook: so when you said serious...
  • Taehyung: I meant serious.
  • Jungkook: he's got good reactions.
  • Taehyung: and?
  • Jungkook: and maybe a little bit of what you said. A little. A teensy bit. You just know me pretty well, that's all. You're not super smart or anything.
  • Later, Taehyung: Minnie! I'm really smart! I figured out why Kookie plays with Jin-hyung so much!
  • Jimin: you mean how he has a hard time expressing his emotions?
  • Taehyung:
  • Jimin:
  • Taehyung: that's just because you know Jungkook really well. You're not super smart, or anything.
  • Later, Jimin: so, Kookie, any time you want to work on expressing yourself, you can practice with me.
  • To Be Continued:

Once you start coming out of the closet, you never stop. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes you want to retreat back inside, hiding in the safety of denial or the rare occurrence of “passing” as something else. Do what you can to be honest, but do what you can to be safe in tandem.

Some days you’ll find someone who ignores your words and gaslights you backwards into the dark of the closet… but other days you’ll find someone who is glad to have learned a new part of your identity, and beckons you further out into the daylight. Keep at it for those days. Keep coming out when you can; you’ll find people who love you for who you are. And sometimes, you’ll show someone else how to be brave, too.

I made the first comic back in ‘14 when I was just starting to come out of the closet as androgynous, and things were hard and very painful for me. But I also made lots of friends and learned who I could trust via trial and error. Eventually, I came into my own and now have a lot of confidence in my identity, and I’ve started having more conversations with my family. Progress is progress, and the more I remind them about it, the more I see them coming to accept it. I’m very lucky in that sense, I suppose, because I know that a lot of people don’t get that chance. But if you can, please don’t give up on people. You’d be amazed at what people can come to understand if you believe in them.

You can do it! Keep trying!

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O, Supreme Overlord, tireless vigil of the comics... Do you like your hat because it's easy and comfy to wear? Or is it because it's comfy and easy to wear?

It’s actually slightly less easy to wear when I grow my hair out. XD  One of the many reasons I prefer having short hair.

Still have never met a hat that was its equal, though. Someday, perhaps…

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Hi! Kinda a dumb question here. Basically, I'm writing this character, and he keeps wanting to use finger guns, which I would totally be fine with, except I have NO IDEA what kind of verb applies to them! Do you throw them? Cock them? Shoot them?! Please advise! - Struggling

That’s an easy one! Shooting, firing, snapping, cocking are all good ways to describe this. One thing you can deduce from finger guns is that they are guns, so shooting and firing are always going to be appropriate, other verbs can work, but those two are the main words to use.

Good luck!

- The Artificer

Imagine #6 (short one)

He was there at his locker with Alyssa Todd. He said something, she laughed, and she kissed his cheek and left. Then I came and he acted so casual, like he hadn’t done anything wrong. I didn’t want to believe that he was cheating on me again. He said he was sorry, that it would never happen again and that he loved me. 


I stood in front of him.

“Why me, Zach?”

“It was easy. You were there so often. You cared so much. It was too easy for me to use you. You never cared when I blew you off. Whenever I cheated all I had to do was say sorry, it was a mistake, I love you and you forgave me. You always came back, so I kept doing it. I wanted to see how much shit I could put you through before you gave up with me,” he said, with that casual tone.

Goosebumps rose on my skin. My heart ached, I knew I should’ve left the first time, but he said he loved me. Who would lie about that? I thought at the time, but it’s been a con this whole time.

“You know Zach, I’m sorry for you, because although I knew the type of people you hang out with, and the type of person you are. I wanted to believe you were good. I did,” I paused. “But the real reason I feel sorry for you is because, you lost someone that loved you, that would’ve done anything for you, and I lost you. A boy who was too damaged to open himself up to real emotions and for that I am truly sorry.”

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Hi there, a big fan of your blog, there's amazing advice here! I have a multitude of questions but one that kind of sticks out at me right now is. How do you go about turning a fanfic or fanfic idea into an original fiction? Especially when a lot of the story hinges on the series original world building. I've done this once before with one story, but due to the genre it was easy to separate the settings. Less so here with a WOW fic concept I'm debating trying to make original. Sorry for vaguness

Thank you, love <3  That’s an interesting question!  I’ve answered something similar here, but I’ll expand on it for your specific situation.

Breaking a fanfiction away from its source material can be variably challenging, depending on how much has to do with the plot itself – that is to say, any history, setting, or character details that affect the course of the plot.  You’re going to want to first assess what parts of your story are “extra” details (e.g. canon-character personalities and interactions, unimportant canon-settings) and change/remove them.  Anything that’s unnecessary and not your own idea, cut it out.  Replace it with your own characters, your own settings, and your own history.

It gets a little more complicated when we reach plot-changing details, though.  You’re going to have to develop your own worldbuilding to support your plot… or you’re going to have to change the plot.  It really comes down to each individual detail, to be honest.  Without knowing what the story is about, the best I can tell you is to try to work backwards from the plot to figure out new worldbuilding.  Take the different plot points (e.g. a war, a magic system, etc.) and try to find different causes or twists for them.

For example: if someone were to write a Hunger Games fanfiction taking place in District 12, between Katniss and Gale, pre-Reaping.  You’d need to change Katniss’ and Gale’s personalities, names, and histories, obviously – but you’d also need to assess the setting.  District 12 is a poor province, a mining colony, in Panem.  Panem is a post-apocalyptic nation under authoritarian-totalitarian dictatorship, managed by violent Peacekeepers.  You’d have to figure out which of these details are important, and pull them out.

So let’s say, the violent police force is relevant to the plot, and so is the fact that the province is poor.  But it doesn’t have to be a mining colony, and it doesn’t have to be under dictatorship.  It doesn’t even have to be post-apocalyptic!  So then you develop a different history, in a different nation – different government, no Hunger Games, no apocalypse, not even necessarily any “district” format.  You’re left with two new characters, still antagonized by police in a poor region, as a platform for your plot.

That’s really all I can tell you without more information, though.  If you wanna message me and discuss it further, that would be fine with me :)  Otherwise, I wish you good luck and happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

Not to be corny but when I’m feeling lazy and self-pitying cuz my back hurts or I’m tired or I get dizzy easy all cuz I’m pregnant and just don’t wanna do shit, i remind myself that right now right as I’m pregnant, so’s Beyoncé AND Serene Williams so I gotta get up off my ass and do what needs to be done!

So the lady I’ve been dating is very awesome and very lovely and fun to be around, but we see each other once a week and I feel like it’s like 80% me who sets stuff up to hang out even though she def wants to. But being an ~anxious mess~ I cannot let someone in until I’m sure they really like me, and I am not at all used to getting to know someone so slowly and so little. She doesn’t text much and I’m generally pretty chatty, and it’s not easy for me to balance when I feel like I get so little from her. Lol I don’t want to care enough that it bothers me, but I keep kind of drifting and wanting to see other people but feeling like I shouldn’t.

Idk what to do really. I have kinda tried to talk to her about it and it made things a little better, but I’m still stuck here every couple weeks like… does she really want to see me? Or should I find someone else who is more enthusiastic?

But then she says stuff like she really likes spending time with me and sends cute emojis and says that we should actually make out sometime 😂😂 So I really just don’t know at all.