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BTS Reaction: His gf calls them drunk early at night

Anon said: “You’re back!!! Can I get a BTS reaction to you (their gf) calling them drunk in the evening/ early night. Thx ~“

Rap Monster: *would be surprised but would listen to whatever you have to say*

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Suga: *dislikes when you go out drinking alone* “What did I tell you about going out alone at night? Especially if you’re going to drink.”

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Jin: *worried to death* “Don’t move, stay there I’ll be there soon.”

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J Hope: *wastes no time and rushes to where you are*

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Jimin: *couldn’t help but laugh at the crazy things you were confessing to him*

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V: *you weren’t one to get drunk so he would be surprised*

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Jungkook: *you start confessing all the naughty things you had in mind, scaring the poor boy to life*

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Joker x Harley Quinn (fanfic I’ll never finish part 2)

After Joker gets Harley out of Belle Reve. They get back to the penthouse, to the circle of knives.

“This is all for me?” Harley asked, giddy on life as she walked into the center of knives.

Belle Reve was left in the dust as Mr. J rescued Harley, taking her away from the prison. They had to change cars twice, because Joker wasn’t taking any chances. He had just gotten her back, he wasn’t letting her out of his sight and he definitely wasn’t going to let her get captured again. A surprised to Harley, the henchmen hadn’t driven them to their home in depths of Gotham. But instead had driven them to a hotel in Midway City, had gotten them up to the top floor. As Joker, without taking his eyes off her, told the henchmen to “scram!” Harley looked around and she clapped for her puddin. He had manufactured the penthouse into his own, an addition to there ever growing hideouts.

Joker took her by the waist and walked directly to what he called “her room”. Harley was hoping that her room inhabited a bed, or a wall, that would do too. But what he took her to seemed like all of Joker’s arsenal. The room was littered with weapons all placed methodically in a circle with a small walkway towards the middle. Harley spotted her guns, her knives added to the mix. Closest to the inner circle.

Harley giggled, she felt drunk and silly. Happiness filling her veins for the first time in months, love in her chest enough to destroy her as Mr. J had finally walked into her cell and got her out.  She skipped into the room and laid down in the center of knives, spreading her arms wide and touching the ends of blades with her fingers.

Knives, guns, roses, champagne, she was surrounded by her favorite things… well except for one. She closed her eyes and let this moment sink in. The smile on her face wouldn’t be gone anytime soon. She was still in her ugly Belle Reve prison outfit but she couldn’t give a damn about that. She was home. Out. Back with Mistah J. She kept having to open her eyes wider, look at Mr. J longer, to wrap her mind around that thought, he got me out. Smile staying put as she breathed in and out, repeating that thought in her head.

Joker’s eyes hadn’t left her, not for a second. Had hardly blinked… watching her be in his life again…

… Harley heard him moving as her eyes closed, she heard velcro unlatching and a thump.

She heard movement, felt his presence come closer until his body was stood over her. She kept her eyes closed smile shining, keeping her fingertips on the blades of the knives. Joker growled softly and then his warm body was laying on top of her. His chest against hers, his knees aligned with hers. She adjusted herself slightly so his slender hips were completely between her legs and he purred. One of his elbows was to the right of her head, in an attempt not to crush her, but she welcomed it.  She wanted him to crush her, to pull her as closer as possible. She wanted to be dominated by him. She felt one of his hands link with hers and hold her fingers tightly

His missed presence wash over her, she breathed him in, feeling every inch of him against her. His free hand was against her waist, tracing patterns on her stomach idly. She doubted his mind even knew he was tracing. His beautiful eyes were glassy, in a far away land that had her home. But he didn’t need to be in that far away land anymore, she was home. She was home. She was home.

She decided to remind him of that.

“Joker,” He looked up immediately at his name, she so rarely called him by it, when his eyes reached hers a genuine smile light his features. His eyes were still a bit hazy, but still he latched onto his name, at her word, like she was his lifeline, like his child who had just learned how to smile. “I’ve missed you.” Harley finished.  

One of his hands came up to stroke her cheek as he purred. … He seemed to be having the same thought she was, repeating, making it true in their own thoughts… making sure the other wasn’t an allusion… a daydream…  we’re together. Finally.

The Joker kissed her prisoners tank top.

… And even though her body was bleached and her hair platinum, she was a rainbow… color filling her… warmth filling her again…


Soft, slow. So unlike what she remembered. He moved his head up… his eyes were closed…  placing a kiss on her neck tenderly, a whisper of a kiss. There and away. … Harley smiled euphorically down at him, tilting her head downward to meet his lips as they moved up her body. With his eyes still closed, their lips met.

… Her world burned… His lips were a dream, a fairytale she had fantasied about more times than she could count… a question to an answer… warmth meeting cold… a warmth she hadn’t felt in the whole time she had been away… his lips soft, eager, hungry and she wanted to feed him…

“Look at me.”

…. Harley couldn’t get her eyes open quick enough. … She refused to get over his beauty; she could look at him for minutes, hours, days and still find new gorgeous features. … His eyes were softer than she’d ever seen them before… like he hadn’t been sleeping and finally he could… like his hard-work was done with his girl in his arms at last. …

Harley smile was dazed, “You’re a sight for sore eyes.” She ran her fingers down his strong back, along the muscles, and down to his lower back. … A new emotion darkened in his eyes and Harley couldn’t wait. … His hands were restless, touching anywhere he could and then moving to the next space of skin.

Possessiveness flashed in his eyes suddenly, “Did anyone touch you?” He ran his fingertips down her throat, “Are you still mine?”

“I’ll always be yours.” Harley whispered back. “My one and only.”

His fingers had found a scar on her chest that had not been there when she left(??). His eyes darted towards it, inspecting it… Fury harvesting in his eyes … how dare anyone touch her. … Harley desperately tried to keep him in this moment, she missed him so much and to have him back. Have him on top of her again, have him touching her again. She never wanted to wake up from this dream. …

“Puddin,” She cooed wrapping her arms around his shoulders, “Did ya miss me?”

“Oh Harley,” Joker purred, resting his forehead on hers and breathing in and out deeply. “You beautiful creation.” OR “You beautiful creature.” OR “Its been no fun without my pumpkin here.”

… She rubbed her foot up and down his leg. Unable to stop herself from touching him, his skin sang to her. … She moved her arms to run through his hair, pushing back a piece of green that had flopped over. Joker purred. “Oh Harley,” Joker purred, resting his head between her breasts and breathing in her scent.


Mr. J held her close to him… Harley was running her fingers through his hair that had flopped over to one side… She let his nearness wash over her. Focused on where his lean, tone warm skin was touching hers… Making-forcing- herself believe that thought. I’m out. Back home with Mistah J. OR This isn’t a dream. He’s real.

Harley’s free hand wrapped around his shoulder, pulling him closer, bringing him as close as possible. … Until they were one being, no one could rip them apart again. … As if they had both imagined this so many times and didn’t want it to get torn away like it had before.

Joker kissed between her breasts softly. As if she would fall through the floor if he kissed her too roughly… Fall out of his grasp again… She held on tight to him.  He purred against her skin, moving his lips up to kiss her neck tenderly. … Showing her a side of him that no one else would ever see. … That Harley herself almost never saw. Joker was not the vulnerable type… His lips skimmed up her neck, raising goosebumps on her skin, she knew how unpredictable he was. How he could easily go from vulnerable, soft to … his warm breath blew against the sensitive skin on her neck. Raising goosebumps.

“J.” Harley whispered, as soft as his lips against her skin. “Look at me. Let me see your eyes.”

Joker’s eyes opened… he gazed at her in a dreamlike state. … as if he couldn’t believe she was finally with him. … His eyes were more tender than she’s ever seen them before. … Harley didn’t know if she liked this side of him…

“I love you.” Harley breathed, … Harley rose her head off the ground to kiss his forehead.

“Harley,” He breathed, “If anyone tries to take you again-“

“Shh,” She shook her head, “Don’t think about that.” OR “That’ll never happen again.” OR “I’ll never leave you again.” OR “That’s never going to happen.” OR “That won’t happen.”

“Harley, if you ever-“

“I won’t.” She smirked, “No one’s ever gonna take me from daddy.”

… His grip on her waist would leave bruises later.

Harley smiled softly, running her fingers through his hair. She leant down and kissed the top of his head, breathing him in.

“You know, I loved that piano.” Harley giggled, motioning with her eyes to the stripped, flipped over white piano in the corner.

Joker smiled, a shark unleashed, “I’ll get you another one.”


It was a memorizing site. The way he put so much care into each brush stroke, his impeccable eye for detail and how happy he seemed to be in his own little world.

“Teach me?”. Klaus head shifted to his left, you were watching from afar, in his bed to be more precise.

Dipping the paint brush in the black paint, he filled in the empty space on the canvas, before wiping his hands on the cloth. “And what would you like me to teach you, love. How to ride a horse?. Perhaps you’d like to learn a new language?. I’m quite handy with my tongue, 1,000 years experience and all that”. He reached the foot of the bed and swiftly caught the pillow, thanks to his vampire reflexes, that flew in his direction.

“I meant teach me to paint. You 1,000 year old hybrid smart ass”.

“Well come on then, love. We don’t have time to waste”. Excitingly pulling back the covers, Klaus set up a new blank canvas and mixed different paints together. He stood behind you, “Remember, you’re the one who’s in control. Let it come naturally, let the paint brush guide you”.

Choosing the colour red, you painted a straight line in the middle of the canvas. As you were mentally picturing the image you wanted to bring to life, Klaus phone rang. Stepping away it only took moments for him to return with a somber expression. “Figure me, love. That was Elijah and he wants me to come help him deal with a feisty vampire”. Kissing the top of your head, “I’ll be back”.

Half an hour later Klaus returned, but not to how he left everything. By the time he was gone, your painting didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Canvas after canvas you tried different methods, but none were successful. Half of Klaus room was like a car had rammed into it and you sat cross-legged in the middle.

“And here I thought painting was suppose to be calming?”. Looking at him, you smiled. Dry paint on your face and hands, holding a paint brush with 2 canvas laying in front.

“Yes, to people who know how to paint. I however, suck at it”.

Klaus chuckled, the sound which had the ability to either annoy the living daylights out of you or provide a sense of calmness. Kneeling down, he admired the not so artwork and sat down beside you. “If it was anyone else I would have their heads for ruining my room and painting supplies. But since it’s you, I’ll let things slide”.

“I’m sorry Klaus. I just wanted to surprise you with a painting, like you’ve done for me so many times before”. Throwing the brush aside, although it didn’t land far. “And I’m also really sorry about your room”. Observing the mess that surrounded you and Klaus.

He picked up the painting on his left, the one that was mostly complete. Stood up and maneuvered to an open space on the brick wall. “I must say it looks quite spectacular over here, hanging just below this light”.

“How can you even think about hanging it up, the painting is horrible”.

Klaus leaned the painting against the wall. “Nothing my girl makes is horrible. Y/N this is your art, the one that came to life when you held the paint brush. Yes, it may not be on the same level as mine. Actually no, in fact, it’s way better than mine”. He smirked.

Walking towards him, “Come here”. Cupping his cheeks and standing on your toes to give him a kiss. “We both know the painting sucks, but thank you for suggesting otherwise”. Sliding his arms around you, his foot stepped back and went right through the canvas which caused you to loudly laugh out loud, “I guess I deserve that for literally thrashing your room”. 

“I could care less about the room, love. Right now I have more important things to focus on”. He admitted, vamping over to the wall closer to the bed. “Klaus Mikaelson not caring about his painting supplies, I’m shocked”. Replying rather sarcastically.

“Enough chit-chat. I much rather work on your canvas, much more entertaining”.

Tilting your head to the side. “Did you just referring to my body as a canvas?”.

“I did indeed, love. I was hoping to sound romantic”. Klaus yanked your shirt buttons apart, letting the loose material fall around your feet.

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed. “Well what are you waiting for? Paint away, this canvas is ready”.

And in no time the other half of Klaus room became an exact replica of the mess you created earlier, just minus the paint.


“Good to be bad,Bad to be good.

A time when it was bad to be good was when i had to give away all my weapons to my parents. It was after I got into serious trouble with the law so my parents wantd to take all forms of weapons that I had away. It was bad not because I might use the weapons, just because I paid good money or spent a lot time making them. It made me feel that all that time and money was wasted. But since weapons are dangerous and my parents didn’t trust me, I suppose it was for the better.”

Written by Eric Harris on 21st September 1998.

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Hey! Love your blog! May we have some Mike Faist hcs? Smutty or fluffy, it doesn't matter. 🙂

i’m in the mood for fluffy mike lets go

→ listen, he drapes one arm over your shoulders and sets his other hand on your waist when he kisses you. it’s cute af.

→ lets you paint his nails. the color is black and he’s always asking for touch ups because he picks at it.

→ he’s a tall bean pole and doesn’t let his height go to waste. he’ll reach up to get something for you if you can’t reach it, lets you ride on his back, and rests his chin on top of your head.

→ brought you to meet the deh fam for the first time n nobody could get enough of you. they all adored you.

→→ laura straight up asked when he was bringing you back.

→ your date nights are almost always nights in. he likes to order takeout n just cuddle while watching movies.

→ he’s always bringing home gifts from the theater. fans literally give him stuff for him to give to you n laura has a habit of getting too many snacks, so she shares with you.

→ when he’s had a particularly draining performance, he texts you and you get blankets n snacks ready so you can cuddle together.

→ whenever anyone brings you up, his nose crinkles and he gets a lil blushy because he loves you so much and loves to talk about you

→ makes bomb ass breakfast foods. can and will make you breakfast in bed.

→ lets you know he loves you like…. every day. starts and ends each day with a smooch and an “i love you.”

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 this fucked me up thanks a lot jk i love you thank you for the request and here is my first official DEH fanfic. 

Title: Wasting a Letter.
Pairing: No Pairing.
Fandom/Musical: Dear Evan Hansen.
Words: 623.
Rating: T. (Angst).

Evan could almost hear his mother’s voice inside of his head, droning on and on. ‘These letters are supposed to help you!’. The fingers of his right hand hit the keys much faster than the ones on his left hand. 

Sliding across the surface of his mind was his own voice, loud and shaky. ‘If there’s nothing good about a day, a year, a lifetime then what are you supposed to write? Do you just lie your life through? Pretend that everything is okay, yeah, everything is alright, and go on? That’s not how it works but that’s how so many people live life. You do something, you move on. But, what if you can’t move on?’ His fingers stopped moving and hovered about the keys, barely grazing the letters with his fingertips now in some sort of effort to find something to type.

What if you’re stuck?

Dear Evan Hansen,

was all that was typed on the otherwise blank document. The empty space seemed to mock him, calling out from a streak of white cyberspace, ‘Nothing good here, nothing good here at all. What’s the point?’

He thought about his mother once again, and how he had promised to at least get one letter done before the day was out. That was this morning, almost seven hours ago. 

Deep down, there was a sense of admiration for his mother and her slight, meager attempts at finding some sort of ground with Evan that felt stable and not like walking on glass barefoot. Few people had the patience to even try and Evan was thankful that his mother at least did that, even if her suggestions would only spur things down a dark, deep catalyst that Evan would have to crawl his way back up from.

But, that’s where he’d get stuck, unable to get out, unable to reach into the light and therefore, he’d stare at the dark walls around him, completely giving up on any hope that perhaps, just perhaps, there was an obtainable way out of the darkness.

‘If you’re stuck, you lie. People lie all the time. Like, those people who say that they’re okay but they’re obviously not, b-but you don’t pester them into telling you more because you don’t actually want to know. You don’t care and you never did. Why ask if someone is okay then? If you have no… no intentions of going farther than ‘are you okay’ why pretend and fake your way through a heartfelt conversation with someone?’ Evan tugged at the right side of his striped blue t-shirt before cupping slightly at the waistband of his tan pants, right foot tapping on the ground.

‘But then, it’d s-still be nice to have someone who pretends to care, who pretends to be there for you because a lot of the time, people don’t actually like the friends they have but they’re still friends because it’s a convenience. You know? Because having and calling someone a friend and seeing them and talking to them is something that people consider everyday life, but it’s actually a convenience to them. You pretend to care because you know that deep down maybe the other person is pretending just as well as you are.’

“I pretend that maybe they care even if I know they don’t…” Evan whispered to himself. Evan took a deep breath in and began typing once more. This time, the rhythm was sporadic and rather off-beat. The thoughts were coming to him in clusters, not in wholes anymore. His focus was in ten different places and Evan began finding it difficult to listen to at least one part of him when the other was yelling something completely different.

Today’s going to be a good day.

He lied.

oh boy that sucked im sorry lmao. You don’t have to reblog or anything, i’ll get better when i get more familiar with the characters you feel. anyway, thank u for reading. love you guys. 

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Do you hate Addison the character? Or Ava Allan the actress? Because Ava's actually really sweet person, I've actually met her. It's just sometimes when people hate a character they always give shit to the Actor (not saying ur doing this) like when Aria was being annoying in one episode I don't remember which episode, but Lucy started getting a ton of hate on twitter

I have absolutely nothing against ANY of the cast members on PLL. They’re all such successful people to have gotten a role in this worldwide phenomenon. I can’t have anything against this group of stars.

I just hate Addison. If they wanted us to fall in love with her for a spinoff, they did a terrible job by bringing her in during the final 10 episodes just to waste screen time. I couldn’t care less that she made a complaint about Emily being too flirty with her. That’s so boring. I wanted more of the board game, puzzle pieces, betrayals, Mary Drake, etc. Not a random teenager who thinks she can take down a PLL. I don’t care. 

Oh I see that all the time. It sucks and is so damn wrong. Lindsey Shaw gets death threats because Paige often interferes with Emison being happy :(

Wow, we’re wasting no time at all, eh? Team RWBY is already down below, fighting in a field of ice and fire!

And… Oh god. The announcers of this tournament are Port and Oobleck. Of course…

Wow, did you want to install guard rails, or something? Like… To stop people from accidentally falling off? Hello?

Also, thanks to another establishing shot, we saw that the Amity Colosseum is floating over the city of Vale, with Beacon Academy not far away. Nice.

3 things for when you're upset:

1• have a shower and change every single item of your clothing. Hitting the reset button mentally
2• do not waste your time. Curl up for a while, but get to work eventually… otherwise you’ll be underprepared for tomorrow and it will suck even worse
3• appreciate your loved ones and all they do for you- use them, a problem shared is a problem halved… that includes any form of outlet or help, forums, teachers, family, friends, any other health services that you have access to

[4• take your time, watch your favourite show, read a book, write down 3 things you notice out of your window]

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As a SC shipper I'd like to apologize for some of the crap that goes on in the fandom. Personally I didn't really care for Mon-el because I thought the writers did a disservice to his core character from the comics and there was a lot of wasted potential (theme of s2) But none of that has to do with Chris. He did the best he could with what he was given and had some great comedic timing! It's a small but annoying group of them and the majority of SC shippers want them to shut the **** up too.

hey, thank you but you don’t need to apologize, it was wrong for me to say that all SC are horrible antis because i have no right, i really do get super over protective of chris and jump on the defence. i’m glad there’s some of you coming forward and i hope as a fandom you pull together and don’t let them toxic people bring you down.

i have no problem at all with people disliking mon-el!! it’s understandable, not everyone is going to like the same people, however what i do dislike is anti’s claiming shit about mon-el which isn’t true when half of them don’t even watch the parts of the show that mon is in, they just hold onto little bits of things from 20 episodes ago and run with it, (ie the slave owner shit, the abusive thing etc), so as long as you stay in your lane and just dislike mon-el without trying to make other people agree with you or hate people for it, then it’s all good with me. 

chris is an actor who gets paid to play mon-el. he didn’t write the script, he didn’t replace james (from my understanding james wasn’t very well liked s1 and that’s why cw cut his screen time) he isn’t racist for accepting this job, he isn’t an abuse apologist because he said mon-el is a good person at heart and a hero (if you actually watched the show, you would see that deep down mon-el is a good person, he just needed time to show that off) 

also while we’re at it, can i just say that this whole chris saying an abusive ship like karamel is healthier than an interracial couple (westallen) was completely taken out of context?? he never EVER said that, he said that the ship name westallen isn’t as sweet as karamel (because karamel = caramel) that is literally IT. he never claimed karamel was a better couple than westallen or that it was sweeter. in fact, if i’m not mistaken that’s the only time he’s actually spoken about karamel (apart from when a fan asked if he shipped karamel on twitter to which he replied KARAMEL with an emoji) 

chris has actually hardly even spoken about supergirl or mon-el. those two things are the only thing antis think they have against chris and they’re taken out of context and not even true. 

listen, people know that i adore mon-el (actually the same people who hate him now liked him before when they thought he might be shipped off with winn and before karamel happened) but i’m not going to claim he’s this outstanding groundbreaking character (y’all know how i feel about his other characters) and i think chris has done an amazing job playing mon-el (especially since what he was pitched is completely different to the character he plays now but that’s another issue) and to call chris sexist because mon-el took the place of kara in the show is just laughable because kara has been in literally every scene on s2?? the cw asked chris to be part of the show, they literally handed the job to him on a plate, and he has such a large following that they wanted to use that, soooo they were hardly just gonna shove him off to the background lmao

anyway i’m so sorry for going off again, like i said i get really defensive over chris, but thank you for coming to me and saying this (i feel sorry for you people who just want to ship supercorp in peace) and i promise i won’t refer to you all as satan spawns, just that certain group of people!! 

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what happens if the new ciel decides to take revenge on sebastian's cat? maybe we'll finally get to see him cry for real! lol

While Sebastian was wasting his time out in the rain, real!Ciel was single-handedly killing all of his cats. In that case, LOL, yeah Sebastian will probably break down sobbing and totally zone out.

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I'd like it if we all shared some of our most meaningful Sonic quotes from over the years. "I have no master, except for the wind that blows [true and] free!". "Do I need a reason to want to help out a friend?". Finally, "Just smile...".

Oooh, those are all good ones! Another one I like is “Nothing starts until you take action.” 

The Japanese box arts for the classic games had good ones too. 

“Don’t sit there and waste your precious time. When you want to do something, do it right away. Do it when you can. It’s the only way to live a life without regrets.” - Sonic 1

“To live a life of power, you must have faith that what you believe is right, even if others tell you you’re wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of Time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take that first step…“ -Sonic CD

-Mod Sarah

When I read news reports of atrocities around the world, I have strong opinions about it because I have opinions about concepts like injustice; I have a vision of how I think the world should be, and that sure as hell isn’t it. But because of my neurodivergence, I am incapable of caring about the actual innocent people being hurt or dying. I am consistently and wholly unmoved. There are always innocent people dying; that’s the world we live in, until we find a way to change it. Even if I were capable, I would not want to waste my days feeling sad about it. That accomplishes nothing at all. Harm to innocents should be minimized, eventually eradicated, but you can’t stop to obsess over it each time, to have feelings about it. Caring about the victims shouldn’t have any impact on why you want to change the conditions that lead to such atrocities; you should support those things because it makes sense to live in a world with fewer atrocities, not because you feel bad for the victims. Back your ideology with thought, not feeling.

But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

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Camilizers are crazy in a bad way (not generalizing, please). 90% of their time is wasted sanding hate for the girls, for 5H's stans and ot5. This @cryingincamren is kind of delusional 😂, but Camila chose to follow and they're just hating on the girl that didn't do anything. This is so ridiculous, because Camila knew what the account was about. She's a Camren shipper like all of us. Let the girl feeds our delusions.💁🏻

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Undyne do you remember mettaton?

Undyne rolled her eyes, still ignoring the voices, but started to grumble about all the sub-par shows she had been dragged to in the years Before. She never understood the hype.

So much time wasted.

Still, it was preferable to the life she had now.

Etain is very much someone who likes to be active and productive. She hates feeling useless, or like she has nothing to contribute, or as if there might be something she could have done and didn’t,all more or less a conditioned response to the constant undermining of her abilities and worth in the Temple. Basically what that means is that, especially during the Clone Wars, she has a lot of trouble taking time to relax unless she can justify it to herself as somehow still being useful (reading a scientific text for the information, meditating to sharpen her abilities, reading poetry to sharpen her language skills).

When she initially lands at Kyrimorut during her pregnancy, she’s loathe to sit still or “waste time” even though she’s been told she has basically three months where she needs only to stay put. It’s what drives her to devour medical and genetic texts, make herself as useful to Mereel as she can, probably still exercise and practice forms as much as she can, offer her help to Rav whenever she finds herself with out something to fill the moment.

Eventually, though, after another week or two, Rav starts trying to talk her in to a scheduled nap time.

She bristles the first several times it’s brought up: she isn’t a youngling in creche, she doesn’t need minding much less to be coddled. Yes, fatigue is quickly becoming a part of her third trimester now that she isn’t constantly battling adrenaline rushes, but it isn’t as if she’s being fired at. She can work through it, just like everything else.

It takes being embarrassed at being found several times- Rav gently shaking her awake at the table where she’s been drooling over her datapad, Mereel throwing a blanket over her while she dozes in on of the chairs the tool she was examining forgotten- and a little bit of good natured nagging for her to finally concede.

But once it becomes a part of her schedule, Rav always makes a point of having a cup of shig or a glass of cool water ready when she wakes up, has, Etain suspects, been checking in on her now and then and rescheduling maintenance tasks to accommodate her. Mereel jokingly asks if she’d like a bedtime story one day when she’s running a little behind and proceeds to tell her an anecdote about one of his brothers so outrageous that she doesn’t notice until after that it’s his form of gentle chiding.

She still is grumpy discussing it, still feels guilty “lazily wasting time”, and has to reframe it, in the end, as being for her son not for herself. But in the end, some small part of her recognizes that it does feel nice to be cared for.

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What if the reason behind Yousef and Linn talking at Eva's party is their endless love for Bakkoush siblings? Can you believe they're gonna go double dates all the time? Their children gonna play basketball together and Mama Bakkoush will watch them with teary eyes and a huge smile. Eskild is gonna be their Guru Uncle and give them advice about life. (1)

When the little Linn becomes a teenager and her heart breaks for the first time, Linn will comfort her daughter like “Don’t waste your youth like I did. There’s a perfect guy waiting for you out there and one day he’s gonna make you smile again.” And Elias is gonna be like the protective father and say “You don’t need anyone when I’m here for you. I will love you and your mother until the day I die.” and they’re gonna laugh and hug. (I’m not crying.)