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Consumers Aren’t Confused, You’re Just Upset That We Like It Better

I’ve been thinking about stuff like this all week. People complaining about how labeling vegan products as “milk” or “sausage” or “meat” etc. is somehow deceptive and confusing for consumers.

Meanwhile I’ve never seen someone buy peanut butter when they meant to buy dairy butter. I’ve never seen someone buy a can of coconut milk when they meant to buy dairy milk. I’ve never seen someone confuse the flesh of a young coconut for animal flesh. These are foods that have existed, and have kept the same name, for years and yet have not rustled anyone to the point of writing poorly-penned NPR articles about it or posting passive aggressive tweets about plants being “naughty”.

Using words typically associated with animal products to describe plant-based products IS NOT a new thing. People are only butthurt about it now because these popular non-animal based products are a challenge to the profit they build off of exploitation. Pay attention to who produces the most content about these products being “deceptive”, because almost 100% of the time they’re also the ones making the most money off of using animals.

Farmers, sponsored nutritionists and politicians make a lot of wild claims about how these foods “confuse” people. The article on “can you legally call it milk” even cites one sponsored nutritionist who claims people are confused because they think it means anything labeled “milk” has the exact same nutrients. 

But let’s make it clear: 

1. consumers can read the label on the side of the carton. 

2. There are more reasons people purchase plant milks than just nutritional values (like cooking and convenience). The majority of people who buy dairy milk don’t do it because they “know they need their calcium”, but because it’s just a part of their everyday lives. My mom doesn’t put milk in her tea because of health concerns - she does it because that’s how she likes her tea. We might justify our eating habits by listing its nutritional value, but the majority of consumers do not eat for optimal health - they eat around a lifestyle that they and their culture has cultivated. 

3. Ever hear someone mention drinking dairy for vitamin A or vitamin D? That’s fortified, just like it is in plant milks, making the “but it doesn’t have the same nutrients” point essentially ignorant. Dairy milk, unfortified, really doesn’t have the benefits so many marketing companies boast about. What they do boast about are the fortified nutrients, and so often just omit the fact that it’s added in during processing. 

4. Plant milks are not devoid of nutritional value - like I just said, many ARE fortified, just like dairy milk is, but beyond that the ingredients chosen also have their own nutritional value. Almonds, oats, peas, cashews, soy. These are foods with nutritional benefits. The myth that plant milks lack the same essential nutrients, like calcium, or any nutritional value at all, is really just that. A myth.

And can you really convince me that people are buying sausages out of health concerns? And that meat-free alternatives aren’t healthy, if not healthier?

We get it. You’re upset that our culture is changing and progressing. But throwing a tantrum about plant-based milks, meats, condiments, or anything else is not earning you support. Your arguments are transparent and consumers are not as confused as you’d like to believe.

a guide to stim toys!

trying to decide what stim toy you want? i’m here to help !!

(note: this is based off me n a few others’ experiences)


  • tangle toys
  • fidget cubes
  • spinners
  • bike chains
  • other moving part toys

-easy to get your hands on
-typically not expensive
-wide variety

-not very discreet

a popular, well-liked type of stim toy! good for keeping focused, self regulation, and they’re pretty fun to play with ! there’s quite a variety of them out there, some may not even be marketed as stim toys (ex: plastic toys from stores).


  • chew jewelry (necklaces/bracelets)
  • chew toys
  • teether rings

-meant for chewing! you won’t break em
-no more chewing on wires/fingernails/etc
-jewelry can be designed nicely to look like regular jewelry

-actual chew jewelry/toys are harder to get and can be pricey
-teether rings aren’t discreet

many autistic people never outgrew the instinct/need to put thing in their mouth or chew on things! and some other nd people chew for other reasons! that’s what these are for! plus, they can also help with anger management!
tip: if you don’t want people to see your chew necklace, tuck it under your shirt and chew when you’re alone/no one’s looking!


  • stress balls
  • moni moni animals
  • stretchy rubber toys

-fairly easy to get
-stress balls are a “normal office toy” (less chance of judgement)

-monis and rubber toys aren’t as discreet

a calming stim! very soothing, good for relieving stress and anxiety. i like to roll my moni moni animal between my hands a lot!


  • weighted blankets
  • weighted lap pads
  • weighted stuffed animals

-fantastic sensory input
-good for insomnia

-harder to get
-not discreet

i LOVE weighted stuff!!it’s a great feeling. super calming and soothing. really good for helping you sleep!!


  • stuffed animals/plush toys

-very easy to get
-varying prices

-not discreet
-seen as immature and babyish (unfortunately)

plushies!! super important. super good. soft, huggable, lovable things. many people have them as comfort items!! it’s so good to hug them and pet the fur


  • bristle brushes
  • spiky toys
  • fur
  • many more

-wide variety
-there are good textures in a lot of places!
-spike toys are slightly painful and can leave little indents, which is a good alternative to self harm!

-spike toys are harder to get

textures!! we all know n love our textures. my favorite is fur!! sometimes i stim by petting my pets! (my hamster is especially good, she’s so soft!). textures are everywhere and everyone likes different things! but there’s also specific toys/tools that can help! like bristle brushes and spiked things!


  • stim jars
  • glitter containers
  • fish tanks
  • online videos/gifs

-wide variety
-easy to make
-there are a lot of gifs online

-no tactile stimulation

popular!! easily found online, and easily made irl! fun things to watch. i especially love to watch fish tanks!

Slime, Sand, and Orbeez

  • slime
  • kinetic sand
  • moon sand
  • sandbox
  • orbeez
  • jelly/gelatin

-really fun
-unique textures

-a stay-at-home toy
-needs to be kept in a safe dry space
-harder to get
-fancy slime is expensive

these things are the most popular in stimboards and videos, because they look so cool!! if you make your own, you can do whatever you want with it! they’re all really unique textures and feelings and super fun to play with!
tip: be careful when using borax! it’s toxic


i hope this helps!! feel free to add on if you have anything!

We need to make an official fandom agreement to make this the #BABYSelcaDay pose until the next comeback or something, this defined 2016 and skyrocketed Jongup’s booty popularity to the highest level of ass popularity there is.

This pose is so legendary, so many idols have copied it and even though Yongguk wasn’t a part of Skydive promos K-Babyz STILL found a way to incorporate him in the banner and he’s basically doing the same pose it’s like it’s just meant to be iconic. Never let this die.

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do you read victuuri fanfics? i'm looking for new recs ^^"

I do ♡ I can rec you some, but they’re pretty popular, so a lot of people have already read them.

On My Love by RikoJasmine (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Time Travel AU where after an accident, Yuuri wakes up in Detroit before his first GPF.

For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

I have never cried so much in my entire life.

Masquerade by Ashida (Rating: Explicit, Status: Ongoing)

Mafia/Gangsters AU 

“Just say the word.” came the whisper as Victor stepped close, behind them Yuuri was aware of guns out and at the ready, of confused men and questioned loyalties, here Victor was offering, and Yuuri was too selfish to say no.

I don’t think anything I say will do this fic justice.. It’s so beautifully written and so heart-breaking, it’s my favourite Viktor x Yuuri story. You can also find short side stories here.

Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Reiya (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete holy fuck)

Rivals AU where everything changes the day Yuuri goes to see young Viktor perform and win his gold medal in the Junior Grand Prix.

“I’ll show him.” Yuuri vowed, hands still clenched tight around the pillow. “I don’t want to be like him anymore. I want to be better. I’ll beat him at his own game and he won’t be laughing at me anymore.”

a.k.a. the cause of my death and part one of the Rivals Series (the first chapter of the second part, titled Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts, will be will be posted on the 26th of March and I will f perish help me). Also my favourite fic.

centripetal force by braveten (Rating: Explicit, Status: Complete)

College/University/Roommates AU where Viktor Nikiforov, popular frat boy and Linguistics major, ends up rooming with Yuuri Katsuki, a shy Physics major (who happens to be the same person that Viktor hit on his skateboard).

“Oh,” the boy says from the bed. 

He looks surprised. 

(Obviously he looks surprised.) 

Victor can’t stop staring. “Hi.” Then he remembers that Bike Boy probably hates him. No, he remembers that there’s almost a zero chance that Bike Boy doesn’t hate him. “Sorry about this. I heard you were separated from the guy who was supposed to be your roommate, and so was I. So we can switch rooms, get it the way it’s supposed to be. They’re just a floor down from us.”” 

This is like, adorable and so funny, I read it in one go!

Stargazer by Fahye (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Complete)

Space/Royalty AU where Yuuri has been admiring the ‘sport of Kings’ from afar until His Royal Highness and reigning ballistic champion Viktor Nikiforov appears out of nowhere and together they reach for stars.

“Victor wore pink, that year, and his costume was cobwebbed with gold thread and amethysts. The jewels glittered and winked at the cameras as though even the lights were in love with him, were bending their heads to chase him as he moved, faster and brighter and grander and more breathtaking than anyone else had ever been.

That’s the image in Yuuri’s mind as he finishes his routine. There are purple sparkles and a gorgeous, carefree smile on display on the inside of his eyelids. 

So when he opens them to see the reigning men’s ballistic champion standing barely a yard away on the other side of the barrier, feet on the floor of the arena, close enough to the sealed-shut hatch in the transparent sphere that he could reach out and touch it–”” 

I read this a couple of days ago and I’m still speechless. There are wonderful illustrations in it, the story is incredible and the imagery really beautiful! 

premier dans mon coeur by aphhun (Rating: Teen And Up Audiences, Status: Ongoing)

Canon Divergence/Danseur AU where Yuuri is the Principal Dancer of The Bolshoi and moves to St. Petersburg for a few months to help Lilia Baranovskaya choreograph a routine for Yuri Plisetsky’s Senior Debut in the Grand Prix Final.

“I’m Yuuri Katsuki. Wonderful to meet you finally, Mr. Feltsman.” 

Viktor fell on his ass, elbows slipping out from under him from how he had been lounging against the boards. He went down, not hard, but embarrassingly enough as he stared up at the attractive danseur from his spot on the ice. Damn.

Holy shit. Breathing - was he breathing? Did he still have to?

The kind of fluff you never knew you needed!

My fun fact is: by stillmadaboutpetra (Raring: General Audiences, Status: Complete)

After retiring, Yuuri goes back to the University of Michigan for a Master’s in education. What he fails to mention to his friends is that he’s a retired competitive figure skater.. and that he’s an Olympic medalist.. and that he’s pretty famous.. and that he’s married.  (based on this prompt

“But a big, cheek-busting grin bounces onto Yuuri’s face and he turns to them. “Would you like autographs?” 

Uh huh huh what now? 

A muffled scream swells in one girls throat, and the other bursts out “I knew it!” and the other one, closest, holds up her phone, eyes big. “We thought we saw you at the exhibition the other week.”” 

This is so funny, I’ve read it like, three times in a row and I still go back to read it some days. 

worth mentioning & my Marked for Later list:

Welp that’s all, I still have a lot of fic rec lists I have to check out as well (saved in my drafts) but I hope you enjoy these because I really did!

“Bleeding Out” Poison Apple Curse

Hi guys! I’ve never actually posted any of my personal spells before because I consider them, y'know, personal. But recently I’ve felt drawn to begin posting them. I want to help people out. This spell is a “poison apple” curse that is meant to cause the truth to come to light. 

In other words, say there is a person who look very nice and could be super popular and well liked. But they are not nice and you know this. Maybe they hurt you or someone you care about. Maybe they are racist or transphobic. Any of these things. This curse will not only bring these things to light, but force them to feel the pain and consequences of those actions. I have used this spell and it did work VERY well.

Things you will need:

  • 1 apple 
  • Salt
  • Knife, rusty nail, anything sharp really. 
  • A nasty mixture (anything gross. Examples: vinegar, chilli powder, black pepper, bleach, lemon juice, rust, tobacco, graveyard dirt, angry spit, etc) just make sure to be careful about what you are mixing. Check first please, especially if using harder products like bleach! 
  • Pen/Marker
  • Small slip of paper
  • Container the apple can fit into (bag, jar, etc)
  • Optional: a ritual stimulant like coffee grounds for it to happen faster. 

1) Get your ingredients ready! Create your “nasty mixture” and if your practice includes setting up an alter, invoking deities, or circle casting do that now.
2) Take the apple. This represents the person that you are cursing. Write their first and last name on the apple while visualizing their face. Say “On the outside you look normal and nice…”
3) With the knife, cut out the core/center of the apple. Pull it out. Remove the top of the core from the rest of it, as the “lid” of the apple will be replaced later.
4) Take the mixture and pour it into the apple. Say “…But you are filled with poison…” as you pour. Do not fill all the way.
5) On a small slip of paper, write the bad properties of the person that need to come to the surface. Say “…filled with vice…” as you place the slip of paper inside of the apple.
6) Get the top of the apple and place it back on. Say “in order to bring these things to light…”
7) Get your knife! You are going to (carefully, unless you are okay with making a mess) stab the apple once for every thing that you wrote down. Really put your energy into this. Make it hurt. Say “…I will stab and I will slice.” Try to make the knife go all the way through the apple.
8) Once the apple is oozing (or dripping?) put it in a container (I’m using a bag because I don’t have any jars big enough to hold my apple)
9) If you are using any stimulant in your curse, add a tiny pinch to a bowl of salt and mix. Add this mixture to the container that the apple is in. Close/seal it.
10) Now SHAKE! As you do this, imagine the person facing the consequences of everything you wrote down. Put your intent and anger into it and really focus on their stupid face. You want them to be seen as who they are. This salt is the consequences, the salt to the wounds after they are seen. Say “You will pay.” for every time you stabbed them.
11) Now get rid of your bag of suffering. Don’t keep it in your house unless it is in the trash can. You can get rid of it how you want but do not bury it, as it will hurt the earth.
12) Get rid of any negative energy that may come back on you (if you believe in that.) Cleanse yourself with a nice cup of tea (lavender, chamomile, and rosemary might be nice!) or a bath/shower. Cleanse the area with salt, salt water, incense (dragonsblood, sandalwood, lavender, anything you’d like to use.) or any way of cleansing you choose. Ground yourself and get rid of any extra energy. Get some nice PJs on and curl into bed with snacks and netflix or something. Curses like this that require so much energy can leave you feeling super drained so be sure to take care of yourself.

trans person: this character is nonbinary this is my headcanon
cis person: sweaty (: thats not canon ((: that will never be canon sweaty respect the content creators intention (:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(: if you want nonbinary characters you just have to make them sweaty
a thing: has a nonbinary protagonist and gets popular
trans person: ok @cis ppl who shit on my nb headcanons this character is ACTUALLY nonbinary so can you please just let us have this one character
cis person: sweaty ((((: cant you see their gender is up to interpretation sweatypee we can say that theyre whatever gender we want (((:::(:(:(: theyre meant for the player to project on sweaty you cant say theyre nonbinary (:(:(:

Klance headcanons

-despite popular belief, Keith is a total bed hog. he grew up never having to share, unlike Lance with his huge family (as seen in s1e2)

-Keith gets really protective and Lance loves it. he’s not used to the attention, as he’s always been brushed off by people he’s pursued, and, once again, his large family meant that there was less individual focus and attention

-Lance PDA’s 24/7 and Keith pretends to be annoyed but he secretly loves it (and Lance knows that, making him do it more). Keith really just loves to show off his amazing boyfriend, so the PDA makes him happy

-cuddles!!!! Lance always starts the cuddling, but Keith takes it to a whole other level.

-Keith really likes the soft skin on Lance’s tummy, hips, and the insides of his wrists. he likes grazing his teeth and the tip of his nose against mentioned areas, as the skin “is just so soft”

-Keith is a really ugly crier and and Lance is a really pretty crier and it makes Keith lowkey Jealous™

more will come with time!! feel free to add your own fluffy Klance headcanons!

I feel like 2013 is such a surreally different time to now precisely because that was precisely the point when the difference between mainstream culture and internet culture stopped having any relevance.  After that, the Harlem Shake was the #1 pop hit and Weird Facebook meant that any new memes could be integrated into the popular consciousness super quickly.  For that reason things before that time are like weirdly pure?  Like idk, Homestuck is a big example as one of the last Weird Internet Things that remained weird no matter how big it got.  It never really intersected with mainstream culture in the way that Bronies or Gamergaters or McElroy peeps did, and Homestuck memes remain the most indecypherable to me for precisely that reason

The Popular Belief

Rating: K

Pairing: Todoroki x Yaoyorozu from BNHA

Two Shot

Romance/Angst- the fanfic with angst that I said I’d write a while ago, enjoy! 


Despite popular beliefs, Yaoyorozu never accepted the idea of lasting relationships. As ridiculous as it sounds, Yaoyorozu grew up in an environment where relationships meant business, and in turn, business meant money. Her family was wealthy; everyone knew that of course, but to her, wealth started to become something really dark and twisted. In her world, wealth was what attracted ‘family friends’, if you could even call them that. She was fed with a silver spoon since she was a baby and she donned gold jewellery for every social event for as long as she could remember. She could technically obtain whatever she wanted with a snap of her fingers, but at the same time, she had to work hard to give her parents something to be proud of. At the age of 8, Yaoyorozu noticed that what really was intangible were people who wanted to know her for her. Not because of the Yaoyorozu family name. And so entered Todoroki Shouto.

               Todoroki, Yaoyorozu swore, was the only person who came from a well-known, greatly publicized family, who never seemed to give a damn about the world. He had to uphold his family name but the composure that he instilled on everyone around him came as a surprise to her. Ever since the exam where the two fought against their beloved teacher two years ago, the girl admired him more so than before. From the wires where he was left hanging, he shouted to her a short speech that Yaoyorozu can still hear, placidly repeating in her mind, as if it were on a broken record.  It left her emotional.

               But when it came to confrontation and discussion, Yaoyorozu would have to admit that it wasn’t her strong suit. Her innocence and naivety were like a spring breeze brushing over soft fields; gentle, fresh, and unwavering. And that’s what plagued her. Jirou had consulted her many times, with a smirk of course, over matcha lattes and cinnamon buns, that talking to him about her inadvertent crush was key to ‘success’. What Jirou meant by ‘success’ however was still a mystery to her, but if that could clear her mind and cure the constant anxiety whenever Todoroki was a meter away from her, then maybe Jirou was right.


               One casual morning came, and the black-haired girl, with her signature pony tail, was struggling to carry a pile of “Hero History” workbooks across the UA hallway. Like always, she volunteered for teacher without hesitation, and she was told to bring it to the staff room where he will begin his long treacherous journey of homework marking. She treaded carefully on the clean marble floor, noticing the few scuff marks that periodically became visible as she walked, giving the only evidence of student existence. Quiet echoes of her footsteps disturbed the silence of the hallways, coercing her to move faster. If it weren’t for UA’s strict policy on using one’s quirk on school property, she would have fashioned a pair of skates by now.  

               A short, slight tap was heard somewhere on the left of the girl, and with a few more steps, she noticed two girls, one with vibrant pink hair, and the other dark brown, taking something out of their lockers. Were they even supposed to be in the hallway during class time? Yaoyorozu stood far in a corner, the perfect perspective to see what they were doing. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back…right?

               “I want to give him this, what do you think?” The pink haired girl, spoke quietly, “I made these myself!”

               A heart-shaped box peaked through the girl’s tiny fingers. Valentine’s Day chocolates? But wasn’t Valentine’s Day way past?

               It was the brown-haired girl’s turn to speak. She leaned forward, Yaoyorozu noted, and she took the box out of her friend’s hands. The contents inside the box rattled a little, and the other girl quickly made a ‘shush’ gesture with her finger.

               “This is really sweet,” the brown haired girl spat, her tone like venom from a snake, “I don’t think he will accept it though. Haven’t you heard about the other girl he’s been seeing?”

               Yaoyorozu almost laughed. These first years sounded so immature she couldn’t bear it any longer. The girl continued to balance her books and was about to tiptoe away when the conversation steered itself towards an eerie ending.

               “Todoroki-san? Seeing someone?” The pink haired girl sounded disappointed. She grabbed the box away and carefully packed it neatly into her backpack.

               “Ya, rumour has it, he’s out with the same girl almost every week. You know, sitting in cafes and stuff,” the other girl hissed, “I wouldn’t confess to him now if I were you.”

               A sudden shock resonated through her and Yaoyorozu’s heart began to hammer. As if all her blood rushed toward her tired arms, a workbook started to tilt forward. Haphazardly, Yaoyorozu shifted her weight on her heels, praying to God it wouldn’t fall. But it did anyway, and the loud thump made the two girls jump in surprise with Yaoyorozu’s presence.  Cursing (which was surely forbidden in her unwritten family code of honor), she placed the steady pile on the floor, gaze fixed on the book which was now half opened. She picked it up swiftly, acting as if the other two girls were simply statues,  Yaoyorozu placed it on the stack and continued on her way. In the corner of her eye, she saw the two girls, mouths agape. Whispering, the two girls turned quickly on their heels to leave. Yaoyorozu could only hope they didn’t recognize her.


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There’s a post floating around that we shouldn’t be upset that Mutsuki “isn’t trans”, because he was never meant to be a trans representative, and that Ishida never wanted him to be portrayed that way. But that’s exactly why everyone is upset. We had our hopes so high that there was finally a trans character to represent trans folks, and in such a popular manga, and as one of the major characters. We weren’t allowed to believe for a second that something like that was possible, and now that many believe it’s been “confirmed” that Mutsuki is cis, they’re trying to rub it in our faces. Essentially all we wanted was some LGBTQ+ representation and we wanted to believe it was possible to have that, but so many people are pointing and laughing that we’d dared to even hope, and that just seems really backwards to me.
Mugged my heart - UJustGottaLove - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I had meant to write this for the AU day for emimike week but I never managed to finish on time. So here it is! It ended up way longer than I intended.

Summary: The cafe shop Emil, Michele and Sara work at has suddenly skyrocketed in popularity and when Michele finds out the reason behind it everything suddenly changes.

If you would rather read here on tumblr then look under the cut.

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When people say the finale ruined April Ludgate’s character

So you think April wasn’t meant to be a mother. You think she hates everyone, she hates kids, she would never ever want kids, she would never be a mother.

Did you forget the time she was swarmed up with young girls who loved her art?

Did you forget the time she was having fun with all the Pawnee Rangers for a pillow fight? Did you forget that even Ann, beautiful popular Ann, didn’t partake in that pillow fight?

Did you forget the time she ran and cheered with all the Pawnee scouts when Andy started a boat race?

Did you forget the time when she had to remind Andy, of all people, Andy who adores kids, that he had to get out of character because he was scaring a little kid? And spent a good portion of her day helping that child find his way back to his mom? Would she have done the same for a lost adult in the building? 

Did you forget the time she accepted a kids concert for Andy and had so much fun? So much so that she said she’d never found him as attractive as when he was singing to children? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

Did you forget that Andy and April babysat the triplets? That Leslie literally called her Auntie April? That Ben, who always worries about everything, told Andy to let April handle everything? Would he say that, would they trust their precious children to someone who hates kids? Would she accept to do it?

Did you forget that April had her very special part in the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, April’s Animal Corner? That she literally pushed and encouraged Andy into a career in kids entertainment? Is that what someone who hates kids would do?

Did you forget the time she couldn’t help but be the sweetest toward Oliver and Leslie, even though she’s always had a less-than-idyllic relationship with their mother? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

It’s okay if you don’t like kids. It’s okay if you don’t want kids. It really is. But that’s you. Liking children has always been part of April’s character. She has never had a negative interaction with a child in the show. She has always liked kids and wanted to help them and have fun with them. The finale didn’t ruin who she was, it confirmed it.

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isn't botw link meant to be an adult, though? people might not know the official ages, and older link is always referred to as "adult"... the age/species difference seems more questionable, because most people don't really see nintendo's stated heights/ages/whatever stats as canon. is it a really popular ship then?

hi! mmm link is never older than 17 in canon! nintendo talks about how link is supposed to be very youthful and how they designed him off of peter pan etc, so they always keep him young, u know? also whether u see nintendos stated info as canon or not doesnt make it not canon…but yea. the ship has some reblogged porn going around so i assume people are digging it or whatever but ill just do my best to avoid it 


What I’ve summarised so far:

MARVEL: Casts Baron Mordo, a white character, with an amazing black actor.

TUMBLR IDIOTS: Don’t really know that character so…-shrug-

MARVEL: Casts the Ancient one, a racist stereotype Asian character, with an androgynous white female character.

TUMBLR IDIOTS: *Has a seizure due to the conflict of losing an important Asian role but gaining an important female role. This paradox opens a tear in Tumblr and half of all the Supernatural slash fiction disappears into the void never to be seen again.* 

MARVEL: Casts Stephen Strange, a white character who has never been proclaimed to represent any other race, with Benedict Cumberbatch.


MARVEL: Casts Mads Mikkelsen as the villain, is white, has an unconventional appearance.

TUMBLR IDIOTS: This is fine because I liked him in Hannibal.

These idiots waste their time crying over the superficial, non-existent issue of a casting choice while I’m sat here just excited to see demons, parallel dimensions and magic invade the MCU. I don’t find problems where there aren’t any, and thus, I am a happier human being.

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Hello! 'all the episode did in general was tick yet another (possibly the last) item off of the long list of ‘obstacles in the way of actual canon Destiel’ can I ask what you meant by that, and what the other boxes are or were? thank you!

Hii. :) 

Blah, I wish I had a short answer, but I really don’t. :p Do you want a long one or? 

Basically, if you start by looking at all of the most popular excuses that anti Destiel people use to claim that it should/could never go canon, you’ll easily find the most common obstacles on the list. 

The thing is, at some point all of these obstacles WERE legit obstacles to worry about, but the show has been slowly but steadily getting them out of the way one by one. 

If a couple of years ago you would’ve asked me ‘do you think it is at all possible for Destiel to become a canon thing on the show’, I would’ve answered: Yes, but not before…

Whereas now my answer would be: ‘I don’t trust these writers to deliver, but TECHNICALLY speaking, nothing much is in the way anymore.’

Some of the most prominent examples:

✓ The vessel/consent issue

“If Destiel went canon it would be rape! Jimmy is still in there!” 

Although it had been talked about before by writers/people involved in the show, it was never mentioned as a fact on the actual show. Season 10 took care of that for good, by letting Castiel literally say to Claire that her father is gone, and has been gone for a long time. As a bonus, they right away back it up with an actual scene of Jimmy and Amelia in Heaven, showing us that what we’re being told is the absolute truth. 

Bonus in 11x18 re “but that’s still not really Cas, and Dean would be weirded out to be with him like that”.

We get the answer to that when Sam (bless his soul) tries to stay rational and talks about how ‘it’s a strong vessel, Dean’ and Dean immediately snaps at his brother ‘IT’S NOT AN IT, IT’S CAS!’ That’s how he sees that, he sees that as actually Cas, and that is also a very important box that needed ticking.  

✓ Dean’s sexuality

“But Dean isn’t gay!”

True, he isn’t gay. But…

Let me kindly point you to this looooong complete list with all the proof of Dean’s bisexuality.

It’s a huuuuge list, because there’s so much evidence. So much so that it would be easier to prove that he’s attracted to both men and women, than it would be to prove that he has to be seen as 100% straight. (As explained at the bottom of that post.)

The thing with Gunnar the wrestler in season 11 sealed the deal for me, Dean was literally drooling over/crushing on a hot wrestler, while Sam was having a thing going on with an attractive female at the very same time. 

If you’re going to say ‘Oh no, Dean was just fan boying, they weren’t interested in each other like that’, then your heteronormativity goggles are glued to your face to the point where I honestly can’t help you. It would be the equivalent of ‘Oh no, that one guy isn’t fucking that other guy in the ass, he’s just giving him a prostate exam. With his dick. Look that condom COULD be a rubber glove!’

Lame jokes aside, you all understand what I’m getting at. 

Granted, even with the many hints, we haven’t actually seen Dean with a man (yet), but imo there’s been enough hinting at Dean’s not-straightness that for everyone with a pair of functioning eyes, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock when Dean finally embraces it and gives in to his desires. Especially when it includes a person that he’s been stuck in so many romantic tropes with that I lost count.

✓ The Bromance Zone

“They’re just very close friends, not everything has to be romantic or made gay!”

Surprisingly, for the most part thrown out of the way again recently by Buckleming in 11x18. 

Yes, two guys can be close pals who are friends who are buddies. Agreed! Except, we have a perfect never ending parallel in season 11 (and the rest of the show, tbh, 7x01, 9x03, 11x03, to name a random few), namely the difference between how Sam reacts to losing Cas, and how Dean reacts to losing Cas. Team free will, they’re all brothers in arms, family, close friends… But the way Sam reacts to Cas being gone or in trouble, THAT is how a friend would react. Because Sam and Cas are good friends, the show has made that clear. But if Dean and Cas are also ‘just good friends’, how can it be that Dean’s reaction in S11 (and mostly 11x18) is so much different from Sam’s? 

Sam is standing there next to that circle of fire like a loyal friend would, ready to assist in whatever way he can if the opportunity presents itself, whereas Dean…

That guy was just a useless emotional wreck! Standing there, tears in his eyes when Lucifer mocks him, irrationally crying out Cas’ name over and over and over again, even when he knew that is was absolutely pointless to keep doing it. 

Whereas throughout the episode Sam tries to think logically about how to save their friend, Dean is led by nothing but his feelings. His heart. The heart choice. Snapping ‘IT’S NOT AN IT’, while it was obvious that Sam didn’t mean it like that at all. 

Dean has been shown pining over Cas episode after episode, even loses sleep over it, while Sam is always the one who tries to comfort his brother ‘we’ll get him back Dean’. It is NEVER the other way around.

How does that make sense if they’re all just close friends? The answer is: it doesn’t. Because we’ve been clearly shown once and for all the difference between how friends act (Sam/Cas) and how people act when there’s feelings involved (Cas/Dean). 

I’m not a Buckleming fan by any means, but credit where credit is due; you folks did well on this one.

✓ The spontaneous transformation into a Romantic Comedy

“If Destiel goes canon it will change THE ENTIRE show and what it’s about!”

And this is where we return to your original question. :p Because that is what I meant when I said that 11x19 removed another item from the list of obstacles. 

You see two hunter husbands and hey, it didn’t turn into light gay porn or a chick flick. It was still the same old SPN, these badass hunters weren’t straight but it changed absolutely nothing. Because it doesn’t have to change; merely because two people get into a relationship, doesn’t meant that the show has to become about their relationship. Or about their sexuality for that matter. 

Bonus message in the episode: It’s possible to care about both your brother and your lover. Say it louder for the people in the back.

So I suspect that all of the above contributes to the hopes for canon Destiel currently being higher than ever, because technically, the writers have addressed pretty much all of the issues that people could possibly have with it. 

As in: ‘if you don’t like the ship you don’t like it and that’s your prerogative, but if we do decide to go through with it, your biggest arguments have already been shot down because we already took care of them.’

Do not take this post as me saying ‘IT’S GONNA GO CANON OMG’ though. I’m only saying that right now it’s -technically- a very realistic possibility. 

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Queen Annabeth and King Percy headcanons, please?

  • they were married at 17 despite their parents being arch rivals because their parents could not deny the benefits to both their kingdoms 
  • at 23 years old they are the most popular royals of the last century 
  • Queen Annabeth is King Percy’s most trusted advisor and it is widely known that he never makes a decision without first seeking her counsel 
  • it had caused him problems in the past, with older rulers not agreeing with having a woman in the room no matter her title 
  • but Percy was adamant 
  • any kingdom looking to do any sort of business with his would have to respect the authority of his Queen or face embargo 
  • after a border skirmish with a neighboring kingdom, the threat of war was imminent  
  • Percy had been in war council meetings all week and his partner was surprisingly absent 
  • there were rumors throughout the kingdom that the queen was sick, possibly even on her deathbed and no one, not even other royals, were brave enough to ask Percy about her health directly 
  • he is in a meeting with this war council one day when Piper, one of Annabeth’s ladies, enters and whispers into his ear
  • as soon as he is out of the war room, he sprints to the other side of the castle where the infirmary is 
  • the doctor is waiting outside the infirmary for him and explains Annabeth fainted while out in the gardens on a walk 
  • the door creaks open and he sees his wife sitting up on a bed and leaning against the wall, eyes closed, but she smiles when she senses his presence 
  • “Are you gonna come in or are you just gonna stare at me from over there all day?” 
  • “Don’t tempt me,” he teases 
  • sitting down next to her, Percy places a hand to her stomach and a kiss to her forehead 
  • she opens her eyes as she places her hand on top of his and takes a deep breath, "You’re cute when you’re worried. Your eyebrows get all scrunched together.“
  • he laughs lightly, his thumb rubbing circles onto her barely showing belly 
  • “We’re fine, Percy. I promise.” 
Stomach Tied In Knots//Isaac Lahey

(A/N): Lucky Reader is placed next to their long term crush, the one and only, Isaac Lahey, in their shared English class, where they have to work closely on a project.


Isaac Lahey was a god. How anyone could ever think of him as a loser, you could never understand. You had always loved him, as crazy as that might sound. Even before the leather jackets or his newfound lacrosse skills or his popularity. But all those things only meant more competition for you. Well, not that you had much of a shot before that.

You had four total classes with him, yet you had never striked up a conversation with him. Which was what made today particularly exciting. During the last five minutes of English yesterday, your teacher had given you a new seating arrangement and,for once, you were right next to him. That meant only one of two things could happen now, you would gain a new set of social skills overnight and woo him with your vast knowledge of the English language… Or you would make a complete idiot of yourself and scare him away, so good luck.

When you entered the room, you instantly noticed him sitting at your shared desk in all his immaculate glory. You took a deep breath before jaunting over to your own desk. He didn’t even give you a glance as you took your seat. You wanted to smile or say ‘hello’, but figured that might be too forward.

“Good afternoon, class,” Mrs. Wilson announced in a slow tone. “You’re going to start working in your oral presentations today. Work with your table group using the assignment sheet I handed out yesterday.”

You looked around at your shuffling classmates around you. Every other table surrounding you was in groups of four, except for yours, which only you and Isaac sat at. You internally thanked your teacher before turning back to Isaac.

“I’ll do the first part,” Isaac announced shortly, inspecting the packet in his hand. His eyebrows furrowed cutely as he continued reading over the paper. Your heart fluttered as he turned his attention over to you.

“Then, I’ll do the second part,” You murmer quietly. The two of you worked silently, only exchanging notes a few times. You wanted to start a conversation with him, but you didn’t want him to think that you were a slacker, so you worked quietly. Sadly, class had to come to an end. As you were packing up your things you heard Isaac clear his throat from beside you, making you turn to him.

“Do you wanna meet up after school to work on this?” he questions, motioning to your work.

“Uh, yeah, sounds great,” you respond, trying not to show too much excitement. Though on the inside, you were jumping off the walls.

“Great, can I pick you up at seven? We can get dinner if you’d like,” Isaac offered timidly, rubbing the back of his neck. Just as you were about to consent, a sudden realisation hit you like a train. He didn’t want to work on the project, this was a date.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” you blurted harshly. Your eyes widened as you tried to mumble an apology for your outburst.

“Do you want me to be?” Isaac replied, smiling sheepishly.

“Well, um, I wouldn’t mind,” you say, running a hand through your hair. You both exchange looks for a moment before you give him your address. He repeats it quietly to himself with a wide grin.

“Isaac, wait,” you called out, running towards him. “Why me?”

“Because,” he started slowly, “I’ve liked you for five years.”



my wave, my shark, my demon in the dark. the blue tied pulling me under."

wake up kids we’ve got the dreamers disease

Living in Coolsville, Ohio meant that life was never normal. The town on it own had it secrets - deadly secrets. Judy Reeves never thought she would get mixed up in all but that all changed her junior year of high school. Judy, the perfect daughter. A straight A student and popular girl at school. Not for her money, but for her kindness. you see Judy might have come from wealth but her parents were a bit more on the hippier side of things. Their daughter was intelligent, in the top percentage of her class and never used her power to traffic terror or intimidation. Instead, she used it to help others. Which is why Judy volunteer to tour others to help them with school. That’s where she met Brad Chiles. The boy needed help with math, at least she thought he did. In reality Brad was perhaps one of the smartest kids from the wrong side of the tracks. He only used tutoring as an excuse to get close to Judy. After all a girl of her stature would surely never fall for someone like him but she did. Judy fell hard for Brad. There was a connection there that she had never experience with anyone else before. He understood her better than she understood herself sometimes and that meant a lot considering she often felt invisible in her opulent lifestyle. 

In no time Judy and Brad began dating, much to her father’s dismay. But she didn’t care. She was happy and that’s what mattered most. So, when the time prom rolled around it was a no brainier that the two went together. The only thing is the town was on high alert. The night that prom was supposed to be taking place was the 20th anniversary of the Coolsville murders.  In 1974 a string of murders took place in the small town. At the center of these murders was Rodney Loomis, an outcast who was pushed too far one day and took his revenge out on the student body. The murders finally stopped little did Judy know she was somehow tied to the town’s dark past. No one thought anything of the anniversary but Judy’s mom was wry of the entire thing. She tried to reason with her daughter, begging her not to go to prom that night. Except Judy didn’t listen. She wanted to spend the night with her boyfriend. If only Judy had heeded her mother’s warning because that night someone came to a prom in a Rodney Loomis mask and next thing you know the gymnasium was covered in red. There was a total of five people dead at the end of the night. The horror that happened twenty years ago had come back to haunt them. Judy and Brad barely made it out alive. It wasn’t until later Judy found out that her mother grew up with Rodney. The two were best friends and Rodney was even in love with her mother. Of course her father had gotten in the way and which pushed Rodney to his crime.  With that lingering over her head Judy knew she had to leave.

Brad had already had a love for the paranormal so together the two decided to decided to hop in Brad’s van and travel the U.S ghost hunting. In a way it gave Judy closure. Ghosts she could deal with. She always believed in them too, after all coming from Coolsville the first thing you’re taught is the haunted history of the town. But real people? They were the real monsters. That was the one thing she couldn’t face. From that day on she vowed never to return to Coolsville unless she absolutely had to now. Now Judy dedicated her life to helping others in this life and the next. 


+ : gentle, captivating, intelligent

- : stubborn, too trusting ,haunted

  • brad chiles: the boyfriend