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Ronan said, “I’m always straight.”
Adam replied, “Oh, man, that’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told.”

(The Raven Boys)

A+ observation Adam.

JUST ACCLIMATING MYSELF TO FEATURES so that I can draw them some more in the future. <3 Ronan gets more little head studies because I like…drew the big Adam and was like alright got that on the first try OK no more attempts necessary haha. 

Baby ravens are ugly little shits.

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[ revision log printable + google sheets ] — reviewing course material is an excellent way to retain information over the long term! to use for my exams, i made a little revision google sheet and a matching printable, which i’ve decided to share with the community (●っゝω・)っ~☆

✨ — at the time i didn’t realize it, but this is inspired by @s0manythings​‘ beautiful grade tracker printable + sheet set! go have a look!

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•  printable pdfs, available in 5 colors ( bubblegum, lavender moon, seafoam, silver & gold, studykyt colors ) + b&w version ( skyscraper ) + bonus color ( field berries ).

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we tried hard to stand it. we

were barely human. we were bodies

stacked with pain. we never said sorry,
didn’t wanna. you were always drunk
& sad & too far gone for that. I was
terrible & I didn’t care about being better.
but now you’re standing in my bedroom.
now you’re scared & you say you
wanna get into heaven. you wanna

stand in some form of light that isn’t
filtered through clouds of crude smoke.
good luck, & who knows, maybe god
will forgive us for all of this. the stones
we threw, the ankles we bit, the people
we kissed. showing up at the gates
with our tails between our legs.

starved & mad, two dogs who missed
their last meal, licking our wounds &
itching for a fair fight.

there so much to get mad about.
go ahead pick something. imagine
if it helped. imagine if mattered.
I didn’t cry when you left. I just
circled ‘round the block & waited
for you to come back. because
you always do. because I know
how this goes. we pretend we
aren’t the same & then we realize
we are & we pretend we don’t care.
we need each other & that’s all we do.

it’s crazy the things you do for a friend.

it’s crazy the way you’ll act for love.


Nice To Meet You Too.

12:17 a.m.

Seychelle left Tobias alone as she went around asking for a ride home (thanks to Augie). After an hour of no sign of Seychelle, Tobias began to sober up by the pool. 

- “Tobias, right?”
- “…”
- “I saw Augie’s twitter. You and Seychelle can crash at my place if you guys can’t find a ride.”
- “Eurhh, nah, It’s cool. Neither Seychelle or I are down to drive any where else but home, tonight.”
- “Where’s there to drive to when you’re already there?”
- “Mm..? I’m sorry but, who are you again?”
- “Pffbbt, I’m Maxine but, people call me ‘Max’. Funny how you’d walk into someone’s house without knowing who it belongs to.”


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Reminder: It’s good to forgive people, but unconditional forgiveness isn’t always necessary. If someone has severely hurt you, abused you, or scarred you for life, you don’t have to forgive them. I see too many people stress and get hurt, or feel bad because they can’t forgive someone. That’s ok! Forgiveness is healthy, but not always necessary. You aren’t required to “forgive and forget” something that was extremely traumatizing in your life.

anonymous asked:

do you have favourite klance moments?? I wanna make an edit but I need scenes of them interacting ahahh

So this ask is 2 weeks old ಠ_ಠ …….sorry about that, but here is my detailed answer that I hope makes up for the delay :D 

Ranked in reverse order, here are my top 10 klance moments from both seasons (plus bonuses). It’s long, so, under the cut.

10. Pool Klance

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can someone explain to me how the criticism taylor swift receives from people within the entertainment industry is fair when all she does is praise and offer support to other artists? honestly i’m tired of people using her name as a tool to advance their own agendas it’s transparent and frustrating. it’s also sad that other artists feel like it’s not only ok but necessary to undermine her achievements and attack her character in order to address problems within the industry. she would never resort to that. 

  • Listen to me:
  • 1) A sob backstory, doesn't justify the bad acts and crimes a character has done...You can symbathise with their motives, you can route for them to become better, but this doesn't make them suddenly unguilty and misunderstood !!!!
  • 2) When a main character is tortured, stripped from any happy emotion, severe injuries,lost loved ones in the progress or his body transformed permantly and becomes emotionless and merciless as a aftermatch of all these, that is not called "character development" or becoming strong , but trauma...!!!
  • 3)Their are characters who love to see others suffer and be awful all together , without a serious reason and that's ok!!! It's not necessary every single act to be justified and this doesn't mean bad writting... Just like in real life , some people are plain evil.
  • 4) Falling in love doesn't make characters flat .
  • 5) Staying alone it's not necessary good .
  • 6)Be rude and sarcastic isn't always cool , as much as behaving with manners doen't make someone necessary a good person .
  • 7)Same sex relantionships are not superior from heterosexual relationships , but the same .
  • 8) Phychological/Psychiatric problems are not to be romantized and are not excuses for problematic behaviours like murder for example .
  • 9)A female character is free to have faults as much a male character...How a male character is free to make mistakes while for exampe being a team leader , when you keep calling the female ones names like being bossy or bi*** for the same reason ?
  • 10) Be crazy as fuck or without sanity , doesn't make someone a badass !
  • 11) Wearing your heart on your sleeve and driven by strongs emotions , doen't make a character weak or naive , but it's proof that his/her is alive as a person .
  • 12) Wanting a normal life , against a life of war and revenge it's not a bad ending .

(Not trans related but I feel like I need to get this out there)

Listen. If you shoplift, because you’re actually poor. Because you don’t have basic things, like food, and I don’t know, shoes. Ok. I understand. If you shoplift small, inexpensive, necessary things because you absolutely need to, and you’ve asked for financial help and you just can’t get it. Alright. But if you’re doing things like shoplifting Sephora, or expensive unnecessary clothing, or videogames, or fucking??? I don’t know that shit. Like fuck you.

And ESPECIALLY fuck the people who ‘lift in the name of communism’

No you selfish bastard. You’re directly hurting the workers. That’s literally disgusting, you aren’t spitting in the face of the CEOs, do you understand that they’re just cutting the workers pay?? 

This isn’t some heroic thing you’re doing you’re just selfish and bitter that you didn’t have the money to buy things that richer people can afford, and I understand, and that sucks, and it’s completely unfair that some people can just be born into a rich household but that doesn’t make it alright for you to disadvantage everyone else with your bullshit that you try to disguise under a political ideology.

Anyway, so yeah, if you’re a lifter just… Unfollow me, or,, stop.