this was my uncle's status in facebook

apparently my aunt and uncle went to pride - in palo alto i think - and like idk its just kinda weird for me bc whatcha doing there aunt lauri and uncle joe. i just,,, its making me real uncomfortable that the two - no sorry - the two excluding the family of the uncle I’ve met three times in my entire life - biggest assholes of my family are a) at pride even though they’re both straight and b) my aunt has the d-slur on her Facebook status even though its part of the name of an organization

An Open Letter to Atheists

My partner learned yesterday that a family member is in the hospital. It isn’t looking good, and though they don’t have a good relationship with most of their family, they found this very upsetting. They posted a status on Facebook asking for support, and requesting prayers for an easy passing.

Somebody felt the need to respond to this with a multi-paragraph tirade about how prayer is useless. They went on and on and on about different medical practices and theories, and how if my partner wants to really help, they would be asking for medical advice.

Again, my partner does not have a good relationship with their family. They will not get to see their uncle. They can’t do anything, they can’t affect anything the doctors do, they can’t attend any sort of memorial or funeral, all they can do is pray for an easy passing.

So, atheists. Here’s what I want you to do.

If you truly, deeply, honestly believe that prayer is useless, and you see somebody requesting prayers or positive energy because they are in a time of distress…

…keep your fucking mouth shut.

Nobody wants to hear your tirade. Nobody wants to sit there and watch you pull some better-than-you bullshit when they are grieving or in distress. 

You aren’t going to change anyone’s mind. You aren’t going to come off as some supreme rational being.

All you are going to do is piss people off and look like a huge. fucking. douche.

According to recent reports, your white friend on Facebook, whom you’ve always secretly suspected of being a latent racist, explained today through a series of passive-aggressive posts why she does not support the protesters of Ferguson, Missouri.

Saying that “it isn’t that big of a deal” and “people get shot all the time”, your white friend explained to what she imagined was an eager audience on Facebook why the residents of Ferguson are blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

“They’re just looking for an excuse to riot. They just always need something to be angry about, and feel oppressed over.” While it was left ambiguous who the ‘they’ in the Facebook status referred to, some expert analyzers concluded that your white friend was referring to black people. Your white friend insisted she was not racist at all, and that in fact this entire ordeal had nothing at all to do with race, and that “they” should stop trying to make everything about race.

She then posted a number of articles and videos of police officers doing nice things, with the passive-aggressive addendum: “See? Not all cops are bad! So maybe all of you should stop shit-talking them!” Unable to explain how these random good deeds did anything to address the events in Ferguson, your white friend responded to criticisms saying, “Well my uncle is a police officer, and he’s an amazing person. He risks his life every day. And if you don’t like that, then fuck you Jennifer, I’m unfriending you.”

Your white friend’s final Facebook status on the matter concluded, “I might get hate for this, but I for one support all the brave men and women who risk their lives every day for us. And I support all of the brave officers in Ferguson who are only trying to their jobs. The problem here is all those ghetto thugs acting like animals. And see? I didn’t say anything about race! And all of that is why I don’t support these ridiculous protests. If you have a problem with that, then bye.” The status finished with an extraordinarily condescending smiley face.


Your White Friend On Facebook Explains Why She Doesn’t Support Ferguson

The Wishwashington Post

Omg so I made my Facebook status “American Horror Story: republicans control both the house and the senate” and my crazy right wing, tea partyist uncle called me in the middle of my psychology class and bitched me out about being a leftist hippie who is ruining America and told me that if he was my guardian he would have had me gotten a lobotomy years ago. It was great, I love pissing off republicans.

Before you click "like" on your uncle's "thugs and criminals" status update tonight...

If Facebook was around in 1963 I feel fairly confident that my feed would have been filled with a whole lot of white people talking about how those black people in Birmingham need to just calm down and stop causing trouble (while the police dogs were sicced on them).

If you aren’t going to be part of the solution maybe you should consider at least avoid documenting being on the wrong side of history.


Okay so I know I said I was going to bed but I have been arguing with my friend’s conservative family on facebook and the status has over 150 comments like this shit is insane I’ve got her siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, even GRANDPARENTS coming after me because I think Darren Wilson should’ve been indicted and it didn’t take long for them to start insulting me tbh

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I am half black/white and have a sister who is fully white (we have the same birth mom). My sister has 5 kids with 4 different dads, one is with our uncle. And her first kid is black who she didn't even raise. Yesterday my sister wrote the most ridiculous Facebook status, "I don't understand how colored people can call Caucasian people crackers and honkys but Caucasian people can't call colored people niggers." I've hated her for years now but this takes the cake.