this was my transport home

So in recent news… I got a car. Which means life just got a whole lot more convenient for me. No more walking to the gym in the rain, no more hauling all my groceries 1.5km back home, and no more public transport to uni. Plus I’ll be able to apply for some sports coverage jobs.

Am also looking forward to just being able to take myself places and not having to rely on someone else for transport :]


Okay so thanks to a bunch of really friendly messages I’ve decided to stream today at around 14 GMT+1 if nothing goes wrong with transportation home

Gonna be doing a character design for my nightborne oc hopefully, maybe another wow/overwatch crossover :D

Thank-God-You’re-Alive Kiss

Stacee Phelps prompted this kiss ages ago, but since I took a break from filling prompts I sort of stopped at this one… But I picked it back up this week since I was without Internet and at an expressive arts retreat. Which was interesting, but I did want to write some!

So I filled some prompts! :D They’re going to go up over the next few days, starting with this one.

The prompt was: “they’ve been fighting all week-one of them is presumed dead and they haven’t made up-but then the one is found alive but injured and they kiss.”


Steve could still scarcely believe that Tony was alive. Not after the horrible week he’d had, where he’d thought for sure that Tony was dead.

And the last thing he’d told Tony was that he wasn’t cut out for relationships if he couldn’t be bothered to spend some time with Steve. The look on Tony’s face – heartbroken, stricken, and then blank as his mask came on – had haunted Steve every minute since he’d learned that Tony was dead.

He’d known going in what Tony was like with relationships; Tony had told him. And yet Steve had rubbed it into his face.

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It’s raining today even though the rain has stopped for the last few weeks, and today is the day I really need to transport my paintings home from open studio… 😒

I’m in one of those moods where it feels kinda pointless to do most of the things I should. I failed three midterms for my two worst classes. Bio had both lab and lecture. Funny thing. I studied my butt off for lab and still got a higher grade on lecture. I’m pissed.

I don’t have a job or means of transport on my own, so I’m just stuck at home. I’m having issues finding volunteer opportunities so I can graduate with honors. Everything just…should I even bother anymore? The world is going to shit, and who knows what will happen. What if I just spend all this time for nothing?


My six babies were kept in a different building (next door) while my basement (the place where they are kept) was being flea bombed due to the excessive fleas in my carpet, and while I was transporting them back into their home, I brought my camera to snap some pictures. Immediately after, they were shielded by my arm/sleeve while I transported them.

They were only out for literally less than a minute while I walked them inside, and they were never in direct sunlight. It was a nice, warmer day of about 85 degrees with a pleasant breeze. As soon as they were inside, they were taken to their freshly-cleaned tanks.

In order of top to bottom, we have Coquelicot (”Poppy”), Xochiquetzal (”Xochi”, my only boy), Venus (”Vee”, one of my rescues, had a bad shed and didn’t get all of it off), Aphrodite (”Dee”, Venus’s “sister” and another rescue), Phoebe (”Pheebs”, another rescue), and Nailah (the worst of the four rescues, recovering from being starved).


Nailah obviously didn’t like the trip, so right after I snapped the picture of her (literally right when I walked outside the door), I put her in my pocket to shield her from the light.

I was a little worried about bringing my AR and Glock home for the holidays, seeing as I’m flying out of Newark, NJ. 

I knew the Firearm Owners Protection Act afforded the ability to take my guns back to AZ, but until I read it I didn’t realize how great it was.

The particular clause that I will run in the face of anyone who tries to tell me I can’t take my guns home is:
“ Permits the interstate transportation of unloaded firearms by any person not prohibited by Federal law from such transportation regardless of any State law or regulation.”

Regardless of any State law or regulation 
Regardless of any State law or regulation

Regardless of any State law or regulation



Here is a original photo of the Japanese transport my father in law sent home from Guadalcanal in WWII… That’s his buddy’s swimming around the ship ..