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Swap FTW

A buddy and I decided to swap characters. I went from playing my bugbear barbarian at levle 11 running Tomb of Horrors, to running her Cleric with a Rogue Dip….suffering 2 levels of exhaustion,almost out of spells, and without any idea what was in her spellbook. We warned my DM….didn’t think to warn hers. I park in her spot, explain our idea, and start scanning the sheets. 

Story begins. I’m still in Barb-mode, and march through a door into a room of stuffed cats, and a statue of a man wearing a tiger mask. I elect to remove the mask. He comes to life and attacks me. Dm - “Roll initiative!”  I’m near the bottom. Other players attack. I’m frantically looking for SOMETHING useful to do.
My turn. “I am going to seduce the man.”
DM “Uh, ok, how?”
“I’m going to dip him, like in a romantic play I saw once.”


4! Dm- “Roll dex!” 16! *phew* You don’t fall down, and he’s un-seduced, but a little confused. 

“That would have gone sooooo much better if I had a rose to put between my teeth, like really up the romance, you know?” to the other cleric. 

Other players attack, tiger man attacks me, the other cleric… “I pull out my flute and begin to play.“ 
Dm "Do you have a magic flute or anything?” “No, it’s just a normal flute.” “Ok, roll your performance at disadvantage” 12, I think. The player begins to pointedly hum “Careless Whisper” at me.

I ask the DM if the “romantic pointed fluting” gives me advantage…he agrees, this allows me a straight roll on this second seduction attempt. 16! 

Dm- He’s not seduced, but you do pull off the dip, and now he is VERY confused. 

Another player swings a hammer at his head, bouncing it off mine and doing damage to both. Tiger man changes into a tiger. Before the DM can tell me what happens….I interject.

“My strength is SO low, a 700 # tiger would just fall to the ground and take me with its.”
Dm- “Ok, you are snuggled into the tiger’s tummy, he attacks (dice roll behind the screen, he drops his head into his hands) the tiger misses. Apparently you’re too close to attack." 

Other cleric switches tunes to "Let It Go”  (She has been humming careless whisper the WHOLE ROUND!) casts guidance on me. 

I make eye contact with the DM. “Do I have advantage over this guy due to the musical accompaniment and general ridiculousness.”

“Sure, yeah.”
“I’m going to use animal handling”
He says, ok, it’s going to be a hard check…..“  

Me "Nat20, and a 4 on the D4”. 

Dm- Well I guess combat is over, and Ancora is now cuddling and talking silly to a tiger on the floor.

A few checks later, and I got to give my friend her character back, now in possession of an immortal undead were tiger, answering to Mr. Cuddlypoof, and who will literally follow her anywhere. :) 

Other cleric - “I need to play a bard” 

Me “Yeah, that was freaking genius, and extremely funny to boot!” 

I’ve been invited to play at his table anytime. ;) 

Let Me Love You

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Let Me Love You by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader 

Reader is getting over a bad breakup and ready for a rebound hook up. Thankfully she meets a gorgeous green-eyed stranger who is down for a night of bliss.

Warnings: This is pure Smut. NSFW, Explicit, hook up sex, fingering, oral, anal play, language, alcohol. So basically my usual. | WC: 3183 | On AO3

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge, and an addition to my album challenge for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfic Challenge. 

I met Sam when he came to the university library one afternoon. He was sweet, funny, and a little nerdy. It seemed like I never met nice guys anymore. And after my disaster of a relationship and subsequent nasty breakup, it was nice to be interested in someone again.

“So you’ve been in Amherst for a few days?” I asked, shuffling through discarded books on the table.

Sam studied the maps in front of us for a moment, before he focused on my question. “Yeah, my brother and I are working here on a job.”

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Lynxgriffin did a Night in the Woods request stream a few days ago.  The cute Gregg/Angus was the one I requested.  I asked if it would be ok if I took a stab at coloring it and was told ok :3 !  I got halfway through coloring this the first time before I realized I just didn’t like how it was going.  So this is my second attempt =O

Lineart done by @lynxgriffin !  Thank you for the stream and giving permission for me to color this =D

Edit:  Holy cheese!  This has gotten so many likes and reblogs!  Thank you =D

Young Love (Liam Dunbar)

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Requested by anon: can I have a liam imagine? fluffity fluff fluff fluff please and thank you😊

Rating:  fluffity fluff fluff fluff

A/N: Enjoy!

You know what they say about first love; how it’s so pure and innocent, and you never really forget about it. Somehow it’s always there at the back of your mind, and it surfaces when you least expect it to. Y/N was Liam’s first love. 

Liam had quite the unfortunate streak before he finally got to Y/N: she first transferred schools because of her mother’s job, then he did as well upon the mishap with his previous coach’s car. When they were finally attending the same school, Y/N had already landed a boyfriend. And when her boyfriend cheated on her, it took her quite a while to recover. 

But Liam never minded. 

He was her wall, the one she used to lean on whenever she felt like falling. He was the one who held her close during late crestfallen nights. And most importantly, he was patient and understanding. 

Liam woke up that morning in his pursuit of finally asking Y/N out on a date, no matter the outcome. Liam stood in front of his locker with his head tucked in. Seemingly, he couldn’t drown out the distant chatter of the students rushing around the hallways. 

A pair of arms pulled him out of his thoughts when they wrapped around his waist from behind. “Boo.” She whispered playfully in his ear. 

Liam’s heart skipped a couple of beats and the color red had rushed to his cheeks. 

He held his gaze on his disorganized locker. Y/N sensed his body going stiff and slowly let her arms drop back to her sides. 

“Are you alright?” She tilted her head to the side in questioning and held a reassuring grip on his shoulder. 

“Yeah, umm, yeah I’m fine.” He finally turned around and met her graceful smile. Her hair seemed a bit brighter, her smile looked wider, her lips softer. “You’re staring.” She politely informed. 

“Right, sorry.” He fumbled with his first period books for a while before finally stabled them between his chest and arm. “Hey before we get to class, I wanna ask you something.” She took a step back and stared at him, waiting. He stayed silent for a few minutes before he finally said 

“Willyougoonadatewithme?” His words fell quickly out of his mouth that she couldn’t comprehend a single word. Her raised eyebrow basically disappeared into her hairline and eyes wide open in shock. 

He let out the breath he was holding and said—more calmly—"Will you go out with me? I-I mean I know that we’re friends and all but, what’s so wrong about dating a friend? That’s kinda just a bonus actually. But if you don’t feel the same way, I und-“ 

"Liam.” Her delicate giggles interrupted him. “I’ll go out with you. Took you long enough.” She whispered as he stood before her with an astonished expression. 

She intertwined her fingers with his and said “Come on we’re late for class.” He trailed behind her resembling an overly excited puppy. 

“Ok, so this is really embarrassing but we’ll have to walk to the damn coffee shop because fucking-” Y/N kissed his cheek in attempt to calm Liam down, in which she succeeded. “It’s okay,” she smiled. 

“Just let me grab my coat.” He stood at the door, awkwardly swaying back and forth on his heels and toes. Y/N appeared before him in matter of seconds later. 

“Ready?” He asked with tinted cheeks and bright blue eyes, a faint puff of white came out of his mouth from the cold. 

“Yes.” She nodded and closed the door behind her. They started walking down the street with their hands intertwined. “I’m sorry, really, the weather so freaking cold.” He sighed in defeat. 

“Hey,” she nudged his shoulder with her own. “Don’t be. At least I can use it as an excuse for asking you to wrap your arms around me.” She winked flirtatiously and his head tilted back as he chuckled. 

“C'mere.” He snaked his arm around her waist and held her close. “Is it working?” He smiled softly when she nodded with a blush as a result of the cold weather and how close he was to her.

Dragon takes groups Wizard, told to kill his rival and take his gem-heart
  • *Group is coming back and heavily damaged*
  • Dragon: Good, now just set the gem down and I'll get your friend
  • Sorcerer: Okay *sets down the gem*
  • (Me) Fighter: No, we want our friend fi-
  • DM/Dragon: The dragon rears back and prepares a giant fire breath at you all, you each get a quick reaction
  • Sorcerer, Bard, Artificer: Run and dodge!
  • Ranger: I fire an arrow into its mouth
  • Fighter: I run for the gem and head for a lava pit
  • Group: WHAT!?
  • DM/Dragon: Hah, alright, the dragon blows out a ball of fire, everyone make a Dex save, dodgers with advantage.
  • *Everyone rolls, only the Artificer and Fighter fail*
  • DM: So that's the damage, weirdly the Fighter took absolutely none
  • Fighter: I look right at the dragon and hold the gem over the lava. "Give us our friend, or it goes in the lava!"
  • Dragon: Fool! I am fire! I will find it! GIVE ME THE GEM LITTLE DWARF
  • Fighter: "Fine, spend the next century looking for it" And I jump into the lava with the gem
  • Wizard: *not with group, but in the room* BAHAHAHA
  • Ranger: NO!
  • Bard: What?!
  • Sorcerer and Artificer: Dude!
  • DM/Dragon: Really? I'll give you a second chan-
  • Fighter: No, that dragon can spend his life looking for my chard corpse holding onto the gem while my team runs
  • DM: ...Ok, well that's one way to find out the gem gives you immunity to fire/heat/lava/all things that could possibly burn you.
  • Fighter: Really!?
  • DM: So ya, you all see your Fighter basically say the most badass one liner to an angry dragon before, seemingly, heroically sacrificing themself in an attempt to give you all a chance to run. And before you ask, no, none of you would even be able to guess the gem is keeping them alive. Ya's taking this chance to run?
  • Group: *all in disarray*
BTS Reaction to Comforting you because of a bad Migraine.

Anon Request


You were lying on your bed next to your boyfriend when suddenly a sharp pain shot through your head. A loud shriek came from your mouth as you placed your hand to your forehead. You noticed Yoongi sit up and look at you with worry.

“What’s going on y/n? Are you alright?”

You shook your head violently which didn’t help your situation, causing another pained sound to come from your mouth.

“I need, painkillers. Like really strong ones.”

As you said that, Yoongi shot up and was back with water and the painkillers quicker than you thought he could personally move. After he watched you take the medicine, he laid back down, pulling you onto his chest, holding you tightly.

“If this keeps happening I’m forcing you to the doctors.”

He said slowly running his fingers through your hair.


You sat quietly on your boyfriend’s couch and stared at the back of his head as he sat on the ground in front of you. He had been playing video games all afternoon, encouraging you to join in but you had rejected him over 10 times due to the huge headache you had been experiencing within the last hour. You knew if Hoseok knew about the pain you were going through right now, he would have stopped to look after you, but you saw how much fun he was having, finally beating Jungkook’s online score.

“Hobi, I’m going to go lay down if that’s ok?”

As you stood up, your head spun, making you fall straight back down onto the couch. Hoseok quickly jumped up, rushing to your side.

“y/n, what’s wrong? Are you sick?” 

“It’s my, head. It’s been hurting a lot.”

His arm quickly moved around your waist, supporting you as you both stood up, heading towards his bedroom. Once he laid you down, he lightly kissed the top of your head.

“Why didn’t you tell me, we could’ve both gone to sleep a while ago then you would’ve woken up feeling better.”

“I wasn’t going to disturb you, you finally beat Jungkook in that stupid game. I want that boys cockiness to fall into a black hole.”

You said laughing softly, closing your eyes. Hoseok laughed, patting your head softly. 

“I’ll be back. I’m going to go get you some stuff to make you feel better.”


“I could sing?”

You shook your head softly, cringing your face to the thought of unnecessary noise being produced by anyone or anything around you. 

“What! You don’t like my voice?”

“Jin, my head hurts. The more you talk the more it hurts, so as pretty as your voice is, I can’t deal with a lot of sound right now. Also on that note, try not to raise your voice, please?”

You rubbed at your temples a little, hoping that would encourage the medicine your boyfriend just gave you to work faster.

“Ok, I’m sorry. I’m just helpless. You’re in pain and I can’t do anything about it.”

You shot him a sarcastic look, and your choice of eye movement caused a harsh string of pain to run through your head. A loud whimper coming from your mouth. He quickly jumped, huddling closer to you on the couch.

“Jin, you sit there helpless when I have period cramps also. Though this you seem more concerned about.” 

“Every girl gets period cramps, but a bad headache like this isn’t good. I’ve given you medicine but you’re still hurting. I’m completely out of things to make you feel better.”

“Lots of cuddles and sleep. Can you do that?”

He smiled sweetly towards you, kissing your cheek softly.

“Of course honey.”


“C’mon y/n, I’m giving you a free pass here. Boyfriend tutoring time.”

Namjoon had come to help you study for your exams this afternoon. Making plans this morning, you were all excited and ready to study with his help, but now, the more you kept reading the words in front of you, the more your head ached. You let out a loud groan, resting your head on the desk.

“y/n, it’s not that bad, this stuff is just revision. You don’t even need to write anything down, just remember it.”

You let out another loud groan, tilting your head to look at him.

“Joonie, my head hurts too much.”

You whined with a pout. He just giggled and patted your head.

“Yeah right, you’re just being cute so Oppa says we can take a break. Which we don’t need seeing as we’ve only been at it for 40 minutes.” 

“No, Namjoon, I’m serious. It’s really hurting. I feel like I’m going to pass out.”

His eyes widened a little and you let your eyes finally close. Suddenly his arm wrapped around your waist, causing you to open your eyes a little watching what he was doing. 

“You need rest baby. Let’s take a nap together.”


The loud people in your group were causing your head some major damage right now. Your eyes were screwed shut as you rested your head on your knees, waiting patiently for your boyfriend to come to your usual spot you ate lunch at everyday at school. Tears were almost running down your cheek because of how loud your friends were being and the pain was just way too intense for you to handle.


Finally you heard a familiar voice, making your head shoot up. The expression on his face gave off that yours didn’t look too good and just as he was about to ask you what was wrong, you stood up, dragging him towards a quieter spot away from all the loud students. When you stopped, you turned around and hugged him tightly, letting a few tears fall in the process.

“Baby, please tell me what’s wrong? Did something happen? Why are you crying? I’m gunna have to punch someone right?” 

You just shook your head against his chest. 

“My head hurts so bad Kookie. I have nothing to take and being around all those loud people just made me want to explode.” 

His arms wrapped around you, pulling you even closer. His embrace was something that always calmed you down and you loved it so much. His head was rested against the side of your head, making it clear for you to hear him.

“My parents are at work, do you want to ditch and I’ll drive us back to mine? You can sleep and I know there’s something to help your head at mine.” 

He kissed your temple a few times as you nodded, just wanting to lie down next to him. You both left quickly, trying not to get caught.


The loud music in the dance room was making your head thud like crazy, though you always pushed through anything when it came to dance, just like your boyfriend. Jimin was in the room with you, studying how you had taken on his choreography as you kept trying to dance as well as you possibly could. 

“Y/n, be a bit more energetic baby.”

He said with a big smile. You knew he was trying to encourage you positively but your body was slowly starting to not respond to your thoughts and all that was clouding your mind was the amount of pain shooting through it. You could barely focus on Jimin’s face anymore and everything happened so quickly as you stumbled over your own feet, landing hard on the wooden floor of the studio. Your eyes were shut tightly, a few quiet sobs leaving your mouth as you felt a pair of hands come in contact with your body.

“Baby, are you ok?”

Jimin had moved you so you were lying on your back now. Even with your eyes closed, the white lights still shone through your eyelids. 

“Turn it all off.”

“Turn what off?”

“The lights and music.”

Quickly, he shot up, doing as you said, only leaving the light on above the main door so he could still see where he was going. He quickly grabbed your drink bottle and a few towels. He had folded one, resting it under your head, and the other he saturated in the cold water from your bottle, resting it on your forehead. He kissed your lips quickly, hoping you were ok. 

“What happened baby?”

You opened your eyes slowly, reaching to take a sip from your water bottle.

“My head was hurting too much. I don’t know, my body just gave in, I couldn’t control anything and everything went black for a second and so much heat came over me.”

His face was covered in shock as he made you drink some more water.

“Baby, I’m taking you to the doctors. That’s not good. Have you been doing anything different lately?”

You shook your head, attempting to sit up. Once you did, the studio started spinning so you instantly laid back down. 

“I’m not ready to move yet.” 

“It’s ok take your time. Just keep talking to me.”


Slightly NSFW

You had woken up from a quick nap, hoping it would have made you feel less tired but in return, it only gave you a big headache. One that made everything around you feel like it almost didn’t exist. As you walked out to the kitchen to get a glass of water, you heard your boyfriends loud voice screaming jumbled expressions that you could barely understand. When he finally came into your sight, you noticed he had his stupid headset on as he clicked his mouse rapidly and hit the keyboard on his laptop like a mad man. 

“Yah! Jungkook! Do you want to die?”

You heard him scream through his mic, making anger rise in your body and pain to your head.

“YAH! Kim Taehyung! Do you want to die?”

You yelled as you stood behind him. You watched him jump and fling off his headset before quickly turning around to face you. His eyes were big and almost sympathetic as you scowled towards him. You walked away slowly, heading towards the medicine cupboard you had in your apartment. 

“B-baby I’m sorry. I didn’t wake you did I?”

You felt his presence closer to you now and you turned to look at him as you threw back a tablet in your mouth, basically death staring him. 

“I want to say yes to make you feel really bad, but no. I woke up because the room was too hot and I have a huge headache.”

You watched him bite his lip while he looked down. Realising how loud he was when you had come out of the room made him feel really bad. 

“I’m sorry. I got carried away.”

He said looking up at you. You rolled your eyes and signalled him for a hug. You both stood there for a while, the comfort of his body soothing your head a little.

“It’s ok. Just tell Jungkook to stop being a prick when you play games and then you won’t have to yell and cause your girlfriend to have bad headaches.” 

He laughed against the top of your head, pulling away to look at you.

“Ok, I’ll remember that word for word. But, I know the best cure for headaches y/n.”

You cocked an eyebrow. 

“Oh god, what?”

The smile on his face had turned into a smirk.

“Well, secrets out that a way to cure a headache, is a good orgasm.”

You hit his chest, trying not to feed his ego with the laugh that was trying to escape your mouth.

“Tae. Hyung. Now is not the time to be thinking like that while your girlfriend is suffering. But if you can prove it, I may forgive you for the yelling.” 


This is my first reaction post woohoo! Definitely doing a lot of these in the future they’re so fun! and thank you to the anon who requested this. It was a good one to do for my first reaction! 

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OK, what if Dr. Iplier would propose marriage to Host?(My English is terrible.)

(It’s okay, second languages are weird and god knows my first attempts at english were Not Good)

So. There’s two ways this could go down. 

The Host immediately gets two visions when Dr. Iplier takes one knee and presents him with a simple, silver band. 

He says yes: Dr. Iplier smiles warmly, looks like he’s just been granted the stars, the moon, everything the universe could possibly offer. And they kiss, deeply, softly, while Dr. Iplier slips the band onto his finger, tangles the his other hand in his hair. They’re happy. The Host tells Wilford, who tells Bim, who tells Jim and they all congratulate him, offer him well wishes and happiness. Yandere cries. It’s all a blur of satin and roses (no alcohol, sadly because nobody wants to die, thanks Mark) but. It’s good. And then Dark finds out. He’s furious, livid, all sorts of strong synonyms for angry and suddenly things are not good. They’re torn apart, there’s blood (on his hands, on Dark’s face, soaking into Dr. Iplier’s white coat). It’s a bit jarring. 

He says no: Dr. Iplier’s face crumbles, he chokes on his words and the look of hurt is crushing. He stands, slowly, shoulders slumped in defeat. “Okay”, he says, lips pulled in a thin, brittle smile. They hug, and while the Host normally doesn’t like contact, he usually basks in Dr. Iplier’s warmth, finds it comforting. It’s awkward now, there’s too much space between them and they let go too quickly. Though the Host can’t see him, the doctor won’t look him in the face. Things become odd between them, and the Host finds himself snappish, less patient and hates himself more when he snarls at Bim who had only wanted to know what was wrong. Dark seems pleased, he thinks, about the way he’s been isolating himself from the others. At some point he makes Yandere cry. Nobody’s happy, except for perhaps Dark, but at least the next time he’s with Dr. Iplier, the only blood is the blood dripping from his eyes, just a little like tears. 

imaginary friend!mark;

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  • here he comes!! the cutest ghost boy! mark tuan!!!
  • you asked for it @aestheticekso
  • so the thing about imaginary friends is that essentially, they are ghosts that died protecting someone
  • however, imaginary friends dont really recall the lives they had before they died, so they kind of have no purpose other than popping up every once in a while and wandering around the earth, attaching themselves to souls until they remember their past. they have the power to move on if they’d like, but most stick around, never remembering what they lost
  • there are good ones who become friends with children and comforts to adults and the elderly, and then there are bad ones
  • you can basically call the bad ones the monsters under the bed, the shadows out of the corner of your eye, the bringers of nightmares etc etc
  • mark is a good one tho 
  • mark doesn’t remember, but he died protecting his little sister in a car crash
  • a truck didn’t see their car until it was too late and mark threw himself in front of his sister, protecting her from the onslaught of glass and shrapnel
  • he died in the hospital an hour later, and his family hadn’t taken it well at all
  • they stayed in the same town and the same house though, and mark’s spirit was drawn to the place he spent most of his life, but he couldn’t remember anything
  • he had peeked around the house a couple of times and had seen pictures of himself and all, but he had no recollection of the relationships he had with his family or any memories regarding them
  • needless to say, it really sucked
  • since mark was the one who usually took care of his little sister while his parents were away at work and stuff, it was imperative that they found someone who could watch over her now that mark was gone
  • you were just a high school student at the time, getting ready to graduate and needing a little cash for college, and the tuan’s contacted you one day and you got the job to look after mark’s nine year old sister hannah
  • when you met hannah you were a lil discouraged bc she was suuuuuuper quiet and wouldn’t really speak to you except to say yes or no
  • you had tried to get her to watch a disney movie with you in the living room one night you babysat, but she had just refused and ran off to her room, claiming to be too tired
  • you had found it strange, but didn’t push it, and checked on her to make sure she was all right before you left her to “sleep”
  • about halfway through tarzan, you hear voices in the house
  • your first instinct is that you’re gonna have to fight someone so, of course, you grab a weapon
  • it’s a remote 
  • you’re making your way upstairs quietly, following the sounds of the voices carefully, your phone tucked in your hand and ready to call the police if needed
  • the only reason why you haven’t yet is because if hannah is just watching tv in her room, you’d probably get put in hot water with her parents
  • slowly, you inch toward her closed bedroom door and press your ear against it
  • “hmm, there was this one time I met a princess in the afterlife” an older male’s voice says, and you wait with bated breath, hoping to god she’s watching something on disney channel
  • “really?? tell me about her!” you hear hannah reply, and thats when you bust the door open, sending the door into the wall behind it while you hold your remote defensively in front of you
  • “leave her alone or i’ll kick your ass!” you yell
  • you’re surprised, however, when you lock eyes with someone very familiar
  • you can’t recall where you’ve seen him, but as this tall blond boy stands protectively in front of hannah, her small hands wrapped around his arm as she cowers behind him, you blink in hazy recognition
  • “you shouldn’t use language like that around kids, you know” the boy has the gall to scold you, having decided you’re not enough of a threat before he turns to hannah and pats her hair down
  • “dude, i swear to god, if you dont get away from her-” 
  • you’re shocked when hannah suddenly runs up to you, grabbing the remote from your hands with wide eyes “it’s okay, this is my brother, mark!” she tells you, tugging you closer to “mark”
  • you instantly realize where you’ve seen that face and heard that name, as your eyes shoot across the room and land on a picture frame on hannah’s desk
  • at closer inspection, you see that the boy in the picture holding hannah on his hip and making a peace sign at the camera looks exactly like the boy before you
  • you remembered hannah’s father telling you how they’d lost their son not two months ago, and how hannah had finally caved into getting a babysitter when she grew tired of staying at friends’ houses well into the night
  • he had mentioned how hannah had, at first, taken it pretty hard, and then in the past few days, had completely changed
  • while she wasn’t her old, happy self, she wasn’t locking herself in her room anymore, and they assumed that maybe she had found comfort already
  • you had no idea, and you were sure her family didn’t either, that that comfort was found in her dead brother
  • you’re like seconds from fainting when mark reaches out for you, grabbing at your arms to hold you steady and wow, his hands are freezing cold
  • you wince and he immediately pulls back, biting his lip “ahh, sorry, i forget how cold i am”
  • hannah gleams up at him though, showing off the few missing teeth she has, “i dont mind! you used to have really sweaty hands before” “did i? thats kinda mean kid” “its true!”
  • you’re like reeling, watching as they banter and looking between the picture and him
  • the resemblance is uncanny and hannah seems extremely comfortable with him, and you’re starting to quietly accept that maybe he really is there
  • but you also notice that whenever hannah mentions something about mark in the past, this mark tenses
  • he makes no indication that he remembers, just nods and goes along with it
  • there’s still a flicker of doubt in you so you end up asking for proof that he’s really there and not some look alike weirdo that’s been bothering hannah
  • mark, without a second thought, disappears
  • like just straight up gone my guy
  • you let out an ear piercing scream and wildly swat at the air, hannah holding her hands over her ears as she giggles at your reaction
  • you check under the bed, in her closet, and the hallway twice over, but you can’t find him anywhere
  • you’re near freaking out again when hannah just goes “ok mark, i think you can come out now” and he reappears sitting on her desk, his ankles crossed and a cheeky smile on his face as he watches you hold your chest in an attempt to calm down 
  • “real enough for you?” he grins, having the audacity to drop his eye down in a wink at you
  • needless to say you’re like speechless for the rest of the night
  • the tuans send you home with your payment and look kinda confused as you just. slump out of there. blown away
  • when the tuans call you two days later however, you take that job up in a second bc honestly mark hasn’t left your mind since he bid you farewell the other day
  • it strangely becomes a thing where you, hannah, and mark spend time together in her room
  • mark continues to evade any questions or mentions about the past, and hannah continues to be oblivious
  • mark shows you all the things he can do as a ghost and imaginary friend, everything from changing his voice to mimic yours (you nearly shit yourself) to walking on the ceiling
  • he mentions that as her imaginary friend, he’s supposed to protect her and keep her company until she’s old enough to forget about him, but hannah promises she never will
  • you end up learning things about mark (through hannah of course) and mark tells you about his travels as a ghost, meeting other ghosts of all types
  • he had even mentioned coming across one named youngjae, who haunted an apartment building up the street from hannah’s school
  • mark said that whenever he had free time, he went to go visit youngjae, but youngjae had recently made friends with the newest tenant there so he barely made any time for mark anymore poor baby looked so pouty
  • one day, while you three are hanging out, hannah falls asleep early so its just you and mark and since its been eating you alive, you decide to ask him why he never talks about before he died
  • “thing is, i never had the heart to tell hannah, but apparently when ghosts like me die… we forget the life we had before. we’re considered imaginary friends, special types of ghosts that forget their past and form attachments with humans in attempts to remember. being here has told me a lot, and i feel a pull to this place so i know for sure it’s part of my past. but despite everything, i only know what hannah talks to me about. i can tell she’s catching on to my “forgetfulness” now because she’s getting really irritated with me when i don’t remember something… i hate not remembering”
  • you’re pretty shocked bc you can barely imagine being a ghost and not remembering anything from your old life, but you can tell from the way mark looks so broken and sad that it isn’t fun
  • “im not sure what’d be better, tbh. being dead and remembering everything or remembering nothing. i feel… i feel like if i told hannah that i couldn’t remember her the way old mark did, she’d be heartbroken. i want her to be able to pretend that im the same old big bro she remembers having, not some stranger” he tells you, close to tears
  • while water falls from his eyes, they don’t necessarily exist, falling and disappearing in mid air
  • all you can do is rub his back and listen to him as he sobs, trying so desperately to remember who he is
  • after that day, you do everything you can to quiz mark on his old life
  • you ask hannah, her parents, and even do a little snooping around mark’s old room for clues
  • you end up reminding him of most of his life, but there are still pieces missing
  • it’s not in his memory as things he recalls himself, but it is in his memory
  • mark actually ends up being like your own imaginary friend
  • he takes you and hannah out to play in the snow in the winter, and he’s a goddamn cheater pretty amazing at it because he can like. disappear into the snow
  • and he ALWAYS teams up with hannah so you’re basically getting pelted to death with snowballs and you always lose
  • once mark found out he used to sing, he begins to learn again, and plays you and hannah silly songs every once in a while
  • will follow you around the house and make himself invisible
  • *you’re cooking something for hannah* “*mark sidles up to you and speaks in an impossibly deep voice* whats cooking good looking” “MARK TUAN”
  • you beat him with the hot pan but it’s ok bc he can’t feel it
  • he once copied the voice of dean and starting singing half moon to you and hannah on the couch
  • you two both ko’d and he just smiled at you two bc :))) his favorite girls
  • you know when people with cold hands deliberately put their cold hands on you just to be a lil shit
  • thats mark
  • what sucks is he’s cold ALL THE TIME
  • *snakes his hands around your waist* “mark you’re cold get off” “i wanna get warm and you’re really warm :((((” “you can’t even feel temperature g ET OFF”
  • once accidentally snuck into a selfie with you and hannah and nearly gave their mother a heart attack when you unknowingly showed her lmao sorry
  • sometimes just likes to sit and listen to you talk about your life when hannah falls asleep
  • you think your life is really boring but he loves it
  • he loves you
  • its kind of strange bc along with not having any memories from before, most emotions are kind of strangely new to him
  • he doesn’t realize what it is he feels for you until you come to babysit one day and you’ve got a bruise on your arm and he immediately gets protective and is like “whats this? what happened?? explain!!”
  • and you’re just like lol i bumped my arm into the bathroom door this morning chill
  • but mark realizes like, yo, he really cares about you and he likes you a lot and thinks you’re really pretty and hannah loves you too and he just… it makes him hurt even more bc he knows he can never be with you
  • and one day hannah is gonna grow up and before that even, you’re gonna go away to college and leave him behind and he can’t leave hannah 
  • he knows one day hannah is gonna grow old and pass ghost mark and every adventure they’ve had together since his death off as just a big joke that you played in on 
  • hannah’s gonna finally see mark as just what he is. dead. and it hurts
  • and, you
  • you’ll forget him too
  • because the other unique thing about imaginary friends is that unlike ghosts, they’re easily forgettable 
  • you’ll get a new life and new friends and you’ll probably forget him too
  • and he’ll be there until he remembers his past life for himself and moves on
  • he doesn’t know if he wants to
  • because looking down at you tucked under his arm and fast asleep, a blanket wrapped around the two of you (more for your own wellbeing than his own), he holds you a little tighter and whispers against your hair “please… do whatever you want. just dont forget me”
  • you don’t open your eyes, having woken up at the sound of his voice
  • you just close your fist around his sweater and you’re not lying when you whisper back, “never”

other ghost!got7






Broken Smiles and Heavy Hearts

Plot: Dan and you have been friends for ages, and yet, he still doesn’t know how you feel about him. When you have a panic attack and he looks after you, you’re forced to tell him you like him because you can’t do it anymore.

Warning: maybe pretty angsty idk?? Panic attack happens so please don’t read if it will trigger you. Remember, if you do suffer from any mental illness, my ask box is always open, and I’m never too busy to help. Also, I hope it’s really fluffy, but it does get a little bit heavy at the end.  

Pairing: Dan Howell x nonbinary!reader (or gender neutral/ any gender because no pronouns are really used)

Notes: is gender neutral and uses gender neutral terms to describe the reader. They/Them pronouns are used. Also, I really enjoyed writing this, and before people come at me saying I shouldn’t glorify a mental illness, please stop. I personally have anxiety attacks, and know multiple people who also do, so it’s not as if I’m talking from a inexperienced point of view. As well, I’d like to point out that when writing this, I consulted one of my friends who does have panic attacks and we agreed that perhaps, by writing this and things like this, us writers could bring awareness to a topic that is shrouded and often wildly distorted by a huge stigma.


“Y/N? Where are you?”

Dan’s worried voice came from outside the room and I took deep breaths, trying so hard to hold myself together when everything inside me was falling apart. It wasn’t like this was the first time I had ever had a panic attack, but usually my anxiety attacks included dissociation and paralysis, not hyperventilating, and anyway, this was the first time Dan had ever been so close to finding out.

Since we'd first became friends, I’d hinted at it multiple times, and after making speeches and being an advocator for dealing with mental health in teens, Dan had had an idea that I suffered from something and yet, until recently, he hadn’t known what exactly what it was.

And yet, despite trusting him with nearly everything for the past 5 years, I couldn’t bring myself to let him see me like this.

As I hear the door to my room open, the hysteria in my mind rises, and my breathing becomes even more erratic at the thought of Dan finding me. My thoughts are like an ocean, pulling me in, momentarily submerging me, always taking my breath, making me choke on the water, and yet, at the horrible end of it all, I’m stuck on the shoreline, wishing I was dead.

It’s a constant heaviness in my mind, tugging at my happiness and distorting everything until I’m scared for my life. It’s a hunger burning away at my mind, and the demons just can’t be satisfied.

I tried calming myself, but I know by now it’s too late.

“Y/N…” I hear someone open the door and drop to their knees just in front of me.

I open my eyes and desperately focus on the two brown ones around a metre away.

“Hey, Y/N. Don’t worry. I’m here and I’m not leaving you. I won’t come any closer, unless you want me to, but I’m not going anywhere.”

His voice is laced with worry, and you can momentarily tell he’s holding back tears.

“I want you to breathe with me ok? I know it’s hard, but can you try for me?”

I nod, my hands shaking as I reach out for his. He takes them immediately, and holds them gently, moving a few inches closer so I don’t have to stretch.

“Inhale,” the sound of his deep breath in sounds like bragging to my panicked lungs, but I know he’s only trying to help so I attempt to replicate his breathing patterns, “Exhale.”

After a while, my breathing has become a little more normal, and Dan begins to stand up, letting go of my hands, causing the hysteria to begin creeping back, “Hey, hey I’m sorry. It’s ok. I’m just getting your meds ok? They’re still under your pillow right?“

As soon as he says this, I calm down a bit and nod, keeping the breathing patterns as I wait for him to sit back down. Within seconds, his butt hits the floor just across from me, and he hands me a glass and two pills.

Suddenly, after what seems like hours of us breathing in time, I become acutely aware of my exhaustion and gesture for Dan to come closer.

“Dan.” His head lifts immediately, and his eyes flicker with worry as he mumbles assurances, gripping my hand just a little tighter.

“Y/N. How are you now?”

“Better. But I’m tired.”

“Oh.” He looks confused and takes a moment to think before coming back with a reply, “Um. I don’t know if you can sleep. I mean what do you usually do after an attack?”

“It’s bad for some people, but if I get tired, I sleep, as long as someone is there with me. Like, in case it happens again.” I know it’s wrong to make him stay with me out of pure selfishness but something tells me he won’t mind.

“Do you want me to stay in here then?” He questions, allowing me to rest my head on his shoulder.

My fingers wrap around his bicep as I mumble my answer, “Yeah. If you don’t mind.”

“Nah, I just wanna make sure you’re ok. Anyway, it’s getting late. You should probably get changed.”

It’s in this moment, you become aware of the mess you probably look. Your clothes are practically drenched in sweat and your hair is sticking up in every direction.

“Can I wear one of your shirts?” I whisper, my lips accidentally brushing against his collarbone. A blush rushes across my cheek and I notice his body clench slightly.

“Um sure. I don’t want to leave you to go get one though….” He replies, making the air a little less awkward as he turns to look at me properly.

“Can I just wear yours?” I question, pulling my face away so I don’t end up kissing his shoulders again.

A moment of silence passes, and I seem to have made it awkward all over again.

“Yeah… um hold on a second.”  I turn my head as he pulls his shirt off.

It’s stupid but I feel so damn in love with him right now. And not just because he’s half naked.

He turns back towards me, and passes me his shirt, covering his stomach and chest as I change.


Before I know it, we’re lying in the bed, only centimetres away from each other.

“Why did you cover your chest? I mean, it’s not like you’ve got boobs.”

He stifles a laugh and after composing himself, replies with something that breaks my heart.

“Uhh. Well, I’m not cute or sexy and I don’t have a six-pack. I guess my low self-esteem got the better of me again.”


“It’s true so…” For the second time today, I can see him holding back the tears and again, it breaks my heart.

“You dumbass. You fucking dumbass. How can you not tell?” I say, the anger getting the best of me.

But I’m not angry at him. I’m angry at the world for making him feel like this.

“What?” His head whips around to face me.

“You’re the cutest thing I’ve seen, and it hurts when you say stuff like that. You  can look after me, and Phil, and your fans, and yet you can’t look after yourself. You’re so fucking handsome, and I don’t understand how you can’t see that. Whenever I see you, my heart skips a fucking beat because I just can’t seem to get over the fact that I’m lucky enough to love you.“


“Yeah Dan. I love you. I know you don’t feel the same, but I love you.” I confess, my heart thumping double time.

“Who says I don’t feel the same?” He whispers, his hands resting either side of me, as he props himself up.  

“Dan. Can you kiss me?” I say, looking up at him through half closed eyes.

“Your wish is my command.” He shortly closed the gap between us and soon he gently falls on top of me, his arms giving way as he reaches for my waist and my hands run through his curly hair. The feel of his skin against mine is better than I’d imagined. His lips map out my skin, going anywhere and everywhere; he’s kissing my lips, then my neck, then my jaw. My hands stroke his bare chest and his hands travel up my borrowed shirt.

“I love you goddamnit. So fucking much. I just want you to know that I love you and I have for a while. I’m sorry for not telling you.” He whispers against my skin, and I stop to play with his curly hair.

“I love you too Dan. And I’m sorry for not telling you about my anxiety.“   

“Don’t worry. Phil accidentally let slip and I prepared myself in case it was gonna happen.”

“I love you.” I say again, pulling his hair as he lies on top of me.

"You’re such a dork.” I laugh, and he entwines our hands together.

“But you love me for it.”

“Damn right."  


Me?? Two days late to Voltron Whump Week?? YOU GUESSED IT. So uh. Day 1 was fever, so here. I’ll have day 2 up in a sec hecc.

Keith was exhausted. For multiple reasons. There had been a lot of planet saving and invading of Galra bases lately. The whole team could use a long rest. And now they were getting it, for a reason that exhausted Keith even more.

Lance had gotten sick. He didn’t mention it at all that day. Keith had been suspecting something when the blue–now red–paladin wasn’t as on point with his aim as he usually was. Keith should have said something. It wasn’t until the end of the mission that it became very clear there was something wrong with Lance. As they were finishing the last of the Galran ships, Lance had sneezed so hard he temporarily lost control of his lion. The enemy took that chance to unload on Red.

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What Do YOU Want? Pt. 9

A Kwon Jiyong series ft. Kim Jiwon

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count: 4,200+

Summary: The most important person in the world to you can appear most often when you least expect it. But through everything, you can’t forget about you and your own happiness. Who are you happy with? Who is the best for you?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 … Part 10

(A/N: Yikes! The word count is just going to get longer and longer honestly. We’re approaching some really good content so bear with me, guys! There’s a lot going on in this part, but as always: please enjoy!)

Originally posted by ibmariji

You’ve never been the type of person who liked surprises, especially when it came to your birthday. The one and only time anyone had ever attempted to throw you a surprise party resulted in you unintentionally punching one of your childhood friends in the mouth. Another time came in the middle of a haunted corn maze when you kicked a man wearing a clown mask, yielding a fake chainsaw in between his legs for attempting a jump-scare.

Having someone show up unexpectedly to your door wasn’t going to result in you decking them across the face, but it being your birthday definitely had you putting your guard up. A million possibilities danced through your mind as to who the hell it could be.

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When the DM just gives up

So background to the story my friend is running a campaign (custom universe setting) using the Warhammer 40k d100 system…

They have had a lot of trouble with our characters because I for one am running a character that can charge in and do a lot of attacks due to the way the system works.  All of the team does a lot of damage and we are in specialized mechs that have unique weapons.

Our DM decides to make a hard battle where we are facing a small horde of ships whom are being controlled by a ship but the signal is getting bounced around a lot. The people who are good at hacking attempt to hack the signal by injecting a signal into their systems, and they fail to do this… 

DM: Does anybody else want to try?

I use roll20 and roll a natural 1 which is the best possible roll…

And the DM sits there for a second and says ok fine you somehow inject code into their systems…
But I can’t seem to locate the ship itself, and they ask does anybody want to help?

Another player: I’ll do it…

They roll a 2 and my DM just gives up and says describing the scene…

DM: You know what screw it I’m done…. You the person who uses his sword to hack and slash… Hack so hard into one of the ships you’re attacking that you somehow inadvertently inject code into their ship which then the other person who by the way IS NOT A HACKER somehow helps you pin point the ship that’s controlling everything. I can’t…. I just can’t….

Me and the girl who helped somehow win the scenario are literally rolling on the floor laughing at this point.

Congrats, Dad (Ant X Reader)

WC: 2119 

Summary: Reader is pregnant and is afraid to tell Ant. Mother Philippa swoops in and saves the day.

Warnings: Pregnancy, allusions to smut, smut lite at the beginning, mom friend Pippa

“Ant! Babe, I’m home!” I called, walking through the doors of our apartment, my hands full of groceries. “In here.” Anthony called from the living room. I smiled and placed our groceries on the kitchen counter. I walked into the living room and Anthony smiled widely at me from the couch. “Sit with me babe.” He said and I chuckled, obeying his wish. As soon as I sat down he pulled me into a side hug, his head resting in the crook of my neck. “Well hello to you too.” I said playfully, pressing a kiss to his temple. Anthony smirked and pressed a light kiss to my neck. “How was your day baby?” He said, fiddling lightly with the hem of my shirt. “Well, my boss, who usually is a placid kind of guy, decided to lose his shit today. That led to a very productive yet stressful day. I swear my neck is semi-broken from having to look down at my desk all day.” I said, sighing as I ranted about my less than ideal day. Anthony frowned and he removed his arm from around my waist. “That’s terrible. He didn’t yell at you, did he?” He said, looking at me with worry in his eyes. “I mean he shouted a little in my general direction, but.” I said, shrugging my shoulders slightly. “Y/N, you shouldn’t have to deal with that.” Ant said, something unrecognisable glinting in his eyes. “Ant, babe, I’m fine. It’s nothing that hasn’t happened before.” I said and Ant clenched his jaw, clearly unhappy. I had to admit that he looked incredibly hot doing that. He suddenly pulled me into a passionate kiss, his arms encircling my waist. I kissed back with fervour and Anthony let out a low moan. We broke apart, panting slightly, a smirk on Anthony’s face. “Should we take this some place more private?” Anthony asked, his voice low. I let out a short laugh and he looked at me quizzically. “Ant, we’re in our apartment. Everywhere is private.” I said and Anthony rolled his eyes, clearly frustrated. “You know what I meant Y/N.” Anthony said and I almost gulped in nervousness. He suddenly attached his lips to mine in a heated kiss and picked me up, my legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair. He let out a moan and I smirked into the kiss. He broke the kiss briefly and took a hand off my waist to open the bedroom door. He placed me on the bed and I looked up at him, noticing the sheer lust that glazed over his eyes. “Now, where were we?”

Four weeks later

“I’ll try to be at the theatre between shows babe.” I said and Anthony frowned, pecking my forehead. “No Y/N, you’re sick. You’re going to stay here, ok?” He said and I sighed, realising that fighting with him was useless. “Ok. I’ll see you tonight?” I said and Anthony nodded, smiling brightly. “I’ll see you tonight.” He repeated before kissing my cheek lightly. I waved goodbye to him as he closed the apartment door behind him. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and grabbed my phone, immediately dialling Pippa. “Hey Y/N!” She said cheerfully, picking up almost instantly. “Hey Pip.” I said, my tone nowhere near as bright as hers. “Are you ok?” Pippa asked, sensing that something was off. “Yes and no. Can you come over?” I asked, almost pleading her. “I’ll be there in 5.” Pippa said and I smiled, hanging up the phone. I got off the couch and began pacing, wondering how she would react to the news I had. My pacing was suddenly interrupted by a loud knock on the door. “It’s me!” Pippa said and I swung the door open. Pippa smiled warmly at me before engulfing me in a hug. She rubbed my back and I smiled into the crook of her neck. “What’s up Y/N?” Pippa asked once I broke the embrace. I grimaced and sat down on the couch, Pippa following suit. “Pip, I, uh. I’m pregnant.” I said quietly and Pippa beamed at me, letting out a squeal of joy. “Oh my god Y/N, congratulations!” Pippa said, pulling me against her side. I smiled weakly at her, and she raised an eyebrow in confusion. “You don’t seem happy about this news.” She said and I let out a shaky breath. “It’s just, I don’t know how Ant will react. We’re not even married yet, God.” I said, feeling tears well in my eyes. Pippa rubbed the small of my back soothingly, looking at me with pity. “Y/N, trust me when I say that Anthony loves you no matter what. The boy would jump off a bridge if you told him to.” Pippa said and I chuckled slightly, knowing that her words were true. “And I love him. It’s just, we’re young and I’m nervous that he’ll have to drop out of Hamilton to look after me. He loves that show so much.” I said and Pippa frowned at me. “He loves you more than the show, I promise you.” She said and my lips turned up in a small smile. “How do I tell him?” I whispered and Pippa sat quietly for a moment, lost in thought. She suddenly let out a gasp and I nearly jumped at the noise. She nearly leapt off the couch, beckoning for me to follow her. “What master plan have you come up with, Soo?” I asked curiously, following her into the kitchen. “Can you bake?” Pippa asked and I nodded hesitantly, now incredibly nervous. “That’s good. Where are your baking supplies?” She asked and I pointed to a shelf in the pantry. She smiled and made her way to the shelf, pulling out various ingredients. “Philippa Soo, what the hell are you doing?” I questioned as she pretty much emptied my pantry onto the kitchen counter. “You’re going to bake a cake and on the top write ‘congrats dad’ and give it to Ant after today’s matinee show.” Pippa said and I nodded in agreement, realising that it was actually a good idea. She clapped and pressed a kiss to my cheek. “Told you it was a brilliant idea.” She said before pulling out her phone. She gasped and I looked up at her in confusion. “I’ve gotta be at the theatre now. I’m so sorry Y/N, but text me when the cake’s done.” Pip said and I nodded, glancing at the ingredients on the counter. “Great. See you later Y/N.” She said before waving at me as she walked out the door. I sighed and looked at the kitchen counter. I grabbed my phone and pressed shuffle on my music, chuckling as the opening chords to Alexander Hamilton filled the apartment. I began to sing along as I measured out the ingredients, praying to god that Pippa’s idea would work.

A few hours later

I looked at the completed cake, a proud smile on my face. It was a chocolate cake topped with buttercream icing, and written in blue on the top was 'Congrats, dad!’. I looked at my watch and saw that it was just after 3, meaning the matinee performance had finished. I took in a deep breath and texted Pippa.

Y/N: Cake’s all done. I’m on my way over now.

I picked up the cake, and was about to open the door when I heard my phone buzz.

Pip 👌🏻: AAH! I’m so excited. Ant will be over the moon, I promise.

I smiled and shot her a couple of emojis before turning off my phone, shoving it in my pocket. I made my way to the elevator, carrying the carefully covered cake. I hailed a taxi and gave the driver the necessary address, sinking back into the seat. Once we had arrived I thanked the driver and handed him the money, making my way out in a manner that protected the cake. I let out a sigh and approached the Richard Rogers theatre, hoping that the cake was still in tact. “Y/N! What a lovely surprise. Ant told us you were sick.” James, the security guard said and I chuckled nervously. “That’s partially true James. Still, I come bearing baked goods.” I said and he chuckled, gesturing for me to walk in. I smiled at him once more before making my way through the maze of backstage corridors. I saw that the 'break room’ door was open, and I heard Michael Jackson playing from inside. I chuckled at the predictability of my friends and knocked lightly on the door. “Come on in!” I heard Lin shout and I rolled my eyes, pushing the door open slightly. “Hey guys!” I said and I was met with a series of cheers and smiles from everyone but Anthony. “Y/N, how are you? Ant here told us you were sick.” Daveed asked and I nodded halfheartedly. “That’s partially true Diggs, but I’m well enough to visit my boyfriend and the rest of you. Also, I brought cake, so.” This earned cheers from the cast, and even Ant cracked a small smile. I put the cake down on the bench near the sink and Oak made his way over, attempting to pull the cover off. I smack his hand lightly and he  stared at me with fake hurt. “Not yet Onaodowan.” I said and he chuckled, raising his hands in mock surrender. “Ok, ok. Nice pronunciation by the way.” He said and I smirked, shrugging my shoulders. “All in a days work.” I said and Oak laughed. Pippa coughed from behind Oak and he looked over at her. “Can I speak with Y/N for a second?” She said and Oak nodded curiously, moving to the side. “How about we talk outside?” I said and Pip nodded, taking my wrist and leading me out the door. “You feeling ok?” Pippa asked and I nodded, looking up at her with determination. “I’m doing this.” I said and Pippa smiled brightly at me. We walked back inside and I suddenly saw a very confused Anthony hovering over the now uncovered cake. “Uh, Y/N?” He said and I hummed in response. “Why does this cake say 'Congrats, dad!’ Did you pick up the wrong cake at the bakery or something?” Anthony said and I shook my head, my stomach churning. “No. I made it.” I said and I heard a few gasps from the people who’d put two and two together. Anthony still looked confused so I let out an annoyed sigh. “What the hell?” Anthony muttered and I heard an exasperated sigh come from Jasmine. “You idiot, she’s pregnant!” She said and I glanced over at Jasmine, who looked like she immediately regretted her words. I shot her a sympathetic smile and then looked over at Ant, whose eyes were wide and his jaw slack. “Y/N, is what Jasmine said true?” Ant whispered, the entire room quiet. I nodded slowly, and I watched as the look on his face changed from confusion to outright joy. “Oh my god, you’re pregnant.” Ant said and I nodded, feeling tears well in my eyes. I heard a loud whistle, presumably from Daveed, and I brought Ant into a loving embrace. “We’re gonna be parents. My god I love you so much.” Anthony whispered in my ear, his lips brushing against my skin. “I was so nervous about telling you. The cake was Pip’s idea.” I said and he chuckled, letting go of me. “Thanks Pip!” Ant shouted and the rest of the cast chuckled. “You’re welcome!” She replied with equal enthusiasm. “Congratulations you two. You’re gonna be incredible parents, I have no doubt.” Lin said, clapping us both on the shoulder. I smiled at him warmly as Ant pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I see you all eyeing off that cake. Go on.” I said and everyone chuckled as they made their way over to the bench that housed the cake. “How long have you known?” Anthony asked and I chuckled at his unintentional reference to the show. “A month or so.” I said and Anthony shook his head. “I can’t tell if you’re being serious or just quoting the show.” He said and I pecked his lips. “A little bit of both.” I said and he laughed, pulling me into another hug. “We’re going to have a family of our own in a few months. I can’t believe it.” Anthony said wistfully, placing a lingering kiss to my forehead. “Believe it.”

What Should Have Been Said (Jumin x MC)

You confront Jumin the next day about his feelings.

Word Count: 793

Wow! I’m so glad to see so many of you enjoyed my latest prompt it’s been oddly swarming in my head and I’m glad I was finally able to get it out! Due to the good reception and others asking I do so, I decided to do a second part to conclude it! Thank you, and have a splendid day!

Also, I’m such a mess ok I just finished The Office I’m a sobbing mess watch it please.
The sunlight had been pale in Jumin’s office as he attempted to do his work.

Yet, his attempts weren’t quite working.

He couldn’t focus in the slightest.

You infested his mind endlessly, thoughts of the day before constantly drenching in thoughts.

He didn’t regret telling you, but your reaction had sent his heart cracking and splitting like unsteady ice upon a lake.

He hadn’t even seen you when he arrived this morning.

You would usually rush towards him, somehow always having some sort of story to tell the moment he walked through the door.

He missed it.

Yet he also noticed something else.

The man you’d been with wasn’t at work.

He had been perfectly healthy the day before, so why was he gone?

Was it because of Jumin?

Perhaps a bit of him hoped so.

He was torn from his thoughts as a knocking came at the office door, oddly soft and light as if they were a bit scared.

He narrowed his eyes curiously, gesturing. “Come in.”

And to his surprise, you stepped in.

You kept your gaze glued to the floor before you stood before his desk, not even bothering to sit.

Jumin simply stared wide-eyed, his lips parted as though he wanted to speak.

But this time, something held him back.

You let out a deep breath, lifting your head to look at him, tensing.

“I-I um… I thought about what you said,” You murmured. “I couldn’t s-stop thinking about it.”

You continued, trying to cool down your tone. “A-And I-I realized something.”

“…What’s that?” He managed to say, his voice breathless, endless scenarios scattering his mind.

“I…I love you too.” You said, laughing weakly. “I have for a long, long time. But I always thought you’d be with s-someone rich and famous t-too. And I mean…I’m nothing like that. I-I mean why would you ever even want me-”

You were stopped.

“You make me happy,” Jumin exclaimed. “You make me happier than I ever thought possible. I hardly even knew what happiness was before I met you and now I can’t help but smile and laugh whenever I’m with you. You make me feel like I’m an honest, true, and good person.” He sighed. “I’ve loved you since the day you first said hello to me.”

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, pink sprinkling your cheeks. “R-Really?”

He stood up from his desk, rounding towards you, gingerly taking your hand.

“Without a doubt.” He ran a gentle thumb over your knuckles, his heart swelling with adoration.

“I broke up with him.” You sputtered. “H-he left. H-He asked if it was because of you, he told me he always knew something was going on.”

“How so?”

“He said, that just the way you looked at me when I talked to you, or walked into a room was like I raised the sun-o-or I hung the stars.” Your breath hitched, tears threatening to spill upon your cheeks. “A-And whenever he would mention you around me I-I’d just start smiling.”

Jumin pulled you to him as you broke into coughs, burying your face in the crook of his neck as he wound his arms around you protectively. 

“I-I’m so sorry I didn’t even realize.” You whimpered, clenching tightly onto his coat as though it were a lifeline. “I-I wish I k-knew sooner-”

“I would’ve waited a thousand years if that’s what it took MC,” Jumin laughed softly, his own gaze glossy. “You are worth a million lifetimes of waiting. Don’t worry.”

You lifted your head, wiping away the tears as you ruffled his hair, pressing a chaste kiss to his nose. “You don’t have to wait anymore. I’m not going anywhere. I promise.” 

He tipped his forehead against yours, cupping your face with his hands as his smile only seemed to widen.

“Neither am I darling.”

And the future he dreamed of, seemed brighter than ever.

For you were by his side.

Dog Sitter (Frank CastlexReader) Pt. 11 (Finale)

A/N: I don’t think I really need to point out the fact that it’s been a really long time since the last update to this story. Regardless it has been an amazing time. It’s one of my first good long form pieces of writing and I’ve enjoyed writing it immensely. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading it.  




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The first thing you feel is a sharp pain pulsing through your entire skull. Your eyes feel like lead but you flutter them open. The room around you is a blur and your eyes close. You keep your eyes closed for a few more seconds before attempting to open them again. This time the images you see are more distinct. You’re in a freezer, surrounded by rotting meat. Despite the rancid smell, the air around you is frigid. The second thing you see is the cloud of air that escapes your lips. The air burns your throat and your lungs as you breath. Your eyes drift shut again and you let them rest there for a while.

You rack your brain for any memories of the past few hours. Why were you in a meat freezer? And why were your arms tied to the chair? You force your eyes open again and focus on what is in front of you. You can just make out the large metal door at the front of the room. It’s a few yards away from you. Way too far for you to shuffle to it. Your head rolls to the side of its own volition and for a few seconds you look at the world sideways.

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I haven’t written a fanfic piece in a long while so I hope this is alright..

My eyes open, but I am not the one who opened them. My body rises from the floor, but I am not the one who moved. I feel the ache of my broken body. I still feel the blood dripping from the open wound in my stomach, but I cannot make myself move to attempt to ease the pain. It takes me a moment to realize the very simple, yet terrifying thing; I’ve lost control.

No… I gave up the control.

My body turns to see the colonel, sitting on the bench, holding onto Damien’s cane. I want to charge at him and attack, filled with anger at the man who tried to kill me, but instead, my body steps back. It means to contradict me.

“No, it’s ok” The colonel insists. He stands, a hand out towards me, almost defensively. After a second, he smiles. “I thought you were dead. I-I-I mean of COURSE you’re not dead. You’re n- how COULD you be dead? I m- I-I wouldn’t have killed you. I-I DIDN’T kill you!” He stammers, walking towards the mirror as he struggles to make sense of everything that had transpired. I try to remember what Selene had said. He was a good man, just dangerous.

No kidding.

“I mean of course I… I mean of COURSE. I didn’t kill ANYBODY!” He was wrong, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t force my body or voice to tell him so. He begins to laugh, despite my silent protest. “It was all a JOKE! OF COURSE it was all a joke!”


I can do nothing but watch as he slips through the fissures of sanity before my eyes. I begin to feel sorry for him. I now beg my body to move closer, to try and comfort him, to do SOMETHING, but my body remains in place, disobedient to me.

“Where you in on this? Did Damien put you up to this? Of course he did. Damien, where are you, you rapscallion!” HE’S IN HERE! HE’S WITH ME! PLEASE HEAR ME! COLONEL!

I scream from within my body to him, but he turns and walks away, calling out for friends that I know he’ll never find.

My body looks towards Damien’s cane and reaches out to it. Was that… Selene’s hand? Damien’s? It wasn’t my own, this was certain. It grabs hold of the cane and looks up into the mirror. I see a face I didn’t recognize. It’s not me. None of this is me.

The unfamiliar man cracks his neck and I am pulled out. I can move again, and for a brief moment I feel relief. I look around a moment, then back towards the man when it hits me; I’m in the mirror.

“How… No…” Terror sets in and I immediately begin to pound my fists against the barrier between realms.

“NO! LET ME OUT! DAMIEN! SELENE! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! YOU CAN’T DO THIS! I WAS YOUR FRIEND TOO!” I scream through choked sobs as the man adjusts his suit and stares back at me. I am unsure if he can see me, or if he just doesn’t care anymore. His face contorts into an expression of pure rage before quickly turning away…

Leaving me alone, in the cracks of a broken mirror.

I let them in. I trusted them. I loved them, but blinded by rage, they betrayed me and left me to rot forever.

Through my panicked screams and cries I hear a cough from upstairs. The detective sits upright against the wall, clutching his stomach and reaching for his walkie talkie. “Colonel… If you can hear this… You’d better run.”

I wiped the tears away and begin to smile, suddenly filled with new purpose.

Damien, Selene, I will get out of here. You’re not the only beings looking for revenge now, old friends…

What it Feels Like PT.2

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Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,203

Characters: You (f) + NCT’s Ten (ft. EXO Baekhyun)

Genre: Angst (I promise one day I’ll write something fluffy T-T)


The words he had said swam round my head. It was dizzying.

This is what it feels like.

Is this how I had made him feel? Unwanted, unloved by the one person he thought he could rely on? Betrayed?
I felt sick, and tears streamed down my face as I felt my stomach constrict in a pathetic attempt to expel its contents when I hadn’t eaten in over 8 hours.

I ran out of his dorms and out of his life.

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Summary: You are Johnnys friend and you have a crush on winwin and when you get nervous you speak in chinese. So you expose yourself on accident.


“Hurry up” You received another message from Johnny saying the same thing.

You grunted as you finished getting ready. Why was Johnny always so rushy? Thats the one thing you hated about your friend. He knows your still getting ready and you even told him so. Since you were mad because this is the 1,000,000,000 time he asked you that same question, you left him on read (savage).

While you put your phone down you remember that Winwin was going to be at the dorm today. And today YOU were going to the dorm too!! It sounds stupid but it seems as if your almost scared of spending quality time with Winwin.

You started to day dream about how cute Winwin was and how he was so boyfriend material. Almost forgetting totally about Johnny waiting. When you remembered about him you snapped out of the daze and grabbed your phone again and left.


You stepped outside and immediately saw Johnny and rushed over to him. He unlocked his car and you sat in the passengers seat in the front. You huffed loudly once you were settled, making a mental note to yourself to keep you cool no matter what. Johnny knew something was wrong, and he knew exactly what that ‘something’ aka someone was.

“You know Winwin is human too! He is a literal angel and he gets so nervous around you too.” Johnny said to you in a comforting tone as he put the car into drive.

“Well I know that! But he isn’t nervous around me because he doesn’t like me..” You pouted at the thought of ‘your silly one-sided love’.

“Well you don’t know that for sure for sure, now do you?”

“Actually I don’t, but there isn’t a point of me trying to confirm it is there?”

“Well not to be meddling in others business but I think he may like you too! Hint double hint!!!”

“Wow… what kind of best friend are you? Lying to me directly at my face at that? *scoffs* i expected better from you Johnny…”

“Alright don’t believe me! I couldn’t care less about it, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so”

“Whatever major loser”

Johnny turned up the volume when Winwin’s parts would come up. Just so you can sing along with him. No lie though, you knew every song and every word that winwin sang in all his songs. To some it may seem like an obsession but to you it was just pure love shinning through you.

After a few NCT 127 songs you guys arrived at the dorm. Confidently, you made you way to the entrance. But cowardly, you chickened out and waited for Johnny to go first. Johnny wasn’t always the nicest to you but when you needed him to be , he would be. A good example would be this exact moment. You needed his help everytime Winwin was around to you keep you from switching from Korean to Chinese.

Johnny lead the way to the dorms and you followed him with ease. Almost forgetting about Winwin but not quite. Your hands started to sweat and you had butterflies in your tummy. You also felt as if all the other languages you can communicate with were dirfting out of your ear. Leaving you only able to speak Chinese. Of course none of this WAS really happening but you knew why it feels like it.

Winwin has a big impact on you, any little thing he does, as simple as walking by, made your heart skip millions and millions of beats. Your heart will eventually (hopefully) calm down once you remember: Winwin doesn’t like you and he is way out of your league.

You were brought back to reality when you heard the door open. You let out a soft sigh in hopes of cooling your heart rate. Guess what? It didn’t help and it in fact made it worse. You took your shoes off at the entrance and continued on inside.

“OH WINWIN!!!!!” Jaehyun and Johnny shouted out for the boy at the same time.

What the hell?! What are they doing? Are they TRYING to embarrass you?!

“Oh WiNwIn!.!. Shush will ya?!” You yelled at them through a whisper.

“COMING HOLD ON !” Everyone heard Winwin shout from his room.

You began to panick, what were you going to say, do, or even at least think? So many unanswered questions in one day. You decided to think quick of a reason to leave that room.

“I need to go to the bathroom, where might that be?” You asked with the worst acting ever. It was obvious you were trying to avoid Winwin.

“Oh no you don’t “ Johnny pulled you back by your wrist.

Then he came in. Winwin.

You two made eye contact with each other for a few seconds and then looked different ways. The boys all got up at once and rushed to get out of the dorm, leaving just you and Winwin.

“Oh my! Well ok then um alright ok..ugh” You sounded completely out of it and drunk.

“So wanna talk?” Winwin patted a spot next to him on the couch as an invite to you.

You attempted to walk over but stopped right in front of him.

‘Dont do it! Dont embarras yourself! You will be crying for the rest of your lifeeeee!!’ You thought to yourself as you took 10000000000000000000000000000000 breathes before you tried to speak.

“*in chinese* You know your really cute” Thats the first thing you say UGH! Maybe he didn’t understand you or let alone hear you.

Then it shot you like a BB gun, winwin KNOWS chinese! Whilst you were coming to your sense, you started crying internally at the fact you made a COMPLETE fool out of yourself.

“*in chinese* SERIOUSLY DOES THAT MEAN YOU LIKE LIKE ME?!” Winwin screamed with joy, almost making you have a heart attack.

“*still in chinese* well I mean … yes.” You said it so softly that barely he himself ,who was right in front of you, could hear it.

“*in chinese* well I LIKE YOU TOO”

“WAYHHA yOu LiKe MeH?! Oh my does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend!????!!!!”

“I mean I guess so but I wont be sure until we kiss *wink wonk*”

“Oh ok then let me kiss you.”

With that you both started to kiss but were rudely interrupted by a rude Johnny.

“I told you so”

He said that and just slithered away.

Welps look like you’ll be trusting Johnny more!


I apologize if you didnt like this! I tried my hardest but I feel like its booty!! FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED FOR ALLLLL OF OUR WORK! Thank you for reading ❤️❤️❤️

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