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May I ask what are some of your favourite marauders headcanons???

Ok so first, I have never done head canons before so this was a new experience.  Second, I realized once I emerged from my post surgical haze that you might be asking me to recommend some headcanons I’ve read, but I don’t really have a tag for headcanons (I should probably do that at some point) but if you look at my marauders tag (or this one because my tagging is sloppy sorry) there must be some floating around in there. 

Anyway, finally, we get to my first attempt at headcanons, which hopefully make sense to other people (tell me if they do yes? haha)

[Final note: I am still on pain meds and have not read over this NOR have I had someone else read it so do with that what you will]

  • James accidentally joining a herd of deer
  • The boys getting stuck in various partial transformations
  • Remus going along with a prank because Sirius bets he only said no because he CANT do it
  • Planning some hijinks that’s overly complicated and legendary for like the entire term and then lily hijacks it at the end and James is like idk if I’m turned on or fuming
  • And peter and remus roll their eyes
  • But Sirius is like use your anger we’ve got to get her back 
  • Sadly (or not depending on who you ask) lily figured this would happen
  • And after she beats them again Sirius suggests they bring her on as an associate 
  • The boys coming up with increasingly unbelievable reasons for post full moon injuries
  • Like at first the escalate to extremes but then they go like super lame 
  • And one day peter answers lily with a deadly serious face when she asks about the giant bruise on his face “sirius threw a every flavor bean at me”
  • And lily is like wtf
  • And remus is like Sirius is stronger than you’d think
  • And lily is like so is that why James bribes him to stay away from quidditch try outs
  • James is like no I’m a philanthropist and remus looks at her and he’s like if Sirius tried to play he would die
  • Also mealtimes. Like I have this vision of them all working like a well oiled machine 
  • After being together so long they know what everyone likes and how much and what combinations etc so they just all wordlessly dish food onto each others plates at meals
  • And lily and her friends think it’s hilarious 
  • Or in classes they pass notes and usually it’s them goofing off but they’re sneaky enough to not get caught
  • Until transfiguration when mcgonagall is like would you care to share with the class mr lupin and they’re all smirky and he’s like sure and then she’s like quirking a brow at them and reads it out loud and they are having like the nerdiest discussion about transfiguration theory and it’s legit on topic so she’s like internally screaming because her faves are little transfiguration prodigies but on the outside she’s like see me after class
  • And then after class they all come to her desk and she’s like “I’ve corrected some disgraceful grammatical errors”
  • When lily and James finally get together she and the other marauders have weekly meetings during quidditch practice or what ever to talk about James being a dork that week
  • But in a ‘we love it’ way
  • And then James finds them one week and they think he’s gonna be mad
  • And he’s like wait you have like an hour without me a week and you spend it talking about me
  • And lily is like wow when did we get so pathetic
  • And Sirius is like idk probably when James thought he could grow sideburns
  • Then they all start making fun of James again
  • James takes it like a sport until remus tries to grow a moustache a few months later and then it’s a free for all
Laslow/Kaze Supports (A-S)

It started off as just Laslow wanting to “"train”“ Kaze in flirting bringing smiles to people and then I remembered that Laslow can reclass to a ninja and ??? it just kind of spiralled out of control hoo boy (this is also my second attempt at writing something like this hahah ^^; )

C Support

Kaze: …
Kaze: Is there something I can help you with?
Laslow: Er, yes actually. A little birdie told me that you’re rather popular with the ladies.
Kaze: Excuse me?
Laslow: Now, now, there’s no need to be shy! I’ve been keeping an eye on you and you seem to have a natural talent for it.
Kaze: I’m not exactly sure- wait, you say you’ve been watching me?
Laslow: Well, that’s not exactly the important part. What matters is that you have a gift!
Laslow: A gift that you are not putting to good use. A wasted opportunity to bring smiles abound!
Kaze: I’m not sure-
Laslow: Now don’t worry, my fair-faced friend, I’ll teach you how to make the most of your innate charm.
Kaze: I appreciate the offer but I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.
Laslow: ..!
Laslow: Wow, I never expected him to vanish. Did I go too far, perhaps?

B Support

Laslow: …
Laslow: Show yourself and I may be merciful.
Kaze: Interesting. You were able to sense me from all the way up here.
Laslow: Oh, Kaze. You should know better than to sneak up on a friend.
Laslow: But! Have you reconsidered? Ready to hone your gift?
Kaze: Not quite. I was curious about something.
Laslow: Curiousity killed the cat, you know. Care to share what about?
Kaze: It seems that you’re rather light on your feet for a swordsman.
Laslow: Well it always helps to have a degree of finesse on the battlefield.
Kase: Not to mention the fact that you have an acute awareness of your surroundings-
Laslow: Why, thank you!
Kaze: -apart from when you’re dancing.
Laslow: W-what?!
Kaze: It seems that when you dance, you become oblivious to what is going on around you. You didn’t even notice me watching you the entire time.
Kaze: And yet today, you detected my presence almost straight away.
Laslow: You watched me dance?!
Kaze: Yes? Is there a problem?
Laslow: No, er, yes, er, maybe, I just- GOODBYE!
Kaze: Well he’s certainly a fast runner.

A Support

Kaze: There you are, Laslow.
Laslow: (Eep!)
Kaze: You’re quite hard to track down when you put your mind to it. And before you try to run away…
Laslow: That’s… a rather strong grip you have there.
Kaze: Just a precaution. As soon as this conversation is done, I’ll leave you be.
Laslow: R-right. Is there something you need?
Kaze: Not something I need, but instead something I wish to offer you.
Kaze: As I was saying the other day, you usually possess a great sense of your surroundings, not to mention how light footed you are - which can certainly be attributed to your dancing.
Laslow: Please stop bringing that up…
Kaze: I believe that with the proper training, you could become quite a skilled ninja. You also seem quite proficient at staying undetected, which would definitely help a lot.
Laslow: A ninja? I don’t know if that would be a good idea…
Kaze: Why not?
Laslow: Well, you surely know that I am the retainer of Lord Xander. I fear that I may not be as well equipped to fulfil my duties were I to become a ninja.
Kaze: Hmm, I see. Well perhaps you would still be willing to learn a few tricks of ours. They may prove useful in the future.
Laslow: I suppose there’s no harm in that. Would you be willing to teach me?
Kaze: Had I not been willing then I wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place.
Laslow: Hah! I suppose not. Well then, when do we start?

S Support

Laslow: …
Laslow: Kaze? I know you’re here.
Kaze: There’s no use trying to hide from you, it seems.
Laslow: Not with your training. Is there a reason that you’re still following me?
Kaze: Would you believe I just wanted to chat?
Laslow: Perhaps, had you not just said that. What’s on your mind?
Kaze: It’s nothing in particular. I was just thinking that you’ve been doing very well to pick up the basics of Hoshidan ninja. You are quite the natural.
Laslow: What a compliment!
Kaze: Yes, well, my poor skills as a teacher can only take you so far. I believe you’re nearly at the stage where I can no longer teach you.
Laslow: …Oh.
Kaze: Yes, oh.
Laslow: Well, there’s no reason that we can’t still spend time together.
Kaze: …
Laslow: Unless you don’t want to?
Kaze: Heavens no! I’d love to spend more time with you.
Laslow: Care to repeat that?
Kaze: Oh, um. I’d love to spend more time with you.
Laslow: How much more time?
Kaze: Is there a point to these questions?
Laslow: More time like the rest of forever?
Kaze: Is that-
Laslow: A ring? Yes, I suppose it is.
Kaze: …
Laslow: Please, could you say something? I fear that my heart cannot handle the suspense.
Kaze: …
Laslow: … I see. Well, I shan’t bother you for any-
Kaze: Yes.
Laslow: I-I’m sorry?
Kaze: Yes, I’d like to spend the rest of forever with you.
Laslow: You mean-
Kaze: Yes, I do.
Laslow: Oh, oh my. I never expected it to go this well. Could you maybe say that all again?
Kaze: All of it?
Laslow: If you don’t mind.
Kaze: You’re lucky that I’m so very fond of you…

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1, 4, 6, 12 x

1. Favorite color to work with: I like a nice blue/green/grayish mix. And purples too.

4. How often do you draw: a couple times a week I think. Sometimes more sometimes less.

6. Tag your favorite artists, inspiration: all of my fellow KA artists, plus @hotcuppahjo-art and @rain1940

12. Draw your fave in 15 seconds. Not gonna lie, I made a couple attempts before finally drawing one that looked ok lol. This is as good as it gets from me in 15 seconds.

kairi-ou replied to your photo: GUYS IT’S OK THE CLAMP FISH SURVIVED YOU CAN ALL…

Grats! You’ve finished! AHAHA This is like a minature version of what happened when you attempted to live blog the movies isn’t it?

Oh my god. Don’t even mention that. 

I don’t want to relive the shame.

An OW honey moon (and other shenanigans).

Today I joined @gaogaigar-the-king and @evol-astraea in a custom madness match. At first I thought it was just mere practice and picked a Hero I don’t usually play, but then Evol asked me to change into Zenyatta.

Later I found out why; long story short: she was Mercy, GGG was Genji and they wanted “Master” to marry them. XD

And then, the honey moon started! <3

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Stefan + trying to bring Caroline back

OK, here’s my second attempt at answering the bittersamgirlclub‘s current Top 5, Top 5 Heartbreaking Sam Moments (aka JARED’S FACE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED)

1. “I miss you so much.” (5.03)

Sam/Jess are one of my top OTPs out of anything ever, and I think it’s because, even though we barely got to see them together, they so clearly made each other happy. Their relationship was happy and healthy enough that Sam was going to propose, and they were going to be part of each others’ happily ever afters. But then she was killed because this show likes to fridge women the demons wanted Sam on the road honing his skills.

It’s been four years since she died, and SAM STILL MISSES HER, STILL THINKS ABOUT HER, and I will never be OK again as long as I live.

2. “She asked me to.” (2.17)

I don’t need to explain this one, do I?

3. “No… no… Dean… “ (3.16)

Again, no explanation needed.

4. “No, please, no.” (8.22)

Crowley’s choice to have Sarah Blake be the one who died in front of the boys was deliberately calculated to fridge yet another awesome woman hurt Sam. Sarah was the only one of his canon romantic interests who had nothing but good associations: she was smart and brave and she and Sam had a really good connection, and then they went their separate ways, and Sam could look back with fondness and confidence that she was out there living her life, happy.

Then she dies in front of him, and becomes another person he couldn’t save, another person who should be out there living their life but isn’t, and he’ll blame himself for that fact.

And I’ll bet he’s also thinking of Sarah’s one-year-old daughter, who she just told him about. Because now that little girl is going to grow up not knowing her mother, just like Sam did.

Sarah’s death tore at Sam in ways the show doesn’t really explore, but I think that face he’s making speaks volumes.

5. “I mean … Amelia, you saved me.” (8.09)

Sam is leaving Amelia not because he wants to, but because he thinks it’s what’s best for her, and the highly problematic nature of him making that decision, rather than letting her decide, only makes this more heartbreaking to me.

He’s almost crying here, and I think he was crying earlier, because he’s very sniffly, and he’s trying to tell Amelia how much she means to him, how important their time together has been to him. We barely get to see any of their relationship, but that sentence, “Amelia, you saved me,” and the meaning he invests in it, says so much.

To me, probably the worst part is that I’m sure if Sam had done the right thing and let Amelia make the choice, she would’ve chosen him, and they could’ve been happy. Instead he left, Dean came back and proceeded to treat him like shit, and, well, you all know the rest.

So this scene is heartbreaking not just because it’s the ending of one of my favorite ships, but because it’s the turning point that marks the beginning of what I think are some of the worst years of Sam’s life.

Honorable mentions: Sam’s face after Crowley tells him he’s truly on his own in 7.23, the shot of Sam’s face as he drives the Impala with the “Six Months Later” caption in “Mystery Spot,” and Sam’s face when Mary’s spirit says his name in “Home.”

I know most of these are ship-related but, well, I have a lot of feelings about Sam’s relationships, and most of them are sad because the show refuses to let Sam have nice things.


His hair is such a pain to draw ughgghhh 

Funny how I can’t seem to pick out an actual style to draw him in that I’m comfortable with ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Which one should I stick with smh

The Unrequited Love Poem

Day 2

Photo: pressed flowers taped with masking tape on the walls, some time in 2016. Taken in my second room (in which I lived for two years) in Singapore.

Only day 2 of the challenge and it’s already damn challenging. Mind you, I never once tried to write poems, I don’t even read them much. Ok I confess I googled ‘how to write a poem’ because I have no freaking idea at all. So dear Fassya, please do not tease me in any way. I sincerely thank you. HEHE


I was young and so were you
countless prayers were sent
in a desperate attempt to keep the moment

I was young but you were not
out of the blue in December
unrequited was no longer the word

one day, we both grew up
but long the time had gone
how I wish it was always January

Guinea pig attempts to give local resident heart attack

Freshly cleaned cookie jar proved too tempting for cavy

“I mean, ok.. in hindsight I should have known better, but I turned my head for a like five seconds to put the camera down after taking a silly pic to send a friend to support their 5k today and that was all that was needed I guess.“

There was a light thud sound, and local resident Misty Fig turned to see one of her guinea pigs was teetering half inside of a cookie jar that was placed on the counter to dry. Carefully she pushed the jar with the half contained pig further onto the counter so if it tipped it wouldn’t fall off, and snapped a pic. 

“At first I laughed, like dude.. what even are you? Then he slipped all the way inside and I was hit with a sudden panic because he was as big as the jar itself. Shit, what if he can’t turn around!?!?”

Misty turned the jar to try and figure out if “Samsquanch” could actually turn around, and panic set it, “Am I going to be the asshat that walks into an emergency vet with a guinea pig trapped in a cookie jar? Will they put something over him so he doesn’t get cut in case they have to break it?” 

Samsquanch however, was unimpressed at the quickly onset freakout.

He simply turned around, and hopped out of the same hole he came in from, and was promptly rewarded with hugs, a piece of a snap pea, and put back into his own cage where neighboring pig “Grundy” gave seemingly judging looks over the whole ordeal.


Ok, so I’ll post new stuff soon, but I’m still working. In the meantime, I thought I’d share these.

The first one is (obviously) a study of Whalers. It’s quite old (about 5-6 months), and it was the first attempt to draw these badassassins. I wanted to get to know their outfit, their looks, learn how to draw them. The one on the left was based on concept art, while for the other one I used a screenshot I found on the Dishonored Wiki.

The second painting is a close-up of my older work. I’m actually proud of this, because I spent so much time drawing her clothing and all the details, not to mention how difficult the colouring was (yea I suck at colouring). But fuck, in the final version, you can’t really see how much effort I put into it. So please now look at it very carefully haha!

Anyway, hope you’ll like these!

ok but what if connection between Grima and Robin worked a bit different??

Imagine this. The Shepherds arrive at Grima’s back, Grima attempts to eat Robin, he comes back, Naga heals them and they start fighting. And then Chrom charges at Grima himself, Robin staying a bit behind, fighting off some of the Grimleal alongside someone, like Morgan and Lucina. Once he’s finished, he follows Chrom, runs to join him.
Then Chrom swings Falchion at Grima, but something is off- Grima waits for the blow with open arms, smiling. Chrom strikes him in the stomach, and the same moment Robin suddenly falls to the ground face first. Someone of the Shepherds notice that and calls his name, others turn their attention to Robin as he attempts to sit up, but he can’t, all he can do is curling up and pressing his forehead against the ground.
Using the opportunity Chrom kicks/knees Grima in the head when he bends over after the blow, and suddenly he hears the Shepherds yelling at him to stop, as well as Morgan calling for her father.
He looks back and he has no idea what is happening, but then Grima giggles while standing up, grabs Falchion by its blade and presses the tip against his stomach, and then he says something like “come on, don’t stop”.

It turns out the damage inflicted on Grima is ‘mirrored’ on Robin’s body. The first strike in Grima’s stomach renders Robin kinda useless in battle, he’s pretty much half-dead actually.
And then there’s a lot of tortures- because, given that Robin can’t fight anymore, Grima has to be either taken down by Chrom (which makes Robin suffer the worst pain ever and it most likely (for sure) kills him, same goes for Chrom, with that difference that his pain isn’t physical), or weakened enough to let Robin finish him off himself, if he’s still alive by then.
There’s no choice between “die” or “live”, there’s a choice between “die painfully” and “die painfully” for Robin, and “kill your other half” or “torture your other half and then let him kill himself” for Chrom.

Let’s say they go for the second option, Chrom weakens Grima and with the last bits of strength Robin finishes him off. Grima disappears.
Robin starts to disappear as well, but he’s still in pain, everyone gather around him as Chrom speaks to him (Robin is ‘resting’ on the ground, maybe Chrom holds him in his arms or something??), Robin says his usual thing (”tell the others my last thoughts were of them” to which Chrom, probably crying, says something like “they are here, they can hear you” and “may we meet in a better life”) and he’s like, trembling or something, looking up blankly, and you know, everyone is kinda in tears lmao, and then Robin whispers Chrom’s name because Chrom isn’t looking at him anymore because he just can’t, and says “it doesn’t hurt anymore…” and he sends Chrom the sweetest smile EVER, Chrom smiles through his tears and sniffs because dang that’s ONE positive thing in this hell, but then Robin’s smile disappears and he speaks again, “…Chrom… I’m scared of dying… I’m scared of nothingness” and he starts crying mid sentence but it’s really quiet bc he’s just so weak AND CHROM CRIES NOW EVEN MORE (well everyone is) and probably hugs him and refuses to let go and tries to explain that there’s no “nothingness”, that there’s a better place after death, he just does anything to make Robin calm down and get rid of his fear.
Robin disappears eventually, leaving his clothes in Chrom’s lap. The end. He is back though, because he was the one who killed Grima, if Grima was put to sleep by Chrom and Robin died of heavy damage, he wouldn’t be coming back to living.


Everything is all the same like in the game but when Robin deals the final blow and Grima disappears, he actually doesn’t disappear with him.
Everyone is kinda confused but then they of course start celebrating, throwing a big party back at the castle, just being HAPPY and resting and doing all sorts of nice things like being lazy together by the fireplace or SOMETHING.
And a week later Robin feels tired. He thinks it’s normal after all those celebrations and stuff, and that it’s gonna be like this for a long time, after all, he’s been stressed for so long.
Three days later his legs give up and he can’t stand properly anymore.
Even later he gets more and more tired, and eventually can’t even breathe if he doesn’t focus on it.
No one knows what is happening, none of the medics has any idea what to do, nothing helps, so Robin ends up stuck in bed, feeling worse and worse.
One day he speaks to Chrom, and he suddenly says (after a short moment of losing contact with reality), “it’s happening… what Naga said, it’s happening”. And Chrom doesn’t want to believe or accept it but Robin can just feel it, after all, Naga never said it would happen right away after killing Grima, it turned out to be a much slower process.
As Robin gets weaker and eventually starts “visibly” turning into nothing, he starts panicking (same thing as above, he’s scared of nothingness that comes after death) and Chrom is doing anything he can to calm him down but end up in hysteria himself, and then Robin is the one trying to comfort him. The closer he is to disappearing, the calmer he feels, so he even starts smiling while trying to cheer Chrom up.

The end.

Lil Sis

Lil Sis


Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you do a little sister fic? P much just do whatever you want but overprotective brothers? :)

 AUTHOR’S NOTES: Here you go. I hope it’s ok. xx

‘I can drive my own car!’ I snapped, attempting to snatch the keys back.
‘No.’ Sam my brother said, ‘You can’t’ he continued to hold them out of reach.
‘Why not? I’ve been driving around in it for years.’
‘The engines far too powerful for someone so in experienced.’
‘I’m not in experienced, let me clear the air on that Samuel.’ I snapped. ‘I can drive that car better at top speed than Dean can drive his piece of junk in second.’
‘Hey.’ Dean growled, ‘Leave baby out of this. And he’s right Y/N that car is dangerous. It’s too fast. Maybe we should look at something smaller. What do you think Sammy one of those Mini’s?’
‘Are you friggen kidden me? I can’t win a race in one of those!’ I gasped, my jaw dropping.
‘You ain’t wining a race in that thing either.’ Dean snapped.
‘You have no right.’ I glared at them.
‘Actually we have some. We are your brothers Y/N. We love you and just want to keep you safe.’ Sam tried to soothe the situation. Apparently being a hot head runs on our father’s side of the family. Sam must take after their Mum. I stood there, glaring at them.
‘ARGH!’ I cried out, before storming off into my room.

I lent against the wall and considered packing my bags. They boys were restricting my style and myself. After Mum died when I was 5, my Uncle had raised my, he was never strict. In fact he taught me a thing or two, like racing, how to hustle that sort of thing. It wasn’t until several months before he died, I found out about my Dad, John Winchester, his ‘hunting’ lifestyle and my Uncles, job. The only reason he told me is because there was no choice. What ever killed my Mum, came back. It went after my Uncle. He died earlier this year when I was 18, trying to save me. I went underground to get away, looking for my Dad in a futile attempt to get help. Instead I found I have another dead relative and two over protective brothers.

I am not allowed to race, hustle, drink, go out on my own and don’t even mention the D word. God forbid I should want to date. And then food is a whole other issue. I groaned, knowing I wasn’t ready to leave just yet. The boys had grown on me. Brothers I had always wanted, you know the love to hate/ hate to love type. I heard a knock on the door.

‘Y/N?’ Sam called, always the peacemaker. I opened the door and looked at him.
‘We just found you. We don’t want to loose you.’ He pulled me into a hug.
‘Really cos you two morons are doing a shit job of making me want to stay around.’
‘Language.’ Sam chastised. I rolled my eyes. ‘Attitude.’ He added.
‘Yes Dad.’ I replied sarcastically.
‘I know it’s hard. But bare with us, ok? We just want you safe and what’s best for you.’ I groaned, ‘This is new to us as well.’ He added
‘Let me drive my car.’ Sam shook his head.
‘Fine.’ I grabbed my phone and jacket and headed out.
‘Where are you going?’ Dean asked as I walked past him.
‘A walk seeming as I can’t drive.’ I glared at him
‘Where are you going? I can take you.’
‘I’m going to get away from you, having my big brother drive me sorta ruins that.’ I answered sarcastically. I watched his jaw tense. Problem with Dean, apart from the temper, is that we are two peas in a pod. We know exactly how to push each other’s buttons.

 I left the bunker and called Bobby.
‘Tell them to let me drive my car.’ I said as soon as he answered. Bobby sighed.
‘I ain’t getting involved Y/N’ he said.
‘This isn’t fair, you know that. If I couldn’t drive it, my Uncle wouldn’t have got it for me.’ I pleaded. Bobby promised to talk to them.

I walked around for a bit, before finding a tree to lean against. I was maybe 30 minutes from the bunker. I put my phone on airplane mode, to stop the ads from popping up, and played games for a while. After an hour or so. I stopped and turned it back on to find a huge amount of worried messages. I groaned. I jogged back to the bunker, Bracing for a screaming match when I entered. But it was quiet. No one was home. I text Sam, I am fine, don’t get your panties in a twist. See you when you get back. I started dinner, and cleaned up. I heard the impala pull up and the boys burst through the door. Asking if I was ok, checking me over.

‘Good God you two. I went for a walk not a trip to hell.’ I snapped.
‘You’re phone was off.’ Dean replied grumpily.
‘No it was on airplane mode, I was playing games trying to calm down after you decided to be a dick.’ I argued.
‘You sure you are ok?’ Dean asked, trying not to get mad.
‘Bit of over use on my thumb from Candy Crush. But I am fine.’ He shot me a look.
‘We just-‘ Sam started
‘Yeah worry I know. And I am grateful that you do. But you are over worrying. I am a big girl. I can take care of myself. I don’t need you two morons ruling my life.’ I argued. Leaving.

I waited until Dean was in the shower and Sam was busy and snuck out, grabbing my car keys I went out. I found a bar, showing a fake ID, I bought a drink. It was nice to have. Sure I was underage, but it’s not like I wasn’t drinking before now. It didn’t take long before the boys showed up. I brought them a beer each as they marched over.

‘Time to go.’ Dean growled in my ear.
‘Nope.’ I said.
‘You’re underage.’
‘Not according to my ID.’ I countered, ‘And ah who showed me that?’ I asked him
‘This isn’t funny Y/N’ Sam said.
‘I am not being disrespectful on purpose. But I am not going to keep doing this.’
‘Doing what?’ Sam asked. I looked at him.
‘There is not a good way to make us stop.’ Dean smirked.
‘Then I’ll move out. Be the lovely sister that keeps in touch on holidays.’ I countered. Sam paled and Dean got mad
‘Like hell.’ He said
‘You can’t stop me.’ I told him. It ended up a stand off, I watched a bloke over by the pool table checking me out. I winked at him. Getting ready to head over.
‘No.’ Dean said.
‘Want next weeks paycheck or not Deano.’ I said, walking off. Hustling the guy, I scored a rather nice win of $500 and started on a hot and heavy make out session, before the boys yanked the guy off me. And pushed me into the car.

‘Really?’ I screamed when we got home. ‘I can make out with or sleep with who I want.’
‘You’re too young to be having sex Y/N!’ Dean yelled.
‘Fine, I’ll wait Dean. I’ll hold out until how old you were when you first had sex.’ I heard Sam laughed.
‘Shut up Sammy!’ Dean snapped. ‘This isn’t about me.’
‘Damn straight. It’s about my life and me. You have no say in it.’ I stormed off locking myself in my room. I packed my bags and waited. At 3am I snuck out. Leaving a note.

 I can’t do this. You guys are killing me. I know you love me. I know you want me safe. I know you are worried about what is out there. But I am not going to live my life in fear. If it wants me it can come get me. In the meantime I will be me. Love you both. Talk soon. Xx

Thing about racing is you know your cars, I disconnected a few wires in baby, so the boys would have no choice but to give me a head start.

I arrived home, back where I grew up with my Uncle. I stayed there, living my life for a few days. I have to admit it was lonely. I decided to head to the local bar for a drink. I met up with this incredibly hot looking tall, dark and body to die for. Things were going well, I excused myself an headed for the bathroom. I came out a few minutes later to find the man gone. I panicked, stupid hunter family. I thought something had happened. Until I saw them, Sam and Dean sitting in the corner, raising their beers in a toast to me.
‘What did you do?’ I sneered as I approached. Dean handed me water.
‘He was no good for you princess.’
‘He was Harvard Law you douche, and nice and a proper gentle man. You know open the door, bring you flowers type gentleman.’ I snapped.
‘Seriously?’ Sam said looking guilty, Dean saw right through me.
‘Bull.’ He smirked, I groaned and dropped in the seat.
‘He could have been. I just never got the chance to ask.’ I sulked.
‘Here.’ Dean growled handing me a jacket.
‘I’m not cold.’ I stated
‘That’s the point. Cover up.’ He snapped.
‘Forget it, I’m leaving anyway.’ I sighed.
‘Not in your car your not.’ Sam said, putting his hand out for the keys. I raised my eyebrows.
‘Speaking of cars.’
‘You’re grounded until you 50. Messing with baby like that what were you thinking!’ Dean told me off.
‘Well Darlin’,’ I smirked at him. ‘How to slow you down. Besides it did the trick.’ I turned and walked out.

I hoped in my car and drove, I knew the boys weren’t far behind me. All of a sudden a hand grabbed me from behind.
‘What the hell?’ I screamed, throwing an elbow back. I heard a grunt as I made contact. My car swerving, I managed to keep it on the road. Crap! Pull over or drive? The person behind me tried again. I fought back, Eventually slamming on the brakes and ducking. I sent the person crashing into the back of my seat. I jumped out the car. Pulling out my phone.
‘SAM! DEAN! HELP!’ I screamed. The guy in the back flew out the car after me.

I could hear the boys yelling into the phone as he knocked it out my hands. Punching him I managed to get a look at his face. It was the hot guy from the bar.

He threw himself at me knocking me to the ground. I hit him again, this time splitting his lip. I screamed as he hit me back. I could hear the impala coming well before I could see her. The brakes locking up at the sight of my car, they yanked him off me. Dean beating him to a pulp, Sam standing between me and the bloke providing a protective shield.
‘You ok?’ he asked. I nodded. Dean eventually stopped, leaving the guy just alive.
‘How bad are you hurt?’ he asked. I shook my head, it wasn’t too bad and I didn’t want to talk about it.

I wasn’t allowed to drive back to the bunker. Once there I went straight to my room. I wasn’t a hunter, I could defend myself but I never needed too. This had shaken me up pretty bad. I am figuring the alcohol in my system didn’t help much either.

I came out later, in my sweats and climbed onto the couch with a blanket. Sam came in and curled up with me.
‘Movie?’ he asked, I nodded.
‘It’s a scary world out there. I know you have been in it, but it only gets worse not better princess.’ He said. Dean came in handing me a coke and Sam a beer. He kissed the top of my head.
‘As your brother I have to say your taste in men sucks.’ I shot him a look.
‘Yours is so much better?’
‘Hey my chicks don’t try and kill me.’ I raised an eyebrow at his statement.‘Well most of them anyway.’ He grumbled. ‘Until you can handle yourself, we are not going to let up on you. We still plan on ruling your life.’
‘And once I can prove I can handle myself?’ I asked quietly
‘We still won’t let up.’ Sam said, making me smile.
‘I guess that’s fair.’ I stated. ‘Under one condition.’
‘What’s that?’ Sam asked.
‘You let me keep my car.’ I told them.
‘Fine but on hunts it’s benched. We use baby.’ Dean countered. I sighed and agreed. Maybe brothers weren’t such a bad thing.