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Journaling is personal: it’s one of few things that you can really be yourself for and express your thoughts as well, which is fantastic and relaxing but I can’t help but notice how many people struggle with making journal entries, finding that perfect journal, or knowing when they should write. If you are interested, read on!! 

 How To Journal

 As always, I am not a professional, in fact I’m not sure if there’s a personal journaling professional in the first place. I hope this article can help you in anyway towards your goal of kick ass journaling. 

 Part 1- Finding a Journal 

1. Surprisingly, most people give up on journaling before they even begin, and they’re main reason is they couldn’t find a journal. In my early begins, of course then I was 11 years old, I began journaling on loose leaf paper, but I understand the want for something more private and sturdy. There are two main methods: - an actual journal - an digital journal such as an app or a writing computer program like evernote. 

 2. An actual journal This is the kind of journaling I prefer most. When purchasing a journal, it doesn’t even need to be a journal! Fancy journals are nice, but pricey, cheaper journals are much more of a project, you can decorate and personalize them to what you want. Decoration can also go inside the journal, you can paste tickets from the movie you saw last week and that Polaroid from the top of that cliff you hiked, the possibilities are endless. Not matter what journal you end up buying, it’s the writing itself that is the important part, the real beauty of journaling. 

 3. Digital journaling. If you are a busy bee and would like to cut down the time consuming process of writing, without cutting journaling out as a whole, then digital journaling might be for you! Typing can be faster than writing, and less of a bother to hide your journal from prying eyes. You can decorate and personalize an electronic document just as you could with an actual journal, but whereas a written journal can go anywhere without the need for wifi, digital journals have their limits, but that all depends on whatever you choose to use. Suggestions: - Evernote (a favorite of mine, can be used on the computer or as an app on your phone. Download is on their website. ) - Jotterpad (paid app on the Google play store, but a top choice for writing and journaling) - use the Notes app built into your phone! (It’s a free and organized choice) 

 4. If you decide on a actual journal, you should choose a pen that feels good but don’t spend all of your money on a fancy pen, it’s the words written that are the most important. 

 Part 2- Journaling 

1. There are many types of journals to keep • fitness journals - maybe tour a gym queen or maybe you’re looking to start running again, fitness journaling is a great way to keep track if all the obstacles you hit and the progress you’ve made • travel journals - maybe it’s a one time vacation or writing of your dreams to go to Paris. Record your feelings and emotions changed by the world. • idea journal - write your ideas and inspirations. This could be for any reason. • bullet journal - a great favorite of mine, and the studyblr community, bullet journaling is a great personalized agenda for motivation and everyday tasks. Find out more with the hashtag #bullet journal to find inspiration. Or I could possibly make a how to for the future? Ask if you want! • daily journal, etc! Your journal could be one of these journals, a combination of journals, or a new journal type on its own, there’s no rule against it! 

 2. What to write. This is tricky, and depends on your personal writing style. You could write your days events and emotions as a narrative, or you could write it as if you were talking to the journal (this is the way I perfer), but everyone wants to know exactly where they should start. - many people tend to list what the day was like without actually adding what they thought about it, yet writing little facts and details from your perspective really opens up your conscious. Maybe you feel upset with a friend but aren’t exactly sure as of why, maybe you got angry during the day and you need to rant what it was about. Writing all of these things can seem dumb at first, and you can feel embarrassed about writing it all down. But sometimes during the writing process you can find answers you needed or just feel more relaxed about what is happening. 

 3. When you’re writing. You should find a place that is quiet and you feeling comfortable in, even if it is a mind space you create for yourself. Some people enjoy soft music, some need dead silence, others feel relaxed with a candle, some even journal while soaking in the tub. The time to journal is whenever it is right for you. Maybe your a morning bird with thoughts banging to be let out, maybe you’ve just bought an afternoon coffee and found some free time at your local park, maybe you’ve just gotten home from work and your bosses voice nagging you on needs to be let out. You can journal everyday, or maybe you only feel the need to journal every other week. Keeping your journal as an option to relax and let your feelings out is better than making a commitment to journaling. 

 4. Where to keep your journal. If you still live with your family it is understandable that you want to keep your journal secret. I recommend buying a plain, unnoticeable colored journal in the first place, maybe earth tones like brown leathers or black. You could put your journal under your mattress, you could stuff it inside an old book from the 1st grade, or you could take your chances in hiding it amidst the family bookshelf. Any spot should be accessible for you to reach at any time. Digital journals can be hidden files or attachments too, but your best bet is putting a password on your computer, and make it a complicated one if you’re really that nervous. 

 5. Decoration. Journaling isn’t simple writing, for most of us journal junkies we paste in little memos, we make ridiculous doodles, we write in exerpts of songs or put in that pun you found on a sticky note in class. The journal is personal and you should make it yours. Journals can get you out of your hardest times, journals can be that best friend you gossip to and reflection back onto journals from 1, 2, 3 and even 10 years ago is one of the most incredible things you can experience. 

 "Paper has more patience than people.“ ~ Anne Frank, one of the most noted journal keepers in history.

 I hope this helped you out, or even inspiring you to begin journaling, any way… - study-guppy.