this was my movie!

real things I’ve done while watching kingsman: the golden circle
  • said ooooooo while snapping like mama ru
  • told my roommate we’d probably get kicked out of the theatre
  • whispered “galahad,” right after some guy a few seats away from me whispered “galahad” like we were in some sort of cult
  • begged pedro pascal to whip this
  • covertly googled all the old southern phrases cause i should know them
  • absolutely. revelled. in the weaponry. and the cars. i mean.
  • aston martin??? keys to my heart right there
  • also what’s up with that umbrella?? can i get me one
  • realized i might be a fuckboy
  • weapons. weapons everywhere.
  • felt my heart escape my chest
  • desperately wished that were me
  • love me a man in a suit lord help me
  • didn’t know enough about drugs to relate to this
  • nearly cried but not quite
  • because impeachment is great as an afterthought in the subplot but how about on this fucking timeline thanks
  • lost all my breath when i saw channing tatum in nothing but underwear
  • whispered, “sweet God” when country road started playing
  • sang along to country road three fucking times
  • ascended body and soul into the next life
  • poked my roommate every time it referenced the first movie
  • literally yipped like a dog when that whip came out of fucking nowhere
  • couldn’t decide whether i’d rather be tilde or taron in this situation
  • jk i’d 100% be tilde i mean look at that uniform goddamn
  • my lover, my one true love taron my darling sweet boy
  • god i can’t wait for the next one
Richie and Eddie And The Time They Had Their First Kiss

A Drabble about Reddie sharing their first kiss. Super fluffy and cute.

A flash of lightning splits through the early evening sky followed by a particularly loud blast of thunder. Derry hadn’t seen a storm like this in quite some time. Most everyone was off the rainy streets and in their homes cozying up with a blanket and a book or participating in other indoor activities. Eddie was no exception. He had been lying on his bed reading for the past two hours when he heard a particularly hard bang hitting his window. He dismissed it, assuming it was a large raindrop and continued reading. When he heard an even louder bang, however, he put his book down and went to the window. His jaw drops when he sees Richie standing on the grass below his window peering up at him through the rain. Richie waved animatedly at him, signaling that he saw Eddie at the window.
Eddie scrambles out of his room and down the stairs, pausing to tiptoe past his snoring mother as to not wake her. He meets Richie at the front door and lets him in. He motions for the rain-soaked boy to follow him upstairs and into his room. Once Eddie shuts his door he whirls around and faces Richie, who is standing pathetically in front of the door, shivering.

“Richie what the hell are you doing here? Do you not see the storm out there?” Eddie hisses at him.

Richie rolls his eyes at the younger boy. “Of course I saw it, Eddie Spaghetti, but I wanted to come see ya!”

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie says instinctually, “You’re soaking wet though Rich, do ya want a change of clothes?”

“Please and thank you, Eds!” Richie responds as he begins peeling his jacket off.

Eddie goes to the bottom drawer of his dresser, pulling out an old sweater of Richie’s that he had left at Eddie’s house a couple months ago and a pair of sweatpants he knew would fit Richie.

“Here you go, Rich.” Eddie presents the clothes to the older boy. Richie’s eyes light up at the sight of his sweater and the cozy sweatpants.

“Hey! I haven’t seen that sweater in months! Thanks for keeping it for me Eds!” Richie smiles at Eddie as he gratefully takes the clothes.

“Yeah, well you left it here a while back so I thought i’d keep it in case you needed it.” Eddie explains.

Richie brings the clothes to his nose and inhales. “They smell like you.” He remarks.

Eddie blushes. He won’t admit it to Richie, but he’s worn that sweater a few times when it was extra cold out and he needed something comfortable to wear. He loved that it smelled like Richie, but he supposes now that he’s worn it and washed it a few times it would smell like him now.

“Go change, Richie.” Eddie says.

Richie walks off to Eddie’s bathroom that was connected to his room and closes the door. He appears a couple minutes later looking comfortable and soft and cuter than Eddie’s ever seen him. His heart beats faster at that thought. He knows he’s liked Richie for a while now, but having him here looking so cute made his heart skip a beat.

“So Eds, what are we gonna do this evening?” Richie asks as he climbs on Eddie’s bed and stretches out on it, making himself comfortable.

Eddie rolls his eyes. “/I/ was reading, but I don’t think that’s gonna entertain you.”

Richie scoffs. “Nonsense, my good boy! What are we reading then?”

“It’s an adventure story. You might like it if you ever picked up a book.” Eddie remarks, smiling ever so slightly at Richie.

Richie narrows his eyes at Eddie’s remark and snatches the book off the bed. He opens it to the page Eddie had left off on and begins reading. When he gets to the main characters dialogue, he puts on his best whacky accent and reads the characters dialogue.

Eddie laughs out loud at the weird accent and smiles, trying to hide how endeared he is by Richie. They spend the better part of an hour reading the story and making whacky accents for each character and making each other laugh. They finally stop at chapter eight to take a break from laughing and talking so much.

Richie is still sprawled out on Eddie’s bed with Eddie sitting beside him. When Richie’s laughter dies down he watches Eddie while biting back a smile.

“Come lie down with me Eds.” Richie says before he can stop himself.

Eddie is surprised by the boys comment and his heart beats faster again. But he obliges and gets comfortable beside Richie.

“Hi.” Eddie says to Richie.

Richie giggles. “Hi yourself.”

Eddie giggles nervously and looks away. He notices how curly Richie’s hair has gotten as it’s dried and before his conscience can stop him, he reaches out and touches it.

“It’s so curly,” he says as he runs his fingers through the boys hair.

“It’s a mess,” Richie clarifies.

“No Rich, I like it. Looks good.” Eddie says shyly.

Richie smiles as a faint pink blush creeps across his freckles face. “Thanks Eddie Spaghetti.”

Eddie doesn’t comment on the nickname. It doesn’t bother him in this moment. His hand remains in Richie’s hair.

The two lie together watching each other for a few quiet moments, until Richie breaks the silence.

“Eds, can I kiss you?”

Eddie does little to hide the hitch in his breathing and the shock on his face. “W-what?”

Richie shifts closer to the smaller boy. “I, uh, kinda want to kiss you. Is…is that okay?”

Eddie’s heart is racing. He’s wanted to kiss Richie for months, but he never expected it to happen. But Richie wants to kiss him. He can’t let this moment slip away.

“Yes.” Eddie hears himself say, and that’s all Richie needs to hear. He reaches to stroke Eddie’s cheek then tilts his face up so he can kiss the boy properly. He connects their lips slowly. Eddie expects an explosion of fireworks to erupt inside of him when they kiss, but that doesn’t happen. Instead, he feels an overwhelming sense of warmth, of familiarity, of comfort. Everything about kissing Richie felt right.

Richie pulls back to assess Eddie’s reaction, but before he can properly do so, he feels Eddie’s hand, still in his hair, pull his face down to kiss him again. And Richie supposes that’s all he needs to know about how Eddie feels.

They kiss for a while, simply exploring the idea of kissing each other and enjoying the feeling of being close to one another. When they finally pull away from each other, they rest their foreheads together and listen to each other’s breathing.

“You’re beautiful, Eds.” Richie says quietly.

Eddie smiles and nestles himself into the crook of Richie’s neck. He presses a kiss there.

“You make me feel safe, Rich.” He murmurs into Richie’s skin.

Richie winds his arms around the small boy and rests his chin on the top of Eddie’s head.

They fall asleep like that, listening to the storm outside and the their own breathing. They can discuss their feelings later, but for now, kisses and cuddles are enough.

Okay so when we first see Beverly go home, we can hear the TV playing in the background right?

Okay so pretty much how the dialog goes is:

Woman: The sewer is a great place to play with ALL of your friends! Just follow the water into the drains and away you go! When you’re with your friends in the sewers you can be as silly as a clown!


So we pretty much got a tip off about what the main source of the problem (Pennywise using the sewers to eat the kiddlings) from about 30 minutes into the film. And to me that is really genius of the writers and shows how much they had payed attention to detail, like that small thing is something I missed until I watched it a second time and then proceeded to loose my shit all over again about how this film is amazing

Like this is reason number 718578191665381 why “IT” (2017) is a fucking bombass movie

(Also just to jog your memory this is the show that was on the tv)

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