this was my goal all summer

My Weight Loss Journey:

Left - I started at my heaviest weight @148 lbs about three years ago. I always was teased about my weight and I wasn’t happy about my body so I decided to change for myself. Eating healthy and working out wasn’t easy all the time. Weight loss was full of slip up’s and guilt trips, for me anyway.

Right - In summer 2016, I was at my lowest weight @120 lbs. I was proud of what I accomplished over the years - mentally and physically. Through all the strict dieting and “wow, you lost weight.”

Currently: I am @125 lbs, still striving to be the best version of myself. Through this journey, i’ve learnt to be mentally and physically stronger to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’m not even close to my goals and I am currently still fighting for it everyday.

Work hard and Trust the process. 🔪

hey guys! since summer is quickly approaching, i thought id share some of the things i hope to accomplish before school starts again. let me know your plans for enjoying a semi-productive summer and enjoy! 

some books to read
1. ready player one by ernest cline
2. the unexpected everything by morgan matson
3. mistborn: the final empire by brandon sanderson
4. rebel belle by rachel hawkins
5. the hidden oracle by rick riordan
6. the sword of summer by rick riordan
7. me before you by jojo moyes
8. carry on by rainbow rowell
9. cinder by marrissa meyer
10. pride and prejudice by jane austen

become organized!
i. write all upcoming events on a calendar
ii. delete unnecessary photos and apps
iii. write 3 goals for the new school year
iv. develop a study schedule to get ahead for school
v. establish a morning routine
vi. find more delicious yet healthy recipes
vii. choose (and stick to) an organization system
viii. make a study soundtrack
ix. find (and use) study resources for my classes next year
x. do at least 1 creative thing each day

learn something new for the fun of it!
1. learn to code by @code-bug
2. learn to design by @cmpsbls
3. learn to make printables by @cmpsbls
4. learn to mindmap by @studinet
5. learn a language
6. learn how to start a travel journal by @areistotle
7. learn to write by @the-brightest-witch-studies
8. learn to print on post its by @filenames
9. learn diy notebook covers by @muchelleb
10. learn to make a resume by @studyingstudent​ / find a job by @universi-tea

experience new things
i. watch the sunrise and set
ii. start talking to atleast 3 new people
iii. actively listen to new music (including musicals)
iv. talk until dawn
v. be more outgoing and independent


hi all!~

this is a lil bunch of graphics i made to help people with handwriting!! i realised when going back to school after the summer that my handwriting had worsened a little because i wasn’t writing over the summer. so, i condensed what helped me get my writing in tip top condition again! ofc handwriting isn’t the be-all-end-all and i think we forget that here when we see such beautiful notes on our dash. but it can help those that may struggle reading their own handwriting or maybe get a bit embarrassed about it :)

i hope this helps you achieve ur handwriting dreams *o*

handwriting goALS: x

much love x

💕 hello there, it’s anna!

so, this year my goal was to get to 1k followers before the year ended (and in only 4 months), and with the help of everyone, i did it! so i said that if i reached my goal i would do a follow forever (and also because it’s the holidays). and i also made a graphic. it’s actually summer right now where i am but i thought the christmas theme would look best with snow, so i added snow. i think it’s kinda cute.

anyways, this is just a quick follow forever to appreciate all my mutuals and people who i always see on my dash, who post amazing content whether it’s gifs, graphics, edits, or just funny posts. i see all of them and i appreciate them. you guys fill my dash with only the best stuff and never fail to put a smile on my face. this year has been particularly rough for me, so all of you definitely helped making it better, and for that i really really thank you!! so here we go :-D

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GUYS!!!! It’s been 6 years and… I FINALLY GET TO GRADUATE COLLEGE IN THE SPRING!! I can’t believe this. I’m so happy! It’s been a LONG 6 years to get my bachelors degree. I’ve had a lot of set backs and personal problems, but I’m finally able to graduate (after I take one final class). I feel so proud of myself that I’ve come this far. I never thought I would get here. Someone who helped me was Taylor. Thank you for believing in me and telling me how proud you are and giving me strength to achieve my goals. I LOVE YOU!! @taylorswift

Natural Hair YouTube Channel

Please check out my Natural Hair & Beauty YouTube Channel!  

I started this channel this past summer & it has already became my love. I've been natural for 8 years, however, I chopped all my hair off two years ago to get rid of all the damage.

It has been an AMAZING JOURNEY. I have learned so much about my hair that I decided to help ANYONE having a hard time by providing step by step tutorials. 


Celebrating my BIG CHOP two year anniversary, along with my upcoming birthday. The goal is to have 1000 Subscribers. I am only 69 away!

I can link my most popular videos below!!

1. Crochet Braids

2. How To Moisturize Dry Hair (LOC Method)

3. Wash N Go Routine (OLD)

4. Faux Goddess Locs

5. Crochet Twists 

6. Wash Day Routine 

Thank you for all the support thus far, It doesn’t go unnoticed! 

Lets get me to this goal! 

Summer Bucketlist (2016)

- Make a summerplaylist filled with new jams.
- Change my hair.
- Midnight Swimming.
- Build a fort of pillows, lights and blankets in my room (with someone).
- Have a movienight (with someone).
- Have a Disney movienight (with someone).
- Have a Keira Knightley Marathon.
- Get a summerjob (and finally save up money!!!).
- Roadtrip, no matter if you do it with a bike, bus, train or car.
- Stay up for 24 hours.
- Have a paint fight.
- Sit on a roof and watch the view carefully.
- Sleep under the stars.
- Watch clouds all day, maybe with a friend, and do nothing else.
- Be outside more than on social media.
- Actually hang out with people.
- Write letters and put them in stranger’s mailboxes.
- Play the piano more often.
- Make new friends.
- Have a water balloon fight.
- Have many picnics.
- Take a artsy photoshoot by going off to different locations.
- Compliment a complete stranger.
- Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”.
- Put a sticky note onto someone’s car saying something.
- Go somewhere new.
- Be a hippie for a day.
- Have a huge sleepover.
- Get to know someone.
- Watch a sunrise and sunset.
- Read for a day.
- Photobooth pictures.
- Surprise someone.
- Do something you normally wouldn’t do.
- Learn something new (a language or place or whatsoever).
- Go camping in my backyard.
- Make “paparazzi” pictures with @udabesthing (which we’ve been planning for years now, lol).
- Finish another book.
- Get my first book on
- Try to vlog big events or cool happenings throughout summerbreak.
- Go for many, many walks with Esther.
- Make a summer scrapbook/journal.

I reached my summer goal before summer even started!

To my mutuals: Thank you all so much. Since starting this new tumblr, I’ve met so many amazing people (and thankfully kept in contact with old friends from my old tumblr). I love you all. Thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you so much. and thanks for sticking with me through my many fandom changes lmfao

ride or dies:

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I remember saying in the summer how my ultimate goal was to reach 1k followers on tumblr. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for following me because I never thought I’d reach this goal AT ALL. Thanks for putting up with me on your dashes ^^

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could you imagine being fuckbuddies with calum and you’re both cool with it, like you’re pretty open about what the two of you have, so one day after going out with your friends and listening to them talk about their boyfriends you come back to him in a bad mood and you’re just kind of straddling him and bitching about it; but not in a way where you’re actively trying to get him to go out with you, more like you just want to vent, and he puts his hands on your thighs and kind of shrugs and goes, “I’ll be your boyfriend. like I could hold your hand and take you to brunch and pay for movies and stuff. I mean, I could be your boyfriend, if you wanted me to.”

Hey guys, since I’m going on summer holidays very soon, I decided I am going to expand my account to Instagram, where I will not only post about relationships that I post on here, but I want to be able to provide help for people who are suffering with issues such as domestic violence, relationship problems, problems fitting in etc. I want to be able to reach out to you guys and able to be there for all of you. Hopefully it works out!

Time for reflection~

For months I knew what the seasons goals were. But in June I decided to write them down in my running log to make it legit.
~conference team champs✔️
~regional team champs✔️
~top 10 team at d2 nationals

I pledged to myself I would do everything and anything to make that possible for my team.
Looking at my summer training & season I genuinely think I devoted so much to these goals. Unfortunately I was only able to check two off at the end of the season.
Top 10 turned into 24th place at nationals.

I was heart broken (head down post race pic^)

I was/am frustrated that as a team and personally we fell short of that goal. What was the point of that hard work if it didn’t show up when it mattered?

WELL. A wise Alexi Pappas once said, good thing I didn’t accomplish all my goals yet, because what would I do tomorrow?

Failure makes dreams a reality. If we get everything we want when we want, does it mean as much? The fire still burns and the fuel has plenty left.

The summer was rough for running & I. But I’m so proud of what I DID accomplish and I won’t forget that. Peace out xc.

a note on childhood:

childhood is defined by precipice, by staring change in the face and skipping through it with games of hide and seek and burgeoning insecurity to guide the way. it is twisting turns and dead-ends that all appear to lead to the goal, the specter of maturity — adulthood.

this is a fair assessment, i think, at least conventionally. however, childhood is not defined by innocence. this constant perception of precipice and discovery does not always manifest through cliche summer memories and bedtime stories.

for me, it was learning that there is a delicate balance required for happiness and laughter and that the slightest wrong move can disrupt this balance. it was walking on eggshells when i knew something was wrong because asking would tip the scale one way and ignoring would tip the scale the other. it was listening to whispers, reading emails in search for a clue on how to restore balance, blending into the walls until things were over. i learned time solved more problems than i could.

yet, it also was chasing after ice-cream trucks with a dollar plastered to my sticky fingers and rubbing my callused hands before turning to the elementary school playground.

i suppose childhood is best defined in paradox, in dichotomy then, and that, perhaps, provides the best lesson for adulthood: life is nuanced.

what was childhood to you? what is childhood to you?