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One Directions Brand, The Logo

This post about 1Ds logo made me curious about their style of branding and a possible rebranding of theirs. So since it’s the weekend and I am a graphic designer I thought I’d look into it and give my perspective on it. So this will be a series of post examining the One Direction Brand and my thoughts on what they’re doing with it right now and where it might go in the future.

I will be aiming to cover various topics like albums, perfumes, books, annuals, films, websites, action1D, tours etc. So in this first installation I’m gonna talk mostly about their logo and how they use it.

One Direction have used two „logos“ in their branding from the start. They have the written out One Direction:

and the shortened 1D:

I would argue that both of these are well known among the fans.

Some basics: They are both typographic logos. The written out one has been modified a bit since it’s creation. My guess is someone did a redrawing of it at some point or they added more/different versions of it to their brand guidelines. It could also be part of a rebrand of their logo. Sometimes when transitioning from one brand identity to another a studio will do it in fragments and not all at once. 

The shortened one has structure in it and reminds me of a stamp. It’s kind of rough and I’ve seen this style used for rock bands too. The inner space of the D is shaped like an arrow which makes the whole thing a lot more clever and adds a bit of playfulness and direction, so to speak. 

So are there any changes from UAN to now? Yes!  

Here is an old logo of theirs from the TMH era vs. the screen grab I took from their website today advertising the new single release:

So the thing that jumps out is that they changed it from a solid colour fill to a texture wich gives it a more lively and wild feeling. You can also see that it’s probably a redraw because of the endstrokes all have a slightly different curve and endings to them. In my opinion it looks better now than before.

This kind of painted typography is actually coming into style again, notably in magazines.

I also noticed that they don’t really use the abbreviated logo on albums anymore. They are relying on the written out version since Midnight Memories. It was used heavily in the promo for This Is Us Their older merchandise also still has it. I think it was a good decision to scratch the abbreviated logo for their albums. They don’t really need it and it just took up space on that. 

I like that they recently brought it back for the action1D campaign. It works very well for campaigns, merchandise and film or book promo/art. Or for collaborations where they are not the main act.

So in conclusion I would say that they are definitely changing things and moving towards a better quality of branding judging from their logo changes. Their use of logos is better than it was at the beginning and they follow their guidelines pretty well from what I’ve seen. I’m excited to see if they change their logo completely or if they just keep adjusting it from time to time to make it fit with their target audience.

Also does anyone know who designed both of these? I googled a lot but couldn’t find anything, which is a shame.

Next I’m going to look at their new website. 

A Reylo Prediction: SW Parallels

Each trilogy of the epic space opera Star Wars has had a central pairing that is dramatic and filled with tension. For the original trilogy, it was Han and Leia, for the prequels, it was Anakin and Padme, and for the current trilogy, well, here’s to hoping it’s Ben and Rey.

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For each couple, there are a few parallels:

1) There are obstacles to overcome or odds against them. 

Anidala- the Jedi Order is against falling in love/getting married, something that keeps Anakin and Padme from giving in to their emotions until the end of AotC. 

Hanleia- Leia and Han do not get along at first and she stubbornly treats him like the no-good, dirty scoundrel he acts out to be until he finally convinces Leia to admit her true feelings.

Prediction!Reylo- this pairing faces the strongest obstacles, what with their current adversarial relationship. Not only are they kept apart by their respective sides of conflict, but possible feelings will be difficult to cope with as a result. It’s pretty clear that Kylo Ren/Ben has a fixation on Rey, which causes him to struggle between his path to the dark side and inner light. As for Rey, she is connected to him, like it or not, and I believe that she will have to confront this in the future. In fact, this ship is something of a mixture of both previous ships, having the forbidden aspect of Anidala and the repressed feelings of Hanleia.

2) There are implications in the first of each trilogy that the pairing may come to fruition later on and, interestingly enough, each initiated by the man.

Anidala- From the moment they meet in The Phantom Menace, Anakin is enamored by Padme, even mistaking her for an angel. Years later, when they encounter again, he is driven by a passionate desire that Padme tries to shut down, but eventually admits to, herself.

Hanleia- In A New Hope, Han and Leia are quickly polarizing one another, but even then Han admits that he may be starting to like her and asks Luke what he thinks about the idea of him being with Leia. Later, he encourages her to lower her defenses and quit pretending that she dislikes him so much, leading to her giving in to their first kiss. 

Prediction!Reylo- In The Force Awakens, the two are clearly enemies, yet a strange tension lingers about every encounter, mostly due to Kylo. He’s very much fixated on Rey, choosing to pursue her when he clearly ought to have gone with the logical choice for the First Order’s goals, capturing BB-8 for information. He carries her in his arms to the ship, reveals his true self to her (possibly the first to see his face in many years, besides maybe Snoke), and entreats her to let him mentor her. Not to mention the way he digs up her emotions during the interrogation scene instead of straightforwardly extracting the info like with Poe. And, lastly, Snoke, himself, senses and accuses Kylo of having compassion for Rey. All of these implications are set up in the first film just like the others. Rey, like Padme and Leia before her, shut down any intimate relations, but judging how the last relationships turned out… well, we’ll see. Perhaps, a force bond may play a part in bringing the two inevitably together, despite reservations on either/both sides.

3) Although, this is yet to apply to Reylo, I’ve noticed that both Anidala and Hanleia become official by the second movie.

Anidala- As mentioned before, during the events of the second prequel film, Anakin and Padme’s relationship come to fruition and they admit their love for each other, marrying at the film’s conclusion.

Hanleia- In the second film of the original trilogy, Leia reveals her mutual feelings for Han and they become a couple, also confessing her love to Han before he is carbonized, which he acknowledges.

Prediction!Reylo- This leads me to believe that there is chance something game-changing will occur between Kylo Ren and Rey in the next installment of the current trilogy. Now, since theirs is easily the most difficult of the three pairings, it will probably have the least amount of progress (with Anidala being first, reaching marriage and Hanleia as second, by confessing mutual love), but based on my observations, I don’t think the possibility of a particularly important Reylo moment is completely ruled out. 

Now, one could say that the main pairing of this trilogy is Finnrey, but here’s why I think there’s a chance it isn’t:

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Finn’s relationship with Rey, in my opinion, could turn out more like Luke and Leia’s, a strong, sibling-like relationship. For one thing, both Luke and Finn are instantly drawn to Leia and Rey in the first film. In fact, both embark on their journeys to rescue and protect the young women, forming an attachment immediately, despite being strangers not long prior. 

Finn and Rey’s relationship is secure and reliable, just as Luke and Leia’s turned out to be. Whereas her canon love interest started out giving her nothing but grief, then escalated to a dramatic, tension-filled passion. 

Lastly, and this is most important, Rey and Finn have separated at the end of The Force Awakens, with him being unconscious and she already heading off to meet Luke, who will most likely train her as Luke departed from the rebels to a remote planet to train with Yoda. I have a feeling that, just as Luke spent much of The Empire Strikes Back away from the other main characters, Rey won’t spend much time with the Resistance, and as a result, won’t interact much with Finn, possibly until the conclusion. As a result, this rules out the prospect of their relationship taking a step toward romance. It could happen in the final film, but a large amount of much-needed character progression will have been missing, which could cause the pairing to feel shoe-horned.

John Boyega has recently slipped up in recent news that cast member Kelly Marie Tran will be playing a major role in the next film, (most likely on the main conflict/Resistance side of the narrative while Rey is away training). So, there’s a possibility that those two will have bonding time during Episode 8. Now, I hate to imply the idea of Tran being introduced for the purpose of being somebody else’s love interest, but it’s just a thought that maybe Finn and her character could connect during their fight for the Resistance.

And that concludes my long-winded predictions!


A Day In The Life

Pairing: Danisnotonfire x reader

Genera: Romance

Word Count: 1,397


Requested By: banannamontana

Warnings: None :3

               It was that time.  Time for Phil to film a new Day In The Life video.  This one was special because it would be the first one with (Y/N).  She was a good friend of theirs that had gotten kicked out of her flat and was invited to live with them.  Phil had just walked out of Dan’s room, after waking him up, and made his way down the hall talking to his camera.

               “Now to (Y/N)’s room.  You guys may not know her since I’ve never collabed with her, but she’s awesome.” He turned the camera towards the door and opened it.  “(Y/N) guess what toda- oh my god!”

               “Phil!” she yelled, looking over her bare shoulder at him, “You’re filming this?”

               He looked away from the half naked girl, turning off his camera.  “Sorry, sorry, sorry.” Phil repeated as he exited her bedroom.

               She sighed, reaching back into her dresser for a bra.  “Make sure you edit that out!” (Y/N) called, getting fully dressed.

               Once she was dressed and ready, she exited her room and went searching for her two flatmates.  After three minutes she found them sitting in the living room, obviously talking about the ‘incident’.  She knew this because as soon as she walked in, both of them fell silent.  (Y/N) sighed slightly and put her hands on her hips.

               “So what are we doing today?”

               The day was spent doing their usual nothing, except this time with Phil pointing a camera at the three of you.  The most exciting part of the day was when they were walking on the street and a man came up to (Y/N) with a cocky smile on his face.  He then proceeded to say something along the lines of “you got a bae, or nah?” (Well, it was the same level of stupidity).  She was about to retort with a sassy come back when Dan spoke up, saying “Hey man, why don’t you hit on someone who’s not standing next to their boyfriend.”

               When he walked away Dan looked at Phil who had put the camera down a bit to make sure everything was okay.  Then he looked at (Y/N) and she could have sworn he was blushing.  He said “Sorry about that.” And she shook her head, telling him it was fine and she was glad he had said something.  He then dropped her hand that she didn’t even notice he was holding as they walked into their apartment building.

               The next day came and (Y/N) came up with an idea. Since Phil had walked in on her changing, she decided to do the same thing.  Not that she was yearning to see him naked or anything like that.  It was just a harmless prank.  So she got up and got dressed before walking down the hall and waiting outside Phil’s bedroom door.  She listened closely for any sound, and she heard just what she wanted to hear.  Drawers opening and closing.  Before she could think twice, she turned the doorknob and opened the door.

               “Hey Phil I was wondering if you saw my-“

               “Oh my god (Y/N), don’t look!”

Her eyed widened, not seeing what she expected to see.  Standing in front of her was not Phil, but Dan standing in only his underwear and a pair of socks (both black, of course), with a bright red face.  (Y/N) blinked a few times, still processing the entire situation.  “Dan?”

               “S-sorry, I was just, why did I apologize, you’re not mad.  Uh, I needed, um, pants and Phil, uh….” His stuttering faltered as he found himself unable to make the situation better with words.  Dan grabbed the first pair of pants he could find and, not so gracefully, shimmied into them.  He ran a hand through his slightly curly hair and took a few steps closer to her.  “So, you were wondering if Phil saw your…?”

               “Huh?” she starred at him, confused for a moment, before she remembered her excuse for entering Phil’s room in the first place. “Oh, yeah, uh, I was wondering if he had seen my laptop charger.”

               Dan thought for a moment, his teeth taking his bottom lip for a moment.  Oh god, she thought, he looks so cute when he does that.  He looked back at her, “You sure it’s not in your room?”

               “I can double check.” She said trying, and failing, to only look at his face.  But how could she not?  He was just so gorgeous and beautiful and so hnng.  It was really too much to handle.  

               Dan smiled, “I’ll help you look.” He informed her, exiting the room and heading towards her bedroom.  She followed, taking a few deep breaths to calm her nerves which she was beginning to feel.  In the years that she’d known Dan, she’d never seen him shirtless.  Much less pantsless.  And she had to admit, it was certainly not a sight for sore eyes.

               Walking into her room, Dan checked all the outlets and her bedside drawers for her charger.  Getting down on his hands and knees, he peeked under her bed and smiled triumphantlAnd she had to admit, it was certainly not a sight for sore eyes.

               Walking into her room, Dan checked all the outlets and her bedside drawers for her charger.  Getting down on his hands and knees, he peeked under her bed and smiled triumphantly.  “I found it.” He said happily, pulling it out from under her bed and standing up again. He set the cord down on her bed and stood in front of her.  “Sorry about before.” Dan spoke softly, “You know, that you had to see me like that.”

               (Y/N) shook her head, “It’s fine really, not like I didn’t enjoy it.”  Instantly regretting saying this, her eyes widened and she tried to save the damage she thought she’d done.  “I-I mean, I didn’t enjoy it.  What I meant was that you’re a very attractive person, and seeing you like that definitely wasn’t the worst experience of my life.”

               Dan laughed at her small rant, and then at the blush that rose to her cheeks.  “Calm down. It’s fine.” He told her, “You know, when Phil told me he walked in on you I have to admit, I was kind of… jealous.”

               She blinked a few times, “Jealous?” (Y/N) asked him, “Why would you be jealous?”

               He ran a hand through his hair, “Well, because he knows how I feel about you.  And me being my paranoid self, at first I thought he did it on purpose.”

               “How you… feel about me?” she questioned, absolutely clueless.  “What does that mean?”

               “For a smart girl,” he said, walking closer to her, “You really are thick.”

               She blushed even darker.  “S-sorry.”

               “I’ll spell it out for you.” Dan told her, reaching down and taking her hand in his.  He felt her soft skin on his rough ones and he felt his stomach do a summersault. “I like you, (Y/N).  And not as a friend.  As a girlfriend.” he let out a small laugh, “I sometimes act like you are my girlfriend.  I’m jealous, overprotective, and I spend more time with you than any of my friends.”

               The corners of her lips turned up slightly and she struggled to look him in the eye as she spoke up.  “Well, not really.  You don’t kiss me.”

               Dan rolled his eyes, “Well not because I don’t want to.  Because I’m always afraid you’ll completely reject me.”

               “You idiot.” She said, putting her hand on the back of his neck and pulling him down and whispering to him “You should have done it anyway.”

               They both had the same thought at the same time. Simultaneously, they leaned forward and tightly pressed their lips together.  Both desperate for the feeling of each other’s kiss.  Using both his hands, Dan pulled her closer by her waist, slightly gripping the fabric of her shirt.  (Y/N)’s free hand rested on his bare chest, when she could feel his heart beat. She didn’t expect it to be as fast as it was.  He must’ve been as nervous yet elated as she was.  

               When they pulled away from the kiss, their eyes met and they couldn’t help but smile.  They’d both been waiting years for that moment. Who would have guessed that Phil almost seeing her half naked would have led to their first kiss?

Politics, Adultism, and Kylo.

Thematically speaking, most of my criticism of TFA is that it reflects the generational bias of a parent with adult children, who still thinks his judgment is superior to theirs and worries about their making choices he disagrees with. The original trilogy owes a lot of its inspiration and longevity to the fact George Lucas still had the sensibilities of a teenager when he made it, and aimed it unabashedly at a young audience. People who were kids when Star Wars first came out packed the theaters when he made the pre-trilogy – and overwhelmingly brought the next generation with them. Unlike so many films made “for kids”, Star Wars never admonished them from the point of view of a stuffy adult. On the contrary, the OT celebrated the wisdom and idealism of youth: even when Luke disagreed with and ultimately disobeyed his mentors, he was right to trust himself. The conflict with his father was developed from this narrative standpoint.

Compare the values of the Empire – an authoritarian structure that prioritized order, security, and the interest of the “haves” in hanging onto all they had – with the sorts of things a lot of parents antagonize their kids over – financial security, material comfort, and adapting them to an imperfect, unjust world without excessive rebellion – and you’ll see that they’re unmistakably echoing each other. Had Luke joined Vader, he would have had wealth, status, and even something resembling safety, as the Empire’s many guns would have been pointing at his former friends instead of him. But the galaxy would have lost its best chance at toppling a dictatorship. And Luke would have lost his ideals and his freedom. He and Vader clashed over it, spectacularly, but Vader realized in the end that Luke was right – right to expect more from him, and right to expect more from life than the Empire’s crushing social Darwinism could offer. They were able to connect, and then Anakin lived on beyond his death because he followed his son into the light.

In short, the OT showed young people fighting by any means necessary against a society that was driving everyone to cynicism and despair. It showed them blowing up their own government’s most advanced superweapon – twice – because they refused to live in a world where the threat of mass genocide would be used to extort obedience. It showed them attaining an overwhelming victory, going from being wanted criminals (traitors, terrorists, and spies, from the point of view of the Empire) to becoming the heroes and leaders of the New Republic. The aunt and uncle who thought Luke should stay on Tatooine and moisture farm were wrong. The Jedi masters who thought Luke needed to murder his father for the greater good were wrong. His father, who thought he should join the Empire instead of attempting to defeat it … you get the idea. The OT is the story of a bunch of kids who went forth and did all the things that people who were older, more knowledgeable, and more experienced told them they were damn fools for trying. In the process, they saved the galaxy, and it’s implied that they would build something better in the Empire’s stead.

So did they? Well, that’s actually one of the disappointments of the latest Star Wars movie.

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Wow. The Ruling Class was unbelievable. I applaud everyone involved, such stellar work all round! I’m super proud to call it my first theatre experience and I wish I could be greedy & live it all over again. Jamie Lloyd & James McAvoy have certainly opened up a whole new world of theatre to me! I hope we’ll be seeing more future works of theirs, they make an incredible team! As some of you know I’ve been drawing some images of James as his character in the play, Jack the 14th Earl of Gurney. Now having gained more knowledge of his complex character, rather beautifully constructed and portrayed, (I’ve never seen Peter O’Toole’s performance in the film adaption, or heard anything of Peter Barnes’s ‘The Ruling Class’ before this so I was quite clueless) I now find myself wanting to draw more to see if any new information or emotion transfers. I might set a project for before and after an experience, maybe! I am inspired!

So you truly have it all in The Ruling Class. It’ll make you laugh, make your eyes wide with terror, as well as leave you sitting dumbstruck by what is unfolding in front of you. I left the theatre feeling emotionally wrung out, but in an incredible, I just witnessed something special kind of way. What I remember most is the mixture of raw emotion in the room, not only coming from stage but reflected back from the audience, which I found incredibly interesting. I haven’t experienced anything like it. I wonder if the actors pick up on this and this helps fuel such fire in their performance. It was inspiring to see what this play challenges, where it is situated in London and how relevant it still is. Couldn’t be a better time for it in fact. It looks at class, society as a whole and makes us question our humanity, although it succeeds in not being too heavy and is balanced well with humour. Jamie has done an incredible job recreating and transforming it at such a relevant moment in time.

James truly owns the stage, his Olivier nomination is extremely well deserved. You couldn’t take your eyes of him even if you tried, he has such presence and is in possession of a very natural magnetism. The moment he appears on stage the audience seems to be completely mesmerised. Whenever he is present there is a feeling of constant anticipation. There is a certain scene where you are completely blown away, the amount of anguish and torture he can sustain in his eyes alone is remarkable and incredibly believable. It warranted sweaty clenched fists, a gasp and a quick mouthed wow turn to my sister sitting next to me. True talent can only make you feel that deeply and experience first hand what that actor is trying to show you. He’s an outstanding storyteller. I find it amazing James has the emotional and physical energy to do it daily and sometimes even twice a day! It truly feels like he is giving his all, connecting the audience with his character in a very emotionally vulnerable and powerful way. I could go on but this post is long enough as it is! I apologise for my ramble, oops!

I know some of you have asked if I was lucky enough to meet James and pass over my artwork, and the answer is YES! I was extremely lucky to catch him (big thanks to Jamie!) James is as wonderful off stage as he is on, it is a moment I’ll look back on in fondness. He is such a gentleman, we spoke a little about my drawings, he said some very kind words, he was even a little reluctant to keep them at first, seeing how much work I put into them. I also drew a really beautiful photograph I found of him and his wife Anne-Marie for his birthday next month, which he seemed to love! I think she is brilliant and inspiring, so it’s a gift to both of them. He is truly a lovely person, really down to earth and very quick and funny too! He asked my name and shook my hand, also very kind enough to sign my two prints of my drawings as well as the transcript books. I didn’t say much of what I had planned, but that’s to be expected! I’m truly terrible in those kind of situations and seem to forget the human language all together. I’m just so glad I had not only the opportunity to see his performance but also to meet him in person. He is an inspiration, I couldn’t be more happy! I heard he was wonderful to his fans and I am pleased to know first hand that this is 100% true. I hope one day I’ll meet him again along with Jamie Lloyd! :)

I saw three films today, but the one that I can’t seem to get out of my mind is Peter Sattler’s directorial debut featureCamp X-Ray, starring Kristen Stewart, Payman Maadi, and Lance Garrison. Stewart stars as Amy Cole, a military guard on her first assignment at Guantanamo Bay, who forms a bond with a detainee named Ali, played by Maadi. Theirs isn’t exactly a friendship, but over time as Cole witnesses the treatment of the detainees, she can’t help but show compassion toward him.

Sattler stated that he wanted to make a film about humanity, not politics. I think he succeeded.

Stewart gave a strong performance, and the role suited her well. At one point in the film I had to laugh because she is often accused of showing no emotion.

The film received a standing ovation although there seemed to be some mixed reviews. A distribution deal has yet to be announced, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sold in the next few days.

 – Michelle Bryant

"Lord of the Rings" Cast Commentary Drinking Game

Take a small sip when…

…someone gratuitously compliments another cast member (if you took a full drink every time this happened, you wouldn’t make it through disc 1 of Fellowship without passing out)

Take a drink when…

…anyone says “pathos”

…anyone mentions their accent problems

…anyone nerds out about maps

…anyone says how pissed-off they were that a scene of theirs in the extended edition was cut from the theatrical release

…Christopher Lee refers to Saruman in the first person (“Although I don’t appear as often in this film, my influence is still felt throughout because…”)

…Sean Astin says something simple and everyone tells him what a great point he just made

…Sean Astin mentions his wife or kids

…someone says, “Actually, here we were just looking at a tennis ball on a stick.”

…someone talks about how pleased Peter Jackson was with an acting choice they made

…someone accidentally admits that they didn’t actually understand something that was happening in the story

…Orlando Bloom talks about how hard it was to play an invincible, perfect, gorgeous character

…John Rhys-Davies mentions a city in Europe or a screen legend he once knew

…Ian McKellen gives another actor a backhanded compliment (“Christopher Lee has been in so…many films”)

Finish your drink when…

…Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan tell the story about the time they made up an imaginary game out of boredom and Elijah Wood thought it was real and wanted to play it again

…one of the hobbit actors quotes John Rhys-Davies’s Indiana Jones character

…anyone actually admits that one of their extended edition scenes was cuttable

Waterfall when…

…Orlando Bloom says, “like…” as a pause because he’s trying to figure out what to say. Every time he says it again, the next person starts drinking. Everyone keeps drinking until another cast member finally interrupts him

- Lindsay DeLand, Jay Gabler, and Dana Hanson