this was my favourite outfit on him

@mellorad encouraged me to and helped me set up my own streaming channel! In order to try it out, she got to request a drawing and wished for a Mustang waiting for a date with Elizabeth – I loved the idea (of course).
Woohoo to minimalistic text backgrounds hhh

Reasons why Rohan is my favourite character in JoJo

- He’s one of few characters in the entire franchise who actually changes his outfits frequently

- Highly successful manga artist at the age of TWENTY. His Stand, Heaven’s Door makes him so efficient at this that he is able to draw an entire manga page in two minutes, and an entire chapter (19 pages) in a single night.

- Uses his Stand to LITERALLY read people like a book, and use their memories and personality traits that he reads as either information he can use against them in combat, or as inspiration for his work (or both).

- Is given the opportunity to have his life spared by sacrificing Josuke, who had just cheated him in gambling and is someone who he has always hated. His response is so dramatic that it has become a meme and has been referenced in other animes such as No Game No Life.

- He is one of few characters who actively investigates Yoshikage Kira, so much so that he takes hundreds of pictures of people in Morioh to try and find any clues.

- When his house is set on fire, he is not even remotely concerned with it and is rather still preoccupied with figuring out how Josuke is cheating him at Cee-lo.

 After the fact, his main concern is not the insane amount of furniture that had been lost (that’s a lotta money) but rather that he no longer has a desk to draw manga on.

- This line:

- Uses his Stand ability to decide what afterlife his defeated opponent will go to 

- Later on in the series, he fails to notice the literal end of the universe because he was too busy drawing manga. That is dedication.


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inspired by this list of prompts + everyone’s favourite (cough my favourite) of andrew and neil wearing the wrong team jersey…………

  • andrew wakes up at neil’s place, which wasn’t planned
  • they go back after practice and somehow fall asleep
  • (when andrew wakes up startled, neil snorts and says “not as young as you were, minyard”)
  • which is when they realise they’re late for a team party
  • andrew picks up a team jacket from the floor and says “i’m going as someone who couldn’t give up on his high school years”
  • “burn,” neil says, and quickly pulls on the skeleton outfit nicky had picked out for him a week ago
  • (he’s not sure if it’s on the small side on purpose)
  • (he thinks it probably was)
  • neil follows andrew to the party, which is when he says “jesus fucking christ”
  • “backing out already, josten?”
  • “i think you’ll find you’re josten tonight.” he says and taps andrew’s back
  • andrew takes this in stride and somehow procures a ginger wig to throw on, then proceeds to not respond to his name
  • “neil!” a new teammate says and flounders for a second before not pulling andrew into a hug. “but you didn’t bring a costume?”
  • “yes, i did,” neil says to his side
  • “of course i’m in costume,” andrew says. “i’m pretending to be someone who cares about this conversation.”
  • harsh, neil thinks
  • then neil thinks he probably shouldn’t be hanging on the arm of his enemy with benefits
  • as far as anyone else knows their only communication is yelling at each other on the court
  • “i didn’t know you and my cousin were that close,” nicky says to neil, looking at andrew
  • “we’re not. i didn’t even know he had my jersey.”
  • nicky snorts. “well, he’s almost more convincing at being you than you are”
  • “what?”
  • “he’s telling everyone he’s fine and being completely oblivious”
  • “i’m not-”
  • “i think you might have missed the fact that you’re friends with andrew,” matt says, draping an arm around neil’s shoulder
  • “friends? what are friends?” andrew says
  • “i ask one time,” neil says
  • neil catches allison betting nicky that he and andrew would get pissed and make out before the end of the exy season
  • allison makes eye contact as she does it
  • he’s not sure it wasn’t intentional
  • andrew has to give neil a ride home because they came together
  • (“extra practice,” neil says with a shrug)
  • (“all i care about is exy,” andrew says.)
  • which is where neil decides to bring up what matt said
  • “apparently i’m oblivious.”
  • “obviously”
  • “apparently i’m oblivious about the fact that we’re ‘friends’,” neil does the air quotes just because he knows andrew hates it
  • andrew snorts. “if we are then your jersey’s rubbed some obliviousness off on me, too”
  • “you seem to know me pretty well,” neil says, watching andrew’s face
  • (“stop staring at me, josten,” andrew said, a month after their nothing started)
  • (“free country,” he replied)
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • “someone might start to think you like me”
  • (someone is neil)
  • (neil thinks andrew likes him)
  • (like, like like)
  • “i hate you” andrew answers
  • neil smiles
  • “stay the night,” he says
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • (but he stays)
  • (he always will)

So one of my favourite Sasuke headcanon is the one that he can sew. 

I got the idea because of his initial part two outfit, which retains the basic concept of standard Orochimaru-wear with the rope shit but at the same time has definitely been customized, not even getting into the Uchiha crest on the back. I like to imagine that Orochimaru handed him this hideous set of clothes and Sasuke was just “nah.” and cut it up and shifted things and added the crest in such a way that he was just barely following Orochimaru’s dress code and couldn’t get shit for it but could still subtly assert that he’s the boss, not Orochimaru, and piss him off.

I just got this idea from an outfit a little girl was apparently wearing today at my uni campus

Kent Parson goes as a crazy cat lady for Halloween. He wears a bathrobe and slippers and has a bunch of stuffed cats sewn to his outfit.

The funniest part is when his pals/teammates look at him and are all like “Yo, where’s your costume Parson?? I don’t get it” which is his favourite response ever

SaveWOY Trending Twenty-Seventh - Favourite Secondary Character - Major Threat/Jeff.

Jeff is my favourite secondary character (Awesome is a close second). I love the fact that he is a reformed villain. I love his design and his outfit and the way he talks. He reminds me of a hippy grandfather!

I adore “The Good Bad Guy” episode because of him and his interaction with Hater and Peepers. (It was also this episode where Peepsqueak originated from). He’s just so laid back even when Hater was lashing out at him, plus he stood up for Peepers.

Then he suddenly showed us all just why he used to be a renowned villain! It’s crazy how he can go from nice and laid back to intimidating (even if it was just an act). Bonus points go to the ending scene of him happily reciting Tumbleweed’s “mustard or mayo” and Hater’s head explodes.

If Hater ever got reformed I would love to see Jeff interacting with him more, offering him advice and helping him on his new path.

I really want to see more of Jeff in a third season @disneyxd

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everyone's complaining about his hair in that bling shoot but tbh, i can ignore it. like, the entire shoot isn't THAT awful. there are some nice, unique elements to it and some of the pictures are worth saving. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ maybe i'm just far up his ass but y'know.. lol i love him so much and this shoot is a blessing. if his hair was black, then he would completely match his doll and that thought alone is making me burst into flames. 😩 - fansite anon ♡

i don’t see any problem with this shoot!!! it’s my favourite so far. i love the outfits and hair and he even got his def. songs playing during the shoot. lmao he just looks good in everything and anything to me so i never see a problem or think anything looks bad on him 😂

Thoughts on RWBY 4x12 Finale...

Let’s start with the highlights. Angry driven Ren, wow, he was really hot and cool in that episode, good for him for getting the win, he totally deserved it.

Yang looking so sexy, cool and confident in her new outfit and on her motorcycle again! In the words of fellow blogger @yangxaiolong : hot AF.

Lowlights: The pacing and focus of the whole volume that jipped me out of a reunion of my favourite girls.

Seriously, I was hoping for a reunion like every week, and maybe it was naïve but I thought at least the last episode? I mentioned in some other posts that the only thing keeping me going for this volume was a hug between Yang and Blake, and I didn’t get it. It’s going to be a long 8 months.

I think Volume 5 will be a lot better, hopefully things will actually happen this time. I got a feeling that Yang and Blake probably won’t even see each other until the second last episode of Volume 5 or something silly like that. I’ve decided to lower my expectations so I won’t be so disappointed next time.

That said, they could take their reunion in any number of directions, like a warm and heartfelt hug, or anger and mistrust, or awkward and fumbling when Blake sees how hot Yang is. ANY form of interaction would be good.

I’m considering writing another fanfic with my best guess of what will happen between these two in this canon context. We’lI see, it’s going to be a long hiatus and I am so thirsty for the bees after getting practically nothing this whole volume.

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what's your fave colin look? like, your favourite hairstyle of his, or him with/without five o'clock shadow, things like that. (also, your fave photo of him.) i need your answers for science

definitely his mojo fluffy hair <333 just out of control, unadulterated fluff. and i love his scruff. and all his lil knitwear and the death cab t-shirts and the plaid jacket and all those classic colin outfits because he clearly doesn’t know how to dress himself but it’s the most excellent thing

and obviously my fave picture of him is my icon!! but my second favorite picture….. i can’t find it for the life of me, of course! but it’s at the premiere of testament of youth, i think. (i could be wrong.) and his back is to the camera. he’s giving an interview to the reporters on the sides. and all these cameras and lights are before him so it’s only his silhouette. and i just…. i love that picture. it makes me so breathless every time i see it because i’m so proud of him and so happy for him that he’s living his dream. it’s a really great shot. i wish i could find it!

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Can I request a Germany x Reader fluff? Like, S/o is bringing Germany to meet her parents for the first time, and she's nervous they won't like him because they're quite strict, but in the end her mom adores him and her dad is okay with him.. *takes a deep breath* that was a mouthful.. I shall pay you a cookie for your work! 🍪

I love this fanfic idea, since I have strict parents as well, so I kind of based the parents on my own. Also, I’m so sorry for not writing this sooner!! I’ve been quite busy and didn’t check my ask box until today, so apologies!

So I hope this is okay!

“Which one?” You asked, holding up your two favourite outfits. Your boyfriend Ludwig furrowed his brow, thinking for a moment before finally making his choice. “The one on the right.” He gestured at a cute ensemble he had purchased for you in Berlin. Although you were going to move in with Ludwig at his home in Germany, you wanted to show him around your hometown.

You’d done all kinds of fun things. You showed him your favourite restaurants, shops and even an amusement park. As your time at home was coming to an end, you had decided it would be a great time to introduce Ludwig to your parents. However, there was one problem. Your parents were very strict and you were worried that they wouldn’t approve of your relationship. Your fears were irrational, of course. Ludwig was nice, a hard worker, handsome, the complete package. Yet, you still couldn’t shake the feeling of anxiety.

Ludwig turned the car down a familiar road, the headlights colouring the asphalt golden. “Are you okay, s/o?” Ludwig asked, glancing at you slightly. You had tried to mask your feelings of nervousness, but he’d seen straight through you. “Um, yeah. Everything’s fine.” You said, staring out the window.

The car pulled into the driveway of your childhood home. The two of you walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. Standing there with him alone made you feel more relaxed, and you felt his hand on your back. You heard your father’s footsteps as he made his way to the front door, and you immediately tensed up again. Your father opened the door, staring directly at the two of you. “Hey, Dad!” You said, feigning a smile. “This is Ludwig, he’s uh, my boyfriend…” You said, mentally cringing at how awkward your acting was. You all walked in, and instantly your nose was hit by the scent of your favourite meal. “Dinner’s ready!” Your mother called, placing dishes on the dining room table.

“So,” your father said in-between bites. “What do you do?” We had decided not to reveal that Ludwig was a country yet, just to make things less awkward. “I’m an engineer.” Ludwig lied, not making eye contact with your father. “Hmm. Not bad,” Your father said, eating. Your anxiety lessened as you felt Ludwig’s hand on your leg. “So, Ludwig, you’re from Germany, right?” Your mother asked. “Yeah, I live in Berlin.” He smiled slightly.

After dinner, you went upstairs with your mother and Ludwig stayed in the den with your father. “Ludwig seems sweet, y/n. I’m glad you found a guy like him.” Your mother smiled as she took a sip from her glass of red wine. “Thanks,” you laughed. “And he’s so handsome too…” You couldn’t help but smile. “I don’t think Dad would like hearing you say that, Mom.” You laughed. “Well, the two of you are welcome to come over whenever you want.” Your mother stood up. “Should we go back downstairs? I’d love to talk to Ludwig some more.” You nodded, following her.

Downstairs, Ludwig and your father’s conversation had just ended. You decided it was your turn to talk to your father, to see if everything had gone well. “So… Dad, what do you think? He’s pretty great, isn’t he?” You said, gazing at your boyfriend as he talked with your mother. “Hmm. He seems pretty cool. I’m not sure if I like the idea of you living with him yet, but he seems like a nice guy.”

Later that night, you crawled into bed next to your boyfriend. “So, did everything go well?” He asked, cuddling up to you. “Yeah, my parents loved you.” You smiled, closing your eyes.