this was my favorite warm up duo

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ooc: This is one of my favorite ships in BC. For starters I always saw Alvis and Ruluf being like a junior version of the Reno and Rude duo. Being very different people but still able to work so harmoniously. I imagine the first time they meet they don’t fully get along, mostly because they both have very rough and tough attitudes. I definitely could see them either butting heads a bit at first, but eventually warming up to one another. Since both were involved with gangs prior to Turk life, I can see them having similar views and experiences. 

I see this relationship being fairly smooth, with maybe the occasional bumps and nicks in the road. Any fights between the two of them would be due to their stubborn natures clashing. Alvis prefers taking the lead and proving he’s the best, while Ruluf is very set in doing things his way. Again, this would likely be towards the beginning when the two were first inducted into the Turks. However, after maturing some, I see these two have a strong friendship, partnership, and eventually moving on to something much deeper.