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It’s Been Awhile - “Rage had coiled inside him, striking out like a viper when he’d thought she had a date, when he’d been convinced she’d dressed up for another man, that another man would smudge that red lipstick…that another would wear that red on his skin….Thoughts had bombarded him, petulant as he wanted to claim his right to have that red staining every inch of him…”

Oooooh…It’s Been A While….and one of my favorite scenes. 

So writing that entire thing…picture me, sitting down and writing it all in one breath (and sobbing) because I just couldn’t not. I was running and the song came up on my playlist and i started listening to the lyrics and realized it’s Sherlock, and it’s Sherlock thinking about Molly. 

That particular scene, where he remembers his first apology…I had the song lyrics copy pasted into the doc and went line by line, thought by thought and tried to connect it to Sherlock’s life with Molly. The apology was easy enough to conjure, the first apology that we see from Sherlock, where he grows up as Moffat says, it flowed naturally to think it was the first one he remembers delivering with sincerity. But the more I’ve thought about the Christmas scene, the VEHEMENCE towards Molly when he sees her come through, the way he comments on her lipstick particularly….He could’ve picked anything else to tease her, why focus on the red of her lips?

I think Sherlock with Molly is extremely possessive. And there’s something with red lipstick for him, maybe because it’s the color of blood, maybe because on Molly, it represents passion. But it’s Sherlock and he’s an idiot and i think he lashed out because he’s convinced she was going on another date after their little shindig at Baker Street. 

I also think that he wants Molly to be possessive of him too, long before he realized he loves her. He’s a dude that likes touching things, he’s tactile and he’s also a visual person so “marking” Molly as his and vice versa, something more intimate than wedding rings, is what he craves. 

Digging deeper into Sherlock’s head in that moment (deeper than the waffley answer i’m giving) i realized he went ape-shit because he literally couldn’t stand the idea that she would mark someone else as hers, someone who wasn’t Sherlock. She hurt him without knowing it so he lashed out. I mean think about the way he constantly brings up “Jim”, beyond the fact that “Jim from IT” turned out to be his archenemy…why call him an “old boyfriend”? Why dig that knife in her if he wasn’t out of his mind jealous? 

I’m convinced he’s a big fan of hickeys, that when he and Molly are fooling around, he lets her bite him hard and bruise his skin and wears it like a badge of honor, even starts wearing more open collar shirts and gives up his scarves so people can see the way she’d marked the skin on his chest. 

Thanks for the ask Mel! I think a bit of BDB might’ve gotten into me too, and you probably picked up on it! 

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Ruki, what is your favorite thing about Rinna?

Ruki: “My apologies… I don’t know of this person you’re asking about.”

Rinna: “…You always dodge this question!”  (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)

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Can I have a Carisi fic where him and the reader get into an argument and avoid each other for a couple days, but Sonny finally apologizes and it’s all cute? I want my heart ripped out my fucking chest

I don’t think I did you justice with this… and with that, I apologize.

You and Sonny had gotten into an argument. You had made him lasagna and garlic bread for dinner since it was his favorite thing you made. He had brought home a few guys that he used to work with while patrol on Staten Island. You usually didn’t have problems with people coming over, Since Olivia, Noah, Amanda and Jesse usually came over all the time. This time, you didn’t appreciate it. You had only made enough lasagna for the two of you, and not for a total of five people. So, naturally, you got upset at your boyfriend.

You had packed up a bag and left the apartment, not turning back. You had called a friend of yours that lived in Queens and stayed with her. You had explained to her the situation while you two were drinking wine at her kitchen table. Since her ex used to do that to her all the time, she knew exactly what it was like. While the two of you drank the entire bottle of wine and bitches about guys, Sonny was at home, trying to figure out what went wrong.

He felt terrible that he never told you, but he shouldn’t have to inform you every time he invited someone over, right? Sonny sighed as he cleaned the dishes, tidied up the apartment some before he went to the bedroom to sleep. He had a rough night sleeping, barely getting enough to function for the day. He had drank at least three cups of coffee before he got to the Precinct and about another two before he even sat down at his desk.

Amanda had asked him about what happened and he explained what was going on. Amanda had agreed with how you reacted and Sonny got slightly upset with her. After a few minutes of realizing that Amanda was right, he had tried calling you. Each call you ignored along with each text. You were not in the mood to talk to him or deal with him.

It’s been four days since the incident and Sonny had lost his shit. He’s constantly calling you and texting you. He understood after the first day or two that you were still upset but now, he wanted to see you. He needed you and wanted to make up for his mistakes. He had called your mother up to hear that she wasn’t there but visited earlier that morning. Your mother had told Sonny where you were staying and he quickly drove to Queens. When you heard the knocking on the door, you opened it. You saw Sonny standing there and debated slamming the door in his face.

“What do you want, Dominick?” You had said his name with so much sass and attitude. The only times you called Sonny by his name was when you were pissed at him or screaming it during sex. Sonny stood there and sighed.

“I’m sorry, doll. I miss you. Come back home.” Sonny had said. You crossed your arms over your chest and looked up at the male. Sonny looked at you as you swore you could see tears threaten those beautiful blue eyes of his.

“I’m sorry that I invited the guys over without telling you. I regret that I did it and I miss you at home. Damn, doll. I know I screwed up this time but please, come home. I’ll cook dinner for the next week and do anything you want.” Sonny had said. You raised a brow slowly as you listened to him speak.

“Anything?” You had asked. Sonny quickly nodded as he took a step towards you with a small smile over his lips. You thought about it for a moment before a sigh escaped your lips. Sonny stood there nerves as he was hoping the worse wasn’t coming.

“Sonny, you completely disrespect the only rules I’ve set for when people come over, tell me in advance. I don’t usually mind when you invite Olivia and Amanda over since I see them every weekend. I haven’t seen the guys in, what, almost three years? You just invite them over and assume it’s alright with me? Dominick, I don’t know.” You had said as you began to think. Did you really think about leaving him? Truthfully, you couldn’t leave him. You had spent the last four years with the Italian and you were head over heels for the male. A sigh escaped your lips as you walked over to him and grabbed Sonny’s hands tightly in his.

“I’ll come back under one condition. You’re cooking dinner tonight and I want you to make that delicious fettuccine alfredo you make. It’s almost as good as when your mom makes it.” You had teased your boyfriend. Sonny smiled as he wrapped his arms tightly around your body.

“Oh my God, thank you, doll. I love you so much. I’ll make you all the fettuccine alfredo you want! I can even stop by that Italian bakery by the apartment to get you some cannolis.” Sonny said before he followed you into the house and up to the bedroom you were staying it. The two of you had to remake the bed after you messed up the sheets. Soon, the two of you returned home for a night of Italian cuisine and cuddles… and lots of makeup sex.


Sam Winchester and those glasses in 12.15    [ ]  

🌟💖 to jonghyun: my sun, my moon, my stars, someone who i'll love forever  💖🌟

i don’t know how to start this properly so i’ll do so by saying i’m coping the best i can be given the circumstances but it still feels like there’s this void in my chest. 

when i first started listening to k-pop i figured it’d just be a fun pasttime for me and, for the most part, it has been. i just didn’t think i’d get as attached as i did to an idol as i did jonghyun because i’d never been the type to get super attached to celebrities to begin with but i was really drawn to him from the get go. i remember the first time i saw him in the “lucifer” mv. i was like: ”wow, who is that dude“ so i started looking into him and grew to like him quickly. this was before he started to show more of himself to shawols / the world. after that point he made his twitter and began to interact more with fans by showing how clever, intelligent, fun loving and socially conscious he was. and his sense of humor was so strange - which was something that i could relate to. that’s probably when i knew he was going to be my ult for a long time.

i remember when he supported kang eun ha back in late 2013 and i was so relieved because i was just starting to really come to terms with the fact that i was queer and it was comforting to know that my ult would accept me for that. in the short time that followed we were able to see him grow and develop as a person. he started to bare his soul to the world through blue night, always more than he was obligated to, and he was always graceful and thoughtful in doing so.

i remember at shinee’s fifth anniversary party when he debuted “beautiful tonight” to shawols. i was so proud of him because i knew that it’d always been his dream to make his own music and that was the FIRST time that he was able to share something with us that was completely his. 

when it comes to shinee .. i haven’t been here since the beginning. i became a fan during the summer of 2011 but i’ve always felt like i was present during the timeline that was the most pertinent in his growing as a human being.

blue night was always so special to me because it opened us up to a side of him that he had been careful to share before then. people had these fixed stereotypes about him and, while some have lingered on, he was able to blow most out of the water through the show. without blue night we wouldn’t have been able to hear a large percentage of his beautiful solo work. looking back i can see that this was a burden to him and it makes me ache knowing something he loved became such a weight for him but i’ll always cherish the work that he gave to us.

he was always trying so hard. it doesn’t take what happened to know that. he never shied away from telling us when he felt lost or lonely or upset and he never made fans feel as if they were wrong to feel that way either. honestly he never made fans feel like they were in the wrong for anything. he’d support them through even their most ridiculous (and some of the funnier stories he got on blue night were proof of that) and the love he had for us was undeniable. you could see it in his eyes whenever he was given the chance to be face-to-face with us: at events with shinee, for blue night, for himself. it always looked like he was … ridiculously content just breathing the same air as his fans. this extended to international fans as well. he didn’t speak up on it often but it was obvious he knew about the disconnect / distance that we’ve always felt in being so far away from him and shinee. we got “selene 6.23” to show for that one.

it was also thanks to jonghyun and the rest of shinee that i was able to make most of the close friends that i have today. that, and they were also so charming that i was able to have my older friends become a fan of them as well. they also gave me a reason to be able to travel twice in the last year and a half: once to chicago and another time to los angeles. i’ll always be grateful that i was able to see them twice - that i was able to see him twice.

i’m starting to feel too introspective so i’m going to switch over and talk about a few of my favorite things about him:

1) he wasn’t perfect. he made mistakes but he always apologized and tried to make amends for them in the end. he was constantly trying to better himself and become education / sensitive to a variety of issues. i feel he excelled there, really.

2) his love for roo. i think it goes without saying that a good deal of the funnier content involving him was related back to roo. and remember the time she photobombed minho taking a picture of jjong with his music show trophies? yeah.

3) how much of his life he dedicated to making his mom and sodam feel loved and appreciated. i really don’t know what else to add here that isn’t obvious already.

4) he wasn’t afraid to show the world the side of himself that was what most would regard as being “childish” or in geeking out about things that made him happy like naruto or how much he had fallen in love with (and been touched by) kimi no na wa.

5) when he wanted to cry he cried and he made sure that others were aware that it was alright to cry too, to be weak sometimes because to be “weak” is to really be strong.

6) he was such a great and caring friend. he just … was. there’s no denying that. he was always nonjudgmental and willing to be there for his friends at the drop of a hat when they needed him (like when he drove two hours to pick up dongwoo when he needed a ride home from a random location).

7) jinki. he was always a pillar of strength for him and this worked both ways. he took the spotlight for him when he wasn’t able to do it himself and he was always the first to understand his strange jokes and puns and play off of them.

8) kibum. he was kibum’s first friend when they became trainees. we’ll never know what kind of connection they had in full but it was obvious it was something special that went beyond words.

9) minho. minho is probably his biggest fan. he could read him like an open book and he was always the first to be there when he needed him most and it’s obvious that hasn’t changed even now.

10) taemin. he was HIS biggest fan. we all know that. he wasn’t just his friend and brother but his baby and you could see how proud he was to see him develop as both an artist and person. i’m glad he got to see up to now even though it hurts me he won’t see all he is capable of achieving.

11) the relationship he had with his blue night family - listeners included. they helped him so much. they gave him stories to use that helped broaden his work as a singer-songwriter and he developed meaningful friendships with both regular guests and pds.

12) taeyeon, suho, yoona, krystal, heechul, donghae, jungmo. all the friends that he made within sm when they began training who he knew for just as long as the other members of shinee. and all of those who have left sm since that were close to and meant a lot to him at a point as well, like luhan, jessica and tao. plus those that he became and stayed close to after debut. yeri, lee jonghyun, hongki, crush, zion.t, jung joon young, younha, tablo, wheesung, minkyung, gray, zico. i know they’re all hurting too.

13) he wrote a beautiful book where he used all main characters as a template to show different sides of himself to readers. he was writing another book too and i’m glad he was at least able to share his idea for it with us.

14) he was able to release four amazing solo albums in such a short amount of time and i honestly feel like he helped to break some of the bias sm had toward allowing their artists to release their own work.

15) he wasn’t afraid to gush over other men that he found attractive. looking back on his fanboying over gong yoo is always going to make me laugh.

16) i really loved how much he loved the moon and stars and space and mythology and all that whimsical stuff because he could be pretty whimsical himself at times.

17) how much of a dork he was for poetry. remember when he sent that wreath to wheesung with that bertolt brecht poem? iconic.

18) he really admired and looked up to prince. you could see his influence in both the sound and styling of his solo work and that makes the stereotypical minnesotan in me happy.

19) more of a random anecdote but how excited he was when he was dying his hair pink for “she is” promotions. the story about how he’d kept on showing the other members a photo of the shade he was trying for excitedly will always be one of my faves.

20) he was the kazoo king.

21) random little physical traits of his like his blingspot and all his pretty moles and birthmarks, his bottom teeth, how his legs were bowed.

22) how he pretty much laughed with his entire body and how his nose scrunched up when doing so. how expressive he was. how you could pretty much see every emotion he was trying to convey in his eyes and they’d sometimes sparkle like there was an entire universe in them (i used to say that a lot).

i’ll move on from the facts from now but this is … a lot. emotionally.

(death tw, suicide tw) honestly i feel like i can’t say much else that hasn’t already been said and that i won’t be able to completely do justice to who he was as an artist, bandmate, brother, son, friend, colleagues, so on and so forth. but you can feel it at least. i guess words?? aren’t really needed always?? you can feel it in how many people have went to pay their respects to him in the last day. he was SO loved and he left such a mark on the industry, not just of his immense and unique talent but because of how kind, generous, soft and understanding he was.

i’ve said this a few times already to close friends of mine but as much as it kills me to know that he’s gone and that he was in as much pain as he was i’m also relieved that he isn’t feeling that pain anymore. what else can you really say in situations like these. he hurt more than anyone deserves to and maybe it’s cheesy to say but a part of me feels like he was too good for this world. i’ve never really been religious but i hope that if there is an afterlife that he feels content, warm, happy and comfortable for once. maybe now he’s a star, hanging around the moon, or maybe he’s a star pup. that’d be wild. he’d probably love that. or maybe he’s jamming out with his favorite musicians who’ve passed. who knows.

anyway. i think that’s all i’m gonna say for now. in the future i may revisit this post - maybe i’ll add on to it or maybe i’ll use it as a template to make a new one. who knows but the only other thing i can say before closing this off is that he’ll always have a special place in my heart and i’ll never forget him.

Some of my favorite things about Final Fantasy XV
  • Fat chocobo chicks
  • You can brake-check the Regalia so everyone gets mad at Ignis.  He deftly apologizes but you know deep inside he wonders why he did it.
  • We have reached a creature crossing
  • Noct will sit up on the back of the car and casually look behind to see if anyone’s around to notice how cool he is.
  • It hasn’t worked so far, but I believe if I brake-check often enough while Noct is sitting on the back of the car or Prompto is standing up to talk to the back seat they’ll learn about car safety
  • If you put coins in your molotov cocktail before lobbing it at someone you’ll grow more as a person than if you don’t
  • The Coernix Station Kenny Crow is just dumped on some crates around the side of the building
  • Everyone talks about what a hard worker Holly is, how everything would fall apart without her, but every time I see her she’s just standing around, waiting for me to show up so she can give me the work she agreed to do
  • There’s an invisible cooler of holding in the back seat filled with an infinite amount of Ebony for Noct to hand to Ignis and ask if it’s really that good and have Ignis tell him, through his teeth, “yes, it is.”
  • If you really feel like it you can stand in the middle of the road at night and get in an infinite loop fighting demons and magitek soldiers
  • If you keep them up for several days Noct looks like he’s been making and eating mud pies. Everyone else is shiny clean.
  • They all stand around with great interest and watch Noct fish like watching someone fish isn’t the most boring activity known to man
  • Noct is always complaining about being cold and then gets lectured by Ignis for not wearing a jacket.  I know he would gladly wear his jacket and be warm and not be lectured anymore, but I am in charge and I have declared that no one gets a jacket
  • You can make them go on extra long drives so they all get out of the car whining 
  • Prompto loves shopping so much he has to take a group photo inside every backwater store that actually has a roof over it
  • The roadside vendors that cheerily screech “THANK YOU!” every time you complete a transaction
  • The “Somebody help me!” guy that really needs to pick up a new, non-hiking hobby
  • I am jealous of Gladio’s ability to read in a moving car
  • Noct can’t pump gas without sighing and grunting three times
  • If you don’t want to fight a Red Giant you can run away and watch it stomp moodily around, yelling at rocks and street lights
  • Noct has a link-strike with his chocobo but sometimes my game doesn’t render the chocobo so it’s just Noct floating around wide-legged like a fool
  • If you do a link-strike combo on a vulnerable spiracorn you can take the phrase “beating a dead horse” back to its roots.  I feel bad because it’s such obvious overkill, but if I don’t finish the combo everyone thinks I’m a failure, so…
  • I can make all four chocobos different shades of purple
  • Every time I pick up debased currency I think “the things this money has *seen*.  the things this money has *done*”
  • Prompto is just trying to make some memories, Noct, stop giving him fight-me face in every photo
  • You can warp-strike an enemy repeatedly at close range until it feels like you’re just trying to annoy them to death
  • You get to shake cute puppy paw
  • The time my game glitched and gave me this masterpiece: 

#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

Love is not posting pictures online and sending long messages every night so you know I appreciate you. Love is not talking every day just so we are not going to forget we both care. Yes, it is great to do those things when you love someone, but it should not be something that you need. Love is, not talking all day and knowing you still love someone and nothing will change it. Love is, when you go out late and call me when you get home even though I am asleep because you know how much I worry. Love is, when you stop making up excuses and admit you did something wrong and apologizing for your mistakes and try not to do them again. Love is, “please get your homework done so you can get the job you want and be happy in the future”. That is love. Love is, “let’s go to bed we both need rest and I don’t want to go without you”. Love is, “I know you’re out watching the sunset because you’re upset, and I’m really sorry. But I’m upset too and would like you to go home so you can FaceTime me.” And then leaving my favorite thing because you will always be a priority to me. Love is not always the big things that everyone else will notice, but the small things that are not going to be noticed by anyone except each other. I do not need extravagant to mean love. I need you.
—  For you
Steve/Tony Fic Recs: Mutual Pining

HELLO ALL!! I’M BACK, HAVE YOU MISSED ME? Work is over, so it’s back to rec lists, feel free to send in more requests. Mutual pining is my favorite thing of all time, so of course I’m starting with this after my mini-hiatus :) Have fun!

Remember to leave kudos and comments for your hard-working authors!


For the Wheel’s Still in Spin by Arukou (@arukou-arukou): Steve Rogers is a man of action, but in this brave new century, there’s no action to be had. A man without a mission, all he has to linger on are the people he let down and the lives he failed to save, and he is so very alone. Nights eat at him and days pass in a blur, and Tony Stark is the only person who seems to notice just how badly the Captain is suffering.

Out of Order by archwrites (Arch): Look, Steve wants to like Tony, but the man is impossible. Frankly, Steve’s kind of a mess, too. Hatesex, pining, some angst, a little fluff, friendship, more sex, and even a little plot (a very little). But not in that order.

Steve Rogers Does (Not Do) Marriage Counseling by Neverever (@captainneverever): Natasha and Clint are kidnapped by HYDRA during a routine mission. Steve and Tony have to go undercover as a married couple at a couples counseling weekend to uncover where they’re being held. Except they had kissed at the SHIELD holiday party the day before and Tony doesn’t want to talk about it. What is Steve going to do?

Oncoming Storm by FestiveFerret (@festiveferret): He should turn around, go back inside; he should back up and walk away and text Steve that he was staying in Malibu and then lock himself in his workshop and never emerge.But his feet moved forward instead.

The Other Thing, Actually by FestiveFerret (@festiveferret): Things are going pretty well for Steve. He’s moved into the tower and it’s actually pretty nice on the inside, the team is friendly and fun to be around, and most importantly Tony seems to like having him there; he certainly likes being around Tony.

Then suddenly Tony starts to ice him out and Steve can’t understand why. Can he live with being part of the Avengers knowing that Tony hates him?

signed, steeped, delivered by gyzym, Siria: Tony was pretty sure nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

(sometimes you have to) run before you walk by schweet_heart: It occurs to Tony that he’s been doing things ass-backwards for most of his life, taking things apart before he knows how to put them back together again, and the familiarity would be comforting if it weren’t also terrifying.

Or: Steve and Tony don’t get along, except for when they do.

From The Ground Up by thatsweetmysteryoflife: The first time Steve had seen Tony Stark since SHIELD had fallen, he was on TV.

Or, how a team became a family, and friendship became love.

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him by RurouniHime: In which people think they are entitled to Steve Roger’s face (aka, because tomorrow is coming, and I hold out hope, Supreme Court.)

The Scarf by LagLemon: After Ultron’s defeat, and Avengers Tower being rebuilt, Steve assumed things would go back to normal - or at least, he hoped they would. Now things have changed, and he’s pretty sure he’s got a hard decision to make.

Mutually Assured Infatuation by Meatball42: When Steve gifts Tony a teddy bear to help him get better after he’s injured on a mission, Tony decides he can’t let it stand.

the shield’s a metaphor by fantalaimon: Steve does his best, Tony thinks too much, they both have a lot of feelings, and it all works out pretty well.

played for fools by fantalaimon: It’s a slow dance, so they wrap their arms around each other and sway while making their very best doe eyes.

“I think we’re doing a really great job,” Steve says, voice barely a whisper.

“Me too,” Tony says. “We’re amazing actors.”

even if the brain has forgotten, perhaps the teeth remember (or the fingers) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​):

Tony gets temporary amnesia.

Some things are clearer without his preconceptions dragging him down.

Platonic Cuddling (In Which Tony Is A Pillow) by tarialdarion (@tari-aldarion): Dating Tony would be like…dating my pillow.” Steve raised an eyebrow. “Fine, maybe that wasn’t the best analogy but Steve, there’s no attraction there. For fuck’s sake, he looks at you like he has hearts in his eyes.”

Wishful Thinking by BlossomsintheMist (@blossomsinthemist​): Things have been building between Steve and Tony for a while, but after a battle where Tony is injured, they come to a head in an unexpected way. Was originally envisioned as a post-credits scene for Age of Ultron, but probably won’t end up fitting the movie well, so feel free to envision it differently.

The Humanization Humiliation by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): In which Tony and Clint get drunk for science, Bruce is sneakier than expected, and Steve almost drops his pants on live national television. Also known as the time the Avengers had to give interviews displaying their human side, which was really not Fury’s best idea.

All I Want For Christmas by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): There’s only one thing Tony wants for Christmas, and he’s got a plan to get it. Though he unfortunately seems doomed to failure from step one, unbeknownst to him, a better strategist than he has a plan of their own.

Dance With Me by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): Steve doesn’t know how to dance. Tony is not deterred.

616 + Other

Roll the Dice and Swear Your Love (for me) by fandomfrolics: After all, how bad could a game of Truth or Dare be?

Token by laudatenium (@laudatenium​): Tony wants a drink. So he calls his sponsor.

Love in a Time of Amnesia by Amuly (@everybodyilovedies): Carol might have lost all her memories of her friends, but there’s at least one thing she can know with absolute certainty: Steve and Tony are a couple. And if the rest of the Avengers insist on saying they’re not, well: Carol will just have to put her amnesia to use, for the greater good.

An Excess of Excitement (The Bee-Phasic Remix) by Veldeia (@veldeia): Sam throws a party, Steve is sad Iron Man isn’t there, and Tony has an unfortunate encounter with a bee that turns out to be more sinister than meets the eye.

An Incredibly Platonic Evening (Plus One Remix) by kdm103020 (@kdm103020​): After years of pining for Steve, Tony invites him to a charity gala strictly as friends. It’s not date. Sure, he might want something more, but it’s totally manageable so long as Steve stays in the dark. Right?

i will never stop losing my breath (every time i see you looking back at me) by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): In all fairness, Tony is on autopilot when this happens. He’s had a long, hard day, and it’s possible he hasn’t slept in several long, hard days. He’s already half-asleep on the couch and he’s relaxed and happy, which is a rarity on its’ own, and he’s comfortable enough to let his guard down and get his body to do all the work without switching his brain on.

That should’ve been enough of a warning sign, but apparently not: Tony stretches, says goodnight to his teammates and gets varied responses back, and then he kisses Steve.

He only realizes what he’s done after he’s started to lean back, opening his eyes to see Steve’s blown wide, staring at Tony with his lips gone slack and a tiny furrow between his eyebrows.

Many Faces, All of them Yours by cptxrogers (@cptxrogers): Steve is head over heels for the team’s benefactor Tony, but he feels terrible for his best friend, Iron Man, who seems to have developed a bit of a crush on him. And now there’s a mysterious new hero, Nomad, stalking the streets of New York. An identity porn soap opera.

Your Mirror Image by magicasen (@einheriar​): The Maria Stark Foundation hosts a superhero-themed gala. Who Steve and Tony come dressed up as is really no surprise.

The Law Runneth Forward and Back by Sineala (@sineala): It’s been three weeks since Tony saved Steve’s life at Mount Rushmore, and they’re not talking about it. It’s going to drive Tony insane. But they’ve got bigger problems, because Nightshade has turned Steve into a werewolf. Again. And all Steve seems to want is to be near Tony.

Slipping off the Page into Your Hands by Sineala (@sineala): Soulmates have their first words to each other written on their wrists. This should make it easy. For Steve and Tony, it is anything but. Steve’s problem is that the future he has awoken into is nothing he was ever expecting: he has a soulmate now. Who might be a robot. And if his soulmate is Iron Man, how can he be so attracted to Tony Stark? It should be impossible.

Tony’s problem is that he is Iron Man, his soulmate is a man whom he in no way deserves, and he is going to fight everything in his heart and do his best to make sure Steve never, ever finds out the whole truth.

Never Too Late for Love by Sineala (@sineala): Steve has always believed that a soulbond is a blessing – a rare and beautiful miracle, joining the thoughts and feelings of two people forever, from the first time they touch. Steve knows he’s not going to be one of the lucky ones. He knows Gail isn’t his soulmate. But he loves her, even if they’re not soulmates, and he’s going to do right by her. After the war’s over, he’s going to marry her, and they’re going to settle down. They’ll buy a house. They’ll have children. He’ll see his family again. Maybe Bucky will live next door. It’s going to be a good life. He doesn’t need a soulbond. He’ll be fine without one.

Then Steve wakes up sixty years in the future to find that his wonderful life has moved on without him. His family is long dead. His fiancée married his best friend. And the only purpose he has left is leading the Ultimates, a misbegotten team of superheroes with flaws too numerous to count. Steve hates everything about the future – but most of all he detests Tony, flashy and flirtatious, who embodies everything Steve hates about a world he never wanted to live in.

And, oh, yeah, Steve has a soulmate after all: Tony fucking Stark. (Ults)

Instant karma’s gonna get you by dorcas_gustine: Cap is disappointed. Predictably things start to Go Very Bad for Tony. (MA:A)

They Call Me Dad by fandomfrolics: The team’s taken to calling Tony by a very strange nickname and he’s a little afraid to find out why. (MA:A)

Mission: Improbable by cptxrogers (@cptxrogers​): Tony is called on to investigate strange events which have been occurring in the upper echelons of society recently. There’s just one small issue - he needs Steve to pose as his date for the evening. (AA)


(say you want me to) stay by goodmorningbeloved (@goodmorningbeloved​): 

“I need you to marry me,” Tony blurts over the phone.Oh no, is Steve’s first thought, and the second is, I knew I shouldn’t have let him blow me in the kitchen five months ago. “All right,” his mouth says for him, and his feet must be thinking ahead too because he’s suddenly out of his chair and crossing the room to open his closet so he can get dressed and go to Tony.

Or: considering that he and Tony have been best friends for the past fifteen years and friends-with-benefits for the past five months, Steve assumes that pretending to be Tony’s fiancé will work out just fine. Unsurprisingly, he’s wrong. (WIP)

Foxes & Hounds by XtaticPearl (@xtaticpearl​): FBI agent Steve Rogers is sent to New York on the case of a mystery hacker who is tipped off to hold secrets to a dangerous network of corporate crimes. If coming back to New York hadn’t been bad enough, he is also partnered with resident detective Tony Stark; a man who had changed his life five years ago. 

With a wealth of history between them and an undercurrent of tension, these two must work together and solve the case before it becomes too late for everyone. (WIP)

Tony. Doctor Tony Stark. by itsallAvengers (@itsallavengers): Steve is sick again, surprise surprise.So, of course, his friends decide to have him carted off back to hospital for the fourth time that month. God, does he hate hospitals. Until he meets his Doctor.

Place Your Bets by RurouniHime: Steve Rogers may or may not have just picked up a prostitute. This may or may not be Tony Stark’s fault.

Let the More Loving One be Me (Or: Aw, Crap) by willowswhiten

Captain Steven Rogers-Carter has just come back from Afghanistan, struggling with PTSD and memories that haunt him. When he’s introduced to his adoptive mother’s godson, engineer, mechanic and billionaire Tony Stark, there’s a lot of yelling. Things are never entirely simple when two broken warriors realise exactly what they need to put themselves back together.

I’ve got you under my skin by sirona: Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it’s going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012, than what he has just achieved. That is, of course, before Coach Fury comes to visit, and offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU.

I wanna hold your hand by sirona: No one understands what it’s like growing up rich and yet more alone than anyone should be able to stand - except for people who grew up just like you, that is. In which Tony Stark goes to Oxford University and meets people and makes enemies and makes friends and changes people’s minds and falls in love - amongst other tales of mishap and adventure.

Head Over Feet by Robin_tCJ (@robintcj): It had sounded like a good idea at the time. Tony Stark, genius and heir to the Stark fortune, didn’t expect to fall in love with the kind, handsome soldier he’d picked up at a bar that he had only gotten into because of a particularly well-crafted fake ID. He didn’t expect to spend the best week of his life with a funny, wonderful artist who would be shipping off to war in only days. And he definitely didn’t expect that soldier to die before they could even try to build something. 

He tries to move on with his life and find a way to feel whole, but after one too many disappointments, Tony gives up on the idea of happiness altogether. Of course, then he finds himself on a street in New York, covered in coffee and having the shock of his life.

Through the Dark Tide of Memory by scifigrl47 (@scifigrl47​): As the Human/Kaiju war drags on, with no end in sight, the occupants of the Malibu Shatterdome have come to be known, worldwide, as the Avengers. No matter how many Jaegers fall, how many battles are lost around the Pacific rim, the Avengers will always come to the rescue.Until, of course, there’s no one left…

Weighing of the Heart by scifigrl47 (@scifigrl47​): Steve Rogers hasn’t really had a particularly easy life. He’s struggled along, he’s proud of himself, he’s self-sufficient and capable and he works damn hard. He has friends and a purpose and he’s only a few semesters from graduating college. He’s managed, but his life has been far from easy. That’s mostly because of a slight filing error.

The last thing that Steve needed was someone to watch over him. The only thing that his Guardian Angel needs is a second chance to make a first impression.

Hard Rock Swing by copperbadge (@copperbadge​): It turns out, in the 21st century, Steve’s best friend is an eighteen-year-old genius named Tony Stark. This might be trouble.

Float like a butterfly (sting like a bee) by gottalovev (@gottalovev): Steve Rogers is looking for a new Team and signs with Nick Fury in his quest to climb back in the professional boxing ranks after a 5 years break. When he realizes Fury’s gym is owned by Tony Stark, billionaire-playboy-entrepreneur and up-and-coming boxer, sparks fly and not in a good way. At least at first.

No time for losers by gottalovev (@gottalovev): Tony Stark: Playboy. Millionaire. Philanthropist. Hockey superstar. (featuring among other things an unexpected trade, learning to get along with new teammates, pining, the Olympics, and a happy ever after)

An Inglourious Affair by ann2who, morphia: In 1944, Steve’s commando team, The Basterds, are off to fight nazis in France. Tony joins their efforts after intelligence suggests that Herr Kleiser, a German scientist, has set his sights on making a massive nuclear bomb. Their mission: Get to Kleiser before he completes his evil plan. What neither of them had planned for, however, was to fall in love in the middle of the worst war either of them had ever seen.

Though Your Face Is Lovely by ChibiSquirt (@chibisquirt​): Tony Stark is an experienced adventurer by the time he’s working beside Captain America and the Howling Commandos… which is why he should have known better than to pick up the artifact. Transported into another universe, he’s going to have to find a way home, even if it means dealing with these “Avengers” people, some of whom seem awfully familiar… (Noir/MCU crossover)

there still might be a place for us somewhere by theappleppielifestyle (@theappleppielifestyle​): Ten years after high school ends, Tony stumbles on a stranger who looks strangely a hell of a lot like the guy he was in love with as a teenager.

The Mighty Avenger Adventure Camp by imafriendlydalek, orbingarrow (@imafriendlydalek, @orbingarrow): “What the hell kind of camp leaves a bunch of teenagers on their own in the woods for a week, anyway?”

That’s a valid question, Tony. This isn’t your average summer camp, after all - this is the Mighty Avenger Adventure Camp! Where you’ll learn all the skills you need to get through Survival Week out in the rugged wilderness, and maybe learn a bit about yourself along the way, all while forging new friendships. 

And maybe a budding romance with that pretty blond Counselor in Training. Too bad counselors and campers shouldn’t date…

Saving the World (Is Totally a Date) by Wordsplat (@wordsplat): Tony discovers Stane’s betrayal while he’s still being held captive. When he escapes, he sets out to ruin Stane as completely and ruthlessly as he can, playing up his PTSD and quitting his job to destroy Stane quietly from the outside. He also picks up a teaching job-all Pepper’s fault-and oh, right, becomes a supervillain. Okay, that one was Tony’s fault, but it was totally an accident.

In the meantime, a certain Capsicle is defrosted a year early, and is assigned the task of capturing the notorious Iron Man. It’s not going particularly well, if the embarrassingly high number of times he’s been kidnapped in the past six months is any indication. When SHIELD decides to help him “adjust” by getting him a teaching job, Steve is skeptical; but then there’s Tony, and Steve finds he doesn’t mind the 21st century so much after all.

Iron Man: Unavailable, Tony Stark: In Trouble by navaan: After what happened in New York the Avengers with the help of Tony Stark are trying to become more independent. The team has grown together and for Steve Iron Man is a big part of that, although he has some trouble getting along with his employer. Then Steve faces a bit of a mystery when Tony Stark gets kidnapped – and Iron Man, who is supposed to be the man’s bodyguard when he’s not an Avenger, is nowhere to be found.

Dream A Little Dream Of Me by ann2who (@stark-spangled-lovers​): Back in 1943, Steve Rogers is left with the aftermath of Project Rebirth. His days are filled with fighting Hydra on German soil, his dreams, however, are occupied by a very handsome stranger. 

A stranger, who barges into his life like a hurricane, and throws Steve’s expectation of love right out of the window. The guy’s aggravating, unpredictable, and yet, irritatingly handsome. The more Steve’s dreams and waking life blur together, the more he finds himself drawn to the man. 

But how can he fall in love with someone who might not even be part of his world?

Who You Think You Are by Tahlruil (@tahlreth​): In a world where no one knows the identity of Iron Man, Tony Stark is the best thing since sliced bread, at least in the opinion of one Steve Rogers. He doesn’t like to let anyone know that - especially not Tony - but one day it sort of slips out. Luckily it’s only to his best friend, and Shellhead won’t tell anyone. What could possibly go wrong?

The Lengths That I Will Go To by Politzania (@polizwrites​): After forty-five years, Howard Stark discovers the wreck of the Valkyrie and that Captain America somehow survived the crash and nearly a half-century of being frozen in the ice.

Tony Stark, having been brought back to the fold after several years of freedom, finds himself face to face with his childhood idol (and teenage crush) when he is recruited to help care for the recovering Captain Rogers, whose existence is being kept a secret.

Straight on till Morning by Sineala (@sineala): Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he’d never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. 

But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony’s own design. What’s more, the Avenger’s captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive… and very, very attractive. But nothing is ever easy for Tony. 

As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own – and the truth could change everything.

If anyone wants a rec list, hit me up in my inbox! Previous rec lists are here.  

Fathers Day for Tony (Quick Fic)

For @shitshitshitshitwhy who asked for an Awkward!Spidey trying to say Happy Fathers Day to Tony

Tom Holland is Peter, of course RDJ is Tony.


Peter had been trying to talk to Tony all day.

First in the elevator that morning, as they headed up to Tony’s mandatory Sunday breakfast with the team. Peter had been thrilled to catch Tony alone for once, and had reached in his backpack for the small package and card he had bought yesterday, only to turn around and see Tony on his phone, talking loudly about the pillows on his bed and why they just weren’t fluffy enough, and yes he was aware pillows deflated, but he needed perpetually fluffy pillows.

Peter had just sighed and put the package away.


After breakfast when Tony and Happy were arguing over who to invite to the birthday party for Clint that weekend, Peter tried to talk to him again.

“Um, Mr Stark?” Peter cleared his throat nervously. “Mr Stark if you have a moment–”

“Do you think it would be obnoxious to decorate in purple?” Tony was saying and Happy nodded emphatically.

“Tony, Clint hates purple.”

“But Clint wears purple.” Tony countered.

“Mr. Stark.” Peter tried again. “I need like two seconds, just real quick.”

“Hey Underoos.” Tony said with a bright smile and Peter flushed a little in happiness. “Do you think Clint would shoot me with an arrow if I decorated his party in purple because Happy thinks—”

“I’ll come back.” Peter said dejectedly, and waved, completely unnoticed by them.

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girl from sev' elev' -- michael x reader

omg OK here this finally is i’m on mobile & therefore do not know how to normally do these intros lmao so bear with me

summary: locking urself in the bathroom to hide from a Gross Fuckboi seemed dreadful………until u locked yourself in there with someone else

warnings: swears! no proof reading ! weed , alcohol , Sinful teens !!! Michael being super out of character!!!! y'all know i’m bad @ this 

You remembered that the moment he walked in, you knew you recognized him. School, probably? You couldn’t imagine where else. You might have had a class with him freshman year, but you weren’t sure. It was your first day of your junior year and your boss had somehow scheduled you for a morning shift again. You wiped the sleep out of your eyes and quietly watched as the boy bopped about the 7/11 aisles, clearly awake and happy despite the early morning.

He set his cherry slushie on the counter, pulling his headphones down to his neck as he looked up at you – his eyes widened slightly behind his glasses when he saw you.

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I’m not perfect, I know this. But you aren’t either. For that, I love you even more! I’m gonna apologize ahead of time for being annoying and clingy sometimes, hell I’m so stubborn sometimes I’ll probably piss you off. But I promise when I’m wrong, I will always admit it, apologize and learn from it. I know you can’t be happy 24/7, that’d be emotionally exhausting. But I promise I’ll try my hardest to make sure whenever you can be, I’ll help make it happen. I promise I’ll always listen to whatever you say, and I’ll remember the little things like your favorite flower, your pet peeves, the way you take your coffee- hot, cold, black, light and sweet, all of that. I’ll remember the big things, your dreams, your fears, what keeps you up at night when you can’t sleep, all of that too. I promise you will be my one and only, I’m not here for games, when I’m about you I am so about you. Hell I’m probably obsessed w you, taking pictures of you all the time, sending you good morning texts every morning, and showing you off whenever I can. I promise I’ll buy you flowers, not too often that way they don’t have as much meaning, and not “not too often” where you feel I don’t care. I won’t get them when we fight because I’d never want you to associate them with something bad. I will buy you flowers because you love flowers, and I love you. Most importantly, I promise to be here. Through thick and thin, days will get rough but I would rather fight with you than love with another. If you need someone at 3am when you can’t sleep and you’re feeling lost and you hate your life, I will be there for you. I promise you’ll never be “too much” to me. I will be there for you on days where you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed if you’re too depressed to move or do anything. And I will be there at 2pm when the sun is shining and you are out smelling the fresh air and loving your life. I won’t love you any less on your bad days, but I promise I’ll love you more on those days because you’ll need it most.
—  letter to my future girlfriend

My favorite romantic relationship in the Disc is Sybil and Vimes.

My favorite platonic relationship is…okay…it’s obviously Nanny and Granny, but that wouldn’t work for the point I’m trying to make Sybil and Havelock. I want more fics about the future Patrician being strong armed into feeding the stray dragons Sybil brings home (and then secretly getting a thrill out of dodging dragon fire but rationalizing it as “practice”). I want more fics about Sybil waking up the morning after a disappointing social event to mysteriously bloodied calling cards from the boys that refused to dance with her or said cruel things apologizing for their rudeness followed by one from Havelock reminding her that she deserves better than the boys she interacts with for appearances.

What I’m getting at is that Sybil Ramkin is one of my all time favorite Discworld characters and I want her to get more love.

Pen Pals

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader takes up a Pen Pals writing program at her school, and soon finds herself falling for the military man who’s been sending her letters. What happens when she graduates? Will the letters still come after, or is she just a random person who was strung along just to blow off some steam via words? 

Word Count: 1.7kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Heyy my loves! This is my entry for @revwinchester‘s Birthday Challenge. I got the prompt “Soldier” with Dean (obviously). This was meant to be a one shot, but then I thought, why not make the other half in Dean’s POV? It’s only fair, right? Second part will come next weekend. And the third the following weekend. I really hope you guys like this! Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

*Part Two*

Chapter One: First Letters

Pen Pal - a person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, especially someone in a foreign country whom one has never met.

I never thought I’d be the one to do these kinds of things. When I signed up for it at the beginning of freshman year in high school, people thought I was insane. They didn’t think I was going to go through with it, you see.

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the “dear evan hansen 10 things i hate about you au” that literally nobody asked for

I thought I was alone but @arimarris apparently loves this au as much as I do so here we go

v long sorry it’s under the cut

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How I sound to my friends:
  • that reminds me of this thing in transformers
  • once a character in transformers did
  • you’ll never believe what just happened in transformers
  • my favorite transformers character
  • have you guys watched transformers
  • you guys need to read mtmte
  • hahaha transformers
  • transformers transformers transformers
99 and Marlowe

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin

Genre: Soulmates!AU (kWritersNet May Prompt) + Angst 

Prompt: “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,158

Originally posted by princewangeun

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