this was my favorite thing i will not apologize

I cannot believe that Jeremy which is the one that started it all

Has apologized and actually interacted with fans on twitter after his first 2 lackluster attempts. He admitted fault, he listened and I’m sure he has learned something about the importance of his words.

And the rest of the cast is still out there looking ugly.

Jeremy was who did it, but he has been the only one to apologize. Everyone else is making excuses. “We’re your allies” “It was a joke” blah blah blah. “We were tired” And my favorite “I was on glee”

This is no longer a Supercorp thing. Many other tv communities are in this. They have seen the video and are reacting accordingly. Saying it’s just shippers it’s shortsighted. This should have been nipped yesterday instead of letting it fester for 2 days.

That being said, I’m ready to let this go cause I know they won’t acknowledge any wrongdoing in order to apologize and they will just say everyone still complaining is hysterical and blowing it out of proportion. They will also have your faves comment on it and it will piss you off… so just keep that in mind.

I’m taking Jeremy’s heartfelt apology and his time to understand what he did wrong and walk away knowing how arrogant the rest of the cast is.



Sam Winchester and those glasses in 12.15    [ ]  


#when you unintentionally insult the bae #and you gotta apologize for it

Fathers Day for Tony (Quick Fic)

For @shitshitshitshitwhy who asked for an Awkward!Spidey trying to say Happy Fathers Day to Tony

Tom Holland is Peter, of course RDJ is Tony.


Peter had been trying to talk to Tony all day.

First in the elevator that morning, as they headed up to Tony’s mandatory Sunday breakfast with the team. Peter had been thrilled to catch Tony alone for once, and had reached in his backpack for the small package and card he had bought yesterday, only to turn around and see Tony on his phone, talking loudly about the pillows on his bed and why they just weren’t fluffy enough, and yes he was aware pillows deflated, but he needed perpetually fluffy pillows.

Peter had just sighed and put the package away.


After breakfast when Tony and Happy were arguing over who to invite to the birthday party for Clint that weekend, Peter tried to talk to him again.

“Um, Mr Stark?” Peter cleared his throat nervously. “Mr Stark if you have a moment–”

“Do you think it would be obnoxious to decorate in purple?” Tony was saying and Happy nodded emphatically.

“Tony, Clint hates purple.”

“But Clint wears purple.” Tony countered.

“Mr. Stark.” Peter tried again. “I need like two seconds, just real quick.”

“Hey Underoos.” Tony said with a bright smile and Peter flushed a little in happiness. “Do you think Clint would shoot me with an arrow if I decorated his party in purple because Happy thinks—”

“I’ll come back.” Peter said dejectedly, and waved, completely unnoticed by them.

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Pen Pals

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: The Reader takes up a Pen Pals writing program at her school, and soon finds herself falling for the military man who’s been sending her letters. What happens when she graduates? Will the letters still come after, or is she just a random person who was strung along just to blow off some steam via words? 

Word Count: 1.7kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Heyy my loves! This is my entry for @revwinchester‘s Birthday Challenge. I got the prompt “Soldier” with Dean (obviously). This was meant to be a one shot, but then I thought, why not make the other half in Dean’s POV? It’s only fair, right? Second part will come next weekend. And the third the following weekend. I really hope you guys like this! Feedback is definitely welcomed!!

*Part Two*

Chapter One: First Letters

Pen Pal - a person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, especially someone in a foreign country whom one has never met.

I never thought I’d be the one to do these kinds of things. When I signed up for it at the beginning of freshman year in high school, people thought I was insane. They didn’t think I was going to go through with it, you see.

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the “dear evan hansen 10 things i hate about you au” that literally nobody asked for

I thought I was alone but @arimarris apparently loves this au as much as I do so here we go

v long sorry it’s under the cut

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Love is not posting pictures online and sending long messages every night so you know I appreciate you. Love is not talking every day just so we are not going to forget we both care. Yes, it is great to do those things when you love someone, but it should not be something that you need. Love is, not talking all day and knowing you still love someone and nothing will change it. Love is, when you go out late and call me when you get home even though I am asleep because you know how much I worry. Love is, when you stop making up excuses and admit you did something wrong and apologizing for your mistakes and try not to do them again. Love is, “please get your homework done so you can get the job you want and be happy in the future”. That is love. Love is, “let’s go to bed we both need rest and I don’t want to go without you”. Love is, “I know you’re out watching the sunset because you’re upset, and I’m really sorry. But I’m upset too and would like you to go home so you can FaceTime me.” And then leaving my favorite thing because you will always be a priority to me. Love is not always the big things that everyone else will notice, but the small things that are not going to be noticed by anyone except each other. I do not need extravagant to mean love. I need you.
—  For you

I will never be over the way their conflict in this episode was resolved…

Mon-El straight up said that he was an ass and admitted that she was right and he was wrong without any prompting whatsoever. And conceded that her way of handling things was better and more effective. Plus, Rather than being upset or angry that she stepped on his heart and tricked him, he’s impressed. (all while having just been supposedly rejected by her)

One of my favorite things about him is that - even if it takes him a minute sometimes - he’s always cool with accepting his mistakes and faults and admitting when he’s wrong. He knew he had screwed up and that she had every right to be mad at him so he didn’t try to push her to forgive him or anything like that. He was there to apologize and tell her that he saw his mistakes, he saw the position he had put her in and he knew that it wasn’t right for him to do that.

Honestly, I don’t want a perfect character that never makes mistakes. I want a flawed character who can own up to it when they see where they have faltered. A character who listens to the people around them and doesn’t write off what they say for the sake of what they want. Like I said - it may take him a minute but he always gets there.

Also him acknowledging that things were easier when he was an asshat was actually a good thing. Because it’s him pointing out that he doesn’t see things or feel the same way about things as he did before.

Alternate universe? Shared memory?

Hey, I don`t submit things too terribly often, so I apologize if I`m breaking some sort of protocol. After reading your post on the Berenstain Bears (I grew up with “Stain” personally) I was reminded of an incident from my early childhood:

I was out with my mom in Tacoma, WA - my hometown. We were visiting her favorite thrift stores and the odd yard sale here and there before we stopped for lunch at a Taco bell near 6th Avenue. I remember what I had, even - a chicken Quesadilla, no sauce. We sat near the window and since I was a young child I was playing with a toy radio I had picked up at a (now closed) thrift store on 6th ave proper. Nothing of note happened until I was in my early teenage years and we drove past the building. It was an actual Mexican restaurant at this time, not a link in the chain of bad, Americanized “Mexican” food. Anyways, I mentioned the story and mom looked at me aghast. She said that it had never been a Taco Bell in my life. She went on to say that my story coincides perfectly with an experience she had with a cousin of mine who now teaches disabled kids in Southern California. I still vividly remember it, which side of the booth I sat on, where I was looking down the street past the window. I don`t believe my cousin is aware of this shared memory, she`s at least a decade my elder.

She’s stubborn and hard headed but god knows I love her. There’s days when she’s grumpy for no apparent reason other than the fact that she’s grumpy. When she’s sick, she’s helpless and all you can really do is hold her in your arms and comfort her till she falls asleep. There’s days when she’ll complain about everything like the weather, people, music, or even you and you’ll just have to deal with it. She’ll complain about the room being too hot, to only result in closing the windows in the middle of the night because she’s too cold. There are days when she shuts the world out, she’ll ignore everyone because she just wants to sit in silence. Sometimes, she’ll claim she can eat an entire cow because that’s just how hungry she is. So we’ll make dinner plans and I’ll pick her up just to have her say, “I ate already, I was too hungry but I’ll still eat a little something.” There are days when she suffocates me with love. She’ll kiss and kiss and kiss, till I beg her to stop. She’ll tickle me until my insides hurt and hold my hand till it’s sweaty. There are days when she’ll claim every part of my body with her lips. And there are days when she’ll need her space and I’ll have to pull a chair up alongside the bed because she just needs her own space. There are days when her hair is messy and all over the place. Days when she’ll cry and you don’t know why but you won’t ask you’ll just let her cry. Days when she’s nervous and jumpy about everything. Days when she yells at me for no reason just to apologize two seconds later. Days when she’s a pain in the ass and pushes my buttons just to settle it with kisses. Days when I’m listening to my favorite song and she’ll talk over it because talking is more important than music. There are days when I need her to make decisions, to do the littlest things like pick a place to eat. She’ll refuse and say “I don’t know” until I give up and decide myself. Sometimes she’ll swear like a sailor and make jokes during times when she should probably be serious. There are days when it’s 3 in the morning and she won’t let me sleep and days when she’s too tired and fast asleep by 10pm. Sometimes she’s clumsy and sometimes she’s a walking contradiction; but she is everything I’ve ever wanted. I’d do everything to have her bad days, her grumpy days, her “I need space days,” her love me days, her laughing days, her clumsy days, and her happy days, because she is everything I’ve ever wanted and I wouldn’t dare trade her for anything in this world.
—  This probably means I love you
I’m not perfect, I know this. But you aren’t either. For that, I love you even more! I’m gonna apologize ahead of time for being annoying and clingy sometimes, hell I’m so stubborn sometimes I’ll probably piss you off. But I promise when I’m wrong, I will always admit it, apologize and learn from it. I know you can’t be happy 24/7, that’d be emotionally exhausting. But I promise I’ll try my hardest to make sure whenever you can be, I’ll help make it happen. I promise I’ll always listen to whatever you say, and I’ll remember the little things like your favorite flower, your pet peeves, the way you take your coffee- hot, cold, black, light and sweet, all of that. I’ll remember the big things, your dreams, your fears, what keeps you up at night when you can’t sleep, all of that too. I promise you will be my one and only, I’m not here for games, when I’m about you I am so about you. Hell I’m probably obsessed w you, taking pictures of you all the time, sending you good morning texts every morning, and showing you off whenever I can. I promise I’ll buy you flowers, not too often that way they don’t have as much meaning, and not “not too often” where you feel I don’t care. I won’t get them when we fight because I’d never want you to associate them with something bad. I will buy you flowers because you love flowers, and I love you. Most importantly, I promise to be here. Through thick and thin, days will get rough but I would rather fight with you than love with another. If you need someone at 3am when you can’t sleep and you’re feeling lost and you hate your life, I will be there for you. I promise you’ll never be “too much” to me. I will be there for you on days where you can’t bring yourself to get out of bed if you’re too depressed to move or do anything. And I will be there at 2pm when the sun is shining and you are out smelling the fresh air and loving your life. I won’t love you any less on your bad days, but I promise I’ll love you more on those days because you’ll need it most.
—  letter to my future girlfriend
Fragments - Part 4

Word Count: 3122

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, panic attack-ish 

A/N: Feedback and constructive criticism always appreciated. Unedited. Mistakes are all mine. *Made some adjustments to the timeline from part 3 cuz I changed some backstory. Had to edit to fix it. Changed their ages from getting together at age 26 to age 22.* 

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“Dean I can’t find Y/N. She’s not in her room and I’ve looked every – Oh.” Sam’s panic faded to a smile when he opened the door to Dean’s room and found the two of you together. Dean stirred and half opened his eyes, looking toward Sam in the open doorway. “Sorry, I just…I thought she might’ve bailed.”

“It’s ok.” Dean spoke softly, trying not to wake you. “We were talking. She fell asleep so I let her crash here. Didn’t see the point in waking her up to go next door.”

“Yeah.” Sam smirked knowingly. “More like you missed her and didn’t wanna let her go.” Dean shot Sam a glare and Sam held his hands up in surrender. “I’m not judging you, man. I’m just saying don’t push her too hard or too fast. There’s breakfast in the kitchen whenever you guys are ready.” Dean gave a small nod and Sam backed out of the room, closing the door gently.  

Dean absently ran his fingers through your hair, closing his eyes again and letting out a content sigh.

You woke up slowly, slightly confused. You didn’t remember falling asleep and you were up against something solid and warm. The last thing you remembered was Dean filling you in about your life and that was when you realized you must’ve fallen asleep on Dean and shot up like you’d been electrocuted. “I’m sorry. I didn’t – I – I’ll go.” You moved quickly, maneuvering out of Dean’s grip and out of the bed when he grabbed you and stopped you from going any further.

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bfl (boyfriend bestfriend lover)

genre: fluff, fluff, and more fluff

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 1,545 words

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

opening line: “Although your boyfriend is highkey a manipulator and gets petty at times, you still love Jung Jaehyun for being there for you when you need it the most.” 

*happy birthday jjh you make me swerve too hard for you but I still love you very very much, you dimpled cutie.* 

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hey junky, I know you already apologized for the post (which really, nothing to apologize for), but I just wanted you to know that your version of G is my favorite, and I can't tell you how happy I am to have it continuing. I know that probs sounds like bs to make you feel better, but I truly mean it!! Stone g is literally my favorite version of ANY AU, so I hope you know how much people love it next time you don't sleep! I know all things must end, but I'll be heartbroken. Thank you for it!!!❤️

oh thank you ;_; I hate leaving things unfinished, so I will try to finish it (even if it will take an extremely long time, which is the problem with this ^^;;;), but it’s always great to still have readers, even if one day i know no one will be around anymore, but I am thankful for you guys now. so, thanks ^^

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AliveHales Headcanon: Derek has no problem with teasing and bantering but he's a bit sensitive underneath his growls. His family in general and his sisters in particular frequently honestly hurt his feelings. Cora doesn't know when to stop and Laura has a knack for going for his emotional jugular. He hates feeling embarrassed especially in public but he's resigned to it because protesting or asking them to stop makes it worse. They don't mean to be hurtful but it doesn't bother them so (1/?)

they don’t get why it bothers him. This goes on until Cora brings Stiles home one day. Stiles has been crushing on Cora’s hot older brother for ages but Derek always avoids him (Derek is avoiding him because he KNOWS his sisters will give him shit in front of the cute guy and he’d rather not thanks). Cora invites Stiles to stay for dinner and at first it’s all good but the teasing starts and it’s fine but Stiles notices how Derek sort of shuts down after something Laura says (2/3)

and Stiles mouths off and knocks Laura down a few pegs in Derek’s defense. He is more than willing to use his sarcastic nature in defense of the hot marshmallow sitting across from him. Stiles likes it when Derek’s eyes light up not when they go guarded. And that’s the story of how Derek pretty much falls in love with him on the spot. It’s also the story of how Stiles appoints himself Derek’s emotional protector and you do not want to get on his bad side about that. (3/3)

*wipes tear* stiles being protective of derek is one of my absolute favorite things, bless this entire thing.

i can totally see laura and cora taking it a step or two too far with teasing derek (i’ve got four siblings, it does happen a lot during the sibling bantering and apologies don’t always happen, just more teasing that ends up being unintentionally hurtful) and derek being quiet about it, not fighting it and just waiting for it to stop instead of asking for it to.

and stiles appointing himself derek’s emotional protector, i’m !!!!!! sign me the fuck up, pal. i need stiles ripping people who are mean to derek a new asshole and derek blushing and smiling while it happens cause no one has done that for him before.

just… stiles making derek feel loved is what i’m here for ;;

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what would each of the chocobros' reaction be to their s/o applying makeup on them in their sleep?


  • He wakes up long after the damage is already done
  • Lopsided winged eyeliner, cherry red lipstick, the works
  • Of course he doesn’t even notice any of it until halfway through the day, when Prompto can’t even look him in the eyes without laughing and you refuse to let him kiss you
  • “What’s going on? Did I do something?”
  • “No Noct you just….. have something…… on your face…….”
  • So he goes to wipe his face and just smears his lipstick right across his cheeks
  • Makes you help him take it off immediately
  • “I can’t believe you let me go in public like this”
  • “I trusted you”
  • “Noct, it was just some makeup”
  • Gladio tells him he was a pretty girl
  • “Damn right I was”
  • “Highness, it was a good shade of red for you. I believe that Y/N truly had your best interests in mind”
  • wtf Ignis you can’t take their side”
  • He vows to never fall asleep near you again
  • You’re sleeping together again within the week

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I was in the mood to draw some X-peoples, so I started by making little re-designs of some of my favorites (who are also some of the cuties); Kurt/Nightcrawler, Kitty/Shadowcat, and Jubilee (Jubilation Lee). I was a big fan of X-Men Evolution, so that influenced me a bit here, but I wanted to try a little of my own thing too. Kurt’s hair is much more floof, and I kinda took different looks from all his costume styles and make something a little more streamlined and uniform so all the x-suits can be individual but unique (also I apologize for that dang foot. it did not want to cooperate). Kitty has her Evolution hairstyle, but it is a little more wavy, and she has a broader nose (I think it is adorable). Jubilee has a little bit of that 80s flare, and I decided to give her a thicker body-type, because even though she’s cute she’s also a brawler if she needs to be (she still has the coat, but she wears it during super hero down-time. same for Gambit). I’ve got sketches of Angel, Storm, Gambit, Wolverine, and a few others that I’ll eventually color too.


Chapter 538: Gruvia Thoughts

I hope you anons don’t mind being grouped together.

Yes, I did read the chapter, and I feel the same way, anon #2, I was VERY comforted by the moment with Gray, but I’ll get into that more in a bit.

As for my thoughts, anon #1, technically my thoughts are “!!!!!!!AGGUHGGYFTDDTGUH!!!!!!” haha!

But more articulately, I reblogged a bunch of posts that did a wonderful job explaining everything I also feel about the chapter and that moment. ^__^

So, I’m just going to expand on some things from my POV. But first I have to mention a headcanon I shared with my friends a couple of weeks ago, about what I WISH would happen after the book of END stuff was wrapped up, and that’s also partly why I’m so happy with this!

Basically, after Natsu and Lucy had their angsty moment, I wanted Gray to excuse himself (because all the other ships had their privacy during their angst, so Nalu need it, too) by saying, there’s someone he needs to go find. And hearing this, Lucy and Happy (and maybe Natsu) cheekily ask “Juvia?”And that stops Gray in his tracks, and with a bit of tsun he admits blushingly, yes Juvia, there’s something he needs to tell her. 

So, the above is what I WANTED, but I was 1000% sure we wouldn’t get any of that. Because why would Mashima be that nice during such a long drought of Gruvia? 

But INSTEAD, we got THIS. THIS THIS THIS!!!! This is SO MUCH BETTER than what I was dreaming of. Gray didn’t need to be prompted to mention Juvia. When talking about what they wanted to do now, he admitted ON HIS OWN TRUTHFULLY that he wanted to apologize PROPERLY to Juvia! This is what has been on his mind. This is the first thing he thinks about. It feels so gooooodd. ;_;

Not only that, but an APOLOGY! WHAT-NOW-HUH?! 

OK, so I think most gruvia fans ever since Avatar have been DYING for a proper apology from Gray. We never got it. And after everything that happened in this arc, especially Lost Iced Shell, we’ve been craving another one. But, for me? I had NO HOPE for an apology. Not a bit. 

So, the fact that a mention of ANY apology was made, already I’m floored, and so happy. Yes, the flashback panels we got were of 499, but you know what? That’s fine to me, because I did want Gray to talk to Juvia slightly about 499 before running off after Zeref, and we never got it. So, I’m going to be happy with anything Gray chooses to apologize for at this point. 

And I LIKED seeing those 499 panels, because it reemphasized that there’s unfinished business there. It’s obvious Gray still feels terrible about hurting Juvia, even though he couldn’t help it. And he probably feels the worst about not being able to save her/prevent her death, while she was able to save his life. We know Gray has this feeling of failure hanging over him, over the lives lost on his account, or because he felt powerless to prevent them. Juvia, as we saw from his reaction after her “death” was a BIG one for Gray. That RAGE. That GRIEF. And what they made him DO against, not just his enemies, but also his FRIENDS. 

So, an apology? Any apology? BRING IT. It’s already more than I hoped for, and that is brilliant. YES PLEASE. Also, as @thatsvicchan mentioned, it IS a parallel to when Juvia wanted to apologize to Gray about “killing” his father in Tartarus, and THAT lead to my favorite Gruvia moment EVER, the boob hug lol. SO, I have really high hopes for this, because not only are we starting off from Gray’s side this time (he wants to find HER for ONCE), but we know it’s going to end up with CANON GRUVIA. We got a hug last time, sooo can we please have that KISS?! They need it. They deserve it. And so do we!

Now, probably my other favorite thing about this moment, is Gray’s FACE. THAT FACE!!!! That face is EVERYTHING. Some people mentioned Gray looks like he’s blushing, but I just see dirt. Gray is nervous (hence the awkward scratching of his face), and excited (hence the SMILE). Like @dooshiedoosh mentioned, that face is getting ready for WAY more than just an apology! 

Gray knows what he’s getting ready to do, and I love that there’s a nervous kind of energy about him. It’s something he’s looking forward to. It’s something he WANTS to do. He NEEDS to do. This is about his feelings. His emotions. What he’s been holding off on since at least the time he and Juvia were living together IMO. He told her to wait for his answer in 453. He was ready then. He’s even more ready now. This is his future he’s about to embrace, and that face is perfection. It just is. 

Smiley, nervous Gray thinking about Juvia, and wanting to talk and apologize to her. This is what came to his mind when thinking about what HE wants to do when this war is over. Juvia is his top priority, and conveying his feelings to her is his top priority. And I’m just so excited we got this reminder, because I know we wont get anything Gruvia-wise until Natsu (poor Natsu!) and Lucy (poor Lucy!) deal with whatever happened at the end of this chapter. Not to mention that Time Lapse crack (if Ichiya drops out of it, I’ll laugh so HARD).

Anyway, did I really just ramble THIS MUCH about just TWO panels in the new chapter? Yes, yes I did. Because I’m just that immensely happy haha. It feels so nice to be surprised with something more than you’d ever think you’d get for your ship. And it gives me such hope for canon, because if this is what we get when Gray is away from Juvia, imagine when he finally gets to talk properly with her? Within two months, IT’S HAPPENING. BRING IT ON!