this was my favorite part of the movie omg


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So, last week I watched Kill Bill and I remembered how much I love this movie!! I couldn’t help to draw some characters while I was listening to the soundtrack, one of my favorite parts is the story of O Ren Ishii! OMG this movie is so good! 

Hope all of you like these drawings as much as I do!

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The Lalondes Watch Harry Potter: The Sorceror’s Stone.
  • Roxy: god i fucken love this shit
  • Roxy: the first one is so magical and stuff
  • Roxy: and honestly i just
  • Roxy: really loved it when prof mcgonagall turned into a cat too
  • Rose: Having a version of oneself that is at all part cat isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you know.
  • Roxy: pfft yeah i doubt that
  • Rose: Honestly, my favorite moment was when Hermione set a teacher on fire.
  • Roxy: omg
  • Rose: Wait a minute.
  • Rose: It’s suddenly dawned on me that Harry didn’t use a single spell in this entire movie.
  • Roxy: w
  • Roxy: what
  • Rose: It’s blowing my mind a little too.
Logan: My Thoughts

·fuck,,, I’m not crying,, you are,,
·"that was my favorite mug" “I’m not a box of avocados” and then “beware the light” caliban please save my soul
·my first thought: why the fuck is Wheatley in this movie
·my last thought: FUcK
·the part that had me crying (besides the entire movie) was when they wheeled Charles out of the arcade place and he kept on whispering “I’m sorry”
·can we talk about the fact that they put X24 in a fucking black tank top to show that he was evil omg
·but in all seriousness, I’ve grown up with the x-men films and two of my favorite characters are gone. Just like that. These characters have been as a part of my life as my fucking dad has and I am literally still crying. It is so sad to see them go. Thank you, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. You will be missed so, so, so, so so much by me, my family, and I’m sure many others.

Ella out.

Beauty and the Beast review and rant

So I just got out of Beauty and the Beast. So here my opinion seeing as my family’s reaction is to say “you need to let other people have opinions to.” as they ignore me.

I liked:

The opening scene. In fact it’s one of my favorites. The costumes are divine and the choreography is excellent.

The fight scene. OMG I couldn’t breath during the fight scene, every time I thought I stopped laughing I started again.

That one guy smiling when Madame Garderobe dressed him up. Little things make me happy okay. Leave my nb child alone.

Madame Garderobe. All time fave. She and her husband are adorable and my fave ship in this movie. Audra McDonald should have been cast as Belle. Yes I’m salty but that’s for the next part.

Agatha/the Enchantress. I enjoyed how she kept appearing throughout the film.

Gaston. Gaston is at the bottom of my list of villains  (who I rank by song). But Luke Evans and the ensemble managed to make Gaston’s songs my favorite out of the movie.

Lefou. I will fight people for Lefou. He is my son now. The part in the ending where he gets to dance with another boy made my heart swell.

The jewelry they paired with the yellow dress was so pretty and I’ll take two ear cuffs please.

The Potts. I love how they showed the spell made Mr. Potts forget, but even then it was still farmilar

The spell. Yes 8/10 on the world building. The edits to the spell were👌👌👌

The cast. There are so many talented people and such diverse ages and skin colors and ugh I want that ensemble to show up at my funeral and sing me to eternal rest okay that ensemble needs an award.

Things that make me salty:

Emma Watson. This is gonna take a while. Look Emma I love you okay, you are a great Hermione but as Belle well you were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

Namely stays. And to anyone who tries to tell me that stays or corsets are antifemist, all I can say is: Do you (expect women to) wear bras every day? Because what Emma Watson was doing was basically running around braless.

Honey every other woman on that set was wearing period accurate clothing right down to the underpinnings and the fact that you had a defined bust instead of a smooth front was very obvious. You stood out and not in a good way.

The yellow dress. *insert long line of expletives* GLITTER GLUE?! AND TEAR OFF SKIRT?? GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!

 *deep breath*

The yellow dress isn’t all bad. It moves beautifully and the color is gorgeous.


I could see the zipper in almost every shot. The neckline didn’t lie right. What fabric did they use for the bodice? (Seriously this looks like the monstrosity The Play Moms tried to force me into back in 5th grade.) The glitter glue was as obvious as the lack of stays; (I don’t even give a shit about the panniers that almost every other woman was wearing; just are you kidding me with the stays.) Especially next to the gorgeous embroidery on pretty much ever other costume. The tiers are the completely wrong era and the the silhouette is ridiculously modern.

And then she rode off in her formal attire. And RIPPED THE SKIRT OFF!!!! I’m sorry but as someone who is personally handstitching an authentic 18th century outfit FUCK YOU DO YOU KNOW THAT’S MONTHS OF WORK??!!!! AND WORTH ABOUT AS MUCH AS BELLE’S ENTIRE HOUSE???!! Belle would have known that. Clothing was handmade and a lot more expensive so formal wear wouldn’t have been worn on a ride through the forest!

you have a movie where every one is gorgeously costumed in fairly accurate garb and then your heroine looks like you bought all her costumes at a Halloween Express. Emma Watsons singing. She’s not bad. But next to everyone one else she’s obviously an amateur  (also her technique made me want to scream. Your mouth needs to be rounded not flattened). Seriously I could have done better. In case you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t have cast Emma as Belle. Nope. Audra is my Belle it is mycanon. That Lumiere and Cogsworth weren’t a couple. Cursed!Mrs.Potts and Chip are gonna give me nightmares just saying. Why was everyone speaking with a British accent? They’re French? In France? Speaking French? Like they didn’t even have her be born in England and move to France nope evidently England conquered France when we weren’t looking and everyone in France now speaks with a British accent. In the end it was an enjoyable movie. I would watch it again. But I’m SO tempted to start doing historical costume out of spite.

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Favorite part of the Movie Shoot mv?

I bet y’all are thinking it’s gonna be something like “WHEN YOU GET TO SEE LOCO’S ABS!” or “DABIN IN A SUIT”

But nope.

My favorite part was this right here:


roninani  asked:

I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your Spidey art!! He is my FAVORITE superhero, what was your favorite scene in the new movie? Thanks for your hard work. :)

Thank you so much, lovely! Spider-man is also my FAVOURITE superhero.. you couldn’t tell haha! And thank you again for thanking me for my hard work! That’s really sweet of you. omg i love you guys!

Anyway, my favourite part from the film is… (SPOILERS, KIND OF?)

rubducked  asked:

I need to tell you I am in awe of "Machine Heart". I mean like how did all these amazing, wonderful details come to you? My heart was beating a million miles a minute throughout the entire thing (I admit I even had to put it down to calm myself). It's like a flawless creation and it's only Chapter 3!!! You mentioned your inspiration in your author's note but! Damn, my mind is blown. Anyway, thank you and I hope you don't mind my fangirling! :)

Hi @rubducked!

Well firstly OMG thank you. Thank you thank you thank you that really really means a lot to me. 

This is gonna be a tad long (writers g’on write, gaah!) so bear with me…

Secondly, I too am a huge fangirl. One thing I’ve always done in my writing (specifically fanfiction but I apply to copywriting too, it’s just part of the my process) is to pull from not only what thrills me about that particular fandom – in this case our beloved RICHONNE!! – but everything that thrills me.

I love movies. Sci-fi and thrillers are my favorite types of movies.

I’m such a huge music nerd it’s not even funny. I cannot do much of anything without music. Especially writing. Needs must.

And of course I am a huuuuuge romantic so there’s that. Helps with dat good ole smut lol.

As for Machine Heart (and to an extent, Vantage Point), I’ve been going down this rabbit hole of sci-fi movies and 80s thrillers. A few examples…


This is one of my all-time favorite movies. The sequel kicked ass, too but the love story between Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese REALLY got me. He went through time for her.


Well, Alien just an unbeatable classic. Ripley and Michonne have a lot in common. And the crew in the Alien movies were always fascinating to me, so I tried to make The Family and the B-DP like I saw in this movie.

The Fifth Element

Despite this being heavy on the ‘born sexy yesterday’ trope, the lush, crazy, colorful world in this film is my favorite. And Ruby Rod, of course.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Here, it was the music, the sweetness (Yondu and Starlord, Groot!!!) and the ace humor. The filmmakers are total fanboys and you can soo tell.

Ghost in the Shell (original anime)

This film so intelligently examines the human condition. Plus, it is simply breathtaking.

And last but not least, Blade Runner

This is what Machine Heart (along with Alien) is mostly based on, especially the world and the replicants (when those come up). Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Rick will face the same dilemma: having a heart for a machine…a perfect, perfect replicant of a human. So perfect she (Rachel in the film) actually thinks she’s human. It’s dark, somber, and so awesome.

All of these visual, atmospheric, dramatic, and science fiction references basically float around in my head, poking and prodding at me…and I said to myself… how friggin cool would it be to have The Family in a sci-fi action thriller?

An epic love story – one that transcends time, space, even the physical form.

In my mind (head canon), Richonne is so that.

LOL. The rest is my strange obsession with writing visually – our minds are visual, we need to build images while we’re reading. Our minds usually work in the background to do this for us, but I have a hard time focusing unless I am completely immersed. I’m a slooooow reader because my mind says ‘hold up bitch, this is all blank white space with some murky shadow figures in it, we need to compensate…’

Likewise, I have a hard time getting into the zone if I can only write half a world, where the reader must do the work of creating these images for themselves.

Uhhhhh all that to say I’m weird! And I love writing! So much, it’s all I think about! So I AM INCREDIBLY TOUCHED AND HAPPY THAT YOU’RE ENJOYING THE STORY!!!! AND CHAPTER 4 IS COMING REAL, REAL SOON.

Thanks again! I hope this long ass response didn’t give you a headache…


missthetiredmonster  asked:

What are your thoughts on the movie Cats Don't Dance?

Omg I loved that movie growing up. I had a very… strange vibe and tone (in a good way of course) and I fucking adored the composition and animation. That one white cat was part of my gay awakening.

And of course it featured two of my favorite animated villains of all time.


Kubo Appreciation Week

Day 01: Favorite Character - Kubo

Hi! I’m working on the Kubo week for this year because I loved that movie so much. So, I’ll be doing this anyway. Start with my faved character from that movie is Kubo. OMG! I really, Really, REALLY love him so much because he’s really cute, adorable, heroic and little handsome kid ever! I like his storytelling part, and love his heroic part, and my faved outfit is his samurai armor. But still, he’s the best hero ever in my entire life. And even, he would save his entire story and the world that I’ve ever loved for.

Goal: Tag 9 people and get to know them better

Yaas this is going to be fuun :D thanks @pinkinfrench

Last movie seen: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.. OMG I’ll never stop crying when Harry know the truth about Snape :’( he deserved so muuch mooore 🙉

Relationship Status: Luckily, single 💁 

Favorite Colors: Pink, Black and Fuchsia 💕 they are always part of my clothes xD

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick! I don’t know what I would be without them 👄 #sosoft

Last song: Oomg. . Um, When it Rains from Paramore (so sad and biutiful) just stopped and now it’s starting Beyond the Sea from Robbie Williams… xD what can I say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ , I loved it at the moment I hear it in Finding Nemo’s credits when I was a kid at the cinema hahshqhaha 

Top 3 Shows: .. damn this is hard xc but well; Hey Arnold!, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Attack on Titan (I know, does this count as a show? XD)



I tag: @invisibleplgirl, @blueberryblues, @cecileru16, @lifewiththeshortmans, @anotherhafan, @milepamyu, @fuuunderberker, @lockettart and @woodstockwilde

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wait omg what time period is this set for the obi wan movie? can hayden even be in it??

If it was up to me, I’d set the movie during the Clone Wars (right before ROTS) and I’d bring the gang back: Natalie, Hayden, Jimmy, Ian… except Yoda (Yoda can choke!).

But considering Disney/Lucasfilm “play it safe and maximize profits” mentality, I think it’ll be set a few years after ROTS. It’s far enough away from the prequels so they can feel safe and it allows them to add at least a few shots of Darth Vader (a lá Rogue One) to please the fanboys™.

I’m pretty sure Darth Vader will made an appearance (no way they would pass the opportunity) but I can’t be sure about Hayden. I’m really hoping he’ll be a part of this movie. I can’t even imagine an Obi-wan movie that doesn’t address Anakin (even if it’s only in one flashback). I’m hoping for some Qui-Gon too. And Owen and Beru and so cute bb!Luke <3

Anyway, there’re a lot of ways to include Hayden in the movie: flashbacks, hallucinations, news footage, etc.  Because I’m evil, my personal favorite is a scene with Vader’s suit maintenance, like pre-bacta tank in Rogue One, but a lot longer, with a lot of details and with HAYDEN!!!!! Omg, what’s wrong me, I’ve made myself sad just by writing this. Why would I pay to watch such a thing? What’s wrong with me?????!

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What were your favorite parts of Thor: Ragnarok?

Omg there were so many good things in that movie. I think my favorite part was Thor vs Hulk and my favorite character was korg. He was hilarious.


OMG Can I just say how much I love Captain Celaeno?! SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!

LOOK AT HER! This is one of my favorite screenshots of her, she looks so powerful and determined!!! And she only got better when she took that stupid rag off her head!

AND THE SONG?!?! I CAN’T EVEN!!! Rainbow Dash is my absolute favorite pony, and this was my absolute favorite song in the movie (though “I’m the friend you need” is also up there). Captain Celaeno’s singing parts were the best!


I have spoilery emotions about the WTNV live show “Ghost Stories”

I realize I’m one of only 2,000-ish people in the world who have seen it, (world premiere in Boston, woo!) but this was my first live show and I have feelings. I have hidden them under a cut.

Non-spoilery recap: hilarious, spooky, fascinating, terrifying, adorable, then suddenly poignant in a punch-you-in-the-sternum kind of way.

From here on there be spoilers.  Click at your own risk.

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Top 5 Anthony rizzo gifs

we’re doing ten because there are way too many cute ones ALRIGHT LETS GO

i don’t know what game this is from but HE LOOKS LIKE A CONFUSED PUPPY

when he came up with the idea of shirts vs skins for the all-star game which was just an excuse for him to show off his…abs?



i like this because it looks like a scene in an 90s movie with the popular jock and all his boys

you can just tell he’s gonna be that dad who embarrasses his kids when he dances


and the little joke he made after everyone questioned how he was safe

the “can i catch it? YES I CAN BECAUSE I’M ANTHONY RIZZO” catch

and my favorite one of all: the not at all flirty punching featuring boyfriend kris bryant

Flashback Time

I remember when their first episode aired, and I immediately was like, oh I ship this. But then Neal came into the picture, and I was like, okay, this is probably gonna be where the story goes. And for awhile it seemed like CS would never happen. I legitimately remember thinking, word for word, damn this is probably never gonna happen sigh. 

Another flashback. Season 3. I remember sitting in my dorm and watching the first kiss sneak peak. Amazing. Hot. Glorious. And I was like… Omg, they’re doing this. The story is going this way. That’s honestly still one of my favorite scenes. That season ended with the two part “CS Movie” lol. 

It was slow and natural, and that’s how you write an amazing romance. The perfect enemies, to allies, to friends, to lovers storyline.

hopsjollyhigh  asked:

I don't know if you still want to talk about Phantom of the Paradise but I find one of my favorite things about it, that isn't in most other Phantom adaptations, is that Winslow can't talk? The console he needs to talk, and how he needs to be plugged into a wall to sing. It's just another level of debilitation that he has piled on him.

I KNOOOWWWW. I think the most heartbreaking part of the movie for me (aside from the end omg) is when he first tries to kill Swan after Winslow’s become the Phantom, all he can make are these whining/screeching noises because of what Swan made him go through. And his synthesized voice is super cool and interesting, and it’s also interesting that 1) they decided to give the phantom character no voice unless assisted and 2) they chose the device to help him speak be a freaking synthesizer.

One of the things I love about Winslow is that unlike other versions of the phantom, he’s not just deformed or ugly, he’s disabled. Like a canon disabled character as a result of abuse who you think is 1) cool 2) likable 3) complicated and 4) relatable. Winslow is just great I love him so much.

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What was your favorite part of the movie? Are you triggered by peaches now? Do you believe there should be a sequel? Did you cry? Sorry I am just so excited to have someone who has seen the movie

hi there! omg, the peach scene, i was NOT expecting it at all (will never look at a peach the same way again). i did cry because of the sorta gentle beauty of it and i’m a sucker for missed opportunities and pining. my favourite part was elio’s father’s speech because my heart really couldn’t deal by that point.

(also, armie hammer in tiny shorts. yes please <3)

X-Men: Apocalypse

So, yesterday, because I am a huge X-Men fan, I went and saw X-Men Apocalypse with my buddy and so I thought I’d leave my thoughts on it. Don’t worry, spoilers will be under the read more cut and I’l tag it as well so, if you haven’t seen X-Men Apocalypse yet, don’t click the read more! Unless you don’t care about spoilers, then go right ahead!

  • SBack with the original X2 theme for the opening credits song. HELL FUCKING YES. WE GOT AN X-MEN MOVIE PEOPLE.
  • HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS PG-13 THERE IS SO MUCH GRAPHIC VIOLENCE IN THIS MOVIE. DON’T TAKE YOUR KIDS TO SEE IT. LIKE, I’M NOT EVEN SURE 13 YEAR OLDS SHOULD SEE THIS. MAYBE 15+. BUT DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD TO SEE THIS IF THEY ARE UNDER 13 unless you want nightmares galore and to be “that person” who disrupts the whole movie with a screaming kid and then doesn’t want to take it out because you don’t want to miss the movie.
  • James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender: Still amazing as Charles and Erik. Like… holy shit. They are on the same level as Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen with these characters now and I love it.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Either stop being a whiny, high maintenance bitch about the Mystique makeup or get out of the movie because I go to see X-Men to see Mystique, not Jennifer Lawrence not wanting to wear makeup.
  • Evan Peters is even better as Quicksilver in this movie. Like… I’m sorry, but I’m happy they split the Maximoff twins because he adds so much humor to this movie.
  • Was Oscar Issac even in the movie? Because all I saw was a big, scary Mutant. Oscar Issac was nowhere to be seen.
  • Sophie Turner absolutely KILLED IT as Jean Grey. Like, Famke Janssen would be proud. 
  • Tye Sheridan actually made me like Cyclops.
  • I hated Psylocke’s character. She was nothing but a cold, unforgiving bitch the whole movie. But she was still kinda cool. Not a slight on Olivia Munn at all, she did a good job being a mean bitch.
  • Awkward, flustered Xavier is my favorite Xavier.
  • Critics are being too harsh on this movie. It’s got some unnecessary parts, which I’ll address, but those can be forgiven.
  • THERE’S A METALLICA SONG IN THIS MOVIE! Four guesses which one (that was a hinty hint) 

All right, playtime is over. Spoilers under the cut!

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