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If you don't watch rom coms often, then what is your favorite kind of acting/plays/musicals?

When I was a child, my brothers always brought those kind of movies home and I always ended up watching them with them! I sincerely enjoyed them since then. So may it be plays, acting, or musicals, I’ll always enjoy them if they have those elements!

Honda’s Dad speculation

So after watching the movie and rereading some of the original series I noticed something. In Death T they had just escaped from Katsuya getting cut up with a chainsaw and nearly lost all of their hands. They were taking a small brake from the game and all began talking.

When I first read this I was always more focuses on Katsuya. Understandably, he is my favorite character and this was one of his most shinning moments in the first series, at least in my opinion. It was also one of the amazing friendship moments between all four. The moment where they make the mark on their hands. However when I saw the new movie I remembered this again, but this time for Honda.

Honda says in the movie that he has to work at his father’s factory, and he is clearly not thrilled about it. However in the series we don’t learn much about Honda’s family. We know he has an older sister who has a kid, and a dog. So when he said that I thought about this. How Honda says that he was just so angry, and angry with himself.

Honda’s father has picked out how his life is going to go! In the sub Honda says he has to learn to take over his fathers factory. So he isn’t just working there, his dad is grooming him to take over the factory and be the next one in charge. He has already decided what Hiroto is going to be doing with his life. I wonder if that is why Hiroto was always so angry. He is angry at his father for taking away that choice of his future and the fact that he can’t do anything about it. And Katsuya knows this.

They both have Dad’s that don’t understand them, that don’t care what they want. I wonder if that was why they started to hang out in the first place? Sorry, just rambling, don’t mind me.


I’m not going to lie and tell you I was this comic book geek or anything because I wasn’t. But when I got older, Spiderman became my favorite. When the Tobey Maguire [Spiderman movies] came out, I was still too young to really enjoy it. But when the revamp came out, I was like 16, and I went on my first date, and it was Spider-Man, and I was obsessed with it. Spiderman is always the coolest because he didn’t come from money. He wasn’t born with his superpower. It kind of just happens to him and he’s just a kid, and he’s just trying to balance living life and being a teenager and like hormones and problems and issues while also like doing the most outrageous things. He’s always been the most relatable.

my favorite thing about being Filipino is that EVERYBODY has an aswang (monster) story and it’s never weird

Like in American movies there’s always the whole “ghosts aren’t real” “monsters aren’t real don’t mess with me” but with Filipinos you say “so one time I saw a manananggal outside my window” and the response you get from even the soberest most serious grounded people is “oh what happened, how old were you when it happened?”

Like you have a younger kid talking about how they saw a white lady ghost in the bathroom one time and an old and sensible great uncle will chime in with how their house was FULL of ghosts and how they wouldn’t leave their rooms at night because that’s when the tiny black figures of crawling children would wander the house, though they could leave the door open and see them padding by in the corner of their periphery or hear them on the wooden floor when they were getting into bed

I can tell people about how I used to be harassed by a duwende (dwarf) with malicious intentions and how it took an albularyo (medicine man) blessing our houses with talismans to make it go away and they’d be like “oh that’s cool, did the duwende leave or is it just hanging around not bothering you”

When it comes to pinoy monster movies you completely skip over the bit about “what the hell that creature is” and all you get is “what is that” “aswang” “OK what do we do about it”

And it’s not even just a provincial thing, any city born person will just accept that oh, an aswang might kill you if you wander out tonight, so don’t do that

There’s a ghost and monster story for every corner of this country and skepticism about their existence is virtually non-existent, you kinda just accept that they probably do exist but not where you’ve ever seen them

Okay so I know Apriltello Day was over like two hours ago but I had this idea in my head and I just had to draw it. It’s so messy and I painted the background WAY too quickly but oh well…

I just really wanted to draw April and Donnie in a scene from my favorite romantic movie “When Harry Met Sally” (Drawing April in Meg Ryan’s 80s clothing was so much fun!)

Also I’m setting this in @theherocomplex’s “High as the Moon” AU verse where the Hamato Clan has become accepted by humanity and April and Donnie end up meeting in college. Because that AU is the best and everyone should read her fanfic about it!

So yeah, classes are over for the day so April and Donnie decided to get coffee and take a stroll through central park. Oh and I couldn’t resist sneaking in an argyle pattern on Donnie’s sweater vest ;)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) dir. Michel Gondry

“”When I was a kid, I thought I was. I can’t believe I’m crying already. Sometimes I think people don’t understand how lonely it is to be a kid, like you don’t matter. So, I’m eight, and I have these toys, these dolls. My favorite is this ugly girl doll who I call Clementine, and I keep yelling at her, “You can’t be ugly! Be pretty!” It’s weird, like if I can transform her, I would magically change, too.”

peasant: oh ya i love The Outsiders its a very good movie i love the part when johnny, is that his name? whatever, anyway when he’s like “stay golden horseman” dude im like a total fangirl over that movie but dude robin lowe is such a good actor, he’s so cute, he’s literally the reason pepsiman is my favorite characte-


Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Live Action)

**Careful for SPOILERS below**

I will be the first to admit that I’m a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan. I had the book as a kid, wanted to be Belle, and have had a large fascination with the story and believe it spurned me into wanting to draw more.

So, the Live Action adaptation had HUGE shoes to fill for me before even going in. I tried to look at the film as a standalone and not judge it based on the predecessor…a VERY hard task when watching, I might add.

My best friend saw it with me and she loved it! What did I think? Well, putting ten thoughts alone would not do my favorite childhood movie justice. So instead, I am doing a Top Ten Likes and Top Ten Dislikes. Careful for spoilers!

My Top Ten Likes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

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10. The set and costumes: Everything has layers and detail and colors that pop but also makes sense for the time period. I LOVED the costumes and even the yellow gown, considering the wardrobe “makes it” in this, grew on me quickly. As for the sets? They are beautifully ornate and have a classic “other worldly” look to them. I could watch the movie over and over to gawk at the scenery and character designs.

9. The Opening Scene: Nothing will ever live up to the deep voice of the narrator and the stained glass…but there was something so fresh about how we started on the Prince, how the dance unfolded, and how the Enchantress appeared. She looked gorgeous and the classic French scene was a welcome addition (more so than others…but we’ll talk of that soon). In any case, it is a worthy contrast from the beginning, when he’s surrounded by beautiful girls, to late when there’s only Belle.

8. Kevin Kline as Maurice: Kevin Kline is a fine actor, and he brings such a charm and dignity to the formerly bumbling character. I still like Maurice in the animated movie, but it makes more sense for Belle’s father to be an artist and hopeless romantic than a “world famous inventor.” Kline’s performance was a highlight for me and definitely added to the movie as a whole.

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7. “Kill the Beast!” I’ll talk more about some other songs below, but this was by far my favorite number; this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for with this song in live action form. It does not disappoint. Speaking of “Kill the Beast…”

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6. We see Gaston and Lefou learning where the castle is: A big question I had as a kid was, “How did they know where to go to find the Beast?” In this, we get our answer. Lefou and Gaston actually follow Maurice to the woods, where he believes he can route them to the Beast’s castle. This backfires on him, but in any case we learn how Gaston and Lefou knew where to go in the first place.

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5. Belle is more an inventor….and a teacher: It makes sense for Belle to be as learned as she is to be more of the inventor. I loved the little scene where she does her own laundry with the contraption she made and is trying to teach a little girl to read. After having to sit through a preview for a CGI movie where the boy character is an inventor and the girl, lo and behold, wants to just be a dancer…it’s nice to see “ahead of their time” people represented in a modern movie’s version of a classic time period.

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4. Lefou paying off the people to dance and help during “Gaston:”

It was a little tidbit to note for the film, but Lefou pays off the people to help dance in the “Gaston” music number; and Belle does pay for the food in the market she gets. It’s little touches like that which help to cement this story in a more “realistic” world.

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3. The ensemble of side characters:

This entire cast was well-chosen. Josh Gad as Lefou? Perfection; he was born for the role! Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts?  She’s about as close to Angela Lansbury as you can get for this role, I feel. Ewan McGregor as Lumiere? I was on the fence about this casting, but it works so well. Luke Evans as Gaston? He fits the part great. Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth? Again, I had no clue what to think, but he may have been my favorite in the whole side cast. Even Stanley Tucci and the Wardrobe’s actress were great choices. They really did a perfect job casting the side characters…but as for the main characters…

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2. Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince:

This WAS perfect casting! I know they’ve altered the voice and distorted it to sound similar to the animated Beast. But seriously, the motion capture work on his face and his range of emotion are perfect here. It’s hard to believe, but I care more for his character as the Beast than the animated (for reasons below); plus, the main thing: He looks SO much better as the human Prince. From the opening to the end scene, he may be my favorite character, actor, and part of the film. Definitely a genius casting choice and excellent performance!

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1. All of the added scenes of Belle and The Beast learning about one another:

If I had one, minuscule complaint with the original Beauty and the Beast, it is that we don’t get many scenes of Belle and the Beast “falling in love” and getting to know one another. He saves her, gives her a library, and then they just sort of fall in love post-dance…obviously, it’s not a huge issue, since you’re pacing this out in movie format.

However, I feel this movie allowed more time for these two to connect. Also, they found common ground; first, with their love of literature, but second, with losing their mothers and how their father’s shaped who they were: The Prince’s with hate, and Belle’s with love. It was a beautiful duality and connection created between them and it helped to make the ending better and more satisfying.

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Of course, especially considering the movie is based on a staple of my childhood, it CERTAINLY has flaws, as noted below.

My Top 10 Dislikes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

10. The obvious Enchantress:

I do like the twist of The Enchantress being Agathe, a character we see throughout the story…perhaps she’s keeping the magic strong? However, there are a lot of problematic elements of her being in the movie so much. For one thing, she saves Maurice, which is good, but then when Maurice confronts Gaston, she doesn’t do anything. She could have stopped all of our conflict! Also, at the end, while she shows up and it does make sense in a technical sense…she just vanishes. Belle doesn’t even see her…what was the point? In the animated movie, the spell was broken without her having to be there. Having her there didn’t answer questions; it created more! It just seemed awkward at times.

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9. Gaston’s “post-war” blood rage?

While I appreciate them trying to flesh out Gaston’s character…this was their choice? He’s got post-war bursts of rage? I love how the animated movie treated Gaston just as the jerk-bro who becomes jealous and can’t stand that Belle chooses someone over him. Here, his villainous outbursts are “justified” by his post-war blood lust. It just seemed almost like a distraction and didn’t seem warranted for me. Gaston is a near-perfect villain. Let Luke Evans do a good job of playing him without trying to make him too complex. Gaston’s not smart enough for that.

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8. The unnecessary additional songs:

Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I wasn’t crazy about the new songs. The Soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast is nearly flawless. Even the special edition with “Human Again” is okay. The Broadway songs they add…are okay. “Evermore” is not a terrible song (we’ll talk more about it below), but the song about “Sunny skies” and “Evermore” are not necessary to make the story better. If you wanted to include them in a “Director’s Cut,” that would have sufficed for me…I just didn’t see the need for them here…again, I’ll touch back on this point twice below.

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7. Don’t bring an arrow to a gun fight:

In the original, Gaston was a hunter, so it made sense he had multiple weapons at his disposal. It also made sense for the time period. And he hunted a lot of deer-like animals, so it seemed fitting that he would shoot an arrow at the Beast and then stab him with a knife….hunting tools for the type of game he hunted.

In this? We just full blown (literally) gun the Beast down. Gaston shoots the Beast three times in the climax. At the very least, he still uses a club like the original. It just seemed like overkill and to me, didn’t make as much sense as keeping like the original would have.

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6. The rushed beginning and scenes out of place:

The opening, I loved; however, once that scene was over, the first thirty minutes seemed SO rushed! They rushed through “Belle,” then moved some scenes around, and quickly went through the reprise! There wasn’t the “wedding proposal” scene with Gaston and Belle! I did LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reaction of Maurice and Chip, but there were little scenes that were skimmed over and rearranged that just seemed to rush the opening and didn’t let us the audience “settle down” into the film. It’s not until we’re at the scene of Belle running away from the castle that the movie starts to slow down. The editing of the movie in those places was a little disappointing to me.

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5. Lefou and the lack of controversy:

Okay, so the last week has been filled with news stories about how Lefou is the first openly gay character in a Disney film. It was a huge source of controversy…but….in all seriousness……you wouldn’t really know that watching this film. It’s clear he cares for Gaston, but the animated picture portrayed that as well. He shares two seconds with a male character at the very end of the movie in a brief dance…but that’s it. All that press and controversy for a tiny scene that seems inconsequential. Eh. Come on, Disney. Commit or not; don’t try to play up something that’s halfway even developed.

4. The Enchantress’s book:

I loved the extra scenes with Belle and Beast developing their relationship over the course of a few scenes. However, one comes out of nowhere and does nothing to the plot as a whole. At one point, the Beast shows her a book the Enchantress gave him as a “joke.” It is able to take them anywhere you think of; and Belle chooses the room she was born in, where her mother dies of the plague. While I DO love a few things about this: the fact that it connects Belle and the Beast more, and it explains what happened to her…it’s never used again. The book is just a one-time only plot device. The scene it was used in was SO out of place! I would have rather Belle had known why her mother died and just talked it out with the Beast than having used this forced book that logically doesn’t fit in with the story.

3. The Beast’s Song, “Evermore:”

I don’t dislike “Evermore,” I don’t…but…in the animated movie, when Belle leaves Beast, he is so heartbroken. He lets out a howl of despair, knowing his only chance of happiness has left him, potentially forever. Here, he immediately bursts into a Phantom of the Opera style musical number. Maybe upon reviewing, I’ll appreciate it. But I loved how the original was so organic and raw…this seemed almost too Broadway and too theatrical.

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2. Emma Watson’s facial expressions vs. animated Belle:

I love the original because of the animation, mainly. The expressions and line work showed SO much emotion. Now, I like Emma Watson a lot as an actress. BUT, aside from the wolf scene on….her facial expressions are so subdued. This is most apparent in “Be Our Guest.” Belle in that musical number is in AWE! She is so excited, bewildered, and amazed…but here? She just smiles and watches the show. Granted, Emma Watson would have been watching a Green Screen throughout this; but STILL. She doesn’t even seem in shock or awe…and that I sorely missed in this film. Now, after the wolves attack Belle, Watson’s acting becomes more pronounced. I just wish she could have acted a little more in-character through some of the CGI numbers.

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1. The cut out comedy:

When I asked my brother if he was thinking of seeing the movie, he asked about the fight scene at the end:

Brother: “Do they have the part where Lumiere burns Lefou’s butt? Or Cogsworth with the scissors?”

Me: “No.”

Brother: “What?! How could they?”

There is so much physical comedy in the original that works; here, and yes, I understand that it is “physically” impossible some of the things they do, I still was hoping there would be more of the original comedy. For example, Cogsworth taking Belle on a tour of the castle isn’t even in the FILM! “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.” SERIOUSLY.

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The original is near-perfect for me. Still today, it is the better film. If you love the original and are expecting a closely faithful adaptation; they try, but it’s a miss there, because some of the best parts are either condensed or left out.

If you love Beauty and the Beast, but you’re comfortable with them altering parts and want to see new additions to the story? You’ll probably like this!

The original is still better though. If you don’t want to spend the $10 at the theatre, just wait until the DVD or Blu-Ray comes out and watch the original in the meantime.

If you’ve never seen the original Beauty and the Beast? PLEASE watch that one first; it’s better. If you’ve already seen the live action one? STILL go view the animated version; you’ll appreciate it more.

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31 Days, 31 Childhood Favorites | day twenty-five
Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School follows Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy as they answer a job posting for a new P.E. teacher at Miss Grimwood’s Finishing School for Girls. Once they arrive, they find that it is inhabited by the daughters of famous monsters—and under threat by the evil Revolta.

This is without a doubt my absolute favorite of any Scooby-Doo special. Someone was definitely taking notes from this film when they got around to creating Monster High, because that’s how this movie functioned for me when I was a kid. Monster girls! Everything I wanted to be! In case you were wondering, Phantasma was my favorite.

Happy IwaOi Halloween!!

  • Kid iwaoi going trick-or-treating in pair costumes.
  • (Movie themes are their favorite. Along Godzilla and Star Wars, they also do Disney!)
  • Iwaizumi starts carrying candy or chocolate bars with him on Halloween ever since Oikawa trick-or-treated him when they were thirteen and Iwa didn’t have any sweet with him, ending up Oikawa playing pranks on Iwa the whole damn day.
  • Iwaizumi surprisingly trick-or-treats Oikawa in their first year in college and Oikawa of course has no candy with him. Oikawa stays on edge all day wondering what Iwa would trick him. But Iwa only asking for sweet kisses (and, ever more, candy-sharing kisses) when they are finally alone in their shared dorm room.
  • Halloween officially becomes Oikawa favorite holiday right after Christmas.

Conversation at the register with a little black girl in a Minnie jacket. I ask her what her favorite Disney character is and she tells me Tiana. I jokingly tell her that when I was her age, the only African princess I had was a lion! She thought that was pretty funny but her mother gave me a knowing look and it hit me.

The Lion King and its first sequel were my favorite movies growing up. This little girl has a whole bedroom decorated in Princess and the Frog decor just like mine was all TLK. TLK was so important to me as a kid that I even named my pets after characters from it… and my only African representation from Disney unless you want to count Tarzan in late middle school.

And I remember how Disney drug its feet to even get to Tiana, and how the response was ‘there, now you have one, don’t complain’, and how Tiana spends most of her movie being a talking animal and not actually recognizable as human (much like how talking animals were my princesses in the form of Nala and Kiara), and how Disney was trying to pull the 'you’re racist for asking for representation, just tell your kids to like the white princesses and don’t let them notice skin color’ card, how Disney blames Tiana for the lackluster response and uses her movie to claim people no longer want to see hand drawn animation (and uses that as an excuse to have completely killed a large part of the animation industry) and I just…

This little girl is happily chirping about her favorite princess that looks like her, talks like her, has her hair… and I remember being told to be patient, to wait, that I already got my princesses in the form of lions, how Disney-stans still defend their mistreatment of their ONLY black princess and shut down any future race-related critism because 'you got a princess shut up’ while Disney continues to churn out white princess after white princess, and I guess I just… made a joke of something that’s always kind of bothered me without realizing it, I guess.

I look forward to the day I can take my wife out to a fancy dinner after a long exhausting week of work and spoil her with options of extravagant entrees while laughing when she decides on chicken tenders and fries from the kids menu. Followed by us counting down the seconds until we go home between each bite and curl up in eachothers arms to our favorite movies and a pint of ice cream for the night. I’m tired of the immature relationships that don’t work from no effort. I want more. I want something that is real, something that will last, something more than going out and drinking constantly every weekend. I want something more then reckless actions, thoughtless texts, empty conversations. Show me you want me and you want us. Prove to me we have something irreplaceable that’s worth working towards for the rest of our lives and I promise you I’ll never leave.

Ok so here’s a little story that happened this Thanksgiving
So I was chilling in the kitchen trying to get myself some pie and then i hear my uncle go 
“man and these women all fighting for equality and shit”
and I just slowly put my plate down. Everyone is silent and i turn to him and slowly walk over and I start saying my argument against him as one does when they have a subject they are passionate about. So I’m here laying down the law and my little cousins are like gathering around us and there’s a small pause. One of my lil cousins takes this opportunity to yell at the top of his lungs “YEAH AND MY FAVORITE COLORS PINK!” and then another one goes “DRESSES ARE FOR EVERYONE” and these kids all start yelling like it’s a fucking movie. I took this as a chance to leave but it’s been about 5 minutes and kids are still yelling. 
I think it’s safe to say I’m an influential older cousin

Beauty and the Beast by Disney/Grolier Enterprise was a children’s book version of Beauty and the Beast the animated movie by Disney. If you aren’t familiar with the concept or story a beautiful woman gets trapped in an enchanted castle by a cursed beast.  The book was pretty, of course seeing as it is a children’s book, and conveys the story in few words. I read this book over again in honor of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast being released in theatre yesterday, and I must say that it was gorgeous. Anyways Beauty and the Beast was my favorite movie as a kid, and if I ever have kids they will definitely have this read to them as a bed time story when they are young.

My Rating: 8/10

One Sentence Description: An art filled short story of the classic fairy tale of a woman being trapped in the castle of a cursed beast.


get to know me meme - favorite tv shows 2/? - modern family

“I am brave. Roller coasters? Love ‘em. Scary movies? I’ve seen Ghostbusters, like, seven times. I regularly drive through neighborhoods that have only recently been gentrified. So yeah, I’m pretty much not afraid of anything…Except clowns. Never shared that with the fam, so…shh. Do have an image to maintain.I am not really sure where the fear comes from. My mother says it’s because when I was a kid, I found a dead clown in the woods, but who knows?”