this was my favorite ep when i was little

Yuri!!! on ICE Ep. 5

Today’s episode… where do I start?

Viktuuri is now even more canon. (If that’s even possible.)

It’s canon. FIGHT ME!

And then we get this cutie!

I mean look.




Amazing! Beautiful! And loving the jazzy outfit!

Minami accurately describes all us fans.

Good luck hug.

Again, not sure if it can get any more canon.

And just when we thought we wouldn’t get to see our favorite little angsty russian teen.

And that concludes this review of the fifth episode of Yuri o-




Season 1 magnus quotes

Just a collection of my favorite quotes from Magnus. He had some great lines.

Will do season 2 next. Hope you enjoy them too

Season 1  Ep.2 descent into hell isn’t easy.

“Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter?

” Ep 4 Raising hell

You may be immortal, Elias, but you’re not immune to crow’s feet

”“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly”

“who are you?”

Alec: “well done

”Magnus: “more like medium rare”“

Normally I love a dirty lair, but this one’s just sloppy”

“About Alec, is more a flower or cologne man?”

“pretty boy, get your team ready. (stops Jace) I’m not talking to you. (points at Alec) I’m talking to……”“

Oh the only other person who I’ve known who could draw as well was Michaelangelo, who excellent in bed I might add

”Clary; ‘is he going to be alright?

”Magnus: I dunno. Does he normally lay like that without moving?

”Magnus: ”there’s nothing to be ashamed of Alec

”Alec; “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Magnus; “you will”

 Ep 5 Moo shu to go

“Playing hard to get, I love a challenge”

 Ep6 of men and angels

Magnus; “one more thing I need Alexander”

Jace: ”why do you need Alec?

”Magnus:” virgin Shadowhunter energy.Magnus:”

 stir, we need to have it ready before your boy toys get back

”Clary: ”what if they don’t get back in time?

”Magnus: ”you can’t think like that, Biscuit

”Magnus: “’help me I need your strength”

Alec:  ”take what you need”

Alec: ”are warlocks always this cryptic?

”Magnus: ”I’m not being cryptic, I’m being coy. Let me spell it out for you, I wanted to see you again”

“for almost a century, I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone, man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me”

 Ep 7 Major Arcana

“if Valentine started creating Shadowhunters or regain control of demons it would be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur through Time Square. People would notice

”Clary: ”this should be easy”

Magnus: ”that’s what General Custer said

 Ep. 8 Bad blood

Izzy: ”I want to get my hands on that thing”

Magnus: ”speaking of which, how is Alexander? I was hoping I might hear from him”

“It’s just so hard to tell if Alexander is even interested. I can’t fathom why he wouldn’t be”

(looking at Alec training) “ok, I’m back”

“Oh you don’t have to get dressed up for me. Fine. But I like what I saw”

 Ep. 9 Rise up

“your both going to owe me. I’m talking 14th century, gold, rubies, definitely diamonds”“

what can I say, I have a deep understanding of the human psyche, at least that’s what Freud always said.”

Alec:” I’m getting married

”Magnus:  ”whoa, that’s a tad sudden isn’t it? I mean we should at least go to dinner first”

“solid partnership. That’s hot”

“well ok then. Marriage is a wonderful institution. Not that I would know”

“goodbye, Alexander” (insert me crying in puddle on the floor)

 Ep. 10 This world inverted

“this is the longest I’ve abstained, from a lot of things”“

Now that’s what I’m talking about. We have lift off.”

 Ep. 11 Blood calls to blood

“As you all say the law is the law there’s no stopping me from slipping through this gaping loophole”

Alec: ”name it

Magnus: ”you. In fact, I’ll do you pro bono

Alec: ”so you get it

”Magnus: ”No Alec. I get her. I like her. But you don’t have to marry her”

“you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she Neither of you deserve it .And I don’t either

 Ep.12 Malec

where’s the honour of living a lie?

”“what about love? Even Shadowhunter fall in love Alec. Just tell me you’re in love with Lydia and I’ll stop.

”“confusion is part of it. That’s how find out if something’s there. Emotions are never black and white. There more like, symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath.”

“I know you feel what I feel, Alec”

“you have a choice to make. I will not ask again”“

it’s happy hour somewhere, my dear”“

I’ve played my last hand here, even I know when to fold them”

“I’m sorry I asked. I came here with you to escape my relationship drama not  get front set to yours.

”“Maryse, this is between me and your son. I’ll leave if he asks me to

”‘You never cease to amaze me Alec

”“I have to hand it to you Alexander, you certainly know how to make a statement”

 Ep. 13 Morning star

“and yet true love cannot die”

“well, this is awkward”

“if I know Camille she’ll have a trick or three up her sleeve”

“Alexander, I may be the high warlock of Brooklyn, but even I can’t see the future”   

Day 10 of 30 for Voltron Challenge: Favorite Pidge moment

So if those who may or may not remember the episode of “Taking Flight” while most of it was pretty serious with the new aliens, Hunk all “THESE GUYS ARE EBIL I KNOW IT” in the background of it there is Pidge. OMFG Pidge in this ep is hilarious with her playing with the little robot dude, and then when she planks on top of it! LIke pffft it’s hilarious xDD So yeah it was one of my fav moments with her. 

Cause like, I love her serious scenes and all, on how she takes down Sendak’s plans, her sneaking into the Garrison and all that cool shit for a simple 14 year old. Its this little scene that shorta shows her age to me and I love it. Enjoy!

tomstar things from the new ep bc if i don’t do it NO ONE WILL

  • tom 100 percent wants to marry star, my GOD
  • the fact he stopped to change into a suit before seeing her !?!!??? (this is my favorite)
  • the fact that this demon of hell was ready to torture someone to death and gives out a soft little “ow!” when his ex slugs him in the arm
  • star didn’t blast him with the wand!! it was never even a possibility!! she wasn’t angry when he showed up!
  • how damn CRUSHED this demon boy looks when his valet says “point for marco”
  • the dumb little smiles they give each other when tom compliments her hair will fuel me for five centuries
  • star asking marco if tom is still mopey w/ genuine interest and then smiling when he says he’s cool!!

anonymous asked:

Is it just me or has soft!Jaebum become a thing more recently? He's been so adorable, especially in the got7ing+ second episode. It's hard to see him as chic and sexy anymore. Of course that might change come the comeback but it doesn't feel like it will anytime soon.

Okay but SAME!! like Chic and sexy where?? Like on stage when he sing yes but out side of that when he isn’t preforming it’s all just soft fluffy cute adorable squishy shyness like even when his hair is pushed back all I see is SQUISH now!!! it all started at like the dart of hard carry era like the bean has always been soft but it really started to manifest itself then and his image has completely shifted from chic and sexy to soft and cuddly 🗣AND IM HERE FOR IT!!! Jaebums softness has always been my favorite thing about him☺️👌 and Like omg yes in the first EP he was being so cute with earattack with the little double like and then the whole of episode 2 he was being such a bean ANSLSBALDB IM LOVING IT I LIVE FOR SOFT!JAEBUM

Soul of Gold Ep4: Immediate Thoughts

After the last episode, I thought that was going to be the high point of this series, that while there would probably be other good episodes, ep3 (with its childhood friends, brothers, and jokes) would reign supreme when this series was over. Boy was I wrong.

First up, a confession: Saga might be my least favorite Gold Saint. I love Kanon, but I care very little for Saga. However, this episode did help me warm up to the older Gemini since, until now, we only had Evel!Saga or Pretending-to-be-Evil!Saga, but this time we actually have a straight, no-nonsense, good Saga which I actually like… Still prefer Kanon though.

Next up is Aphrodite, one of the Gold Saints that need redemption the most in field of badassery. Well, Soul of Gold has him covered. Not only was he actually doing something useful with his time (unlike some other Gold Saints), I absolutely love how he was able to turn the tables on the God Warriors so easily, weakening them instead of the other way around. While his sudden ability to read minds seems weird, I do like that is his expertise fighting with plants that makes him so a strong strong player this time around. Mixed feelings about what happens to him at the end, but I guess is just a way to raise the stakes of the series.

Finally, the main event. I never thought I would say this, but Deathmask has become my favorite character in this series. Him helping Helena from the shadows might seem out of character, but I can chalk that up to dying (3 times actually). However, what really steals the show is the reveal (or implication) that DM has not actually put on the Cancer Cloth since it abandoned him during the fight with Shiryu (remember he called the Wailing Wall a “miracle” so I bet he meant it more than one way), would in turn explain his refusal to help Aioria. He simply doesn’t feel worthy of being a Gold Saint any longer. So now, the triumphant return of the Cancer Cloth to its former master has become my favorite moment of Soul of Gold, and one of my favorites in the franchise. Sadly, not everything is find for DM as he could not escape the romance curse of the franchise (which states that, aside for Shiryu/Shurei, any romance for a Saint would most likely end in tragedy), but did gave DM his most shounen moment yet.

I like how Soul of Gold is actually able to surprise me with this new and interesting character turns for the original Gold Saints who, let’s face it, are the most boring Gold set in the franchise, but if this series continues on its path I might have to say that they were the most boring (be afraid ND, be very afraid). I did not give ep3 a number rating, but if I had it would have been a strong 8/10, this one however surpasses it at an 9/10 (animation not withstanding).


I just so saw the leaked episode of GMW, Girl Meets the New Year. I would like to discuss (and fangirl about) Riakle in this ep, let’s do this thing:

Disclaimer: Spoilers. If you don’t want to know anything about the episode before it airs, stop reading right here. Also, this is long.

I wat to start mentioning all the riakle scenes:

1.   When they “fight” in literature class after Farkle ask about the character how knows the secrets of everyone.

2.   When Farkle drags Riley outside Topanga’s: Everything was perfect about this, but my favorite part: “I’m doing it for you Riley, I care so much about you!” This is important, keep it in mind. Then the “HAAAA!” and her little smile.

3.   When Riley drags Farkle to the rooftop: “You drag me all the way up in the stairs, I like that”. THEY WHERE HOLDING HANDS.  

4.   “Hi, Farkle. Hi, girl who’s not gonna be with him at midnight because I’m because he is mine” That’s an actual line from the episode!! Smackle was super jealous.

Well, there is two things that I consider to be really, REALLY important along this cute moments.

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