this was my favorite ep when i was little

I SHIP Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I went back on watching MLP FiM for a bit and decided to watch a couple of ep. in random order because it’s been three years since I last saw the show and curios to know on what’s currently going to my former favorite show, and there was nothing to watch on T.V and I had to wait for Steven Universe and Star vs The Forces of Evil to air. Then I stumble to this

And I was like! 

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I remember shipping a lot back when I was a brony  like Flutterpie, Delestia, Twidash, Twiestia, Flutterdash, Appledash and so forth but this pairing. They look so precious together like I’m even calling it a Beauty and the Beast story, my shipper heart! There’s also a lot proof from the show and comics that support this ship! 

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Fluttershy friends were accusing Discord for letting the gravy fish spraying gravy at them, she defends him and calls him his “friend” and he stopped

As Discord was about to win, he realize he’ll lose his only friend, Fluttershy 

They’re held hooves (hands) 

Three’s a Crowd 

Fluttershy and Discord write each other letters 

Twilight’s Kingdom 

She’s smiling 

The way they look at each other when they’re talking about tea 

“Just between the two of us…”

“I’m mostly doing this for Fluttershy” 


She gave him a hug when he returns 

“Oh but you are (she’s important), Fluttershy. You’re the pony who taught me that friendship is magic. I had magic and friendship, and now I don’t either” 

Fluttershy forgave him even though he betray her and her friends

Make new Friends but Keep Discord 


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They argue like a couple 

Dungeons and Discord 
Discord pleas with Fluttershy to either stay or go with her 

He even puts a volcano to make her stay 

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To Where and Back Again 

When Starlight mentions Princess Celestia, Luna, and Twilight got kidnapped, he doesn’t care 

but when she tells him that Fluttershy got kidnapped, he gets furious! 

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“For Fluttershy” 

He couldn’t resist


For the Comics 

Aw :3 

She knows too damn well :D

She sounds so upset that he change

Mother of celestia, yes!  

I may not be a brony anymore and not too interested in the show anymore but this is the ship that I hope to see happen in the future. Can’t wait to watch Discordant Harmony when it comes out. Discord wanted to change himself to make  

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Hi! i'm having a super bad day and was wondering if u would mind recommending me some s7 msr fics?? preferably angsty but with a happy ending!!!

I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day!  Mine wasn’t super either.  So here, let me rustle up some of my favorite S7 stories from some of my favies for you real quick:

Oral Traditions by @leiascully
A post-ep for Millennium that features one of the ways Mulder and Scully could have, um, taken care of one another without further injury to that poor arm of his.  NSFW!

Happily Ever After by @all-these-ghosts
An AU for Closure that really makes me angry at the ending we actually got for the Samantha arc and wishes desperately that I could replace it with this one.

Florida Blues by @wtfmulder
Okay so this one is really short but who writes post-eps for Agua Mala?!  Chelsea, that’s who.  And it’s angsty and kinda sweet and just very them.

Animus Possidendi by @aloysiavirgata
Honestly, probably my favorite post-ep for En Ami ever.  It’s dangerously sexy and is one of the reasons I fell in love with AV’s writing.  NSFW!

Fun Sized by @lyndsaybones
I cheated.  This one isn’t even remotely angsty.  But it’s adorable Halloween fluff, and who doesn’t love that?

Red Sun at Morning by @scienceandmysticism
Something beautiful about when Scully realized she was madly in love with her partner.  And featuring one of my favorite lines ever written in a fic.  Guess which one?

I hope those helped, Anon!  Just a quick little jaunt through my favorites list.  All of these are right around 2000 words.

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I feel awkward when I read older voltron fics and they refer to pidge as 'he'

like…. i was going through the voltron tag a while back and someone posted some screenshots of pidge from ep 1 and was like “omg i just started watching vld and this little boy is my favorite already im obsessed w/ him” and i was just like eesh 😬😬😬
(yeah idk dude i just always try to use they/them pronouns for pidge because that’s just how i personally feel it should be handled?? at least until pidge confirms pronouns themself? idk but yeah i hope that makes sense and is appropriate)

tomstar things from the new ep bc if i don’t do it NO ONE WILL

  • tom 100 percent wants to marry star, my GOD
  • the fact he stopped to change into a suit before seeing her !?!!??? (this is my favorite)
  • the fact that this demon of hell was ready to torture someone to death and gives out a soft little “ow!” when his ex slugs him in the arm
  • star didn’t blast him with the wand!! it was never even a possibility!! she wasn’t angry when he showed up!
  • how damn CRUSHED this demon boy looks when his valet says “point for marco”
  • the dumb little smiles they give each other when tom compliments her hair will fuel me for five centuries
  • star asking marco if tom is still mopey w/ genuine interest and then smiling when he says he’s cool!!

S: Arcade!  Yay!

L: I’ve never been to one.

S: That’s sad.  I used to take my brother to the arcade all the time.  He loved Street Fighter and my favorite was Air Hockey.  

L: Did you ride on the Jelly Jiggler or Tsunami?

S: No, our arcade didn’t have rides… but I did ride on the horse outside Kmart when I was tiny.  I remember even as a little squirt finding it very disappointing.  I like how the things they’re riding on kind of look like them.

Lawli wonders, did/do you go to an arcade and if so what was/is your favorite game?

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as someone new to got7, which shows/videos would you recommend to get to know them better?

here are the shows I’d recommend in order of my favorites! 😊

Real GOT7 - the show that made me stan GOT7 in the first place. seasons 1-3 are available on youtube and Netflix, season 4 is available on Vlive but it isn’t as good as the first 3 seasons :/

GOT7ing - I really like this show cus it’s just GOT7 spending time together with no rules, no scripts, no schedules just GOT7 being GOT7

GOT7′s Hard Carry - GOT7′s ‘reality show’ where they did various activities like try to get their license, went on a trip, sky dived in canada, took fencing lessons from Jackson etc. My favorite episode is ep. 2 where they played the ‘zombie game’ aka the blindfold game and it’s the same episode Jackson pranked his members in Thailand.

IGOT7 -  GOT7′s first show filmed either right before debut or just after, to me, it’s a little cringey rewatching it cus it was so long ago and their styling was so different as well as their relationships. You can really see how GOT7 have gotten closer now.

GOT7 on Weekly Idol - First, I just wanna say I really hate the way Doni and Coni treat Jackson on Weekly Idol (especially when he was a rookie), I don’t care if they’re ‘just joking’ it really comes off as rude and it’s not funny at all. And I have yet to build up the courage to watch the video of that terrible prank they played on him during Big Byung.

But GOT7 have appeared on this show many times and they usually have fun and it really shows off their funny side and their charms so it’s worth a watch. GOT7 have made appearances as a group in episodes: 146, 156, 177, 220, 261-263, and 294

and that should start you off for now! Feel free to ask for more recs 🤗

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The past two episodes have been pretty blah for me but this episode was quite possibly my favorite of the season. Happy, carefree Barry? Flashbacks to little Iris and Barry? Cute little comedic moments between Westallen? Iris being Barry's lightning rod? The cute Jitters scene? That moment when amnesiac Barry checked his skin tone after Wally explained they were brothers 😂? This episode was full of gold and made my heart so happy 😍

There were so many fun surprises in here, I really liked the flashback scene, and that they took the time in this ep to show just how close WA are and were even before the show started. Love it!

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What did you think of the new bomb? :O

OKAY so tl;dr: much better than sb5. which yeah, is still a pretty low standard, but this bomb had far more interesting elements to it! the first three eps had a season 1 vibe that i really liked, and the last two were pretty engaging as well. that isn’t to say that my sentiments are all praise though. i’ll put an episode-by-episode opinion under the cut!

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Apart from bughead, which other relationship (romantic or platonic) would you really like to see in season 2?

i’d like to see more varchie. i do really like them together, even though we haven’t seen a ton of their relationship yet. i don’t know, i just really like their story thus far. what i mean is, they connected the instant they met, but they stayed away from each other (romantically) because of how much they valued their friendships with betty. so seeing them sitting super close at pop’s, finally together, after a season of romantic screw-ups on archie’s part and burying her feeling on veronica’s part is really cute. i’d like to see more of that in season 2 

i don’t know if we’re ever going to see joaquin again, but i would have liked to see more of him and kevin in season 2. i think mostly because i adore kev so much and want him to have a boyfriend he can proudly hold hands with in the hallway instead sneaking around with boys who will likely ignore him the next day. –and i’m just going to say, i find it SO unfair that varchie are likely going to have a sex scene after 5 seconds of being together when kev and joaquin were together for 9 episodes and only got like 3 kisses. granted, 2 of the 3 were hot make outs, but still. (i also want to complain that bughead have had no make outs despite being together for 7 episodes, but they’ve also had the most kisses by far so i’m going to shut up about it. i do love their soft, sweet touches. it really shows you that their bond is an emotional one and that will last much longer than a relationship focused on physical attraction) 

after cheryl gets the help she needs and is in a good place emotionally, i’d like to see her with a girlfriend. i don’t really care who as long as they treat each other well and make each other happy 

friendship wise, i’d like to see more fp and fred. i also ship them romantically, but i’m a realist and know that’s very very unlikely 

i’d like to see more core four and five scenes 

more veronica and jughead scenes 

i’d like to see more veronica and cheryl as well. i really liked that v was becoming cheryl’s shoulder to cry on for awhile there 

more archie + the pussycats would be nice (even though i’m so tired of the music aspect of the show). it honestly made me sad when they shut him down in episode 1 when all he wanted was to learn from them. so, i’d like to see him and joise develop a better relationship. i’d also like to see him apologize to val for being a terrible boyfriend to her 

more kev and veronica/betty, definitely. kev and v’s friendship is one of my absolute favorites. they’re so amusing together. –and i really loved the way kevin looked out for betty and was ready to smite veronica when her and archie hurt betty in eps 1 and 2, so i’m a little sad that we haven’t seen much of their friendship since then. i honestly got more best friend vibes from betty and kev in the first few episodes than i did from betty and archie  

um, more archie and jughead would be okay. i like the brotherhood they have going on there. archie is far from perfect, but the way he stands up for jughead is A+ 

i’d like to say more b&v friendship, but god knows the stans will cry queerbait every time they make eye contact, so idk about that one 

i’d like to see more polly/betty and jughead/the coopers too 

Tag Sim

I was tagged by my adorable @ohnikkinikki and my sweet @onyxsims.

1. What’s your favorite sims death? Old Age, I never kill my sims; because I attach myself to them, and I make them live as long as possible…

2. Alpha CC or Maxis Match? Alpha CC Because I like what looks more realistic.

3. Do you cheat when your sims gain weight? Yes of course sometimes for some clothes, I put a little more shape or I make thinner.

4. Do you use move objects? Yes  Always.

5. Favorite mod? Pose Player,Mods of personalized foods because I love when my sims cook.

6. First expansion/game/stuff pack you got? I bought the first EP and then all the packs and extensions ,I’m always afraid of missing something if I do not buy when a new pack or extension comes out.

7. Do you pronounce “live mode” like aLIVE or LIVing?ALIVE .

8. Who’s your favorite sim that you’ve made? Christina , A sims I wrote the story last year when I was in the hospital, I am very attached to her and her story.I created her and I wrote its story that I was posted, but in the meantime the toddlers came out and I wrote another story with toddler. But I would post the story of christina later.

9. Have you made a simself? No, I can not … I can not have an objective look on me !!!  XD

10. What sim traits do you give yourself? Creative, genius ,I forgot the other,Lol!!!

11. Which is your favorite EA hair color? Black hair.

12. Favorite EA hair? I love the hair that came with Parenthood ,the braided hairstyle.

13. Favorite life stage? The toddlers, I can not do without them, I’m crazy about them !!!They are so cute!!! 

14. Are you a builder or are you in it for the gameplay? 50/50.At the beginning I built all my houses, now I download many lots of great designers, but I always make the decoration because I like to find myself in a place that seems to me personal.And  gameplay because I like to see the reactions of my sims and the gamplay for my stories.

15. Are you a CC creator? No, but i create a lot of sims and toddlers ,I want to share because i have requests, But I do not know how to download a sim.

16. Do you have any simblr friends/a sim squad?I’m not part of a group But I met some lovely people here but also a lot of bad , like in a true life….

17. What’s your favorite game? (1, 2, 3, or 4) :2 but my favorite is 3 because i love The open world,And all that can be made to travel, to swim, ect ..At first, I had a lot of problems with the sims 4, but I’m getting used to it.

18. Do you have any sims merch? No.

19. Do you have a YouTube for sims? No I can not juggle between here and elsewhere I would not have time.

20. How has your “sim style” changed throughout your years of playing? Not really,This is a game that is a simulation of life, so for me, like to play with families, Send a message, although I often use derision,My stories take up the themes of life, my life, or that of my entourage…

21. Who’s your favorite CC creator?I have many favorite CC creators so impossible to give a name only !!!

23. How long have you had a simblr?hooo, i forget…. a year and a half,roughly…I came on tumblr by chance, I did not even know it existed!

24. How do you edit your pictures? 24. I post like this, I just have a small modulator on my computer light or do black and white but I use neither photoshop nor any other. 

25. What expansion/game/stuff pack do you want next? I would like above all the seasons and pets,Why not a little magic with fairies and witches,We have, well, vampires???!!!! Or a pack “travel abroad” for example, but i dream here!!

26. What expansion/game/stuff pack is your favorite so far?toddlers, Get to Work,   Parenthood

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S: Aw, Greg is a good dad.  Magic clearly freaks him out and he’s still supportive of his son when he does crazy things.  I think Greg might be my favorite character so far just because every single time I see him he makes me happy.  

L: I thought you’d like him.

S: Also I noticed that they set up Cat Finger’s weakness to water.  That’s… actually a little disturbing.

L: Disturbing how?

S: Uh, well I suddenly have an image in my head of Steven wanting to get rid of Cat Finger and holding his finger underwater and basically drowning Cat Finger out.  Bleh. 

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i wonder if alec is used to magnus' habit of just tossing shit to the side when he doesn't need it anymore lmao

Oh my god I will never recover from the way Magnus tosses shit like that. Especially because it’s so fucking unnecessary. Magnus, you have magic. You could poof those things wherever you wanted to with just as little effort as tossing it away. And in this last ep, one of the things was a super breakable glass, and the other was a pillow THAT WASN’T EVEN IN HIS WAY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Magnus, what are you doing????????

And my favorite is still when he threw the bag that Alec gave him the omamori in, because, Magnus, my dude, Alec got that for you???? He probably picked out that bag himself, and wrapped it up all nice and special for you, and you just toss it over your shoulder?????? I can just imagine Alec seeing it get thrown like “No, wait-!” I mean, Magnus didn’t even check to see if the omamori was the only thing in there! Magnus, stop throwing things!

But I definitely imagine that Alec realizes the pattern pretty damn quickly, and he gets into the habit of not handing Magnus anything that could break if given a gentle toss. 💜✨💜

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I remember watching Wordgirl as... like... a kid. In elementary school. I felt absolutely terrible for the rat mad scientist. Like, he was a normal guy, and he got his life ruined trying to pursue his passion. And if I recall correctly there were times when he was almost himself, and little grade school me was heartbroken. Also, as a child, Worldgirl and pretentious-glasses-kid was my favorite one sided ship. I cannot recall a single name at this point, sorry!

PROFESSOR TWO BRAINS IS REALLY EVIL BUT THAT’S ONLY BC OF THE EVIL RAT BRAIN!!  They do have an ep where he doesnt have it anymore and isn’t actually evil and he’s a GOOD MAN!!  OH that’s toby you’re talking about btw he’s a little shit but he’s my son

chants: here we fuckin go

okay. so as you all know. i am a huge fan and supporter of levi the poet. his name is levi macallister. levi the poet. he does poetry. and his name is levi. cool.

he is a spoken word artist from albuquerque new mexico. 

he has four albums

  • werwolves (2009)
  • monologues (ep 2011)
  • seasons (2012)
  • correspondence, a fiction (2014)

all of the albums leading up to his latest release, correspondence, have been “completely autobiographical.”

this video describes his story. i can’t be the one to tell it. it’s not mine. but here it is.

watch this. it’ll help you understand.

werewolves this album. wow. this is his first released album. i think he was 20. holy crap. i’m almost 20. i am not capable of this. but that’s okay. he’s done enough for the both of us. this album is a little scary. listen with caution. no, there are no jump scares. but there are thoughts that you’re scared of. or at least i’m scared of. some suicide tw on these poems. 

here’s one of my favorites. “we whisper in unison, god i must have bummed you out again.”

rainy weather

monologues this ep only has a few songs on it. songs? poems? i don’t know what to call them. so i’ll just use whatever words comes out of my fingers first. songs. these songs have life. watch the memories video. when he is on the ground, i understand that. on a lighter note, i got my septum pierced because of this video. so that’s cool.


seasons this is one of my favorite albums of all time. seriously. that video i posted about his story for TWLOHA was before seasons. seasons is full of anger. i feel it. i feel it from harsh men to boundless. but that anger turns to acceptance, i think. i want that acceptance. that’s why i listen. i can hear a hint of forgiveness. i need forgiveness.. and light. i think that’s in seasons. seasons. wow. even the name. it’s all in the seasons.

my favorite poem of all time is on this album.

the teacher speaks. he covers his eyes. but i swear to god he uncovers them. i swear to god.

correspondence (a fiction) this is levi’s first release as a fully fictional piece. i say that like there isn’t truth woven into the fabric. there is. i can feel it. the story is of an ageless girl and an ageless boy. the girl is taken to sea by her father in search of a whale that “they’d never know what to do with had it existed in the first place.” i don’t know if it’s about loss or about truth or about peace or about family. but i do know that it is about the ocean. and that’s enough for me.

chapter 3: the great american game

i’d love to show you more poems or hear your thoughts about certain lines. there are lines i hear that have completely shifted my mind. i say that like i can see the shift happen. i think i might be able to. i don’t know. please feel free to ask me for more poems. i have a whole library full. and you know i’m always up for being wordy.

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Would you ever draw out some scenes for the faux hero au episodes? Or maybe explain them a bit more in depth? (Like how exactly they went instead of just synopsizes?? I'd love to!! Hear about them!!

(for others: synopses in question are here!)

yeah i’d love to some time! 

i have drawn a little scene for “Bear Express”  (one of my favorites) before but i do have some more scenes in mind for that and other eps i would love to draw out / explain, it’d be easier if i knew which eps people were interested in seeing more of specifically 

on another note, i am actually planning on writing a fic for one of the eps so there’s that, although i’m unsure when i will ever get around to it since writing isn’t my strong suit (?)

nothing good comes from being gone
nothing good comes from being gone

did you escape? from the feelings that you wanted to replace, with anything you thought could fill the space. i hope you found the quietness you want, because nothing good comes from being gone. so keep your eyes on anything, as long as it makes you happy. do you feel like a big girl? do you feel like a big girl now? now that you’re out in the big world and i still can’t leave the house. because the starting line is atop a mountain that i can’t climb with these broken arms. i liked you, but more than anything i wanted to be like you. with the strength inside to make it to the top, because nothing good comes from being gone. i’m willing to admit it’s all my fault. i will trade all of my pride for what i’ve lost. i don’t want to lose this battle with my thoughts. nothing good comes from being gone.

Okay after taking a tiny break to get some personal stuff in order I spent a good solid hour working on 2x11 of the podcast. We’ve been recording out of order so the next few eps after that are in the can but 2x11 is our return episode so I really plan to dig into it tomorrow because it should be priority. I only have maybe forty more minutes of it to sift thru but what makes this one a challenging edit is Melanie and Lindsay’s wedding episode is one of the episodes where absolutely every character has something going on, some little storyline. Which is actually pretty awesome really, and it is hands down my favorite episode in the entire series for that reason alone.

But then, when trying to tackle an episode like that on a podcast it’s challenging because storylines weave into each other at times. I know Emy and guest would be working their way thru a path but would have to take detours and then circle back to certain points of the story in order to get everything that’s going on. It was definitely challenging to record for them for sure.

Then as for me it’s been a little interesting figuring out how to cobble it all together to make it flow and feel organic. And like this is why sound editors are so, so important. I often feel like it’s a job that people really don’t notice or appreciate, not just in terms of the podcast, but I mean overall. Sound editing in movies and tv and in other media. People don’t notice when the editing is really, really good because it’s so good that all of your focus is on the content which is where it should be, but it’s really easy to notice when the sound editing is bad. I’ve listened to podcasts where the host was eating on mic or where fifteen seconds of dead air made it to final cut, just, truly wince worthy stuff that didn’t sound good in my earbuds. I don’t think my editing is perfect but I really try to make us sound as best as we can, considering. I actually take a bit of pride in what I bring to the table in terms of the podcast because I feel like good editing makes any podcast stronger and more cohesive.

So. I had to play Tetris with a lot of pieces of 2x11 so far, dragging and dropping things all over the place to get everything in sequence the best I can. I still feel like there might end up being a few moments here and there that are ‘’out of place’’ but, eh. As long as I can get the hugely significant parts where they need to be, I’m pleased. It’s yet another supersized episode and honestly if any episode deserved to be supersized it’s Mel and Lindsay’s wedding.

Day 10 of 30 for Voltron Challenge: Favorite Pidge moment

So if those who may or may not remember the episode of “Taking Flight” while most of it was pretty serious with the new aliens, Hunk all “THESE GUYS ARE EBIL I KNOW IT” in the background of it there is Pidge. OMFG Pidge in this ep is hilarious with her playing with the little robot dude, and then when she planks on top of it! LIke pffft it’s hilarious xDD So yeah it was one of my fav moments with her. 

Cause like, I love her serious scenes and all, on how she takes down Sendak’s plans, her sneaking into the Garrison and all that cool shit for a simple 14 year old. Its this little scene that shorta shows her age to me and I love it. Enjoy!

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I would watch the hell out of this because let’s be honest, it should be a show. Featuring such things as;

“My favorite thing about chop suey is his eyelashes”

“I can tell my man by his ankles”

“Louis is great to sit and admit what he’s like, no I don’t look like a serial killer *nervous laughter*”

“Louis is the funniest person in the entire world and my feral cat laugh can prove this”

“Good lad, nice little body, and I can control myself around it…I think”

“His curls or his smell: a 15 minute debate”

“No that song isn’t about him again…or is it”

“Do I control the fond or does it control me”

“To we or not to wee (together)”

“I don’t like tattoos but I’m going to tattoo my love for you, everywhere”

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Top 5 Rose moments

I think it would be easy here to focus on HBIC-Rose moments, but I’m not going to do that bc she was about so much more than that - empathy and compassion were even more important to her character. And I keep quoting my 33 days of the doctor and rose meta lolol and this one is no exception.

1. Fear Her - saving Ten a cupcake … aka Day 3 Favorite Episode XD What I love so much about this moment is that she didn’t even seem to be listening to him early in the ep when he mentions liking the edible ball bearings. And in the meantime she manages to solve a mystery, free an alien single-handedly, AND save Ten’s sorry butt … AND she still remembers this little minor thing he said at the beginning of the ep and tries to do something nice to make him happy. That’s so … her. =)

2. End of the World - “I Want Chips” … oh fuck it, I’m just gonna quote my Day 2 Favorite Scene here bc my opinion stands: “He gives her the option of leaving here, and is very serious. We saw his dejected reaction when she refused to come with him at the end of Rose, so clearly he doesn’t want her to bail on him - but he is still giving her an out here all the same, after showing her something horrible. And what does she do? She makes him smile. If any one scene can fully embody a meta on the Doctor/Rose relationship to me, it’s gotta be this one.”

3. The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End - “How was that sentence gonna end?” … her heart is broken here, she knows he’s leaving, but she stands her ground. She doesn’t rail at Ten, or reject TenToo… she believes in him, she believes in them, and she gives him one last chance to say what he feels, just like how he gives people one last chance. She’s gotta know it’s not going to work out in her favor wrt Ten - which is why as per Day 10 Saddest Moment she doesn’t look shocked at all… but she gives him a chance all the same.

4. Army of Ghosts/Doomsday - “On your own?” … again here, her heart is breaking, she’s stuck in a parallel world where she doesn’t want to be, and what’s her first thought? Just like her wondering in Fear Her  “who’s gonna hold his hand now?” her first thought here as well is of Ten and how he is gonna cope, if he is gonna be alone.

5. The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit - “I’m Gonna Stay” … aka Day 16, Favorite Rose Moment about the Doctor XD this is RTD’s favorite Rose moment, and it’s one of mine too. I love it because she’s compassionate — but she has to think about it, she doesn’t immediately jump to the opinion. It’s hard for her, she flicks her eyes away as she’s considering this, but in the end, just like Ten believes in her, she believes in him as well.