this was my favorite ep when i was little

i feel like faith lehane is the kind of girl who’d be really into harmless conspiracy theories (bigfoot, aliens, etc) and even though she’s not big on doing the actual research she’d fall asleep on her couch watching documentaries a lot 

I SHIP Fluttercord (Fluttershy x Discord) from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I went back on watching MLP FiM for a bit and decided to watch a couple of ep. in random order because it’s been three years since I last saw the show and curios to know on what’s currently going to my former favorite show, and there was nothing to watch on T.V and I had to wait for Steven Universe and Star vs The Forces of Evil to air. Then I stumble to this

And I was like! 

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I remember shipping a lot back when I was a brony  like Flutterpie, Delestia, Twidash, Twiestia, Flutterdash, Appledash and so forth but this pairing. They look so precious together like I’m even calling it a Beauty and the Beast story, my shipper heart! There’s also a lot proof from the show and comics that support this ship! 

Keep Calm and Flutter On

Fluttershy friends were accusing Discord for letting the gravy fish spraying gravy at them, she defends him and calls him his “friend” and he stopped

As Discord was about to win, he realize he’ll lose his only friend, Fluttershy 

They’re held hooves (hands) 

Three’s a Crowd 

Fluttershy and Discord write each other letters 

Twilight’s Kingdom 

She’s smiling 

The way they look at each other when they’re talking about tea 

“Just between the two of us…”

“I’m mostly doing this for Fluttershy” 


She gave him a hug when he returns 

“Oh but you are (she’s important), Fluttershy. You’re the pony who taught me that friendship is magic. I had magic and friendship, and now I don’t either” 

Fluttershy forgave him even though he betray her and her friends

Make new Friends but Keep Discord 


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They argue like a couple 

Dungeons and Discord 
Discord pleas with Fluttershy to either stay or go with her 

He even puts a volcano to make her stay 

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To Where and Back Again 

When Starlight mentions Princess Celestia, Luna, and Twilight got kidnapped, he doesn’t care 

but when she tells him that Fluttershy got kidnapped, he gets furious! 

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“For Fluttershy” 

He couldn’t resist


For the Comics 

Aw :3 

She knows too damn well :D

She sounds so upset that he change

Mother of celestia, yes!  

I may not be a brony anymore and not too interested in the show anymore but this is the ship that I hope to see happen in the future. Can’t wait to watch Discordant Harmony when it comes out. Discord wanted to change himself to make  

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Hi! i'm having a super bad day and was wondering if u would mind recommending me some s7 msr fics?? preferably angsty but with a happy ending!!!

I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day!  Mine wasn’t super either.  So here, let me rustle up some of my favorite S7 stories from some of my favies for you real quick:

Oral Traditions by @leiascully
A post-ep for Millennium that features one of the ways Mulder and Scully could have, um, taken care of one another without further injury to that poor arm of his.  NSFW!

Happily Ever After by @all-these-ghosts
An AU for Closure that really makes me angry at the ending we actually got for the Samantha arc and wishes desperately that I could replace it with this one.

Florida Blues by @wtfmulder
Okay so this one is really short but who writes post-eps for Agua Mala?!  Chelsea, that’s who.  And it’s angsty and kinda sweet and just very them.

Animus Possidendi by @aloysiavirgata
Honestly, probably my favorite post-ep for En Ami ever.  It’s dangerously sexy and is one of the reasons I fell in love with AV’s writing.  NSFW!

Fun Sized by @lyndsaybones
I cheated.  This one isn’t even remotely angsty.  But it’s adorable Halloween fluff, and who doesn’t love that?

Red Sun at Morning by @scienceandmysticism
Something beautiful about when Scully realized she was madly in love with her partner.  And featuring one of my favorite lines ever written in a fic.  Guess which one?

I hope those helped, Anon!  Just a quick little jaunt through my favorites list.  All of these are right around 2000 words.

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hi im really scared right now because my dad was at the country music festival in vegas that the shooting happened at last night and we still havent heard from so im just wondering what some of your favorite BTS related videos are because i need something to get my mind off of this and cant think of anything. <3

oh no i’m so sorry ;;;; i hope you get to hear from him soon 

i don’t watch bts related videos on youtube tbh but uhhh i made some compilations a while ago?? like hoseok complimenting yoongi,  yoonseok laughing during their masks vlive, yoongi making hoseok laugh during one of the run eps, bts saying armys are our life YEAH, yoongi screaming jhope pt1, and pt2, yoongi’s cute little scream, yoonkook dacing tango and being cute, yoongi saying YEAH BABY, when a cameraman couldn’t find jin

if anyone has any video recommendations can you pls reblog the post and add the links?? be strong, love 

tomstar things from the new ep bc if i don’t do it NO ONE WILL

  • tom 100 percent wants to marry star, my GOD
  • the fact he stopped to change into a suit before seeing her !?!!??? (this is my favorite)
  • the fact that this demon of hell was ready to torture someone to death and gives out a soft little “ow!” when his ex slugs him in the arm
  • star didn’t blast him with the wand!! it was never even a possibility!! she wasn’t angry when he showed up!
  • how damn CRUSHED this demon boy looks when his valet says “point for marco”
  • the dumb little smiles they give each other when tom compliments her hair will fuel me for five centuries
  • star asking marco if tom is still mopey w/ genuine interest and then smiling when he says he’s cool!!

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I feel awkward when I read older voltron fics and they refer to pidge as 'he'

like…. i was going through the voltron tag a while back and someone posted some screenshots of pidge from ep 1 and was like “omg i just started watching vld and this little boy is my favorite already im obsessed w/ him” and i was just like eesh 😬😬😬
(yeah idk dude i just always try to use they/them pronouns for pidge because that’s just how i personally feel it should be handled?? at least until pidge confirms pronouns themself? idk but yeah i hope that makes sense and is appropriate)

S: Arcade!  Yay!

L: I’ve never been to one.

S: That’s sad.  I used to take my brother to the arcade all the time.  He loved Street Fighter and my favorite was Air Hockey.  

L: Did you ride on the Jelly Jiggler or Tsunami?

S: No, our arcade didn’t have rides… but I did ride on the horse outside Kmart when I was tiny.  I remember even as a little squirt finding it very disappointing.  I like how the things they’re riding on kind of look like them.

Lawli wonders, did/do you go to an arcade and if so what was/is your favorite game?

I think my favorite thing about shadowhunters is that even during the hiatus they little tidbits of information and insight as to what’s going on. Like I miss seeing new ep but I don’t miss the show because the actors and writers and directors show us pictures and answers questions and it’s like yeah you have to wait for new episodes but you’re with them in the process while they’re making the new season happen and I’m just overwhelmed by how blessed we are to have this show and this cast and crew

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Can i ask where did you get the rating data? I want to see it! I'm so excited when you said that this season (so far) has a great rating. Dabb's season (12&13) actually became my most favorite so far (after 4&5 of course), followed closely by 8. I'm happy to see that a lot of people seems to think so too!

I follow the TV Grim Reaper on Twitter. They’re a bit of an ass to fans (and they’re not completely wrong tbh…), but they know what’s up. Plus, you can find rating data here. 13x05 did a little worse than previous eps, but as I said, SPN was still the second highest-rated show on the CW this week. 
So far, s13 is doing better than s12! (You can find s12 ratings on that website I linked, too)

Which hair? And a Hope (see what I did there haha)
mdianasanders replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

The second one! I really hate that first one (in general, nothing to do with Alex), even on toddlers.

sparkiemonkey replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

left, just say no to beibs hair

elisabettasims replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

I like the one on the left the best.

hellcat1989 replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

I like the second one, it looks soft and wavy lol

jodeebradley14 replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

Say NO to the wig!!!!!

princessdejamars replied to your photo “You guys remember the little boy, Alex, that Hope met at the park next…”

I like the first one the best….it just suits him …the sensitive musician type….I guess….

I have made my decision!  It’s was based off what I have planned for his future and how I wanted him to look right now.  

@sparkiemonkey Beibs hair?  LOL I know who you are talking about but I’ve never head The Wig called that.

elisabettasims replied to your photo “Meep! Hope Delgado is now a teen.  She’s so stinking cute!  She’s a…”

That hair is one of my recent faves too! She’s so cute but, that’s not shocking because her family is cute. She’s got GREAT genetics.

hellcat1989 replied to your photo “Meep! Hope Delgado is now a teen.  She’s so stinking cute!  She’s a…”

She is so stinkin cute!!

I agree!  The hair is my recent favorite and Hope is too adorkable.   

I’m a little disappointed that it seems as if the Vet Career is pretty much like owning a restaurant but the reviewer didn’t seem very knowledgeable about sims or the EP (according to my friend who watched her) so…..will see when it releases.

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What did you think of the new bomb? :O

OKAY so tl;dr: much better than sb5. which yeah, is still a pretty low standard, but this bomb had far more interesting elements to it! the first three eps had a season 1 vibe that i really liked, and the last two were pretty engaging as well. that isn’t to say that my sentiments are all praise though. i’ll put an episode-by-episode opinion under the cut!

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as someone new to got7, which shows/videos would you recommend to get to know them better?

here are the shows I’d recommend in order of my favorites! 😊

Real GOT7 - the show that made me stan GOT7 in the first place. seasons 1-3 are available on youtube and Netflix, season 4 is available on Vlive but it isn’t as good as the first 3 seasons :/

GOT7ing - I really like this show cus it’s just GOT7 spending time together with no rules, no scripts, no schedules just GOT7 being GOT7

GOT7′s Hard Carry - GOT7′s ‘reality show’ where they did various activities like try to get their license, went on a trip, sky dived in canada, took fencing lessons from Jackson etc. My favorite episode is ep. 2 where they played the ‘zombie game’ aka the blindfold game and it’s the same episode Jackson pranked his members in Thailand.

IGOT7 -  GOT7′s first show filmed either right before debut or just after, to me, it’s a little cringey rewatching it cus it was so long ago and their styling was so different as well as their relationships. You can really see how GOT7 have gotten closer now.

GOT7 on Weekly Idol - First, I just wanna say I really hate the way Doni and Coni treat Jackson on Weekly Idol (especially when he was a rookie), I don’t care if they’re ‘just joking’ it really comes off as rude and it’s not funny at all. And I have yet to build up the courage to watch the video of that terrible prank they played on him during Big Byung.

But GOT7 have appeared on this show many times and they usually have fun and it really shows off their funny side and their charms so it’s worth a watch. GOT7 have made appearances as a group in episodes: 146, 156, 177, 220, 261-263, and 294

and that should start you off for now! Feel free to ask for more recs 🤗

S: Aw, Greg is a good dad.  Magic clearly freaks him out and he’s still supportive of his son when he does crazy things.  I think Greg might be my favorite character so far just because every single time I see him he makes me happy.  

L: I thought you’d like him.

S: Also I noticed that they set up Cat Finger’s weakness to water.  That’s… actually a little disturbing.

L: Disturbing how?

S: Uh, well I suddenly have an image in my head of Steven wanting to get rid of Cat Finger and holding his finger underwater and basically drowning Cat Finger out.  Bleh. 

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The past two episodes have been pretty blah for me but this episode was quite possibly my favorite of the season. Happy, carefree Barry? Flashbacks to little Iris and Barry? Cute little comedic moments between Westallen? Iris being Barry's lightning rod? The cute Jitters scene? That moment when amnesiac Barry checked his skin tone after Wally explained they were brothers 😂? This episode was full of gold and made my heart so happy 😍

There were so many fun surprises in here, I really liked the flashback scene, and that they took the time in this ep to show just how close WA are and were even before the show started. Love it!

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I just finished ep 11 and I'm still recovering from the kastle content in ep 10. Especially the elevator scene. My english is not great, so it's hard to explain. But it felt so raw & pure with a little bit of underlined tension. Frank was so battered and tired by that point and when Karen expressed concern due to his injuries, the defenses came down. And he just gave into the moment of being close to her and vice versa. I almost can't believe it happened! Amazing blog btw. :)

There’s no problem with your English, at all, that makes total sense. One of my favorites moments is that even in their utter exhaustion, after they have to stabilize themselves separately on opposite sides of the elevator, she reaches out to touch him, even though she doesn’t have the energy to do it. They’re both completely worn out, they can barely move, he struggles to push open the ceiling. And then when she shows that concern, they stop struggling for breath and just lean on each other, instead of apart, like before and it’s just this [yepyepyep] raw and pure rush of emotion, with all of the tension of two people who don’t have a label or slot for the context of their relationship, apart from: family. It’s just ughhh it’s just so good. 

And thank you so much! :DDD

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My favorite bot is by far Smokescreen! When I was little, like 7 or 8, I stumbled across that G1 Episode where he's the main focus (Ep: The gambler?) and I fell in love with him. Part of me liked him because he is what got me into the franchise, but the other part just loved his character and the fact that not many people really remembered him-That is until TFP brought his character back to life. <3 I am so happy they did, because he needed a refresher! Hes so pure <3

Yeah dude, he’s apparently really different in G1 from his TFP counterpart, according to the wiki. It was a bit of a surprise for me when I was reading about him! 

But he’s amazing no matter the continuity, I agree. <3 

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What a cutie x3

nothing good comes from being gone
nothing good comes from being gone

did you escape? from the feelings that you wanted to replace, with anything you thought could fill the space. i hope you found the quietness you want, because nothing good comes from being gone. so keep your eyes on anything, as long as it makes you happy. do you feel like a big girl? do you feel like a big girl now? now that you’re out in the big world and i still can’t leave the house. because the starting line is atop a mountain that i can’t climb with these broken arms. i liked you, but more than anything i wanted to be like you. with the strength inside to make it to the top, because nothing good comes from being gone. i’m willing to admit it’s all my fault. i will trade all of my pride for what i’ve lost. i don’t want to lose this battle with my thoughts. nothing good comes from being gone.

chants: here we fuckin go

okay. so as you all know. i am a huge fan and supporter of levi the poet. his name is levi macallister. levi the poet. he does poetry. and his name is levi. cool.

he is a spoken word artist from albuquerque new mexico. 

he has four albums

  • werwolves (2009)
  • monologues (ep 2011)
  • seasons (2012)
  • correspondence, a fiction (2014)

all of the albums leading up to his latest release, correspondence, have been “completely autobiographical.”

this video describes his story. i can’t be the one to tell it. it’s not mine. but here it is.

watch this. it’ll help you understand.

werewolves this album. wow. this is his first released album. i think he was 20. holy crap. i’m almost 20. i am not capable of this. but that’s okay. he’s done enough for the both of us. this album is a little scary. listen with caution. no, there are no jump scares. but there are thoughts that you’re scared of. or at least i’m scared of. some suicide tw on these poems. 

here’s one of my favorites. “we whisper in unison, god i must have bummed you out again.”

rainy weather

monologues this ep only has a few songs on it. songs? poems? i don’t know what to call them. so i’ll just use whatever words comes out of my fingers first. songs. these songs have life. watch the memories video. when he is on the ground, i understand that. on a lighter note, i got my septum pierced because of this video. so that’s cool.


seasons this is one of my favorite albums of all time. seriously. that video i posted about his story for TWLOHA was before seasons. seasons is full of anger. i feel it. i feel it from harsh men to boundless. but that anger turns to acceptance, i think. i want that acceptance. that’s why i listen. i can hear a hint of forgiveness. i need forgiveness.. and light. i think that’s in seasons. seasons. wow. even the name. it’s all in the seasons.

my favorite poem of all time is on this album.

the teacher speaks. he covers his eyes. but i swear to god he uncovers them. i swear to god.

correspondence (a fiction) this is levi’s first release as a fully fictional piece. i say that like there isn’t truth woven into the fabric. there is. i can feel it. the story is of an ageless girl and an ageless boy. the girl is taken to sea by her father in search of a whale that “they’d never know what to do with had it existed in the first place.” i don’t know if it’s about loss or about truth or about peace or about family. but i do know that it is about the ocean. and that’s enough for me.

chapter 3: the great american game

i’d love to show you more poems or hear your thoughts about certain lines. there are lines i hear that have completely shifted my mind. i say that like i can see the shift happen. i think i might be able to. i don’t know. please feel free to ask me for more poems. i have a whole library full. and you know i’m always up for being wordy.

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Sorry, did the ask I sent a little bit ago go through? Something weird happened when I sent it so I don't know.... If not, Talks Machina RQ speech snippets fill me with rage, the end

I missed talks (honestly it’s embarrassing how much of the past two months of CR I’ve missed given how aggressively I blog about it) but like. anything about the raven queen fills me with a deep, welling love and awe she’s my Favorite