this was my fave tv performance


I started out as an actor, and I also paint, draw, make photographs, invent stuff, sculpt air, fight evil, and generally break all the rules because I’m such a renegade. I used to perform stand-up comedy but then I realised comics are not fun to hang out with. I did two short films, one got nominated for an Oscar—I got in trouble for pretending to sleep through the announcement and therefore lost. Next came Eagle Vs. Shark, and a TV show called Flight of the Conchords that I wrote and directed on. I also got to act in Green Lantern which amazes me because I usually hate acting because I’m too good at it and it bores me. I recently directed a US remake of my mate’s UK show called The InBetweeners which everyone will love except the British. Also, I am extremely good-looking which is actually more of a burden than a blessing. It means I don’t get any of the interesting roles that people like Brad Pitt get.

Name: Haley

Age: 19

Location: Oregon, US

Expectations: I am interested in an internet friend on any online media. I would love to exchange letters in the future but am currently moving so therefore I’m unable to at the moment.


  • Reading (historical fiction, fantasy)
  • Music (musical theatre, pop, folk, country)
  • TV (Doctor Who, Psych, Elementary, Leverage) 
  • Films (currently trying to watch a movie a day this year),
  • Musicals (Top faves are The Bridges of Madison County, Ragtime, Hadestown, and Ghost Quartet)
  • Museums
  • History
  • Traveling


  • Onions
  • Cold weather
  • Talking during a movie/theatre performance/concert
  • Bugs
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • People who are close-minded
  • The stress of figuring out what to do with my life

Fun Fact About Me:

  • I am an identical twin.


  • Age: 15+.
  • English Speaking 

Contact Info:
You can message me on my tumblr or email to get started.
Tumblr: or
abigail.mcknight12 @ gmail. com


“Two hands slap together… A perfect relay, as if they had no doubt that this would happen. How can two people trust each other so much? Hearts connected, becoming the wind. That’s the performance I admired… Honan Academy Stride! Yes, my life at Honan finally begins today!”


endless list of favorite episodes | 3.12 clear [the walking dead]
“You gave me the gun. You tried. You tried to get me to do it ‘cause I was supposed to do it, I was supposed to kill her, my Jenny. Knew I was supposed to but… I let it go. Let it go like there wasn’t gonna be a reckoning. We was always looking for food, you know? It always came down to food. And I was… I was checking out a cellar and I didn’t want Duane to come down there with me and then when I came up… she was standing there right in front of him and he had his gun up… and he couldn’t do it. So I called to him and he turned. And then she was just … just on him. And I see red. I see red. Everything is red. Everything I see is red. And I do it. Finally. Finally was too late.

I am feeling optimistic, however, because after Christmas and New Years comes AWARD SEASON.

If I took awards season way too seriously before, graduating this year with a degree in creative writing for entertainment has made me a fucking maniac.

Music and traditional Oscar-bait movies have SUCKED this year. The only OB movie I’ve really liked so far has been The Revenant, and the only good albums to come out were Carly Rae Jepsen and Grimes.

TV, however, has been FUCKING AWESOME. I’ve been binge-watching everything and I have soooo many series and performances that I’m rooting for (ahem RAMI MALEK), even if a lot of my faves got ignored. Critics are complaining that there’s too much quality TV content these days because platforms are expanding like crazy (not to mention the long-awaited decline of reality TV and a higher than ever before demand for quality scripted drama), but I don’t care because *coughcoughcough* you can stream all that shit for free whenever and wherever you want it, TV companies just need to catch on. So I’m excited to see what wins what.

And watch Game of Thrones go and win fucking everything again because Hollywood is a fucking boy’s club cesspool and people always vote for the same shit year after year even if it actually had to fucking go and say GEE MAYBE USING RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSUALT TO BE ~*DaRk*~ AND ~*eDgY*~ IS A BAD IDEA AND SHITTY FUCKING WRITING, WE SHOULD THINK OF A NEW PLOT DEVICE.