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Shamelessly Aesthetic Reasons for Fitz to be an LMD

  • crying-Iain when LMDFitz is forced into self-awareness and/or is confronted by the woman he loves

  • crying-Liz when she’s forced to confront “Fitz” and/or possibly injure or shut down (a spitting image of) the man she loves

  • fierce & dangerous Jemma Simmons being a steely-eyed bamf and actually getting to finish a storyline for once what

  • (bonus points if Daisy isn’t and LMD bc Skimmons Teamup = The Dream and Skimmons team up to rescue Fitz?? Bus Kids?? Platonic Fitz-Daisy feels?? Potentially Daisy comforting/inspiring Simmons?? Yes to all)

  • swoon-y post-rescue Fitz looking dazed/dreamily up at Jemma (a la post Maveth) after she pulls him out of the Framework setup, at which point all surviving members of the FS fandom will probably combust
After the horrorshow that was Britney Ever After...

I’ve been taking some much needed time to recover and looking through some of my favorite Britney and *NSYNC photos. I thought I’d share a few here:

I’ve always loved this one of Brit and Joey. They both look actually happy.

Same shoot. Joey, JC, and Lance all look actually decent. JC’s inherent dorkiness isn’t shining through, unlike a certain ramen-noodle-haired somebody who would also be fine if it wasn’t for the awkward leaning reaching thing he’s doing. Chris… I really hate the braids. Love Chris, hate the braids with a burning passion. Brit’s adorable (and tiny) as hell here, fight me.

This one’s a little awkward for a few reasons. She’s adorable. Joey’s a mess, Ronald-McDonald-head to weird-cuffs. Lance looks like he might bite somebody. Is JC actually that red, or is he just slowly absorbing the excessive red dye from Joey? This… is probably one of the better pictures of Chris’s braids. They aren’t super noticeable here. And Justin’s wearing a really bland goofy hat. I love it.

The denim. It’s gross. I almost did this as a Halloween costume with a friend a few years back. Gross or not, it’s memorable as hell and I definitely crack a smile every time I see them in these outfits.

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