this was my fav quote she said

  • {Chaeyoung trying to settle an argument between Nayeon and Dahyun}
  • Chaeyoung: Nayeon said it was complicated and that you're being dramatic
  • Dahyun: [Snaps her fingers before slamming a hand on the table]
  • {Later}
  • Chaeyoung: Dahyun said you're the one who's actually being a little dramatic
  • Nayeon: [Gasps as she holds a hand over her heart]
  • Nayeon: ME?!
  • Me:The sky is blue.
  • Tumblr:First of all, trigger warning, you bitch. Blue was the color of the smurf doll I had that got ruined in the wash. Secondly, my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s step-sister said the sky was indigo, and she would know, because she studies colors in college. COLLEGE. Also, way to oppress other fucking colors and completely erase light blue, dark blue, and blue-ish green! Educate yourself, you ignorant piece of shit trash! You think you know everything but you have no clue! Thanks to you I am triggered and about to kill myself! Hope you’re happy you fuck!

this was the year challenge week 1
↳ favourite quote

Excelsior,“ Gansey said bleakly.
Blue asked, “What does that even mean?”
Gansey looked over his shoulder at her. He was once more, just a little bit closer to the boy she’d seen in the churchyard.
Onwards and upwards.” 


But I’m not here to give out compliments, 

or boost nobody confidence, momma


Also on this week’s Arslan Senki

I finally got to see one of my fav quotes from the novels/OVA done in the show!

90s OVA ver.:

2015 TV Anime Ver. :

The subtitles for 2015 version of said line are a bit (too) simplified but the same case is made and for a girl who was the daughter of the leader of a clan of mountain bandits, she shows a considerable level of intelligence and insight on the subject that makes up Arslan’s first act: Do you save an obviously broken society and get it back to normal or do you do it the hard way, overhaul it, and potentially have people resent you for trampling on things they’ve taken for granted even though they are completely and utterly inhumane and disgusting practices (slavery)