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Warnings: Fluff? Seriously, it got out of control with this one

Word Count: 1.4k

Summary: Shawn doesn’t believe it when Brian tells him what your ringtone is. So, being the scientist that he is, he tests it out.

A/N: wrote this as an apology for how long it’s taking part 4 of tattoos to come out, please forgive me :) fyi it’s coming out on Sunday the 29th (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (as you can see, I’m so not excited) 

Also, if you like this, send me ur fav Shawn quote whether it be lyric or some random shit he’s said


“Why don’t you believe me? It’s true!” Brian exclaimed, his voice slightly muffled to Shawn since it was a phone call.

“Cause I know her ringtone. It is not one of my songs.” He said, confident in his knowledge.

“Well, she changed it since you’ve started the tour. It’s an acoustic version too. Sometimes it sounds like you’re singing it right there. Probably why she has it. Since I’ve been staying at the apartment, it’s all I hear cause you keep calling her. If you don’t believe me, then come see for yourself. Aren’t you coming next week?” 

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sexloveyouth  asked:

Hi Cassie! I love your work I've been reading over and over again, it's awesome so thank you for that. Many things to be said but straight to the point. I'm loving the character of Cristina in TDA, the fact of her being Latina is awesome, I would like to know if there's more of that, like a Colombian character of something haha. (Colombian fan here) Is Cristina being heart-broken because of Mark? Are Mark and Cristina going to be together? I love Kieran, but Cristina is my fav. Cristina SNIPPET?

I’m so glad you like Cristina! Cristina and Mark haven’t gotten together, so it’s early for her to be heartbroken over him! She’s with Diego at the end of Lady Midnight — and Diego and his brother Jaime do play significant roles in Lord of Shadows, so you’ll definitely be seeing them in terms of more Latinx characters — you’ll also hear from some past characters like Marisol Garza and Bat Velasquez going forward into TWP! 

Cristina quote:  

“Manuel is limping,” said Cristina. She had come up behind Emma and wrapped her arms around her from behind, resting her chin on her friend’s shoulder. “Did you do that?” 

“I might have,” Emma murmured. She heard Cristina giggle. “He was trying to talk me into joining the Cohort.”

my fav quotes all said/done by christian borle in charlie +TCF

*kisses augustus’ hand while augustus tries to reach out to him*

or you’ll get SUCKED UP THE PIPE.

bones in the toffee, disGUsTinGggGgg. *shivers*

remember, you talk, you DIE.

hey charlie, look in there! heHEHEEH. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING.


kids: that sounds amazing!

christian: - DOESNT IT!!!??!???

if you get blueberry, berry, berry bad.

i’m sure she’ll be fine.. *runs away*


shimmie! *shimmies*

oh dear, may i help? *stomps phone to pieces*


veruca what happened to your face? oh you look like that to begin with, i do apologize.

*something bad about to happen to mike* mike…….. no………stop ……..

this tour’s been a dISASTER. *throws body*

how DARE YOU INSULT MY WORK. *squares up to grandpa joe*

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Aren’t you afraid of dying?“ he asked Lila now.
She looked at him as if it were a strange question. And then she shook her head. "Death comes for everyone,” she said simply. “I’m not afraid of dying. But I am afraid of dying here.” She swept her hand over the room, the tavern, the city. “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.” ~ A Darker Shade of Magic

More Sarows ☺️ I love her


“I think about my daughter now, and what she was spared. Sometimes I feel grateful. The doctor said she didn’t feel a thing; went straight into a coma. Then, somewhere in that blackness, she slipped off into another deeper kind. Isn’t that a beautiful way to go out, painlessly as a happy child? Trouble with dying later is you’ve already grown up. The damage is done, it’s too late.”

True Detective, Season One - “Seeing Things” (2014) dir. Cary Fukunaga


Funny Bob Dylan Quotes Part 1

I just love Bobs humour so I picked a couple of my favourite funny lines and made these. Here again each quote and where it is from:

  • The sun’s not yellow – it’s chicken (Tombstone Blues - Highway 61 Revisited)
  • Wiggle ’til it whispers, wiggle ’til it hums
    Wiggle ’til it answers, wiggle ’til it comes (Wiggle Wiggle  –  Under The Red Sky)
  • You know it balances on your head
    Just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine (Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat – Blonde on Blonde)
  • They asked me for some collateral
    And I pulled down my pants (Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream – Bringing It All Back Home)
  • Well, I spied a girl and before she could leave,
    “Let’s go and play Adam and Eve.”
    I took her by the hand and my heart it was thumpin’
    When she said, “Hey man, you crazy or sumpin’,
    You see what happened last time they started.” (Talkin’ World War III Blues – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan)
  • Dogs a-barkin’, cats a-meowin’,
    Women screamin’, fists a-flyin’, babies cryin’,
    Cops a-comin’, me a-runnin’.
    Maybe we just better call off the picnic. (Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues – The Bootleg Series Vol. 9)

Canon Arya Stark Week - Day One: Fav Quote

“The wolf blood.” Arya remembered now. “I’ll be as strong as Robb. I said I would.” She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth.

  • {Chaeyoung trying to settle an argument between Nayeon and Dahyun}
  • Chaeyoung: Nayeon said it was complicated and that you're being dramatic
  • Dahyun: [Snaps her fingers before slamming a hand on the table]
  • {Later}
  • Chaeyoung: Dahyun said you're the one who's actually being a little dramatic
  • Nayeon: [Gasps as she holds a hand over her heart]
  • Nayeon: ME?!

“I think about my daughter now, and what she was spared. Sometimes I feel grateful. The doctor said she didn’t feel a thing; went straight into a coma. Then, somewhere in that blackness, she slipped off into another deeper kind. Isn’t that a beautiful way to go out, painlessly as a happy child? Trouble with dying later is you’ve already grown up. The damage is done, it’s too late.”

True Detective, Season One - “Seeing Things” (2014) dir. Cary Fukunaga

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Fav animal: guinea pig. without a second thought.

Average hours of sleep: listen. i either get 20 or 2. no in between.

How many blankets?: one

Dream trip: colorado cause my mom used to live there and she said its pretty

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I was at my parents the other day I slept on the couch. As I woke up, still somewhat drowsy, I can hear my mom is watching some sort of paranormal TV show and I hear her kinda chuckle so I say, “what? What’s funny?”

And she goes (and I quote) “the guy said this would be the perfect sized hole for ass man. But that couldn’t have been what they said..?”

Ass man is the new cryptid for 2018 yall. He’s all ass and likes to hide in holes in the wall. Be careful out there.


But I’m not here to give out compliments, 

or boost nobody confidence, momma


Fav moments of Poe Party Episode 3
  • Am I allowed to start with the previously on section because it’s so well edited? Brisk, concise, great moments, overlapping speech and clips that don’t actually overlap in the original ep, it’s nice.
  • Emily Dickinson gets half her face in the credit sequence now!!
  • “I’m just really good at eulogies!”
  • “I’m not going to jail, none of us are going to jail!! *looks at dead body* …okay, one of you is probably going to jail.”
  • The smile Oscar Wilde makes after saying “I’d probably say that if it were mine too” (GOOD LORD THE FACES HE MAKES)
  • “i think we can all agree that the most innocent person here is the beautiful and innocent Annabelle Lee and also she is the most beautiful.”
  • “Seems like that whole innocent thing might be an act! (love that dress!)” “How could you?! (Thank you!)”
  • *George Eliot slowly slides to hide behind the tallest person in the room*
  • “I may be going out on a limb here, but perhaps you have a vault space in your cellar amenable to storing dead bodies in?” “Naturally.” “AHA!” “Come on, everybody does.” “Mine’s in my attic.”
  • *Hemingway flirts by eating an apple aggressively*
  • “We are dealing with a madman…” *George Eliot appears from shadows* “Or woman… just saying…” *George Eliot slowly slinks back into shadows*
  • “I was half expecting to find some dead bodies already down here” “That’s absurd, at this temperature?”
  • Lenore’s face anytime anyone is rambling
  • “Okay, so… hella motive.”
  • Ashley’s delivery of “Okay. So?”
  • The fight over Edgar vs Edward
  • Lenore literally walking away from Poe
  • Is Emily Dickinson even there?
  • “Who do you think we are, the Austens?!”
  • “I was worried that he was going to reveal my true identity tonight as a woman…. izer. A womanizer.”
  • *George panics about ended this topic* “Hey it’s a real shame about those dead people, huh?”
  • HG Well’s conspiracy charting skills
  • “Where did you get those pictures?”
  • “Who had the most to gain from his untimely demise?” *everyone looks at Poe*
  • “Oscar, come on! (I knew I shouldn’t have invited you..)”
  • “IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!! is something I would say if she *was* alive. She’s not.”
  • Everyone’s face while Hemingway flirts with Annabelle

You may be thinking to yourself “Erin, you just quoted the entire episode!” but I’m not sure you understand that literally ALL OF THESE ARE MY FAV MOMENTS OKAY DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE JUST GO WATCH THIS DAMN FUNNY SHOW >>>>WATCH IT I SAID<<<<

  • Me:The sky is blue.
  • Tumblr:First of all, trigger warning, you bitch. Blue was the color of the smurf doll I had that got ruined in the wash. Secondly, my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s step-sister said the sky was indigo, and she would know, because she studies colors in college. COLLEGE. Also, way to oppress other fucking colors and completely erase light blue, dark blue, and blue-ish green! Educate yourself, you ignorant piece of shit trash! You think you know everything but you have no clue! Thanks to you I am triggered and about to kill myself! Hope you’re happy you fuck!