this was my fav part i cried


I’m equipped with a selective attention span and a moderate understanding of Japanese, TIME TO LAY OUT MY THOUGHTS ABOUT CHAPTER 49

Obviously: spoiler alert, I won’t try being vague either. Screenshots included, along with some minor translations that are more paraphrasing than actual translations. 

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I'm Sorry I'm Pregnant - Lip Gallagher Imagine

Request: Could you do an imagine where Lip get’s the reader pregnant?? Please and thank you! p.s. I’m in love with your blog!!!

A/N: thank you so much for requesting I can’t believe people actually love my blog and my writing, also I have a weird obsession with writing and reading pregnancy imagines for like if you ever need that with your fav I’m your girl!!

Warnings: cursing, crying, talk of pregnancy, yelling

I sat on the floor of my sad grimy bathroom looking at the little stick in my hand, the sad part was that I felt so small, even smaller then the stick. I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do with myself, what was I going to tell Lip? He already went through this with Karen and the baby wasn’t even his, what if he doesn’t trust me? What if he hates me? All these what ifs sat passed through my mind as I cried wondering how I got her.
Y/N you know how you got here you fucked your boyfriend and the condom broke you dumb bitch!
I got up from the floor and hide the pregnancy test in the cabinet no one uses and walked back to my room to go cry more, why was life to cruel to me. Sure I’ll love this baby regardless but Lip was the question, he would never want to deal with this, he’ll just leave me and I’ll be all alone once again.
“Hey Y/N babe you wanna unlock the door?”
I heard Lip say from behind the door and of course I got up and opened it but I just went back to lay down. He say my current state and laid next to me trying to get a glimpse of my face.
“Hey, hey you wanna talk about whatever’s going on?” He rubbed my back something he always did and usually made me feel so safe but right now all I felt was sadness and pain.
“If you don’t wanna talk that’s fine but can you nod yes or no?” I gave in knowing he would be stubborn and wouldn’t leave until he knew what was going on with me, I nodded yes.
“Ok good, did someone do something to hurt you?” I nodded no.
“Did your mom do something?” I nodded no.
“Did your dad do something again?” I nodded no.
“Did I do something?” I he asked with a sigh thinking that was the answer but I nodded no.
“Then what is it baby?” I just cried more, I couldn’t tell him, I just couldn’t.
“You have to tell me so I can help.”
“YOU CAN’T HELP THAT’S THE PROBLEM!” I screamed getting up from the bed and he looked at me in shock.
“Calm down Y/N.”
“Don’t say that Y/N!” He didn’t yell but did have a lot of emotion behind his words.
“What else is there to say Lip, I’m sorry but I’m pregnant.” his face went soft and he walked close to me until he was holding me so close as if he didn’t I would be gone.
“Y/N I care about you a hell of a lot and this baby, this baby is going to be so loves by the both of us.” He ran his fingers through my hair as he spoke.
“You’re not leaving?”
“Fuck no, never. That baby is there because of my sperm, that baby is part of me and me leaving either of you would be pathetic.” He smirked and held me closer.
“Do you know how much I love you?” I looked up and smiled.
“Yeah, you let me accidentally get you pregnant didn’t you?” He smirked and I hit him playfully.
“Hey! I didn’t let you do shit!” I laughed.
“There’s that smile and that laugh I adore.” He kissed the top of my head and led me to the bed.
“You already got me pregnant what else could you wanna do?”
“For someone who was just bawling their eyes out you sure are happy now.”
“You make me happy Lip.” He laid down and took me back into his arms.
“I love you Y/N, and you too baby.”
“I love you Lip, and I also love the baby too, I was so scared you wouldn’t though Lip.”
“Shhh that doesn’t matter anymore, what matters is the three of us.” He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss and put his hands on my waisted.
“I’ll protect both of you with my life.”
Lip was going to be an amazing father and I couldn’t wait for this experience.

Dr Who Question Meme Thing-y

@goingtothetardis tagged me in this and, well…I’m not procrastinating! Who said I was??? *Looks around shiftily*

Classic or New: Oh gosh, a tough one right off the bat! So I grew up watching classic Who because my parents liked it (esp. Tom Baker era), so I do love it, but RTD era New Who is amazing (esp season 1- OMG!)

Fav Doctor: NINE! There can be no question for me, it’s NINE! He’s my all time favourite Doctor. My favourite classic Doctor is Four (especially as I grew up on his series) but Nine is my all-time favourite of any and all Doctors.

Part of it is probably the actor who played him (I LOVE Chris Eccleston beyond description) but he was so raw, so wounded and yet he could be so compassionate and very aware of the significance of each and every person. I cried when he regenerated.

Worst Doctor: I don’t know that I’d say worst Doctor, exactly, but my least favourite new Who Doctor was 11. Like @goingtothetardis, I think he was just so very poorly written and Moffat turned him into something the Doctor is not. I quite like Matt Smith as an actor, but his tenure as the Doctor wasn’t really something I enjoyed (which is not at all his fault). Maybe if he’d had a better script I’d have liked him more.

Also, much as i LOVE John Hurt, I felt like the whole War Doctor thing didn’t sit right with me. The plot was just so inconsistent with literally most of the new Who series at that point and, yeah. Didn’t go in for that, really.

From classic Who, I’d have to say seven was my least favourite. He had this whole passive-aggressive thing going on, and he was actually quite, well, manipulative in some ways. Didn’t care for that so much.

Fav Companion: Rose. Then Donna. And then Jack! <3 I love how each of these characters had such a low, set idea of themselves and through travelling with the Doctor, they realise their own potential and then fulfil it. Rose the uneducated Estate shopgirl that existed but didn’t live, Donna the loud-mouth unremarkable temp, Jack the sneaky conman… they all grew and evolved into these marvellous people, but even more important, they recognised their own worth, and I LOVED it. THAT’S what Doctor Who is about.

Worst Companion: Well, to be honest I reaaaaaallly don’t like River Song. The way her character was written made her pretty unappealing to me. I mean, she was obsessive and creepy about the Doctor (and frankly he wasn’t very nice to her either- 11 totally used her feelings to manipulative him). Plus she encouraged him to violence, which is a departure from the other companions who usually kept him in check, kept him accountable in some way. So yeah, not my fav. 

Didn’t care for Clara, Amy and Rory as they were written, although that’s a script thing. I like some of the versions I’ve stumbled across in fanfic though.

Top 5 Episodes: Five? You want me to pick ONLY FIVE? Well, fine then. You realise most of this is going to be season 1, of course?

  • Rose – Yep. I’m with @goingtothetardis on this one. I actually initially held out watching new Who for a while after it came out because I was scared it would somehow not live up to the happy memories I had as a child of classic who (esp. 4). Then I watched this episode (on a plane of all things), mainly because of CE, and fell in love with the Doctor and Rose. Honestly, Nine had me at “Nice to meet you Rose. Run for your life!” Quirky, funny, poignant- this episode just got me.
  • The End of the World – I love this SO much because for the first time, we get to see a bit behind the mask of this Doctor. Maniacal, seemingly happy and go-lucky Nine shows a wounded, hurting lonely man underneath, and we get to see it all through Rose’s eyes. And her reaction, despite the danger is just PERFECT. “There’s me.” Just GAH.
  • Dalek - OMG CE was PHENOMENAL here. The wounded Doctor unexpectedly confronts the creatures that cost him everything, and his pain and his reaction is so…visceral. And Rose just blew me away in this episode. Even though she’s essentially at death’s door, the one thing she’s worried about is the Doctor blaming himself. The way they interact, the way Rose’s compassion accidentally rejuvenates the Dalek but ultimately turns it into something else…oh i could rave about this all day.
  • The Idiot’s Lantern – I love this episode. The Doctor and Rose work SO well together here, and his reaction when she she’s taken by the wire…oh it’s fabulous. DT was SO spot on. And their reunion…now THAT is the stuff of legends.
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp – I LOVE this episode. the Doctor and Donna had an amazing vibe and they worked so well together, and you really saw that here. PLUS AGATHA CHRISTIE! I LOVE AGATHA CHRISTIE!!!! Best of both worlds!

Any DVDs: I have it all from iTunes, so, no.

Fav Moment:  I have a lot…but a few would be when Rose runs into the TARDIS for the first time, the basement in Cardiff- I’m so glad I met you-, WW3/Aliens of London - I could save the world but lose you-, when they make up after their fight in 1987, after the Sycorax are defeated and they hesitantly and nervously and adorably agree to travel together again…and the stolen earth, when the Doctor and Rose finally see each other again (BEFORE THAT STUPID DALEK SHOWS UP AND RUINS MY MOMENT DAMMIT).

Scariest Moment: Hmmm…I have a few. Top two probably the kid with the gas mask in the Doctor Dances/the Empty Child ( I STILL can’t hear ‘are you my mummy’ without cringing), and the creepy psychic alien thing on Midnight. That was CREEEEPY.

Saddest Moment: Too many! I’m going to say Doomsday, and the goodbye on Bad Wolf Bay which may or may not make me cry (but BP got reeeeeallly upset filming that so at least I’m in good company), obviously, but also when Pete is saying goodbye to Rose in Father’s Day before he goes out to die. Oh, my heart. That hurt so much. 

Nine’s regeneration. I actually CRIED ON A PLANE watching that (yes I watched the of whole series 1 on a plane to Europe) and the steward walked past and saw me crying and asked if I was OK, and I told him why and he got teary too. Turns out he was a fan.He did give me chocolate though.

And also JE- when the Doctor just leaves Rose there after everything and wouldn’t even say it (owwwww) and also Donna. OMG Donna. The look on her face haunts me as she sees him coming towards her.

Missing Episode you want: I’d love to see some of Rose’s dimension hopping adventures running into previous versions of the Doctor (like, er maybe, I dunno, NINE? Lol. But any would be good).

OK, I’m going to tag the following lovely people:

@ladyinari @lastbluetardis @lizann5869 @caedmonfaith @whoinwhoville @chocolatequeennk

No obligation at all, of course- feel free to ignore if you prefer!

Daddy Husband ! Taehyung

• meeting him was the biggest and unforgettable mistake of your life

• you were walking down the street and you bumped into this tall lanky figure, his face was covered with a large black mask. Coffee was spilled over your favorite pink shirt that you got from your mum, your face was turning red and anger suddenly filled up your body


• “it looks cheap af tho” 

• you slapping straight in the face 

• “do you know how much this face IS WORTH.”

• “less then a 10 cent gum.”

• making him scared of you and paying the dry cleaning

• crying 

• two never meeting again

• until you went to concert a and  you saw him sitting next to you and being so surprises that he likes Rocky A$AP 

• you two somehow became friends

• exchanging numbers

• friendship was made

• texting every single moment 

• snapchating every night

• meeting up every week 

 • you falling head over heels for him

• playing with his lips when he sleeps

• calling him tae pay cause he always buys you food

• he stares at you a lot for some reason

• he fall slowly in love with you

• tae and you got drunk and horny

• and that’s when you fucked up

• sex+ no condom= Hye Chike Kim   (mix of korean and African yikes)(meaning Hye= Intelligent woman/ Chike= power of god )

• when you first had your child taehyung dropped it two weeks later

• almost setting fire to the house

• laughs at the baby when it cries

• cause like ugly and cute

• but like he spoil it to the bone

• has trending shoes

• always flexing no matter what

• having matching outfits 

• thousands of pictures from left and right

• the baby one day called him the penis god

• getting scold by seokjin

• seokjin babysitting a lot

• him giving you breast massages

• making sure you don’t overwork yourself with the baby

• makes sure he does good in the bedroom

• he would ask seokjin to take the baby to his house before he would tie you to the bed and fuck you mindlessly

• each thrust would have you screaming for more

• his tongue would be doing magic on your heat

• you being weak af the next day

• tae being refreshed and happy and ready for the baby


• Having boys twins

• crying when he first saw them

• stress everywhere

• him cleaning up the messes cause he knows how tired you are

• being on return of superman 

• making puns out of the babies names

• making them laugh with his smile

• Always winking at the camera

• teaching the kids group’s old choreography

• taking videos and crying about it

• telling them embarrassing stories about how you two met 

• you’re his weakness 

• like if you call him tae-ishhh~

• he would turn into a blushing mess and cry and grab Your face and kiss you everywhere

• getting jealous when the babies get more attention then he does

 • i can see this kid being a total child when he’s with his children

• hates hearing that a boy at school is more important then him

• fakes cries for kisses

• laughs whenever he sees their tiny parts

• hating seeing them grow up

• would cry to you at night asking for more babies

• would be showering with babies 

• cry they would be my favs on that show 

Nette~I know this isnt the best but like im super tired and kinda busy and i have to take my little brother to soccer games so pls deal with it

© // -

Hi guys !! It’s been about just under 2 months since I’ve made this blog and I’ve already reached my first milestone oF 1K liKE WAT (before school starts too !!)  wow thats crazy tho I didn’t expect to gain even 10 followers 😂 ;; thank u guys for all following me and some of you even starting friendships !! u guys are real cool (???) and  i luv u all <33

[ Follow Forever is below the cut bc this gonna be long af  ]

{ if i made a mistake pls tell me }

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will-o-thewisp  asked:

Could you recommend me miraxus's fic? Pleaaseeee -sorry for my english- Byeeee :)

List of Mirajane x Laxus Fanfiction
I tried to list as much as I can dig up. no particular order, I listed them as I found them.


By sasukekuns : Untitled  , Clinquant , Redamancydeath valley , 
By shizuos: wounds , pillows , +more
By underlings:  eyes china blue ,  superposition
By Kagehime3 : Swallowing Your Pridemiraxus fics tag
By xasteriia: Shatter, Persephone, Duty
By PhoenixedDragon:  Catching Lightning
By fairyscribe: miraxus fics tag
By snogfairy: miraxus fics tag
By immortalpromise: miraxus fics tag
By bellagill92: bone deep
By mirajens: pretty insaneHeart Killer
By jijiwrites: miraxus fics tag
By seeking-out-sunshine:  the stars dont shine here
By pixiesstolemyapples:  How It All Started
By various writers: Miraxus week entries

Chapter fics, if you’re up for them (I hope you are, these are totally worth it)

By Asakami: death & dream
By Kagehime3: Words are Unnecessary
By LadyTuaramandil:  A Demon and Her Dragon
By CatMoonPrincess:  Fairy Tail Garden

No need to thank me, but I hope you will read these and support its wonderful writers by liking/reblogging/reviewing their fanfics. Fanfic writers are an important part of our fandom too :)

Also, not gonna list any of my own fics but if you want just pm me for the link 8D

anonymous asked:

Hello! I am looking for new classical pieces to listen to. Can you advise me of some pieces or concertos with horn parts that will make me cry my eyes out? P.S. I love your blog! It's one of my favorites!


Band Literature:

Angels in the Architecture by Frank Ticheli (wwaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH)


An American Elegy by Frank Ticheli (I cried while performing this too but then again everyone does)

Traveler by David Maslanka (ohmygod. ohhhhmygOD. Just hang around till the end, ok?)

Orchestral: (I promise there will be more orchestral pieces in the master list hahaahahaa)

The Burning Bush from Prince of Egypt Soundtrack. (I play horn so I can play this piece someday)

Mahler 5 3rd Movement. Alllsoo linking you to this, because Stephan Dohr always makes me cry everytime I hear him play, and this because I laughed so hard I cried the first time I heard it :))))))) enjoy!

Concerto: (promise there will be more of these too….)

Nocturno by Franz Strauss (just close your eyes and listen ;-;)

Gershwin Piano Concerto (this is more HNNNNNGGGGGG AMAZINGHORN PART WOW crying then oHH thE FEEELSSSS crying)

Horn Ensemble Pieces:


!!!!!!!!!!!Out of Africa, Vienna Horns !!!!!!!!!!!! (Made me cry first time I heard it and same with @cornoconfuoco ;) ) (aLSO MAD BECAUSE I CANNOT FIND RECORDING SO HERE IS ORCHESTRAL VERSION *SIGH*)

hahahha Titanic Fantasy, London Horn Sound hahahahahahhaahahahah. (wish I could link the KBHC recording because I was crying 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after they played the piece….noi’mnotkidding)

Anyways hope some of these pieces are new to you <3 hope you like!!!

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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Utapri Maji Love Live 5th Stage 2016-01-17 Day 2 Report - Part 2: The Concert! Opening and Quartet Night

Part 1 about the Flower Displays and Drop Boxes here

First of all I’d like to apologise as my memory from this whole Live is really fuzzy, I don’t know why, I just couldn’t absorb everything well when it started, it wasn’t because I was over whelmed. There was a lot I couldn’t catch either. I kept switching from the screen to looking at them and kept missing things because of that >< I really can’t wait for the DVD to see everything that I missed clearly.

*Please do not repost my photos, thank you*

So @maenothanks and I headed to our gate at 12pm or so, there wasn’t much of a queue thankfully.

My ticket and seat allocation.

I kept getting so nervous… “Shoutan is inside that building right this moment!! >< he’s probably nervous too”

They opened the doors just a few minutes after 1pm and they checked the tickets and our IDs, then bags. It was a really fast process, flyers about Utapri and the Seiyuus were handed to us.

(Let me join that fan club already, I want to buy my Budokan tickets!!!)

I then parted from @maenothanks as we both headed to our allocated seats, I was on the 400th level and she was in 500th which was higher up.

The stage is amazing! They extended it! I wasn’t sure if they would have or if it’ll just be the main stage at the top.

My view:

It’s pretty high up

It’s amazing from seeing Saitama Super Arena on the computer screen to actually being here. This is my first concert in Japan.

I thought this was pretty good I’ll actually be able to see them! But the stage is actually so huge so I still couldn’t see much 😔

Just less than 2 hours until it starts!
They played the anime OSTs while we waited, so nostalgic lol XD

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fic rec for friend this is my all time FAVORITE it is SO fucking good…like SO good… this fic is part of the one above, but can be read alone like author states. basically rly well written smut MY SECOND ALL TIME FAV MAYBE MY NEXT ALL TIME FAV..they all tie honestly…. - soulmate AU this is so…. *clenches heart* LOVE ME SOME SMUT!!! i cried the first time reading this because its so damn fluffy i CANT VERY GOOD..VERY GOOD… “am i gay? please help” honestl??? haha..hHAHhaha..hahhaha… *SCREAMS INTO THE ABYSS* THIS SMUT IS SO GOOD….45K WORDS!!!! Its so good…pls… I LOVE THIS SO MUCH LMAO They are both idiots… uhmmm i dont know what to say. this fic is very long has lots of triggers and is just extremely fucked up. id like to say they are so out of character hinata is literally a sex worker. but i read it anyways because SUE ME………..and its so… anywho im just warning u now. very trigger heavy (sorry this is tsukkiyama fic but its so…well done….i cry…) harm trigger warning and depression trigger wanring…and i really connected to yamaguchi in this fic because i go through a lot of what he does in this and its just. fluffy and sad and GOOD. (hppy ending of course) so cute.. (read literally anything by this writer ive read everything and its so GOOD) SO very good.. OH MY GOD. that is all. I LITERALLY LOVE THIS SO FUCKING MUCH… YES. haha hinata has nice legs aahhahaha we need more fics with natsu stealings kags attention and hinata being totally jealous about it half of these are by buu but they are sch a good writer

Since it’s Thanksgiving day in Canada, I’m going to write a post about one thing I’m thankful for and that was getting to experience New York Comic Con. (Yes, I blocked my face because I’m an insecure hoe and felt I looked too tired and worn out so I’m protecting your eyes from witnessing it)

The panel was great!  I got 3rd row, right directly in front of Natlise, ready to be that bitch who uploads the whole panel of just their face ~~for notes~~ but I forgot to format my camera so I only got 12 min but in the end, I still really go to enjoy it.  I even got to sprint my ass towards the mic so I can ask them a question (I was the 2nd person asking about Hollstein attending comic con)!  I’m super terrible with eye contact so when I asked the question, I didn’t even want to look at them lmao.  When the Carmilla movie trailer came out, I was really glad I went to the bathroom earlier because Carmilla riding on a motorcycle made me want to ********** ** ***** ** ******** with no shame (actually a lot of shame).  They actually gave us some news and the panel wasn’t boring! *coughs* FanExpo was boring *coughs*  I honestly was shaking from the news we got because I was so ready to say goodbye to Carmilla and even had my goodbye post on queue.  But somehow, I had a feeling that it wasn’t the end.

Autograph signing there was the best experience I ever received *coughs* FanExpo sucked *coughs.*  I waited in line with wonderful, cool, and funny people @tiny-creampuff @mycocoa and @the-lunar-lorkhan​.  I almost cried multiple times in line with how emotional I was.  I’m glad I recognized them from tumblr!  XD

After 1.5-2 hours of waiting in line I was surprised someone was there to take a picture for us! *coughs* FanExpo didn’t *coughs*  I gave Natasha and Elise the pins I made for them and Natasha screamed and it’s like the cutest thing ever.  And then she didn’t stop LMAO she was honestly like a happy puppy jumping around, so I just continued to talk to Elise which you can read about (here).  I looked at the box of tampons and I was like “not you again” (I have like 3 signed boxes of tampons already) so I was like “Elise, you don’t have to sign this” and I don’t think she heard because she took it from my hands and proceeded to sign it.  Idek what Natasha was doing because I gave her some space to appreciate my gift LMAO but she’s just smiling and signing like she wasn’t even aware of what she was doing (must be really tired aww).  I also apologized to Elise that my letter ended up being too long and she said “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely read it all!” and like I actually really didn’t want her too.  I only wrote those letters to Natasha and Elise so that my pins have something to be placed on LMAO.  Then I said thank you, and they said thank for the gift and I went on to the next. (lmao I wanted to talk to Natasha but it’s all good~ I feel super comfortable talking to Elise)  Lowkey regret my letter to Natasha because it talked about how “now that Carmilla is ending *enter sappy shit here*….” etc. well, it’s not ending yet so my letter was pointless XD /:

Ooops, I literally skipped Jordan and headed straight for Steph (WHO LOOKED SMOKIN’ BY THE WAY.  I REGRET NOT TELLING HER THAT.  LIKE LOOK HOW PRETTY SHE IS IN THE BACKGROUND OF THE PICTURE) and she recognized me, due to my unfortunate and infamous post of shitting on “unexpected Carmilla news” ):  Told her thanks for her advice that she gave me, hugged her, and chatted a bit more.

IT FELT SO GREAT NOT BEING RUSHED TO TALK TO YOUR FAV PEOPLE.  IT FELT SO SPECIAL EVEN IF I WAS ONLY JUST 1 OUT OF PROBABLY 200-300 PEOPLE THERE!  Like 1 min isn’t even that long, but that’s all I needed for a memorable moment with them.  Anyways, I ended up just chilling out with Courtney (@tiny-creampuff), Amy (@mycocoa ), Weston (@the-lunar-lorkhan), and Aracelli  (@gagasunicorn5) after and ate, talked about our meeting with natlise, laughed, and cried.  I hope to meet you all again!

And tsk tsk to all the messages I got saying you saw me and didn’t say “Hi” ):  I’m a very nice person and would’ve loved to meet you anons XD  As much as I loved seeing more Carmilla news and meeting Natlise, my fav part of every event/convention is getting to meet other fans and making more friends :3 <3  I hope there’s more to come.

anonymous asked:

And top 5 eycte MOMENTS you liked best? 💜

This is a tough one, too!!! Damn it, guys!!! But I think I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute fav moments.

#5. Alex and Miles Acoustic in Cleveland

I think the best thing about these two going on tour in such small venues, was that all the fans got to be up close and personal with them. So many people got to meet them, or at least get close enough to them, and they were always really cool and appreciative. We got so many good, funny, moments; like the standing next to me sing-a-longs after the shows. Also, we got them in jerseys… and then… out of jerseys. Shirtless Turner & Kane. Heyyyyyy.

source: kaneandturner

#4. Moonage Daydream at Glastonbury 

Any performance of this song was brilliant (hey, Terminal 5!!!), but the first performance still tops them all. Alex was over-the-top and sassy in those pants, and Miles was cool-as-fuck in that suit. It was just perfect all around; the dance moves and the vocals and… I still wish the crowd had been a bit more amped-up. Like c’mon people; this is a musical treat!!! I still watch this regularly. It’s fine.

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Age of Ultron thoughts

Thoughts by a diehard Romanogers shipper.

Hello, Hola, Bonjour! 

I saw AOU last night and I was surprised to say the least. The first Avenger movie will still be my fav -both Captain America movies will always have my heart- but i really liked a few parts in AOU one being the scenes in the Tower because I wanted to see what it would look like from the inside, too bad we didn’t get too see their floors *cries* I also really really really really liked the ending -I’ll get to that later- I also like Vision and surprisingly enough I really liked Wanda’s character. I also really liked the random ass idea of Clint having a family on a farm that no one but Natasha knew about, but that’s just me. 

Right, now onto the Romanogers bit! I was fangirling too hard during the end when Steve goes to that empty room that Nat is in to process what Steve had said to Tony a scene before that. When I got home I read (@chellelight_11 Twitter UN) review about Romanogers (I’ll reblog it so you guys can read it) when I read this my brain sparked.

We see Tony talking to Steve, Tony is saying his good byes. Tony tells Steve, that he will probably be building a farm house just like Clint. Steve then says, “aw the simple life”. Tony says, “You can have that”. The camera pans over to Steve, you can tell his reminiscing about the past, then he replies, “family, stability, simple life”. At this point I started saying, Oh shit Steve wanted a family too!! Just like Natasha!! We all saw how she acted around Clint’s children, you can tell that Nat wants to have that or at least something close to that. But lets continue..  Steve then says, “I wanted that too”. At that moment I started screaming with excitement!!!  he continues to say that when he went into the ice 75 yrs ago another person came out.

I don’t quite remember what Tony said to Steve but I do remember that Steve said the following (or something close to it, im running on 4 hours of sleep, bare with me if the quote is not exact) “I am home” and he looks at the new Avengers facility and you can hear the sound of drills going on in the background. AND THEN the scene with Nat come one and he makes that whole wall comment. So after remembering that my shipper heart rose into the sky like Thor. WHY? Because unknowingly he said that Natasha was his home or that being with her felt like home.

I have hope that the Russo brothers can fix the mess that Joss did, not just because of CATWS but because in an interview Chris said that there is a possibility for Cap to have a relationship with a woman and ALSO I saw a post on Twitter that talked about the Russo bothers and it says:

“In a recent interview with Chinese Media via MoviePilot directiors Anthony and Joe Russo recognize the chemistry between Johansson and actor Chris Evans (Captain America) thus, those two characters would remain intact for the upcoming movie”

-Reality today (via natashatherussian)

Those two things give me hope that they will be able to give us Romanogers. DON’T LOSE HOPE FELLOW SHIPPERS! STAY STRONG!