this was my fav part i cried


ship » Luke & Y/N

rating » PG

author’s note/warnings » y’all enjoy i spent 34 years on this 500-word lame ass story :-)

“Hey, wanna go to the boardwalk tonight? Venice Beach.”

It’s weird hearing that kind of offer from Luke; Y/N was used to watching him exit the door with another girl’s fingers intertwined in his. But she looks up from the book she’s been reading, nevertheless, and gives him a tight-lipped, small grin, despite the fireflies igniting flames in her stomach. “Sure,” she responds quietly, tugging her cropped shirt down as she stands up. It’s around four-thirty in the afternoon, and the sun is just dipping into the beach she can see from Luke’s hotel room.

“Aren’t you going to swim? The water should be pretty warm,” he asks gently, as if he’s talking to porcelain. She nods slightly, and goes to her room, practically slamming the door behind her. Leaning against it, she slides down toward the floor and lands with a silent thump as she contemplates the situation. Should she stay or should she go? Shaking her head, and without a second thought, she grabs her swimwear and tugs it on along with her shorts.

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the-axiom-of-choice  asked:

okay so I fucking GREW UP with Star Wars and I loved it but I haven't really rewatched and paid super close attention to them until RECENTLY after I saw Rogue One and it FUCKED ME UP AND?? I just rewatched the original 6 this past week and ANAKIN AND PADME FUCK ME UP??? EPISODE 3 IS OFFICIALLY MY FAVE???? I FUCKING LOVE THE PREQUELS AND I LEGIT STARTED CRYING when Padme told Anakin she's pregnant and he says "This is the happiest moment of my life" FUCKING... FUCK ME UP ANAKIN IS SO IMPORTANT???

WOW OKAY ME!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I’VE DEFINITELY CRIED AT THAT PART TOO NGL ALSO ANAKIN SKYWALKER FUCKS ME UP ON THE DAILY SO I FEEL U lmao episode 3 would be my fav if it wasn’t so fuckin SAD so it’s my second fav and episode 2 takes the top spot bc fluffy happiness haha

tagged by @hanbabi @hanbinsky and @goodluckbyb2st & edit also just tagged by @han-bin thank you sebin!!! 💞💞 n thanks guys i love 2 talk about myself

nickname(s): jenjen (from my first name) n zofia isnt really a nickname cause its my middle name? some ppl call me zof

star sign: scorpio

height: u guys are so short im like 5′8

time right now: 9:58 pm

last thing googled: “tok presentation example” if anyone is in ib

favorite music artists: korean favs are ikon lee hi ailee winner f(x) n english favs…..listen to the neighourhood

song stuck in your head: right now tt sjhsjnd but like an hour ago it was sinosijak but jut jinhwan’s one part in the beginning it was playing over and over in my head

last movie watched: uh star wars rogue one i cried

last tv show you watched: hmm i dont watch tv that much i marathoned jane the virgin s2 and stranger things a few months ago

what are you wearing right now?:  jeans (evil i have not worn them in months but my leggings arent dry yet) n a shirt

when did you create your blog?: this blog i think feb or march 2016 but ive been on tumblr since like 2011 die

what kind of stuff do you post?: ikon and winner and pretty pics mostly

do you have any other blogs?: yea a studlyblr but its been a good 2 months since ive actually used it sjfjksjd

do you get asks regularly?: only from @chaeng1 if u see an anon on my blog its 95% of the time her

why did you choose your url?: hanbin was taken so i put a 1 in front

gender: female

hogwarts house: i dont know anything about harry potter 

pokemon team: bye everyone who has done this has said they dont play it so here i go team mystic on pokemon go and im currently playing sun my team is primrina rockruff tsareena and arcanine and im going to catch a vulpix and add him and idk who the last one is gonna be maybe a ghost type we’ll see everyone play pokemon

favourite color: pink

average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours

lucky number(s): i dont think i have one?

favorite characters: ?????? this is so VAGUE characters from what! anyways no offense but my all time fav characters from anything ever are padme and leia from star wars th skywalker girls saved my life

how many blankets do you sleep with? sfjdkfj i live in new york so…..4 in the winter 1 in the summer

dream job: idk! i want to live in another country for sure im going to start studying diplomacy & international relations in college but also i dont know if im cut out for something that serious so!!!! something with languages maybe. being an esl teacher sounds good too i come from an area w a lot of refugees and kids that dont speak english so i kinda grew up around that and everyone really loves the esl teacher in our school shes so nice she #inspired me !

following: like. over 300 but probably 175 are those update blogs or blogs that only post 1 thing a day or like every few days or smth

i literally tag the same ppl every time idk anymore! @kmgs @eheart @haseuls @1dean ale ur tagged @ilusana @nayeonsgrl @tayeon and idk! do it if u want dont if u dont theres not much to it


favorite songs/albums of 2016 tag!! whoops im 9 days late ajkdgnsdjklfmnsdasdf

forgive me im lazy so this will be v lame

tagged by @hunandonly im so late jkadsasdgnjkfmksf sorry

ex’act by exo - agndjskflsdm this was such a good album i really loved the style!! im glad the boys are tryin out new things!! my fav songs on ex’act were probably lucky one, one n only, n white noise

xperience (single) by luhan - CATCH ME WHEN I FALL. I CRIED

borders (single) by amber for sm station - theres so much meanin in this song n i believe it was part of her crossing project? i just really really love borders

why by taeyeon - i lovE WHY SO MUCH n also fashion a bop

identity by far east movement - all the songs are good (cough YOU LOVIN THE SIZE cough) but my fav is don’t speak by tiffany!! i really love it adksjglasndgjkmfs

coming over by exo - ALL THE SONGS ARE GOLD AJGKNDKLSJD comin over is just catchy af gO SHAWTY n tactix is a bop i really love the harmonizin n aksdjglfdsmsdds its sO GOOD but run this…bodyrolls for dayz

i tag @lovemechender @byunka @shes-my-laydae @freshbaekedcookies @hongpeenus @yeqon @yeahluhannie @hunhan-never-dies idk im blankin anyone who wants to can do it!! have fun yall

A quote from Wings of Fire, AKA the moment my heart cracked in half

“I love you, he would never say. Don’t hate me because of what the other NightWings have done. Don’t think I’m like my tribe. Don’t listen to Glory’s description of my kingdom, the smoke and the fire and the smell and the death and the trapped, tortured RainWings and the cruel black dragons. Don’t look at me like I’m one of them, like I could ever do what they’ve done, please.” -Starflight, Wings of Fire #4: The Dark Secret by Tui T. Sutherland

from what i’ve seen so far these are the must watch dwd episodes:
-Darkly Dawns the Duck parts one and two
this is the first episode it sets up everything u gotta
-Duck Blind
this one was rlly sweet and i liked it a lot
-Comic Book Capers
a pretty silly episode it’s 👍
one of my favs i love ❤️ aaaaa yeess
- Just Us Justice Ducks part 1 and 2
this one introduces negaduck!! also i think it’s the first time the fearsome five work together so u kno it good
- Toys Czar Us
this is my favorite quackerjack episode so far and it has the good and pure drake and gos moments
-Disguise the Limit
negaduck comes to town and fucks shit up because he’s bored i guess. i think this ones really funny
-TwItChInG cHaNnEls
this one has a lot of the crew making fun of itself and the animation industry in general i love it
-Twin Beaks
just,, oh my gosh????

Bucket List
  • Bucket List
  • Kye Bumzu ft. Vernon
  • Good Life

Fav track of the week, sekalipun baru nemu :”D

Couldn’t find the complete translation, only got Vernon’s part. But it’s already more than enough to make me cry TT_TT
What’s your dreams again? Where’s my dreams?

I frequently immersed in thoughts
I imagine yeah i imagine myself in future
But it gets vanishing, i forgot the way to dream again
“Ignorance is bliss" 
I realized what this saying means these days
I realize my limit
You know the feeling of becoming more stupid when i hear and listen more?
Just wanna sleep, wanna go back to my childhood
I’m only 17, but i still have many concerns about my future in my age 18

My bucket list, where is it?
I hided it not to be seen by others
But i hided to my self too and lost it
Let’s make it out again one by one

fic rec for friend this is my all time FAVORITE it is SO fucking good…like SO good… this fic is part of the one above, but can be read alone like author states. basically rly well written smut MY SECOND ALL TIME FAV MAYBE MY NEXT ALL TIME FAV..they all tie honestly…. - soulmate AU this is so…. *clenches heart* LOVE ME SOME SMUT!!! i cried the first time reading this because its so damn fluffy i CANT VERY GOOD..VERY GOOD… “am i gay? please help” honestl??? haha..hHAHhaha..hahhaha… *SCREAMS INTO THE ABYSS* THIS SMUT IS SO GOOD….45K WORDS!!!! Its so good…pls… I LOVE THIS SO MUCH LMAO They are both idiots… uhmmm i dont know what to say. this fic is very long has lots of triggers and is just extremely fucked up. id like to say they are so out of character hinata is literally a sex worker. but i read it anyways because SUE ME………..and its so… anywho im just warning u now. very trigger heavy (sorry this is tsukkiyama fic but its so…well done….i cry…) harm trigger warning and depression trigger wanring…and i really connected to yamaguchi in this fic because i go through a lot of what he does in this and its just. fluffy and sad and GOOD. (hppy ending of course) so cute.. (read literally anything by this writer ive read everything and its so GOOD) SO very good.. OH MY GOD. that is all. I LITERALLY LOVE THIS SO FUCKING MUCH… YES. haha hinata has nice legs aahhahaha we need more fics with natsu stealings kags attention and hinata being totally jealous about it half of these are by buu but they are sch a good writer

Age of Ultron thoughts

Thoughts by a diehard Romanogers shipper.

Hello, Hola, Bonjour! 

I saw AOU last night and I was surprised to say the least. The first Avenger movie will still be my fav -both Captain America movies will always have my heart- but i really liked a few parts in AOU one being the scenes in the Tower because I wanted to see what it would look like from the inside, too bad we didn’t get too see their floors *cries* I also really really really really liked the ending -I’ll get to that later- I also like Vision and surprisingly enough I really liked Wanda’s character. I also really liked the random ass idea of Clint having a family on a farm that no one but Natasha knew about, but that’s just me. 

Right, now onto the Romanogers bit! I was fangirling too hard during the end when Steve goes to that empty room that Nat is in to process what Steve had said to Tony a scene before that. When I got home I read (@chellelight_11 Twitter UN) review about Romanogers (I’ll reblog it so you guys can read it) when I read this my brain sparked.

We see Tony talking to Steve, Tony is saying his good byes. Tony tells Steve, that he will probably be building a farm house just like Clint. Steve then says, “aw the simple life”. Tony says, “You can have that”. The camera pans over to Steve, you can tell his reminiscing about the past, then he replies, “family, stability, simple life”. At this point I started saying, Oh shit Steve wanted a family too!! Just like Natasha!! We all saw how she acted around Clint’s children, you can tell that Nat wants to have that or at least something close to that. But lets continue..  Steve then says, “I wanted that too”. At that moment I started screaming with excitement!!!  he continues to say that when he went into the ice 75 yrs ago another person came out.

I don’t quite remember what Tony said to Steve but I do remember that Steve said the following (or something close to it, im running on 4 hours of sleep, bare with me if the quote is not exact) “I am home” and he looks at the new Avengers facility and you can hear the sound of drills going on in the background. AND THEN the scene with Nat come one and he makes that whole wall comment. So after remembering that my shipper heart rose into the sky like Thor. WHY? Because unknowingly he said that Natasha was his home or that being with her felt like home.

I have hope that the Russo brothers can fix the mess that Joss did, not just because of CATWS but because in an interview Chris said that there is a possibility for Cap to have a relationship with a woman and ALSO I saw a post on Twitter that talked about the Russo bothers and it says:

“In a recent interview with Chinese Media via MoviePilot directiors Anthony and Joe Russo recognize the chemistry between Johansson and actor Chris Evans (Captain America) thus, those two characters would remain intact for the upcoming movie”

-Reality today (via natashatherussian)

Those two things give me hope that they will be able to give us Romanogers. DON’T LOSE HOPE FELLOW SHIPPERS! STAY STRONG!