this was my fav movie as a child


Favorite Movie: Revenge of the Sith.

I didn’t like that after the first trilogy Vader wasn’t realized as a tragic figure, but as an icon of evil.” — George Lucas.

He was a sweet kid, helpful, just like most people imagine themselves to be. Most people said, ‘This guy must have been a horrible little brat- a demon child.’ But the point is, he wasn’t born that way- he became that way and thought he was doing the right thing. He eventually realizes he’s going down the dark path, but he thinks it’s justifiable.” — George Lucas.

Is that a headcanon?!

I bet contrary to most TF2 fans’ belief, Spy despises the James Bond movies and books. He hates them with each inch of his being, because of how the series romanticizes and glorifies espionage. It depicts the job of a spy child’s play. Ha, if spying was easy, any secret government agency might as well hire some idiot off the street as long as they can handle holding a gun. If only if it were that easy! 

Really, Spy can just go off on an hour long tangent about how stupid and implausible the James Bond movies are, if anybody gives him the chance (the other teammates learned this the hard way after making the mistake of choosing a Bond movie for movie night). A small part of Spy, though, sort of envies Hollywood’s depiction of spies. To be a hero in the face of the public and actually get some credit where it’s due. 

But, that’s just the duty and reality of being a real spy. No explosions, cartoony villains, or fame. Just a life of lying in the shadows so the rest can live in the light. 

hehe it means The World to me that one of tony’s happy cap 3 moments happens WHEN HE IS TALKING TO A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY. haters gonna hate but hahahahahaha HAHAHA my fav LIKES! KIDS! my fav had a legitimate child sidekick in his last movie. my fav avenges little kids’ Limited Edition Dora Watches which he agrees to WEAR. my fav RECOGNIZES CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN BULLIED. my fav does not only watch out for the bullied kid he also saves the BULLY’S LIFE you know why because the BULLY WAS ALSO A KID! in cap 3 my fav was introduced talking to an MIT student audience. “it’s not about me. it’s not even about us – it’s about what we leave behind for future generations” he said that one time in IM2

mcu tony stark Loves Young People and your pointless “hur dur hur evil manipulative tony stark recruiting child soldiers to use them as weapons” vitriol only makes me stronger tbh

The Signs as Madagascar Characters
  • Aries: Skipper
  • Taurus: Gloria
  • Gemini: King Julien
  • Cancer: Mort
  • Leo: Alex THE LION
  • Virgo: Stefano (third movie)
  • Libra: Gia (third movie)
  • Scorpio: Rico
  • Sagittarius: Maurice
  • Capricorn: Kowalski
  • Aquarius: Melman
  • Pisces: Marty

“I will practice believing my husband loves me, and will love this baby. That this child might really save our marriage. But I could be wrong. Because sometimes, the way he looks at me, I think, man of my dreams, father of my child, this man of mine may kill me. He may truly kill me.”

Gone Girl (2014) Dir. David Fincher

dude that i’m in film club with asked us all to talk about our fav movies and he took notes on each one and now he’s getting us personalized shirts ???? using the fonts from our movies ????? i’ve genuinely never met a nicer person in my life

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• name: kristin
• a four letter word: kind (it’s german for “child”)
• a boy’s first name: kevin :^)
• an occupation: konditor (german for “confectioner”)
• something you can wear: kilt lol
• a food: kiwi
• something you find in the bathroom: kamm (german for “comb”)
• a place: köln (one of my fav cities tbh)
• something you shout: kacke (german for “shit”)
• a movie title: king kong
• something you drink: kaffee ( german for ”coffee”)
• an animal: koala bear
• a type of car: kia
• title of a song: kein liebeslied - kraftklub

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-nicknames: wolf boi, elf king, nephew, KC, kas, “my child”

-sign: sagittarius!! I rly dont act like it lol except for the whole “travel the world” kinda thing

-height: im 4'11

-last thing I googled: how to stretch out your earlobes at home and safe

-fav music artist: do I have to answer this? ah well the main artist in my playlist is tyler carter so yeah

-music that is stuck in my head: candy store from the musical heathers

-last movie you watched: the babadook. I wanted to rewatch a good movie ya know

-last tv show I watched: well according to my netflix it was criminal minds (I fucking love that show yall should watch it)

-what im wearing rn: my favourite sweatpants + a nice undershirt aka my pyjamas

-stuff I post: idk,,just random shit tbh

-hogwarts house: slytherin

-pokemon team: I,,dont,,play,,,pokemon,,,,

-favourite colour: grey or silver

-average hours of sleep: shit idk???I dont have a sleeping schedule

-lucky number: apparently its 7

-favourite characters: shit um,,,,youre gonna get pages so here have some hamilton trash. lafayette, laurens, gwash. pjo books: nico di angelo!! poor bab I just wanna hug him. also leo cos he sounds like an awesome friend who is just all over the place tbh. supernatural: dean!! charlie!! megan! and who doesnt love gabriel hes just a candy loving little angel (pun intended)

-dream job: graphic design! if that doesnt work out im gonna go into the army

-number of blankets I sleep with: five. I get really cold at night

hah you must do the challenge now feel my pain

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Nicknames: em, ems, Emmy (call me Emmy and die) 

Height: 5'3 

Time: 3:22 pm 

Last thing I googled: “Math center hours” cause ya girl is trying not to fail math 

Fav music artist rn: Tbh I’ve been listening to a lot of Destiny’s Child because I want to be in the 90’s I guess

Song stuck in my head: “story of another us” by 5sos 

Last movie I watched: 50 Shades Darker lmaooooo 

Last TV show I watched: Crazy Ex Girlfriend 

What I’m wearing rn: my “eat veggies” t-shirt, some leggings, and my checkered vans 

 When I created this blog: end of 8th grade I think?? 

The kind of stuff I post: aesthetically pleasing things, makeup, outfits I like, music (mainly little mix) and social justice related posts 

Other blogs: I have a sideblog I never use 

Do I get asks regularly: very rarely 

Why did I choose my URL: because one time jade thirwall had grey hair and I really dug it 

Gender: female 

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff 

Pokemon team: valor 

Fav colors: maroon and certain shades of pink and blue 

Avg hours of sleep: idfk like 7-8 

Lucky number: 6 

Fav characters: Ben from parks and rec, JD from scrubs, lip and veronica from shameless, and Katie from skins (IM KATIE FUCKING FITCH WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU- iconic. truly.) 

Dream job: songwriter, music producer 

Number of blankets I sleep with: a comforter and my fluffy blanket are all I really have 

Following: 374

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NAME. morgan.   
STAR SIGN. virgo.
HEIGHT. five foot four. 
CURRENT TIME. 7:16 pm. 
FAV MUSIC ARTIST.  florence + the machine, of monsters and men, the neighbourhood, hozier
SONG STUCK IN YOUR HEAD. say my name by destiny’s child.
LAST MOVIE WATCHED. i think emperor’s new groove.
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG. i think it was november 2015?
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST. crying about clarke griffin.
OTHER BLOGS. none active atm except occasionally @rawvikingness.
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL. nou laik kwelnes means is not weakness in trigedasleng – referencing the “love is weakness” storyline that was prevalent in s2. i think a big part of clarke’s journey is learning that loving people doesn’t make her weak, and that it’s okay to rely on the people around her.
HOGWARTS HOUSE. ravenclaw.  
POKEMON TEAM. mystic bc i got that blue aesthetic going on.
AVG HOURS SLEEP.  ehh, anywhere from 4-8. like 12 on the weekends.
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH? a huge ass comforter. more if it’s winter.
DREAM JOB. i’d love to get paid for my shitty writing.

I found out only today and I still can not believe it.
I really feel a fangirl right now, and I’m not ashamed at all.
I always loved them since I was a child, and now I find out that my two favs heroes of the DC’s world will have a movie together, and they will fall in love not only in comic books, but also in that film.
Thank you very much WB & DC :’).

Official Steve Trevor as Chris Pine
The beautiful Wonder Woman as Gal Gadot.
Romance confirmed!

Okay so I’m home but I’m also really tired so I’ll answer all my asks tomorrow. I’m happy to answer spoiler questions if anyone is curious, but try to ask me off anon so I can reply privately!

But one thing is true, this movie was INSANE! It made maze runner look like child’s play. It’s so much more grown up. The cranks are TERRIFYING. I promise you they are.

Aris is definitely my fav character, bless his everything including Jacob Lofland! He did so well in this movie. (!!!SPOILER IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW IF JACOB’S SOUTHERN ACCENT IS IN THE MOVIE) (it is in the movie and it’s the cutest thing ever, I want to cry from how cute he is)

NEWT WAS JUST???? JFC how can one be so hot

And also minho is so freaking hilarious in the movie, just like “what happened, oh cool” BUT HAIR STILL ON FLEEK DONT WORRY

and JFC let’s not even talk about the deaths ok NOPE

ALSO THERES AN EASTER EGG FIND IN THE MOVIE THAT I CAUGHT AND I ASKED WES ABOUT AND HE WAS LIKE “YOU CAUGHT THAT” and than he tried to deny it so that was fun but TS Nowlin knew what was up.

Also I sort of talked to Wes about Gally but nothing too important. (Like I meanIF HE WAS TO RETURN YA KNOW)

I also told Wes that he needs to put page 250 in the movie WORD FOR WORD and he literally just goes “please tommy please” OK WES BALL THANKS

ok I think thats it, I wanted to make sure to get everything out as its still fresh. Goodnight! I welcome asks :o)