this was my fav movie as a child

deh comforting you hcs

hi im a whiny ass bitch and my heart hurts so here are some quick and sloppy hcs abt the deh peeps (minus the parents whoops) helping u when u just internally hurt all over so ya enjoy

evan hansen

  • tbh hes prob hurting too but he realizes you havent texted him all day and hes like “?? buddy are you okay” and youre just like “fake it ‘til you make it!” so you give him the ol’ spiel like ‘ya just feel like taking a day to myself’ all that jazz
  • he doesn’t buy it, hes done the same thing. so hes like “ok if u say so” but runs to the supermarket and buys brownies and cookies and funfetti mix and fondue dip and rushes to ur house
  • hes def like the kinda guy whos like “ive always wanted someone to do this for me so might as well start by doing it for someone else” you know? :( poor baby i love him 
  • anyway so you answer the door with sloppy hair and in a onesie and just Not In The Mood but you see him and are like ?????????? whats the kind lil babe doin on my doorstep??
  • you bake funfetti cupcakes together and eat So Much junk food but you eat the fondue with baby carrots to be healthy
  • you both just snuggle platonically in a warm blanket and watch sad movies as an excuse to cry together and its nice and bonding and yall feel closer as friends after it

zoe murphy

  • oh shes so supportive
  • shes mainly there as a shoulder to cry on and to just listen to you. she’ll take you out to eat at ur fav restaurant to make sure you dont hole yourself up and you get out a bit and she’ll go to the mall and just walk around aimlessly 
  • you def go to dairy queen because zoe is a child and gets all excited when they flip the blizzard an- oh my god how do they do that??? how does it break physics??? its, like, liquid it should fall!!!! it never gets old, im tellin ya, every time it mystifies her and her reaction is adorable and just puts a smile on your face
  • go to old record stores and listen to all your favorite music and blast it in the car (you get control of the aux) and just do domestic relaxing things like go to ikea or go grocery shopping etc
  • uhhh thats all i rly got for zoe sorry omg

connor murphy

  • he def just distracts you. he says its because he doesnt wanna hear you complain but its rly because hes bad at shit like that???? he wants to help???? just he doesnt know how???? he was just always the person ppl were trying to help (and failing) so he knows sometimes it’s rly fucking annoying so he just chill abt it
  • he just takes you on long car rides and you listen to nice music. not music thats like punk or pop or whatever. calming and emotion extracting music like will connollys music. ur free to just,,, cry in his car and he doesnt blink twice abt it hes fine with it
  • yall find this empty and serene road and stop to smell the roses a lil bit. maybe taking a small nature walk. yall smoke if ur into that but if ur not then he doesnt, as much as he may want to, bc he knows you wouldnt like it
  • yall can just be numb together

alana beck

  • oh alana is such a sweet angel she would have a full day planned thE NEXT DAY
  • first, build a bear. theres a sale so you each get two. you get your fav pokemon and you both build one another as a build a bear. its a grand time and ur both just happy and youre so happy to be happy
  • next, to an aquarium. yall take your damn time gazing at the mesmerizing fish while holding your bears and you share earbuds and listen to music while laying under the aquarium roof thing, you know?? 
  • and you go to this open field that framed with trees park and make each other flower crowns out of tiny daisies and blow all of those dandelions and make lil wishes and its good, wholesome, and pure

jared kleinman

  • how obvious is it that i want a jared kleinman
  • anyways so he totally helps you out of your lump. he sees you tweet smthn half sad and hes over in ten minutes just to check up. yall dance to the mamma mia soundtrack in the kitchen while making grilled cheese at 3am
  • youre kinda bummed out the whole time esp bc its like late but jared just makes u smile and giggle and you start to forget
  • yall go to an arcade and just play everything and do some lazer tag and yall stick together and kill everyone when youre on the same team but specifically target each other when youre on opposite teams
  • omg and watching movies and just making the dumbest commentary. bc ur not at the theater yall are both free to be obnoxious so u put on hsm2 and fucking belt everything and do alllll the choreography and make stupid yet hilarious comments abt everything as if youve never seen and are some cynical movie reviewers 
  • and jared totally seems like the kind of guy who got a wii at age 8 and never felt like getting another console so yall play mario kart and kirby and wii sports bowling for like 24 straight hours until u nerds both pass out on the couch mid game
  • he just makes you laugh until you forget and thats why jared is The Best and i love him

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I'm gonna go on a rant for a minute, so I apologize in advance: Moon's entire demeanor when Toffee said Star was gone was just...heartbreaking and it's one of my fav scenes of the movie because of how realistic she is when a parent is told their child is dead. I mean, I can go on and on about it. You?

HOLY SHIT YA’LL THAT MOMENT. I swear, the last half of the movie basically amounted to ‘how can we traumatize Moon the most?’ That moment hurt. Same with Moon and Marco slowly piecing together the broken half of the wand in the hope it would somehow save Star.

One I don’t see many people mentioning (yet; it just came out today) is the whole Whispering Spell bit. Like. Holy shit. Star calling Moon ‘mommy’, which she only does when she’s in trouble (she does it a lot this movie). Moon breaking the rock under her with her fists out of desperation and fear for her child. Star resigning herself- she knew it would destroy her body, she was mostly sure it would lead her to Toffee but not 100%, she had no clue if she would be able to come back or if she would wipe herself out of history- and telling Ludo it’s not over yet, telling them all it was too late to back out, apologizing for leaving them, holy shit holy shit holy shit.


100 FAV MOVIES — (1/100)
Crazy isn’t being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It’s you, or me, amplified. If you ever told a lie, and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child, forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends. And by the 70s, most of them were out, living lives. Some I’ve seen. Some never again. But there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them.
Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Dir. James Mangold

Mc with kids from a previous s/o + Rfa and minor trio

Muy sorry for the wait hope this makes up for it and I am currently to followers away from a 100 and figured I would do my other half to the first post I put on here! I will be doing a hc post to celebrate once I get to 100 and if anyone else has any ideas for what else I could possibly do drop a comment~Love,Lainy

Saeran: He was just minding his own business and jumping through your window… He’d done absolutely nothing wrong!! So pls tell him why did he have to receive the total annihilation that was given to him by your children…??..(just how does a kid upgrade their Nerf to stun someone????) By the time he wakes Saeyoung has caught him and is currently spewing how sorry he is etc.(Saeran ignores him) It’s the first time that you guys meet but it certainly isn’t the last but you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for the true Saeran to come back from his unknown phase and when that time comes your life was made better just like his~

*When you meet him for the second time both you and ur babes are surprised because well…. Saeran is a completely different person and even if you only met him once, at one of the darkest points of his life you could tell almost instantly without a single word that he was slowly becoming the person he should be

*Your kid is extremely worried and it takes months for them to get over their weariness of Saeran, it would have been longer if it wasn’t for Saeran proving him wrong by saving you from mint eye (Rika) as soon as the threats are gone and Saeran is helping you with a minor injury you received your child has anime tears running down their face + hugs Saeran with all their might

*Helps you out so so much with litteraly everything and I believe that for no matter what Hc or scenario Saeran will love you no matter what situation your in or what you look like because you treat him with a kindness he’s never quite known before that he can’t even begin to ever judge you over your stuff when his past is so dark and tangled

*Isn’t good at comforting anyone so if your babes are sad he will


Point it out to you so you can help because he feels like he literally will make everything worse


give them a quick hug and leave HIS ice cream in hopes of making them feel better

*TBH he just gets hella attached to your family real quick and it doesn’t take long for him to get dragged into this adorable disaster along beside you

Saeyoung: Okay he knew everything about you before he met you in person. So he should have been expecting what was to come right? Yepp! For once he was ready he cleaned up his apartment (it wasn’t vanderwood I swear it lol (why the f*uck you lying!!) He has the whole place decked out in even more games junk food and it’s any kids dream come true your kids eyes are widened by the awesomeness of it all but they make it pretty clear that if the two of you are gonna be a thing Saeyoung’s gonna have to work for it~

*Low-key is the type parent who will always read to the ya kids every night and also helps with flashcards etc.

*Prank wars are no longer accepted into your house after the 🔥 instance y'all were lucky to have someone let ur fam stay at their home 😑 Saeran was not amused that he has to pay for Saeyoung’s + ur kids mistakes

*will help them learn a language that they show an interest in, he also tries to teach them computer skills but it doesn’t work out like they expected….

*also due to his shitty childhood makes up for it the best he can and is super lenient towards most things……

*Isn’t protective in the way that anyone will see but will cyberstalk almost everyone they meet even teachers friends etc


Doesn’t say anything or show any giant reaction HE’S JUST LIKE “Mc your kid is so beautiful” and gushes about it for ten minutes. Proceeds to take pictures (even more than he taken of Zen) You’re just kind of like okay???  Once he thinks he has enough of just of your kawaii child he then wants pictures of the two of you together and I don’t think he ever really stops being amazed/in love with your little family.

*Your kids and him get along swimmingly and both parties get attached easily

*He always makes sure to not do every crappy thing his parents did to him because he knows how much it sucks to be treated that way…..

*Will ruffle your kids hair if they’re sad or discouraged (applies to you too)

*He’s the best advice giver and listener (except for himself😂)+ creative help to your kids teaches them photography and they are really good

*Will do literally anything and everything to protect you guys, unknown to you there isn’t anything he owns that isn’t going to your family in his will😭

Jumin:  He’s been wanting to put a ring on it anyways so a couple kids ain’t gonna change anything and he will try his hardest to be a good father figure but then his emotions get involved and yeah his love for your kiddos is equal to his love for you and Elizabeth 3rd your lives might as well have turned into a family sitcom but it’s still pretty great.

*Doesn’t spend time around people so yeah he’s gonna be awkward at first with ur kids and yea it has hella tension cus both your kids and Jumin think that the other hates them…… this is all resolved by Elizabeth 3rd and a game of Monopoly which is ironic to all of you that Jumin has never played it before

*FAMILY PICTURES ARE TAKEN BY V just imagine sweater pics lol

*Elizabeth 3rd is his prized friend, she’s got him through some tough stuff and he wishes he had her around as a child due to this he will literally let your kids get any pet as long as the animal is not dangerous and is loyal

*Won’t let anyone become spoiled/bratty and finally learns to work on that farm of his along with your smol babes it is so cute

*Also will tuck your kids into bed and when he makes a promise he will never let work get in the way or break it

Zen: Homeboy was ready for date night and date night  got cancelled cus ur baby-sitter for the night quit last minute so you texted Zen that it was probably best if you just waited a while anyways he doesn’t listen to it says fine shows up and didn’t know you had kids but accepts it because uno he ain’t a skwank and dos he loves you very very much

*The kids as soon as they see him are sort of in a trance with his beauty and are drawn in like moths to a flame but are also kind of hiding behind the bookshelf

*Zen has sort of the same reaction but is much more vocal about it and nearly cried with sparkling anime tears

*Opens up to your kids with tangled, spirit (the DreamWorks horse movie cus it’s my fav) and many Ghibli movies laughter is all around you and when you’re the only one who hasn’t fallen asleep on the couch, you know never felt a more purer and free moment

*Soon you fall asleep too and when you wake up Zen has already made everyone breakfast and was just about to come get you, it’s really nice and normal and simple but it brings tears to your eyes and you hope that things will stay like this for a while

*any problem with previous parent and he will be on their ass ready to fite and catching them outside

*Another poor child whose family is shit will never put the kids through that and will always be supportive

Jaehee:  Okay she is sort of prudish (like babe….morals am I right?) but she will definitely never be a total bitch about you having kids or never being married/divorcing ur previous s/o, she will understand the circumstances no matter what cus this is the 21st century and people should really get with the program~ Anyways she is considered by most to be extremely practical which she but she also is a fun loving mama bear who knows martial arts and will kick yo ass anyways let’s start the hcs before I get carried away🤗

*Is a little too worried about anything hasn’t dealt with kids much and even if seven acts like a kid you promise your kids are way better so she is grateful to find this information true and didn’t say anything but  finding your features in your kids faces was quite magical  

*Probably has been interested in cake decorating classes so your kids bday cakes are amazing and just really nice and thoughtful

*mama bear studied her ass off and was her own tiger mom but makes sure your kids don’t deal with that to such extremes and helps with studyblr worthy tips but will be there every step along the way if anyone is struggling

*The cafe can be family run and it’s just so frickin adorable your kids inspired Jaehee to make some kid inspired drinks and such so there is a little something for everyone at the cafe

*Makes sure everyone is healthy cus she doesn’t want to lose anyone and makes sure everyone has hella good health insurances etc


*He’s shook but in a good way like he can’t even keep his grades up and you’re raising your kid/s?  Literally even if you think you're​ doing not the greatest job he’s literally so proud of you for juggling everything and just caring so much and it’s just amazing to him

*Everyone gets along good and me makes hella omaru rice and bento boxes for everyone

*Helps your kids with their h.w if they ask or need help but it may or may not be wrong in some of the more difficult subjects (aka math-_-_-_-)

*Fricken protective yandere with you or ur babes will never do anything that hurts you guys but who’s to say that assholes who can’t keep there mouths shut etc not be put in the hospital

*There is a civil war of Pokemon and Digimon happening in this family it amounts to only saltiness

*Plays games with your family and let’s them sit on his lap and may or may not let them win a few rounds

Vanderwood: Your life has always been a little complicated mess so even after being friends with Vanderwood for quite some time you didn’t really want to talk about your kids because reason number 1. They seem to prefer no messes or complicated situations. Reason number 2. was well… not a lot of people acted nicely about​ you having a kid or not being married so yeah, for the time being you were gonna keep it to yourself because you don’t want this treasured person of yours to think your a hoe. So after awhile of this Vanderwood comes over to your home doesn’t knock just sort of breaks in and they have their hands full of take out and some kids movies, despite their initial tsundere act their a hit with your kids and once vanderwood learned of your insecurities towards showing them your family they’re like “why???? I’m a grumpy spy and you’re worried about me judging you??? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard eat your take out”. This may seem not romantic at all but to you it was one of the sweetest things ever~

*Doesn’t want your kid to ever grow up or date #willprobablytrytokillthepoorbish

*Will be a pro at ponytails and every other hairstyle, your kids love it when Vanderwood does their hair! They have heart eyes all day~

*Is low-key your kids Sensei, teaches your kids survival, self defense and cleaning plus a bunch of other important things

*they are literally mini ninjas and not like saeyoungs weeby naruto wannabe kids, they will END you before you even realized what happened

*Vanderwood does have a very reserved and happy side and it’s reserved for you guys in your home away from everyone else due to Vanderwood’s profession and they sure as hell ain’t letting bitches hurt you guys they will kill and do everything in their power to keep your family safe and come home every time as well

hehe it means The World to me that one of tony’s happy cap 3 moments happens WHEN HE IS TALKING TO A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD BOY. haters gonna hate but hahahahahaha HAHAHA my fav LIKES! KIDS! my fav had a legitimate child sidekick in his last movie. my fav avenges little kids’ Limited Edition Dora Watches which he agrees to WEAR. my fav RECOGNIZES CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN BULLIED. my fav does not only watch out for the bullied kid he also saves the BULLY’S LIFE you know why because the BULLY WAS ALSO A KID! in cap 3 my fav was introduced talking to an MIT student audience. “it’s not about me. it’s not even about us – it’s about what we leave behind for future generations” he said that one time in IM2

mcu tony stark Loves Young People and your pointless “hur dur hur evil manipulative tony stark recruiting child soldiers to use them as weapons” vitriol only makes me stronger tbh

The Signs as Madagascar Characters
  • Aries: Skipper
  • Taurus: Gloria
  • Gemini: King Julien
  • Cancer: Mort
  • Leo: Alex THE LION
  • Virgo: Stefano (third movie)
  • Libra: Gia (third movie)
  • Scorpio: Rico
  • Sagittarius: Maurice
  • Capricorn: Kowalski
  • Aquarius: Melman
  • Pisces: Marty

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I really want to get into Michael but I have no clue where to start!! help??

 omg……. this gonna be long i love my dad so much


-oprah 1993 interview

-ebony/jet 1987 interview

-1983 rare interview (im CRYIG)

-2005 geraldo rivera interview :(

-1993 deposition (it 3 hours long but it so amazing it feel like 30 min)

-1977 interview (i lov this interview he look so good)

-1999 mtv interview (i lov this interview fuc)

m’fave short films

-ghosts (40 min long)

-smooth criminal (it in moonwalker)

-remember the time

-you rock my world (CRIS!!)

-they don’t care about us/here’s the prison version sony didn wanna release cause they’re ugly



-making of thriller

-bad 25


-living with michael jackson (the ugly ass interviewer heavily edited the documentary so after u watch that watch this one)

-gary indiana visit (LOOK AT HER TITTIES SFJSDJ)

-home movies (this is my fav…)

-making of ghosts

-the jacksons: an american dream (terrence howard plays jackie fuk)

-captain eo

-30th anniversary concert with destinys child, nsync, shaggy and others!!


-1988 wembley stadium concert (A FAV BYE)

-dangerous tour concert in buenos aires

-history tour concert munich

-1988 grammys performance (thi performance inspired jussie smollet to pursue singing fuk)

-motown 25 billie jean

-1995 vanguard performance (the award that named after him fuc)

-superbowl 1993 half time show

-michael jackson and friends concert 1999 (thi… change my life..)

-dancing machine mexico/ one day in your life mexico

-one day in your life soul train

and this my favorite video of him i love him s o much :(

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Severus Snape?

oh honey

  • Why I like them: I don’t lol
  • Why I don’t: He’s a spiteful asshole who basically spends his whole life pitying himself bc Lily “put him in the friendzone” and takes out his man woes on a completely innocent child who’s endured abuse since he was a year old 
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Of Snape’s? Uuuuhhhh when he dies idk lol if just in general then I like the third and fourth books (basically 3-6 are my favs kjhdgldfhg)
  • Favorite season/movie: the third movie is my favorite
  • Favorite line: I don’t remember most of his lines bc they were always annoying so? Idk (sorry I’m sucking at this)
  • Favorite outfit: definitely when he’s a boggart dressed in Neville’s grandmother’s clothes 
  • OTP: Snape and Nagini
  • Brotp: Snape and his hair
  • Head Canon: Lily’s pissed at him in the afterlife lol
  • Unpopular opinion: Idk if it’s an unpopular opinion to hate him but? I do?
  • A wish: that his awful behavior wasn’t excused by so many (*cough*my mother) and that jkr didn’t try to paint him as a hero
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: the series is over so idk? Harry naming his kid after him was pretty bad tho so if I was reading the 6th book that would be my please-don’t-ever-happen
  • 5 words to best describe them: asshole, douchebag, greasy, mansplainer (let’s be real we know he would be dflgjhdfu), aaanndd a dick
  • My nickname for them: I don’t have one
In need of kinky friends!!

Looking for friends who are littles and CGs!!

Name: Toby
Age:     21          Little Age/Range:   2-7
Location: Brooooklyn~
Relationship Status: Taken, but no CG.

Hobbies/ Interest

✻ fav tv show/movie: Over the Garden Wall or MLP, Pocahontas(?too many to choose)
✻ activities:
Crafts, sewing, coloring, watching movies/cartoons, baking, going out dancing, shopping, makeup.
✻ snacks: cookies, chips, pretzels. (must be gluten free!)
✻ fav color: piiiiiink.
✻ music genre: Country.
✻random fact: I have tendonitis in my legs and arms??? 

my little space is: My bed, my head, anywhere. I love getting dressed up, and my room is full of stuffies. Most things I own are pink, and I am basically a child all the time.
we could: go to starbucks! go to the park! watch movies! be text-y friends!! hold hands!!!

contact me @ or @ Princess Toby #3845 on discord !!!

What I love tho is that when Deadpool came out, I didn’t hear a single concern about Deadpool reigniting scene culture or reigniting the bad boyz r kewl culture. I didn’t see any concerns about people dressing up as Deadpool more and more. When we know Deadpool cosplayers are often crass, and lewd, and go up to other cosplayers “consenting females” so they can be groped for a photo.

Even tho Deadpool, as I said before, in a male version of Harley Quinn’s jester suit, is also on every shelf in every corner of the Hot Topics stores all across the country. Hot Topics, a store that predominantly young girls (wow no coincidence there) shop at. I personally am not big on scene culture but I can see in the past as a younger teen girl how many of their things would have interested me.

I went to Hot Topic and saw all sorts of Disney merch especially Frozen, Deadpool merch (even before the movie), MARVEL merch, literally so much Loki everywhere, Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural (even a Mishapocalypse t) merch, some DC/TDK trilogy merch, some bands, and other various things including memes like the doge meme.

Hot Topics isn’t a scene store. It’s a freaking fandom store. I’ve never seen so many “We a Have a Hulk” and “Loki uwu” shirts in one place in my life. Heck, there were more LOKI shirts than there were Avengers shirts!

Shopping at Hot Topics is like logging onto tumblr. Fandoms everywhere. I was actually embarrassed to be able to recognize almost everything in Hot Topic I’ve already seen on tumblr.

So I’m not understanding the whole “Suicide Squad will bring back scene culture Hot Topic style” guess what binches, when y'all log onto tumblr to brood about how no one understands you and spend your time with others who no one understands, crying over fictional characters, y'all are emo. Y'all are scene culture. Y'all brought back scene culture with your woobification and Avengers/Sherlock/Doctor Who/Supernatural fangirling.

Anyways, the point is, when Deadpool came out, y'all were all perfectly fine. Y'all even wrote endless metas to prove how deep Deadpool goes beyond his lewd disgusting jokes about his genitalia and even past the lolz so randum jokes/scenes that saturated the movie. Even the awful advertising with the emo cartoon drawings of Deadpool and the poop emojis that specifically were meant to appeal to a particular age group (*cough*) y'all lauded and lapped it up like ice cream on a hot summer day. Y'all even contrived multiple reasons why Deadpool is great representation ( l o l with that predominantly white cast) and a super progressive movie (um) I mean where does it end???

Everyone continued to cosplay it. Females continue to get groped “in the name of in-character cosplay”. Guys got to go order their Deadpool t-shirts and their Deadpool mugs and girls got to order their Deadpool merch and everyone was happy. No one was harassed or made fun of. There wasn’t a single dent in the earth.


- How dare Suicide Squad, happens to be 55% poc with 4 main female characters, two of of which are non-white be a movie? I’ve seen fans literally rally to fund Deadpool’s movie production. But h-how dare a Suicide Squad movie exist???¿¿¿

How dare the movie potentially encourage more girls to dress like Harley Quinn? Notice how no one complained that “more dudes!” (often smelly rude and perverted dudes in my experience) would dress like Deadpool but it’s an issue that more girls will dress like Harley Quinn. Hmm 👀🤔

Notice how Suicide Squad is being branded an edgy Hot Topic movie (by MCU stans) but none of your beloved MCU movies or even Deadpool isn’t. I can find Deadpool on every single merchandise in Hot Topics- from mugs to shoelaces to erasers to freaking fragrance bottles. There’s more Loki shirts than there are Black Widow or pretty much any other character in Hot Topic.

So don’t try tell to me :-) 🔪🔪 that this :-) 🔪 isn’t bias :-) 🔪🔪🔪 from multiple aspects :-))) 🔪 disguised as something else 🔫

“Yes I know the DC movie is breaking Hollywood norm and giving minorities a chance to succeed like we’ve been asking from our own Marvel movies but it looks too edgy so no one should watch this movie!”

“No it’s not that I prefer my white favs with the one background poc who is the white fav’s prop like we get in Marvel movies. It’s just that diversity doesn’t matter in the DC movie!”

(Let’s see how long MCU stans ride the “it doesn’t matter if it has pocs, pocs don’t make a good movie” train until Spiderman Homecoming comes out 👀🕵🏾✍🏾💁🏽)

You guys are perfectly fine overlooking your whitewashed jews turned neo-naz*s and your yellow face movies and your “all blacks people look the same” CEO and your “stole the majority of my black costar’s paycheck” RDJ and your “child rape isn’t real” Scarlett Johansson, and “which female character can I bang first” Seb Stan and your “female characters are sexy lamps” movies and your various sputtering problematic aspects of the MCU, and still give them money and the time of day.

Then you should have no problem overlooking Jared Leto (who most likely will be woobified anyways) and stop bending over backwards for the “boycotting” of Suicide Squad and telling everyone that the pocs do not matter or mean anything because it’s “too Hot Topic-y”.

This post isn’t about or excusing Jared Leto’s disturbing gross antics he used to get into character. This isn’t about one line that Harley Quinn said in a 2hr+ movie that none of y'all have even seen yet. But I’m sure all of you will still persist and argue that “it’s too edgy” and “they completely screwed up Harley Quinn” as your excuse anyways won’t ya. I can foresee all the reblogs saying “but it’s too edgy 😩!” “All the GIRLS will wanna dress like Harley Quinn while it’s fine that all the GUYS wanted to be Deadpool” anyways. Prove me wrong for once. Just once.

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Chi, have you seen the new IT 2017 yet? if so what your favorite character? my is Georgie bc he my fav and child.

No i didn’t, I don’t like horror movies ;w;.
Well, Probably Georgie and Pennywise (?)

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What are your fav Astrid Lindgren stories?

I grew up reading about Emil and his hilarious adventures and love it.
Lotta and Lína (pippi) stories rank high
But my all time fav is Ronja ræningjadóttir. I dont know what its called in other countries?

Anyway i was often very ill as a child and id watch the movie every single time i was home sick snuggled under a blanket watching Ronja be an independent badass and it kept me hopeful tbh


“I will practice believing my husband loves me, and will love this baby. That this child might really save our marriage. But I could be wrong. Because sometimes, the way he looks at me, I think, man of my dreams, father of my child, this man of mine may kill me. He may truly kill me.”

Gone Girl (2014) Dir. David Fincher

Get to know people tag

tagged by my gf @chogiwamy lovE U B*ITCH

Rule: tag 9 ppl to get to know them

Relationhship status: single…… rip
Fav color: all primary colors!!! mainly yellow 
Lipstick or chapstick: omg im always so chapped but i wear matte lipsticks like all the time
Last song: the 7th sense - NCT U
Last movie: i started watching glory day but i fell asleep….
Top 3 shows: i dont rly watch any show bc im the poster child for adhd buT im starting to love andante and i always watch friends and i watch parks and rec when im doing things and just listen to it!!!
Top 3 ships: bruh,,,, yall already know this prolly but uh,,, krisbaek, chanbaek, and baekyeol lmaoooo

idk who to tag bruh

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thanks yall u aint gotta do this !!!

planet-holland  asked:

Heya hon congrats on 2.6k!!!! I guess for the ships I'd describe myself as... an Aries, short (5"3), light brown wavy hair, glasses, I'm actually a slight nerd (I enjoy science math and get very high marks) I love reading, movies and music. My fav colour is yellow my fav word seems to be pumpkin (tis the season lol) I can play the trumpet. I take dance lessons (hiphop) I can speak, read and write in French. And finally people would describe me as a child at heart:)

thank you darling! i ship you with tom 💓

tom would love that you’re so into your studies, and he’d do everything he can to encourage it. so whenever you’d be thinking about dropping everything to see him, he’d make sure you stay in school, reminding you that he’ll be back soon to cuddle you. he’d also love that you can speak french, because he’d probably say that it makes you sound sexier, which would make you giggle and blush every time. since you’re both big kids at heart, you’d have so much fun together on silly dates that nobody but you guys would understand. 

no more ships please! i’m just finishing the ones i have!!

analilyamirpour-deactivated2016  asked:

what are your fav movies about women

Fat Girl, Brooklyn, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Respire, Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem, Chicago, Anomalisa, Carol, Rust and Bone, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Mistress America, The Piano, Amelie, The Piano Teacher, Autumn Sonata, Daisies, The Hours, Rachel Getting Married, Dancer in the Dark, All About My Mother, Cries & Whispers, Gone Girl, 3 Women, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Blue is the Warmest Color, Persona, Black Swan, Fish Tank, Mulholland Drive, Obvious Child, Frances Ha, Grandma, Wild, Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter, Volver, Cake, Blue Jasmine, Bridesmaids, American Mary, Jennifer’s Body, The Duke of Burgundy, The Orphanage, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Rabbit Hole, Girlhood, Thelma and Louise, The Children’s Hour, Addicted to Fresno, Starlet, Ghostbusters, The Neon Demon, Diabolique, Nymphomaniac.