this was my face throughout the movie

pictures of keith with completely correct descriptions

the cover of a teen paranormal romance novel that’s been on clearance ever since the day it came out

idk this kind of reminds me of a mountain dew commercial? you know where they do kick flips on skateboards and set fire to wood and stuff. yeah. he’s the kid who does some sick tricks and then guzzles soda

that One Mandatory Scene in action movie trailers where the main character is facing off with the main villain but you don’t really see anything besides the main character’s pained face as the music grows quieter and quieter and then when it’s silent the villain says something evil and it rings throughout the room and you’re kind of like “oh shit, they’re going to die” but you haven’t really grasped the plot of the movie because it’s just a trailer

dream daddy (2017)

Watch “The Good Doctor”

Seriously. Go watch it. Support it.

I am crying right now because this show is about a young man with Autism who, his whole life, faced stigma even as he was a genius. He faced many hardships that neurodivergent people face every day, and yet he still pushes forward.

Throughout the episode - the first episode - I felt like someone was batting my heart with a baseball bat until the very end where they reached in and tore it out. The end left me in messy tears.

I never cry in movies. Moved? Yes. Cried? Never. Dogs could die and the main protag could lose it all, and I didn’t bat an eye. This had me crying.

The main character is a savant autistic young man who only wants to help people, help them live long and wonderful lives because of the tragedies of his past. He’s brilliant and has no ulterior motives to be at this hospital besides help people. Yet, even as he has one in his corner, everyone else sees his diagnosis and tries to shut him out.

But he tries. He tries harder than anyone else would. He does the seemingly impossible even as everyone else struggles to understand him.

This show is so important to me as someone who is neurodivergent and as someone who has grown up with autistic family. Please, please watch the show on ABC or hulu or some channel that streams it for cost because it needs support. It needs to stay on the air. It’s too important, already, to lose.

PS For friends, please be warned that this may be triggering. Emotional abuse and abuse of animals is present as is death. If these deter you, then please reblog and have others see it, understand the meaning of the show.

Personal things I loved about It (2017)

  • Mike fucking up Henry Bowers (the movie theatre erupted with clapping no joke)
  • Pennywise’s weird little jig he did (idk if that was supposed to be scary or funny bc y'all know I was laughing my ass off)
  • Beverly in general she’s a goddess
  • When Pennywise fucked up Patrick Hocketter (that shit was funny af)
  • How fucking adorable Georgie was ???
  • The fact mike couldn’t kill the sheep (I called mike chocolate daddy throughout the movie my friend was hating me for it)
  • Every one of Ritchie’s joke about Eddie’s mom
  • Eddies mom in general (literally me ??)
  • How shook the theatre was when Pennywise haD FUCKING THIRTEEN ROWS OF TEETH WTF
  • The overall dedication and hard work they put into the movie it was wonderful
  • “If we stick together, all of us. We’ll win.”
  • “Welcome to the Loser’s Club asshole!”
  • How shook I was at literally every Beverly scene ??
  • L O (S)V E R
  • When Bill found Georgie’s jacket (yeah I cried at that)
  • Me yelling ‘rip’ when anyone died
  • Just the overall movie was amazing. Honestly I loved it (ps i stan Stan ;;))
Atomic Blonde

The plot in Atomic Blonde is like the writer took an entire bag of cold war era spy tropes, dumped them all into a script, then tried to playact being a serious writer. It is neon lit, minimal on character backstory, and has some random actors in random parts. The plot exists so Charlize Theron can beat up and shoot men. Also so she can hook up with Sofia Boutella, wear gorgeous fashion, and perform some amazing fucking fight scenes.
Also this movie’s song licensing budget must have been obscene.

I loved this movie. I loved this movie so fucking much from the bottom of my cold dark heart. The fight scenes were so fucking good. So fucking realistic looking and brutal. There are bruises compounding throughout. Charlize’s face is right there in all the action cuz she’s doing so much of them. She can’t knock people out with one punch because that doesn’t really happen in real life, so she wails on dudes till they stay down.

This movie is gorgeous. The plot is convoluted nonsense. The action is the best thrill. I fucking love it.

watching alien covenant

David: “no one will ever love you like i do" ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ David: *KISSES WALTERS LIPS SOFTLY AND PULLS AWAY MAKING THAT LIP SUCKING NOISE* ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀mE: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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dating stiles stilinski would include:

  • him always sending you a ‘good morning beautiful’ text
  • being equally sarcastic
  • having star wars marathons
  • joining stiles in trying to get scott to watch star warsscott to watch star wars
  • cuddling
  • more cuddling
  • so much cuddling
  • him telling you how cute you are every moment that he gets
  • “stiles, that’s like the tenth time you’ve told me that today”
  • “shut up y/n, you’re cute”
  • fighting over who gets to be batman and who gets to be robin
  • dates in unique places because stiles has a unique mind
  • bitching about jackson and then theo together
  • wearing his lacrosse jersey at games
  • “you look really hot right now”
  • studying which always ends in the two of you making out
  • nerdy references that only you two understand
  • sex
  • sex sex sex
  • jeep sex
  • basically a lot of sex
  • him being really protective over you
  • especially when other guys try to flirt with you
  • “oh hey girlfriend, did you meet my girlfriend? yeah she’s my girlfriend”
  • fighting over which superhero is the best
  • being on different teams in civil war
  • “team iron man; i’m telling you, okay? tony stark knows what’s up”
  • “it’s a captain america movie! why would you be on any team but team cap?! honestly, you stress me out”
  • sending each other ugly faces on snapchat even when you’re in the same room
  • nose kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • passionate kisses
  • angry kisses
  • lust filled kisses
  • kisses in general 
  • both of you fucking loving it when the other plays with their hair
  • going to mcdonalds in the middle of the night
  • sending each other pictures and gifs of cats throughout the day because cats are great
  • “fat cats are the best, i think we should get our own fat cat”
  • “i agree, stiles”
  • wearing only his shirt and panties when it’s just the two of you in the house
  • hearing him curse under his breath every few minutes because of it
  • sexual frustration 
  • defending each other in arguments against others
  • high-fiving each other during said arguments, because no one can compete with your joint sarcasm 
  • helping stiles through his panic attacks
  • being there for each other through everything
  • long hugs
  • hugs from behind
  • hickeys
  • “shit, stiles; my parents are going to kill me, and then kill you”
  • doing rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be the little spoon every night
  • knowing his real name and calling him it when you’re play fighting
  • him setting his text tone to the loudest one so when you text him during the night, it’ll wake him up when you need him
  • the two of you having an unbreakable bond
  • “y/n, y/n, y/n”
  • “what, stiles?”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too, you egg”

what did you think?

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I appreciate you (Peter Parker)

Summary: Movie nights by yourself get interrupted by the one and only, Spider-Man

Warnings: none, very fluffy

Word Count : 928

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Your Friday nights are usually reserved for some time to yourself as you wind down from the school week. Tonight you intend to binge on all the Star Wars in the spirit of the newest one coming out in your closest budget theater. The plan is to finish the prequels and then start the original trilogy. As the night passes by you finish the prequels and you’re about to start the original movies when you decide to get up and restock on snacks. When you return to your room with an armful of popcorn and other junk-food you see the city’s favorite spandex wearing superhero.

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 11.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [7.0] [8.0] [9.0] [9.5] [10.0] [11.0] [12.0] [13.0] [13.06]Finale

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Y/N’s p.o.v

How time flies - I am now officially four months into my pregnancy, my tummy getting bigger each day and I was no longer an emotional wreck. I loved Taehyung, I still do. I think about him everyday but what’s the use, BTS were travelling the world right now. Did Taehyung even have the time to think about me? Did he spare a second to think about how I was doing? I’ll never know I guess. Today I’m going to the clinic to have a scan to check up on the baby. I was nervous because I wanted to find out the sex of the baby and I finally can today. 

I was lying on the chair bed thingy, something I still have yet to find out the name for. The cold gel squeezed over my stomach area, she started to do my regular check up.

“The baby is growing very well and looks really healthy, would you like to find out the sex of the baby?” I nodded with the biggest smile on my face. 

“You’re having a little baby boy, congratulations.” I couldn’t be happier right now, I can finally figure out a name for him, I can start to buy baby clothes, baby shoes, paint the walls and decorate the baby room. But at the same time it reminded me of Taehyung and how he said that he’s always wanted our first child to be a boy so when we have a baby girl in our unforeseeable future our little boy could protect our little girl. Unforeseeable future was something I could definitely use to describe how our relationship went down, I never saw our breakup coming. 

I was home in no time and decided to change into comfy clothes and just watch movies for the rest of the day whilst online shop baby clothes. My thoughts were crowded by baby names, wondering what I should name him. A thought came to mind, I questioned it but then I was sure. I wanted my baby to take the family name Kim, after all that’s what he is, a Kim. I was getting comfortable on the sofa when my doorbell sounded throughout the apartment. I groaned not wanting to get up, holding my stomach I walked over to the door and opened it. Only to be greeted by six familiar faces wearing a shocked expressions. I swallowed hard realising my secret was out.

“Y/N you’re pregnant?!”

Sooooooo I wasn’t originally going to post but your requests made me motivated to finish writing this part ~ Request for 12.0! Enjoy 💜

So I just saw Wonder Woman

I cannot stress enough how important for girls to have good, strong, female role models. I’ve been obsessed with Super heroes since I was TWELVE and I’ve NEVER seen a female super hero portrayed in a way that captured the strength and power the hero was capable of without sacrificing the passion or the innocence of the character. My favourite female super “hero” is actually the villain Harley Quinn purely because she is absolutely fearless and she refuses to take shit from anybody without fail. She was the only female super anything that I had seen with that attitude EVER. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love Harley and she will for ever be my queen of crazy, but tonight I finally found a version of a female hero whose main purpose wasn’t to be a sexy character that the “real” hero could flirt with. The film makers stayed true to the original costume, but not ONCE did I feel like they used it to sexualize her in an unnecessary way. She was sexy, naturally, but it wasn’t forced. She never had to use it in the attempt to seduce the bad guy, men were distracted by her, but the movie made it clear that that was not her fault, she was focused on her mission the entire time and never once faltered for a boy. They just did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT by keeping everything about her focused on her being a badass rather than her being fucking gorgeous, even though she is that too. The best part about her attitude is that she wasn’t “weird” because of it, it was normal and even encouraged for her to be like that. Speaking of attitude, let’s talk blocking. She was put in so many power positions throughout the movie, it was like she refused to let anyone ever look down on her. She had the high ground in SO MANY fights, she was running on rooftops, she was getting all up an some general’s face lecturing him about honour, and this girl WOULD NOT BACK DOWN. Someone tell her to stay put and she didn’t want to? She didn’t. She went exactly where she wanted, exactly when she wanted. And then, in one of my favourite moments, she FLIPS that classic “stay here, I’ll go ahead”, line that guys had been using on her throughout the movie back onto them before running STRAIGHT TOWARDS ENEMY FIRE AND TAKING OUT EVERY BAD GUY IN HER PATH. BUT for every ounce of magnificent attitude in her body, there was AT LEAST an equal amount of compassion. She genuinely cared for every civilian, for every soldier, for every person that she met and everything she did was guided by her desire to do what she believed was right. And despite being told she was wrong, that it was crazy, that “that’s not how the world works”, she was RIGHT. I won’t go into detail, because spoilers, but she was RIGHT. She also treated everybody like they were just as important as her and HELLO THIS GIRL IS TAKING OUT WHOLE PLATOONS NEARLY SINGLE HANDEDLY, SHE DESTROYED A FUCKING TANK AND SHE STILL DIDN’T SEE HERSELF AS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. And more on that compassion thing? She was still very capable of emotions and you could see them swirl together and twist themselves into knots as she tried to process the idea that everything may not be as she was raised to believe. However this is the first time I’ve seen a female super being feel emotions as powerfully as that and, rather than becoming useless or distracted by them, she was actually STRONGER because of the passion she was feeling. Let me repeat that HER FEELINGS DID NOT IN ANY WAY PREVENT HER FROM BEING A COMPLETE AND TOTAL BADASS. EVEN MALE SUPER HEROES AREN’T GENERALLY ALLOWED TO DO THAT. AND as for things that don’t directly relate to Diana herself, it dealt with soldiers suffering from PTSD (whom she reminded of their value and still saw them as warriors), carried a heavy theme of honour and acting on what you believe in, and it didn’t use the demeaning of men as a tactic for female empowerment. To be clear, it showcased Diana’s strength without making the guys come across as weak, cowardly, or immoral. That’s a victory for equality. I was physically shaking on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, I’ve literally spent the last 8 years of my life waiting for a hero like this, 100/10, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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Not funny!

I’m not sure how this is going to go, so wish me luck!
(F/N/1) - Friends name 1.
(F/N/2) - Friends name 2.
(C/N) - Crushes name.
(Y/N) - Your name.

Ear piercing screams sound through the larger speakers accommodating the large flat screen hung against the wall. Warmth from the large, fluffy white blanket encases me. The edge of the blanket pulled up to rest gently underneath my eyes, blocking the horrific scenes emitting from the tv.

Who the hell chooses to watch a horror movie at two in the morning? My idiot friends and I. 

I was sat at the very edge of the couch, hands clutching the blanket with a death grip. Another scream echoes throughout the house, the noise making me jump slightly. I hear a deep chuckle to the right of me.


I turn to look at him, groaning when I notice him with a large smile placed upon his face. His pearly white teeth are on display, his eyes slightly crinkled in the corners due to his wide smile. His hair nothing but a tangled mess atop his head. 

He leans towards me, his lips mere centimetres from my ear. “Is someone a bit of a scaredy cat?” His voice is barely above a whisper, laced with amusement. Shaking my head slightly, my eyes trained on the tv. Another chuckle escapes (C/N), before he goes back to his original position. 

TAP. TAP. TAP. Three quick moments against my shoulder causes a loud scream to erupt from me, my body jumping straight off the couch. A chorus of loud laughs surround me, (F/N/1), (F/N/2) and (C/N), all toppled over, holding their stomachs.

“That’s not funny,” I whine, hiding my face behind both my hands. After a few moments more of laughter, strong arms wrap around my waist. A rough but gentle hand tugs my hands away from my face, my eyes land instantly on (C/N)s. His arms pull you tightly into his chest, the familiar smell of his cologne engulfs me. 

A soft pair of lips are placed against my forehead. My heart feels like it’s about to jump out of my chest. I begin to worry that maybe, just maybe he can hear my heartbeat. 

He cranes his head down to hover just next to my ear. “I’m sorry for scaring you, but, I must say, you look adorable when you are scared,” the smile is evident in his voice. That same pair of plump, pink lips gently leave a feather light kiss to the nape of my neck.

(C/N)s arms pull me with him back towards the couch. He sits down in his spot, shifting around to get comfortable. Unexpectedly, he pulls me in between his legs. His arms encircle around my waist, pulling me flush against him. “I’ve got you, (Y/N), I’ll protect you from all the monsters.”

g o t 7 : sleeping over

 there was a request for this one so i hope it lived up to expectations xD i’m thinking of creating another part out of this though. perhaps waking up with GOT7 and mayybe a how you’d fall asleep? idk so please let me know by  requesting! here is my masterlist :) have a good day!!

warnings: none :))
words: 1′139

 제이비 J A E B U M
- if JB was coming to yours for a sleepover he’d be sure to overpack bringing several pillows even though it’s unnecessary
- whenever he stays over he always leaves with a hoodie or a t-shirt missing hmm ;)
- you savour those quieter evenings with Jaebum and love watching the sunset together. i was going to say music would softly be playing in the background but i think JB would love having your hand in his on your lap as he hums or sings 양심없이 (don’t care) softly aH
- and those unnecessary pillows? calls for a pillow fight
- his hair would get so fluffy ^.^
- you’d settle for bed quite early and enjoy the comforting silence as you fell asleep resting your head on Jaebum’s shoulders

마크 M A R K 
- Mark wouldn’t even knock on the door if he was coming to yours since he’s such a frequent visitor
- most of the time you just presume he’s staying over when he turns up at your apartment
- but when you’ve planned a sleepover with Mark you’d love how you’d notice he was here by the smell of your favourite takeaway downstairs
- you’d spend hours playing video games like Overwatch, always dropping funny comments at one another about who’s the better player
- you’d sit on his lap as you both held your controller co he could teach you how to become a sweat at the game. he’d kiss you’re hair whenever a new round of the game was starting “ready jagiya?”
- to Mark sleeping over felt like a huge escape from tiring dance practises and he’d enjoy watching as you talk with him as you faced each other on the bed
- slowly, everything will get quieter and Mark would shuffle closer to you, softly kissing you’re forehead because you’re always the first to go to sleep

잭슨 J A C K S O N
- you’re sleepovers are full of instant ramen pots after the one time he tried to cook you a dish that didn’t end up to be edible
- sleepovers are the time where Jackson really feels so comfortable and doesn’t try to impress you because everything is so calm and intimate
- for a while you’d channel surf but you’re both too busy talking about your day and exchanging stupid jokes to even think about watching the channel: in this case it’s teleshopping
- the hours talking on your bed would seem to go incredibly fast in each others company. you’d have both started talking with it being light outside and were still talking in complete darkness when the sun had set
- sometimes Jackson would give you his hoodie and you’d go on a short walk to find something other than instant ramen pots
- your nights wouldn’t be late or early, together you’d talk about more dreams and ambitions you have before actually fall asleep beside each other to sweet dreams 

진영 J I N Y O U N G 
- i feel like you and Jinyoung wouldn’t plan sleepovers often therefore when you do stay the night at GOT7′s apartment it’d seem more special
- respectfully the other guys wouldn’t interfere when you choose to put on a romance movie in the lounge 
- making a warm drink together became a tradition from when you first started dating. the kitchen would always be left in a mess lets the leader clear it up
- both of you love to share popcorn as you watched movies, a huge blanket would cocoon the both of you to feel each other’s warmth
- Jinyoung always surprises you with new movies that you’ve never seen before
- for 90% of the film though he’s admiring your expressions as they change throughout the movie and sometimes you’d catch him doing so
“what? is there something on my face?” “yeah, let me just-” *throws popcorn at you*
- most of the time the couch would be your bed as Jinyoung and you would get so snug where you were laying, you’d end up falling asleep tangled together

영재 Y O U N G J A E
- your sleepovers would turn out to be for a straight up week since Youngjae’s schedule is so packed. but when there’s free time you always are with him constantly
- sleeping over at each other’s apartments means so much to you since when you were only friends and before debut you’d always be having sleepovers
- as friends he’d always intend to sleep on the floor but you insisted that you’d both be comfier if you were in each others arms. for the first few months of being together he’d be sweet and always check if you wanted him to sleep on the floor
- i feel like Youngjae would love a relaxing evening with a brightly coloured bath bomb involved
- when you were at GOT7′s apartment you would always greet the boys for a while before going off to Youngjae’s room for cuddles

뱀뱀 B A M B A M
- he wouldn’t have to worry about bringing anything but himself since everything he owns is practically already at yours. things of his folded in your drawers, glasses lying on your desk and his shoes by your front door
- together you would spend a lot of time looking at memes and watching crack videos dabbing contest?
- BamBam lowkey loves pamper evenings and he’ll own the overpriced moisturiser that makes you giggle when he rubs it in your skin and down your neck
- midnight snacks? BamBam magically reveals food he’s somehow been hiding all night
- being in each other’s presence was a big enough excuse not to sleep for thE WHOLE NIGHT “it’s 5:05 Bammie” “we’ll go to bed soon” “how is it 8am already?” “shh we’ll go to bed soon”

유겸 Y U G Y E O M
- a toothbrush of Yugyeom’s would already be in your bathroom since he’s always over whenever GOT7 aren’t busy
- Yugyeom always finds the excuse to sing, and as soon as the sleepover starts music is blaring as you both are singing as loud as you can and holding you close as you dance on the bed
- together you’re professional den makers. but since he’s so tall his feet would stick out the end so he’d end up spooning you
- it’d be around 2am when you’d both be incredibly sleepy to the extent where you can barely keep your eyes open
- so tired to the point where you’re also loopy and laughing at the strangest things
- the quiet noise of music playing will drive you both to sleep just as the suns beginning to rise

S/O and freckles


It was summer and for some reason, you never tanned, you got even more freckles. This summer you had been outside a lot, so new freckles were coming in all over the place. 

It wasn’t until you were lying in bed next to Jin that he noticed them. He stared at them in slight fascination and smiled every time he found new one or a new patch.

“They’re just so pretty. I don’t know many people with freckles though.”

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It happened late at night. You had just gotten back from a costume party and your friends had the great idea of giving you glow in the dark freckles, aka just painting the ones you already had. 

This was no problem if you hadn’t forgot about them. You climbed into the bed with Suga and sighed contently. As he looked at you, he got a funny look on his face before turning the light on. “Are those real freckles?” he asked, gentle thumbing your cheeks.

You laughed and nodded before laying back down.”Had ‘em all my life.”

Suga laughed and kissed your nose before laying back down. “They’re cute.”

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It was a lazy day and you were sitting on J-hope’s lap, watching a movie. Throughout the movie, you caught J-hope staring at you and you began wondering why he was doing so. Finally you asked him.

“You have freckles. I’ve never noticed them before.”

You gave him a confused look and shrugged. “Okay. So?”

J-hope smiled and gave you a slow kiss. “Freckles are places where the sun has kissed you ya know.”

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Rap Monster

It was a cuddly type day as you and Rap Monster layed in bed together. As the show played,Rap Monster laughed at new found freckles. “They’re like stars.I could connect them all if I wanted.”

You laughed at his statement and sighed happily as he began tracing pictures. It was times like these that you felt the most calm and loved.

It was also times like these that Rap Monster loved the most. Getting to know you bit by bit was a favorite pass time and finding new freckles was the perfect way to do so.

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When Jimin found new freckles covering your body, he’d place a kiss on them all.He was never sure why, but he loved them so much. After being out in the sun all day, you had quite a few new ones.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked as he sprinkled small kisses all over your face, neck and shoulders. You laughed as you shook your head,relaxing into Jimin’s arms.

“Well, I’m glad you have them, They give me excuses to kiss you.”

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When V noticed your freckles, he just gave you a big smile. “I have an elephant on my arm, but you have a herd of them all over you.” he finally laughed out.

You couldn’t help but smile as well and the two of you spent the rest of the day finding elephants on your body. When the two of you were finally tired, you snuggled onto the couch, whispering jokes and laughing as you fell asleep in each others arms.

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It was early and you were still asleep when Jungkook woke up. He smiled as he studied you, getting closer when he noticed some freckles. As he looked, he noticed that they actually ran all over your face, neck, and shoulders, as well as down your arms and back.

He could tell you were waking up, so to get your attention, he began kissing some of them. He could feel you smile as he did so and you turned over to face him. “Having fun?”

“Defiantly. Freckles are probably one of my favorite things now.”

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Help Me Get The Girl Part 9 (Grayson Mini-Series)

Description: Grayson seeks out your help to get your friend to fall for him.  In exchange for your help, Grayson promises to take care of your freshman brother when it comes to being bullied.  What you two didn’t know is that even though helping each other would ideally be beneficial, there would be a series of events that would make you two question whether this was a good deal or a disaster in the making.

Word Count: 2,835

Warnings: Language.  Light content in relation to being physically intimate.

A/N:   Here is part 9 and it will be super dramatic throughout the whole part.  It’s probably the BIGGEST turning point in this story.  I appreciate your patience with me writing this and all your support.  Receiving your asks and comments after my posting fills me with never ending joy!

This part is dedicated to @dolanwithlife for her continuous support!

Your POV:

I was now sat in the passenger seat of Grayson’s Bronco, the wind flowing between my fingers as my arm dangled out the window.  My mind was focused solely on my brother’s health and getting revenge against his assaulter.  In my peripheral vision I could see Grayson looking my way a few times, but my mind demanded that I pay no attention to him and only focus on what steps to take next with the situation at hand.  

The only thoughts I truly had were:

Find him.

Have him held accountable.

Take him to court.

Make sure he doesn’t gets away with it.


I wasn’t sure where he was taking me, but I didn’t really care, all I wanted was to get away from the situation.  The car came to a stop and I realized that we were at his house.  Standing on the front porch was Ethan with a solemn look on his face and I knew that Grayson hadn’t planned on taking me on an escape.

“You told me you would take me anywhere.” I grumbled, my eyes planted on my twiddling fingers.

He sighed, “Grace called me upset about what happened so I figured I could be there for her and E could be with you.”

“Well it’s not her fucking brother!” I slammed my fist against the door, ignoring the throbbing pain that shot through my wrist.  A thick silence filled the car as my eyes drifted in Ethan’s direction.  He stood there, eyes still trained on me and Grayson, trying to analyze what was going on.

Grayson’s hand reached for me but I slapped it away with the very little strength I had in my emotionally weak body.  My hand reached for the handle, ready to bust out of that car and childishly stomp my way into the house.

And then, I realized something.  He truly thought that this was the best plan with the given situation.  He was so invested in her than the rest of us were just bystanders with a small role in his life.  He didn’t realize that he was pushing me away and quite frankly I could tell that he was pushing Ethan away as well.

“It’s my brother.  He’s my brother.  For her to use that as an excuse to have your attention sickens me,” I sucked in a sharp breath, feeling my body begin to heat up, “Go be with her since she’s going through such a traumatic experience with my brother getting brutally beaten.”

Opening the door I slammed it loud enough for it to echo throughout the area.  I faced Ethan, all of the will power I had left in me slowly dissipating till it was no longer present.  As I stood there, seeming to be helpless, Ethan strolled towards me with his arms opening, wrapping me in his embrace as soon as he reached me.  

“Let’s go inside.” he whispered into my ear, his arm wrapping around me protectively. “We can go to my room and watch a movie or sit in silence.  You choose whatever you want.” he rubbed my back as we crossed over the threshold into their house.

Without thinking I slid myself out of his hold, turning to him with blazing eyes, “That’s what your brother said, too, and yet he drops me off like I’m nothing.  My decision is to go home.”

I turned on my heel to storm out of the house, but Ethan caught onto my wrist.  He pulled me back, knowing that I wasn’t going to fight him, but my stubbornness hadn’t faltered, “You’re my best friend and best friends don’t let each other feel alone and like they’re nothing.  I’m here, I’m present in your life, and I’m not going anywhere.  As dumb as Grayson is for doing this, I promise that he meant good by it.  He texted me saying that he was bringing you to me.  Sure, he was dumb as hell for going to Grace when this all had nothing to do with her, but he just wanted everyone to be okay.”

“I don’t care,” I snapped, “It was a shitty move and I’m over it.  They can go screw each other for all I care.  You know what?  I have an idea.” Switching roles, I grabbed his wrist and pulled him behind me up the stairs.  He reluctantly followed me, allowing me to lead him into his bedroom.

My actions were driven by anger and pain.  Nothing about my state of mind was okay.  There was a thick fog of rage blocking every path of reason and freeing the roads to regret.  What I was about to do next, would fuck up things in more ways than the obvious one.  I was digging a hole that I could never fill.

Right when we stepped into his room, I lifted my foot to kick his door closed behind me before capturing his lips with mine.  At first Ethan froze, giving me nothing, but it only took a few beats for him to respond.  He stumbled backward, his hands gripping the bottom of my shirt, pulling it up and over my head before discarding it on the floor.  I mimicked his actions, tossing his shirt on top of mine.

As he took the time to look over me as I stood before him, I let a devilish smirk make its way only my face.  It was a smile I had never used before.  This wasn’t me.  This was the hurt.

Pushing him down onto the bed, I climbed on top of him, my hands fumbling with the button of his jeans.  My lips were on his again, my teeth tugging on his bottom lip, my body begging for more–my mind not wanting me to stop.

Ethan worked his hands out of my hair, moving down my sides, his palms warming my skin.  “You’re so beautiful.” he mumbled against my lips, his hand now flat against my lower back pulling me closer to him.

Sitting up, straddling him I moved my hands up his torso feeling every ripple of his toned abdomen, “Don’t say that.” I demanded, hands now on his chest.

He held me up as he sat himself up, lowering me so that I was now sitting, legs on both sides of him, “I will never lie to you, Y/n.  You deserve to know how beautiful you are.” he moved my tangled hair out of my face.  “I need you to look at me now and listen to me.” his tone came out serious.

I shook my head, “Please, don’t.”

“I won’t let you do this to yourself, Y/n.” he lifted my chin, forcing me to connect eyes, “As much as I’d love to share this moment with you and take your pain away, I’m just can’t.  If I’m going to be intimate with you again, I want it to be what you truly want and right now… I know this isn’t what you truly want.”

My vision started to blur from the tears building up in my eyes, “E, I’m so sorry.” I sobbed, my hands covering my face in embarrassment.

“Don’t be.” he pulled my hands away before placing a light kiss on the tip of my nose.  “You weren’t thinking straight and I was right there, sometimes we act without thinking.”  He moved off of the bed, turning and lifting me off of it.  “Now,” he grunted and set me down, “How about some ice cream?”


With nothing in hand, no backpack on my shoulders and the only thing I was carrying being determination… I made my way down the freshman hall to the detention room.  When I got to the door there was no think time, no processing the repercussions, and no hesitation.  My hand twisted the knob and threw the door open.  

There he was, sitting in the corner, with only detention as a punishment for putting my brother in the hospital.  Matt Morrison.  He wore a smug smirk as he twirled his pencil with his fingers.  The way he was so confident that he wasn’t going to have anything worse than this was what pushed me over the edge.  Breaking out into a dead sprint I got to him and slammed his head against the desk.  There was a small cracking sound that told me I broke his nose against the surface.

In the background I could hear the gasps of shock and the teacher yelling at me to stop, mixing in a few threats of suspension here and there, but none of that mattered compared to what this douche bag had done to my brother.  Feeling someone tug on my arms I pushed them off, my adrenaline giving me more strength than I had anticipated.  My stopping for a short moment gave Matt the advantage, his hands shoving me back and to the ground.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he shouted, his hands wiping the crimson liquid pouring from his nose.

“I’ll show you.” I growled standing back up and pouncing, only this time… I didn’t make it to him.  Arms wrapped around my waist, keeping me from swinging at his face with the perfect hit.  I screamed and kicked as I was carried out of the room, “YOU MOTHER FUCKER I’LL MURDER YOU!  DO YOU HEAR ME?  YOU TOUCHED MY BROTHER NOW I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU UP!”

I continued to scream threats and profanities the whole way out and down the hall.  I thrashed and fought against the muscled body holding me back, my mind running wild.  “Put me down you little bitch!” I screamed, attempting to pull their hands apart to let me go.

“Y/n stop.” I recognized Grayson’s voice.  “God, I knew you would do this.  I could tell by the look in your eyes when you go to school this morning.” he set me down, allowing me to turn and face him.

“Screw off, Grayson.” I tried to size him up but failed miserably.

“I just saved your ass in there!” he lectured, “Matt’s bigger than you, you would have only had the upperhand for a few more seconds!  I get the vibe that it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female; if Matt’s going to fight you, he’s going to go all out.”

“Whatever.” I snapped, looking behind me to see if anyone had followed, specifically the teacher.  “I may have needed help, but I would rather have had my ass beat than be saved by you.” my eyes narrowed in on him, my jaw clenched.

He let out a deep breath, “I know you’re upset with me and Grace but…”

I let out a humorless laugh, “I’m not upset, I’m livid.  Both of you can go screw yourselves for all I care.”

“Gray, Y/n!” I heard Grace’s voice screech from the end of the hall, followed by the clacking of her slightly heeled shoes on the floor as she approached us.

“Lovely.” I rolled my eyes, folding my arms across my chest.

“Oh my gosh, what happened?” she asked, looking at my disheveled appearance and Grayson’s dominant stance.

I sarcastically shrugged, “Oh just talkin like the buds we are.” I made my forced smile in a way where they both knew that it was fake, “Grace, how’s Theo doing?  I heard you were super upset!” I faked worry.  “Oh wait… he’s my brother, not yours!”

Her face softened as Grayson’s eyes widened, “Y/n, I didn’t mean to make it seem like…”

“Like it was all about you?” I cut her off, “Like it usually is?  Like it always has been?  Right, Grayson?  It’s always been about her, hasn’t it?” his mouth opened and closed a few times; he was speechless.

Grace reached out for me, “Y/n, calm down.  Let’s talk.”

“No!” I moved away from her attempt at consoling me, “Don’t tell me to calm down!  As my friend, you were supposed to be there for me, but instead you were using my brother as an excuse to get attention and that is disgusting.”

Grayson tried to bring the quarrel down, “Okay, let’s just take a deep-”

“Oh shut up, Grayson.” I groaned, throwing my head back.  “Honestly, you two are perfect for each other.  Your heads are so far up each other’s asses you can’t even see.” I pushed past the both of them, “Just… don’t talk to me anymore.  Stay away from me.”

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” Grace shouted, causing me to come to an abrupt stop.  “Y/n, I love you, but you’re being unreasonable right now.  Instead of throwing a tantrum, how about you come back here and talk to me like an adult.”

“How about you go fuck Grayson and mind your own damn business.” I roared, whipping around in her direction.

“Y/N, THAT’S ENOUGH!” Grayson boomed.

“No surprise, someone swooping in to save Grace.  For the first time ever, it’s not me!” sarcasm dripped from my voice.

Leaving Grace behind, he sped past her, grabbed my forearm and drug me behind him.  I glared in Grace’s direction and flipped her the bird until I could no longer see her.  My feet banged heavily against the floor as I tried to keep up with him, allowing him to drag me around like a dog.  

Once he reached his Bronco, he ripped open the passenger’s side door, lifting me into it knowing that I would attempt to walk away if he didn’t.  After slamming the door shut, he climbed in on his side and started to drive us away from the school.

He began to scold me like I was a child, “First you break Matt’s nose, second you’re screaming profanities at the top of your lungs, and then you’re fighting with your best friend!  I know you’re upset, but you can’t go around acting like that.”

Ignoring him, I stared out the window the whole drive, not acknowledging him once.  Pulling onto a gravel road he drove for a few minutes before finally reaching his selected destination.  He got out of the car and began to walk away.  Curiosity getting the best of me I got out as well, anger still pulsating throughout my veins.

I took in my surroundings “Why are we at your family’s cabin?” I whined, following him to the porch.

Grayson went over to the window sill, lifted up a loose piece of wooden framing, and pulled out a key, “You wanted to get away, so I’m helping you get away.” he mumbled, unlocking the door.  Upon entering, he ran his hand through his hair and turned to me, “Is this what you wanted?” he threw his arms out.

“What do you mean what I wanted?” confusion was written across my face as I shut the door behind me.

“For us to be like this?  For everything to be messed up?  Look at what this stupid deal did to us!  Look at what it did to your friendship with Grace!” he dropped his arms.  “I know about you and Ethan last night!  How you let your emotions get the best of you; what happened in his room. He’s my brother, he tells me things.”  I cast my eyes to the ground in shame.  “I know that it wasn’t intentional and you weren’t in the right state of mind, but don’t take it out on Ethan or Grace.  This is about you and me.  Take it out on me.”

He dropped his physical and emotion guards and left himself open to me.  Gladly taking the invitation I stepped forward, “We did mess this up.  I hate it.” I slammed my fist against his chest.

“I hate that my brother got attacked.”


“I hate that I used Ethan and he forgave me for it.”


“I hate that I’m so angry with Grace.”


“I hate that I hurt someone today even though he deserved it!”


“And I hate that I let myself become this person.  I HATE THE PERSON I AM RIGHT NOW!”

With one last bang on his chest I broke down into tears.  My lips tightened as the aching in my throat started to make its appearance.  My hands covered my eyes to hide my humiliation as I leaned my forehead against his chest.  He pulled me into a tight hug letting my tears soak his shirt.

“I fucked up, Y/n and I’m sorry.” he spoke into my hair, “I’m so sorry.  Tell me what I can do to help you.”

“Distract me.” I begged.  He pulled away and looked me in the eyes, holding my gaze for a beat before leaning in and brushing his lips against mine.  “You realize I just kissed your brother yesterday, right?” I said, our lips still making feather like movements against each other.

“Yes, but the difference is…” he pulled me even closer, “You won’t be doing this to use me.  This has always been so much more than that.” and this time when he leaned in, he fully closed the gap.


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You know what I love about the Angry Birds Movie?

The fact that Leonard and Red


There are some animated movies where the hero and main antagonist barely interact…really think about it; sometimes its barely at all. That doesn’t make it bad, but when it does happen its great. It makes the final battle oh-so enjoyable, and watching these two characters work off each other had be smirking like an idiot throughout this dumb movie.

Red’s the only guy who sees through Leonard’s bull and he knows it.

I mean look at this. Look at the JOY in this bird’s face. Eventually it leads to my favourite scene - when you see this look on Leonard’s face -

And you KNOW he’s about to fck Red’s shit up.

I just love these two okay.

Red’s so freaking tiny oh my god.

Dangerous: Chapter Two

Request: Hi! Could you do a oneshot or multi chapter where reader is Tony’s daughter & Avenger who falls in love w/ Loki. They have a Joker/Harley type relationship (minus the abuse) & even tho she loves her dad & team, she becomes a villain for loki. Thanks!  

Summary: Stark is the name I was born into. Being Tony Stark’s kid meant a lot of things, namely everyone looking to you and protecting you. I’m not some princess needing to be protected. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. When Loki appears, I feel ready to worship a king.

Starts during the Avengers movie then I kinda write my own thing.

Triggers Throughout The Series: Angst. Drama. Violence. Smut. Romance.

Triggers In This Chapter: SO MUCH SMUT

Word Count:  1778

I shuddered when he kissed my neck, pressing me against the wall. His teeth grazed my neck, sending a chill straight to my clit. “Mine,” He growled.

“Yours. Loki,” I moaned, getting his attention. “My room. Please?”

“Of course, my Sigyn,” He said, cupping my face tenderly. I shivered, my skin chilling under his touch. I turned my head into his palm and kissed it lovingly as I rutted into him. His hard cock twitched under his pants as he groaned. “Tell me now. Else, I won’t care who sees me pumping you full of my seed.”

I moaned at those words and told him where to go. He held me to him and quickly hurried for my room. As soon as the door was opened, it was closed and I was dropped onto my bed. His hands gripped the front of my shirt and tore it open, making me gasp before giving him a small glare.

He smirked to me. “Fret not, my dear,” He assured me as his fingers ghosted over my flesh. “It’s but an obstacle between me and your alluring flesh.” I bit my lip as I watched his eyes spark, changing red for a moment. While it did startle me at first, I calmed quickly when his palms tore off my bra and groped at my tits. My moan of pleasure made him smirk and I needed more. “What’s wrong, my kitten?” He hummed, rubbing his thumbs over the pert nipples. “Tell me what you want. I may grant it.”

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“Baby Driver”’s use of color symbolism.  (SPOILERS BIG TIME)


A lot of people are praising the sound design in Baby Driver, which is a technical masterpiece in its own right, but there is also a lot to be praised about the color symbolism and symbolism in general with the character’s actions all throughout the movie.  My head’s been buzzing with all the use of color in this movie, please comment what you noticed which I did not! 

 Things I noticed: 


When Buddy’s wife Darling mentions “when my husband sees red, black is the last thing you’ll see”, or something along those lines, in the second half of the movie there are a TON of references to that.  In the end car chase scene between Buddy and Baby, after Darling’s death, Buddy clicks into his RED rage.  He literally sees the red from his wife’s blood, turning on his RED rage.  When he is chasing Baby around the parking complex, a red light looms ominously onto his face from inside the stolen police car he is creeping around in.  All throughout that scene he is illuminated with a RED light.  And he plans to make Baby see black from death, but BUDDY HIMSELF dies from falling and sees black for the last time in a twisted ending to his wife’s words.  He dies by falling onto a BLACK CAR, the one that fell off of the parking ramp.  He saw red from rage and died on black from death with more red fire engulfing him. 


When Baby is confronting innocent people to get out of a situation, three times the color purple/violet is for sure prevalent in some way.  The second time Baby steals a car from a random stranger to drive away, the black woman with the purse has a PURPLE car.  And the Nice Teller Lady whom Baby stops from entering the back of the building during the final heist attempt was wearing a purple jacket.  The first person that Baby interacts with was wearing a fuchsia/hot pink/purple dressy top. The purple may symbolize the physical manifestation of the calmness, kindness, and good heart Baby has which is entwined with his fast paced passion.  Purple is the combination of red and blue, red being passionate and bold and heated, and blue being peaceful and calm and cool.  So purple in essence is the combination of passion and calmness.  This ties in to the fact that Baby often thinks quickly and passionately during the adrenaline pumping chases, but doesn’t abandon his good nature and heart in those moments, and he takes the time out of his fast paced thinking to slow down and show peaceful kindness and good intentions to those he affects.  He takes the time to calmly address those people he was stealing from or helping out to give them peace of mind and safety, adding a blue nature to the dangerously red situations of those scenes.  Hence the purple similarities in those three instances.  (I also realize that the purple colors may be interpreted as more hot pink or fuchsia in nature, they were all more on the pinker side of violet.)


The similarities between Deb and Baby’s mom are abundant.  They both have golden blonde hair, they both worked at the same diner, and both of them sing.  Along with them both being blonde, the tape recording that Baby made named “MOM” has yellow tape for the label, and I think was either the only tape or one of the few tapes that had colored tape labels.  The yellow and gold associated with his mom and Deb symbolize the beacons of comfort and hope that they both are to Baby.  Deb also wears a golden yellow dress when Baby first sees her, as she is singing angelically.  She is seen as an angelic person through Baby’s eyes, and gold is often associated with divinity/comfort/happiness along with the color white.


Buddy, with his Red Rage, aims to make Baby see black by killing him.  In his rage he targets Deb, someone close to Baby, who happens to be wearing black as a part of her waitress uniform.  The black end result is seen in a different way.  Baby sees someone he loves being the target of maliciousness, and sees black on Buddy’s target, Deb.  Even before Buddy’s Red Rage, the group of criminals targets Baby’s foster dad, who throughout the movie wears dark colored clothing, possibly black/grey clothing.


Within the laundromat that Deb and Baby were hanging out in, in every single machine there was either red, yellow, or blue clothing tumbling about.  Each one had a specific color load too, no laundry machine had mixed colors, only one color was being washed in each machine.  I liked that scene’s aesthetics in particular because the patterned background of the tumbling colors, all moving in unison and with uniform placement, helps the viewer concentrate more on the characters than the surrounding location.  At least that’s the effect it had on me.  Even though the colors were vivid and heavily saturated, it added to and fit in with the popping stylized aesthetics of the movie, so it didn’t feel out of place.  The colors in the room reflected the emotions that they were likely feeling, like red passion/love/interest for each other, a sense of blue peace and calmness stemming from their sweet separation from their chaotic and complex lives, and the yellow glimmer of hope for new possibilities.  And then the end of the scene compliments the romance by zooming in on a laundry machine washing red clothing, with their dancing reflections accented by the red clothing, symbolizing the budding romance. 


 The instance of Baby’s parents being killed by a head on collision with the back of a truck is echoed back to in the final act of Baby Driver.  His parents died from the collision, which sparked the endless tinnitus and haunting flashbacks of his parents’ death.  His trapped hearing and mind is evident throughout the film, and can be resembled by his constant earbud-plugged ears.  Also from him being trapped and forced further into the crime business.  His trapped self bursts forth in the end and comes full circle when he kills Bats.  He literally kills Bats the same way that his parents died, by ramming into the back of a truck.  When the others scream at him “WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU DO BABY?!?!”, he replies “I moved.” with a cold stare.  That cannot have just a single meaning.  I think that he decided then and there that he had enough, and he meant the words literally and metaphorically.  That he killed a malicious person who caused chaos to others, which symbolized the death of his involvement with the dangerous individuals and their schemes and that he was done.  He moved forward in more ways than one.  And the same action from the beginning of the movie reenacted makes it come full circle. 

What else did you guys notice with symbolism and color in “Baby Driver”?  Please comment and share for a fun discussion about how awesome this movie is, or why you didn’t like it! 

So.. I watched Rogue One and yeah here's how it went.

I had my phone on throughout and I kept pausing the movie to write down what I felt and I’m posting the original note so no edits (you can feel my feels if you know what I mean)

•Alright but how beautiful are these names? Jyn? Cassian? Galen?
•K-2SO is already my favorite character
•Diego Luna looks like a lil baby, he’s so small and adorable
•"I’m taking them to imprison them in prison"
• lmao this blind guy I love him
•"Are you kidding me? I’m blind"
•OMG DARTH VADER so nice to see a familiar face or err mask
•"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director" AHAHAHAH shit well played
•"I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to" lmao I love this guy
•I paused the movie and my mom asked if I was watching Jurassic Park bc of the scenery
•AHHH R2D2 AND C3PO I’m so happy
•BAZE???? N O
•Okay my bad cassian is alive BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD SHIT
•I was wrong. He died again. Everyone is dead
•Oh shit! This is the prequel to A New Hope! My mind is blown. Just like everyone in this movie.
•Ah feels good to hear that theme song.

Also can I say, thank you to everyone in the Star Wars fandom for welcoming me with open arms and being so nice on the previous post.

May the force be with you.


“I’m sorry” Sodapop whispered softly as he sat down beside you on the freezing, cold, tiled floor. 

“It’s not your fault.” Your murmured brokenly, you refused to look at him… you didn’t want him to see that you were breaking, especially not when you had all those boys convinced that you were a heartless bitch… you wanted it to stay that way.

“I know what your going through.” 

“What the fuck would you know, huh?” You turned to face him angrily, rage was clear in your eyes. 

“Her name was Sandy and boy was I in love with her. We had plans to get married, she was my dream girl. I thought she was an absolute angel. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had no intentions of ever marrying me… I don’t know if I even meant anything to her. We were together for almost a year, and she cheated on me throughout most of our relationship.” You could still see the pain etched in the creases of his movie handsome face. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” You mumbled, swiping away at the stray tears that had start to trickle down your cheek. “I just thought- oh… God, I don’t know what I thought.”

“It’s okay, the point is… you’ll get through this. The next person that comes around and stands by you, that’s the person that you want, and Y/N, I know you’re going to find him. Screw Dally, screw all the guys that have hurt you before him. You’re beautiful, you’re strong and you’re intelligent… you’re worth so much more than how you view yourself.” 

You smiled a small, watery smile as he laced his fingers in between your own. 

“You’re not alone, okay? I’m here.” 

“Thank you.” Your fingers brushed his cheek softly. “Thank you.” You whispered one last time.

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jimon + movies

am i allowed to write a prompt based off of my own text post?? who knows, but that’s what happened. i hope you like it francy, you lovely angel!! 💕

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“What are you doing?” Simon whispered to Jace, who had his hand placed on Simon’s thigh, rubbing small circles with his thumb that are driving Simon insane

He should have known that this was Jace’s plan all along. Simon was unbelievably excited to see War for the Planet of the Apes, and Jace had complained the whole way to the theater about how boring the movie looked. Simon had used his puppy dog eyes - which he has perfected throughout his timespan of dating Jace - and thought that he had come out victorious. 

It wasn’t until Jace refused movie snacks and dragged him to the back of the theater that Simon got oddly suspicious. 

The theater was mostly empty too, and when Simon turned to look at Jace, the smug smirk on his face confirmed Simon’s thoughts. 

“Don’t answer that. You know exactly what you’re doing, you dick.” Simon stage whispered. He turned back to the screen and pouted, hearing Jace chuckle from beside him. 

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